Telling Truth About Universal Credit Would Be ‘Mental’ Admits DWP Chief

universal-credit-shambles“I’m not going to give you anything other than the official line. I’m not mental.” Graham Mowat from the DWP Universal Credit directorate.

A senior member of the DWP team currently bungling welfare reform suggested he would be ‘mental’ to say anything other than the official line when questioned whether Universal Credit would really be rolled out in October this year according the public sector website 24dash,

Mowat made the shocking statement whilst speaking at the National Housing Federation Finance Conference. People with mental health conditions are likely to be some of those worst affected by the new social security regime as the use of ever more punishing benefit sanctions are inflicted on those judged not trying hard enough to find work. Mowat’s choice of language reveals the flippant attitude at the DWP towards those whose lives are set to be plunged into chaos by the new system.

Mowat also reportedly gave an explanation for the apparent disappearance of Lord Fraud’s budgeting support for so-called vulnerable claimants – first reported on here over a month ago.

It seems that the Treasury has finally cut off the money supply – which is particularly revealing in the wake of accusations that work has stopped on building the complex IT system that underlies Universal Credit. 

One thing seems certain, which is that the very visible chaos at the DWP is nothing compared to what’s going on behind the scenes as Iain Duncan Smith’s endless brutal and bodged schemes unravel.

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  1. Mental? Mental?! He actually said that? OMG And to think that such an ignoramus as him will be getting a six-figure salary to complacently spout stuff like this.

    • Landless Peasant

      If only I could get a sick note for being “too mental to work”. What a pea-brain (sorry, intellectually challenged person).

      • Can you imagine what it’s like to be unable to communicate because of mental handicap? To need help to walk and eat? To have a ‘spare bedroom’ for your dedicated carers with human sensibility to look after your needs, and to be forced to move without knowing why? To lose your housemate and friend you have lived with like a brother or sister for many years because of this, because though you have a trust fund because of your injury, they don’t, and will be unable to pay a share of the rent, and your managers don’t recognise you are a family? Is this what civilisation has come to? In the name of what?


          IDS at conference said:
          ““If you listen to what I am saying, you will understand the reality is that this country is not cutting welfare, it is managing the growth at a lower level.”

          One of the more controversial changes being introduced is cutting the housing benefit of tenants in council and housing association properties if they are deemed to have spare bedrooms.

          This cut has been dubbed the bedroom tax by the UK Government’s opponents.

          Duncan Smith said: “I’m not saying that ending the spare room subsidy will not present difficult cases.”

          He claimed the Government have allocated an extra £370million in discretionary housing payments to local authorities, including £10million to councils in Scotland, to help manage that transition.

          Duncan Smith added: “These are changes that you simply can’t walk away from. These are changes that are required to get the housing system back into balance.

          Also speaking at the event was Scottish Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess.

          She said the UK Government will

          “plough on regardless”

          with welfare reforms

          “in the full knowledge of the impact it will have on our most vulnerable citizens”.

  2. The Bedroom Tax Must DIE!!

    DEATH to the bedroom tax!!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Dawn Willis and commented:
    Wow, you couldn’t make this up…

  4. Very frightening,,even more people are going to die,,,but that,s what they want…Right!!

  5. IDS’ malevolent schemes are unravelling? There’s an old saying……”give him enough rope and he’ll ………….”, maybe his inhuman policies will do the job equally as well…….I hope.

  6. “People with mental health conditions are likely to be some of those worst affected by the new social security regime as the use of ever more punishing benefit sanctions are inflicted on those judged not trying hard enough to find work.”

    How much more punishing can they get? They’ve already got away with new legislation in December to dragoon the sick and disabled in the WRAG onto the Work Programme.

    • just shows the absolute contemp these bastards have for the mentally ill!!!!!

      • Landless Peasant

        Yes and that might be because they are suffering from severe mental issues themselves, which affects their perceptions, such as Psychopathy or sociopathy perhaps, but hey I’m no Doctor (perhaps I should get a job at ATOS?).

  7. if u sign off is it still 12 weeks b4 a new claim can be put in or has that changed?

  8. IDS on sanctions and workfare – apparently it’s nothing to do with helping people into work but rather…

    “This is not just about training; it is about getting people culturally back in line so that they can then be dealt with by advisers.”

    • “This is not just about training; it is about getting people culturally back in line so that they can then be dealt with by advisers.”
      Otherwise do as you’re told like good little sheeple or you’ll be out on the streets & left to starve.

      • Psychologists call it “re-adjustment” – to “re-adjust the unemployed into a form that suits their masters.

        • i.e the REAL agenda behind these “programmes” is to break job-seekers down in order that they be “re-moulded”.

  9. Ideologically the political class do not care if Universal Credit functions it has probably been designed for structural failure, there is no political will to defend the welfare state. There is a populist political will to “protect the national economy” which will be used to deploy the British Army to mop up any resistance to the destruction of the welfare state.

    How long before there are self-immolations in JCP offices or on the streets, Iain Duncan Smith will be hoping that he has ritually slaughtered enough welfare recipients and will be praying to his demons for there not to be a long hot summer.

  10. Death to those that implement the bedroom tax and subsequent evictions.

  11. Anyone understand the D mails agenda? That’s twice now I’ve read sympathetic reports about disabled people being turned down for benefits.

    • To cause confusion, your comment is the proof.

      • I think that is a bit disingenuous as a reply. I obviously recognised something was going on. Hence my question. The reply you gave me infers that I am yet another idiot . Yet you haven’t answered it fully. To confuse with what end? THAT is what I would like to know people’s thoughts on. If you have none then no point in replying. Inferring people’s stupidity, and fitting them to your own stereotypes doesn’t show your own intelligence. And I gather that the answer to my original question is that no, you don’t know the answer.

        No point in contributing anymore. Far too many misogynist people on here. No wonder the powers that be look and laugh. Every stupid or rude thing said just undermines the carefully constructed arguments and continues the status quo. It’s bad enough picking through all the misogynist language generally. (I object to women being called bitches or cunts and object to the word cunt in general as being offensive.Both terms are commonly used here in the comments. ) When people who should be getting together to work against a common cause, decide to better spend their time alienating you, you know you are in the wrong place.

        I shall continue reading The Void for the valuable insight and well researched information but some of the comments are just good reasons to despair and make you doubly realise we really are not all in it together.

    • Maybe its the old saying – “The best liars carry an element of truth”. Their agenda is the total annihilation of the welfare state – they have always been a fascist propaganda organ and they always will be.The majority of their stories on ‘welfare’ are lies demonising and dehumanising benefit claimants. They have been so successful in their campaign to do this, they can now afford to publish a few sympathetic stories without affecting their readers negative perceptions of benefit claimants. Daily Mail readers reading the few sympathetic reports will think “It’s not right that this is happening to these people, but unfortunately the majority who are cheating the system have made it bad for the genuine cases.”

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  13. Hardly any wonder lowlife pseudo charities feel enabled to exploit the vulnerable with #workfare given that someone in Mowat’s position makes such a derogatory and discriminatory (both of which end in tory) remark, truly disgraceful.

  14. JCPStaff_shitbag

    JCP advisers deserve to be attacked (as well as tory voters)

    • something survived...

      WTF? What was he supposed to put in its place? “Booze, fags, watching Jeremy Kyle, wanking.”
      An older work scheme made me remove several actual jobs I’ve had , from CV, because of the type of work it was: work as an officer in organisations for well, boys who don’t date girls and girls who don’t date boys. Work at a phone helpline for male rape survivors. Work at an AIDS hospice. Working with male victims of domestic violence. Etc.

      JCP are utter wankers. If they rewrite your CV to the point where it bears no relation to you, then technically you have a fraudulent document and any job offer would be made on the basis of lies. At any time in the future you can be fired and prosecuted for lying on a CV. Are the JCP trying to get you sent to jail?

      They don’t seem to want you to have any intellectual or cultural interests. I mean ‘you’re only good for flipping burgers’, right?


        The loony Left, out to destroy youngsters’ hopes of a job
        Businesses that offer the young a chance of real work should be praised, not vilified, says Boris Johnson.
        ” Well isn’t that just great. Isn’t that just abso-flipping-lutely fan-blooming-tastic. Just when you thought the loony Left had reached rock bottom – with their sagacious proposals to “hang the bankers” and put taxes up to 80 per cent – they have come up with something even worse. There are so-called socialists in London who are now taking active steps to scupper young people’s chances of finding employment.

        Here we are with an economy still taking ages to recover. We have more and more young people out of work, and who find themselves caught in a catch-22. They are told they can’t get a job unless they have some work experience; and they can’t get any work experience unless someone is willing to give them a job.

        The Coalition has come up with a scheme to help them into places of work, and to give them at least some of the confidence and the credentials they crave. Instead of just drawing benefits and sitting at home, waiting for their luck to change, they are given the option – the option – of getting some practical understanding of what it is like to be an employee. Since January last year about 34,000 people aged 16-24 have been given their Jobseeker’s Allowance and travel costs while doing work experience in a huge range of businesses. They are not forced to do it, and they can pull out of it within a week if they don’t like it – with no loss of benefits.

        But the overwhelming majority have been in favour, and more than 50 per cent have come off benefits within 13 weeks of signing up for the scheme – most of them to go into full-time jobs. All sorts of companies have found room for these young people – from Tesco to Boots to Debenhams to Argos, and many other smaller businesses. It seems on the face of it a benign and commonsensical arrangement, when those young people would otherwise be excluded from the workplace at a formative period of their lives.

        And yet there are a tiny number of bellyachers from the Socialist Workers Party who have decided that they hate the scheme, that it is a ramp for bullying and exploitation, and that they are going to disrupt it in any way they can. The amazing thing is that they appear to be succeeding. They have been sitting with their placards in McDonald’s and Tesco, and wailing about “slave labour”.
        They have been bawling about the need for “proper” jobs, and denouncing all companies who cooperate with the scheme. You may wonder what these “proper” jobs might be: presumably the kind of self-replicating public sector positions that so rampantly expanded in the era of Gordon Brown, and that helped to wreck the public finances.

        But the worst of it is that the companies themselves are taking fright. They don’t want to be thought of as silk top-hatted slave-drivers. They know that a spirit of anti-capitalism stalks the land, a fire-breathing beast that has shrivelled Stephen Hester’s bonus in its nostril-blast, and scorched Fred Goodwin’s knighthood, and now seeks whomever else it may devour.

        They have seen what happened to the St Paul’s clergy who got in the way of the Occupy movement – and they don’t want to be the next in line. Certain sections of the media have been flamming it up, with loose talk of “workfare”, and the companies are now nervously telling the Government that they would rather not be involved.

        Well, it is quite vital that they hold their nerve, and that they continue to help young people into work – indeed, it is vital that they step up their efforts.
        One of the biggest problems we now face is that companies are relatively flush with cash – but don’t have the nerve to spend it; and that means they are neither expanding nor taking on more staff. This is precisely the moment when they need to be given every possible encouragement – and praise – for letting young people through their doors. They should be championed, they should be extolled, for taking on young people as workers, and the bleats of protest from the loony Left should be ignored.

        In London we have been working with the National Apprenticeship Service to create more opportunities for young people – and in the last 18 months we have helped place about 54,000 apprentices. People are getting off benefits and into work. They are earning at least the minimum wage. Instead of collapsing back into depression and self-doubt they are in a place of work – with all its stresses and joys – and they are learning the cunning you need to hold down a job.

        They are finding out about turning up on time, and wearing a suit, and office politics: all kinds of things that you can never really understand in even the best training colleges. They are getting the appetite and ambition and competitive work ethic that you can only find in a place of work itself. So far, 85 per cent of them have gone on to get full-time employment, and we need to accelerate this scheme. We are currently seeing new apprenticeships generated in London – which used to lag behind the rest of the country – at a rate of 5,000 a week.
        We think we will get up to 100,000 by the end of the year. There is much more that can be done to make the scheme work faster and better. I am now pushing to make sure that businesses that take on apprentices get a National Insurance holiday. We are looking at ways of encouraging people to stay in work, for instance by giving them – as a bonus – a share of the saving in unemployment benefit.

        These schemes are working, because business can see clear benefits from hiring apprentices. They are typically loyal and hard-working, and all the evidence is that firms that hire apprentices are more productive. The man who transformed modern Tesco didn’t arrive as an Oxbridge graduate trainee. Sir Terry Leahy began by sweeping floors.

        It doesn’t matter where you start. It just matters where you are going, and you can’t get going unless you are given a start.

        signed Uncle Boris Tory Leader (yet to be announced).

        • Bojo is a very dangerous Tory. He has the bonhomie act down to a t. But, this is the Tory who suggested, to a friend, hiring a thug to beat up another person. Who lies with ease…except when cornered by E. Mair, Andrew Marr’s Sunday politics show. (Get well soon Andrew-but leave Mr Mair to do govt interviews. Please.)

          Where is the jcp that adds travel expenses to basic jsa so you can get to your workfare apt? And you can leave within a week if you don’t like it. Without sanctions?? Young folk have attained work through this programme….the unemployment figs prove that??? Where is this Utopia? Certainly not in 21st Britain. Unemployment down? Only because this imbecilic govt is using workunfair to massage the figures. And Gideons’ austerity measures are working? Really? Where? When? Berk.

          And, Bojo, I wouldn’t go so far as hanging the bankers who, through their appalling practices, brought this recession (x3 and counting) on our heads. But I would femand they are sacked, as any of the tellers would be for losing hundreds of £s, never mind the trillions these greedy wankers have thrown away.

          In short, Bojo, FO you scurrilious “clown”.

          • @kelpiemare lets not forget the closure of fire stations by doubt he’ll say they brought it on being too successful putting out fires…btw have you seen the G4S video of fire prevention by them? oh dear we are in trouble if the take over…

        • The bugger Boris seems to be talking about apprenticeships in offices?
          He’s obviously preaching to the already converted. I understand him to be a lying fucking pimp. One who did not get a GCE in history, otherwise he would know that slavery was abolished many moons’ ago. As for his statistics – he hasn’t got a friggin clue!

          • @roger edwards re boris..all this ‘common sense’ from someone who is closing down fire stations across doubt to be replaced by G4S ..if youve seen G4S training videos then we are in serious trouble..

  15. There’s gonna be a long hot Summer allright but it will have nothing to do with the Weather , and if the Army that could’nt beat a bunch of farmers in Afghanistan want a fight in their own backyard ? so be it .

    • Farmers equipped and trained by our own and the US military, not to mention the Boys over the water teaching home made explosives, for at least 40 years, right?

  16. UniversalPoverty

    Slow Progress: Improving progression in the UK labour market

    About Universal credit and part time workers from our old freind Matthew Oakley.

  17. Local councils are set to issue food stamps/payment cards as a replacement for crisis loans. How long before this is implemented by the DWP as part of the mainstream benefits system?

    • This is it everyone, what IDS has been planning all along, take away the right of those with the least even the right to have currency least they don’t comply with the required “standards of behaviour”.. Something I find so disturbing is the way that the lives of claimants are to be micro-managed to the nth degree, nothing that gives any pleasure to life is to be allowed. No alcohol or entertainment is perrmissable, life is to be no more than endless, fruitless jobsearching.The future is a drab, depressing joyless existence with seemingly no end.

    • And so it begins …


    “Iain Duncan Smith describes welfare reform as his “mission”. But it is a mission which he is now having to pursue in the teeth of an economic blizzard blowing the other way.

    The problem is the lack of jobs for people to take up. A situation only likely to get worse as public sector job cuts begin to bite and more graduates come on to the labour market.

    So to find out just how just tough it is to find work, I went with the work and pensions secretary on a visit to the Walthamstow Jobcentre Plus, in north-east London.

    What quickly became clear was that the people here were hardly the workshy or unemployable.

    Many were skilled workers, with good employment records, decent CVs and little, if any, previous experience of unemployment.”


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    > Internet


    • Hi bobchewie if you are getting blocked by your provider then you could try using a browser called Tor and it’s free. That’s what I used in the past and worked fine for me 😉

      • @moab2013 ok will give it a try i can access the void and this site providing i am replying to comment in email..whats happned is that THREE have decided to list some political blogs as ‘adult or mature content..

        • Bob, I’m with 3, you need to pop in to store to chat with an advisory about age verification to unblock the censorship, it’s in place to stop kids accesing porn and such, this phone works a treat now the censor has been lifted

  20. btw everyone this is what some landlords feel about there tenants…
    SCUMBAGS they are called..

    “I’ve dealt with some real scumbag tenants in my short time of being a Landlord, consequently I know how stressful it can be. If I had it my way (providing that a tenant steps out of line), all landlords would be well within their rights to change the locks and throw their tenants onto the streets.”

    what a nice man eh??

  21. if i click on wordpress comments management blogs i follow eg the void latest blog THREE blocks it !!!

    i can only access it if i reply from my email account..

  22. by the way everyone there has bee a ANOTHER letter from JCP about sanctions lists..

    Second leaked DWP whistleblower document shows welfare sanctions targets are widespread

  23. When just some of the Bedroom Tax scam finally came to light, Iain Duncan Smith announced a couple of exemptions to those he wishes to tyrannise. Foster Parents and the families of serving members of the armed forces will not be bullied into deeper poverty. Sadly, like so much of what the government announces, this is not true. On the same day, the DWP introduced a £5million cut to the already woefully inadequate Discretionary Hardship Fund dished out to Local Authorities who are tasked by the government to enforce evictions and misery. As with all despots, built-in denial of responsibility means that the government can blame local councils for doing the dirty work of ensuring hardship and it is no coincidence that the majority of people targeted by the Bedroom Tax live in areas locally controlled by Labour.

    • It appears that in my local area bedroom tax evictions have already begun. Most days I pass some 3-bed council properties & a couple of them have the yellow signs that the council put in the windows of houses where the tenants have been evicted. Both houses seem to have been well-cared for, one had a pretty garden & the other has solar panels fitted so neglect can’t be the reason. The ironic part is these have been empty for over a month now so the demand for for larger homes (according to IDS) is bullshit or else they’d have been occupied by now.
      And this is under a labour-run council, just sums up what a lily-livered bunch Labour have become.

      • @kittycat where i live a number of houses have been done up..repainted and tarted up so i am not sure what is going on there..

        • I’m a tad suspicious about the bedroom tax and the rehousing of thousands of IDS’ victims.
          I rather think this is to create houses for sale,…a new housing boom for Given to say “see….I TOLD you I was right, austerity policies work…..”.
          Houses, not built on sand, but on lies.

          • @kelpiemare yeah i thought the timing was a bit strange as those houses have only just been redecorated in past few weeks..hmmm..not only that but i am still seeing luxury apartments springing up all over the place including converted the way did you see the walthamstow jcp IDS visit link i posted as well as the landlords view on tenants i posted?

            • Hello @bobchewie yes, I saw your posts re jcp targets, and landlords.

              It is good to see, from the sanctioners, evidence of that which we know exists: targets for victims of benefit removal to “save” money, if it were to “encourage people to work” they’d’ve made bloody sure the jobs were there in the first place.
              Landlords…ah, where to begin…. They are the ones who milk the housing benefit, not their tenants! If IDS had been serious about cutting housing benefit, the Tories would have set a housing construction programme in place BUT, as we know, they don’t give a tinkers’ cuss about anyone receiving the pittance called benefit, low wage earners, sick, disabled, vulnerable, unemployed or the dependants of any of the aforesaid. Their aim, as seen daily, is to make the rich richer, and the poor destitute.

      • A three bedroom in my mums street, vacated by an old lady who’s family lived there since year dot, massive part of the community and sorely missed now she’s in sheltered accommodation, has been vacant since before Christmas, despite a young family being shown it in early January

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Great isn’t it? UK boader agency to be shut down because of poor performance, yet something with an equal or worse performance rate ‘The Work Programme’ just keeps on going.

    Double standards or what Mr Cameron!

  25. chewie

    In my case the housing associations and council will be only too happy to carry out the fascist orders from central government regarding bedroom tax and there is no accountability on their part for doing so either.

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Hodge demands explanation for DWP denial of jobcentre sanctions targets.

    Public accounts committee chair to write to top official as evidence emerges of targets at more than a dozen jobcentres.

    • And meanwhile, there’s a deafening silence from the PCS on this issue. “Solidarity” between PCS members and claimants will never happen. They’re only interested in their salaries and pensions.

  27. Obi Wan Kenobi

    From the archive, 27 March 1963: Unemployed try to storm parliament.

  28. @obi wan kenobi well IDS was at the jobcentre where that letter came from..i wonder what he told them…they are always wanting to please the minister ..or not upset him..

  29. using DWP stats website it seems that since 2008 till last year housing benefit to working people has actually increased..i wonder what that tells you..

    • Bobchewie:

      With all this evidence regarding JCP’s on sanctioning targets and the total failure of the Work Programme, why do you think it is that IDS, Hoban and Freud have not been sacked?

      Is the Public Accounts Committee just there to give these idiots a bollocking or do they have real power to sack MP’s? because no-one ever gets sacked.

      I want sacking’s!

      • @obi wan agree with you..there used to be a time when a minister would resign for wearing the wrong tie or something..but now they can beat up an old age pensioner or kick a blind man and no one cares…ideally the whole lot of them should go..

  30. I found this in autralia all seems familiar eh?

    Income management trials punish welfare recipients twice

    Saturday, September 15, 2012
    By Pas Forgione, Adelaide
    A protest against income management in Bankstown, NSW. Photo: Bernadette Smith

    Compulsory income management must be opposed: this was the consensus from a lively August 29 community meeting hosted by the Socialist Alliance in Playford, northern Adelaide, where income management is being “trialled” for some welfare recipients.

    This meeting included activists, locals, and representatives from community and welfare groups. People placed on income management have 50% to 70% of their payments put on a “Basics Card”, which can be used can be used to buy government-approved “essential” items.

  31. Anybody with any knowledge of systems knew from the beginning that Universal Credit in its “digital by default” form could never work. The idea that everybody would “manage” their benefits, with claimants and employers entering details about earnings, outgoings, changes in their circumstances and work search activities over the internet and a remote computer system would instantly recalculate their entitlements was always a non-starter.

    Fucking crazy more like!

    Lord Freud saying that one of the aims of the “digital by default” stchick was to “train” people in how to use IT to better equip them to “secure” work for the modern job market defies belief.

    Billions down the drain and everything worse in every possible way.

    These wasters should be taken out and shot!

  32. One great way to make savings in respect to social security would be to sanction as many people as possible so as not to have to pay them for a month or more.

    Surely we all knew that this would be the result of a sanctions regime which penalises you for so many things, so easily, at the discretion of Jobcentre clerks and managers?

    Terrible really.

    • @larry i cant believe that managers of JCP all of them would bring in a harsh regime of sanctions without at least two things 1 from ‘head office 2 all of them in competition to please ‘the boss’..why? do staff get a bonus for highest number of sanctions?

      • No, quite the opposite. If the advisers don’t improve their sanction rate they get put on a Personal Improvement Plan, which is the first stage towards a disciplinary. That’s why they do it.

        This is why the PCS union are suddenly up in arms about it. Not because they give a toss about jobseekers losing their only source of income but because the pressure is affecting their members as well. Also because their members (the advisers) are first in line for a bloody nose from a disgruntled, sanctioned jobseeker.

    • I guess it’s not only way to make savings, but also the fact they can’t get folk jobs so they play dirty and stop their money so they can alter the unemployment figures too.

      At present if you are sanctioned you can sill claim housing and council tax benefit. Yet, if I read correctly, when the new Universal Tax Credit system comes in; if you are santioned you wont even be entitled to the very benefits that keep a roof over your head like HB and Council Tax Benifit. The system is so plainly wrong I can’t understand why there’s not a huge public outcry, but I guess if it doesn’t affect them when it’s a case of “I’m all right Jack”.


      • There is no public outcry because the regime is so convoluted that no fucker apart from us few directly at the coal face, understand the implications. We only partially get the gist because we have been forced to try and come to terms

      • That’s what the jobcentre/third-party “providers” like A4e, Working Links, Ingeus want: the ability to throw their victims onto the street to freeze and starve to death. Of course it wont be the jobcentre/working links/ingeus throwing human beings onto the streets (all we did was fill in a “doubt” form) – it will be those nasty bailiffs ably assisted by the coppers.

  33. OK computer system at HMRC is a joke:

    and this system has to communicate with DWP and share information for universal credit to work?

  34. Click to access bmj.e1114.full.pdf

    Atos and changes to disabled people’s benefits

  35. Obi Wan Kenobi


    Jobcentre JSA sanctions to be based on verbal, email, text, or telephone communications only.

    From Monday 22nd of October, Jobcentre (Employment Officer/Adviser) Jobseeker’s Directions can be given:

    • at Obi Wan thanks..all the same what is it about walthamstow and IDS?

      hes been to the JCP there and now hes on about a dog track development there..

      here he is going on about the stadium..well he loves the dog tracks..

    • @OBI WAN KENOBI walthamstow is local to IDS so…were they trying to please the ‘boss’ or on direct orders..i see IDS was opposing housing development on walthamstow dog track…
      not only that:

      The revelations about targets for punishing the unemployed were raised in Parliament yesterday, as the Guardian published more evidence. They’ve been receiving information from Jobcentre staff around the country showing how widespread the practice is. “It was also reported that staff in a jobcentre in the West Midlands were this week told that the team who submitted the most Stricter Benefit Regime ‘Refusal of Employment’ referrals would be rewarded with Easter eggs. The staff were told there was drive on this particular type of sanction.”
      Labour’s Liam Byrne asked about all this in the Commons. Now, Labour is in a difficult position. They are refusing to oppose the retroactive legislation to legitimise the £130m wrongly taken from people in sanctions. Apparently the DWP is setting up an independent enquiry into the use of sanctions in return for this co-operation. But Byrne asked the question, and Iain Duncan Smith repeated that there are no targets; and the head of JCP has issued reminders. The original leaked email came from Walthamstow, and the MP for that area, Stella Creasey, after reading it out, asked who was responsible? IDS repeated that there are no targets. Another Tory, David Gauke, congratulated IDS on cutting the benefits bill.
      So far this has all been about Jobcentres. No one has mentioned Work Programme providers. There will be no official targets, of course. But if staff at the DWP have been ignoring their ministerial bosses and issuing league tables and incentives to make people destitute, it seems unlikely that they’ve confined this practice to Jobcentres.

  36. Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith in his capacity as MP for Chingford and Woodford Green will on Tuesday meet his cabinet colleague Eric Pickles, the communities and local government (CLG) secretary, for urgent discussions about the fate of the famous Walthamstow greyhound racing stadium amid claims that Boris Johnson has misled Londoners about the viability of a controversial scheme to redevelop the site, and that officials in Pickles’s department colluded with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to prevent Pickles using his powers to intervene.

    Duncan Smith will be accompanied to Tuesday’s meeting by the area’s other local MP, Labour’s Stella Creasy, to make a joint request that Pickles examines a trail of alleged irregularities in the progress of the plans and looks at its full financial history.

  37. “Since the iconic stadium was bought by London & Quadrant in 2008, Iain has fought hard to save the dog track and to prevent L&Q from building a housing development on the site. L&Q have so far refused to sell the site, despite opposition to their plans by the vast majority of Chingford & Walthamstow residents, and despite it having been proven that they will make a substantial loss of taxpayers’ money if they go ahead with their plans. Iain has very recently brought together two high-profile businessmen who are putting a bid together to try and buy the site from L&Q and bring greyhound racing back to the local area. Iain is also keeping up the pressure on Boris Johnson to call in L&Q’s planning application. Watch this space!”


  38. twat speak: IDS and Lord Freud are doing a tremendous job of sorting out benefits. During Labour’s time in Government the poorest people of society were let down by being encouraged to rely on benefits, so keeping them in poverty. IDS is helping people to becomeresponsible for themselves with excellent results. The tax payers are also much happier as they feel their taxes are going to help the people they should be helping and not the people who believe benefits are their right and who will not work. People still need to be educated about where the money for benefits comes from, so many people I speak to everyday believe the Government is rich and have no idea where the money comes from. More education in schools would be good, both about where the money comes from and how to manage their own finances. Here in the South West a salary of over £20,000 is more than most people earn, so they obviously think that the benefit cap is still too high, there is still more to do but it is much better than it was.

    comment from conservative home site

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  41. Stupid righty biatch is righty biatch.

    I feel bad for her ugly sprog.

  42. BTW found some old articles about the old Work Programme under LAB (New Deal)

  43. Here we go folks!

    So much for UC being “on time and on budget”!


    Someone get this tory mouth breather fired from TalkSport, inbred loon should be attacked (physically)

  45. ““This is not just about training; it is about getting people culturally back in line so that they can then be dealt with by advisers.”

    Tory Maoism?

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