Conspiracy Theories Are Power’s Best Friend, We Don’t Need Them

conspiracytheories1There is no better friend of the rich and powerful than ideologies which at best mystify and confuse whilst at worst can be used as a weapon to attack the marginalised.

From the Iranian theocracy to the Nazi Party, the tyranny of Stalin to right wing politicians warning of reds under the bed, conspiracy theories have been used both to ferment hatred towards political opponents and create scapegoats for the sins of politicians, despots  and businessmen.

The number and diversity of these theories is where they first run into trouble.  Jews, gays, feminists, Muslims, Jesuits, Catholics, communists, satanists, masons and bankers can’t all be secretly running the planet.  Nowhere’s got that much meeting space and it’s not like they get on.  Which begs the question that also flummoxes most religions.  How do you know that the conspiracy theory you believe in is the right one?

Much like religion, conspiracy theory is doubtlessly attractive.  It provides easy answers in a complex world and tells you who to hate and often who to love – or at least whose books to buy.  At its more extreme it promises eternal life and access to heaven.  Many conspiracy theories have their roots in fundamentalist religious groups, whilst those at the new age end of the spectrum claim we are eternal light beings who will one day escape the terrors of the human condition.

Far worse than promoting over-optimistic fairy stories however is that  conspiracy theory not only lets capitalism off the hook, but in many cases goes even further and suggests that the few constraints left on capital are the problem.  Many conspiracy theorists in the US sincerely believe the NHS is a communist plot.  In the UK right wingers talk of a liberal elite, a gay mafia, or femi-nazis that are holding back the glories of the free market run rampant.  One conspiracy theorist blamed the crimes of Tony Blair on a secret marxist feminist cabal operating at the heart of the UK Government.  If only that were the case.

The truth is almost all conspiracy theories can be demolished under even the most basic analysis – though it is difficult to convince someone who believes that watching a youtube video makes them as expert on subjects such as structural engineering, Egyptology or vaccination as those who have spent decades studying the subjects.  This problem is glibly dismissed by the conspiratorial minded for one of two reasons.  First is the claim that some of the most highly qualified scientists, researchers and historians in the world are merely ‘sheeple’ who refuse to acknowledge the truth out of stupidity and dogma.  Or secondly, and more bizarrely, that they are all somehow in on the plot.

One of the secrets of committing crime is that the less people who know what you are up to then the less chance you have of getting caught.  Coppers aren’t that bright and most serious criminals are convicted because someone grasses them up.  Even small conspiracies of this nature often collapse eventually.  Drug traffickers get arrested the world over every day.  Most people can’t even get away with shagging someone behind their partner’s back.  Even Chris Huhne, with all his wealth and contacts, couldn’t dodge a speeding ticket.

This means that the more people are alleged to be involved in any conspiracy, then the less likely it is to be true.  The idea that hundreds of people helped to rig the World Trade Centre with explosives, and then covered up for that fact, in this context seems ridiculously implausible.  It shouldn’t be forgotten that conspiracy theorists are accusing those involved in the plot of the mass murder of their own citizens.  People they might know personally in some cases.  That’s a pretty big allegation even for the slime at the top of the US administration.  To suggest that hundreds of others, with no real motivation for doing so, conspired in the atrocity and managed to keep their mouths shut, flies in the face of everything we know and experience about human beings in our daily lives.

Conspiracy theorists get particularly cross about journalists who they claim refuse to see the youtube evidence that is staring them in the face (or again, that they are in on it).  The truth is the precise opposite.  Journalists require evidence before publishing anything at all or they get sued.  This makes their jobs harder not easier than the likes of David Icke and his ilk, who are happy to believe, and publish, anything that fits the narrative they have already decided upon.  A world in which the press could make allegations of murder, theft or other crimes with no real evidence would not work out well for those at the bottom.

That doesn’t mean journalists don’t often have hidden agendas, or don’t sometimes get things wrong.  But it makes no sense to criticise sloppy, or biased journalists and then believe any old tripe someone said on a website or in a book once.  And extraordinary claims require an extraordinary standard of evidence.

There is no evidence for example that 911 was an’ inside job’, which is why no serious media publication has ever made the claim.  Almost every qualified individual in the world who understands structural engineering, architecture or even explosives agrees why the towers fell.  Osama Bin Laden himself eventually admitted Al Queda’s role in the attack whilst a wealth of both tragic witness testimony – given by those about to lose their lives – and hard physical evidence exists to support what conspiracy theorists scathingly call the ‘official narrative’.   Even basic common sense suggests that the most likely reason those spindly towers fell is because a two great big fucking planes just crashed into them.

It is true that the US response to the attack was shambolic.  But even this has been forensically analysed and that analysis published in the 911 Commission Report.

Over time none of this will matter.  The legend will persist just as it does with the assassination of JFK, that this was a devious and murderous plot by Zionists, the Illuminati, freemasons, or almost anyone but Islamist terrorists who are apparently too inept, or just too darn lovely, to carry out such a crime.  In time the conspiracy theory may even become regarded as fact, like the allegation that the Nazis burnt down the German Parliament to ease Hitler’s transition to full dictatorship.  There’s no hard evidence that this was the case, although it may be true.  It could equally have been the work of the allegedly drunken communist the Nazi Party fingered for the attack.  Having known a few drunken communists, both scenarios are plausible.  Sometimes, we just don’t know what happened.  Simplistic solutions, such as it must have been the Nazis because they were evil, do not help us get any further to the truth.

None of this means that government don’t lie, that journalists aren’t sometimes lazy or even that rich and powerful people don’t sometimes conspire.  But it seems perverse that conspiracy theory should flourish at the same time as we have a Government that couldn’t run a bath.  Would you really want to be part of a serious criminal conspiracy alongside Iain Duncan Smith?  If the answer is yes, then stick to shop lifting.

Posh people are shit are committing crimes.  Despite their wealth, their schools, their lodges and clubs, they are no cleverer than any of the rest of us.  Many of them are goody fucking two shoes, who hide their vile assaults on the marginalised with self-justifying religion, or nasty little prejudices.  The public school boys at MI5 and MI6 are the type of kids who sucked up to teacher at school, told tales and stitched up classmates.  They are as far from criminal masterminds as it is possible to be.

One thing that wealth and power do understand is money.  And this is the reason behind so much suffering and conflict in the world.  Traditional class divisions still very much exist.  There are still bosses and workers, still landlords and tenants.  It is in the interests of the rich to pay low wages, to privatise public services, to destroy social housing, or even to fight wars for oil, territory and long term economic objectives.  They have no more shame in sending working class men and women to their death than they do in starving the poor and vulnerable or forcing them from their homes.  Most were repeatedly told at school that they are the elite, here to govern, own, loot and occupy the commons of the world.

A consensus has developed amongst the powerful that free-market neo-liberalism – capitalism stripped of any concessions, whether they be a national health service, a welfare state or workers rights – is the only way the world can be organised.  That this system also happens to be the one which makes them the most money is just a happy accident.

They don’t need to have secret meetings to achieve this.  They are taught it in schools and universities across the globe.  It is in their DNA, just as the struggle for workers rights, universal healthcare, strong welfare, and the eventual removal of these parasitic bastards should be in the DNA of all who suffer from their greed.  It is class, not conspiracy that glues  capitalism together.

Of course this all comes at a price, even for the powerful.  As more people in the Western world are plunged into poverty due to neo-liberal austerity, the rich know they will need ever more totalitarian measures to control dissent.  The last thing they want is to be murdered in their beds by their butlers or au pairs.  And so greed and tyranny spreads out as those with real power – which comes from ownership of land, workplaces, property and bombs, not membership of non-existent secret societies – further enrich themselves at our expense.

This group are the one percent.  But even this analysis favoured by many in the Occupy movement is flawed, placing the blame for the world’s ills on the evil rich or bent bankers rather than capitalism.  The suffering of the world will not end with a nicer bunch of rich bastards in charge.  It will not end if the Federal Reserve is shut down, or if bankers are more, or less regulated.  No tinkering with the arcane rules of the City of London will end poverty or even corruption.  Every banker could (and should) be jailed overnight, but without radical change they will quickly be replaced by another bunch of thieves.

Conspiracy theory promotes the rich and powerful to demi-god status, literally in some cases, when in reality they are merely greedy fools.  It muddles and obscures the crimes of both governments and the rich they serve.  Those researching CIA drug dealing, the horrific MK Ultra programme or elite paedophile rings in the UK are met with a wall of misinformation, misdirection and speculation spewed out across the endless number of conspiracy websites.  Often well meaning individuals are helping to cover up some of the greatest atrocities the powerful have committed.

Conspiracy theory is the enemy of our class, not the path to truth. This is something the far right is only too well aware of.  It is no accident that far right politics and conspiracy theory often walk hand in hand.  Fascists and racial supremacists have never been that big on meticulously researching facts and evidence either.  But they know the power of dividing communities and using dramatic myths to whip up hatred.  As austerity bites, this bullshit cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.  Otherwise we risk walking into a new nightmare that is all too real.

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447 responses to “Conspiracy Theories Are Power’s Best Friend, We Don’t Need Them

  1. Paul Callaghan

    You have hit the nail on the head people are so obsessed with bullshit conspiracy theories they fail to see the wood for the trees, The corruption and greed in our society is not down to a few bankers or corrupt politicians it is how capitalism works

    • Landless Peasant

      Yes, but by design. Research the esoteric origins of the PWE. Research Freemasonry and that which they call ‘State Craft’. Study the Hegelian Dialectic in comparison with modern two-party politics. If you do enough research you will find, as I did, that the Conspiracy is no theory!

      • have you read Hegel?

        • An otherwise excellent and insightful article marred somewhat by exactly the same kind of unscientific generalisation and cherry picking of data that the author criticises. Any sane, sensible, non-paranoid questioner of authority knows that if a person or group of people is determined enough, it is entirely possible to ensure that no credible evidence to link them to an event or crime can ever be found. That doesn’t mean they weren’t involved or even entirely responsible. It just means there is no way of knowing for sure. Thus, just as it is irrational, unscientific and illogical to claim as concrete fact a theory that has no credible evidence for it, it is equally irrational, unscientific and illogical to dismiss a perfectly plausible theory outright based on that criteria alone. Ultimately, if you cannot know for sure, there is nothing to be gained in talking in absolute terms. In this regard, the author is correct to say that belief in unprovable conspiracy theories are unhelpful and can serve the interests of power. But equally, it can serve the interests of power to tar all those seeking to highlight the criminality of the rich and powerful with the same brush as the kind of tin-foil hat wearing, David Icke worshipping, paranoid fools that the author has in his sights. Unfortunately, this article does just that as much as it highlights a real problem.

  2. Fine, but the simple truth remains that money is power, & at the very least people with lots of money have undue influence. And some families/groups of people have had undue influence for a long time. You only need look at history — the Nazis? The Crusades? And all the myriad less published genocides – to see that horrible & surreal things are possible in this world, sometimes at a mass scale. Why do we have such gruesome technology & militarization in existence nowadays if there is no “grand vision” behind it? (could be a some competing grand visions, but the point remains) Follow the money & you do get some seriously compelling answers, if not all the answers.

  3. Also, so many Americans are history-deficient. Secret Societies have long played an important role in shaping Western History, behind the scenes. Plenty of documentation out there, am not sure why it would be so controversial actually. ?

  4. Bloody well said! If one accepts the premise that all humans are equal, one must also accept the corollary that all humans are equally likely to be clueless… and conspiracy theories merely restate the myth of class as meritocracy.

    Having said which, they can be a fun way to shoot the breeze for an hour or two. Just have to remember not to take them any more seriously than any other shaggy dog tale…

  5. 🙂

  6. UK going back to Victorian era

    Power corrupts

  7. Am a tad tired and not yet read the article beyond the first paragraph.
    But in advance I will say, thank you so much for this.

    There are some seriously dodgy conspiracy theories around. atm
    They divert dissent away from the real world to some point of fancy where logic is denied access.

    I got some abuse on for merely ASKING what is it chemtrails are supposed to be doing to us. Even though I was polite.
    I barely got a straight answer, But one so vague and dismissable that I cannot remember what it was.

    While this may offend some, Agenda 21 is another one I cannot remotely grasp. Agenda 21 afaik, was a section from the Rio Summit on climate change.
    But somehow it is a policy to wipe out vast numbers of the world population.
    The UN are behind this. So how come they have UNICEF and try to save lives? The UN may not be perfect, but it wants genocide on a global scale?

    Here and now, we have people threatened with actual poverty and homelessness in one of the world’s most affluent nations.
    look not to the skies.

  8. Excellent and very timely post, Johnny. I want to add two things:
    1) A conspiracy theory is only a theory until it is tested 😉 and
    2) The number of people ready and willing to believe in the most fantastical and convoluted ‘secrets’ is not only somewhat irrational, but rather unnecessary and ostrich-like. I mean – it’s not as though we don’t have more than enough actual reality to deal with, is it?! And yet the in-our-face crises which so urgently need confronting are the very issues which they manage to ignore.
    People are such funny fuckers, aren’t they… 🙂

  9. Interesting, I hadn’t thought of the ‘benefit scrounger, sky TV, single parent, skiver, watching daytime TV, curtains closed blah, blah, blah’ in those terms. But it really is a form of conspiracy theory to suggest that ‘they’ are taking all your taxes.

  10. Well said.

  11. Alex "Bullshit" Jones

    Fire can’t melt steel!

    • Fire most certainly can melt steel once the temperature is in the region of 1500 degrees Centigrade, for Iron alone is is less, around the 1350 degrees Centigrade mark.

  12. There is conspiracy alright, a conspiracy of silence. The only time the press open their mouths is to insult the sick and unemployed nobody is suing them, so don’t tell me the press are afraid of being sued.(who from this group can afford to sue?)
    In the staffordshire hospital apparently, would be whistle blowers are too afraid to speak out even though there is supposed to be openness and transparency for workers to report cruelty and incompetence, infact it is supposed to be in the workers contracts according to one documentary I saw.
    Of course there is conspiracy, conspiracy to sack people or sue people who speak out, why else would they keep quite about atrocities for gods sake?
    To dismiss some conspiracy theories as bullshit is to coverup and keep quite about a lot of what really is going on and I for one do not buy your article jv.
    Power corrupts and those with the most money and influence are corrupt – fact not conspiracy.

  13. sorry this blog is so far off the mark did YOU really post this boring piece of shit or has yer account been hacked?
    Gis a brek! get back to punchy, relevant issues!

  14. Yes, you have to be careful with counter-intelligence applying certain spins to discredit any truths (if there was any to begin with). Exactly right about these theories giving people god-like status but I’m sure if you stab them they will bleed and possibly die.

  15. sometimes there is no credible evidence, it doesn’t mean something is not going on because everyone keeps quite, a bit like the bully in the playground getting away with murder because everyone is too afraid to speak out. The internet is a threat at the moment to those who want to silence dissenters and truth seekers and you jv seem to be joining them by banning this that and the other.

  16. Yes we need to go back to the roots of all – A family less society worldwide is needed but there is no political motivation anywhere for this not even within Communism where family is a structure. Must begin somewhere, eradicate the possibility of all corruption, discourage totally family life and encourage only communal life.

    • Best of luck with that hippy notion Micktj.

      The root cause of all suffering is man himself (or herself to be PC). Man is by nature greedy and selfish – only the degree differs between individuals.

      Just look around you, it doesn’t matter which strata of society you inhabit you’ll always find someone trying to fleece you. Man is the problem and capitalism is just the physical embodiment of that condition.

      Basically we’re fucked – but you’ve seen nothing yet. If you want conspiracy theory think on this. What we’re headed for is a limited world-war. It decimates the pesky proles and the rich come out richer and start up all over again.

      • Naaaaaaaaaa not a hippy notion, it is a conditioning you have had if you believe that. There is much more to it than your simplistic view, babies for example would be ward of the state so there is certainly no mothers and fathers sat smoking dope or drinking all day, all who are able will be able to work and contribute. Just think the Welfare state demolished at a stroke on a “familiar” basis that is. A nanny state just like the monarchy has for themselves with its lack of personal child rearing followed up with public school etc etc, lets all have what they have – nothing like a hippy notion at all.

      • Bogeyman (or bogeywoman to be PC)

        Too right, Lucozade, the problem is HUMAN NATURE! Basically we are ALL greedy, selfish individuals. Capitalism is just a bogeyman (or bogeywoman to be PC) put up to take the rap.

      • Sounds like a tyranny to me

  17. Geld macht Macht as they say in der Reich.

  18. I respect your view Johny. That conspiricy theories are a little over the top and too ridiculous at times to even consider to be the truth. But Jimmy saville was a pedo, and the bbc where involved, so where the royal family.

    You dont have to belive any conspiricies you dont want to, But I reserve my right, to disagree with you. Although you create a good argument against conspiricy…… I still beleive ,many conspiricy theorists deserve an appology. You cant seriously belive 9-11 ‘s official story lol. you cant deny chemtrails….. . Its upto you though, If you want to believe that rubbish its upto you. But on the jounalists…. Its funny how there are so many at the scene isnt it………. And yet where there are protests from boycot workfare on the streets not one reporter in sight?? Convienient ??.

    They show on the tv what they want us to beleive, and they hide what they want to hide. If you havnt seen Zeitgiest , The documentary film, there are 3 zeitgiests. These make so much sense it has to be real. and these conspiricy theorists give up their life, and sacrifice being called crazy and the likes because they believe we need to stand up as a nation and do somthing about it.

    David ikle lives in a one bedroom flat, hes not rich, he has some wild ideas but also has some very valid points to make, like yourself…… But you shouldnt just push theories to one side. Many conspiricies have proven to be factual, it might just be……. a lot of what david ikle has said, is also very true. Hes the only one who is not afrad to put himself out there, no matter who laughs at him. he speaks a lot of truth and if we didnt have people who questioned things…… the goverment/powers that be could get away with anything and everything!!!
    we need to question everything we do in life, and everything that is what we beleive to be ‘normal’ because there may be a better way, but with such narrow mindedness….. how will we ever get anywhere without questioning things somtimes…!

    • There are secrets and there are conspiracy theories.
      One can have light cast upon them, the other will keep you in the dark.
      One is a puzzle that can be solved the other is an idea held by those convinced that they already have the solution.

      The problem is, if you have two good ideas and three that are crazy fruit bat bananas, the good ideas get tarnished by association.
      Why do you need exotic theories? The vanilla issues are more important to deal with.

    • Good input Mandy. Some people are capable wordsmiths. Doesn’t mean they have the knowledge. Or the understanding of man’s inhumanity to man. British soldier’s fighting war’s at the behest of the government.The tax payers are paying for this, through taxes, Quantitative easing and a serious underfunding of our public service sector.
      They use the media to try to convince us of the need to prevent terrorism.
      If or when an area, a sovereign state or a “rebel ” movement is sufficiently subdued, then raping of the natural resources begins. Th british inhabitants see no benefits of any victory. Contracts and bribes change hands and the body bags and seriously injured come back to britain.
      This is not a conspiracy theory – it is and has been happening for decades! Nor has it been hidden.
      Connect the effen dots is my suggestion to anybody having a go at you!

  19. chibipaul

    I don’t think we are talking about ideas here, we are talking about things around us that are happening yet being denied and silenced so people have to come up with theories for why certain things are happening, ideas are for the other people considered crazy scientists and inventors, but they proved society wrong when their inventions took flight. I suggest you keep your crazy fruit bat bananas rhetoric to yourself, you are no better than other name calling morons in the press.

    • I seem to have mistakenly thought that the idea of the royal family being alien lizards was crazy fruit bat bananas. My bad. Seems it must be real.

      Food vouchers and homelessness. Pah, not worth talking about.

  20. OK then the honourable members on the left and the right are not conspiring to destroy subsistence welfare they are colluding for their own political ideologies, from the capitalist cabinet minister down to the socialist social worker up to their necks in the cesspit of welfare reform united in their ideological fear of the unconditionality ethos of the previous welfare system.

  21. OK you chose an extreme example alien lizards, they may as well be alien for what they understand about how the poorest in society live, but even what can be considered crazy theories or ideas can co-exist alongside credible if not provable theories, it’s good to be inclusive of others and let them have their say no matter what their or our opinions are and whether we agree with them or not. Nor do I agree with the theory that all men/women are by nature greedy and selfish, but those that are forget about morals or principles, self interest and debt is what is compromising and dividing the working class.

    • @guy fawkes.

      Im very very pleased you said those things and I couldnt have said it better myself all those points.
      1. we should live and let live, agree and disagree, we have our opinions and we are darn right entitled to them.
      2. we can take what conpiricies we belive in, and even take the crazy theories with a pinch of salt but not totally disregard them for there may be some truth! you cant tell, untill the truth is exposed, which may never happen in our lifetimes.
      3. I too dont agree we are all selfish and greedy. I take great pleasure in helping others, and giving. I fight for my rights but I also assist and fight for other peoples rights if I belive in them, and I have to say I am trying to fight disabled peoples rights even though im not disbaled, They have been treated as scum. Thats not right so Ill fight for them, They are just as equal as the next person.
      4.we are all entitled to an opinion, and we need to stop labeling people as crazy, thats what stops people standing up in the first place for fear of being pointed at and ridiculed! Look…. hes crazy!!…. Thats not on. Thats what stops free speech. We should not be afraid to stand up and speek.

      If it wernt for that one first victim of jimmy savvile speaking up, the other victims would have stayed quite through fear of being labelled crazy! They all started appearing out of nowhere ( the abused) But it took the first person to stand up.

      We are not a selfish greedy race, That is a misconception. Given the opportunity, to live in a money free world, I for one would be pleasured to help, sow, farm and give away food to anyone that came to me, ofcourse in exchange for another service every now and again such as water being provided.

      We are taught at school, ‘thats how it would be’ But its wrong. Given the chance to live in a Non corrupt world, most humans would be very nice, caring and kind humans…… Its a misconception, we are greedy and selfish. We are like that now because we HAVE TO BE. as its a monetary system we live in. You will need to think long and hard about it, But youll see without debt, and enslavement and without money…. we would get along just fine 😉

      • Well said. Even if human beings are not inherently selfish and greedy by nature, the majority sure seem to be easily persuaded into it. The power elite are obviously appealing to something that is part of the ‘normal’ people’s nature, which is why they are able to corrupt them.
        The ability and inclination to ‘other’ individuals and groups and dehumanise them seems to be inherent within ‘normal’ people and once a group has been dehumanised it seems ‘normal’ people are capable of agreeing with any atrocity no matter how cruel being inflicted on them and doing just about anything to them.
        Sometimes when I hear people castigate the heartless and cruel policies being inflicted on the unemployed, sick and disabled, I do sometimes think to myself: “but would you care if it wasn’t happening to you or your loved ones or would you be on your self-righteous high horse ranting about ‘lazy workshy benefit scrounging scum spending all day watching Jeremy Kyle’ if you had a good job lived in a nice area and were comfortable?” I often wonder the same thing about myself.
        Sometimes on this site you see people rail against the inhuman treatment of the unemployed, sick and disabled and you might think this is a decent compassionate person – they seem to genuinely care and seem upset and angry at this injustice and then in the next breath, they go on to scapegoat immigrants for everything that is wrong with the country, advocate brutal policies to deal with them and talk about them as if they are expendable worthless vermin.

        • ‘@R33 you know that lawrence winston bloke on twitter that was posted on here banging on about scivers..well hes treasurer of rotary club who claim to do good works for poor folks around the world..i dont know if rotariy clubs are fremason business types but their aims it seesm are at odds with this guys attitude..

    • As a bad smell can exist along side a flower garden, so a poor analogy can exist along side a principled statement about morals of the self-interested.

  22. an interesting analysis … but flawed by the revealed facts of history … governments do conspire to drive their nations to war for corporate profit … just because there is no overiding single conspiracy, does not mean that there aren’t many small conspiracies … opinionism is commonplace and is a conspiracy of mutual support and reinforcement … and yes propagandising for there to be no conspiracies is in itself a conspiracy 😉

  23. Good article. The only other thing I’d add is that, if you believe that any time anyone sneezes the CIA or MI5 must be behind it, then it’s quite easy for supposedly anti-establishment radicals who buy into conspiracy theories to end up demonising militant resistance as much as any liberal or right-winger, because anyone who wants to do anything a bit more disruptive than waiting around to vote Labour at the next election or stand around passively at a TUC rally must be a police agent provocateur out to undermine the movement. This isn’t to deny that there are undercover cops out there, and you should probably be a bit suspicious of any strangers who suddenly ask you if you want any explosives, but it’s a long way from that kind of basic common sense to the people out there who’ve spent a lot of time convincing themselves that the reason the black bloc hide their faces is because they’re all undercover cops (“AND SOME OF THEM WERE WEARING BOOTS! YOU KNOW WHO ELSE WEARS BOOTS, EH? THAT’S RIGHT…”)

    • something survived...

      What was that cop called that spied on the green protesters and had kids with one of the women? she didn’t know he was a cop, would not have slept with him if she knew, that makes it rape (in order to carry out infiltration/surveillance). they are trying to get him prosecuted for the deception but not for the rape? that doesn’t make sense?

      If a cop sleeps with a woman he’s ‘infiltrating’, while secretly sleeping with his wife – is he cheating on both? If the green woman slept with somebody else he didn’t know about and caught an STI, gave it to the secret policeman, and he gave it to his wife and unborn kids? What if the STI was HIV? Or if the cop’s wife herself had an affair or did drugs, got HIV, and passed it on to her husband the cop, who then infected the green woman and her unborn baby? Who in these scenarios would be responsible? Legally? Morally? If the condition is nonfatal but visible, like CRABS – how do you explain that away to the other person when you are trying to explain why you’ve given them crabs.

      NUPL Statement: National Union of Pube Lice (Crabs) wish to disassociate ourselves from the British police and government. With regards to the concept of innocent crabs being evidence in a trial of pervy cops, we would like it put on record that we only jump on police officers by accident, and always immediately regret it. Many younger crabs require counselling for the trauma and distress sustained as a result of coming into contact with a police officer or a politician. It is possible that in the case of the politicians, we are actually severely allergic to them.

      • @something survived funnily enough i came across a document from the cheif of the surveillance sector writing exactly about that covert officer..i think i posted it on the void somewhere..

      • @something survived mark kennedy or something was it? yes i have the doc somewhere curious reading it makes, lots of complaints about lack of funding etc..

      • “she didn’t know he was a cop, would not have slept with him if she knew, that makes it rape (in order to carry out infiltration/surveillance). they are trying to get him prosecuted for the deception but not for the rape? that doesn’t make sense?” No, you don’t make sense, something survived; that’s like saying the woman would never have slept with the “rich guy” if she had known all along that he was on the dole. This is Iain Duncan Smith-style logic, retrospectively backing out of a contract because the salesperson “lied”. Duplicity and deception are all part of the sales process we call seduction. Your reasoning is a road we don’t want to go down, one feminist step too far.

        • feminist? last time i read that word it was feminists let in the gays who let in the paedos..aka utter twaddle..

          • Are feminists simply put, emasculators.

            • @micktj o/t but read this bit:

              Here is the final wicked twist: legal aid has been removed for advice on benefits, housing, divorce, debt, education and employment. On Monday the budget of Citizens Advice for such cases falls from £22m to £3m. The few emergency cases still covered – families facing instant eviction – can only use a phone service, not face-to-face legal help. Law centres will close. There will be no help on school exclusions, landlord or employer harassment, or failure to pay wages.

              • It’s time for all the borders worldwide to to be dismantled, they only serve the wealthy and powerful, a government should spend billions on a space program to enable one-way tickets into the solar system for these wealthy and powerful so they when landing on an asteroid or planet can stick their “coat of arms / flag” on it and say “This is mine, mine, mine, all mine” Ha! Ha! Butttttt Ooooooooop’s what about the Oxygen.

      • They’re all important points. Are there plans for this to be made into a film? A few concerns about the welfare of crabs-on-set would need to be microscopically examined, first. There would need access to a ‘real-life’ counsellor on set, if required to undergo counselling ‘for the role’. Woody Allen as director, if someone can find him. In spite of (or is it despite) his public persona, his films seem to stand the test of time (up to and including ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’). Never one to shy away from controversial, even taboo subjects. Neurosis/counselling as plot lines are his speciality. Young crabs shouldn’t work long/anti-social hours though, as extreme exposure to the pubic can cause ‘issues’ in later life – remember Brook Shields?, Tatum O’Neill? (The Krankies).

        So many questions still unanswered –
        Is it just coincidence that the under-the-duvet love-rat is a Kennedy?
        Why so little mention of Diana-gate lately?

        • @shirley nott have you not seen or heard the video on yotube about robin cooke MP bumped off cos of diana murder?..btw as i posted a while back the report that included mark kennedy from head of sureveillance orgs..who is answerable to the PM ..

          • @bob – obviously this is difficult – but I ‘met’ Robin Cooke (very briefly) once and he never mentioned anything. He did seem to rush about a lot, which isn’t always a healthy thing to do – unless that was because he was trying to evade something/one …

            • @shirleynott yeah its in a radio broadcast about ted heath being achild abuser on his yacht in jersey…the guy talking about it used to work for intelligance ..he said the germans were behind it as he was foregn secretary at the time…

      • Harriet Harperson

        lol, something survived, if you are going to jail every guy who told a porkie to get into a girl’s knickers (by calling it “rape”) there will be no room left for the bedroom tax evictees lol

  24. If you watch ‘zeitgiest’ zeitgies 2, or 3 ( they are documantary movies) not the typical hollywood stuff, but very interesting conspiricy videos from a

    movement that exists now.

    To Johny, who clearly doesnt like conspiricy theories, Thats fair enough.
    But Im afraid you cant change me questioning things in life. and somtimes when we question, we come accross conspiricies which seem either very real and believeable or total nonsense. Perhaps you have seen some iffy websites or videos, but there really are some very logical explanations out there for a lot of things that you cant deny like chemtrails, enslavement and debt. real things that have an explanation. and theories are often the opposite
    to the simple truth you call it, Often infact, conspiricies are very complex. I do like you johny and your purpose here is very valuable and I hope im not being nasty as I want you to carry on with this website, its fantastic. But you cant stop us reading conspiricies just because you personally dont like them. Your points are a bit weak, and your argument against people such as ‘david icke’ in my opinion a little bit spitefull. He has served the best aprt of 20 years digging for the truth, wether he has the truth or not yet, doesnt really matter. Hes trying to do us all a favour so we can see what we are up against.

    Like I said before, If we stop questioning the official story, such as 9-11 for example, it means they can get away with telling us anything without question!! Thats not what we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we need the freedom to question, thats what these theories are, questioning the truth wehen the truth doesnt add up! Whats so bad about that??????? It has to be done otherwise we will live in a world where power can kill a whole county and blame it on another without question! We need the conspirisysts .

    • I like your input. Conspiracy theorists sometimes get to what most of us want – knowledge and truth. Let’s face it. politicians and the media are very economic with the truth.

  25. i am my own conspiracy theory..i believe i exist .i believe this because i am a sheeple in on the plot..baaaa…

  26. was there a point? I fell asleep halfway down.

  27. Agreed. Who needs conspiracies theories about the Bilderberg Group, the illuminati, NOW etc whilst we are systematically being overtaken by the monied elite and their lackeys right under our noses?

  28. i got a tax rebate today for 2011-2012 for 300 notes and im on jsa that hole year and on the wp,


    my calculation of this amount has been sent to you separately.

    cant wait to read that hahahahahahah

    o well 4 weeks sanction backup is in the bank now from the tax man fuckup or im 100 quid short of the wp fee that i still don’t go to;)

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  30. ‘Comment moderation on this post will be minimal.’

    I didn’t think there was any moderation here!

  31. I don’t think that the US caused 9/11-I do think that they took advantage of it as much as they could however.

    • Members of the Bush regime did say: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor”. They were clearly hoping that their country would be attacked and their own people killed and maimed to enable them to further their imperialistic agenda.
      When a group says they hope something happens and then it happens soon after on their watch, it does make me just a little bit suspicious that they might just have something to do with it.
      I think it’s possible that they had an idea what Bin Laden intended to do and deliberately didn’t take action to allow it to happen. They have form. Their top brass considered using terrorism against their own people to further their aims in the 60s:
      In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.
      Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.
      The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

      People are right to believe their leaders are capable of anything, because well, they are, but the theories are just speculation without conclusive evidence.

    • It’s high time people on the Left stopped behaving as if they were brain dead about 911.

      Over ten years after 911, one person has been brought to trial and found guilty, the so-called. He was supposed to be involved in some mythical second wave of attacks and even he said that he was watched 24/7 by the FBI who wanted 911 to happen. There is no reliable evidence that Bin Laden or Al Qaida had anything to do with 911. Yet, there is evidence that finance for hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. The country that US intelligence works with closely and is their best Muslim buddies. How many arrests have their been of high level Al Qaida supporters in Saudi Arabia? None. What action has the US taken about Saudi involvement in 911? None. Does someone have to spell it out to the Left?

      • ” the left ” he if ppl on here are ”the left”..whatever that is..i’m not ”the left” im sort of slightly at an quarter angle to the adjacent hypotenuse ..

      • Bin Laden was a Saudi. It is at least possible to have financed the operation from there rather than an ATM in donkey cave in Afghanistan.

        • @chibipaul cave? POX Snooze told us it was a fortress…the video we saw was a cave with a crapped out rifle dumped in it..

        • I don’t find there’s a contradiction in wanting out what’s going on and campaigning against cuts and injustice. If you like your ignorance, why not say so?

          Even the FBI and Justice Department admitted they had no evidence that Bin Laden did 911. And now, the US interrogator of Al Qaida’s (supposedly) Abu Zubaydah, upon which the Commission based their report, admits that he made it all up.

          • If you go around calling people ignorant because they refuse to believe half baked ideas with no evidence for their validity then okay fine.

            Life is too short and too difficult too read through text walls of nonsense
            Conspiracy theories solve nothing. They discuss and preach to the enlightened. I don’t like fundamentalism and I don’t like evangelism.
            Conspiracy theorists tend towards both.

            Pop psychology time. The inability to assert control over processes that are overwhelmingly large causes a need for a belief that they have control by possessing secret knowledge. Hence the conspiracy theorist now becomes an initiate equal to those in the cabal they use to personalise abstract processes.
            It is a modern day form of mythologising the world to reassert some control.

            How did I do?
            Anyone? No?

            okay fair enough, more bollox

  32. There used to be another name for “Conspiracy Theorists” in 30’s Germany. The ones that saw what was going on with the sick, disabled and minorities. The one’s that warned about huge military build ups, the one’s that were worried where everything was going and were questioning what the government was doing in secret, behind closed doors, why they were embracing eugenics and purebreed views. They were called alarmists, ridiculed and silenced. They turned out to be right on just about everything.

    Johnny Voids distain for people asking Why things are happening and what is going on and pointing out the bloomin obvious because he doesn’t do conspiracies is blinding him to the fact you have to look at things and assume there is no such thing as a coincidence these days and ask the What, Why, Where, When and How? Questions on everything, especially where these nazi eugenasists are going.

    This is the article JV does best commenting on and he has to start understanding that the “Money” interests are staring to bring in their plan for a collapse. The fact they are abusing the sick, disabled sand vulnerable in the system if they decide to start another major War and implode the worlds economy.

    Keep up the good work JV, but just because you don’t like Alarmist Theories doesn’t make some of them go away and be fabrications.

    • The military build up was hardly a secret.
      The programs against the disabled were hardly be a secret either.
      AFAIK the mentally ill and disabled were not secretly spirited away in the middle of the night.

  33. You’re posts are usually valuable but this one tells people to remain ignorant. You certainly have to be ignorant about how our elite thinks and to be dismissive of facts to agree with what you say. I would strongly advice people on the Left to read up on Freemasonry.

    Firstly, Marxists economists failed miserably to predict this depression. In 2006, there were precious few Marxists warning us about this. Yet, if you went to ‘conspiracy theorists’, they were warning us. Marxists were wrong and they were right.

    You attack theories around bankers but what are the facts? The facts are that all depressions have been caused by bankers. No depression has fit Marx’s theory that over-production causes depression. In fact, it’s a rubbish theory. Think about it. In a world of need, over-production is a danger.

    Then you have to look at Marx himself to conclude that conspiracy theories have a point. People should read Francis Wheen’s sympathetic biography of him. He was best mates with a leader of the German working-class who secretly worked for the Kaiser. In the last meeting of the Communist League in the UK, half the delegates were British spies and Marx proposed a resolution that handed the League to the Vanderbilts. And why was he sometimes protected by the British state? A report from a spy that he was involved in a plot to murder a foreign head of state was buried in the archives by Lord Palmerston, PM and director of the British East India Company. The British East India Company was the world’s first multi-national company.

    More interestingly is whether Marx was a Freemason. He and Engels chose the five-pointed star as a symbol of the Communist movement. The five-pointed star is known as the Morning Star, name of the communist newspaper. Knowledgeable Freemasons know very well the occult meaning of the five-pointed star. Go to Freemasons Hall, Great Queen St, Covent Garden, to see the five-pointed star as used by the Communist movement on top of the building. What that is about, I’m not sure. But to find out, you would have to look at conspiracy theories.

  34. Don’t remain ignorant. Ignorant of what?
    An irrational string of assumptions and ifs and ands.

    For example. There was a star in Freemasons Hall. Communists used a 5 pointed star. Ergo Marx was a freemason.

    The internet has many positives. Unfortunately it is unable to stop people spreading assumptions which become facts and certainties at an exponential rate.

    Was Marx a Freemason? I dunno. But it is a mile away from saying Marx was a Freemason.

    • marx and spencer store was created by groucho marx and frank spencer..

      • You’re another one who thinks is ignorance is wisdom.

      • Marxist historian Boris I. Nicolaevsky wrote, “secret societies, some outwardly of masonic form, played a decisive rôle in the forming of the First International.” Freemasons admit that the trade union movement came out of Freemasonry. After the French Revolution, the UK introduced a law against secret societies but the Masons convinced the government not to include them because Masons were full of high-born and powerful people. Instead trade unions were targeted hence the Tolpuddle Martyrs, jailed for their ‘secret oaths’. Marx chose the five-pointed star because of its ‘mystical’ associations. Ignorance is a choice. You want to remain so and pretend that you are not. Being ignorant doesn’t make you funny.

    • Are you ignorant of the reason as to why Marx and Engels chose the five-pointed star? Are you saying the use of the five-pointed star by Freemasons a coincidence? If you want to remain ignorant that’s up to you but to tell others that your ignorance is wisdom must be condemned.

      • Well explain it if you don’t want me to remain ignorant.

        The typical response of the conspiracy theorist: You iz ignorant. You don’t know but we haz troof.

        Yes I don’t know about the history of the star in association of with Marx, Freemasonry and Communism. Whether Marx rolled up a trouser leg and tickled the palm of his buddies or not is not something that I have had need to occupy myself with.
        What am I going to do with this arcane knowledge?
        oh of course spread the word on the internet.

        Okay. Hey everyone Marx was a Freemason and had a nice apron.

        Accusing people of ignorance is about being superior over those uninitiated. into the mysteries of conspiracy theories.
        How ironic.

        ps Isn’t there a hammer in the Freemason’s symbols somewhere? OMG It all starts to make sense now.
        Marx sounds a bit like Max and Maxwell had a silver hammer,
        Bang! Bang! Oh dear Frank Spencer is now dead.

        • @chibipaul and rothchild means red flag and dave dee dozy mick and tich were on top of the pops and savile was on top of the pops too..and that means all pop music is satan worship and ..

          • @bob -I don’t think you’re taking this very seriously!!

            There isn’t time for all this frivolity as April Fool’s day is fast approaching – maybe this is one of the reasons why there seems to be a rare note of hysteria creeping in to the debate? And the other reason might be the one about ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time – sometimes you can’t even please some of the people, some of the time’.

            • @shirleynott i do..its just that you end up with information overload thats all..unless having info overload is intentional in order to confuse us all so we become compliant plebs…

              • It sounds like you are not wearing your tinfoil knotted hankie hat Bob.
                For goodness sakes man put it on and the infoverload will stop

                • @chibipaul i will only if ou promise me that it will stop all the secret messages coming from mars..

                • You may need to reinforce by tying a couple of flan trays on your head.
                  I eat a lot of cheese flans and apple pies from the supermarkets so have a good supply.
                  As an extra precaution I have lined the loft with them just to be sure.
                  I think it must work because I haven’t received any messages from Mars.

            • @ shirleynott

              Do you think it’s a coincidence that they are launching this new wave of brutal cruel attacks on the poorest, most vulnerable and most disadvantaged on April Fool’s day? Are they so evil, cynical, and sadistic and do they have such contempt for their victims that they think it’s funny to do it on that day – “ha ha you lazy, workshy, benefit scrounging scum, this year the April fool joke is on you”? Do they consider inflicting hunger, humiliation, suffering, destitution and homelessness on the poor to be a joke?

            • @bob – I know you take social injustice very seriously. It feels like a good day to talk about reptiles and secret societies though – if only because from now on there’s almost too much reality ‘out there’ to know how to deal with it/where to start. It’s the snowballing ‘policy overload’ that might start making otherwise thoughtful people into compliant plebs – the sheer volume of miscarriages of justice taking place is going to trigger emotional and psychic overload. There’s a lot of opposition around – which is a good thing – but also so many different ‘measures’ to try kick against at once – food vouchers/bedroom taxes/benefit caps etc. – so most of us do need a bit of light relief sometimes (after all we are living in a bad joke).

              • @shirleynott maybe so but if we bang on on about theories then we will disappear up our own arseholes and forget about the whole battle against these feckers in govt..

            • @R33
              Apologies for long answer – I’ve been cogitating about this.
              (I don’t always enjoy shopping at the best of times – mostly never did).

              It’s some coincidence. But the honest answer is ‘yes (and no)’. I can’t believe it was part of an original plan, & why somebody hasn’t at some point said “hang on a minute – should we move the date? – this doesn’t look so good” is just … hard to fathom. There is starting to be more than just the odd ‘couldn’t make them up’ paradox.

              M&S food vouchers? – what better way might a sadist choose to rub (rock) salt into the wounds of the seriously financially-challenged? Even entering the hallowed M&S food hall might be a challenge (during a spell of unemployment, or when living on a low wage) – I know from experience that feeling ‘more’ or ‘less’ comfortable can be in direct proportion to circumstances (financial or otherwise). If first having made sure of EXACTLY the amount available to spend, – then if you notice such ‘trifles’, which is mainly when you yourself are thinking constantly about money – it seems clear once through the doors that a significant majority of the other customers probably haven’t just had to do the same – although appearances can be deceptive as everyone knows – and more people are now buying ‘reduced items’, everywhere.

              Very occasionally, it is somewhere I go to spend (usually) fairly small amounts of money – I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either. They have the best chocolate raisins & I am probably long-term addicted to them. If I’m ever the proud owner of an M&S gift voucher, I usually spend it in the food hall rather than on over-priced socks. So I admit to having been a very occasional customer, but less and less since learning about their use of Workfare …. In theory, food vouchers for M&S ought to be great news in my case, as not currently working – it would mean that should a crisis develop, I will at least know that there will be raisins smothered in Belgian chocolate for breakfast …

              It’s not fun going to most shops, if the trip involves having to first work out EXACTLY what’s the available-to-spend-amount and EXACTLY on what – more so if the shop is a town centre with delusions of grandeur-type store. (There’s a Harvey Nichols where I live, complete with a doorman to let customers in). Supposedly, anyone can browse the store with no obligation to buy, but in my limited experience it requires a certain confidence that either comes from someone’s sense of themselves when growing up, or from having a significant amount of purchasing power – or both. Thinking of yourself as someone who could, if you wanted to, buy something – however small, makes all the difference. Failing that, at least believing that the HN/& even M&S shop workers are likely to see a potential customer – rather than that they may ‘see’ an imposter (& spot you really don’t have money available to spend)…

              So making someone go straight from the job centre, with ‘crisis’ food vouchers, into an M&S store is clearly an act of sadism and it is perverse. IDS has probably never food shopped in his life and thinks Aldi is a Norwegian car. He also doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘irony’ or what it’s like to run out of money. If he were clever enough to think of it, I would say that a decision had been taken to introduce an element of Lewis-Carroll-meets-The-Marquis-de-Sade into proceedings … (‘Grotesque Deliberate Oversight’ maybe?)

            • @ shirleynott

              Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure myself if they are doing it on purpose, but after they extended workfare schemes for the disabled on International Day Of Persons With Disabilities and now this new wave of brutal attacks on the poor on April Fools Day … I am starting to wonder… I tell you what, if they announce their next evil scheme Christmas Eve or Christmas Day then we’ll know they are doing it deliberately! I agree, forcing the poor to go into shops filled with decent quality stuff that they can’t afford – tantalising and teasing us – is very cruel.

            • Christmas will be cancelled – all non-paid and low-paid units will have to report (on foot) to their local JCP (if it’s still standing/open for business) …

            • This country has become so warped and nasty, that actually sounds plausible.

      • you’re argument would be much stronger if Marx and Engels actually had chosen the five pointed star as a symbol of communism, but they didn’t, it first emerged around the time of the first world war, long after Marx’s death

          13. THE RED STAR SYMBOL
          The five-pointed red star which is based on the outer shape of the Pentagram has become the globally recognised symbol of Communism. Its origin as a Communist sign can be traced to Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820 – 1895) who were drawn to this symbol for various reasons but allegedly believed in its mystical representation of the human body and its inherent strength. The red colour is supposed to represent the “blood” of those who had struggled for their rights and freedom. Its transformation from a little known ideological sign to a mass political symbol originated during the Russian Civil War (c1917 – c1923). One story suggests that the local Moscow garrison were given tin stars to wear on their hats. They later painted these tins stars Red to symbolise their joining of the Red Army. Following its adoption as an emblem of the Soviet Union, the red star became a symbol for communism in a larger sense. The Russian military continues to use the Red Star to this day even though the ideal of Russian Communism no longer dominates the nation. Once feared throughout the Capitalist West, it is apparently still illegal to display the symbol in Hungary.’

          I like your blog but you’re argument about the role of the City could be mistaken for protecting bankers. Please cite a major Marxist economist who was warning us about the 2008 financial crash.

  35. And meanwhile Universal Credit, supposedly “on time and on budget”, has three of its four pilots delayed:

    And so it begins.

  36. Good talking point.
    As far as the JFK assassination is concerned, you only have to look at the American record on assassinations.
    Who has most to gain are usually to blame. That’s all you need to think about.

    • The JFK assassination shows clearly what happens to democratically elected leaders in the ‘free’ world if they displease the power elite by disobeying orders and putting the interests of the people who elected them first.

  37. Progressives should not remain ignorant about these matters. After all, the first modern Communist experiment was not a thorough success. People did not fully understand what they were getting into. A failure to understand banks and money will mean that another socialist society will fail.

  38. Islington. GLF. hodgepodge… oh my!

    I can remember a local conspiracy theorist taxi driver telling me in 1983 that there was something very rotten in the borough.

    • @anon that would be the child abuse stuff in islington..

    • ok heres one for you all..just recently i came across a local newspaper item about child sex not sex abuse done to kids but abuse done by kids..some of the claims were suspicion of rape done by 40 under 13 yr then is this about corrupted youth..or child abuse affecting kids that they re enact the offence..or something sinister..i have my own thoughts which are obvious to me at least,,

    • 🙂

  39. Conspiracy theorist seems to be just another way of labelling and stigmatising anyone who does not agree with the Orwellian thought control we have now. =the idea that we still live in a democracy–We have a three party dictatorship, that’s not theory thinking— what’s happen to democracy in Britain is a result of the main parties conspiring of cause this –the proof is what you see happening around you . Most people involved don’t even know they are part of it , they don’t think there is conspiracy whilst they actively take part (and that’s most of the population ), fed a continued diet of propaganda they start supporting and defending the cabal

    It seems that anyone distributing anti party propaganda is labelled a conspiracy theorist and subject to derision it’s all part of the establishment propaganda machine.

  40. Erm, and UNUN (who have NO connection with Atos) recently boasted of the fact that they have been driving UK disability policy since the mid-1990s (when disability income was downgraded from being classed as a pension to a dole, and dodgy medicals started overriding reports from claimants’ doctors).

  41. @JV then you have the pentagram star and satan worship and then we are back to talking bollocks..well done JV you started all this i bet you wish you hadnt now…

  42. @JV sooty is an alien im sure of that (i think)

  43. “conspiracy theories” aside we don’t want “the Void” turning into a clone of David Icke’s forum or worse still being taken over by freemen(women) or even worse by UKIP!

    • @bick yep….exactly..

    • J Void was doing a very good job until he strayed into areas he clearly doesn’t know anything about. Another important event for the trade union movement was the match girl’s strike – led by co-Freemason and occultist, Annie Besant.. People should research in other places and remain critical about people like Alex Jones who is far too right wing for my liking. But it is pretty ridiculous for people influenced by Marxism to condemn conspiracy theories when their movement came out of secret societies.

  44. I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person but by and large they suck energy from a more powerful materialistic social critique, most are far right/libertarian (eg Brevik with his Cultural Marxist/UN bollocks) However a revealed scandal under certain economic conditions could help produce revolutionary change. In this country that would have be around the royals I reckon

  45. LIKEN to the black out by newspaper, tv, radio

    I/We just created the petition “Help stop the UK Governments plans to retrospectively change laws, which they have broken” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. This campaign means a lot to me/us and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

    The precedent is a terrifying threat to civil liberty, and because the UK has no codified constitution
    Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this has a email or Text but also share this link on Facebook or Twitter

    Thank you!

    Sorry to say on 25th March, 2013 lies told at the hearing no mention of our Petition in the subscript. So we fight on


  46. Alex "Bullshit" Jones


  47. This whole article is fundamentally flawed. I agree that conspiracy theories are the friend of the powerful, but only because people like you continue to label them as such. If the powers that be give an explanation for an event that doesn’t hold up to logic or reason, then why can’t people put forth alternative theories without being labeled as radicals. It’s not likely that our government participated in the attacks on 9/11, but it’s also unlikely that a couple dozen terrorists with very little training as pilots evaded the most advanced defense systems for almost two hours to inflict precision attacks on two towers and the pentagon, which is easily the most secure building in the world.
    It’s unlikely that buildings were rigged with explosives in advance to demolish them, but it’s also unlikely that the two towers imploded on themselves at free fall speeds, or that building seven did the same while sustaining almost no damage and experiencing minimal fire damage. And the statement that “Almost every qualified individual in the world who understands structural engineering, architecture or even explosives agrees why the towers fell” is at best uninformed and at worst a blatant uninformed opinion.
    Next time you write an article, could you actually provide facts and not just an opinion?

  48. Could not agree with your article more.
    Conspiracy theories are easier to understand than rational thinking and also justify our own failings. They have always been the tools of choice of the autocrats!!

  49. Here is a simple conspiracy for you. The Americans have been running this country since Thatcher thanks to North Sea oil.. They have roughly been running Europe since 1945 (Operation Gladio). If you believe what you see on telly or in the Guardian, you are STUPID . Even the Guardian has employed its own conspiracy theorists recently. One at Bilderberg. nGlenn Greenwald is a step in that direction too.

    Charles Shaar Murray in the Guardian

    Old-fashioned totalitarian societies control information by suppressing what they consider inconvenient for their people to hear, while the more sophisticated capitalist democracies control information by swamping the truth in a deluge of disinformation, through which it is virtually a full-time job to sift.

    • “If you believe what you see on telly or in the Guardian, you are STUPID”

      If you go round being shouty and calling people stupid you are less likely to convince them
      Abuse is not the way to win an argument however much you turn up the volume..


        I was employing something called ‘irony’. I was turning the author’s demeaning and contemptuous language on himself. Maybe he is an alien and he is trying to cover up the evil deeds of his 8 armed colleagues. See, that wasn’t serious. I just turned his insidious contempt on him. And you.

        Chomsky is right. There are no intelligent journalists (left). I meant what I wrote about ‘STUPID’, but expressed myself in that manner because that is the tone of the article.

        • Well calling me stupid for not believing cock and bull stories is neither convincing nor likely to endear me to your arguments.
          On the other hand believing cock and bull stories does sound like stupidity. No, sorry that is unfair.

          The stupidity is in perpetuating the goddam nonsense and defending it.

  50. Chomsky says no intelligent human being would be given a job as a journalist.

    Chomsky vs idiot (Andrew Marr).

  51. David Icke is basically an uneducated working class man who uncritically hoovered up whatever he read. His followers are the same.

  52. ShapeshifitingLizardWhoCanShootLaserBeamsOutOfHisEyes

    Foolish humans, keep underestimating us, that’s exactly what we want you to do, you are playing right into our hands! We will soon achieve total World domination and you will be our slaves forever!


  53. Even in 1988, MI6 did not exist. It was a conspiracy for dummies. Britain never spied on anyone. We are the good guys. Ha ha ha ha ha !


    In July 1988 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher approved the purchase of the new building for the SIS. The government proposed to pay for the building outright in order to maintain secrecy over the intended use of the site—at this time the existence of MI6 was not officially acknowledged.

  54. Even 10 years ago, Bilderberg and the Council and Foreign relations were conspiracy theories.

    \What I find is that working class people like the author are too intellectually insecure to believe anything off beat. They think they are smart to read the Guardian. They think it makes them superior. It doesn’t, you are still as stupid as you ever were.

    I think the Guardian is a virtually worthless upper middle class corporate rag. You do not pay a man (the editor) half a million a year to tell the truth.

    • Nah! Way off beam.
      Us working class can’t read anything other than the tablieds.
      The Guardian uses word what are too big govna.

      Doffs cloth cap in deference to his lordship with vastly superior intelect.

      I wish I was as clever as you Eric. Then I would never believe all these conspiracy theories.

  55. Every single thing that involves more than one person is a conspiracy.

    My reaction to the article. Working class people are thick. I knew that already.

  56. Chemtrails are REAL - Look at the EVIDENCE!!

    At long last it is good to have a dedicated forum on the Void 🙂 to discuss the important things in life like 9/11, secret societies, chemtrails, HAARP, MKUltra, Rosicrucians, the Vatican, Shape-shifting reptilians and of course the JFK assassination… instead of being bogged down by time-wasting, mind-numbing distracting trivia such as the ongoing demolition of the Welfare State and destruction of social housing with the ensuing mass homelessness and starvation and resultant deaths to come. Let us concentrate on what is important and affect people’s life directly like government mind-control satellite ray technology being beamed directly from an alien spacecraft cleverly disguised as the Moon. 🙂

  57. Why don’t you vote for the Labour Party ? Who started this. welfare nonsense ? New Labour. Who owns them ?

    John Pilger

    The “values we share” are celebrated by a shadowy organisation that has just held its annual conference. This is the British-American Project for the Successor Generation (BAP), set up in 1985 with money from a Philadelphia trust with a long history of supporting right-wing causes. Although the BAP does not publicly acknowledge this origin, the source of its inspiration was a call by President Reagan in 1983 for “successor generations” on both sides of the Atlantic to “work together in the future on defence and security matters”. He made numerous references to “shared values”. Attending this ceremony in the White House Situation Room were the ideologues Rupert Murdoch and the late James Goldsmith.

    The British American Project for the Successor Generation (New Labour)


    The CIA and New Labour

  58. The World Trade Centres were a CONTOLLED DEMOLITION!!

    I see the NSA “sock puppets” operating from deep inside a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) located at the TOP SECRET base Area 51 (site of an alien landing) are out in force to discredit the TRUTH!!

  59. Looks like “the Void” has been gotten at by the TPTB. Expect to see “Well, workfare isn’t really that bad after all and who need a welfare state and social housing anyway.” articles.

    • We need a welfare state and social housing because of the structure called capitalism. Without capitalism there would be much less of “dog eat dog” to coin a phrase and the “rat race” would diminish.

  60. You make some excellent points about the rich and powerful being readily renewed should there be some form of day of reckoning against the perceived villains currently at large.
    I don’t agree with you on 9/11 though, there is so much evidence not to believe the official line, not withstanding statements from the 9/11 Commission writers who stated the Commission was set up to fail.
    2 years ago I would have read your article and said ‘bang on’, now that I have opened my eyes somewhat, it is plain to me that my reality back then was the illusion. Strangely enough I am a lot happier now that some of the puzzles I had in my brain are being solved.

  61. “It is in the interests of the rich to pay low wages, to privatise public services, to destroy social housing, or even to fight wars for oil, territory and long term economic objectives. They have no more shame in sending working class men and women to their death than they do in starving the poor and vulnerable or forcing them from their homes. Most were repeatedly told at school that they are the elite, here to govern, own, loot and occupy the commons of the world.”

    In other words, a psychopath.

  62. The Bilderbergers

    You guys and gals are all crazeeeeeeeeeeeeee conspiracy loons…

  63. What happened is that after all the social unrest in the 1960s, those in power fought back. FBI / CIA Operation Cointelpro destroyed ALL political opposition the the United States. That’s why resistance is literally futile. They run the world.

  64. Cynical. As FFFFF

    Google agenda 21its well documented.

    • Agenda 21 is much discussed on the internet.
      As usual there is a lot of chatter but little or no documentation.

      IIRC Agenda 21 is an article of the Rio Climate Change Summit
      Somehow it has become a UN sponsored mass genocide as part of some plan to depopulate the planet.

      No one has satisfactorily explained why the UN would do this,especially when they run humanitarian programmes to try to save lives.

  65. Cynical. As FFFFF Lots to read on that but its not about climate change in the main .Its much more and some of what you will read on there is being implemented in many places..ok some of it may well be far fetched BUT ….

  66. Haven’t seen any on here unless you browse Icke’s forum

  67. Cynical. As FFFFF

    Explosive European Commission announces Full engagement in agenda 21.

  68. Chibipaul

    The UN weapons inspectors also said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Blair and Bush said there was, but changed their reason to invade to the need for regime change, then countries of the UN reluctantly in some cases sent their armed forces to Iraq, not exactly consistency there was there, nor truth.

    • Not sure what your point is. Government leaders tell porkies shock!

      • Yet, you agree that leaders would lie about something that leads to the death of 100,000s but wouldn’t dream of engaging in anything called ‘conspiracy’. The shock is what, exactly?

        • You haven’t got a clue what you are on about.
          So how the fuck am I supposed to know?

          That was not a conspiracy, just a great big dirty lie.
          Get a grip man and don’t assume that I condoned what happened.

          now do us all a favour and fuck off trollbreath.

          • chbipual,
            ‘Great big dirty lie’? I thought it was a ‘porky’. I know what you said could give someone the impression that you find it hard to think straight but try answering my question. Tip: abusing me isn’t an answer; it makes you seem stupid.

            • Still trolling
              You must be stupid yourself to think that a lie and a porkie pie are two different things.
              Told you earlier, given up playing nicely with you since you insist on being a tedious arse shitting bullpoop..

              After a weekend of crap in the press about welfare reforms I am in less of a mood to tolerate your nonsensical babblings about signs in the sky.

              • @chibipaul..hello my heaven sent donkey power..has helped me find out some stuff that if i am right may prove that the govt latest crap on unemployed is utter bollox…the claim that 900,000 have panicked and signed off the incapacity benefit is a lie..because i found that 900,000 were diverted onto incapacity benefit last all the have done is make the hidden unemployed disappear…

                • Saw a picture of IBS in a top hat this morning. Must say the old charmer looked rather dapper.
                  Couldn’t see his magic wand though. Prolly up his sleeve.

                • @chibipaul jawhol mein freuend but the thing is this i have docs that prove they are lying..ive posted the stuff and links on here….

            • Wells: “The Open Conspiracy is of great importance to the future of the world. So, Chipaul, was is your view on this matter?”
              Chipaul: “now do us all a favour and fuck off trollbreath.”
              Wells: “You agree with those powerful people who are engaged in this conspiracy that it should remain secret?”
              Chipaul: “Told you earlier, given up playing nicely with you since you insist on being a tedious arse shitting bullpoop..”

          • Says a can’t think straight who would no doubt tell you wnat a wonderful book Orwell’s 1984 was. Perhaps Orwell was just babbling nonsense. Perhaps so was H G Wells. Clearly, to you, putting forward facts is trolling. So, when Bzezinski warned a Senate Committee that the desperate Neo-cons would create a 911-style false flag to set off a war against Iran, was he run out of the Committee on the basis that he was a ‘David Icke, conspiracy loon’?

            • I do apologise. I think I misunderstood you. I assumed you were just talking bollocks, but now see you have been reciting Vogon poetry.

              my bad.

              • @chibipaul..are you still on here? you better be careful or you will have strange ppl post strange theories to you…

                • *whispers* I see dead people…

                • boy I really just wanna see donkey. 😦

                • @chibipaul donkeys have wings you know….anyways…im a bit fed up as that stuff about 900,000 claimants stuff i found out was bollocks but no one seems to give a fuck.and can prove it..maybe its me or the weather..or we are living in dystopia on sea..

                • Of course no one gives a bollocks about that.
                  No chemtrails or aliens. Not sexy enough.
                  Now if you can tie it in to the great lemmings shortage of 2010, and the subsequent collapse of the Russian squid market then your Yo-Yos will forever be up.

                • @chibipaul and the clockwork monkeys just keep on clattering on and on and on..

                • Sad but true.
                  Was going to say it is unbelievable that they can get away with it, but people still think that 70% of disability benefit claims are fraudulent.

                  The three foolish clockwork monkeys see all evil, hear all evil and speak all evil.

                • @chibipaul its like a car crash is awaiting us but everyone is blaming the pedestrians for walking..

            • Woodrow Wilson: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” (
              Chipaul: I do apologise. I think I misunderstood you. I assumed you were just talking bollocks, but now see you have been reciting Vogon poetry.
              Johnny Void: “the people I’ve come across who most ardently believe conspiracy bullshit tend to be posh hippies, new age crystal healing types and so called bohemians”

            • British Prime Minister Benjamin , 1876: “The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans. ”

              chibipual: “ooh Vogon drama now. Hang on while I get my popcorn and giant slushie.”

      • P325, Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley (menton of Bill Clinton)
        The power of the Bank of England and of its governor was admitted by most qualified observers. In January 1924, Reginald McKenna, who had been chancellor of the Exchequer in 1915-1916, as chairman of the board of the Midland Bank told its stocholders: “I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money…And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of people.”

        bobchewie: no i am saying you are a humourless fuckwit.. gah gah please fuck off being an annoying cunt..have you got a girlfriend…?

        Chipaul: What evidence?
What are you on about now? ….ever heard the phrase ‘the pub bore’? You haven’t got a clue what you are on about.
So how the fuck am I supposed to know?

        • @simonie glar glar were you a trainspotter as a kid?

        • I think you will find that was Hope and Crosby.
          On the Road to Nowhere.

          I liked Crosby more when he left Hope at the side of the road and met up with Stills, Nash and Young. Good times baby, good times.

          • New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922: “The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen….At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties.”

            chibipaul: “I liked Crosby more when he left Hope at the side of the road and met up with Stills, Nash and Young. Good times baby, good times.”

      • Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991: “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or *promulgated* [emphasis mine], that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this *scenario*, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

        Chipaul: “After a weekend of crap in the press about welfare reforms I am in less of a mood to tolerate your nonsensical babblings about signs in the sky.”

  69. Johnny Void: ‘Conspiracy theorists get particularly cross about journalists who they claim refuse to see the youtube evidence that is staring them in the face (or again, that they are in on it). The truth is the precise opposite. Journalists require evidence before publishing anything at all or they get sued. This makes their jobs harder not easier than the likes of David Icke and his ilk, who are happy to believe, and publish, anything that fits the narrative they have already decided upon. A world in which the press could make allegations of murder, theft or other crimes with no real evidence would not work out well for those at the bottom.’

    David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991: “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

    • @sy moany glug glug i bet you were good at trivial pursuit..

      • Council on Foreign Reltaions member Richard Gardner, writing in the April l974 issue of the CFR’s journal, Foreign Affairs: “The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down…but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.”

        bobchewie, Welcome to Stupid: glug glug i bet you were good at trivial pursuit..

        • pleeeeeeeze simon just shut the fuck up…..if you want to engage then talk about the shit thats going on now…nit some theoretical bollox about who said what about when what whatever….

          • All we can hear is Simon Ga Ga
            Simon Goo Goo
            Simon Ga Ga
            Thinks everything is trooo,
            So we pity you.

          • you’re the one who said people who talk about conspiracy theory are tinfoil hat loons who are sh*t and talking boll**ks all the time for merely saying what Kissinger, Brzezinski and elites have been saying for a long time. Perahps, bobchewie, or should I cal you Welcome to Stupid, that’s what they’re giving us today.

            “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”. J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI

        • Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, PhD, former German defense ministry official and advisor to former NATO Secretary-General Manfred Werner, November 6, 2001:

          “The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, the Bilderberger Group, and the Trilateral Commission – founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens.”

          Bobchewie: pleeeeeeeze simon just shut the fuck up…..if you want to engage then talk about the shit thats going on now…nit some theoretical bollox about who said what about when what whatever…

        • Roger Edwards

          Good input. Sheep with no more than two brain cells are unable to sustain a balanced view, so they tend to be sarcastic. Ignore the fuckers.

  70. “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

    Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

    – John F Kennedy speech April 27, 1961

  71. “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.”

    – John F Kennedy speech April 27, 1961

  72. Capitalism and people’s belief in it, is the biggest conspiracy in history, right in front of people’s eyes but virtually invisible to their consciousness. Total and all-embracing, the ‘right’ to profit from the exploitation of others is seen as being as natural as the weather, and hardly ever postulated as being a cause for most of the ills of the world- that is until it falls into crisis…

    • Roger Edwards

      Absolutely on the ball! I wonder if that INFORMATION will shut the anti conspiracy theorists up? Hope so.

      • Nope
        because that is not a conspiracy.
        there is no secret about capitalism. It is a well documented economic principle.
        It may be misleading, immoral and have many faults, but there is no covert practise.

        • Roger Edwards

          The conspiracy lie’s in how they operate in conjunction to reach the result they want. “They” being the government, the military, the financial sector and of course the media. It is usually only when a scandal breaks that we get an inkling about what is going on!

      • Erm,no. By conspiracy, I mean ‘conspiracy’. Please don’t twist what I write to suit your own purposes, ta. All the anti-semites, the lizard freaks, Illuminati obsessives etc. are barking up the wrong trees. While I am fully cogniscent of the fact that political and military conspiracies do occur, I do not subscribe to the conspiratorial theory of history. I agree 100% with Johnny Void.

        • Roger Edwards

          I’m still trying to decipher/ understand by the ” Family everywhere is the beginning and end of all corruption. I don’t even know what the conspirational theory of history is!
          So, let’s see, have you studied the history of the BANK of ENGLAND? Do you KNOW who the actual shareholders are behind the BOEN ( Bank of England Nominees! )? Or even the individuals that make up the BOEN?

          • A family is a social structure – it has not been eternally defined as family I am sure – prehistoric people will have just been organised into collectives – we as humans have tried nothing different – families tend to either be at each others throats or thrive in the field of “grace and favour”. I try to provoke thought but not for long on this. Would you consider monarchy to be family. Babies born, nanny takes over, boarding school (Gordonstone – St Andrews etc etc) hardly together are they? Though They seem to turn out fairly well adjusted. If same for all, much employment created, everyone in employment except those with severe illness, welfare state virtually ended at a stroke, all babies a ward of the state – monarchies kids seem to be ultimately. I could go on and on so anyway I am sure you will find some choice words for me. Please don’t say “communist” though – Communism neither existed nor can exist while family structures as we know them exist.

            • ” prehistoric people will have just been organised into collectives”

              It is this sort of assumption, taken as unequivocal fact that makes me distrust conspiracy theories.
              My laptop has an inbuilt autocorrect for these situations:
              ” prehistoric people may have been organised into collectives. If so it is possible that…”

              But I tell you what, I am glad my daughter is a young woman now.
              Any bastard trying to take her away from me would not be treated kindly.
              Stick that social construct in your collective pipe and get wasted.

              • “Silly Man”, and I thought people on here would have some kind of imagination, I guess I was wrong in your case, you have none whatsoever. Incidentally, I am a grandfather of 2 with 4 fantastic and materially successful children of my own

              • @chibipaul – “Silly Man”, and I thought people on here would have some kind of imagination, I guess I was wrong in your case, you have none whatsoever. Incidentally, I am a grandfather of 2 with 4 fantastic and materially successful children of my own

                • I’m more Wetwang Man than a Silly Man tbh

                  The problem is not that I lack intelligence, nor wanting imagination.
                  The problem is that conspiracy theorists mistake imagination for intelligence, then proclaim it to be fact.
                  Anyone who refuses to believe these illogical musings is denounced as stupid, silly and lacking imagination.

                  I will ask a question that was previously ignored.
                  Suppose I decide that the conspiracy is true. Then what?
                  What is to be done with this knowledge?

                • @chibipaul – For meself I am far from intelligent I dare admit but I am reasonably well educated mainly self taught in some difficult subjects, by meself (guess that’s what self taught means). Do you understand the technigue of fight or flight in answer to your query?

                • The autodidact. Hmmm
                  Ripe for the pickin’ where CTs are concerned.

                  The question is still waiting to be answered.
                  What do you do with this intelligence.

                  ps what is it about the internet in general, and CTs in particular that makes people convince themselves that the other chap is not as smart?

              • @chibipaul – Ah I forgot to say, it is like we (you) own our children too.

    • @incubusblog – I am severely anti-capitalist. Have you noticed how Socialism keeps failing though even in places like North Korea? Where the notion of family is anywhere in the world, all good natured efforts will fail. The family everywhere is the beginning and end of all corruption – most noticeable in the BBC as well of course the in “other house” as they call it at westminster.

  73. ive read this and chabipaul and bobschlieb just look stupid, its obvious they dont have the intelegence to think past their next payment. they contribute nothing to the thread but stupid jokes that are childish, grow up, and lack of itellegence is not funny its lazy, if you cant work out the bigger picture dont waste space on the thread with your crap demeening people who are much more intelegent,if you cant contribute something except drivel, dont post anything. i would say your the troll not the other way youve never heard of vlad the impaler, or the commitee of 300.LOL but seriously wake up. thee is a lot of rubbish but a lot of it all connects to 1 big agenda or plan for the less inteleent among us

  74. On the role of the family, the state and capitalism, read Friedrich Engels, Wilhelm Reich and Chris Knight…I think this is what micktj is getting at.

  75. “”A world in which the press could make allegations of murder, theft or other crimes with no real evidence would not work out well for those at the bottom.”” <<< This is the way it has exactly gone for welfare benefit claimants in the uk, disregard murder I think but allegations of theft and other crimes comes to mind. This is how the media paint the poorest in societies up, as criminals with no real evidence at all. DISGUSTING IT IS FOR SURE. Close the BBC and use license money for something useful. Force the press down and allow them only to produce "freely" more comprehensively and accurately. Who cares if the news is old or late?

  76. @micktj didnt queen victoria have a lot of kids??

  77. @ATM i am trying to re locate am concerned if this ATM card will affect that as ive struggled to keep paying rent for a bit now..and i dont want any black marks going against me with my new landlord in the area ive designated..

  78. Can’t be bothered to read all 370+ posts. But really JV – if you seriously believe that nothing stinks about 9/11 you need to revisit some of the coverage. Just look at the date, a sick joke or what? “Spindly towers”? They were designed to withstand a jetliner hitting them. Jet fuel does not cause a fire hot enough to melt steel. Where was the wreckage of a bloody great big Boeing at the Pentagon? I could go on but I doubt you’re interested.

    • Seems the world is full of ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy wackos’…
      Vancouver Sun
      Most Muslims don’t believe Arabs behind 9/11 attacks: Poll
      August 15, 2011.
      Less than a month before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York City, a new poll confirms that most residents of major Muslim-majority countries do not believe the United States’ official story – that the deadly airplane assaults were performed by 19 fundamentalist Arabs.
The respected Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,, based in the United States, found that a majority of Muslims in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia do not believe Arabs carried out the attacks. Other polls have show many Muslims around the world believe the attacks were allowed, or even organized, by secret agents within the U.S.

  79. Should say that the fact of conspiracies is right before our eyes. All you need do is ask yourself: given the dominant perspectives does current affairs nationally and internationally make any sense?

    It doesn’t because events are occurring due to a secret agenda that is beyond the perspective of most of us. We are lucky if we understand the world in two dimensional perspectives such as Marxism or Anarchism. Our leaders wish to act in four dimensional perspectives.

    – Does US action in Afghanistan make any sense?
    – Does the invasion of Iraq make any sense if oil prices have gone since the invasion?
    – Does the lack of any Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia make sense if we are seeing one in Syria?
    – Does the fact that banks rewarded traders not for making profits but for making deals that were bound to lose billions and cause the financial crisis make any sense?
    – Does Osborne’s policies that have and will continue to shrink the UK economy make any sense?
    – Does US and Western support for Israel make any sense?
    – Why is it almost impossible for a Jewish candidate to become US president?
    – If jihadist terror was the biggest threat to civilization, why does the US wish to attack Iran, which is hostile to jihadist terror?
    – Why does the US drone bomb Pakistan civilians, which will produce recruits for jihadists?
    – How does the UK benefit materially from the special relationship with the US?
    – Why are government concerned with the maintenance of capitalism, financially and otherwise supporting bankrupt banks that caused the financial crash?
    – Does the pedophile abuse network involving hundreds and going on for decades practically scot free make any sense?

    It doesn’t make sense for a reason.

    • all of those things make perfect sense and if you bothered to learn about the social, economic and political reasons behind them instead of reading fairy stories on conspiracy websites they would make sense to you as well.

    • Man you don’t make any sense either.
      The difference being that you and these events happened and are real. Unless of course you don’t exist

      • @chibipaul i dont exist..but since its me that thinks that then i must exist to think depends on the i exist on paper and in history books? well no..all the same i must exist on some level maybe a spirit level or level crossing and have a train of thought which leads me to a thought of trains so i must be on the right lines…
        i will consult with my astral donkey..

        • chibipaul, bobchewie,
          At his selection as Democratic Presidential candidate, Bill Clinton was Prof Carroll Quigley was a mentor. Quigley taught diplomats at Georgetown University. His history book, ‘Tragedy and Hope’, has very been influential for ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy wackos’. It was based on the records of some of the power elite he called the Anglo-American Establishment. Did he in his book state that members of this elite are influenced by occult ideas? Was it the case that FDR’s vice-president, Henry A Wallace, had his own presidential bid ended because it was revealed that he was deeply into the occult? (Wallace was a 33 degree Mason and FDR a 32 degree Mason.)

          • @CYE MOURN GLUG GLUG cant you go and bore someone else for a change?

          • I have no idea.
            You see I have this thing.
            it is called a “life”

            ps for the umpteenth time, saves me having to read a ton of boring bollocks:
            What do you do with this treasure of knowledge you possess other than bug people all day long on the internet?
            pps What did CTs ever do before the internet?

            • I’d rather do some research and although you may have been posting ‘boring bollocks’, I don’t regard the planned future of the people on this planet boring.

            • I’m no nutjob. Afterall, why would I ever doubt that:
              – There were WMD in Iraq
              – There was a gulf of Tonkin event
              – JFK bullets were magic
              – 911 Commissioners still believe in their own report
              – the US never support Al Qaida
              – Mussolini was ever paid by the MI6
              – The US government never deliberately infected black people
              – The US never bombed Cambodia
              – CIA never imported cocaine into the US
              – Iran Contra never happened
              – There was no plan to remove FDR and replace him with a Fascist
              – The Bush family didn’t fund Hitler
              – NATO never used ‘stay behind’ right-wingers to attack civilians and pretend it was the Left
              – Conspiracies labeled nutjobs are ever proven to be true

            • I am involved in anti-cuts activity. People will need others who don’t look at the world in two-dimensional terms. People are waking up. Half the people I know at work take CT seriously. A CT book about bankers are their conspiracies was a best seller in China. Financial analyst, Gerald Celente says that one-third of people he comes across are in denial, another third are apathetic and a third want to know what’s going on. When we get another financial crash and people start losing their homes, many more will want to know why.

              • Well you can tell me why when it happens because it doesn’t sound like this knowledge is doing much to stop the nefarious metavilains behind the scenes and pulling the strings.

                Sorry, but I often have to concentrate just getting through the day.
                That might make me ignorant, stupid, thick, silly and blind.
                So be it.

                • and I’d want to know, if I were to get involved, that Anarchism wasn’t created by the state as a destabilisation tool – as Conrad suggested in The Secret Agent.

                • @Simongah – Anarchism always exists, it is an opposing thing. I consider any government which supports capitalism to be anarchistic for example.

                • @chibipaul BALCONY STATEROOMS FOR ONLY £99 PER PERSON PER DAY…thats an advert i just saw..whilst some poor sod died of hypothermia cos he was homeless.

                • No but that is not important because there’s a man and a plot and a plane and an alien and stuff in the sky and men in black suits and krassy gnolls and a dead princess and a whole pile of shit I have no control over but would be nice to know about so I can tell other people about it and feel superior instead of having to feel empty inside because people die outside empty houses.

                • @chibipaul all is right with the world..Noink..

  80. “A world in which the press could make allegations of murder, theft or other crimes with no real evidence would not work out well for those at the bottom.” *face palm*

    • We do live in a world where the press do make allegations of murder with no real evidence. What real evidence was there that Bin Laden did 911? What real evidence is there that Assad began a murder campaign against people wanting democracy? If there is, why didn’t the Arab League observers find it when they went to Syria? Why do the Catholic Church in Syria defend Assad against such charges? I’d like to live in the world you live in.

      • Look Simon. If you have failed to convince folk after a week and gigabytes worth of posts, you ain’t gonna convince us now.
        Call us what names you will it makes no odds.

        The article remains true for me.
        All CTs do is occlude the real world issues and divert attention away from real problems.
        Fine if you want to play some sort of LARP to save the world from archvillains. That is up to you. Your choice.
        But stop evangelising.

        • @chibipaul how are you..theres new bits thats shown up.
          (1) homebase flyer showing workfare is used to replace workers
          (2) BETSY GATE admissions..
          (3) faily excess claim that dwp will grab ppls wages (moonlighting)
          govt grabs wages anyway to pay the poverty pimps
          (4) mastercard in connection with social fund smartcards..
          (5) new UC appointee is croney in connection with olympic stadium and cross rail..
          Donkey says hi..

  81. Alex Jones points to elites who promote a New World Order conspiracy,

  82. The debunker and the hardcore skeptic loves to compulsively ridicule all they deem ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘conspiracy theory’, while they are driven by a messianic compulsion to root out unscientific ‘idiots’ with all the zeal and fanaticism similar to that of a Dominican or Jesuit charging through southern France in the twelfth century seeking out ‘heretics for the burning. And it matters not, how solid the evidence you present them with is, nor how flimsy their own state-sectioned ‘hard science’ they still demand more evidence.

    • The evangelism and religious fervour is a metaphor best suited to the CTs.
      Like a religious devotee your take everything on faith and belief, and are incapable of offering proof of existence.
      Instead you keep quoting the scriptures as if that is sufficient.

    • ‘State sanctioned science’?!

      OK so the scientific evidence YOU present is proper science, but the evidence WE present, backed up by 99% of experts in the relevant fields, is contaminated science?!

      What circular reasoning! And of course circular reasoning is exactly what you need to prop up the flimsy ‘truth’ you want to evangalize…

      State sanctioned my arse! Is the theory of evolution ‘state sanctioned’? Germ theory? Metallurgy? What tosh!

  83. The debunker, the hardcore skeptic and how they love to compulsively ridicule all they deem ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ while they are driven by a messianic compulsion to root out unscientific ‘idiots’ with all the zeal and fanaticism similar to that of a Dominican or Jesuit charging through southern France in the twelfth century seeking out ‘heretics for the burning.Matters not, how solid the evidence you present them with is, nor how flimsy their own state-sectioned ‘hard science’ – which they smugly offer up as their rebuttal.

  84. THANK YOU!
    I have been promulgating this same tirade – trying to put out the fires of fevered imaginations – since 6 months after 9/11. Most of those embracing these idiocies are insecure losers who imagine this secret knowledge puts them ahead of their fellow man. They can not be troubled to actually research their beliefs of course. Many yrs back I named then the “24 percenters”; after looking at many poles on a wide range of goofy topics I noticed that it was always about 24% that would take the answer that was the most unreasonable. Problem is these loons vote!

    • Funnily enough…
      In a recent poll about being able to manage on £53 per week it was around about 24% of middle income groups thought they could manage.
      (34% of the crazy dudes who earn +£700,000 thought they could cope)

      Therefore 24% of middle income earners are CTs. FACT!

  85. Building number 7 is a bit of headfuck though ain’t it?

    • Certainly was if you were one of the unfortunate sods to be in it at the time

      I love the theory it was destroyed to blame Osama bin Laden as an excuse to Iraq.
      Isn’t that what WMDs were for?

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  87. Landless Peasant

    I have contacted the Holy See with a view to getting IDS ex-communicated.

  88. Pingback: Conspiracy Theories Are Power's Best Friend, We...

  89. Reblogged this on Bohemian Glade.

  90. BRAVO! Excellent stuff.

    Similar article I wrote here… hope it’s of interest.

  91. That’s all very well. What happens when you experience something that very quickly is labelled a conspiracy theory and you are therefore a conspiracy theorist by association when you would never describe yourself in that way? After the referendum I found out my blank backed ballot paper was illegal. I contacted the authorities responsible who told me this was impossible. It was absolutely completely impossible that anyone would have been given a blank backed ballot paper (without a unique identification number). It became a story which was added to the other queries about procedures which were not in line with international procedure and they all became labelled as conspiracy theories to be dismissed. So my experience, which was real, is invalid. Imagine how that feels to the hundreds possibly thousands of people who experienced this. Imagine the effect it will have on how these people feel about voting. I don’t believe my vote counted and while I will continue to vote I don’t have any belief that it makes any difference at all.

  92. An article that will have all the brainwashed masses masturbating into their cereals. The author eludes to be against the power, and yet regurgitates all the same lies. A shit-covered colander of an article.

  93. StanleyKubrick

    Did you watch the BBC coverage of 9/11? I doubt you did. It you had done you wouldn’t be speaking such utter drivel. Badly considered and researched and thoroughly devoid of understanding. I do agree however with your initial contention but that is irrelevant to your conclusions.

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