Iain Duncan Smith Bashes the Bishop

iain-duncan-smith-image-1-760284306As if we didn’t already know that Iain Duncan Smith is a wanker, the bungling Work and Pensions Secretary has resorted to bashing the bishops in yet another rant defending his vicious social security slashing regime.

His latest outburst comes after 43 Bishops wrote to him warning that “As a civilised society, we have a duty to support those among us who are vulnerable and in need. When times are hard, that duty should be felt more than ever, not disappear or diminish.

‘It is essential that we have a welfare system that responds to need and recognises the rising costs of food, fuel and housing.”

This led to yet another tantrum from the Work and Pensions Secretary who claimed: “There is nothing moral or fair about a system that I inherited that trapped people in welfare dependency. Some one in every five households has no work – that’s not the way to end child poverty”.

And the thing is, for once in his life he’s right.  There is nothing moral about a system that condemns millions to lives of unemployment and poverty whilst people like Iain Duncan Smith live in luxury (in his case scrounging off his wife’s inheritance).  There is nothing moral about a society that excludes disabled people or those with mental health conditions from fully participating.  There is nothing moral about the shocking fact that people who often do some of the hardest physical work are not even paid enough to keep them fed, housed and warm.  There is nothing moral about capitalism at all.

Yet Iain Duncan Smith’s answer is not full employment and neither is it greater workplace access for disabled people – which has fallen by over a third since this Government weren’t elected.  His answer is not to demand a living wage or rent caps or more council housing – nothing must trouble the landlord class after all.  His answer is not even quality training and free education to at least provide an illusion of social mobility.

His answer is certainly not to question the system under which an arms dealer or loan shark becomes rich beyond belief whilst being a parent or carer is no longer judged to be legitimate work because it doesn’t make a profit for the rich.  Jesus Christ would weep if only he weren’t a largely fictional character from an archaic Middle Eastern soap opera.

Iain Duncan Smith’s answer is to punish the poor for their own predicament.  His idea of a moral society is one where those with least are forced to claw each other’s eyes out in the scramble for the few scraps the rich toss down from above.  And for those who don’t make it into insecure low paid work, let them die in the gutter.  Let their children starve.  Let them lose their homes and be forcibly relocated hundreds of miles away from school, family and friends. Force them to work without pay or let them beg in the street as a lesson to the rest of us.

Honest capitalists will admit that unemployment is vital for the system to function.  That otherwise workers, not bosses, might have the power.  No capitalist country anywhere on the planet has achieved real full employment and almost all, including the UK, have given up trying.  There are hundreds of people chasing every vacancy in some parts of the country.

Iain Duncan Smith is either all too aware that unemployment is here to stay and doesn’t care what happens to those unable to find work.  Or he is arrogant enough to believe his tinkering with social security contains the magic button that will somehow fix the problems created by capitalism.  Problems that no-one else, anywhere in the world, has come close to solving.  And his cure is forced unpaid work, benefit cuts and homelessness.

In other words he is either stupid or a genuinely nasty human being whose true agenda is merely to brutalise the very poorest.  Every crisis needs a scapegoat, and Iain Duncan Smith has chosen low income families, disabled and unemployed people as the human sacrifice to atone for the sins of the rich.

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  1. Iain Duncan-Smith is one of the biggest cunts of the modern era. This purple-headed yoghurt-slinger should fuck off and die once and for all!

  2. I so wanted to blog that yesterday with ‘IDS bashing the Bishop’ – chickened out ! Glad you ‘owned’ it 😉

  3. It is a sad state of affairs when the only people willing to speak out against IDS’s reforms are a bunch of unelected religious nutjobs in the House of Lords. The Labour Party really is a pathetic shadow of what it once was.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ fernando

      I agree with you that the Labour Party is a pathetic shadow of what it once was, but it is at times like these when the purpose/function of “unelected religious nutjobs” becomes apparent. The Bishops fulfill a vital role in injecting a bit of humanity and compassion into the proceedings, and their role in Parliament is as relevant today as it ever was, despite what your personal religious views may be.

  4. No surprise there then…should imagine he does that quite often..

  5. The tide will turn when people have nothing left to lose.
    I really expect riots to happen very soon when the cuts start to really take affect.
    It just needs MP’s to start demanding more money or fat cats being greedy bastards and rubbing it in peoples faces.
    The slow spark has been lit.

    • I don’t think so.

      We’ve got mass brainwashing here. People actually agree with the government, they want benefits to be cut. Not when they’re told what that actually means of course, but then nobody tells them the truth – we live in a miasma of lies.

      • People don’t agree with the government! People just let this government do what it was not elected to do yet has the power to do, that is govern and though they will never keep everyone happy, they find their targets quite simply. Their targets are those with the least and easy to bully so it is not brainwashing, all seen on here on void is fact. All they want to do is look after their own ilk.

    • The tide against these atrocities might have turned long ago, had it not been for the MSM blackout and scrounger-rhetoric smokescreen, regarding the massive death toll caused by the DWP and ATOS.

      A Parliamentary debate last January revealed govt figures of over 10,000 unnecessary deaths, and with 73 more dying every week, from causes which include starvation and suicide. Yet outside the alternative media, these deaths remain unreported.

      IDS has already achieved a holocaust big enough to shame Hitler…BUT THE GENERAL PUBLIC STILL DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT.

      I suggest anyone who is concerned to stop the rampage of this psychopath, supports the #ESAendgame online campaign, which may succeed in forcing the MSM to finally start reporting the facts.

    • Landless Peasant

      I agree. This year will probably see the worst ever rioting in mainland Britain since the Peasant’s Revolt. The Police won’t be able to cope due to spending cuts, and if Cameron calls Marshall Law it’s over for the Government.

  6. In many other countries the masses would simply say enough and move them on by force. These people are sadists and unbelievably horribly selfish and greedy and it’s high time they got on their bikes. They are responsible under their last time in power at destroying this country’s fabric and they are back again to finish the job. Yet they blame Labour, who are far from perfect but I am now regretting Labour has gone. They are incapable of creating economic prosperity for all so they cover their ineptness by blaming the poor and cutting everything. Accountants are poor at making money generally, cost cutting does not make wealth. They must go!

  7. ‘…he is either stupid or a genuinely nasty human being…’

    Are you suggesting that the two are mutually exclusive?

    In fact, IDS is both criminally stupid and vicious; he is so fucking dimwitted that even other Tories have noticed and so relentlessly spiteful that even the usually vapid and acquiescent bishops are speaking up.

    If the God that IDS professes to believe in really existed, IDS could expect a lightning bolt to reduce him to charred ashes forthwith, if not sooner. Sadly, God, like IDS’ intellect and conscience, is dead.

  8. IDS and all of the political class are living off high rate benefits themselves and call it a salary, they do bugger all for it, their civil servants and quangos are the ones producing mountains of legal diktats that are neither wanted or necessary.

    • something survived...

      The money they get (IDS and fellow ‘ouanqueres’, as Steve Bell’s 1980’s French Artist character would say) also comes out of our Benefits! And our benefits are deducted from, to pay the cost of assessing how much of our benefit to deduct!

  9. IDS one word NASTY

  10. While I accept some cost cutting is necessary, they are far too deep and too fast. They are trying to recover things too quickly (probably to time with the election) but this recovery needs to happpen slowly over a long period just as it was created over a long period. All they are doing (apart from extreme hardship to those not responsible in any way) is causing stagnation of the economy. They are hopeless!

    • why do you accept some cutting being necessary ?
      No cuts are necessary. Fast or slow.
      Propaganda is powerful.

      • Exactly. I’m sick of people ageeing that that ‘cuts are necessary’. Even the CH4 Dispatches prog ‘Britain on Benefits’ suggested we all accept that cuts are necessary – er, no we don’t. As a friend said to me, we ought to be campaigning for increases in benefits not cuts. How true that is.

  11. I agree entirely with your piece JV except the last paragraph – it isn’t an either/or choice. He IS stupid and he IS a nasty human being.

  12. “Restructuring Threat”


  13. I would much rather see cuts in defence and such like. After all what are we defending?…a country full of destitute people. Maybe we would be better off being invaded in that case.

  14. Click to access media_210447_en.pdf

    page 6, benefits likened to cholera and the answer to turn off the water supply

    • something survived...

      Final Solution, by I.D. (‘Mengele’) Smith
      Close all hospitals except the private ones for rich white tories.
      Force people to live in overcrowded unclean places (like now but worse).
      Go to Porton Down or similar, and get a vial of cholera. Bring back cholera.
      Laugh as the paupers die.

      • @something survived – IDS already ensures that we do not need hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, clinics etc etc anymore. It is simple (as he himself is) for him. We now have ATOS. ATOS need to educate Hospital Doctors and Consultants how to become the most accomplished of health professionals in 3 weeks rather than the 7 years it normally takes at University Hospitals. The government will soon have its way with a massive resurgence in the Undertaking Industry eliminating unemployment with a stroke (no pun intended).

  15. Iain Duncan Smith is a CUNT!!

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!!

  16. “Jesus Christ would weep if only he weren’t a largely fictional character from an archaic Middle Eastern soap opera.”
    Another one of JV’s divide-people-against-themselves by ridiculing Christians. Stop pretending you are opened minded. You are just as bad as Duncan-Smith and the rest of the bigots who occupy a monochromatic universe. As usual you misrepresent what Duncan-Smith said. He defended the rights of the Bishops to speak out – he simply diasgreed with them.

    During the same debate Liam Byrne asserted “Sanctions are vital to give back-to-work programmes their bite”. So its good to know we have on side Johnny defending our interests and on the other Liam Byrne giving the same kind of help. JV is a good example of what happened during the civil war in Spain when the republican side was destroyed within by the mockers who hated any spiritual dimension to life.

    • Nobody is saying Liam Byrne is a paragon of virtue; Byrne IS a CUNT, and by the looks of it an even bigger CUNT than IDS if that is possible.

  17. ids is both stupid and a genuinely nasty human being

    • Wikipedia shows him to be a relatively unremarkable person before he become the hate figure he is today… after leaving the army where he was an Aide-de-camp then leaving the army.. Quote…

      Upon leaving the Scots Guards, Duncan Smith spent a period applying for jobs and claiming unemployment benefit, during which he joined the Conservative Party. He took up employment at GEC-Marconi in 1981, selling armaments. He then moved to property firm Bellwinch, but was made redundant after six months. He then joined Jane’s Information Group, initially selling gun-related magazines, eventually rising to the operational board.

      • @Moi – I will be nice to him Haaaaaaa! I think everything he does will be shown to be “A Damp Squib”. He should know what one of these is, it is a dud 19th century explosive device. He tries to be something but can never be anything remembered!

      • You’ve forgotten the unremarkable book he wrote ‘The Devil’s Tune’ – but then that is easily forgettable. Sounds like an autobiography 😉

  18. I’d humbly suggest a really stupid nasty b**tard. He has said “…..work makes people free…..”. The last time that sentiment was seen was over the gates of Auchwitz. “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

    • What would IDS know about work? The fat slaphead won’t know a real job if it bit him on the backside. Even in the army he was fit for nothing but spud-bashing, after someone has to do it!

  19. IDS – It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

  20. The comments on this site etc – fuck off eh – jv

    • Your sad comment is a standing joke, mate. Now, fuck off and crawl back under whichever pathetic non-entity of a site where sad old men talk shite you crawled out from under.

    • Jimmy Fae Glesga

      Fuck off, andy you fucking knobhead!

    • I have a strange feeling of deja vu . . .

    • Do one you useless asinine Tory cunt.

    • @A Newman – Of course you would think that anyone in power does not care! Just like those in power in Paris France in 1832, In Russia in 1917, England 1642 to 1651 didn’t care. Know your history do you and how shit is eventually responded to? Let’s also not forget the Scottish Invergordon rebellion on Apr 25, 2012. People do not know this commonly but our own military are easy to sway when homeland discontent becomes too much. I have spoken enough to the lower british military ranks to understand this much – they do not like politicians.

      • @MicktjI – “have spoken enough to the lower british military ranks to understand this much – they do not like politicians.”

        IDS covers that base by exempting the Armed Forces from welfare reforms technically creating his own private militia from the welfare pot.

        Forces exempted from benefit change

        • @Anomie shrugs – British armed forces personnel don’t give a toss about what exemption IDShit gives them. If IDS dangles something for them they probably feel insulted as they too (the forces) will have wider circle of family and friends who are affected by the welfare reforms. He will never in his life have a private militia derived from the armed forces. The only force he will possibly get this from is the police. At the end of all, soldiers and their equals despise politicians, this will not change ever.

          • @Micktj,

            Civil strife divides families and friends across political lines just as it divides communities, I really would not bet my JSA on the British Army standing on this side of the line.

            • @Anomie shrugs – If history is anything to go by and in remembering that armed forces are used to protect the citizens of say the armies own nationality (example, The British in the Falklands), there of course will be division with feelings. On the point of history, in the English, French and Russian revolutions, the military did not automatically side with a Monarchy – there was division always. Even as recently as 1912 in Invergordon, Scotland there was a British Naval rebellion over pay and conditions – so division will occur. A dangerous thing to do was military rebellion in 1912 as the consequences could have been terrible for participating naval ratings.

          • @Micktj,

            The Invergordon Mutiny September, 1931 -not 1912.

    • I tend to disagree that you say no one in government cares etc,etc. Well possibly that is true but is also rather naive. It is actually irrelevant whether they care. If the masses decide they have had enough, they will be gone and it is via blogs such as this that knowledge and information is spread, to those that matter – the public. The government, at the end of the day, do not matter, they are merely the people’s servants. They should ignore that at their peril!

      • I forgot to mention that I am fairly certain that journalists read these blogs to gauge public opinion and views who then go on to debate these issues on a wider audience. I am convinced that a presenter of one national talk show radio station with a very large following reads this blog as his shows and opinions seem uncannily reflective at times of these blogs. I really do believe the tide is turning on this disastrous government.

  21. #IDS’s wife must be one fucking desperate loser. Even after inheriting a fortune the best she can do is shack up with a repugnant sack of shit like #IDS who gets his jollies caning the poor and vulnerable to the extent that makes the nations skin crawl.

  22. john devon

    are you a candidate for the labour party because you state “I wished labour had never gone,” Why? they are the ones that started all of the unnecessary welfare reform. There may be reasons for cost cutting but not from the poorest in society and not in order to give tax allowances to those earning over a million pounds, I suggest you get your priorities right and realise that more money from the welfare budget is going to private landlords that the unemployed, sick or disabled.

    • Redistribution of wealth, mate 🙂 … we take it from the poor and give it to the rich… 🙂

    • @Guy Fawkes – I think labour started all this welfare reform knowing that if any other party came to power they would implement it – It’s politics isn’t it? I am not saying labour would not have gone through with it themselves but it was a calculated guess made and risk they took knowing that the cons would not resist doing it. Labour might have resisted had they come back but I think all was a set up to cause discontent. I stopped voting at all even after being a labour and Socialist Worker party member in the past. I might start again when we are all treated equally with the monarchy in respect to the care they get from the state. Nannies for all mothers, free boarding schools – can’t see this happening!

    • Unfortunately, just as the RCC got itself infiltrated by paedo’s, the traditional Labour Party became infiltrated by Bliarites and champagne socialist cunts.

      The existence of Byrne shows that insufficient has been done to purge this scum.

    • Try reading my post and the one following it! I am not a fan of any party. I tended towards the LibDems before but am vastly disappointed in their performance. I think their only hope of survival is to make Vince Cable leader who has my respect….on the whole. Labour although dire, certainly seem better than this monstrosity of a government. I do think they need to drop most of the old names if they are to be credible and distinct from the Tories. The Millibands certainly lack charisma in my view and are fairly indistinguishable from Tories..

    • No, Labour didn’t start all this welfare reform. They continued it. It’s been in the planning since Thatcher’s day.

  23. I used to think that IDS was just stupid and unaware of the harm he was doing. But I can’t accept that any longer. He now has to be aware of the harm he is doing and so must be happy with the results. I believe that he should be held responsible for a number of deaths and made to pay for his crimes against humanity.

    • Totally agree. There needs to be a Public Enquiry NOW over these deaths.

      A huge question is why IDS failed to suspend Atos, the WCA and ESA as soon as the FIRST death occurred.

      And yes, criminal trial is needed since IDS (and pals) has been confronted repeatedly over the deaths (e.g. by Owen Jones on Question Time) and can not use the ‘defence’ of claiming not to have known.

      Please support Sue Marsh’s #ESAendgame campaign to finally break ESA.

  24. I believe IDS is mostly a very nasty man. But there are elements of crass stupidity, while cleverly using the divide and rule tactic for his own ends.

    What he is doing has nothing to do with Christianity and it is shocking and shameful if this is what he thinks his religion has informed him. I am a very lapsed catholic, but my school and the priests who visited it, did teach me about compassion, caring and looking after vulnerable people. I think he should be excommunicated for bring catholicism into disrepute. I certainly don’t think you need to be religious to have morality (and there are some grave examples of immorality in churches) but our ethics are based on it, regardless of whether you are a believer or not. And I no longer am.

    The churches though, should have been involved long ago. Too little, too late. They should be speaking up loudly and clearly. Jesus (real or imagined) would indeed be weeping. Both at the ineptitude of his churches leaders and the man who says he speaks as a christian and that his beliefs inform his decisions. I don’t wonder that people speak disparagingly about Christianity. If you think that’s wrong, how about some faith in action? That was meant to be the Salvation Army wasn’t it – I have always held them in some esteem. Yet they managed to get it so very wrong with endorsing the work programme.

    He is a very misguided man. Am I wrong in thinking that the tide is ever so slowly turning back in the media? I can sense that some radio presenters are finally starting to think things out for themselves and see they have been played.

    • IDS brings Christianity into disrepute.

      His boasts of Christianity have as much substance as the bogus degrees and diplomas he notoriously listed on his C.V.

      His crimes against humanity include at least two of the sins that the RCC hold as crying to Heaven for vengeance.

      * Oppression of the Poor (Ex 2:23)
      The blood of over 10,000 dead cries out for vengeance against Iain Duncan Smith, the DWP, and Atos. (Govt. figures).

      * Defrauding workers of their wages (Jas 5:4)
      cf. Poundland

      Coincidentally (???), Smith’s Workfare philosophy is far closer to the dictum of Satanist Aleister Crowley:

      “The slaves shall serve” (Crowley’s “Book of the Law”)

  25. Without meaning to be derogatory to the homeless, I can only assume IDS was subject to some heinous act at a young age by a one-legged tramp or similar, for him to hate the poor and disabled with such venom. His psychopathic tendencies definitely seem to surface more openly when confronted with the truth about the impacts of his warped ideology. I wonder if he converted to Catholicism because he mistakenly believes his sins will be cleansed by a few hail Marys like BLiar?

    I have to believe in some sort of karma myself, if only for the sake of my sanity. I think it’s good the church are speaking up, but they need to extent the remit to speak out for the adult poor and disabled too. They are getting well and truly shafted by this bunch of un-mandated evil-doers.

  26. There’s no such thing as Karmic retribution, there’s no Afterlife where these scum will be judged.
    They need to pay in this life, but never will, just look at Blair for an example.
    Even with George Monbiot’s campaign to bring him to justice, this murderer swans freely, on the public cash teat.
    D’ya really think this current crop are any different? Rape and pillage and line pockets to the max until 2015, then a special branch protection team for the rest of their natural

    • Lord Henry Wotton

      “Yes, very sensible… People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.”

      — Lord Henry Wotton (Dorian Gray)

  27. IDS for Pope?
    Well . . it would get rid of him!

    • something survived...

      You can’t be married or have sex though and he has done both.

      • @something survived – He probably has sex with with an Orange strapped to his mouth and black bin liner over his head. He is probably self destructive with desire for perverse self asphyxiation (as other tories are too). It is a fact of his sort – psychopathy, they destroy all before them until there are none left to destroy only themselves. The final part of their perversion is they must then destroy themselves.

  28. Maybe he didn’t so much bash the bishop as remind Welby that money available for church repairs could be better spent elsewhere! Welby later wrote on his blog that:

    “Iain Duncan Smith has spent hard years turning himself into a leading and principled expert on welfare, its effects and shortcomings.

    “He is introducing one of the biggest and most thorough reforms of a system that most people admit is shot full of holes, wrong incentives, and incredible complexity.”

    • never trust a bishop

    • something survived...

      Order is this wrong the in sentence.

      The correct order:
      “Iain Duncan Smith has spent incredible years turning himself into one of the biggest holes of shortcomings. A principled expert on welfare reforms admits that most people (want him) shot. He is wrong, is introducing hard complexity and its most thorough effects full of (shit and) an incentives
      system leading (nowhere).”

  29. DWP overpayment Scam

    I have felt the sharp end of the cuts I was accused of overpayment of benefits
    and have had my benefit claim closed also the DWP sent me a bill
    for thousands of pounds to pay back overpayment of benefits
    I am not defending benefit fraud what I am concerned with is that the DWP figures
    don’t ad up they are asking for more money than was over-payed
    how can it right for DWP to ask for more money than they should,
    thats steeling, then of course there is only 1 month appeal time which is just not
    long enough, if you do wan to appeal there is no legal aid to pay for expert advise
    its a no win situation. I can see many people who are investigated for benefit fraud
    committing suicide or becoming homeless.
    Dose no one care about the injustice people accused of benefit fraud are suffering
    I believe in fair play which people are just not getting anymore.
    if you have been a victim of the overpayment scam by DWP contact me at

  30. After becoming a complete laughing stock throughout the whole country, after his weak, insipid, incompetent, pitiful and disastrous tenure as leader of the Tory party, the quiet fascist decided to make a very public visit to the deprived Easterhouse housing estate, in order to rehabilitate and reinvent his tattered image.
    In the best acting performance of his miserable life, he pretended to be deeply moved to tears (he must have used onions under his eyes) by the poverty, suffering, hopelessness and squalor he found there. Of course it was all for show, since he is incapable of empathy or compassion for the disadvantaged. What he actually felt, was completely disgusted by the residents, blamed them for the awful conditions in which they were forced to live and saw their high unemployment rate as ‘idleness’ which he considered to be deeply sinful parasitic behaviour which he would seek to eradicate.
    It shows just how deeply evil and cynical this vile baldheaded creature is, that he would pretend to have found a new concern, compassion and insight into the plight of the poor after seeing their suffering, pretend he was determined to do everything he could to help improve their lives and then set about doing everything in his power to humiliate and completely destroy them as soon as he got the chance.

  31. …..a genuinely nasty ‘human’ ( ?? )being… is my bet….. like all M Ps…

  32. david1954baker@aol.co.uk

    But what do we do about it apart from obtaining a sniper rifle?

  33. Iain duncan shit is a lazy, hypocritical wanker who should read wot alleged god told alleged moses bout lying stealing and idolalotory and burn in the fires of hell 4 ever. I’s one of these so called scroungers he wants rid of. fuck capitalism. i don’t swear very often, but even reading that name sends me.off on one. fuck him to hell.

  34. maureen.gardner

    A rich wife & still he gets her a “fiddle job” Lets rember Betsygate ,when we talk of fraud!!!

  35. Best rant for a while Johnny. Absolutely beautiful prose describing an absolutely nasty situation. Thank you.

    The Mail article makes plain that IDS was “particularly angered” because the archbishop didn’t forewarn him about what he was going to say, NOT because of what was actually said….

    Think about it. Incredibly childish behaviour from a gov’t minister.

  36. The key to understanding government welfare policy is to make no assumptions. Look at what the policy does and who stands to gain from that, then where that matches up to how the power and the money operates there’s a good chance of being right.

    IDS is not a fool. He is a liar. He is also (like Cameron) somebody who makes a lot of money from property, hence the bedroom tax etc.

    However the real villains here are the insurance company UNUM. They have invested millions over the last fifteen years funding conferences, seminars and “research” in order to persuade politicians and civil servants to dismantle the welfare state. This is because if they can create a situation in which it appears that nobody can survive on benefits they will sell far more unemployment insurance to people in work. They stand to make billions.

    This is important because there are two sets of victims here. The sick, disabled and unemployed who are being killed. AND the vast majority of working people who will continue to pay their taxes but now also pay again for insurance that they have already paid the government for. There are over 50 million potential victims of this, and a very small number of people (like IDS) filling their pockets.

  37. Why o why did stupid politicians target welfare in the 1st place when the cause of the worlds financial problems rests with the failure of the sub-prime mortgage market back in 2008? Surely the private housing market was destroyed back then. I recall buying a terraced house back in the 80’s for £28,000, less than a year before the purchase the house was valued at approx £15,000. Interest rates went through the roof and before I knew it, the house value had dropped from £28,000 to £19,000 – this happened to a lot of 1st time buyers back then. Not that I cared, it was my home and never seen as investment. Surely any genuine politician would have engineered a massive drop in property values even by as much as 90% given the worldwide housing market devastation back in 2008. They are not genuine – instead they continue to attack the most vulnerable in society and finger those who’s only means of survival is the welfare state!

  38. It seems IDS is the prince of perversion, I guess he has to make controversial hay while the sun shines on him because quite soon around the corner he will be remembered for zilch.. the best way to deal with men like him who get off on creating provocative policy is to make sure nothing is the sum total of his entire political career which is entirely the only way you can describe him… a non-entity. All that he touches turns to shit. To even give him the notoriety as reformer of welfare would be foolish, he thinks he is being innovatively radical… he is just a dry wank in a urine stinking lift going up to nowhere. 🙂

  39. Rosemarie Harris

    None of the main stream party’s are anygood for the unemployed or any one down on their luck(unless we marry someone who has money ….like..!)
    what we need is for people like us to stand but with policy’s that will appeal to the working classes admitly we would need a few years to get known etc
    but this is the only way i can see to get a millonaire homes tax, no free schooling privately for the brass of the armed forces,no second homes free on the taxpayer for M.P’s ,all expences to be checked nothing under A certain amount to be counted etc. The way i see it is none of them understand what it is like to be poor. Their idea of poor is if they can’t afford a holiday twice a year, and then have half the year off for more holidays.
    I ask this what is a holiday!.

    • something survived...

      according to jobc*ntre, okay I’ll spell out the rude word, JOBCENTRE,
      travelling at my OWN EXPENSE to a careers fair is a Holiday.

      • @something survived – I really wish they would just show their colours and do it. Scrap the Welfare Benefits system completely at a stroke then wait (not for long) for the fireworks display. They haven’t got the courage! This said not in support of the Welfare reforms, exactly the opposite – to get the inevitable outcome all over and done with quickly.

        • What you saying? Like just close down the jobcentre tomorrow: “Jobcentre is now closed indefinitely. All your benefit payments have ceased forthwith. The DWP apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your custom and support IDS for MANAGER”

  40. ty jv – i get a strong sense from this of the rage i feel about this man’s venom. you have also summed up, in words i would be proud to have used, the madness of this man and his vile policies. and, as commented above, the reality is – if enough of the public see these atrocities for what they really are, that will bring the changes. my hope is that we will finally learn the lessons that this criminal govt has to teach us about social responsibility.

  41. Michael Skinner

    I once thought it was only me who thought IDS was simply just a nasty piece of work so it is quite refreshing t realise that I am not alone. The last time the tories were in power and I mean power was under Thatcher and peple suffered in their thousands due to her policies. Fortunately then there were a few industries left in the country that helped to stop her not for turning gallop to oblivion. At the time Labour needed to be taught a lesson and so they were. What was just amazing however is how each party totally collapsed and when put into power since then, have made one almighty mess of everything. The expenses scandal really only resulted in the same politicians saying ‘sorry’ and carrying on regardless. We need alternative GOvt. I never understood years ago why the Liberals were never voted for, now I do. I am not sure UKIP are the answer but one thing is certain and that is if we as a gropu – Black Triangle – do not do anything about these vicious sadistic assaults on our lives and benefits that we have paid to receive, then riots and war will ensue and that is never the answer when the only problems are greed and sadism. We must use everything we have to gain back our dignity and put these IDS’s of the world to the sword. My email is michael-skinner2@sky.com so if anyone would like to share their anger with me then feel free.
    Regards to all

    • Michael Skinner. “I am not sure UKIP are the answer” Sorry but I am absolutely bloody certain that they are not the answer. They are a bunch of right wing swivel eyed loons. I am old fashioned and think “Clause 4” was the answer. It would not happen but it was something good to aim for. Sadly the Labour Party thought otherwise and since then have lost their direction.

  42. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!!

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  45. In Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia (FTD), people suffer from impaired judgement and become disinhibited. There is the kind of loss of reasoning ability that we all saw in that interview where IDS claimed to be ‘paying’ Cait JSA to work in Poundland.

    This transformation of the former Quiet Man, though never an intellectual heavyweight, into habitual episodes of decompensating, ranting derangement, should be setting off warning bells with his colleagues.

    Both politicians and psychopaths are past masters at faking empathy and emotions that they don’t necessarily feel, yet IDS was unable to even bluster a few fake condolences when confronted by Owen Jones over the continuing DWP/Atos-related deaths. Instead Smith proved that he had lost any sense of decorum that he might once have possessed.

    Of course there are other potential issues, including lifestyle, that could lead to such serioous cognitive deficits. Because cognitive deficits they are.

    If this was a relative of mine (heaven forbid!) I would very urgently want him seen by a doctor.

    • “If this was a relative of mine (heaven forbid!) I would very urgently want him seen by a doctor.”

      Ah yes. If only Dr. Harold Shipman were still around!

  46. I.D.S stand for Irritable Dying Syndrome. Irritants are what we are, to Duncan Smith and Cameron

  47. He is seriously warped. He must honestly think because being stupid, unqualified and unskilled was inexplicably not a barrier for employment for him, that that’s how it is for everyone.
    Nobody’s even arguing that people need an alternative to welfare, but that alternative is a healthy labour market. So if you’re going to pull one out of your arse, you might want to take off Maggie’s dress first.

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  49. Obi Wan Kenobi

    If we want to get rid of IDS it’s gonna have to be a vote of no confidence in the DWP heads done properly in the house of commons or we can wait another 2 years until the next general election.

    • Not sure how this will happen as dc and ge seem to like what he is doing.
      Although it looks as though infighting has started in the tory party 🙂
      Maybe it will be thatcher all over again

  50. PS – IDS is a nasty piece of work. He boasted in the Welfare Reform debate that he ‘took The Guardian’. Not renowned for appealing to thickos, IDS either reads all the anti-Welfare articles contained therein for fun or he buys it to impress but is to thick to understand the writing on the wall.

    • Maggie the house of commons cleaner

      IDS also “takes the Void” (delivered on a silver platter every morning with his tea and croissants) – so what is your point?

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  52. NB: Jesus is not a fictitional character, but a historical character, who is also mentioned in Roman historian and chronnicler Josephus accounts and in Muslim and even HIndu culture as disciples of Jesus reached India a few years after he died. Jesus is an historical character that did actually exist, and as for the Gospels and letters, they are historical documents recording the history of the time, and just as respected and reliable as the historical accounts of the Roman wars, in fact more, as the accounts of the Roman wars were not written until 300 years after the event. Prejudice should not be an excuse for wrong reporting or accounting. Jesus is a historical fact, our very calendar is based on him, hence we are in the 21st century after Jesus’s birth and everything about our rights justices system, jury system, and structure is based on what was written, also Shakespeare, Dickens and a few others.

    Not about being religious, it is about being pig ignorant and spreading it as fact.

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