The True Face of the Salvation Army – Workfare Protest Marred By False Arrest and Staff Aggression

salvation-army-workfare-protestThere were shocking scenes at the South London offices of workfare exploiters the Salvation Army today as employees of the charity manhandled anti-workfare protesters, tried to seize personal property and then physically prevented them from leaving the building.

Astonishingly one person who managed to escape from the premises  before staff blockaded protesters inside was falsely accused of assault and then arrested.

The UK offices of the charity were visited by campaigners today as part of the National Week of Action Against Workfare.  Salvation Army are one of the largest charities left who use forced labour – under threat of benefit sanctions –  to staff their charity shops.  Most decent charities have pulled out in disgust at the exploitative nature of the scheme. The Salvation Army have no such principles and recently appeared to admit that they are even happy to use those on sickness or disability benefits as forced unpaid workers.

Today’s action began at the charity’s plush International Headquarters in the City of London.  A workfare army visited the charity holding a sermon extolling the benefits of forced labour in their reception area.  Meanwhile several people went downstairs to the cafe run by the charity and handed out leaflets.

Many people were shocked at the organisation’s open use of workfare, and thanked the protesters for making them aware of it.  The protest (pictured above) was good-natured and non-violent throughout and eventually a Major from the charity agreed to speak to those present.

The Major claimed that as the international headquarters for the charity, they were not responsible for the actions of the UK section of the Salvation Army.  When it was pointed out that protesters were there to show what was being done in the organisation’s name, he agreed that he was happy for the protest to remain in the building until they closed for the day.

He also suggested that campaigners should visit the UK Headquarters in Elephant & Castle who have the ultimate say of the charity’s use of workfare.  Not wanting to disobey an order from a Major that’s exactly what those present decided to do.

On arrival at the charity’s Elephant & Castle offices it was clear that a very different side of this supposedly Christian organisation would be on display.

At first several staff – who may have been security but never identified themselves as such – refused to allow protesters into the building.  In what appeared to be a change of heart they then relented and opened the doors to allow people inside.

Once inside another workfare sermon began and then some of those present began to sing hymns.  This seemed to particularly annoy the charity’s staff who called the police.  The mood quickly turned ugly as the Salvation Army’s bully boys began shouting at protesters that they were blocking fire exists and would be arrested – a claim which was clearly nonsense as there was easy access in and out of the building.

Despite not only having been told to visit by the organisation’s International Headquarters, and allowed onto the premises, they then began accusing people of trespass and demanding that people should give them their mobile phones and cameras.

Shocked at the aggresive response to a completely peaceful and non threatening action, a decision was made by the protesters to leave.  Sadly only one person made it out of the building as the Salvation Army thugs blocked the door and attempted to grab hold of people to physically prevent anyone from leaving.

As this took place the police arrived and one Salvation Army staff member began insisting the person who had escaped from the building had assaulted him, leading to the individual being arrested.  A stand off ensued as those inside were finally freed – the charity presumably deciding that kidnapping people in full view of the police was a step too far even for their shady operation.

Police were heard discussing amongst themselves that they had witnessed people being trapped inside by Salvation Army employees.  After tense negotiations it appeared even the police didn’t believe the charity’s wild claims and the individual accused of assault was de-arrested and allowed to leave.

After the good-natured protest earlier in the day this shocking sequence of events showed the true nature of this charity’s response to criticism.  Physical force, false allegations and abuse replaced the fake cheery PR front that the charity have attempted to portray when criticised for using workfare.

It seems that the Salvation Army are determined to silence any criticism of their dirty little workfare exploitation.  A day of online action in response to these events has now been called by Boycott Workfare tomorrow (Tues 19th March).

The Salvation Army are on twitter @salvationarmyuk

They can be found on facebook:

More contact details at: Workfare Makes You Free Claim Salvation Army – Join the Online Day of Action

Spread the word and let’s tell the Salvation Army exactly what the public thinks of their workfare exploitation and attempted use of force and false allegations to silence criticism.

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109 responses to “The True Face of the Salvation Army – Workfare Protest Marred By False Arrest and Staff Aggression

  1. Human Trafficing is nothing new to them except they normally campaign against it –

  2. I need no salvation thanks

    Their name says it all, enough to instill fear into any sane individual (who doesn’t believe in a hallucination backed by a thousand cock and bull brainwash stories.) These fuckers really are the enemy of all people. Good luck all.

  3. what is it about people in uniforms eh? once they wear one they think they can act like thugs…

  4. Salvation Army needs to be shut down! What an absolute joke of an organisation. This is merely a capitalist satanic business run under the guise of a charity and has clearly no affiliation with God. Satan yes, God no!

  5. Exploitation, violence, and lying. Onward, Christian soldiers!

    • @r33 maybe the sally army thugs thought the protesters were communist atheists….

    • They will get a war cry that is for sure but it will not be the one they are expecting if this is the manner they wish to conduct themselves, clearly proving that years of so-called good towards the homeless with blankets and hot soup and tracing people and bringing family back together is just mere illusionary PR stunts that has instilled into the minds of the public for too many years. The uniform, the brass bands, the tracing of lost relatives, the old lady or man in uniform going round pubs with the charity box carrying the war cry, another positive image shattered by the reality of how things really are, again greed and selfishness invade what many may have thought were the untainted sides of charity…proving when push comes to shove people can be just as nasty.. charity or no charity… it’s all a sham in the bigger picture of so-called business.

      People have a legal democratic right to protest when fascist coalition governments impose unfair policies that are unnecessary and quite frankly self-serving against classes that expect more from a government that only thinks about the wellbeing of their own class, but not only that.. is negatively encouraging charities to exploit this kind of policy that quite frankly will induce anger in employee’s and more senior bodies towards protesters because they have been exposed for their evil selfish nature in exploiting the very people they should be supporting but will not simply because money is more important to them than helping people.

      Greed can be an ugly thing to see and experience, we have seen it globally and this country is in this state because of it and the Tories live upon it yet will always attempt to instil in the voting public the virtues of austerity whilst they themselves lord it in their decadent lifestyles they have become accustomed to. Charities are showing their ugly sides that many people knew deep down existed because we knew big business hid behind many of the names that our mothers and father and grandparents may have believed in through the years and to think some years back I donated some of my late mothers clothes to a charity she loved and has been exposed as exploiting the unemployed under the workfare scheme, although it does seem they are trying to diplomatically distance themselves from it now thankfully, but not fast enough!.

      It angers me that charities have now been fully assimilated into the greedy nature of big business template, although I understand how big registered charities have to be so.. perfect example Oxfam, but there is aspects to this that leave a bad taste in my mouth that anyone can profit from registered charities to gain and maintain a rich lifestyle. The question has to be asked.. not if this country can afford the mentally and physically disabled and people who through no fault of their own find themselves unemployed, they should be helped and looked after.. we must wonder for how long this country can continue propping up the greedy self-serving rich who quite often don’t pay their fair share of tax and probably pay far less than those on benefits!.

      If we need to understand how the greedy rich are getting away with it and those on benefits are enforced to pay tax we only have to look at the fact people now with little if any extra money will have to pay £22 pounds per month minimum council tax, bedroom tax, vat on many things whilst their benefits have been frozen by the evil chancellor so they cannot keep in touching distance with inflation.. it’s cynical, it’s evil and it WRONG. It’s really the Tories hidden agenda to eradicate welfare by stealth in the same way they are to slowly privatise the NHS with parts of it around the country already being so.

      Remember many rich people hate paying their taxes, they hide their money, pay for creative accounting and have the hypocrisy to point the finger at people on benefits calling them lazy scroungers and the bad back pot smoking alcoholics of society. In this case two wrongs don’t make a right.. they tell us we should never embrace the stereotypical nature of some peoples attitudes towards immigration and the impact upon the country whilst attempting to instil in the mind-set of society another kind of negative stereotypical thinking because it aligns with their policies and agenda towards those in society who are the weakest and are not in their world and never will be.

      I’m surprised people are shocked that a tory government leading this coalition are so nasty. It’s like the story of the scorpion and the frog.. the scorpion wanted to get across a river, he spotted a frog and asked “Can you help me across the river please?” the frog smiles and says “Sure! I’m heading over there now, get on my back and I will take you”. So the Scorpion gets on the frogs back and they head across the river, upon reaching the opposite side the scorpion stings the frog!.. the frog looking shocked says “Why did you do that to me?, I helped you!”.. the scorpion replies “Because it’s in my nature”. 🙂

  6. Im sitting here shell shocked after reading that…

  7. Coming soon – DWP forcing mentally ill people to work for free too – they should go down a treat with the locals at Salvation Army.
    I’m sure the homeless would be welcomed by severely schizophrenic Steve and slasher Stan. Don’t worry though – Stan only
    collects tongues and Steve likes to play with hair. All your latest news in their April edition. It’s a killer!


    I wonder if any charges can be brought against the employees for what they did. Surely it’s not right that they can not only make false accusations leading to somebody being wrongly arrested, but also imprison people against their will, without being punished.

  9. What in fucks name did the SA hope to achieve?
    To further tarnish their rapidly diminishing reputation?
    Bingo, job done

  10. Well done to all concerned , I admire your courage.

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  12. The Holy Bible

    The Labourer Is Worthy Of His Hire

    — Luke 10:7

  13. I was sick to my back teeth of hearing the apostle Paul’s words used as an excuse for workfare, (2 Thessalonians 3:10) …“If anyone does not want to work, neither let him eat.” Paul was referring to idleness and NOT TO slavery, because he also said (1 Timothy 5:18) . . .“The workman is worthy of his wages.” Notice it said wages and not working for nothing. Paul was a tent maker and to support himself he made tent’s, he didn’t make them for nothing.
    People twist and misinterpret the scriptures to their own ends and The Salvation Army and their ilk have got theirs coming…the scriptures say their crimes have amassed clear to heaven (those that do crimes and wrongs in the name of God) and I wouldn’t like to be them…..

    • Paul was also writing in the context of how the early Christians lived, i.e a form of voluntary religious communism.
      “The entire group of believers held everything in common, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions. Any who owned houses or land sold them, and the money they laid at the feet of the apostles.” (ACTS 4:32)

      If there was work available that a person for no good reason rejected, and lived on the work of others, then Paul was only repeating the common sense response that most people would hold as being a good.

    • Unfortunately arguing Scripture (or anything else in fact) with the SA is useless. I have had just this day had a totally unproductive email exchange with Lt Colonel Marion Drew, “Secretary for Communications” no less. (Stand straight when you read this!) She “signed” the last begging letter I received although she doesn’t seem to know which campaigns her name goes on.

      I raised various points including Monday’s example of Christian kindness but I also asked why the SA never responds to any Biblical verses or even points to one that justifies their actions. She declined to comment on any of my issues except to point me to their propaganda website that proclaims how many folk they help back into work. Interesting, as I had specifically said I didn’t want anecdotal evidence, I wanted to see hard figures regarding people in their “care” who had gone onto proper employment versus those that hadn’t.

      So the top communicator for the SA won’t talk to us common folk. Won’t comment on events that happened in the very place she works. And, strangely for a “Christian” won’t comment on any of the Bible verses that have been brought up by many that contradict the SA’s actions. Run by Satan? I should say so!!

      I should perhaps say that I am an agnostic so the Bible bit is not so important to me but I would have expected it to be to the SA. I was wrong.

      • @PETE I dont blame you, i would ask the sally army quite why they have been cozying up to lord fraud (him being a panellist on their discussion thingy in the photo on their page) in relation to workfare..then later they are writing to him along with others worrying themselves sick about cuts to housing benefit !!!..naive or muddle headed?

  14. But It aint real tho, no imaginary friend in the sky or red coloured chap underground with a big heating bill is gonna get ’em after death, trust me.
    That’s entirely up to us

    • If only we all had your omniscience and were able to wipe out our experiences, then we could all agree 🙂

    • Lord Henry Wotton (Dorian Gray)

      “Yes, very sensible… People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.”

      — Lord Henry Wotton

      • Oscar may have burnt the candle at both ends during his life but in the end he died a Christian. He had a life long interest in the liturgy and was received into the Catholic Church on his death bed.

  15. Rosemarie Harris

    This is the way to go peaceful and polite then other people can see that the protesters are not causing trouble just getting their point over and because the sally army couldn’t made the protesters “bite” the protesters won round one.
    Well done to those who took part ,keep at it and don’t forget the emails tomorrow give it to them….Remember we don’t have to make excuses it’s not the unemployed who should be ashamed it’s the people in uniforms. Must be the uniforms they ,will be goose steping next!.
    Money is their God

  16. Christianity Uncut is an informal network of Christians campagining against the UK government’s cuts agenda and the injustices of capitalism. We are inspired by Jesus, who took nonviolent direct action in the Jerusalem Temple in solidarity with people who are exploited and marginalised.

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  18. These religious sects are all the same, brainwashing exploitative scum.

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  21. So many religious followers and so few humanly capable of the morality they claim to embrace. That’s the true mark of a failed being.
    Good on these protesters, they’re taking the flack on behalf of people who probably aren’t even aware of it yet. In that, lies the actual human spirit of morality.
    In essence, the Salvation Army were actually attacking that which they aspire/claim to be. How very, very sad.

  22. DWP research Social housing and
    worklessness: Qualitative
    research findings

    Click to access rrep521.pdf

  23. WELFARE REFORM AND LABOUR MARKETS..SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY…it seems bods from this place have been advising our mates at the kind of them..

  24. Click to access tsen-experience-third-sector.pdf

    ” Overall experience
    Third sector organisations delivering subcontracts are largely positive about their experience.
    They generally believe they deliver a valuable service that addresses the needs of
    disadvantaged client groups. Subcontractors are positive about relationships with lead
    organisations which are, in the main, regarded as genuine partnerships that provide the support
    required. The Programme is not an unqualified success however. There are recurrent and
    often severe criticisms of the way the bidding and delivery process operates. Many
    subcontractors feel that excessive levels of bureaucracy or inflexible contracts constrain their
    ability to deliver the highest quality service possible.
    Key findings
    The profile of subcontractors
     Subcontractors are much larger and employ more people than the ‘average’ third
    sector organisation identified in other datasets. This suggests small to medium-sized
    third sector organisations are being ‘squeezed out’ in the competition for ESF
    subcontracts by larger third sector providers.
     It is estimated that the total value of all third sector subcontracts is £134.6 million; this
    only equates to 4 per cent of the estimated £3.4 billion1
    awarded through ESF 2007-
    13 so far. This may have implications for the capacity of the ESF Programme to support
    the ‘hardest-to-reach’ given the recognised strengths of the sector in engaging this
     Overall, the evidence suggests that the Third Sector as whole does not secure
    significant amounts of available ESF funds to deliver prime contracts or

    awww poor lambs all that interference and bureacracy in the way and..oh dear not enough loot for them…i almost feel sorry for them…naaaah !!!!

  25. @ALL the salvation army work with bunch of poverty pimps..


  26. RECEIVE £2,275 when you recruit your next employee PERTEMPS says..

  27. The Salvation army and other charities turn out to be worse taskmasters when it comes to employment and employment law.

  28. you can see all the friends the sally army play with here:

  29. @johnny void oh dear heres a letter to LORD FRAUD from people worried sick about HOUSING BENEFIT CUTS..amongst others its signed by:

    Julie Brett
    Assistant Director of
    Homelessness Services
    Salvation Army

    Click to access 1010FreudSRRjointlettterFINAL.pdf

    dont they understand irony???

    maybe hes not such a friend after all…

  30. These filth believe that they aren’t part of the sanction process.

    If someone gets sanctioned then it’s, ultimately, their fault: they don’t make the decision, they will say.

    Yeah, but you light the touch paper…

    Disingenuous and irresponsible.

    • @ghost whistler there they are on their website and a bunch of panellists including lord fraud all saying how good the work program is, then you find later they are writing to him worried sick about cuts to housing benefit..!!!
      they just dont get it do they?

      • Nope.
        I have a telephone appointment with Employment Plus tomorrow.
        Can’t wait.
        They probably wont’ call. They didn’t last time; I had to ring them as they can’t maintain appointments.

        • @ghost whistler its weird someone almost suggested it looked like an unemployed person ‘worked’ for workfare bastards..
          in fact on ujm ive even seen jobs advertised working for the poverty pimp companies…

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  32. If someone had trird to stop me leaving a building I would have decked them on the spot.

  33. Next week an appeal will be heard to determine whether the names of companies providing workfare placements should be made public. I expected to see a planted story in the press about a masked man wearing a top with “the void” written on it throwing a Molotov cocktail through the window of a workfare profiteer. Looks like the Salvation Army has its own dirty tricks section!

  34. yeah i want a void hat !!!!

  35. From the Guardian today:
    “Is workfare close to godliness? Some Christian charities seem to believe so”

    • hi all…i am posting my comment that i posted on spivey blog as chris was doing a number on iain dickhead smith so i thought i would add this ..forgive the effing and c words as it was meant for spivey blog..

      dear christopher, in the levenson thingy of late something important was overlooked. it appeared in the actual enquiry, it was the inclusion london report on the depiction of disabled in the the ‘benefit scrounger bollocks’… ‘aunty’ admin at after atos is having a shit time, not only has she been told she is wasting her time helping atos victims (by a third rate hack called phil hensher ) she is struggling in the courts against an arsehole of a landlord…a dear friend is trying to help her, ie a wheelchair bound friend, who aunty tells us that on a regular basis he is PUSHED INTO THE ROAD INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC WHILST BEING CALLED A FUCKING SCROUNGER’ now i wonder why that happens? let me see what IDS, Lord fucking fraud and mark hoban often come out with? oh yeah workshy’ something for nothing. soceity,, idle, handouts.etc dont think that maybe those shitty rags are echoing what these cunts say do ya??

      ok filed under nasty bigoted and fucking clueless,,the salvation army recently tried to stop some protestors complaining about the sally army using workfare slave labour.(by grabbing and detaining them against their will and trying to seize their phones).a lot of companies have pulled out of the discredited scheme but not pig headed salvation army oh no, filled with divine righteous bollox they forge ahead believing they are doing gods arse.
      on their website there is a photo of some bods at their place a team of panellists going on how workfare is good for the ‘bone idle’ as they see guess who is on that panel? Lord Fraud himself !!!! nice friends eh?
      ahhh, except theres a problem because not long after, a whole bunch of organisations got mighty pissed off and worried about how the housing benefit cuts will have on the most vulnerable, the organisations were shelter, big issue to name just a few..and can you guess who also added their concern to the letter that was written to Lord Fraud??? yep the fucking salvation army no less !!

      i have to ask myself ARE THEY FUCKING STUPID OR WHAT??

  36. Glad the guardian has picked up on this (as well as the YMCA).
    Although now all 3 parties have destroyed the free press, I can see storys about workfare being made to vanish very quickly.
    All 3 Main Parties are in it together 😦

  37. something survived...

    @Sally’s Undies:
    People in the Bible who are jobless scroungers:
    -All wives/daughters (women can’t have jobs, prostitution and housework doesn’t count)
    -Lazarus (lying around dead when he could have been working!)
    -Salome (a stripper/dancer doesn’t count, and female anyway so you don’t want her working, making her a scrounger.)
    -Adam (if there were no humans he had no boss/wages)
    -Cripples/Lame, amputees etc
    -The thieves crucified with Jesus, including the repentant one
    -The sick (Walls to build! Get up and do it!)
    -John the Baptist (scruffy hippy washing strangers for free)
    -Jesus (Voluntarily left secure paid employment in carpentry. Roamed around as workshy scrounger. Encouraged others to leave their jobs. Said we should renounce posessions. Preached nonconformity and civil disobedience. Scrounged food, accommodation, support, and other payments in kind. Once had feet washed for free by prostitute. No Fixed Abode. Problematic birth certificate, carpenter allegedly not real father, underage mother refused to name father. Lack of ID documents. Surrounded by hangers-on who are also scroungers. Practicing medicine without a licence. Preaching in public. Straggly beard!!!! Trouble with the police and authorities. Criminal record. Ended up nailed to piece of wood.)
    -God (even if he claims to be self-employed he isn’t receiving wages so is a scrounger. Unless as a way of stopping being hassled by DWP, God and Satan have to claim to be eachother’s employer. God also has terrible record as rapist, mass murderer, irresponsible father first failing to provide child support payments to underage girl he raped and impregnated; then getting child – when it grew up – killed so he could prove a point! God also has several ASBO’s for racial and religious intolerance, following public statements such as ‘You shall have no other gods”. God frequently contradicts himself so is likely to be a liar and benefit fraudster. Neighbour dispute when he vandalised Krishna’s lawnmower. Breached employment legislation by denying certain jobs in his organisation to 52% of Christians based on gender. Failed to live up to his claim to be omnipresent, due to the lack of any significant sites built by him or his followers, in either Moon/Luna or Antarctica. Even though down payments had been made; he took cash in hand and disappeared. Now on ‘Dodgy Builders’.)
    What else will come with workfare at Sally’s Undies?

    -Conversion for Jews, Muslims, other kinds of Christian, Hindus, atheists,
    and everyone else.
    -Special prayer ceremonies 100% GUARANTEED to regrow lost or missing limbs, unparalyse spines, remove all HIV from body… cure all cancers. Find lost pets. Talk to your dead auntie about changing the colour of the teacosy. Save you money on your car insurance.
    -Therapy to cure homosexuality and turn everyone straight.
    -Exorcism of Witches and other Pagans.
    -Compulsory joining of organisation, involving uniform, prayers, rank, military style, singing and playing drum/tambourine etc.
    -Cure all disabilities… by the power of JJJJJJJJJJEEEEEEEESUS.

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  39. Tian D Andrianirina-Rose

    Hypocrites are everywhere!

  40. Solidarity is an action not just a word. I do hope the arrestee was offered this often used word of Solidarity. I hope that witnesses will be willing to come forward and give evidence and statements so legal action can be taken. Alas, it`s one thing to be an anonomous protestor and another to stand up, be counted and take action as an individual. There is a clear abuse of power here!!

  41. Nice to see the one sided story telling going on here, facts matter and clearly your facts are wrong!

    The ‘peaceful’ protesters as you put them, forced entry to the building by manhandling a slightly built female, this is an act of trespass broaching into the real criminal act of burglary ! (trespass added with assault equals aggravated burglary) the doors to the building had been locked at the time and the very same person who was later cautioned by the police restrained a non Salvation Army receptionist to allow his co-protesters to enter, Further by then proceeding to film on private property without consent and to then use the images and film just goes to show the regard these people had for subcontracted staff simply trying to fulfill the job they are paid to do.

    In blocking the area such as what happened they further breached the regulatory reform act of 2005, this concerns fire safety and each person protesting was leaving themselves at risk had any injury resulted at the time through there actions of a fine not exceeding £20,000 and up to 1 year at her majesties pleasure,

    The rights of the staff that again are not Salvation Army but sub contracted to provide a services to the building and had not been respected.

    The vocal female that was present made the very childish statement of being kidnapped – really? she forced entry and then was detained as the criminal she was in a lawful manor, if the protesters had nothing to fear in the actions they carried out then why was it they tried to run when the police arrived?

    Get the facts straight or enjoy joining the ranks of those who use propaganda to force their ideals to the public – plenty of detested world leaders spring to mind and the good old BBC! or is that it you really want to join the real world but have yet to find anyone willing to employ those with such a limited skill set.

    Last thought John Austin come on down clearly you know where we are! might even let you break in to the building just to see you live up to your claim of decking people when detained

    • @bully boy….your not very good at this are you?

    • Just to clarify bully boy, you are claiming that a member of Boycott Workfare was cautioned (and thus convicted) of assault and you are also accusing Boycott Workfare of ‘aggravated burglary’. Are you speaking on behalf on the Salvation Army or as an individual? You do understand that should any libel action be brought against you or the Salvation Army for these claims then you will be required to demonstrate that these statements are true. I can’t speak for Boycott Workfare as a group but will happily pass on your comments.

    • brum protestor

      Aggravated Burglary:

      “A person is guilty of aggravated burglary if he commits any burglary and at the time has with him any firearm or imitation firearm, any weapon of offence, or any explosive; and for this purpose—”

      So errr… nothing to do with trespass, requires an act of burglary to occur (are you accusing people of stealing?) and requires the person to have firearms or explosives. Seriously?

      Regulatory Reform Act 2005:
      This is concerned with unsolicited goods and services, distance selling regulations. Absolutely nothing to do with fire safety.

      Since no-one was arrested or cautioned let alone charged, nobody in this situation was a criminal.
      What did the woman you describe do that at the time you think broke the law? Because if she did nothing to break the law then yes you were unlawfully detaining her. I wouldn’t call it kidnapping and I doubt it’d fit the legal definition of it, but unless you can point to a criminal offence you thought she was breaking at the time, your refusal to let people leave the building was unlawful.

      Get your facts straight indeed.

  42. In what sense @ Bob

  43. dear dear dear do you really think I care? you and this site claim to be one thing but happily use the same tactics as those in power to put out your sorry propaganda ! you have an opinion and are welcome to it, I have mine and if you followed in the slightest way the views you preach you would respect that! did the protesters ask us our thoughts on work fare? do they know anything about those that they then slander? reality is a bitch a lot worse then karma and until this country is ruled by the people for the people, people like you and I will disagree on so many things, but are you not forgetting at the end of the day we are all humans being ruled by an elitist few that chose to use us as they see fit! Am I really a bully boy or am I just someone fed up of fighting a system that can not be changed and therefore decided I may as well profit from it rather then face a life of poverty?

    • You just lied that an organisation committed aggravated burglary and that someone was cautioned for assault. That is libel. The Salvation Army have been informed of what you just said on their behalf, as have Boycott Workfare. You might not be profiting for much longer 🙂

  44. Johnnyvoid – My views are my views as an individual with the right to free speech, be clear I have not accused but stated the actions of the protesters having forced entry and further physically restraining a person is illegal, Did the assualted staff member press charges? no, was anyone wrong in understanding the law and using it to their advantage when abused? no, after all you are fighting for peoples rights when you decide who you fight for and put others to one side to further your cause, you are simply as bad as those you fight against

  45. Libel – a published fact that is damaging to a persons reputation? Did you not act in a libelous way when you described the actions of the staff in a false manner thus damaging their reputations? I’ll see you straight after my case

    • there is nothing in the above piece which isn’t true. that’s the difference see. are you pissed or something? really stop it, you’re making it worse, for you.

  46. The female member of staff held against a wall to allow others to force past her ? assaulted, no physical contact with any protester other than the one who forced his way past the guy on the door = assault

  47. I profit Bob by earning a wage, forced to do so by personal circumstance, I care as much about people being exploited as you and the others on this site, however because I have chosen to work it was seen fit to slander myself and others purely to further your own ends

  48. good because you have been trolled a well thought up statement based on your own writing and suddenly you jump at the chance to sue someone lol TROLLED

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  50. Many young people want to work, as in the article below – I would suggest that it is the minority who, for some reason, have a problem with doing something worthwhile for the good of themselves and our society at large – see article below

    At noon today, if campaigners have their way, up to 750,000 of Britain’s unemployed youth will take to the streets in protest over “workfare”. Targeting a list of companies, from Tesco to Superdrug, that are implicated in what the group terms “slave labour”, supporters will picket supermarket aisles and march on offices. They will chant the name of Cait Reilly, the 22-year-old graduate who has become a “martyr” for the movement after she launched a legal action against the Government over three weeks of unpaid work at a Poundland store.

    Workfare is the phrase they use to describe the Government’s flagship “Get Britain Working” policy, a range of employment programmes for young jobseekers. One of the most controversial is the work experience scheme – for unemployed 18 to 24-year-olds in receipt of jobseeker’s allowance – which, until this week, involved stopping participants’ benefits if they failed to show up for unpaid work placements. For the Government, this sort of experience, support and incentive is what people need to help them get into permanent paid employment. For protesters, it’s forced labour.

    At F P Mailing, a small business in Dartford, they weren’t impressed by “the girl in that Poundland incident”. The 100-strong company, which sells franking machines to firms including Royal Mail, signed up to the work experience programme last year and has taken on 15 young people under the scheme. Four now have permanent jobs at the company, while eight more are learning the ropes in IT, office administration, customer services and warehouse duties.

    Young, disillusioned and living off benefits – on paper, they fit the stereotypical profile of the demonstrators who are expected to protest over workfare today. But this is one group who won’t be joining in. They’ve tried the Government’s scheme and they like it. What’s more, they’ve been working too hard even to think about protesting.

    “If you’re young and unemployed, you should want to improve yourself,” says Dawn Morgan, a 24-year-old economics graduate from Swansea University, who was jobless for six months before being offered work experience. “You can tell who isn’t interested in working. They’re the ones who complain when they’re offered a shot at a perfectly good job.” Dawn, from Gravesend, Kent, was taken on as a sales administration assistant at F P Mailing after a five-week unpaid placement there. Starting full-time work was “daunting” but she never expected to be paid. “It’s work experience – the clue is in the name. Nobody is going to give you a job unless you’ve got experience first, and that means working for free.”

    • what they do not put in this article is the hoops you have to go through to stop yourself from being sanctioned.
      also it is not perfectly good jobs being forced on people.

  51. I think you should maybe get your facts straight before you publish things like this online.

    The Salvation Army actually works alongside the government in a back to work scheme, that aims those on benefits to work for the Salvation Army to gain experience that they can use to get back into work. Yes, these people are on benefits, but they keep their benefits and they are also fully willing to be part of this scheme.

    So no, the Salvation Army are not forcing unpaid labour on these people, it is a government scheme, not a choice made by the Salvation Army.

    • and yet most charities, including Oxfam, Scope, Marie Curie, Shelter, PDSA, Age UK and many more have made the choice not to be involved in mandatiry work because they believe it is exploitative

    • Maybe you’re just another troll. But if not; as Johnny has said, the *choice* is the SA’s. They can walk away from any and all Government schemes whenever they wish. They provide the opportunities for the forced labour so it is their responsibility. People on MWA are at the SA shops. Do you not understand the meaning of the word Mandatory? And they don’t deny it. I’ve asked personally. If you are actually speaking officially for the SA then say so. Otherwise I think it’s your facts that need a good ironing.

  52. In Melbourne Australia several years ago truck drivers employed by the Sally Anns went on strike. The Sally Anns demonised the drivers as disloyal lying greedy trouble makers etc. This went on for weeks with the media taking sides, believing every word the Sally Anns told them. Eventually the govt Industrial Relations dept investigated and it was found the drivers were being very much under paid, expected to work long hours with no overtime paid and a number of other offences under the Trade Practices Act. The Sally Anns was fined & had to reimburse thousands of dollars in back pay to the drivers.
    Even then the press releases from the Sally Anns continued to accuse the drivers as being troublemakers who should have been happy & grateful to be overworked and underpaid. After all they were working for God’s greater glory. Further, by paying the drivers correct rates of pay, the Sally Anns “charitible” programmes would have to be curtailed.

    A couple of years later, in Darwin Aust, a caretaker at the SA backpackers hostel went next door to Industrial Relations and asked about his small paypackets.
    He was working 14 hour shifts 7 days/nights, 2 days off, then 10 days/nights 12 hour shifts, 3 days off, weekends & public holidays. The work included collecting rent, cleaning communal kitchen/laundry sitting areas, evicting non-payers & troublemakers, emptying rubbish bins, watering gardens, & after hours reception duties.

    It was found the SAs hadn’t paid ANY overtime…not to the caretaker nor to any other employee at the hostel. The SAs were ordered to repay thousands of dollars in backpay. The caretaker alone received over $10,000 covering the 7 months he’d been working there.

    He got the money then got the sack … for exercise his rights … the SA said that by being forced to correctly pay their workers they had to cut back staff. He was also told he should have been happy to work there unpaid and was an ingrate for not being content with being grossly underpaid.

    Less than a fortnight after he lost his job they’d employed a replacement. And once IR stopped monitoring, the overtime rates disappeared soon after.

    And that is the best thing I have to say about the Slavation Army who, in my opinion, are manipulating devious leeches yet who have conned several govts…including the Aussie ones (councils, states & federal)… out of millions of taxpayers $$$ with their bullsh.t propaganda and most of that money disappears as “administrative expenses” into uniformed pockets. and very little ever reaches the people it is supposed to help.

  53. Folks, you’ve ‘got it right’. I live in Australia and I have a letter to prove that The Salvation Army is not Christian.
    What is said here is true of them. I was abused, interrogated, belittled, humiliated … and an attempt made to brainwash me by a SA Officer because he knew that I know what The Salvation Army does not want us to know.
    The way some of these Officers treated children in their ‘Homes’ is VERY CRUEL and UNCARING. But I want everyone to know that the same insane, cruel, abusive nature still exists in The S Army today. I have PROOF, a large file. We’ve been told by a Lawyer and others that we haven’t any chance of taking these thugs to court because there are too many liars. I proved this to be true.
    People, stay away from this Satan’s Army !

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  56. That is bizarre as I work for a salvation army core and the charity shop has no link with a salvation army core so they don’t have the exact same prinipals we do , I was talking to my boss about it today and we has a lengthy discussion about workfare and our core doesnt take part in the farce. The charity are not run by any of the officers of the salvation army the shops have thier own mangement ,So the core doesn’t take part in the workfare scheme where as the shop might while they share the same name they are not directly linked

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