Welfare Reform Is Costing A Fortune IDS Admits – And It’s Barely Even Begun

moneyThe Daily Telegraph managed to bludgeon together a front page story yesterday after Iain Duncan Smith’s panicky response to hecklers in Edinburgh  recently.

The hapless Secretary of State claimed the Government had given up trying to cut welfare spending and was now managing the rise in expenditure.  This was after a speech he gave was interrupted by protesters causing a flustered IDS to go off message and give a hint of the chaos behind his shambolic welfare reforms.

For once in his life Iain Duncan Smith was telling the truth.  Welfare spending is rising, but that’s only down to his bungled back of the envelope schemes along with the equally incompetent George Osborne’s mismanagement of the economy.

It is hardly surprising for example that the Housing Benefit bill is soaring when Westminster Council are now housing homeless families, evicted due to the  housing benefit cap, in 3 grand a week hotels.

It is little wonder that spending on in-work benefits is also rising when the so called fall in unemployment has really been an increase in workfare, part time jobs, zero hours contracts and tax credit funded self-employment.  On top of this some Jobcentres stand accused of encouraging employers to convert real jobs to workfare, whilst the Work Programme seems to be causing, not curing unemployment.

£6 billion is budgeted to be handed out to the very companies causing the Work Programme shambles.  Hundreds of millions more are being doled out to Atos who carry out the notorious assessments for sickness and disability benefits.  All that happens to those found ‘fit for work’ is that they are moved from sickness benefits to the dole.  Whilst this loss – of around just under £30 a week for most – can prove devastating for claimants, the saving to the tax payer is virtually wiped out by the cost of both the assessments and the hundreds of thousands of successful appeals against the company’s decisions.

The benefit bill is rising, but it’s not claimants who will see the money.  Quite the opposite is happening and it’s going to get worse.  Some  victims of the bedroom tax and council tax benefit reform may see their £71 a week (or just £56.25 for younger claimants) Jobseekers Allowance almost cut in half next month.  After paying for basic utilities, rent and council tax many people are going to be left with no money at all to buy food.  The long term cost of the homelessness, child poverty, ill health and family breakdown that this will cause can barely even be guessed at.

Still at least IT companies are being handed £2 billion a year to implement Universal Credit – half the amount spent annually on Jobseekers Allowance for those unemployed.  And this is already starting to look like money down the drain.  Monster Jobs even managed to scrounge almost £20 million to build a job search website that is little more than a spammer and scammer’s paradise with all too real safety concerns that may one day result in tragedy.

Once again the DWP are mired in industrial action after the shabby way they treat their own staff.  Meanwhile £1 million in back dated wages is set to be paid out after Iain Duncan Smith illegally sacked thousands of Jobcentre workers.

The DWP’s attempt to pay fast and loose with the Courts has already led to rushed concessions to the bedroom tax, which faces even more legal challenges.  And as unemployment began to rise again this month, half the DWP management were scrambling to cover up for ministerial lies about benefit sanction league tables, whilst Iain Duncan Smith was busy  retrospectively changing the law after another legal blunder.  The legal bill alone at the DWP must be costing a fortune.

As for the skiving and rarely seen Employment Minister Mark Hoban, we seem to be paying him to sit at home all day on his silk cushions and watch his no doubt tax payer funded plasma TV.

Welfare reform is certainly hurting, but it isn’t working.  But don’t expect this Government to change track.  It is Iain Duncan Smith’s arrogance that is costing tax payers billions of pounds.  His deluded obsession that unemployment is caused by unemployed people and bodged response to every shrill benefit bashing headline in the gutter right wing press is costing us all a fortune.

Welfare spending is soaring, but still the safety net of the welfare state is disappearing.  Rarely has any government department been managed as chaotically as the current mess at the DWP.  Yet Iain Duncan Smith ploughs on regardless, impoverishing those who already had nothing whilst handing out billions to the private sector poverty pimps living the high life on the welfare reform gravy train.

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90 responses to “Welfare Reform Is Costing A Fortune IDS Admits – And It’s Barely Even Begun

  1. Thank you. Just need to show this to Joe Public and get them to listen and understand
    Pat x

    • Good luck with that, the holier than thou “i’m all right Jack, pull the ladder up’s” of this world dont WANT to understand.
      Until it hits them or their family

      • Don't Want 2 Know

        IDS and Co. could be rounding up the poor, disabled and sick and shipping them off to camps in Eastern Europe for extermination and the “i’m all right Jack, pull the ladder up’s” brigade wouldn’t give a shit – until it was them or their families turn.

  2. Brilliant summary of what has become a rogue department controlled by a deluded sociopath. I can’t help believing something or somebody is going to snap very soon.

  3. I will go after bogus disabled… some of them DO get better! Ex-TV host who is our new Work Minister on the UK’s THREE MILLION claiming disability benefit

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2301735/I-bogus-disabled–DO-better-Ex-TV-host-new-Work-Minister-UKs-THREE-MILLION-claiming-disability-benefit.html#ixzz2P7Sx5UTp

    • It’s was somehow not a surprise to read that Esther McVey hasn’t been distracted at all from the business of persecuting the sick and disabled, by the annoying ticking of what she calls her [maternal] “clock”. She says that she “really likes children”, but disproves the claim by supporting policies which are set to callously derail the life-chances of so many of them – unknown numbers of whom will experience long-term ill -effects as a direct result.

      It’s probably true in her own mind that she is fond of children – just not those children living in the many thousands of families who are having their lives turned upside down by the Department that she is so proud to represent.

      • @shirleynott – Yes but “in what way” is Esther McVey fond of children? Jimmy Savile was too and just because McVey is female does not mean there are no other dark corners to her personality! Don’t mean to offend anyone but by my understanding of history is if someone is a tory or tory voter, they may be more inclined to perverted behaviour especially in the area of anal shit retention.

        • @micktj paedophilia cuts across all divides ..political, class, economic whatever..but certainly the misuse of power has something to do with it..

          • @bobchewie – I guess you are right, possibly my political views make me a little biased unfortunately. Seems it is overall a human condition even with monarchy and crown judges involved.

        • She’s probably partial to them as in –

          ” … No, honestly, I couldn’t. Oh go on then, just a small one, I’ve already had my breakfast …”

      • @shirleynott esther mcvey ex tv presenter..sensationalist..says it all..

  4. Great read and I have been telling a lot of people about this. It makes sense tbh, even I can see the decisions they make are making things worse…

  5. I do not trust Ian Duncan Smiths comments at all, he has shown his colours which are unlikely to change and he is indeed a “savage”! and will remain so. Trouble with capitalism and the worlds economies is they are run as if all was a sport. In sport you have winners and losers and this is the major flaw with capitalism. When someone gains someone has to lose and ALWAYS it is those who are in PLENTY who gain and those with LEAST who loose. This is not the way for human kind to be though it is a prehistoric mentality and has been this way for centuries. If money has actually become a commodity itself over time, why cannot the powers that be see the error of their ways?

  6. Tories in turmoil over benefit cuts: Austerity programme shambles as Iain Duncan Smith ‘admits defeat’… but Work Minister takes on malingerers
    • Work and Pensions Secretary said he had given up trying to cut benefits bill

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2301703/Tories-turmoil-benefit-cuts-Austerity-programme-shambles-Iain-Duncan-Smith-admits-defeat–Work-Minister-takes-malingerers.html#ixzz2P7Vnwi34

    • Suppose he will be thinking about scrapping it completely, he is stupid enough to think like that and then forget he will be out of a job.lol

      One thing that must be introduced is a mansion tax amongst others so the rich are paying their share in proportion to the rest… of course this will not happen and it’s glaringly obvious why.

      It’s time Cameron had another cabinet reshuffle in some areas, get IDS out make a position for Minister for Toilet Hygiene, that will suit him fine, pay him just the minimum wage.

      They talk about tax payers money being abused in the welfare state but there is far more abuse of it propping up failed policies and the wages of this failed coalition who are happy to chuck millions away on idiotic things and still throw foreign aid around and then preach to us the country is broke.

      We know things are tight globally, we know why that is but this party wants us to think it’s domestic policies of the last government that’s to blame rather than their own inability to keep control of this country and get the economy moving again, unfortunately we have the wrong mentality of government for the current political climate that will lead us down the roads some of us may have experienced had they been around in the 70s and 80s.

      I think April will be the catalyst to this coalition and from this moment on they will never recover… some people in the lib-dem’s need to search their souls a little, they taste power in the only way they was ever going to but sometimes a persons integrity as a human being is a greater than the total sum of their careers and future integrity as a politician.

      • @MOI I am trying to follow and make sense of something..
        at present there is a claim by Tories stating that 900,000 ppl have come off incapacity benefit showing their so called reforms are ‘working”

        now then in a forum (http://www.ukdebate.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=14305.0)
        about this statement the usual boneheads are crowing about this, however someone on there mentions a book and research from sheffield hallam university..of which just happens to be on amazon ‘work to welfare’ etc..((seems that govt often use this place and people for figures)) now this is where it gets odd as i have come across a document by same authors called to ‘the real level of unemployment 2012″ and in that document it states that “An estimated 900,000 unemployed have been diverted onto incapacity benefits.
        These are men and women with health problems who claim
        incapacity benefits instead of
        unemployment benefits. They do not represent fraudulent claims”

        so on one level the tories are saying 900,000 have dropped claims for incapacity benefit whilst the research says the opposite in that 900,000 have been diverted onto incapacity benefit..

        “For Britain as a whole in April 2012, the new figures point to more than 3.4 million unemployed. This compares to just 1.5 million on the claimant count and 2.5 million according to the Labour Force Survey – the government’s two official measures of unemployment. The difference is attributable to extensive hidden unemployment.

        An estimated 900,000 unemployed have been diverted onto incapacity benefits. These are men and women with health problems who claim incapacity benefits instead of unemployment benefits. They do not represent fraudulent claims”


        Click to access the-real-level-of-unemployment-2012.pdf

        • The figures prove absolutely nothing whatsoever, we know when it comes to figures and the truth the coalition love to use smoke and mirrors because it’s all that works. There are many reasons the figures may look promising and appear like their policies are working but the price for those
          figures is absolutely shocking and will eventually be exposed in full colour, on TV, in the papers, on the internet and radio.

          This has nothing to do with reducing the deficit and sharing the burden of austerity across the entire country, we know why it happened, we know who was responsible and if there is any accusation of not wishing to face reality with facts and figures it must start at the very top, an area where the Tories feel ever so defensive towards in protecting the golden crown of their entire existence with Tax breaks and minimal impact policies for those who live in the manner they have greedily become accustomed to.

          This isn’t about a family in a one-bedroom property forcing out a person in a two or three bedroom property to allow them to live a happy life whilst the single person is displaced from all they know, might be seriously ill, unemployed through no fault of their own and so forth.. it has more to do with when Bulgaria and Romania join the EU and citizens from those countries decide they wish to come over and take a slice of the freebie pie on offer., but this is just one example, we hear about swift new policies on immigration, they like to speak tough but seldom act upon it. Again under EU laws we are obliged to do so, but we are a small country compared to many others in the EU and they have stricter domestic policies that do not persecute but clearly lay the rules…no economical migrants. Would we go to most of their countries?.. no.. why?… because there is little or no opportunities unless you are rich and can exploit gaps in those countries markets to make personal profits rather than a hands across the ocean mentality in business.

          There is so much Tory propaganda out there and so much insane rhetoric being spouted, people don’t really understand what the hell is going on, so they may veer towards thinking this government is in control when they are taking the country beyond flatline to the underworld of evil policies made by men who care for nothing but ill conceived figures they can openly claim prove their policies are working. Maybe I’m being a little unfair to people.. I know in many cases they know all too well what is happening but they feel powerless by a coalition drunk on fascism and cutting every damn thing in sight, bringing in far reaching unworkable policies that do not include the highest earners of all.. those who were responsible for this mess in the first place.

          I’m starting to feel there is an uncomfortable atmosphere on the streets again, it’s a horrible mood, like a powder keg with a desire for games with matches being played around it like a sick joke. It’s so important for people to keep calm under this extreme climate of provocation, no good ever comes from taking it out on your own neighbourhood, past events have proven that and ultimately those who have no part in the situation suffer by those who are merely exist for anarchy sake. I think the coalition have got it terribly wrong, they have not balanced their policies correctly and have said all the wrong things to those who already feel persecuted in society without the higher classes in power pointing the manicured finger and telling them how to live their lives.

          It’s a terrible thing fascism and often it’s only once it’s spread it’s evil hand over people do they begin to experience it’s full impact. By nature people may only accept the reality of the current climate once it starts to impact upon their lives, at this point the government are playing a game of chess with us and we are the pawns, the price of so-called radical policies dressed up as positive forward thinking and for the good of the country, reality being it’s only good for the coalition, and more specifically the Tories. For once this bridges the gap between race and we do stand shoulder to shoulder in this moment in time with a coalition who is simply drunk on power and in some cases positively psychotic in their design of how this country should be governed… I would say the term “Ruled” would be a better choice of words. People don’t mind sharing the burden fairly but they will not take the blame, the persecution, the lies, the propaganda, the crazy rhetoric and the wasteful nature of this government to waste millions that has nothing to do with the welfare state and more to break the back of this countries citizens in accepting their crazy agenda’s.

  7. UK going back to Victorian era

    I watched IDS being heckled and called a ratbag in his own home town of Edinburgh where tickets into the hotel to hear him speak were £400 each. He was also heckled by another 2 people with sight problems one had a white stick and the other a guide dog. The bouncers quickly grabbed the couple and the dog and forcibly evicted from the room. The bit I remember really sucks was the guy trying to feel for his dog whilst being pushed by the bouncers and you saw the dog being pulled too once the guy had found him. Lowest of the low – evicting a guide dog. This was shown in full on STV news but an ‘edited’ version was down on BBC news

  8. Message to Cameron, Osborne and Smith; You can ignore reality but, you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality – Ayn Rand. Looks like Your Big Society is de-atomising especially for you and if dog’s bark and cat’s meow your elite society will be planing their exit strategy’s from your association.

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  10. It’s all falling apart for IDS. 🙂

    • Yes but he will never admit this publicly no matter what the newspapers say. He will say “his results are satisfying” to the government even though all has not gone the tory way.

      • something survived...

        The results are satisfying: sounds like what they would have said when (for efficiency) they switched from shooting people and throwing them in mass graves, to putting them in gas chambers. There was actually a directive from high command. It said that operators of gas chambers should “appear to be distressed” about doing their job, to look more human to the lower ranks, so the lower ranked could step in later and think of it as a normal job….

  11. @johnny void,

    “Welfare spending is soaring, but still the safety net of the welfare state is disappearing.”

    Not disappearing rigged higher up the socioeconomic scale for the Civic Socialists and the Poverty Pimps.

  12. there is a van parked nearby me. it has camden council logo on it. with it are some words..” if you downsize your home – you will pay less rent and council tax and do less home work and stop over crowding. ”

    could this be the same camden council that is planning to dump camden residents into places like bradford and leicester?

    • I suspect it is, for personal reasons I would not wish a move to Leicester on anyone! Pleased you stayed around Bob***

      • @micktj too late,, my mate moved to leicester ages ago not long after he married a girl from there..ive been there since…and took photos in bradgate park..

    • something survived...

      Leicester – the new Camden.
      An easy commute to London. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a season ticket – we’re stopping your benefits anyway. And kicking you onto the street.
      Tip from McVey’s Handy Household Hints: An upended wheelchair you’ve been tipped out of, makes a wonderful tent! Think of all the fun you could have in it! Now get wordprocessing those CVs, you scroungers!

  13. We will not stand idly by and watch the welfare state being dismantled.

    We condemn the abolition of Council Tax Benefit and demand it be restored.
    We condemn the Bedroom Tax and demand it be abolished.
    We condemn the abolition of the Social Fund and demand it be restored.
    We condemn the restrictions made to Legal Aid and demand they be removed.
    We condemn the introduction of PIP’s and demand DLA is continued.
    We condemn ATOS and demand that assessments are returned to the National Health Service.
    We condemn the introduction Universal Credit and demand that it is abandoned.
    We condemn the capping of Housing Benefit and demand it be removed.
    We condemn the imposition of a 1% rise in benefits and demand that they are linked to inflation.
    We condemn the privatisation of the NHS and demand it be reversed.


  14. Hi, just to say that I was one of the two disabled people who put Iain Duncan Smith in his place. He really is utterly delusional and a complete shit but easily wrong footed as Cam and I showed. Interestingly the Police didn’t throw us out, they asked us nicely to leave but we’d already barracked the Ratbag for nearly 5 minutes by the time they intervened. They were laughing later and told us he’d been smuggled out in a laundry basket LOL. IDS is a coward and real live angry disabled people terrify him. Let’s keep the pressure up x

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  16. Iain Duncan Smith – October 2010
    “I say to those watching today and who are genuinely sick, disabled or are retired. You have nothing to fear. This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a burden. It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society and this will not change. This is our contract with the most vulnerable.”

    David Cameron – May 2010
    “The test of a good society is how do you protect the poorest, the most vulnerable, the elderly, the frail. That’s important in good times, it’s even more important in difficult times. People need to know that if they have me as their Prime Minister and they have a Conservative government, it will be that sort of Prime Minister.”

    Nick Clegg – November 2010
    “Of course, there are people who are unable to work, because of reasons relating to their physical or mental health. And we will continue to provide them with the support they need.”

    Maria Miller – Minister for Disabled People – June 2010
    “Looking after the most vulnerable groups in society is absolutely at the heart of the work that we do in the Department.”

    Chris Grayling – June 2010
    “There are 2.6 million people claiming incapacity benefits. The Government are committed to providing unconditional support for very sick and disabled people within that group.”

    Lord Freud – November 2011
    “I should start by making a point about the overall attitude of the Government to people who are disabled or who have difficult medical conditions. We are committed to unequivocal support for those people, and that is what the support group is about.”

    “The work capability assessment uses a number of specific, measurable criteria, covering all types of disability and health conditions, to provide an assessment of whether an individual has limited capability for work. The assessment was designed to take account of chronic and fluctuating conditions. It is not intended to be a snapshot but looks at what someone can do reliably, repeatedly and safely. It takes account of the effects of pain and fatigue. The healthcare professionals conducting the assessment are fully trained in understanding fluctuating conditions. Claimants get a full opportunity to explain how their condition varies over time. The criteria provide a reliable, nuanced and measurable way of assessing limited capability for work. This ensures that a full understanding is gained of an individual’s disability or health condition, the effects of that disability or health condition, how these effects may vary over time and whether it would be reasonable for that person to work or not.”

    “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. – George Orwell

  17. EMMA HARRISON CBE ..(govt award crooks with a title?) her website is ‘coming soon? cant wait..

    • something survived...

      Get her an award next week – a posthumous award.
      Or at least she could earn herself a darwin award. As could any of this bunch, if someone deletes them for the good of the planet. Their policies would have been the reason, making them darwin material.
      ‘Award for being run over repeatedly back and forth with a digger truck’.

  18. Remember the old theories of reverse psychology, the coalition must be treated like a child who cannot be told and will only then do the complete opposite of what is right. But then they say the poor should take risks, as Freud said.. “They have the least to lose”.. I would say they have the MOST to lose because what they have is very little and it’s often cherished… it’s clear to see here…

  19. They are asset stripping this country. It’s what they do, transfer the people’s wealth to themselves and their friends it’s called privatisation.

  20. Universal Jobmatch has already shown itself to have been a big waste of money, with fewer jobs being advertised on there than were advertised on the old Directgov site. Sign the petition calling for it to be scrapped: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42705

  21. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/jan/06/nhs-services-private-sector-doctors

    More than 100 private firms will be paid by the NHS to treat patients as a result of the coalition’s first major expansion of the private sector’s role in the health service.
    Department of Health figures show that 105 healthcare firms have been granted “any qualified provider” (AQP) status, which allows them to provide basic NHS services including physiotherapy, dermatology, hearing aids, MRI scanning and psychological therapy.
    Some private firms, such as InHealth, Specsavers and Virgin Care have already taken advantage of the controversial extension of competition to establish new services. The Department of Health says that 87 providers of different kinds, 38 of which are private and 26 from the NHS, have recently begun treating patients with various conditions under AQP.

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  23. something survived...

    Launching the new Esther McVey Cancer Cure Ward, in which cancer is miraculously cured using nothing than hot air and the power of prayer.

    • @something survived she really is clueless i think they are trying to copy the US tea party for having stupid females in the party.

    • In her press interviews she said she owes her morals to her father who was a scrap metal dealer (and who she still lives with because no man will touch the toxic hag with a bargepole). Scrap metal dealers are 99% crooks – it explains a lot.

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Time to turn the ‘Welfare Reform’s’ OFF.

  25. Obi Wan Kenobi

    The day Britain changes: welfare reforms and coalition cuts take effect.

    A new world heaves into view this week with sweeping changes in the fields of welfare, justice, health and tax.

    Here’s the list of changes for April 2013:



    I notice the Guardian newspaper is censoring right wing propoganda now that the dirty deed in the form of welfare reform has been implemented, it flowed freely before that, they must have now been given press freedom to banish the right wing comments now.

  27. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Iain Duncan Smith: “I could live on £53 in benefits a week.”

    Work and pensions secretary says he would be able to survive on lowest rate of jobseeker’s allowance given to adults under 25.


    I hope Cameron puts him on £53 a week until the end of parliament in 2 years time, and not be allowed his normal salary or access to any money he has in the bank, he won’t be making such boasts then.


    many politicians in years gone by have tried to survive on unemployment benefit – not one succeeded.

  29. back in 1993 i did a media course looking into unemployment back then, according to various sources, the govt at the time (torys) had changed the way they calculated the unemployment figures 32 times in 12 years…
    this is nothing new….this situation isnt even new… how is it that the scandinavian countrys, all of whom like us dont have the euro, but are succesfull economys… by the way the global ressesion is also a lie. that never has and doesnt exist… also why is it that dubai can build the worlds tallest building and a metro system in 6 years, the same amount of time it takes us to talk about building a fast railway line..
    this country is dying a slow and painfull death..
    like every other country in history that had an empire..

  30. @bobchewie you could play bingo with the figures this lot keep coming out with… tell you what tho, it doesnt help when the sun prints full page story and how someone fiddled 4000 quid, and dedicated a paragraph in the sun says bit. for all we know the bloke might not have had a choice to do the job, they never give any detail about these storys
    the odd thing about that, the paper is attacking the very people who buy it…

    we should rename this country to….. upside down britain…
    where prisoners are treated better than old folks in homes.
    and a someone will step over a homeless person to save a dog…

    ive been to some very countrys in my life, and the one thing that struck me, was despite the poverty, the people were the most generous and kind hearted people you would ever meet..

    • @ghost its like telling lies to an idiot..brainwashed on x factor and soaps they hate anyone with critical thinking skills..able to work things out..talk down to fools..fox news did that..the great distraction its called..

  31. chewie

    past mp’s who tried to live on dole money were part of a televised social experiment they believed they would succeed in, but when their weekly dole cheques ran out after 3 days they were going in the pub to keep warm and scrounging drinks.

  32. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!!

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  34. I can’t see the DWP budget lasting till the end of the year, let alone the whole financial year. They keep wasting it on stupid schemes that have no proper research to validate their efficacy.
    It’s gotten to the point where critics don’t need to be specific with their examples. Every welfare reform seems to be failing for the same reason; Their simply isn’t scope for success despite the voracity of approach

    That’s IDS for you. If you put him in charge of an emergency response after a massive earthquake, he’d show up with a £500M dustpan and brush, bought from his rich pal Lord Extortion-Scumme’s dustpan and brush consultancy firm.

    I really need to get out of the welfare system ASAP. I literally don’t have the restraint to listen to the JCP and WP spouting their tripe with no demonstrable evidence that what they’re saying makes sense.

  35. “Changes to the IT system as part of the introduction of universal credit could make it more vulnerable to housing benefit fraud, according to the communities and local government committee.”


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  37. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    12-03-2013 the Prime Minister DC was giving evidence @ Select Committee Rooms to the Public Accounts Committee.

    Whenever they (PAC) had him in a corner, DC would say things like”..debate this again another time.”, and that was that. Silence.. On to the next topic..


    DC’s got dirt on people in a higher position of authority, or he is the ultimate sales man that I hate because I want to be like him.

    Absolutely amazing!

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