Even Boris Warned About Bedroom Tax Shambles

boris-bedroom-taxA letter deposited in the parliamentary library reveals that Boris Johnson wrote to Lord Fraud warning about the upcoming bedroom tax shambles way back in 2011.

The letter, spotted by the ever vigilant @AnitaBellows12,  warns about the impact of upcoming housing benefit changes on foster carers.  The Mayor claims that London is short of 2000 foster places and urged DWP Ministers to rethink the rule which saw foster carers have housing benefits docked during periods when they were in between placements.  This is an issue of critical importance warns the Mayor.

Somewhat predictably Lord Fraud and Iain Duncan Smith ignored this warning completely.  It was only as the bedroom tax descended into chaos that panicking ministers made some concessions to next month’s changes.  Foster carers who have taken on a placement within the last twelve months will no longer be stripped of benefits for having room for the children they look after – although they will be limited to one room no matter how many children are staying.

Whilst this concession will barely make a dent in the number of tenants whose lives are set to be plunged into chaos when the bedroom tax comes into force, it does demonstrate how this entire sorry farce has been dreadfully thought through.

Readers should not be fooled by Boris’ comedy persona.  Beneath the bungling toff facade there lies a posh fucking idiot.  If even a clown like Boris can blow a hole in the bedroom tax a mile wide then it only shows what a desperately unfunny joke the DWP has become under Iain Duncan Smith.

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37 responses to “Even Boris Warned About Bedroom Tax Shambles

  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/

    Job centres do have targets on sanctions. Emails from managers prove it.
    Hoban misled Parliament.

  2. Johnny, never make the mistake of assuming Johnson an idiot, that bumbling mask and comedy hides a mentally astute total bastard, make no mistake

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  4. Foster parents are paid for fostering so may not even be receiving housing benefit depending on what they are earning, therefore will not need an exemption from bedroom tax.

    The housing associations are not responsible for benefit withdrawal for extra bedrooms – the government is responsible. Those who are working and can afford to pay full rent and are overoccupying are not being charged for their extra bedrooms, so this is not a bedroom tax. Those who get mortgage relief are not being charged for extra bedrooms in the form of reduction in their mortgage payments by government.

    The shortage of social housing has been created by both the government and housing associations by selling off social rented stock and not replacing it with new social rented housing, but only the government is responsible for benefit withdrawal for extra bedrooms. Your councillors and MP are the ones you should be writing to regarding this.

  5. The idiots are on both sides of the house as was seen by the debacle of Labour assisting the government with the retrospective legislation to avoid paying money out to people that were defrauded through sanctions. This one act would appear to have been the straw that broke the camels back of many dyed in the wool labour supporters who still clung on to the dream that Blair and Co destroyed long ago. (See comments on todays Guardian)

    Anyhow please consider and sign the petition to have this retrospective legislation overturned:

    If anybody thinks that this was a Liam Byrne only issue then read what the Guardian has reported:
    “Senior members of the shadow cabinet were obliged to follow the instruction to abstain from the Commons vote. Following a briefing from Ed Miliband at Monday’s meeting of the parliamentary Labour party, they had been warned that anyone who stepped out of line would be sacked.

  6. Anyone hear the MP in the Commons saying that pegging JSA at 1% for three years was equivalent to stealing £165 a year from jobseekers (or £3.17 a week). So, over 3 years that will be almost £500 (£495) pick-pocketed from jobseekers. And even that is going by the “official” inflation figures, not to mention that the price of food, gas/electricity and everyday essentials are rocketing.

  7. Ulysses, you are absolutely right. I had Boris as an MP for awhile. I met him on several occasions, and saw the mask slip twice. Once at a constituency surgery, when I argued back and managed to refute one his arguments. Another time when I was at work in a local NHS hospital, I was in the entrance area when he was making some sort of PR visit and overheard his reaction to the demonstrators outside, a very unpleasant statement about the peoples ethnic origins and the usual Old Etonian classist words, also questioning their loyalty to The UK. It sent shivers down my spine.
    I’ve always thought that Cameron distrusts him and his ambition so much, that, to pinch a quote and mix metaphors, they want him in the tent pissing out at arms length! Also that he is positioning himself for a leadership challenge after the next General Election, personally, I think that Machiavellian doesn’t begin to describe the man.

  8. Beware of boris-he is a toff who is no friend of the poor!

  9. Back to the subject of bedroom tax – on the bbc politics programme today the tory minister said that people are not being starved out of their homes due to their housing benefits being reduced, they can rent out the room/s to make up the shortfall. If that is the case then benefit should not be removed until you have a lodger for the extra bedroom, which in itself can cause problems:-

    1. renting out rooms would be classified as running a business and our housing association tenancy rules say you cannot run a business from their property.

    2. Single parents with children do not want strangers living in their homes for safety purposes.

    3. In some areas where economic activity is non-existent, there is not the demand for renting out rooms.

    4. a box room cannot be rented out as a bedroom, yet is still being withdrawn from claimants benefits as a bedroom.

    The housing associations are responsible for classifying or re-classifying what is or is not a bedroom, they too are responsible for issuing and executing evictions, so are not exactly innocent bystanders in all of this, but as I’ve already stated it is the government that is withdrawing housing benefit for those with extra rooms and making exemptions for those who are in paid work and who may not even need the exemptions.
    Therefore this welfare reform policy is discriminatory against benefit claimants only.

    • “Housing Associations” are also busy sending out their own “census”, although being outsourced to third-party “consultancies”, asking intrusive questions. All too reminiscent of the Census 2011: “are you on benefits”, “how many bedrooms do you have”. We tend to think these organisations are benevolent and that these exercises are solely to improve our lives and facilities, but I really don’t trust these bastards any more.

  10. Boris’s concern for the City of London bankers vs Boris croc tears about the Bedroom Tax to appear slightly different from Dodgy Dave when the Tory knifes come out.

  11. Landless Peasant

    The Tories are fucking insane. They are deluded if they think this Tax is going to force people to move or get a job. All it means for me is that I will spend longer in bed to save on heating, shower less often to save on electricity, and eat less.

    • It’s because of people like you that they come up with these stupid taxes. Eat less, stay in bed more??? WTF is wrong with you. Benefits are to help people in times of need. It isn’t a lifestyle.

      • Hi Everyday Joe. While your comment was not aimed at me. However I find it hard almost impossible to keep quiet, so. For what it’s worth here goes. If you are on the site it is not unusual or even unreasonable for people to make the assumption that you yourself are a benefit claimant yet here you being critical to a fellow job seeker. You’re absolutly right benefits are not a lifestyle and only a helping hand. However with this bedroom tax there will be people who can not even afford the bus money to look for work i.e travel, internet acsess ect and shopping for interview clothes for most on J.S.A is out of the question. You also say and I quote “It’s because of people like you they come up with these stupid taxes. I didn’t know the person you replied to was responsible to the banking crisis. They are bringing in this tax because they cannnot stand up to the banks so they choose the easy targets i.e sick, disabled lone parents and the poor ( both working and non working) x

  12. i got my housing decision letter from the council, i’ve got to pay £22 bedroom tax and £5 council tax, £27 per wk out of my benefit. I WILL BE STARVED OUT OF MY HOME, the fucking tory millionaire bastards will be able to BUY A SPARE HOME, funded by the taxpayers, the POOR, SICK, DISABLED CANNOT HAVE A SPARE ROOM. “”all in this together”” the lying bastards

    • Sponge Pudding

      This is not out of JSA, surely? Who could survive on £44 a week in the UK in 2013?

      • Someone who has been specially singled out by their ‘advisor’ and their ‘decision maker’ to receive a so-called ‘sanction’ for ‘failing’ to do enough’? As in – they now receive a drastically reduced amount only, or their JSA has been completely withheld. This is not a civilised society.

        Aka – someone who presumably is learning to enjoy plain rice/baked potatoes with no extras, or maybe pasta – hold the tomatoes – and who is starting to embrace constipation as a lifestyle choice.

        Hope this doesn’t sound too disillusioned/embittered – just returned from the JCP (this week, it’s not me).

        • Working Links sucks

          For how long can anyone survive off of dried pasta though, before they get struck down with malnutrition. The most likely thing to happen though is you will die of a heart attack due to the electrolytic balance of the heart being disturbed, this can happen in a very short space of time. I wonder how many “heart attacks” are caused by sanctions, but we will never know. It is of the utmost cruelty and beyond inhumane to deprive a human being without the basic foodstuffs necessary for survival. If there is any justice in this world those responsible will pay for those sins, and that includes all those from top-down to the work programme/jc “advisers” and the “decision makers”. Burn in Hell the lot of you – SCUM!!

          • There is no justice in this world, there is only just us (the well off). Heaven and Hell do exist, but they are right here on Earth, except unlike what we were taught at school, the devils aren’t in hell, they live in heaven! (capitalist bosses, bankers, politicians etc). The sufferers – the weakest and most vulnerable in society – they live in hell.

          • What we are witnessing is STATE SANCTIONED MURDER!! We are fighting for our very LIVES!!

  13. farages fucked face

    Flucamp – American 1950s style Orwellian testing begins on jobless, earn 3k compensation to get ill.

    • something survived...

      They’re putting it as a Job but it legally is not a job. If you did it you would have to lie about health. If you got paid the 3K they’d stop your benefit, claim it back, do you for fraud! Asking people to risk their health/life if already low immune system and unhealthy living conditions. Clinical setting is unrealistic it is not what you do in daily life. How do you know you get the correct food? Presumably no special diets as all differences in variables would affect the outcome of the experiment. You could leave at the end with a flu that develops later and you get really ill.

      • How do you know it is “just” the flu you are being injected with? Soldiers in particular have been injected with all sorts of pathogens under the guise of flu jabs. Look how many ex-military become chronically ill with all sorts of diseases and die shortly after leaving active service.

      • And even if it was “just” the ‘flu, the ‘flu is deadly and can easily kill.

      • It could be a sort of LD50 experiment, very popular in animal experimentation, the purpose of which is to find the dose of a pathogen required to kill half the members of the tested population.

  14. david1954baker@aol.co.uk

    My brother and his wife lost their 19 year old son in a tragic motorcycle accident, his bedroom has remained untouched in his memory, now the callous Iain Duncan Smith is putting a charge on that room, as if they haven’t suffered enough already!

  15. It will cost more to prosecute, evict and jail non-payers, then the amount of money the tax will bring in. Most of us are not against paying tax as such; it’s just that we can’t pay as we don’t have the money, or we can’t both pay tax and buy food.

  16. I am a lone parent of 1 and I am subjected to the bedroom tax from 1 April 2013 like a lot of people. However if I am being charged for a room I am going to make damn sure I have use it. I am going to get pregnant then I will have a use for a spare room. and before the “Get a job” comments start coming though. I apply for in excess of 50 jobs a week and I work voluntary, but no avail. xx

  17. “The bedroom tax” a heartless crime inflicted on the poor.
    Posted on March 27 March, 2013
    The bedroom tax does what it says on the tin, yes it certainly is a TAX, and only on the poorest in our society! We are in this national economic mess due to the decisions of the rich, of greedy bankers and shortsighted politicians who knew that the bubble was going to burst. The blame does not rest with the working classes nor on the poor, and yet it seems these unfeeling monsters who have brought about this tax, our MP’s, want to make the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich… after all “we are all in this together” so David Cameron has so hypocritically said. My God it makes me seethe with anger, the heartlessness of it and their sheer inhumanity is beyond belief.

    Let me put a scenario to you all illustrating just how unfair the bedroom tax is:

    Bill is married to Jenny and they have 3 children, 2 sons and one daughter, who were brought up in the 3 bed-roomed happy family home where mum and dad have lived for many years since they were married. Mum and dad shared a bedroom while the 2 boys also did the same leaving the daughter a room to herself. This was the happy and content situation until all the children grew up and left home when they were all in their late teens to early twenties. All the grown up children, who were all by now married themselves and with their own kids, visited mum and dad weekly for dinner to talk about old times in a familiar place which they considered THE FAMILY HOME, not just a house.

    All were getting along fine and happily, until Bill lost his job, being made redundant at the age of 57, he’d worked all his life, but now Bill was forced to apply for benefits, “the dole”, as some would put it. Also mum, Jenny, well her health was not so good lately due to her chronic fatigue syndrome, which the doctor couldn’t help her with. Bill and Jenny had lived in the family home all these years and were very attached to it as were all the grown up children who visited home often, the family home they identified with. Bill and Jenny had spent a small fortune in making the home a pleasant place to live in and had spent thousands on interior decorations, not to mention the wonderful garden they had happily worked on together. To them it was their little paradise and they loved the area that they lived in. It was close to the river, the place they had often gone for walks while holding hands and the place the kids knew so well and had happy memories of.

    The day came when the Government brought in what was called the “bedroom tax”. This meant that Bill and Jenny could not afford to pay the extra money for their rented home that the local council were asking for because of having to many bedrooms that were not being used, (or so the council maintained). Yes to the government they were just simply “rooms” just meaningless empty rooms, rooms that Bill and Jenny as parents would have little attachment for and no happy memories of, or did they? Bill and Jenny loved their home, it wasn’t just a house to them, of bricks and mortar, it was part of their life and marital history together and part of their children’s lives too even though they had their own respective homes now.

    Sadly Bill and jenny were told that they had to move out and to find another house to live in, or else pay the extra rent the council were now demanding as well as some council tax that thankfully they had not paid since Bill had lost his job. There was no financial way out for them and they were already in debt with the energy companies as well as a loan they took out when Bill was working so he could pay it back. In April of 2013 bill and jenny finally said goodbye to their family home and to their neighbours that they were so very close to and extremely fond of. Most of the furniture they had was sold as were all the beds their children had slept in, there was no room in the new council house for all their treasures and their familiar odds and ends.Their new house was on the estate over the other side of town where they had heard much talk of vandalism and disharmony between the different ethnic groups who lived there.

    Meanwhile a new family of six were moving in to a house that looked like it had been cared for and had a fine tidy garden that looked like someone had put a great deal of care into. There was no need for much change or repair to this new place, it had all been done for for them by someone. This family were very grateful that they now had a place to call their own. Yes the Ahmeds from Croatia could now settle down to a new life near the river… but at whose expense and painful emotional loss had this been possible?

    So, Bill and Jenny were forced out of their home, all they had was their happy memories of it, perhaps they could take solace from them? But things were not the same in this new area where the kids played out on the streets till midnight getting into all sorts of trouble. It was a tight squeeze when the family came along with the grand kids to visit them, they could hardly get round the table in the small dining room to eat and there was little point in going out in the garden as it was the size of a postage stamp.

    Jenny and Bill huddled together while in bed in their tiny bedroom. Jenny leant over to kiss her husband goodnight, she then switched off the bedside lamp. With a tear in her eye she spoke: “Bill I miss my home, I really do, this one is just a house to me.” Bill turned around and hugged her, and said: “I know love, I know, sweet dreams my dear”.

    Cameron and his cronies have little idea of the pain they are going to inflict upon ordinary people, nor do they know the difference between a “house” and a “home”! All I can say is that this is a crime inflicted on the poorest in our society and the politicians have no right nor place to be making laws such as this over and above that our local councils might have made to cover their running costs. Shame on you Cameron, shame on all of you who have voted for this evil law of a bedroom tax, you heartless unfeeling monsters that you are!

  18. How much is a packet of 20 fags these days? £7? Therein lies the answer!!

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