Jobcentre Illegally Sacked Thousands of Workers

employment-appealIn yet another humiliating court defeat for Iain Duncan Smith, thousands of sacked Jobcentre staff may be entitled to compensation due to an employment tribunal ruling that they were unlawfully sacked.

Thousands of Jobcentre staff were employed on fixed term contracts in 2009 to deal with soaring unemployment due to the recession.  Many of them were then sacked to meet spending targets shortly after this Government weren’t elected.

In a move which demonstrates their utter contempt for both the rule of law and their own workforce, bungling DWP bosses had attempted to avoid paying these workers redundancy payments when they were laid off.

Two former Jobcentre staff, supported by PCS Union,  took the department to an employment tribunal, which ruled they should have been legally paid redundancy.  Thousands of workers sacked by Iain Duncan Smith could now be entitled to claim compensation which is likely to cost up to £1 million.

If Jobcentre bosses can’t even get sacking people right, then what hope is there for people needing help to find a job?

It remains to be seen whether the Secretary of State will attempt to retrospectively change the law – with the craven support of the spineless Labour Party – to avoid the repayments.

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83 responses to “Jobcentre Illegally Sacked Thousands of Workers

  1. i saw this item the other day.and thought it ironic..

  2. I pay my rent at post office..i notice on receipt it had ‘’ which sounded i looked it up and..yep card system Social Fund..

  3. Sorry for sketchy details- but IDS etc are continuously working at removing employment rights- human rights and rights to Legal Aid to prevent victims suing for compensation when their rights are violated by said IDS etc- They most certainly are and will be retrospectively changing laws- They’ve proven they can get away with it already- Now they believe they’re unstoppable and above the law- We’re letting them do as they like because people seem brainwashed and ignorant RE the danger they are in

  4. another day another reason for this incompetent nasty disgrace to be sacked, how the hell is he still in a job, should have gone long ago, worst mp ever

  5. As a result of the Government’s commitment to transform the welfare system and roll out personal budgets in social care, health, children’s services and supported housing, service budgets and benefits are increasingly being paid directly to the user.

    As a result, prepaid cards – a cross between a debit card and a top-up card – are increasingly being used instead of cash, cheques and vouchers as they offer reduced administration costs, improved security and allow for spending to be monitored in real time.

    allpay works with a number of local authorities, housing associations and charities who are using its prepaid offering. Derbyshire County Council, for example, is providing allpay’s prepaid cards to residents to pay for children’s services, while others are using it for a range of payments from housing benefit and adult social care payments to decorating allowances.

    Following the Government’s decision to abolish community care grants and crisis loans, local authorities are also viewing prepaid cards as a way of delivering parts of the Social Fund – which is being devolved to councils from 2013.

    To support local authorities in this new role, allpay is offering councils instant issue prepaid cards which can be handed out ‘on the spot’ to people in need – cutting down on the cost of administering cheques and the high insurance premiums that come with managing cash offices.

    The Government is also examining their role for Universal Credit as a way for those without bank accounts to receive benefits.

    “and allow for spending to be monitored in real time.” so we are all going to be monitored then…

    • I guess that is how they will monitor what you spend your money on. For instance if Tesco get on the band waggon the card will be for food and food only. Not that you could afford any luxury items on£71 per week JSA. Another way of controlling people and taking away dignity.

      • @Liz when this was rolled out in australia the smartcard was nicknamed ‘scrounger card’ and that claimants using it were forced to use a separate queue in supermarkets designed just for them thus drawing attention to them..

      • Henrietta Sandwich

        @Liz Exactly. I think it’s at least as much about power and control as it is about saving money.

        • @HENRIETTA SANDWICH lets not forget the smartcard producers…who will benefit from this..not only that but if you expand this idea further it becomes a way to control consumers..

  6. I wonder how many of those JCP staff issued sanctions.

  7. It should be the unions defending the sacked staff not you jv, or were most of them sacked non-union workers I wonderd, whatever their job choice stinks.



  9. Cameron wont sack IDS as he wipes his back side for him? We need to call for his sacking asap or we sack the whole Government?

  10. tensouthernbelle

    Monitored is the word of the day, worldwide. You’all get “decorating allowances” really? here in America we get nothing. No money, no housing, nothing! They tell you that there is no money. Then I read that the obummers are vacationing lavishly, all over the world on our tax dollars!?? Sickening! the whole world has gone to shit. The government lives high on the hog, while the peasants salivates. Where have I read about that in history?

    • You read about it in every single episode of human history since record began, it’s a fact of life that needs change

    • Man’s inhumanity to man …

      “More inhumanity (to man) has been done by man himself than any other of nature’s causes.”
      Samuel von Pufendorf, 1673

      “Behind ‘1984’, there is a sense of injustice, a tormented sense of the way political systems suppress individual thought. Man’s inhumanity to man.” Jean Eloi, 2002

  11. The DWP is a terrible employer. You would assume that, being in charge of all things (un)employment, it would set the standard, but they treat the staff like dirt. I know not many of you have any sympathy, but you really shouldn’t lump everyone in together. There are some bloody good people working there, and the majority of them get paid poorly.

  12. When is this incompetent oaf going to get the sack, if any normal person got this many things wrong they would have been dismissed by now

  13. Q: waht is it with Iain Duncan Smith and walthamstow?

    here he is going on about the stadium..well he loves the dog tracks..

  14. IDS, another tory waste of space

  15. is it because walthamstow and chingford ..him being the MP for chingford?? so it being local to him..i see he didnt want the dog track being developed for housing then …so homeless can fuck off with them racing is more important..

    is this benefit sanctions lack of high target at walthamstow an embarassment because its local to IDS???

    • something survived...

      I seem to remember (via Steve Bell’s ‘If’) that Chingford used to be Norman Tebbit? (‘I Walked With the Zombies’)

      New sport for if the dog track gets closed: big vicious street fighting dogs like pit bulls etc. chase IDS who is tied to a motorised skateboard. Stick it on some nicked rails from the railway, to make it go in a straight line.
      Would it make more people interested in the sport? Would it boost viewing figures? (After IDS: Substitute another tory. Repeat.) Do catholic bears shit in the woods????

  16. Comrades dont panic! We in the Labour Party will demand another far reaching enquiry into whats down the back of the sofa, to report back sometime before December 2020ish.

    I mean, its not as tho the Tories are asking you to wear orange suits, is it?

    • Not yet …

    • (It Pays To Be Vigilant though – as it’s not unlikely at some stage) …

      ‘JSU – ‘Ready-to-wear’ (One-size-Fits-All) – only at JCP’
      (Instructions for Personal Advisers and all Security Staff)

      Following pilots carried out both in Manchester and Haringey, the new Job Seekers Uniform (JSU) will, from October, be mandatory “In Some Cases” as:-

      “We believe it will encourage those furthest away from the market (any market) to look for work, and to take up any job they are offered – specifically low-paid, menial jobs, as they are now ‘ready to go’.”

      Available mainly in orange, we plan to introduce a dirt-grey variation next year. Advisers to decide on the most appropriate colour for each individual job seeker. Consideration must be given to, eg. Does the Job Seeker across from you appear very slightly depressed, or are they really quite demoralised? (then choose orange). JSU to be “Integral to the new Job Seekers’ Commitment (JSC) and as part of the new Universal (In)Credulity – UC”. Remember to explain that at only a minimal cost to the claimant, and deductible-at-source from “the amount the law says you need to live on”.

      In one-size-fits-all, single lined, (either polyester or nylon – depending on whether or not there is an ‘r’ in Iain Duncan Smith’s name or in Esther McVey’s, or else on whether there’s still snow outside). ‘Missing’ or in any way ‘lost’ JSUs are replaceable – but only ever in orange, costs to be deducted (as before) etc. Refusing to put on any form of JSU must be discouraged (mid-level sanction is suggested for this purpose.*).

      *Note, However, this is not repeat not part of any national system of ‘targets’ – don’t be so silly. Only use them as a completely random first-resort.

  17. Humiliating for people. I wonder if home shopping will increase if that would be allowed. People could club together to share the cost. This Government has really failed the people in so many ways. If you find yourself in a position to require benefits you are humiliated beyond belief.

  18. Finishing a job next week – not looking forward to signing on at all 😦

  19. Benefit stopped. I see the instrument of my destruction!

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  21. “benefit sanction decisions
    have been stockpiled” really ?? what all those sanctions targets then???

  22. defeat in the House of Lords over its plans to cut the legal aid budget.

  23. The Malvern jobcentre newsletter states: “We are now into the new sanctions regime … and we are currently one of the worst performing offices with sanction benefit referrals and unless we improve we will put under special measures. That will mean staff from other offices and the performance team coming into Malvern and looking at all our processes to see how we can improve our SBR [stricter benefit regime] performance.”

    The newsletter adds that the jobcentre will have “little say” on subsequent recommendations and its staff may have their “personal individual performances” monitored to “achieve the end result”.

  24. They must have experienced severe harrdship due to the Sanctions received. Their benefits were stolen from them. The DWP need to pay back to the people they stole money from.

  25. Rosemarie Harris

    You could not make this up! But the worst thing is he knows what he has done and dosen’t give a damn.He will do what he has always done and most of the M.P’s will help him out of the shit.This includes Labour ,i don’t think any union should give the labour party any union members money if they won’t repesent the members of the unions.
    We just can’t have three party’s for the rich.(There aren’t enough rich people to go around!)

    • “We just can’t have three party’s for the rich.(There aren’t enough rich people to go around!)”

      That’s where you’re wrong Rosemarie. When 1% of the world’s richest people own 40% of the wealth, and in the UK 10% of the richest own 40% of the wealth – they can (and do) have everything their own way.

      Unless we find a way out of the capitalist, greed-driven system, just expect more of the same (and worse).

  26. We CAN sack IDS. Get a postal vote in his constituency and vote him out.

    • something survived...

      “He’ll go up to posterity, if I inflict the blow (…)
      He’ll go up to posterity, blown up with dynamite”
      -Gilbert and Sullivan, ‘Utopia Limited’

  27. Well let’s give MP Smart Card so we watch how much they spend

  28. Governments are:
    Owned by corporations
    Run by psychopaths
    Lying about an imaginary economy based on debt
    Fuelled by illegal wars
    Destroying ecosystems
    Poisoning food and water
    Decreasing education
    Increasing prisons
    Manipulating the media
    Foreclosing homes
    Suppressing innovative technology, i.e. regenerative medicine, alternative energy
    Reducing our freedom in the name of freedom
    Treating us as slaves
    Making the world hostile where it could be a paradise.

    Yet we stay silent, follow this culture, pay taxes, vote and trust that the next government will be better.

    People’s minds have been indoctrinated, and this brainwashing is done every day, every minute, every second – the propaganda is ruthlessly pushed out into the cultures of the population, and people accept their prison house of language that enslaves them into a life of economic slavery, and living on the brink of disaster.
    Our education system is designed to manufacture obedient citizens, who have no critical analysis of the dominant ideology of capitalist greed and selfishness.
    We don’t really have a national news paper that is socialist, and wherepeople can rally around and fight this ideological enslavement.

    On the continent of Europe there are news papers that are socialist in most countries, and that’s a reason why the rightwing fails to impose their ideology in a totalitarian way.
    In Britain we have the rightwing dominated media/press, that brainwashes the population with fairy tales, lies and deceptions – and this manufactured mind-set is the problem when looking at the politics of inequality, and trying to change the fundamental inequality in Britain.
    We may need to set-up a Labour party rooted in socialism, that has care, responsibility and equality as the core political philosophy.
    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority recently awarded MPs a rise in allowances for their second homes. It takes the total amount that can be spent on rent and bills from £20,000 to £20,100 from April 1 this year. IPSA said the rise to help MPs pay for increases in the cost of Freeview television, gas and electricity bills and insurance. Other costs covered by the allowance are council tax bills, service charges, contents and building insurance, phone line rental and bills and burglar alarms.
    MPs also get a weekly food allowance of £140.

    • If we set up a new party, it’ll only ge ta few hundered votes per consituancy because of the first past the post system.

  29. David miliband moving to the USA to work for a big charity – another middle class wanker wanting to earn a fortune out of charities.

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  31. oh look an e petition to bring in smartcards for the feckless..

    bring in the benefit smart card

    “Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Feckless welfare claimants who spend their benefits on drugs and alcohol will be handed smart cards so they can only spend state handouts on food and essentials. Plans being drawn up by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith will see the 120,000 problem families targeted with Oyster-style cards which can only be used in certain shops. That will mean those who waste their welfare money would only get the cash if it is used for certain items in chosen shops. Items that could be bought include food, clothes and household essentials. In Australia, welfare credit cards have already been used with success. The first welfare recipients to get the cards are expected to be drug addicts and alcoholics, or those who are problem gamblers, in order to ensure that taxpayers’ money is not used to fuel addiction and dependency.”

    australia with success? er no its wasnt a success at all..

    Number of signatures:
    Created by:
    Allan Hodgson
    08/01/2014 13:20

    SO ONLY 6 PEOPLE SIGNED THIS E PETITION..not that popular then..

  32. heres another e petition:

    Restore Workhouses

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Restore Workhouses for the welfare dependant. A condition of receiving any Welfare Benefit for a period in excess of 12 months should be relocation to a workhouse type secure premises where paid work at a minimum wage must be undertaken. The “Any Work Test” which is already established should be applied to determine the capability of inmates but regardless of ability or disability all should carry out some work in order to pay for their upkeep. Tower blocks and unused government buildings including military camps with appropriate security could be used to house those claiming benefits freeing up housing for the working population contributing to the national economy. Those few claimants receiving Out Relief because they cannot be housed due to lack of accomodation should only receive Food Vouchers and not be paid in cash.

    Number of signatures:
    Created by:
    David Johnson
    08/08/2012 14:00


    Funny how these ‘not very popular’ petitions seem to be actually happening , weird that eh??

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  35. Hi, lets take a look at IDS. He claimed that he was educated at University Perugia. This was a lie. He actually attended University Stranieri for a year and did not get any qualifications or complete any exams. In 1975 he was at Sandhurst and was commissioned into Scots Guards. On coservative party website he claims he was educated at Dunchurch College of Management. After questioning by the BBC he admits that he completed six separate courses lasting only a few days each. The whole thing lasted about a month. He never got any qualifications there either. Dunchurch college is owned by GEC-Marconi. He worked for them in 1981. He then moved on to property company Bellwinch during the massive property explosion of the 1980s. House prices were rising daily. After six months he was made redundant. Perhaps some qualifications might have helped. By now he had joined the Conservative party and consistently aggravated John Major 1992-1997. He eventually became leader of the Conservative party in 2001. His claim that he would be in that position for a long time and would never step down was short lived. In Feb 2003 mps started a vote of no confidence in him which was upheld in october. In november he stepped down. Both the BBC Newsnight and the Independant newspaper investigated his false claims on his cv and Michael Crick had also compiled embarrasing evidence of dubios salary claims he made on behalf of his wife that the tax payer paid from Sept 2001- Dec 2002. This was known as Betsygate. So an accurate description of this person is as follows. A lying cheating and possible thief. He lives on his multimillionair father inlaws estate where he rents a 2million pound mansion. This is all found on the internet and can be easily verified. Do we really want this con man in government? As the people we can force him out. We can even embarass him out of his job.

  36. It’s hard to feel sorry for these parasites that ‘work’ at the Job Centre. The three times I have had to briefly claim Jobseekers’ Allowance over the past ten years have been characterised by these lazy, incompetent, dishonest dregs of society losing my application details repeatedly and generally failing to do the job they are paid for. They’d do more good for society by committing mass suicide, preferrably before breeding. The best I can wish them is an early and painful death.

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