Youth Unemployment Soars By 5%

Chart 12: Unemployment rate (aged 16+), seasonally adjustedunemploymentratechart_tcm77-303128Today’s unemployment figures, conveniently released on budget day, make a mockery of George Osborne’s reckless job market predictions.  Youth unemployment rose by 48,000 people this month, almost 5%.  This is despite record numbers of young people on workfare who are not included in the figures which also cover the busy Christmas period.

Unemployment overall rose by 7000 and the number of people unemployed over two years by 2000 – despite the floundering £6 billion Work Programme aimed at helping long term unemployed people find jobs.

Osborne’s lie today that a million new jobs have been created unravels simply by looking at the graph above.  These so called new jobs are in many cases workfare, part time or tax credit funded and low earning self-employment.

The truth is that the unemployment rate has been as flat as the economy ever since this Government weren’t elected.  The situation is little better than at the peak of the first recession.  And now it is rising again, which if it continues will throw all of today’s budget’s benefit bonanza for business into chaos.

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65 responses to “Youth Unemployment Soars By 5%

  1. I remember deloitte trying to recruit school leavers by using the student fee hike as recruitment tool..thus creating the the next gen of tax avoidance advisers,,such is the contempt they have for joe public..

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  3. jeffrey davies

    its their mates who are making millions out of us whilst they starve us out of house and home jobs if ones lucky pays so little ones got to claim so yes welcome to Osbornes new world order jeff3

  4. They lie rather than swallow their pride/ego’s and admit they were wrong. It cost us more to implement and install these new systems with no savings for the tax payer at all.

  5. I lived in Yorkshire when I left school in the early 80’s and it was the last period of Conservatives rule with the evil Thatcher woman. As a direct result of her/them I have always struggled to make anything of my life! It seems everytime the Tories come into power people’s futures are absolutely destroyed. Experienced it directly myself! Those now will see a future of nothingness – a wasted life. Sad.

  6. @ bobchewie 100% agree with you. Ironically my family (on my mother’s side at least) were always staunch Conservative voters. A clear demonstration of myopia I feel.

    • @John Devon they also believe they are the natural party to govern..when in opposition they are irked because they are not in their ‘rightful place’..

    • My parents you see were not miners but shop keepers. The resultant destitution of the area caused by the pit closures had a ripple effect through the local economiy and almost everyone’s lives in that area were affected. Unfortunately for me I left school just at that time so signing on was the start of my life. The worst possible start probably.

  7. this is what that demented hack had to say

    “Iain Duncan Smith has promised to revolutionise the pernicious welfare system which condemns a huge tranche of the population to hopelessness – and there is every indication that unlike the Blair government, which promised to do the same and then funked it, the Cameron-Clegg regime will restore sanity to a system that now bribes people to stay poor and penalises them if they prefer to work.”

    oh ha ha…well they are doing exactly that..

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    It’s like most figures it dosen’t tell you that the reason. When the government say’s unempolyment is down are they taking out the people who..Can’t claim after 6 months as thier partner earns above the thershhold,or the thousands who have been sanctioned, then their is the older workers who i think at a certain age get pension credit and come off the unemployment numbers.
    And of course all the part timers.
    This Government must think we are thick as they are!

  9. Landless Peasant

    There is no industry, there are no jobs, and there aren’t going to be any jobs. The Industrial Revolution is over, unemployment is here to stay, and now they owe us a living.

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  11. If people thought it is bad now, Osborne is looking for a cap on the whole of the welfare budget it seems. That has never happened before because it is not a fixed budget if I am correct.

  12. why does my net access keep dropping out and then me having to wait till it comes back on again?

  13. no wonder hes cosying up to liam fox ….

  14. Gideon sat on the Advisory Panel of Atlantic Bridge, alongside Liam, William Hague, Chris Grayling and Michael Gove.
    This group idolised a US Free-market economy, and fraternised with Neo-Cons.
    Where as Cameron is an essentially Blair-like PR man for the Tories, Liam Fox is colder, more dangerous and ruthless in my view.
    I’m not sure that he can win the Leadership after the Werrity scandal (Werrity also worked for Atlantic Bridge), but even if he doesn’t he can a Keith Joseph like figure, behind the scene.

  15. Despite their cries to the contrary, I reckon it suits them to have near 3 million unemployed. It’s one misguided way of trying to keep inflation down. In any case – we might become too powerful if there was full employment. We might demand higher wages and call a general strike! It is for this reason that the Tories have always been the party of unemployment.

    • @fuckthetories they also need someone to be the scapegoat to scare the middle classes into voting for them…

    • something survived...

      If you count the disabled and the rest of what they call Economically Inactive it is more like 6 or 7 million, probably more. If the government cut much more, the JobcentrePustules will find themselves added to the unemployment figures, and added to the bin the rich want to consign the poor to.

      Where did Osborne (cannot count his feet) learn his statistics? Correlation does not prove causality. If the number of single mothers is increasing, and the number of purchases of bluray players is increasing, that is like saying that the bluray players are the cause of single mothers.

      I was offered a credit card with an APR of 627%. Now I wonder why anyone would say yes to that. It’s frightening how big a chunk of the UK’s money goes straight into servicing only the INTEREST on the national debt. (you can get these stats from inland revenue! a mailing is coming out soon with a piechart of how taxes are spent. It goes to taxpayers, but other non taxpayers could find a way to get it or ask via FOIR.)

      They want us to be entrepreneurial (while we are starving!), so how about this as an idea: bets placed on the deaths of various tories? For example ‘David Cameron has an amusing fishing accident in the Sahara’ would pay out more than ‘George Osborne has an urgent meeting with a truck which mysteriously fails to stop’.

      Or car sales? We could sell their cars for them – without their consent!
      They want us to do workfare cleaning with no training? Fine- we’ll clean their car – with paint stripper and a brillo pad. They want us to ‘help ourselves’?! Their FRIDGES are looking a tadlet overstocked… Well in the spirit of self sufficiency they are meant to be encouraging…

      If you’re a human being and you get in debt, you get bailiffs round. If you are a government, you are effectively handed a bunch of shiny new credit cards all in other people’s names.

    • Yes, I was intending to write an article for my own blog that showed there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the rhetoric of the rich to blame the unemployed and poor. The “strivers v skivers”, “the need to make work pay” nonsense all apeared during the debate relating to the Poor Laws. It took a while for them to realize that people who had no land to cultivate, entirely dependent on employment in the factories, having no control over their situation if there weren’t enough jobs, shouldn’t not be punished for supposed idleness. They also discovered that, like Workfare, forced work didn’t generate new jobs but had the opposite effect of creating new unemployment and driving down wages. Times have changed but human nature hasn’t so the same old mistakes are repeated over and over by those who worship, and are blinded, by wealth.

  16. the idiot drip fed bullshit contnues..

    Workshy UK, where only two apply for £20k job

    COMPANY bosses looking for 20 new staff have hit out at workshy Britons after they received just two job applications.

  17. wtf is this fixation with them all…?

  18. how george osbournes first twitter was met…warning !! this is seriously funny..

  19. The government are useless at data handling, They basically look at the overall trend and decide what it means when they talk about it.
    Essentially, government data does not, and never has, had any scope to recognise greater causality.
    There must be a pretty poor representation of statistics and research experience in parliament then because anybody could challenge any of the claims made by Osbourne, Duncan Smith or Cameron. But then again it isn’t like the opposition are keeping good books either.
    Maybe the government departments would be better letting one of their independent agencies handle all their data in future. Why should a minister get to interpret the data? It’s not like they understand it.

  20. Youth unemployment soars by 5%, more benefit cuts on the cards.- So who are you lot going to vote for in the next election? – who is fit to govern the whole of this country not just the idle rich?

  21. Somewhat off topic,but interesting report on Sky news –

  22. What astounds me most is that the government promote getting an education, yet can’t promise them employment after their studies, and we’re not just talking about those getting less than a 2:1.

    Job need to come home, here’s a post I wrote for Microsoft Training dot net about the subject: http:

  23. Jobcentre was set targets for benefit sanctions

    “Guys, we really need to up the game here. The 5% target is one thing – the fact that we are seeing over 300 people a week and only submitting six of them for possible doubts is simply not quite credible.”

    The government has launched an inquiry after it was forced to admit that jobcentres have been setting targets and league tables to sanction benefit claimants despite assurances to parliament this week that no such targets were being set.

  24. Iain Duncan Smith denies jobcentres have targets for sanctioning benefits:

    He told MPs: “There are no targets for any sanctions whatsoever,” and said the head of Jobcentre Plus would send a reminder to staff emphasising that.

    He wants to send all the unemployed a copy of this reminder so we can remind JCP staff as well.

  25. something survived...

    For the last year at least, all the frontline staff in our JCP have sanctioned people ‘to meet quotas’ on at least one occasion. many do this as routine.
    Others boast of doing it, or urge eachother to meet their targets. If I wasn’t on a Mandate to spend whole days there, I’d not have overheard. So, their fault I did, really!

  26. Those papers who support the Tories will try to justify almost every aspect of the Tory Policies model by implying it’s for the better, the bitter pill today for a sweeter tomorrow, of course it’s utter crap and most people know it, if they did not know before, they know it now.. or else they are idiots who would jump hand in hand over a cliff if Cameron said it was required. The figures are far worse than presented and that is just part of it, thanks to this coalition many people have lost or will be losing their jobs and then you get the same ole scenario from this coalition.

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