Uk Uncut To Target the Bedroom Tax – Who wants to evict a millionaire?

ukuncut_logoUK Uncut have called a day of action targeting the bedroom tax and benefit cap.  From their websiteSave the date – Saturday 13th April- Who wants to evict a millionaire?

The old saying goes that an Englishman’s home is his castle. For the cabinet of millionaire men, this is pretty accurate- having a taxpayer-funded second castle with moat and optional duck pond is not beyond the realms of possibility. Meanwhile, these same millionaire MPs are currently attacking the benefits system, resulting in more and more people having no home at all. This is outrageous, unfair and unnecessary so we must take action to prevent people’s lives being ruined.

Next month, the government intends to introduce the bedroom tax, making 670,000 people worse off for the crime of having a spare room, even if it’s for a disabled partner or child, or foster children to sleep in. For example, in Hull the bedroom tax hits 4,700 families with a ‘spare’ room, but there are only 73 small properties free.

Even if you don’t have a spare room, you’ll probably be hit by the benefit cap, or both. For many people this will translate to losing about £100 a week. They won’t be able to afford to live in their homes, they will be evicted. Their ‘choice’ will be to move somewhere cheaper, in a different part of the country, to B&Bs or the streets. Westminster Council expects to evict 5,000 families – and evictions are happening almost everywhere.

We must resist the attack on the welfare state and benefits for everyone. The government is doing what it does best – punishing the poorest people for an economic crisis caused by the banking sector and deregulation. People on benefits are not the problem as the government would have us believe. We know it’s the banking system, tax avoidance, and the government’s austerity policies that are destined to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

It’s happening everywhere so we need to fight this everywhere. There have been many meetings across the country and rebellion is fomenting. It’s time to hit the streets and take civil disobedience so we can’t be ignored. It’s time to start organising resistance with your friends, family and your neighbours. It’s time to start plotting your target and your action for Saturday 13th April. We’re thinking bed (blocks), bed time stories for the kids, pillows, removal vans, and targeting people who have got a lot of spare rooms….know anyone who fits the bill in your area? We’ll be announcing the plan (or as much of it as we can) soon…..see you on the streets!

18 responses to “Uk Uncut To Target the Bedroom Tax – Who wants to evict a millionaire?

  1. You really want to get everyone together for a weekday or three in the City of London, that’s where the boys make their money and if you want to hit the Establishment right in the feels, that’s where you do it. Fix it so the banksters can’t get to work and they’ll know all about it. They won’t be bothered by demos around the country, it won’t affect them.

  2. It’s a bit late in the day, but as they as they say better late than never.

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  4. The sad fact is that a demo will not work anymore. It comes to only one thing riots all over the UK. Attack the rich where it hurts there company’s. I don’t believe in riots but what have we to do when a person who never got voted in what’s to take everything from us!

  5. At the end of the day the “Cabinet” is not in charge, the people with more money and power behind them are. If you cannot see this, and the fact that they will sacrifice these useful muppets if required and give us another useful group of muppets that are more acceptable to get us back to sleep then you haven’t been paying attention. The real enemies are the Global banks that bought off the government of all the EU countries and almost all the rest in the world already, but as JV will state… that’s a conspiracy, despite the evidence to the contrary. This Cabinet is owned by the people pulling the strings, they are expendable to them.

  6. Landless Peasant

    I can think of one or two good candidates for eviction; Lord Fraud, and Emma Harrison for a start off.

  7. Rosemarie Harris

    I welcome Uk Uncut all the more power to fight this Tax with ,the more the merrier. we need to keep this is the press need to keep the pressure on the MP’s who voted for this inc demos nearer to where they live/work. Keep it peaceful but LOUD.

  8. @JV I dont know how council tax is worked council wants me to cough up £100 they reasoned it was over £900 at first..i dont know what band i am in to me its fucking phantom zone as no one would want to live here in a ‘care home’ in an area which is utter shit..sod knows how i am suppose to find that dough..anyway im trying to move from this hellhole..what a great idea , pay up to live in shite…and become ill as could not sell that idea to anyone..

  9. there isnt a chance that the police will nick them again is it? following the fortnums fiasco….

  10. something survived...

    -Squatting their mansions/palaces? (they have tons of rooms)
    -Pay them (the upper/uber classes, uber includes rich rightwing-type celebs) a visit just for a day. Bring dogs on strings. The more incontinent, chewing-things, crotch-sniffing and generally badly behaved the better.
    -Cement them into their houses or concrete them in, so they need to be demolished out. If not feasible, glue their locks.
    -Visit their posh cars. Sand in the oil, sugar in the tank. Scratch the paintwork. Let down the tyres. Remove the hubcaps and play frisbee with them.
    -Visit their posh cars and ‘borrow’ them for a test drive.
    -Visit their posh cars, bring a goat.
    -Redecorate the outside of their homes. Say you are from Changing Rooms.
    -Bring a large symbolic tax bill to a rich person’s house. Bring the press. Get photographed presenting the person with the bill, for living in a nice big house. (or filmed)
    -Demonstrate with a cardboard box, with a sign saying this is what the government want us to ‘Downsize’ to.
    -In Scotland: Demonstrate against all the evictions resulting/that will result from the bedrooms tax and the other ‘reforms’. Link it to the Highland Clearances. Dress in appropriate costumes. Eg landlords, crofters, hand-weavers, etc. Bailiffs. Act out the Highland Clearances. Put Cameron etc masks, possibly, on the people playing baddies.
    -In Wales: Rebecca riots. The bigger the better, big hairy tough guys to dress up as (historical costume) women and blacken their faces with boot polish, and riot. Or at least demonstrate. If arrested your name is always REBECCA.

    Read all about it here:

    • @JOHHNY VOID..Igot this nice quote from aunty at after atos..maybe its time you bloggers actually tried to get on with each other eh??

      “Tom Pride is one of the great writers in our time who’s satire and wit will outlast and be remembered far long after many popular and published self styled writers have ended and been forgotten. Because Tom Pride as well as Johnny Void capture the times and so knowledgeable of what is really going on and speak to the people”..aunty at after atos..

    • Something survived,
      i am going to use your suggestion re the cardboard box, at the BT protest i will be attending on the 28th march, wallasey town hall,
      I was in stitches laughing at your other suggestions, great post

  11. Landless Peasant

    Slightly off-topic, as it pertains to Council Tax rather than Bedroom Tax, but I have just discovered that it costs my local Council approx. £8 to handle any transaction done in person, therefore if I go to pay my Council Tax in person each week @ £4 per week, then they will lose £4 for every £4 that I pay. If the other 25,000 affected people in my city do likewise, then the Council are losing £100,000 per week ! haha it is UNWORKABLE !!! 🙂

  12. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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    In Solidarity!

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