Member of ‘Fit For Work Coalition’ Brought in to Scrutinise Atos

paul-litchfieldThe DWP have brought in a member of the ‘Fit For Work Coalition’ and the neo-liberal think tank the World Economic Forum, to carry out a review of the brutal assessments for sickness and disability benefits.

Dr Paul Litchfield will replace Professor Malcolm Harrington who was sidelined after being mildly critical of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), the relentless health and disability tests which have driven some claimants to suicide.

As well as his membership of the sinister sounding World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council – who promote more capitalism to deal with the problems created by capitalism – Litchfield is Chief Medical Officer at BT.  He is also a member of the aptly named Fit For Work Coalition which: “brings together healthcare professionals, policy makers, employers, and patients to improve the productivity of Britain’s workforce, by empowering and supporting people, including those with long-term conditions, to remain in or return to work and be economically active.”

Litchfield has long been working behind the scenes with both the current and the last government in a bid to dismantle the welfare state.  Way back in 2006 he was a member of the Mental Health Technical Group who were involved in proposals to ‘transform’ the old Personal Capability Assessment (PCA) – the previous assessment regime for Incapacity Benefit.

He then went on to sit on the Technical and Consultative Working Group involved in the creation of the Work Capability Assessment, along with Angela Graham of Atos Origin and Sue Godby of Unum.

He will now prepare a review on the shambolic Work Capability Assessment which is seeing more seriously unwell or disabled people than ever successfully appealing Fit for Work decisions.

Litchfield has already given an early indication of his true role at the DWP , which appears to be that of a glorified spin doctor.  He claims in a statement on the DWP website that “Any assessment not only has to be fair but must be perceived as being fair.”

He’s not there to change the assessments, but to change people’s minds about the assessments.

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114 responses to “Member of ‘Fit For Work Coalition’ Brought in to Scrutinise Atos

  1. Shame on them.

  2. @johnny void are they going to stop the atos disablity assessment course run by atos? The one where to work as assessor you need diploma providing you have successful on an approved course? In this case the atos course

  3. As with the economy, so with assessments.
    It doesn’t matter how broken the policies are, they will force them through regardless.

    This is no longer about politics. It is sheer wilful obstinacy.

  4. The state protects itself. It’s like the IPCC investigating the police, a joke.

  5. Anyone on this disability assessment course can bring their own stethascopes I feel comforted NOT.
    They use test subjects with invented conditions to see if the would be assessor can spot them . Go figure that out…

  6. Will Dr Paul Litchfield be another DWP yes man or will he destroy the usless Atos assessments?

  7. I was utterly disgusted because at my working links induction there were 2 people unfit to be there. There was a young lad too terrified to even speak and a middle aged man in serious pain with his legs. It makes me sick. It is so wrong.

  8. I’ve come across litchfield before when researching . I think he has written a load of bollocks in the daily heil.
    I will check my notes I wonder if I posted about him on the void ..

  9. Judging by the titles of his work to date, he’s already well-versed in the reverse-psychology of Tory propaganda language (ie, “we won’t condemn the disabled to a life on benefits” real meaning: “we condemn the disabled to be penniless for the rest of their miserable existences”). When he says: “Any assessment not only has to be fair but must be perceived as being fair.” you just KNOW it means more penalties for the disabled and more whitewash language.

    The only way I can see to fight this drip-drip of propaganda is to challenge it wherever we find it and together be a bloody loud voice.

  10. @johnny void. I think litchfield is connected to FOM. The faculty of occupational medicine. The organisation that awards the diplomas in disability assessment providing that you have gone through approved course . An approved course run by atos. In which case you got conflict of interest issue.

    Scroll down to bottom of page on this link and you will see his name and connection

  11. Nice article JV, just one point, capitalism died a long time ago, we have been in the grip of corporatism now for so long people cannot see the difference. Everything is driven by Corporations and their greed.

    • sounds like capitalism to me, corporatism means something quite different:

      • From what I have been seeing I have to agree with Paul
        There is less evidence in old style laissez-faire economics and the much loved invisible hand (unless it is the one diddling little boys)

        The impression I get is definitely on of a government being controlled by Corporatist ideologies.

        This is purely a gut feeling tbh as I am not well versed enough in the subject but IMHO it deserves to be seriously considered.

        • Corporatism does not mean corporate rule, read the link I posted. the word has been misused by conspiracy theorists which has led to some confusion. The invisible hand however is very much alive. That’s what all of this is about, the erosion of social protection in favour of a privatised freemarket in health care/welfare. This is what neo-liberal capitalism looks like.

          • Benito Mussolini

            “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the
            merger of corporate and government power”

            – Benito Mussolini

            • @benito mussolini yeah and look what happned to him? ‘” i’m hanging from a lampost at the corner of the streeet”

            • 🙂

            • corporate (adj.) early 15c., “united in one body,” from Latin corporatus, pp. of corporare “form into a body,” from corpus (genitive corporis) “body” (see corporeal).

              If Mussolini said that then he would have meant corporate as in separate and divided bodies which make up the state/society/industry such as police, energy, education etc all having a role in the national interest – and not as such being made up of competing class interests in themselves. That’s what he did, and that’s what corporatism means. It’s world away from the privatised, market led solutions that are being proposed now.

              • But I am not convinced that, ” market led solutions” is what is happening.
                There is too much government and corporate collaboration happening.
                The concept of markets driving wages and prices is dead.

                Giving companies money so they can have free labour is nothing to do with neo-liberalism which AFAIK is supposed to eschew state intervention.
                Cartels and oligopolies have existed for a while but they increasingly appear to be “persuading” governments on economic policy and decision making, the “Dash For Gas” is a prime example of private enterprise persuading policy rather than anything to do with markets.

                The invisible hand is now merely the one that hands over cash to party funds and expects something in return.

              • @Johnny Void.I still think that litchfields posotion is untenable..given that he is connected to UNUM and ATOS and that he is ex director of FOM..

        • yes but the state being co-opted to act in the interests of capitalism is the opposite of capitalism being co-opted to act in the interests of the state

          workfare meets neo-liberal aims – to further stigmatise claimants, make unemployment more unpleasant, undermine workplace organisation and wages, make privatised social security more attractive etc and also happens to make capitalists money by providing them with free labour

          its win win for business and that the government is prepared to hand this over shows just how effective the neo-liberal ideology has become

          • I understand that and the point is taken.
            However I am still not convinced that there is a or has been a free market economy. Certainly not in the classic sense. Whether the state of affairs yet constitutes a Corporatism, well you have me doubting. But I am thinking of Corporatism in a different sense than the usual definitions.

            I just can’t help feeling that we are in or about to enter a point of Corporatism that is not quite as you describe, but that does start getting to the edge of conspiracy theory.

            Need to do more reading around the subject which is going to be slow going.

  12. You are right, this is a spin doctor, he’s not been brought in to help but to try and change opinions on what already is the case. @JaneCrow I think that you are right all of this probably just means that they are going to provide more hoops which those who are severely disabled will be forced to jump through, in order to get the support they deserve.

    • did you know DWP have FORBIDDEN doctor’s to give letters to patients trying to appeal on wrong decisions now !!! How the hell am I supposed to overturn their decision to put me in the work focused group instead of supported group if they wont take proof from my records .They have not asked for any info from them at all yet say they have enough medical evidence to move me .!SURELY THIS IS AGAINST OUR HUMAN RIGHTS !!

      • @chesty mama is becoming more onbvious by the minute that corporations are dictating policy now..

      • Do you have a link or reference to this ruling please.

        For crying out loud why don’t they just stop bothering with appeals altogether.
        Fascist bastards.

        • @chibipaul..litchfield is connected to unum amnd atos via fom (also ex director of FOM) the chances of him being independant will be impossible..

          • I meant with regard to the DWP not allowing doctors letters to be submitted.
            Apologies if I have misunderstood something.

            “did you know DWP have FORBIDDEN doctor’s to give letters to patients trying to appeal on wrong decisions now !!! “

            • @CHIPIPAUL yes what you post is pretty serious about DWP..thats a disgrace but that coupled with litchfield close links with unum/atos will exacerbate the situation..

              • There is no conflict of interests Bob
                The interests compliment each other quite perfectly,
                If you want complete control of a system.

                His position should be untenable in a fair and just society.
                Unfortunately they have made sure we don’t have one.

                • @chibipaul well someone else put in a FOI to request to DWP based on a conflict of interest issue

                • Was being sarcastic Bob It stinks to the high heavens of pigs rolling around in their own shit.

                  It is wonderful only if you are wanting someone who can pull all the strings
                  In that case the interests compliment each other nicely. Which presumably is just the parties involved want.

                  All said and done, they are in it all together.

                • @chibipau is what i have been digging away at for a while to show how stinking corrupt it all is…

      • So Litchfields job at BT was to ensure the health of every employee because a sick employee affects the ‘bottom line’.

        What employer is going to want ANY sick employee, affecting their bottom line.
        Why would anyone want *me* to work in their company – I’m half dead 80% of the time, I’ll ‘affect the bottom line’.

        Yet IDS wants to kick me – and the rest of us – off the benefits we need, to go where?

        The paupers grave would suit them very well.
        And it looks like Litchfield is the yesman to give IDS and his DWP exactly the report they are asking for.

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  14. Even though Harrison was only mildy critical of some aspects of the WCA that was still too much for the tories to stomach. No coincidence Harrington’s “resignation” (sacking)was announced the same day he appeared in the Panorama programme criticising it.

    Of course this guy will be a spin doctor. The first spin will be “The test is better because the number of appeals have dropped to almost zero” He just won’t bother to mention that from April, they have made it impossible to appeal, you will have to have a “reconsideration” first, which can take the DWP as long as they fancy and during which time you won’t get even the assessment rate. No money to live on for as long as they want to keep it that way. Isn’t “timely” access to justice part of the UN Convention on Human Rights. Justice delayed, is justice denied.

    Where do they keep finding all these people willing to sell their souls to the devil? Have they got a club or something?

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  16. Career history: Dr Paul Litchfield
    • Qualified in medicine on 7 July 1977.
    • After a brief spell in the NHS, he joined the Royal Navy in 1978 and specialised in occupational medicine.
    • After originally signing up for five years, Litchfield left the navy in 1994.
    • In 1994 he joined the Civil Service Occupational Health Service, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, as medical director.
    • Joined BMI Health Services in 1996.
    • From BMI, Litchfield joined BT on 1 January 2001.
    • He is most proud of getting mental health on to the workplace agenda and promoting a more sophisticated view of health in general, while helping to minimise some of the stigma around mental health.
    • Litchfield is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. In 2007, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for services to occupational health.

    LITCHFEILD CANNOT SCRUTINIZE ATOS because he is a FOM member who have close links to Atos origin

  17. We are all truly into the realms of unreality, who would ever have thought that this would one day become reality, this should now be called the Atos WCA sketch.

  18. Landless Peasant

    Global Agenda Council ? That sounds ominous.

  19. Rosemarie Harris

    It’s the same old people that gets the jobs are they inbreeding? As a unemployed person with common sense how come this wasn’t in the universal job match section? What is the point in looking for jobs on that crap site when the Government does not even use it!
    Christ how many more are they going to find to sell their soul……Oh wait they don’t have one!

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  21. The fit for work coalition are all part of the same thing anyway, Dame Carol Black is involved with it, and Mansel Aylward mentions her in his presentations.

    • This sneaky advertisement for UNUM, which to the Guardian’s eternal shame they printed in 2011, took the form of a caring sharing sort of article about workplace stress and ill-health. Dr Paul Litchfield is quoted in it:
      “Ill health at work is set to be something more companies have to plan for,” says Paul Litchfield, BT’s chief medical officer and head of health. “Sickness is now 60% lifestyle- rather than contagion-caused, and the removal of the default retirement age will mean more people will get ill while of working age”.
      Calling this man an independent scrutineer of the WCA is like calling a wolf a suitable guard for a flock of lambs.

  22. The Unholy Trinity – Atos Government UNUM.

    Disability and Chronic illness is NOT a Psychological problem, it is debilitating and painful. Now, thanks to the above triumvirate, we can add being socially isolated, seen as lazy, hateful scroungers.

    But, not to worry, Dr Litchfield thinks its all down to our perception of the WCA…..yeah, right.

  23. The Guardian is asking for your stories on the language of welfare reform, scroungers etc and what can be done about it. A chance to say it, before this guy gets in and tells them everything is just fine.

  24. As usual with some of these ‘experts’ they bring in, it’s a bit like letting the devil test whether hell is hot enough.

    And what about the previous recommendations after a recent ‘investigation’? Ah, I see, they weren’t the ‘right’ recommendations; at least those that IDShit could agree with.

    Deary me. Looks like hell will indeed be getting hotter then!

  25. Yet another ConDem’s overly rich friends to take the helm? why can’t this Govt’ment pick someone that wont be brain washed & jump and say yes to IDS & 3 bags full!!!! and if he works with BT then we are in for a worse ride:

  26. Activists are intimidating charities into quitting work scheme, says DWP.

    Well here’s one for you Iain Duncan Smith:

    DWP intimidate and persicute anyone on any benefit via dodgy ATOS assessment’s, Universal Jobmatch, The Work Programme, Mandatory Work Activity – sound familiar IDS – look at yourself before you start accusing others.

    • Brilliant! Nothing better than seeing IDS getting rattled – it shows the Boycott Workfare tactics are effective. Keep the pressure on!

  27. “He’s not there to change the assessments, but to change people’s minds about the assessments.”

    Yeah right, I believe Atos and the DWP have not been responsible for the deaths of countless disabled and sick people whom they have found “fit for work”… it’s all in my mind! NOT!

  28. ShippersUnboundGivesDacreBlowjob

    Tim Shipman, Bloodsucking Reaganomics worshiping worthless far-right cunt hates disabled and poor shocker:

    P.S This cunt is a journalist living off the state

  29. Why didn’t they give the job to someone who is disabled to get them off benefits? Sorry ‘make the appointment’.

    • J:

      Don’t be silly, if they did that the job may get done properly – and the DWP certainly don’t want that happening.

    • something survived...

      he could be suffering from anencephaly = born with no brain

      • @JOHNNY VOID ok mate i take on board what you say but, IMHO i still think that FOM is far too closely linked to ATOS bearing in mind that FOM are a ‘charity’ and its my bet that Atos have been donating to them..they make much of the fact they are ‘FOM APPROVED’ too…
        also after atos site has added this..

        “He then went on to sit on the Technical and Consultative Working Group involved in the creation of the Work Capability Assessment, along with Angela Graham of Atos Origin and Sue Godby of Unum.”

        i think that is pretty damning too!!!


  31. @SHIPPERS UNBOUND – I JUST READ SOME OF THIS FECKERS TWEETS..FECK ME WHAT AN ARSE…”LOOK WHERE I AM TODAY THROUGH HARD WORK” Yeah fucking nowhere you slimey fuck arse licking..corporate wankers sponging off the state..

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  33. There is a Paul Litchfield the physical magician on u tube, they may employ him to help his namesake the magical physician who thinks the ill are capable of work.

    • @guy fawkes do you rememeber on previous blogs i was posting something about FOM (faculty of occupational medicine) you rememeber?
      well all this is related to that guy….which could prove a conflict of interests here…

  34. Does no one remember the name James Purnell ?, at the BBC now!.

  35. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,”
    Or so my mum says. IDS thinks you can make a platinum satchel out of a sweetcorn kernel salvaged from a turd.
    I can’t see how anybody can possibly increase the profile of fairness on an inherently unfair process. Perhaps IDS’s real plan is to spend the entire department’s budget on crap so that there’s literally nothing to pay any benefits with.

  36. @johnny void you can only get the FOM diploma as long as you have been through an APPROVED (by FOM) course and the only approved one is the Atos one. Do you see what I mean?

    • yes, but he’s only a fellow of the FOM, not paid, not formally involved in running them, and even they only acredit some training courses run but atos

      dont get me wrong, it stinks, but no more than any of the rest of it – no evidence of conflict of interest above most government appointments

      • @johhny void..i see someone else put in FOI request about gunyon citing conflict of interest..him also being a FOM bod as well as capita..and what with litchfield being ex director of FOM and connected to unum as well..

  37. I wonder if Harrington was pushed?[to make way for this pile of shite]???

  38. The harrington report was supported by Benefits and Work.

  39. This guy’s a hired gun. New question for HCPs to ask: “Did claimant move when tasered?” If yes, then they are obviously fit for work.

    His relationship with FOM could be spun to show that he is especially advantaged in examining how Atos ruin lives.

  40. I explained to a friend this evening that in recent weeks, at least what we know of which may be many more, 2 people died of starvation in this country due to the DWP removing benefits; one of a disabled person, another on JSA.

    She was totally shocked. When I told her that thousands died this last year she asked why weren’t people out on the streets protesting about it. I told her that the media is bought and paid for, and so ordinary people just don’t get to know these things.

    I’ve told her to tell everyone she knows. I’m doing this also; repair people, internet grocery shopping people, anyone I come into contact with even in my reduced state (since the local authority cut my funding for transport and clawed all of my DLA for care, even the mobility element), which means that I can’t socialize or get out much now.

    People who are ill can’t do a lot; they can’t go on protests or do any of that stuff, but what we can do is tell everyone we meet about it. I know we talk here, but the people who need to hear this don’t read these blogs, at least not many of them.

    People are dying every day due to these despicable policies. More British lives lost than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars put together.

    I keep pointing people to this blog, but spread the word to everyone you know and even those you don’t know well if possible.

    These incidents are crimes against humanity.

  41. The families of those who have died because of benefit withdrawal while obviously ill should be taking their relatives case to the European court of human rights, I would love to see what their verdict was.

  42. Chief medical officer of BT? Since when a telecommunications company become involved with medical matters. Should stick to what they’re not very good at. Must be a case of the “old boys network”

  43. Universal Jobmatch mandatory as of tomorrow: 1 March!!! Adviser at Jobcentre told when I signed on this morning. And you have to have 5 variations of your CV registered with them.

    • When I was on the dole they sent me on a course to learn how to do a CV: but we only had to do one, not bloody FIVE!

      Good luck!

    • BoxEmIn2AShiityJob

      Yeah, astronaut, brain surgeon, rocket scientist, rockstar…. hmm, can’t think of one for the 5th CV… let me me think…. hmm… shit shoveller… 🙂

    • They really mean like 5 different “job areas” cos they know that even if you have 4 professions under your hat you will be struggling to come up with a fifth, it GUARANTEES that you will have to select a SHITTY JOB (cos that is what the JCP/WP providers “specialise” in as one of your “job areas”.

    • The website won’t even let me log on.

    • Universal Jobshite is Fucking Shite is now saying that this universal jobmatch pile of shite will be MANDATORY from Monday, 4th March, 2013!!!!!!

    So my understanding of this is – you are forced to seek a ‘revision’ before an appeal, and this process can take a year, and you don’t get paid if you seek a revision – which you are forced to seek before an appeal.
    We’ve just had the right to appeal removed then?
    This would also remove eligibility for free prescriptions [income based ESA] at a stroke. I’m wondering how many people will end up in A&E because of failing to take medications they need or through starvation

    • Just learned about this on here.

      This is massive!
      So you get failed at Atos, now you will have to wait for this “Revision” but how long will that take?
      Meanwhile you will have to claim JSA for money to live on before while waiting for their decision, before you can appeal.
      You can imagine loads of papers getting “lost in the post”, and you ending on JSA for months.
      They just keep moving the goal posts to suit their agenda.

      The shock waves from this will be felt the length and breadth of the whole country.

  45. I suppose this is the same Dr Paul Litchfield who is a former director of Faculty Of Occupational Medicine Ltd, of 27 The Timbers, Catisfield, Fareham, Hants PO15 5NB (

  46. I thought some of you here might appreciate this insight into the ordeal many long-term sick and disabled people face whilst on the WRAG, and a little look at the attitudes of those in Whitehall making it happen.

  47. Who’s gonna stay up all night on Sunday March 3rd when the DWP’s Universal Jobmatch site is down for 9 hours to see if UJM is mandatory as of Monday March 4th when it starts up again?

    I’m certainly not.

  48. Local authorities have conceded that up to 84% of people on low incomes will refuse to pay council tax after being caught in the net by benefit changes this April, and admit there is little they can do about it.

    • Local authorities have conceded that up to 84% of people on low incomes will refuse to pay council tax after being caught in the net by benefit changes this April, and admit there is little they can do about it.

      I don’t think most of the people are refusing to pay, Its a case of not being ABLE to pay. Just a few extra pounds can tip most people over the edge.

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    “Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Could you please tell me if BILL GUNNYEON, Chief medical advisor to
    the DWP and also a Medical Director of Capita Healthcare, has
    registered a “conflict of interest”.
    How many times did Bill Gunnyeon meet with Gordon Waddell and
    Mansel Aylward prior to the ATOS contract to undertake ESA
    examinations on behalf of DWP?
    Furthermore, will Bill Gunnyeon be receiving any form of
    remuneration or reward, given that attractive contracts have been
    allocated to both, Capita and ATOS.

    Employment History

    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Medical Adviser
    Chief Medical Adviser, Medical Director and Chief Scientist To the Department
    Work and Pensions
    Director for Health, Chief Medical Advisor, Department
    Work and Pensions
    Chief Medical Officer for the Department
    Work and Pensions
    Director for Health Work
    The Westminster Business Forum
    Faculty of Occupational Medicine
    Director for Health Work
    Director for Health
    GovNet Communications
    Association of Local Authority Medical Advisers
    Medical Director
    Capita Health Solutions Ltd
    Director of Health Services
    Capita Health Solutions Ltd


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  53. According to the Daily Mail, it seems the NHS has been employing foreign nurses with fake qualifications.

    Interestingly, ATOS also employs foreign nurses and medics – often because even such qualifications as they (claim to) hold do not meet NHS standards.

    So could the DWP/ATOS’s murdrous and inaccurate WCA tests in many cases be carried out by staff with fake qualifications?

    Will Litchfield be investigating this?

    Because there needs to be an investigation. NOW.

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  55. George Berger

    This is a complete list of members of the Global Agenda Council. It’s from the Council’s website. From here you can navigate that site.

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