Fuck the Courts, Fuck the Law, We’re Stealing Your Money Say DWP

Iain-Duncan-Smith-workfareIn a shocking abuse of state power – which could have a chilling impact on the independence of the courts – Iain Duncan Smith is attempting to reverse the impact of a recent Appeal Court judgement by re-writing history.

In the recent workfare case brought by Cait Reilly and Jamieson Wilson, the DWP were found to have unlawfully sanctioned thousands of benefit claims.  The court ruled that the legislation upon which forced unpaid work was based was not legal and the information given to claimants did not fully inform them of what would happen it they failed to attend workfare.  Which was that benefits could be stopped, for up to six months.

In other words, the DWP’s bodged information meant many claimants lost significant sums of money through no fault of their own.  The Court of Appeal  ruling meant that unemployed people who had benefit claims stopped or reduced illegally by the DWP could claim that money back.

Or at least it did mean that.  Now the DWP is basically saying tough shit, we’re keeping your money.

The Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill is being rushed into law without scrutiny and will have both its second and third readings before Parliament on Tuesday 19th March.  This bill will mean that the law will be retrospectively changed and that sanctions which have been ruled by the appeal court as unlawful will now be legal.

The DWP themselves admit the new bill might be illegal under human rights legislation which provides protection for access to the courts.  The explanatory notes for the new bill concede a claimant might argue:  “that legislation which removes their right to a a refund of sanctioned benefits, or allows the Secretary of State to impose a sanction, notwithstanding the Court of Appeal’s decision, is a breach of their right of access to court under ECHR Article 6.”

So desperate is Iain Duncan Smith to rescue his pride however,these concerns are brushed aside until the next inevitable court case.  The bill also concedes that the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, which was not affected by the recent court judgement, may also have been illegal.

It appears that the DWP have decided they are no longer accountable to the laws of the land.  This is hardly surprising as it is not just their workfare schemes which are legally questionable.  But what will be the point of taking the Government to court if they can simply change the law on a whim to avoid facing any legal consequences?

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on March 18th.

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89 responses to “Fuck the Courts, Fuck the Law, We’re Stealing Your Money Say DWP

  1. Pity they did not use retrospective law to make all the corrupt banksters repay all bonuses and stop all their pension entitlement. I would think there is serious trouble coming this Summer with what is going on in this Country. Quite Frightening really

  2. It can only get worse if the Tories get in in 2015, since they have stated they intend to withdraw the UK from the ECHR, and replace the European Human Rights Act with a “British Bill of Rights” (arf arf). One can only wonder what this shitty government – especially the Tories – would try to get away with if they were in sole power…

    • The only way the Tories will get in is if people continue to vote for them in the manner of the last election and others are too lazy to vote or they tactically vote, I know a handful of people who will be leaving the country if they get in either with a majority or coalition in 2015. There is a strong chance by that time there will be little left of democracy and if forecasts are true it will be an absolute nightmare, a nightmare the voting public can change but can sometimes be too indifferent to do so when push comes to shove and a decision has to be made with hardly a great selection of choice.

      The political template of the UK needs a belt and braces overhaul to bring it into the 21st century, it’s far too limited in it’s current state, we need to get rid of the mandarins choking up the whole political landscape, the old waxworks have vegetated in their overly paid positions for too long and in many cases are simply self-serving. When it comes to voting one can only ask from the public they are true to themselves rather than being seduced by propaganda and quite frankly questionable rhetoric that we hear so often spouting from this coalition.

      The climate of this coalition with it’s straw men and women hiding amongst some who may actually give a damn about the citizens of this country who are not rich, who want to work but cannot do so or because there are no jobs that actually point to some resemblance of a future and not to prop-up the cover of this coalitions scandalous unemployment figures. It’s all pure and simply one big vicious circle.

      There will be those who consider the Tories are doing a good job, those who look at the 80s and wanted to be a Yuppie, those who are rich already and those inverted snobs who ultimately will always vote tory because their father and mother did and they aspire to delusions of belief they may dine at the top table themselves, you know the Tory way and look.. the look is simply indifference towards the mentally and physically disabled along with the unemployed, they don’t want to fix this broken country, we are not part of their masterplan.. as far as they are concerned.. their shit doesn’t smell.

      Their underestimation of the people they treat so badly in this country with their fascist policies and cruel rhetoric is their biggest weakness, it will cost them dearly in the end because we are the majority and they are the minority, we still care what happens to this country, they want to create social breakdown.. a case of.. see the buildings of greed rise, see society fall… greed and power, if the policies don’t fit… Hell!.. they will move the goalposts and change them to conform.. a case of “Do as we say, not as we do”.

      • Well said Moi. I have a strange feeling that the habitual non-voters will be out in force at the next election. They pander to the pensioners in fear of their vote but they ignorantly assume that history will repeat itself and the poor will not be turning up at the polling stations.

    • They already are in sole power.

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  4. War is Peace

    Freedom is Slavery

    Ignorance is Strength

    There is some thing wrong with Mr Smith, in fact the whole system is broken and dysfunctional

    The only way is to form a political party of our own and then take them down from within, and at the same time form a kind of bbc that will give people the facts and not payout money to dirty old pervs that we would out as the scum that they are.

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  6. …or retrospective law for the MP’s expenses scandal – most got away with it under the “adhered to the rules then in place” principle.

  7. Coming soon; IDS runs several people over with a tank then has the law changed to make it retroactively legal… this has nothing to do with keeping money away from people who weren’t doing enough to look for work as the DWP feebly tries to claim. It’s got everything to do with IDS being terrified of the banner headlines which will result, demonstrating once again that he’s an utter incompetent who’s unfit for office.

  8. Can I ask, would the people who lost their benefits unlawfully still have a claim for compensation, hardship, distress etc? Is anyone looking into that?

    • I guess it all depends on whether the DWP can make an appeal. As faras I can tell (which isn’t far), this legislation is a rather brutal sticking plaster. It may be that ultimately, if not given leave to appeal (ie appeal the court of appeal), they will have to relent.

  9. They used retrospective law to time limit ESA contribution based WRAG sickness benefit to a maximum of 12 months. with the welfare reform act.
    Many had their benefit stopped soon after the bill was passed. because the law was backdated almost 12 months. Many more will lose it in the next few years.

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  11. This is serious and scary stuff. Every day more evidence shows this inept but cruel regime, moving the goal posts to protect itself from the results of yet another bungle, aimed squarely at harming the well being of people who have least.
    Ignoring the law of the land, intolerance and cruelty to sections of it’s own people are the hallmarks of the tin-pot dictatorships Cameron is so keen to depose elsewhere in the world.Despite this he maintains this clown-thug IDS to carry out (albeit in a manner fit for a circus) his vicious policies.
    There have been cruel and destructive Tory governments,in the past – the policies of which still adversely affect our country today – however the venom spat at the ‘have nots’ of 2013, by the current gang seems to have become personal.
    The currently applied attitude towards the nation’s least well off of ‘if you can’t pay tax, we can’t afford you, we don’t want you, go away and die’.is repulsive enough but there are some definite signs of the existence of subtle methods in use, which ensure that this happens – principally the fobbing off of pension age patients presenting with symptoms of a potentially life threatening illness, is happening all too frequently, with tragic results. Every one of those tricked in to believing they are well when they are not is an eventual government saving not only of expensive medical treatment but also of the pension to which they are entitled.
    While I am no fan of the Liberal Democrats, I often wonder what level of inhumanity would be applied if these vicious Tory policies were not at least tempered by Clegg and co.
    It is certainly time to dismantle this this evil regime – with IDS the first component to be removed.
    The billion dollar question is which party can replace them and put the people first – ahead of the banks, big business, unwinable wars abroad and above all when push comes to shove – the saving of it’s own skin at any cost?

    • Seen it all before friends/relatives dying of cancer, heart attacks, kidney disease and all fobbed of by the doctor, one dead just hours after leaving the doctor’s surgery after complaining about chest pains. Stay healthy and don’t let the bastards stress you out!

      • There have always been medical errors and mis-judgments but the volume of recent deaths resulting from delayed treatment as a result of pension age people in particular, falling victim to the super fob off has become noticable. It’s absolutely obscene and quite frightening that people are being refused the truth and treatment while displaying symptoms which indicate to anyone with even basic medical knowledge, a seriously illness

    • julie mcdonald

      Yes I doubt any current political party are to be trusted to invest in people jobs and infrastructure. Ships arrive to UK from allover and largely leave empty. Time was most ordinary folk had jobs which gave sufficient money to pay rent bills food and all had self respect from standing their round at the pub come weekend. I understand these political plunderers even intend to tax dining rooms as these can be used as a bedroom. It seems ordinary folk aren’t deemed to eat proper meals with family.truly disgraceful times when some under 25’s without children will only have a pound a day left for food after rent, bedroom tax, water charges, heating and hot water, caretaking etc no longer coveted by hb. Council tax in many areas will be payable even if on benefits. Crime of poverty will rocket. This will affect town centre regeneration. Local folk spend money in local economy. No business or service will thrive without income. I can’t believe anyone chooses to exist on 1.00 a day if secure decent paying work was there. Food bank queues will be snaking around estates. Meantime billions are spent persecuting disabled folk way beyond any savings in welfare. Makes me ashamed to say I’m British.

  12. This latest announcement smacks of pure spite.

    • IDS should be certified, the man is a walking time bomb, he forgets himself and the position he holds in the cabinet, I think if Cameron had not been so self-motivated in the lust for power and treating his leadership as some kind of weird vanity project he would see these members of his cabinet are in some ways unhinged not unlike himself to a fair degree… case of the maniacs have taken over the asylum, and the asylum is parliament. It cannot be denied there is a little of the madness about the man. If they had open top cars transporting them to and from parliament, they could stand up in the back seats and raise their right arms without it looking too out of place, and confirming only what a good majority feel.

      • I agree. IDS is dangerous. He’s something from a1930’s time warp doing Cameron’s dirty work so that ‘call me Dave’ can maintain his nice guy image.The rest of the tory MP’S must agree with these fascist policies.No decent person would allow their name to be tainted by them otherwise

        • In both parties you’ve got a strong neoliberal faction and they’re the ones causing the trouble. In both parties though you’ve got idealists, Labour and the Tories, and neither like what’s happening. Both parties will split I believe into neoliberal and anti-neoliberal groups and then voters will have something to vote for. Till then we somehow have to survive. I suspect Parliament will break up too, the Lords will force the constitutional crisis they should have caused when the welfare bill was forced through by using financial privilege. I want to see a local banking and farming network in place by then so ordinary folk can carry on trading and have something to eat.

    • julie mcdonald

      I’m afraid this is correct. It’s irrational personal belligerence. Maybe a breakdown on the way.

      • I’d say it’s a lready here. IDS is a weak man and his fantasies are being exposed for being just that. he can’t face it so he’ll run away into madness. No-one in power has the character to stand up to him, he’d already be gone if they did.

  13. Of special, gut-freezing note is the key phrase ‘are to be treated as’ in the bill in question – basically meaning, it’s now the law you have to pretend we didn’t totally and illegally f*ck this up. For once the Orwell references actually don’t seem so over-the-top.

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  15. Why do you think the economy is in a bad shape????, it’s just a lie as they have the money to fund everyone ten times over. They are not for the people they are for themselves and how much money they can bank, it’s down right greed with those in power, is that money going to be an benefit to them if things do collapse?, the answer is simple they are pushing for a new monetry system in which everyone in the world would be chipped, their main goal is this NESARA where everyone will have to sell their souls to get ahead.
    of course they do not want to tell you that that’s why many people need to wake up and lawfully rebel righteously against their decisions.

    • julie mcdonald

      I’ve been expecting some shotgun announcement all citizens have to be chipped. In reality they can track us all through our mobile phones, which we pay to use. Just why the solid decent folk have to suffer for uncontrolled banksters largesse. Very few ordinary job workers can even afford a night out let alone a holiday. Communism is far from ideal but recognises each persons contribution to society.

    • The economy is in fine shape, or rather Their economy is in fine shape. I agree with what you’ve said here. What is NESARA ?

  16. I notice there have been a few references to the lib dems tempering ids’s policies, where at? Although in theory we still have rights under the human rights law, nobody can afford to exercise them, the judiciary and legal representatives are sitting back allowing this to happen. How did Cait Riley and co. manage to get legal representation if they were poor students and there is no legal aid? I’ve tried and solicitors won’t touch those that have been sanctioned. A just society – don’t make me laugh.

    • As one of those who has alluded to the idea that Clegg’s presence in the government might have tempered Tory policies to some degree. I’m not suggesting that Lib-Dem influence is huge.There are noticeably few liberal policies being applied, but there have been reports of compromises and deals made between Con-Dem and I just wonder what other unsavoury ideas may have been suggested and postponed until the tories have the complete run of things, because Clegg objected.May be there were some or maybe none.Question is, if he’s not tempering these maniacs and their vile ideas- then what the hell are Clegg and his cohorts actually doing in the government apart from playing vanity politics?

  17. guy fawkes

    “A just society – don’t make me laugh.”

    This latest bill may be used to justify further cuts to legal aid. Court judgments can easily be sidestepped by the executive so why bother wasting taxpayers’ money to prove that the government acted unlawfully!

  18. just locK IDS in Broadmoor

    • something survived...

      That would be ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.
      Every other inmate would petition the government for the right to leave.

    • I’d much prefer for him to be held in solitary confinement in Guantanamo bay , forced to watch his own speeches all day everyday for the rest of his unnatural life … hmmm maybe the all day speeches is just going a bit too far. Is that just too cruel a punishment to inflict on another living being, even a being as despicable as he is?


      • There will come a day in the not too distant future where IDS and Co. will not be able to show their faces in any public arena or anywhere for fear of retribution.

  19. On even the most cursory examination the law falls foul of the ECHR. Retrospective legislation is prima facie illegal. There have been a few exceptions most recently


    However the differences between that case and this if anything reinforce the illegality of the DWP proposal. In this case an injury has been done (namely withdraw of benefits) and it has been illegally done; furthermore the injured party could not anticipate retrospective legislation.

    • something survived...

      IDS: “Oh, didn’t you see the memo? All jobseeking unemployed filthy scrounging jobseeker dirty unwashed grimy scrounging scroungers,
      in addition to being mandated to spend 57 hours a second jobseeking,
      nonstop 28 years a mile per cubic centimetre, eight days a week; are now required to own a time machine. They must also know what we are going to tell them. 10 years in advance so they can save up for the fines we are going to charge them for scrounging benefits off the normal taxpaying humans. And before we have even thought of it ourselves.
      (Right, I need my PA… Okay.. where did you put my other brain cell?)”

      Chris Grayling: [walks in wearing I’m With Stupid t-shirt]

  20. jeff

    “….why bother wasting taxpayers money to prove that the government acted unlawfully”.

    To make it look like the judiciary are passing fair interpretation of the law, even though they know they will be over ruled or changed in the government s favour.

  21. Rosemarie Harris

    This Government think they are beyond the law aidded by the LiB Coms and the other lying thieving parties. find the wed sites and tell them what you think, the law is for everyone what would happen to society if we all made the rules up and then changed them because the public who mostly haven’t have the education!!! that this Government has had has a better brain than the thick stupid members of this Government. i sometime wonder if drugs would help them or 240 volts!
    Take your pick!

    • Ye gods, if if the ConDems had brains then they’d be truly dangerous. It’s anyone’s guess what policies could be concocted if they actually had a modicum of intelligence. If these are best the political classes can come up with then I’m sure the vast majority of those of us who comment on this site could make a pretty good fist of running this clapped-out train wreck known as the UK.

  22. If you have a Labour MP please put pressure on them to oppose this law.

  23. I’m done with all of the mainstream parties, even if they spoke out about these policies in public, you can bet they would be voting for them behind closed doors.

  24. Bit late in the day but.
    1. Find a QC and get a legal opinion that the law breeches Human Rights legislation.
    2. Send the opinion to all MPs.
    3. Warn any MP thinking of voting for it that you will campaign to retrospectively change the law and get them surcharged for the full cost compensating the victims of this law when it is overturned.

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  26. david1954baker@aol.co.uk

    There will cometh an almighty rebellion Ordinary law abiding citizens will rise We can’t stand by and be murdered Ask yourself how you see the future Revolt against this illegal bullshit or die!

    Read now from top to bottom.

  27. Evil can only win if the people stand by and let it happen….. REVOLT..REVOLT REVOLT!!! We have to get these deranged Bastards out!!

  28. Said this before…No one gets away with evil deeds ,,It always goes full circle comes back and bites them on their sadistic A—-s,,,Ask any old Nazi…Truth will always out….

  29. When I read this article I actually felt sick. I know IDS and the ConDem government are the lowest form of humanity but surely it can’t be that easy to just change the law to conveniently suit whatever twisted scheme you;re currently peddling.

    • … we are not aware of any legal challenges in the courts or the tribunals in relation to mandatory use of Universal Jobmatch or access to jobseeker’s accounts.
      We are not able to identify whether any social security appeals have been made that raise any issues relating to Universal Job-snatch. (This would [surprise] require DWP to look at every appeal case, and this action would exceed the appropriate costs limit of £600).
      However, we are aware that a Very Small Number of claimants received sanctions for not complying with a Universal Jobmatch-related Jobseeker’s Direction Before The Relevant Guidance Was Revised. As soon as these were identified steps were taken to immediately reverse the decision …
      … *We therefore do not expect any appeal to arise in such a case in relation to Universal Jobmatch.* (It just wouldn’t ‘Match’ with what We are all about).

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  31. I do feel that one day this Government will push people too far, but all that will likely happen is another destructive riot rather then a Tarhir Square style protest. There is enough money for all, it’s just that the rich hang on to most of it. As for IDS, he deserves Stephen King’s “Thinner” spell cast on him, so that the more he eats the more he wastes away.Let him know what it’s like to be hungry.

  32. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!!

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  34. Ok, so we have a judge making a decision in law, and government writes a law to make that decision null and void, not for future cases as one might reasonably expect, but retrospectively to prevent people whose legal and civil rights have been violated from getting what the law says they were entitled to, let alone compensation!

    And Labour are complicit in this? This reinforces my view that in the late ‘70’s the left of the Labour Party were ostracised and ejected, and in the late 1980’s early 1990’s the Labour Party re-organisation was one thing and one thing only- a concerted effort, a long-term plan by the Conservatives- and the bankers and super rich to infiltrate the only party that supported the workers, turning it from the only opposition to a facsimile of itself- the elite, ruling class so that their policies and laws would remain in place, no matter who was elected.

    I have been convinced of this since the Blairites did nothing in 13 years of government to help the working class. It may be that many so-called Labour politicians do this blindly, with an indoctrinated belief that they are doing what is right; they need to wake up and answer the call with their consciences, not their pockets.

  35. I read in the Guardian that Labour will support this??? That’ll be my vote gone if they do!!

  36. Well I hope that the supreme court agrees with IDS and the appeal court judgement is overturned not because I am a tory but because these abuse of power need to be there then maybe the EU and UN will wake up to these flaws. Writings to the UN and EU have been done and they turn a blind eye so let Cameron and Co carry on while we fight them at a higher level in the European Courts.

  37. I think the high courts of justice will have already contacted IDS and Co. telling them that they have ruled and that’s it, take us on at your peril! Why do you think the DWP have already started to pay back people who have been unlawfully sanctioned?

    I suspect the court judges have already put the DWP in their place and warned them not to go any further – but IDS thinks he can – god help him.

  38. The DWP are past-masters at this kind of thing, for example the fiasco surrounding the “back-dating” of “work programme” re-referral letters, exposed on the excellent but now defunct workprogramme.org.uk, to take account of the pulled-out-of-a-hat the since quashed Jobseeker’s Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise Scheme) Regulations 2011 which the criminals at the DWP thought at the time would legitimise the “work programme” which as we all know has since been declared ILLEGAL by the High Court of Justice.

  39. Landless Peasant

    The system is corrupt. Law and Democracy are a sham. Take it to the streets.

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  44. The ’emergency’ (“Shit! We have to refund scroungers!”) nature of this means that not even the select committee get a say!

  45. I’m assuming this went through so far without a hitch. Its running memo puts at as “under consideration for amendments”.

  46. Newly Self-employed, without any employment...

    I’m watching the Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill on BBC Parliament.

    “…the 2011 regulations need to be squashed…” says a Honorable Member.

    Where is U.S.T.U. when you need them?

  47. Have watched the debate on this tonight and i was thoroughly disgusted that a government has put themselves above the law stating that they did not appeal the courts ruling because they would loose and they were rushing this legislation through to save paying back 130million which they stole from individuals under the illegal sanctions it was not their money to keep. And i was equally disgusted that the labour party who is supposed to represent the people they actually had the nerve to sit there and abstain from voting. So we all now know that according to this government and labour the dwp are the law and nothing we do or say or the courts rule matters a fig am at a loss for words to describe my utter disgust

  48. So if they are keeping the 130million in sanctions what happens to that money where does it go it was already allicated to those people and was taken off them illegally so where does this money go to into their back pockets this government stinks of corruption to the worst degree

  49. theres no point in keeping benefit fraud any more then is there report people you know that are stealing benefits ok YOU ARE

    • set target league tables ??

      iv just had my benefit stolen by the dwp it is funny low from one angle and i do have to laugh as i went to an employer over work as im supposed to being on JSA i explained this to ashton job c where they were very helpful noting it all down signed my declaration every thing was still ok at the time until the next fortnight i attended the job c again as normal was asked again about the appointment 2 weeks previous i had and had to show proof again which i did to only be smiled at and told ok every things ok ,i knew some thing wasnt right by the way he were over trying to be nice but was blind to what i now know as iv just been given a sanction and had my benefits largely reduced lol i have been doing some reading and im just curious as is this what people mean about set targets because there were a league of them around my table at the time and i noticed that they all were paying attention how can they do that its a job c and i went to a job man wtf how can any one get work if there allowed to take what they need to live on if youre a job c surely you should under stand we need that to get us into employment who would want to employ some one who doesnt look like they can even look after there self i feel victimised but im only 1 of proberly over half a million people i dont know what i can do as they wont help me like there payed to do i thought theft was illegal???????????????????????

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  54. starvin marvin

    we try to make something of our lives these people shoot us down im better off comittin crime at least then i’d get my legal aid payed for and even a bed and three meals a day at the end of it. what do you think? fuck the goverment street crime pays the only victims should be the politicions they get more than enough i bet there eating a normal meal tonight (three courses)not stuck with egg &chips and they got more than one roof over there heads???? and what do they do to earn it they employ incompitent jokers to mess us up some more david camerron enjoy your tea im bleading starvin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but one thing i stil feel better not getting money off the backs off us who are struggleing give us there jobs we’ll help and support the real people that need help saffs

  55. My grandfather…RAF. My Father…Royal Navy. My Mother…Royal Navy. My Brother…Army. Me…Army.
    Been a carpenter for 25 odd years.
    Recent correspondence from the dwp which may make you all laugh…
    Having stipulated only one thing on my so called ‘agreement’ that if I was to go for an interview and the job pays monthly, that confirmation prior to me attending the interview that the dwp would be able to fund my travel for the first month, until I was paid…as the dwp only guarantee two weeks travel costs.
    They will do this…hooray!
    BUT…only once you have the job. boo!
    If I may explain…

    Train Travel;
    Southampton 2 weeks travel from my home (90 mins travel) £200
    London 2 weeks travel from my home (90 mins travel) £240
    JSA 2 weeks £142

    Interviewer: Excellent, we pay monthly. Can you start Monday?
    Me: I’ll have to speak to dwp and they’ll decide if I warrant such an expense.
    Interviewer: When will you know?
    They refuse to say…that’s even if they allow it…

    Interviewers mind is already moving towards one of the other 15 or so candidate who is less trouble…ie can start on Monday.
    Any how, heres the letter

    Dear Mr Muckley

    Please have a look at this and I will book an appointment to get the Jobseekers Agreement updated. I have changed the wording slightly.

    If I am going to attend an interview with a potential employer and the company pays on a monthly basis, I am assured the DWP will confirm with me prior to the job interview whether I will qualify for payment for my first months travel to work. This will be subject to my meeting the Flexible Support Fund eligibility conditions and my providing the relevant proof and evidence required to support my application.

    DWP assures that the first months travel costs will be paid if the following criteria are met:-

    1. Proof of job offer is confirmed – such as contract, job offer notified in writing.

    2. Up to date bank statements of all accounts.

    3. Sufficient funds are available from Flexible Support Fund Budget.

    Please note that travel expenses are based on the most economical route based on cost of public transport or 25pence per mile if using private transport by most direct route.

    If your circumstances change that mean you are no longer eligible to receive travel expenses, you must notify the Jobcentre immediately to avoid a possible overpayment.

    If travelling by public transport, receipts will be required.

    If you are eligible for a JCP Travel Discount this will be issued

    Vicky Golder

    Personal Advisor | Worthing Jobcentre I Surrey & Sussex I BN11 1NG I 01903 286136 I

    Please consider the environment before printing

    Utterly bizarre and just one example of the Orwellian insanity in the DWP!

    I think that Anonymous should be given the names of all invoved in this corrupt and anti-human show that’s afoot and should use their computing skills to stopping their access to money.
    Remember, dwp are the footsoldiers…if you aim at the commander all the time, what happens when he is felled?
    The second in command takes over and is just as bad or worse.
    Armies surrender when their troops are defeated or change sides…basic warfare logic…it’s there in a lot of books.
    Incapacitate an enemy’s ability to fight and they cannot fight you.
    If I sound heartless…well, you chose sides and decided that after me and my family protected you and your family for over 50 years you would welch on me in such a cowardly fashion…you are beneath my contempt.
    Just because I laugh at your obvious incompetence and the fact that you think you’re better, note, there is a seething anger among many, many ex servicemen and women at this behavior towards the weak.
    Please stop this as it will only end in bitter tears on all sides.
    This is England…and the world is appalled.
    Can you blame them…we’ve been telling them how decent we are for years…that’s what foreign bribes are for…(foreign aid, surely!)
    Without strategy, it’s hopeless. All they do is repeat what they’ve been told to by banks and the unelected heads of europe.
    All the top guy in all mainstream parties are shills paid by the same guys spouting the same old, ‘hard times”, ‘feckless, your fault, not much money, small budget, drone, drone, drone.
    If you really want to do something, target forcefully and unrelentingly in one specific area and crush it. Use everything.
    If not, then you at a disadvantage, because they are.

    We are an argumentative, quirky, welcoming, awkward, warm, loyal,decent,mocking and strong nation. We always have and always will be. We know the people who are trying to spoil this Great nation, this green and pleasant land .
    To quote Pink Floyd and Billy Bragg:

    Sweet moderation, HEART of this nation…(Bragg)

    No more turning away from the weak and the weary…(Floyd)

    I have not eaten since 12.00 tuesday 11/06/13

    75 1/2 hours

    On hunger strike.

    Thought I might end my days sitting by a war memorial…..

    Thanks ever so for reading, hope it entertained!

  56. I hope all understood that not only did they decide to change wording that I wrote (Unlawful, surely without my permission) but have stated that I can get the travel costs confirmed IF I HAVE GOT THE JOB BEFORE ATTENDING AN INTERVIEW.

    Can anyone who has managed this impossibility please contact me so I know the special ‘job before interview has taken place’ spell?
    I’ll speak to Potter, Weasley and co, maybe the answers at Hogwarts.

    You’ve got to laugh! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA …feel free to stop laughing when the edge of reason and sanity is reached. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA etc ad nauseum…

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  59. Mr Iain Duncan Smith is a megalomaniac, he failed as the party leader and has felt bitter about it ever since. He sees himself as a Napoleon figure, who will go down in history as reforming the welfare state, and will go to any lengths to make it work, as he can’t be seen to fail again. But the tide is turning and just as he and the Tory government has convinced the worker that all benefit claimants for what ever reason, albeit unemployment, sick, or disabled, are scrounger’s the electorate are becoming aware. People will only be pushed so far before they rebel. Revolution is a very strong word and yet history tells us that when people have had enough they will take action, and in a situation such as we are experiencing now when 1% of the population hold the majority of wealth, and leaders become dictators someone will light the fuse. The French revolution is an example of this when the peasants rose up against the aristocrats.

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