Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard

IDS-LiarIt is inconceivable that Iain Duncan Smith did not know about jobcentre targets to sanction benefit claims.  It is contemptible that he is now attempting to blame jobcentre staff for his policy.

A story in published by The Guardian last night contains details from a whistle-blower at Walthamstow Jobcentre which confirm the existence of ‘sanction’ league tables.  According to the paper:

“Ruth King, a jobcentre adviser manager, discloses in the email that she has received “the stricter benefit regime” figures for her area, adding: “As you can see Walthamstow are 95th in the league table out of only 109″ – the number of jobcentres in London and the home counties.”

Iain Duncan Smith tried to shrug of this damning testimony in Parliament this morning by saying a reminder was being sent out to jobcentres that they are not supposed to get caught using targets to sanction claimants.

Jobcentres management structures are broken down into regions and districts.  As these league tables cover the whole of the London and the Home Counties, they can only have been authorised by regional management who are headed up by a Work Service Director.*

It is not Jobcentre staff  who are responsible for these league tables, but senior DWP management.  It is astonishing that Iain Duncan Smith can claim he knows nothing about what is taking place under his very nose.

The PCS Union know, district and regional jobcentre management know, jobcentre staff know and claimants certainly know.  Are Iain Duncan Smith and Mark Hoban really so out of touch with what their own managers are doing that they are the only people in the entire organisation who don’t have a clue what’s going on?

Even when presented with the evidence in Parliament this morning Iain Duncan Smith still bleated :  “There are no targets for sanctions”.  The DWP have been caught bang to rights but still ministers plead innocence.

Iain Duncan Smith has said that anyone using targets to sanction claimants will be disciplined.  For once in his life he should follow the Seven Principles of Public Life by being honest, open and accountable and then sacking himself.

*the DWP publish a handy list of regional and district managers for claimants wishing to make complaints at a senior level.  Phone numbers and emails are included (also on google in case it disappears):  http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/jcp-district-managers.pdf

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146 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard

  1. So now we know the reason for the rush to make the sanctions all nice al “legal”, to protect one man and his job!

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  3. You mean you’ve only just noticed. If any politician told me it was raining, I’d stick my head out of the window and check!

  4. If IDS was to sack himself, karma would have to come back to bite him on the backside. Imagine IDS stacking shelves in Poundland of all places, Oh the humiliation!

  5. Obi Wan Kenobi

    ‘Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard’

    So is Mark Hoban and Lord Freud!

  6. “Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard”

    Has he titled his autobiography already ?

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  8. i fucking hate the lying evil bastard, he is destroying millions of peoples lives, may he burn in hell soon

  9. Thanks for the District Managers list Johnny, this one has the phone numbers also

    Click to access managers-by-region.pdf

    Plus Area Partnerships Managers, any cue what they do ?

  10. Mrs Duncan Smith

    How does this completely incompetent man keep his job?
    Everything he does he fucks up.

  11. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Jobcentre sanctions: ‘Your money is stopped, you go into freefall’ – video


  12. Irritable Dastardly Satanist is an appalling hypocrite! He himself signed on the dole for 6 months when he left the army, yet he’s determined to punish people for doing just what he did. I’m sure he would have been furious if someone had sanctioned his benefits back then or made him stack shelves in a supermarket for nowt.

  13. I would Happily end this fuckers suffering.

  14. “Iain Duncan Smith tried to shrug of this damning testimony in Parliament this morning by saying a reminder was being sent out to jobcentres that they are not supposed to get caught using targets to sanction claimants.”

    That sentence says it all.

  15. He is an evil lying git pity his gun didn’t go off and kill him when he was in the army hes so incompetent its a surprise it didn’t happen

  16. Hitler’s ghost recently visited Duncan Smith at Betsy’s mansion and said “well done son, I’m proud of you.”

  17. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2013/mar/22/jobcentre-sanctions-money-stopped-video

    Last night I put a FOI request to the DWP to publish this “Performance Improvement Plan” (3.42 on the video) as the consequences directly effect the JSA claimant.

    No doubt I’ll probably get fobbed off with “it’s an internal staffing matter” excuse, but we’ll see.

  18. So the story so far. IDS hasn’t got a clue whats going in his own department. the man in charge of the NHS also has no idea whats going on in his own department. Gideon has lost touch with the real world. and I swear I saw Clegg speaking on tv…what the fuck is going on ?

  19. What Ho, IDS, DWP employees are “not to be caught using sanctions”? You, Hoban and McVey casually throw numbers into the air and you couldn’t care less what they refer to. Let me remind you: peoples’ existence.

    So over 11000 people have died since your butchery of social security system. We have all taken hit after hit after hit, whilst you and your colleagues have taken pound after pound out of the taxpayer’s.pockets-straight to expenses and diverse millionaires pockets. You and your little gang have absolutely NO RIGHT to get antsy over ANY campaigning groups’ remarks. Especially when those remarks come from someone well-studied in history.

  20. “Iain Duncan-Smith is a lying bastard”

    And in today’s other news headlines, bears are catholic, and the Pope does go shit in the woods…

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    What we need now are more Jobcentre managers and Jobcentre Area managers to come foreward and whistle blow to the media.

  22. “It is not Jobcentre staff who are responsible for these league tables, but senior DWP management.”

    But perhaps Jobcentre staff should accept at leastsome responsibility for raising sanction doubts?

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  24. skint jobseeker

    Its fitting this came from the Walthamstow JC right on the doorstep of this lying conniving excuse for a man, he should take the blame after all surely its been done on his orders as he decides what the DWP must do or dont do.Methinks the ship is sinking and this Rat is out to save himself.

  25. Strap some electrodes to his gonads and we will soon have the truth out of him for once

  26. Sanctions Must DIE!!

    DEATH to sanctions!!

  27. Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard

    BURN IN HELL you evil cunt!!

  28. Dangerous tory nutjob is dangerous:


    Here come the exploiters

    • Wtf? A future initiative? Agree to be a drug-trial guinea pig or get your benefits stopped?

      • something survived...

        It says you must be within the age range, healthy, and not have asthma.
        There are probably many other reasons that would disqualify you, like disability or being on other medication.

  29. david1954baker@aol.co.uk

    They have been in place for quite some time and usually employees of any department given targets to reach are rewarded for it.

  30. most of them are lying bastards trouble is many people believe these lying bastards especially those in work.

  31. Ian Duncan Smith IS a lying bastard.
    This is part of a transcript of IDS appearance on The Andrew Marr Show on Sun 17th Feb 2013.

    (over) But the point of social housing is to help these poorest …
    Yes, exactly, but that’s exactly what we do. All we’re saying is people who work on marginal income, who don’t receive housing benefit, those who are in the private rented sector, they know very well that you occupy a house that you can fit into because, look, the taxpayer is paying about £900 per household to help people stay in social housing.

    Here is an answer to a FoI request :-
    Housing benefit expenditure in 2012/3 is expected to be 23.838 billion. The number of households in 2012/13 is forecast to be 26.411 million. The cost of Housing Benefit is therefore expected to be £900.

    Can you spot the difference? The £900 is for ALL HB claimants not just for people in Social Housing. Ian Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard.

    Full transcript can be found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/1702132.pdf

    Answer to FoI request can be found at https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/150376/response/370706/attach/html/2/FoI%200822%20reply.doc.html

    With thanks to the Andrew Marr Show and WDTK website

    • “look, the taxpayer is paying about £900 per household to help people stay in social housing.”

      It’s not a lie though is it – that statement is true. He just hasn’t told the full story.

      • Lucozade. No. He is blaming people in Social Housing for the £900 figure. Private tenants claim HB as well. The whole HB bill is the £900 figure. The part of the benefit bill that goes to people in Social Housing is relatively small. Don.t forget the government sold most of the council housing stock. This could be the reason for high rents, big housing waiting lists and no bloody houses. To blame people in who live in Social Housing for the HB bill is utter bollocks. Iain Duncan Smith is a lying bastard.

  32. Has anyone noticed that the new single rate for JSA is £71.70? Now I think that 1% of £71 is 71p, so is this what is known as ‘penny-pinching’?

  33. Maybe IDS really doesn’t know what’s going on in the DWP. He certainly hasn’t a clue as to what the heck is going on with Universal Credit. IDS really is incredibly dense and stupid, maliciously dotty, and quite possibly suffering from incipient Alzheimer’s. He might not be lying, he might just be incompetent and mad.

  34. I will dance tears of joy the day this bastard dies.

  35. Hitler would be proud of the lying turd!

  36. Is this not a criminal conspiracy to defraud legitimate claimants of their welfare payments? Misfeasance in public office?

  37. It will be a great day when Ian Duncan smith dies.

    the pain he has caused, and stress has probably triggered over 100 avoidable deaths through heart attack .,strokes, or suicides and possible other complications due to stress such as cancer.

    May he die, as soon as possible……..

    I hope he dies a painfull death. Evil man deserves an Evil ending.

  38. Landless Peasant


  39. Landless Peasant

    Email just sent to the District Manager for my area, inquiring what position my local Jobcentre occupies in the league table.

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  41. Electrodes? To his gonads?? Hmm….trouble with that is, he may just enjoy it wayyyyyy too much…..

  42. Ian duncan smith……. Hmm. I do hope nobody plans to assasinate him !

    He has so much to be blamed for. especialy workfare, and sanctions.

    Sadly, I dont own a weapon. But hopefully there is sombody out there sombody with a snipers rifle…… lets pray they miss hes head.

    nobody wants him gone now do they 😉

    I would love him to stay, and make me poor, insane and finally helpless & homeless. Thats what he wishes for us all, The bald headed wanker! He must wank himself to sleep, and he probably wanks off at the sanction data sheets every evening……….. sick disgusting ‘Worthless’ piece of shit that he is.

  43. Enforcing the targeted sanctions is one breach prosecuting the targeted sanctions on appeal would be another breach.

  44. There is something not right here, prior to Labour abstaining on the #workfare Bill on Tuesday Liam Byrne specifically asked Hoban to confirm that individual jobcentres or jobcentre districts did not have targets for sanctioning jobseekers. After Labour abstained, hence allowing the Bill to pass unhindered, the leaked email emerges confirming individual jobcentres or jobcentre districts did have targets for sanctioning jobseekers.

    If Hoban and Labour knew this why did they abstain? And as Hoban mislead Parliament in the debate on the Bill how can the Bills validity not be called into question?

    Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill Second Reading

    19 Mar 2013 : Column 828

    Mr Byrne: A couple of years ago now, the Secretary of State gave an assurance to the House that individual jobcentres or jobcentre districts did not have targets for sanctioning jobseekers and that there were not any kind of league tables that ranked jobcentres or districts for sanctions. Will the Minister confirm that that is still his Department’s policy?

    Mr Hoban: Absolutely. There are no league tables in place. We do not set targets for sanctions; I have made that point in previous discussions with, I think, the right hon. Member for East Ham (Stephen Timms). The decisions that need to be made are the right ones. They need to be based on whether people have breached the agreements they have set out with the jobcentre, and there are no targets in place.

    Let me set out in a bit more detail the programmes that exist. The programmes might vary from a training course that the Government have paid for so that the claimant gains some essential skills that will increase their chances of finding work, or they might involve a community work placement, whereby claimants can pick up the basic disciplines, such as turning up on time, that every reasonable employer will expect.


  45. Ian duncan smith can rot to death!

  46. What do the JCP staff unions say were their members set targets to indiscriminately sanction or not, such a policy cannot be actioned without the frontline staff having knowledge of the targets set.

  47. Ian <<correct spelling Dun-nuffink Smith is a parasite that will be eradicated for bringing in this nasty evil 'Bedroom Tax'. Oh, and one more thing, your a cunt! I hope your wife gives you herpes, twice! then again if she's anything special she'll keep well away from a lying bastard like you.

  48. As long as The Mail believe him, he doesn’t give a shit.

  49. I cannot believe IDS has reached such a position of power in THIS country. It would be believable in Nazi Germany or Pol Pot’s Cambodia – but here?

    And why is the mainstream media giving him such an easy ride?

  50. “Neutralization is defined as a technique, which allows the person to rationalize or justify a criminal act. There are five techniques of neutralization; denial of responsibility, denial of injury, denial of the victim, condemnation of the condemners, and the appeal to higher loyalties.”


  51. IDS needs to be committed to a mental asylum for everybody’s safety.

  52. Lower than fucking vermin. Hanging upside down from a lamp post would be the best place for this twat.

  53. That’s quite shocking about the JCP office in the West Midlands offering Easter Eggs to the team that gets the most Refusal of Work sanctions.

  54. “Inequality, Crime and the Banks: A talk by former Scotland Yard Fraud Squad Officer Rowan Bosworth-Davis”


  55. This is what they do the world over, there is no stopping them, greed, greed and more greed…


    • First I’ve heard about a “global food crisis”.

      • Frank, there soon will be because of climate change. As the weather becomes more and more erratic and unpredictable, there will be massive crop failures everywhere.


        • There is also a LOT of money to made when you make ANY commodity a scarce commodity…PROFIT and POWER, POWER and PROFIT is the name of the game. What about stopping food from growing using GM technology, then having a monopoly of the remaining unaffected seeds that you just happen to own. TOTAL POWER.


          • Good point.

          • Capitalism is based around (fake) shortages, it is like the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) which accounts for over half the EU budget deliberately destroying food to keep the prices high, wine lakes, bee mountains, dumping bananas at sea, burning tomatoes…

            • beef mountains lol

            • ?bee mountains … aren’t they endangered …?

              I know there were supposed to have been butter mountains (never Flora though) and wine lakes (not round this way though, sadly). There are sea cucumbers, definitely – but floating bananas? – does Huge Fearnley-Whittington know?

            • beef mountains? (sorry, just seen that you changed it) – is the beef cooked or raw? Are they just sheds full of cows/horses??

            • re beef mountains… at the VERY back of the cupboard there is a solitary can of EEC Aid Stewed Steak with Gravy 425g 15oz Not For Retail Sale United Kingdom Intervention Beef. Best Before: End Sep 1998. When we pop that can open then you will know the brown stuff has really hit the fan 🙂

  56. So let me get this …..we have a bunch of toffs running this country with no idea…..god help us all! 😦

    • They do have an idea, it’s just that their ideas are evil. The rich man’s heaven is the poor man’s hell.

    • Just another example to prove that money don’t buy class… all just a bunch of average career politicians. IDS in the cabinet only proves that making the right decisions has never been Cameron’s strong point… the blind leading the blind..
      Lyrics to Alice Coopers “Go to Hell” are very apt for the Tories….
      For criminal acts and violence on the stage
      For being a brat
      Refusing to act your age
      For all of the decent citizens you’ve enraged
      You can go to Hell
      For gambling and drinking alcohol constantly
      For making us doubt our parents authority
      For choosing to be a living obscenity
      You can go to Hell
      You’re something that never should have happened
      You even make your Grandma sick
      You’d poison a blind man’s dog and steal his cane
      You’d gift wrap a leper
      And mail him to your Aunt Jane
      You’d even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane
      You can go to Hell

  57. off topic

    Accent Group has found it difficult to get people into sustained work through the programme because of the hard-to-place people referred to it by the main contractor Ingeus

    • Pat:

      That’s what happens if the main Provider can’t get you into work, after 6 months or so they send you off to a 3rd party Provider such as Accent for 18 weeks, after that you go back to your main Provider and they ‘PARK’ you up.

      Then your lucky if your seen once every 3 months.

    • What is a housing association doing on the work programme in any case other than exploiting the unemployed as an extracurricular cash flow.

      “Claire Stone, managing director of Accent Foundation, a subsidiary of Accent, said because the organisation cannot pick the people it helps it is sent people furthest from the workplace.”

      In other words because they can not cherry pick whom they exploit its game over.

  58. Jobcentre staff have contacted the Guardian to say it is widespread practice for managers to set targets for removing benefits.


  59. “It’s all about stopping people’s money,” said an adviser in Scotland, speaking on condition of anonymity, who was put on a “performance improvement plan” for failing to impose enough sanctions. “I got told … I need to get X amount of sanctions by March – about two a week,” he said.

    Jobcentre employees across the country say that as a direct result of this sort of pressure – they are now expected to hit a “minimum expected level” of sanctions – vulnerable claimants are often unfairly penalised. These include “people with language difficulties, people who can’t read or write, or have learning disabilities” according to an adviser in Kent. He says his office has had “name and shame” boards featuring staff members’ sanction records.

    Other evidence seen by the Guardian includes a photograph from a jobcentre in Derbyshire showing sanctions marked by stars, and a bold title saying “as an office, we should be looking to make at least eight referrals … a day”. Jobcentre employees make referrals to “decision makers” who rule on whether to apply the benefit sanction; about 70% of referrals are approved.

    One set of minutes from a staff meeting in a Buckinghamshire jobcentre in January record a local manager as saying: “We are still falling short of the DMA [sanctioning] activity expected for [this area], therefore minimum expected actions are now set for each personal adviser … each PA is expected to take two stricter benefit regime actions [referrals] per week … performance improvement plans would have to be considered for non-compliance.”


  60. In the long run you have to blame the Advisers.
    “We were just following orders” has been tried before.

    • Overheard in Jobcentre

      “Adviser” giving Nazi salute [in German accent] : “I vas vonly vollowing vorders.” *snigger*, *snigger*, fellow “advisers” have a good chuckle.

  61. Looks like the DWP’s policy on this is:

    Admit nothing and deny everything!


    Where the benefit cap would not apply
    Claimants will not be capped where someone in the household (claimant, partner or any children they
    are responsible for and who live with them):
    • Obtains work and becomes entitled to Working Tax Credit;
    • Receives one of the benefits that exempt recipients from the cap.
    People could also:
    • Move to cheaper accommodation or negotiate a rent reduction to one which is more affordable.

    there you go all ya gotta do is just move house..maybe that bedroom tax will help motivate you..

    filed under conditionality and sanctions

    Individuals who are able to look for or prepare for work should be required to
    do so as a condition of receiving benefit, and those who fail to meet their
    responsibilities should face a financial sanction. This is known as conditionality.
    We will introduce a ‘claimant commitment’ to clearly set out what is expected of
    each recipient. We will raise the requirements placed on some individuals and will
    introduce tougher sanctions to ensure recipients meet their responsibilities.

    that will be that universal credit special tougher sanctions thing then..

    Click to access universal-credit-chapter3.pdf

  63. …and Liam Byrne is a helpful one!

    “Mr Hoban thanked the Opposition front bench for their co-operation:

    I would like to put it on record that I am grateful for the constructive way in which the hon. Members for Birmingham, Hodge Hill (Mr Byrne) and for East Ham have approached this topic. In supporting this Bill they have allowed us to expedite its progress, thus safeguarding taxpayers’ money.”

    Click to access viewer

    Another MP with a constituency in Birmingham is Jack Dromey. He is the YMCA Parliamentary Patron and, wait for it, Labour’s shadow housing minister!

  64. Jobcentre Customer

    It is obvious now when you sign-on that the counter-jockey is thinking: “could I fit this cunt up for a sanction or will I get a hole punched through my face on the way home?”

  65. Jobcentre Customer

    Forcefully put but not without truth. Some concern has been expressed by the PCS Union regarding the move towards more localising of sanctions. Some claimants who can put a face to their sanctions may be inclined to act as you suggest. Foodbanks exist in part to try and stop such things from happening but…

  66. @jeff foodbanks reccomened by dwp/jcp like the trussel (tory run) trust.

  67. The only positive of foodbanks is being one of the few places where people can congregate thus they can be used rouse dissent.

  68. Anomie shrugs

    don’t speak too soon, they will be giving out appointments to foodbanks next like they do in the job centre ,so people cannot congregate or linger longer than necessary.

  69. Well maybe this is what they are really ALL up to and the conspiracy nuts are right…google Agenda 21 and read it …control,over land rights ,water housing, jobs etc…..could true….

    • I used to think this was conspiracy theory true, but now I am not so sure. Even “housing association” are sending out a “census” to “profile” their customers, all too reminiscent of the 2011 CenSuS: “are you on benefits?”, “how many bedrooms to you have?” Most of us casually filled it in and look what happened there. We are being profiled, sifted, “tagged and bagged”.

  70. bobchewie

    Yes, I had the Trussell Trust in mind. Benefit sanctions aren’t really too big a problem because we have the Trussell Trust to pass donated food on to sanctioned claimants. How considerate. Someone responsible for so much valuable charity work is surely worthy of a knighthood!

    • Also they (Trussell Trust) have a fairly overt religious agenda – which for some people might be difficult to ‘swallow’ but doesn’t seem optional in any way – it could be the very last thing some people need – perhaps they will already be feeling emotional and have their own ideas about what would really ‘help’ to improve their circumstances. As well as being asked to sit down & discuss what’s brought you them to be there (so as to be able to offer ‘help’ in the form of referrals-on if believed necessary.

      These people aren’t, as I understand it, social workers but seem to feel they are in the right place to offer than more than just a few tins and some dried pasta …

    • Don’t forget, to get food from one of these foodbanks, you have to be referred to them by a “frontline care professional”. Not sure if JCP advisers count…

  71. Ten Aunt ,

    The idea of Housing Associations offering “job shadowing” to unemployed claimants in on the agenda as is getting claimants to do some work in lieu of any shortfall in rent caused by the “bedroom tax”. Claimants are to be made aware of their obligations to find work by every agency the government can engage on the matter.

  72. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I hope everyone knows that ex-ministers such as Hoban and Smith don’t get protection for life such as ex-Prime Minister’s do upon leaving paliament – this is just a common known comment and not subject to any interpretation!

    • Obi Wan Kenobi


      Anyone who is even mildly competent in mathematic’s could quite eaisly see IDS out of a job as ‘The Old School’ don’t need a calculator to work every math problem out.

      We use a pen, paper and our brains, NOT a ‘calculator’.

      Something Micheal Gove’s idiot’s never thought of, or maybe that’s part of the new digital age as well!

  73. I’m actually surprised IDS has managed to survive so long on such limited mental capability. His home must be child-proofed.

    In any case, surely he can’t get away with this for another two years. He literally bleeds money.
    I see his welfare strategies like a dopey farmer blaming the stable when his horses escape. Instead of replacing the missing gate, he’s more concerned with training the fence.
    He is an idiot, plain and simple.
    The really annoying thing is, Labour have their own useless, bald twerp to take up the reins. Byrne is just the Labour analogue, condemning the poor for being poor whilst asking the tax payer to keep him in shampoo.

  74. scroll down to the bit about getting a job at Dudley Job Centre – this time it wasn’t Easter Eggs as bonuses for imposing sanctions…it was tax payer funded gift vouchers . The Walthamstow letter which Steven Preece refers to is text book Concentration Camp Management and / or Concentration Camp mentality amongst the staff ….i.e. as long as someone else is in trouble , it’s not me , even that bastion of red socialism the CBI , condemned that style of ” management ” as inefficient …….because eventually the chickens come home to roost …………there is also a juvenile vindictive mentality / overtone from the author of said letter too ….someone has upset me so I’m going to break every window of your houses .

    The interesting bit about * apparently * Dudley JC is the bit about the Union going to Senior Management and Management backing off re those warnings . The first and subsequent warnings are a way of getting staff out through the back door , dismissals for not imposing enough sanctions have to stand up in a Employment Tribunal as fair …obviously Management in this instance had doubts about this .

    What the DWP / JCP are hoping for is that staff will be that worn down , not giving them any problems in the ” real world ” , no adverse press coverage etc , going away quietly etc . Also there’ll be managers looking to prove they are mean and lean enough for a privatised world . Very 1990’s ? the Major era .

    The Official Unemployment figure is 2.5 million , Do the Math as the Yanks say , with 500,000 – 700,000 on sanctions not counted as unemployed , 700,000 on Workfare , the amount of ESA people in the WRAG Work Related Activity Group that are expected to look for work sooner than later that are not counted . No different to the 80’s and 90’s when YTS ( Youth Training Schemes ) stopped unemployment hitting 4 million .

    Officially there’s 500,000 vacancies , many will be the same generic vacancy advertised by the same agencies , then there’ll be zero hours jobs , commission only sales work , get rich scam pyramid schemes , cottage industry ones wanting money up front , ” Solutions ” type cowboy firms wanting money up front for polo shirts and fleeces …in case ! there’s any work .

    Very , very simple to read the Tories , is the two card or three card trick ? , is it ” straight ” ” bent to look straight ” or plain ” just bent ” …of course they’ll deny there’s any unemployment at all …and demonise anyone that challenges or contradicts them ….so yes …of course they and the cowboy poverty pimp outfits will sanction / recommend sanctioning people …the jobs a good ‘un ! >

    It’s not just the DWP / JCP that do this ….look at the C4 Benefit Buster Series re A4e ….and the candid interviews with their staff …” I could be in that room myself , if I don’t reach the targets ” …the link that was ” coincidently ” taken down …A4e Hull ……” They cut their fingers off to claim disability ” ………I’m sure A4e Hull being investigated for fraud was coincidental too …if Chris Grayling said there was no fraud , just employee malpractice …that’s good enough for me * wink *

  75. http://thombromford.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/ode-to-the-west-midlands/ ….sorry the link re Gift Vouchers for sanctioning ….otherwise first step on the road to the sack if you don’t sanction

  76. I just got a nice letter today rearranging a Work Programme appointment that I cancelled to attend a job interview (that I sourced myself, with no help).

    Is it just me or is this language suggesting that I falsify information?
    When this odious little prick comes back from his tax-payer funded holiday, I will be having words about the nature of this language.
    He might want to consider supporting his own typing ability too…

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  78. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Jobcentre ‘scorecard’ shows how areas are performing on stopping benefits.

    Table emerges after ministers deny existence of targets for sanctioning benefit claimants over jobseeking efforts.


  79. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Jobcentre sanctions: decision-making and appeals ‘scorecard’ – full table

    Table shows ‘adverse decisions rate’ – or sanctions – for jobcentres in different areas.


  80. Pingback: Someone drag that fat, bald C)^T Ian C&%£AN Smith out of his £2 million, 1300 acre mansion, which his aristocratic wife’s father gifted to them, and which the taxpayer foots the bill for all expenses, and teach him some f%$?ing humility. [that

  81. Pingback: Someone drag that fat, bald C)^T Ian C&%£AN Smith out of his £2 million, 1300 acre mansion, which his aristocratic wife’s father gifted to them, and which the taxpayer foots the bill for all expenses, and teach him some f%$?ing humility. [that

  82. someone hang that fat bald tory shit and get hungry dogs to eat his balls off !!

  83. Once again i can’t really add aything stronger, although would like to, the Bastard!

  84. arbiet macht frei

    Is IDS a paedophile?

    sieg heil Smith.

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