Boycott Workfare Target Policy Exchange Gimps

Meet your class enemy, Matthew Oakley.

Meet your class enemy, Matthew Oakley.

With protests against workfare set to take place across the UK today, Boycott Workfare have also called for a day of online action against the Policy Exchange.

This Tory think-tank has been behind many of this Government’s bodged social security reforms.  A sneering cabal of failed public schoolboys – too stupid for business and too lazy to get proper jobs – they are paid real money to spout uninformed garbage about poverty.

One of their members, chinless gimp Matthew Oakley, even scrounges £256.80 a day from the tax payer as a so called expert on social security.  Iain Duncan Smith recently handed Oakley a position on the Social Security Advisory Committee where he is now paid with our money to scrutinise welfare reforms he was first paid by the Policy Exchange to promote.  Yet all he did prior to joining the Policy Exchange was some tax payer funded non-job in the Treasury.  It would be hard for Iain Duncan Smith to find someone who knows less about social security and welfare – which is probably why he’s there.

Oakley is on twitter @PXEconomics  Why not ask him how he feels about being the UK’s biggest benefit cheat?

Policy Exchange are on facebook at:

Boycott Workfare also call on people to email the Policy Exchange, perhaps with some light reading material.  Oakley’s email address is:

The DWP are also begging for new ideas to harass unemployed and disabled claimants, so take some time to submit ideas to:

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27 responses to “Boycott Workfare Target Policy Exchange Gimps


    • True, Bob, but your research is always way ahead of the curve anyway, there is a built-in time-delay before it is picked up. Expect to see this Oakley cunt being exposed in the Guardian some time next year – better late than never!

    • The trouble with this country is that we have people in power who are self-serving spivs and people who are so detached from the real world it would be a sick joke if it wasn’t so damm serious. Take our esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer as a good example. of this. All he has ever done for a real job is six months folding towels in Selfridges and putting deaths onto an NHS computer. He also has no real qualifications in economics as far as I can discern. Is it any wonder he has put paid to any real growth in our economy yet he still has the sheer gall to call unemployed people ‘shirkers’.

      • something survived...

        Yes but he is still putting more deaths onto the NHS computer, as they all are. By killing off the poor. Maybe we should Mandate him to dig graves.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Bob chewie, wank tanks! – see – IDS Hoban and Freud – Wank Tank Thinktank – see DWP!

  2. The whole political class local, national and international and all of their quango’s and special adviser hanger on’s should go the journey, sell off all of the buildings connected to them and you will find what a rich country we live in, as far as I can see they are all incompetent dead wood leaching off the tax payer.
    I believe they know their time is numbered and that is why they are gleaning every last penny from the public purse and buying up properties to let so that they can live a comfortable lifestyle still – just like criminials they should be stripped of their assets for their greed, incompetence and inhumanity.
    It was 2001 when I first got sanctioned and although I have tried to get legal representation over the subsequent years I was sanctioned, the legal profession were ignoring those sanctioned, even telling me after each one I was out of the time limit to claim after being given the runaround. They rob those that are entitled to benefits via the national insurance system and rob the tax payer with their extortionate salaries for incompetence and inhumanity. The legal profession are an equally lying and lecherous gang.

  3. Here is some info. from a recent report on the Work Programme. I wonder if Oakley was involved in the decision to double the service fees because providers were failing and wanted more money!

    734 organisations part of WP supply chains – this included 18 primes, of which 14 were delivery primes, as opposed to managing agents. 11 of the 14 also delivered as sub-contractors for other 14 prime contractors [money sloshing around!] meaning there were 727 subcontractors delivering the WP. (2.2)

    Originally designed to be 80% outcome funded. Unemployment increased (WP providers failing) so this was changed to 60%. So, payment NOT by results (service fee) is 40%. This was agreed on condition that providers would see each WP participant at least once a fortnight. (1.1.4)

    A number or organisations thought they were used as “bid candy” (2.1.4)

    Click to access viewer

  4. PS when I refer to lecherous I mean as in leech or parasitical class.

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  7. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Work Programme Failure rate 96.5% – say’s it all – still awaiting latest massaged figures from DWP and the extra free .05% they add on to make it look better? as they did last time!

  8. Obi Wan Kenobi

    And – what the fuck:

    Scouser McVey betraying her own kind- DWP window dressing – I think not, what a total bitch!

    Merseyside – you lot – wake up.

  9. What we are witnessing is STATE SANCTIONED MURDER!! We are fighting for our very LIVES!!

    • Too right, in the not too distant future there wont be anyone posting on here… because we will be all DEAD!!

  10. They want to starve us to death.

  11. The government cannot now maintain the lie that workfare is all about getting work experience and being job ready – it is a punishment and seen as such by the Justice Department.

    Yesterday in the news Justice Minister Helen Grant talked about trying other ways of keeping women out of prison such as making community sentences more “female friendly”. She said she wanted to offer judges credible alternatives to prison. She said the new approach would however still offer an “element of punishment”, such as UNPAID WORK.

    So Grayling’s new department – the man responsible for defending workfare while at the DWP, openly admits that unpaid work is a punishment.

    The unemployed are therefore now the moral equivalent of criminals, and are receiving the same punishment as someone who has committed a crime.

    They cannot have it both ways. Unpaid work is touted as a helping hand to get on in life in one department, a punishment as an alternative to a prison sentence in another. Both overseen by the same Minister at different times.

    • @Jan,

      Have said this before elsewhere, their muscular liberal pseudoideology categorises criminals outside the welfare system as strivers whilst law abiding welfare recipients are the lower caste criminalised as shirkers – not the moral equivalent but lesser.

      • something survived...

        It doesn’t help their image; when you consider a lot of people in jail are in fact innocent, or had terrible legal representation. Or are there on the basis that rich white boys tend to get posh lawyers and get acquitted even if guilty; and that black guys and single mums tend to be convicted even if innocent. (Just ask Clive Stafford-Smith or Gareth Peirce. Or even Clive Anderson!) If you get let out of jail to be put on workfare, then someone kills you in the course of the workfare, and not only that but later evidence proves you were innocent all along and should never have been in jail – is there compensation to your household

        Remember also the scrapping of Legal Aid.

        • Prisoners have more liberty and rights than welfare recipients mandated to attend A4e, the A4e stock is not only mandated to a loss of liberty but is mandated to perform any unregulated task at the whim of the provider, the prisoner does not face the ultimate sanction the loss of shelter and sustenance.

  12. Aren’t these Think-Tanks setup as a place for likes Jonathan Aitken, Frank Field and the right-wing cunts from The Spectator to go and spread their poison?

  13. something survived...

    What is the difference between a hedgehog and a tory thinktank?

    A hedgehog is a cute and harmless and useful animal. And the pricks are on the inside of a thinktank.
    5 hours of state-funded thinking, plus refreshments and big dinner, later.
    “I’ve been thinking.”
    “I’ve thought of an idea”
    “What is your idea”
    “I’ve been thinking – we need to get some more paperclips.”

  14. Of course he’s useless. The selector was useless.

    I’ve already said my piece to the policy exchange people about their current and proposed welfare strategies. Basically that you need to fail dinner before you fail dessert.

    It’s all down to how they mishandle data. They don’t gather properly, don’t process properly, don’t criticise properly and don’t present properly.
    Essentially, there is no stage of the data handling that serves any purpose.
    Causality is always attributed to the loosest possible evidence.

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