Kill Children to Cut Social Care Costs Says Tory

hughjackson203UPDATE: As a message to myself not to post after drinking  I’ll leave this five year old story up.  Especially since another Councillor just said disabled children should be put down)

A Tory Councillor has been suspended after suggesting their local authority should murder children to cut down on the local social care bill.

Councillor Hugh Jackson claimed his comments were a joke and refused to resign.  He was supported by his colleagues.  According to Jackson:

“Coun Jackson, who represents Monkseaton North ward, said today he regretted making the comment but refused to resign.

He said:  It was misplaced humour, one of those things I wish I had not said. As soon as I said it I wished I hadn’t, it should never have been said.

We were discussing some of the expensive bits of the budget and one of those is children looked after out of the borough.

I said have we looked at other policies and said something along the lines of have we thought about euthanasia?”

If this is what they say in public imagine what they say in private.

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80 responses to “Kill Children to Cut Social Care Costs Says Tory

  1. Amazing. Now, is this one Conservative getting caught out after saying something completely moronic, or was he thrown under the bus to “prove” that the Tories aren’t in favour of this kind of thought process, despite all the fucks they don’t give about the disabled people they’re killing?

  2. Every now and again one of these monsters has a slip of the tongue, these things are said around their dinner tables and when they are socializing. What happens is that they forget where they are and forget who may be listening and think they are among friends. Make no mistake, this man means what he say’s, he is only contrite at having been caught in a lapse. I would like to return the favour but would find myself on the end of a court case if I said so, so what makes it different that they can get away with uttering these things.

  3. What are we going to do about these people? What is it going to take ? Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 00:31:58 +0000 To:

  4. Child sex abuse in care homes by Tory MPs. What more can I say ..psychopaths.

  5. If it’s ok to say kill disabled kids it’s ok to say kill heartless torys WHO PROMOTE NAZI IDEOLOGY ! this is not a slip of the tongue or finger-I MEAN IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY JUST LIKE HUGH JACK(ASS)SON DID! violence begets violence…And he said it first-get all the troops home to sort out our own dictators we (royal we)were stupid enough to vote for!

  6. Sick bast??? Does that mean my deaf daughter should die.

  7. Claire Khaw who was kicked out of BNP for being too extreme because of her views on disabled children saying they should be put down at birth because they cost tax payers money and even all disabled should be put down for same reason . She joined the Tories. She said it was like coming home. Then they kicked her out. She has been complaining about it since. She’s been on tom pride blog of late whining on how it was so unfair of them to chuck her out without explaining why….

  8. I think this tory was born with a “silver spoon” up his arse – forever speechless with points of worth, I think it left him. For inciting hate and murder, a lengthy prison sentence should keep the children in society safe from him I think.

  9. The old adage,@Many a true word spoken in jest’ is pertinent here.Suspending this fascist is the right thing to do – though I would suggest from a tree.
    This idea, expressed as a joke, is I believe, at the core of austerity policy. Having examined the books they have found a stark but simple truth- they cannot afford us! Chief amongst these ‘un-affordables’ are the sick, disabled and elderly. Simply put, if a person is unable to make money for the exchequer, they are considered to be of no value at all.
    There are countless examples indicating that the more people they can see off, the cheaper it will be all round.

    I know personally of two men both in their late 60s who, in the past 12-18 months, had been seeing their GPs for more than a year about symptoms which clearly suggested cancer. Both were fobbed off and were only offered treatment when it was way too late..
    Both men died in different health authority areas within a couple of weeks of finally being diagnosed -one just after chemotherapy began, the other a few days before his course was due to begin.

    All this grabbing back of ‘spare’ rooms and mal treatment of the sick, disabled and unemployed is aimed at worrying the weakest to an early death. Like an insulin over dose it’s not traceable, but the fact remains – good care can radically improve the quality of a life while bullying and harassment can swiftly end it..

    I doubt if this comment was really a gauche attempt at a joke. It was a slip of the tongue, a fraudian slip which revealed in public,a private policy of which Adolf Hitler would have been proud

    • @susancyanbutterfly – I completely agree with you. And it’s working. It’s also affecting the admin/office staff at places like so-called ‘one-stop’ shops for benefit info. and job shops etc. They appear to be preparing to metaphorically batten down the hatches and have the words ‘April’; ‘Bedroom Tax’; UC; chaos; nightmare on the tips of their tongues …

      • Thank you Shirley,It’s good to have a reply from someone who can not only read accurately,but understand the point I made without mis -quoting me. I’m not sure the general public, who have less contact with the places you mention, are as clued up about what’s in store in the next few weeks and beyond. This is the cruellest government ever cobbled together in a long time and it’s failed policies will suck in more people the longer it is in place
        Tightening our belts because some fat cat bankers have made a complete hash of it, in the recent past, is one thing, but targeting the sick, disabled and elderly is quite another. We could have skipped two world wars, saved all the death and misery which resulted to end up being treated like this. I wonder when they will commence the eugenics programme – it’s only the pre-cursor to what that scum bag suggested for children he regards as a waste of money.

    • Me dad, only just retired at 65 after working since he left school, kept getting more and more poorly over a period of 6 months, doctor just kept fobbing him off, he died 😦 cause of death renal [kidney] failure.

      • Hi Stacey, So sorry to hear that your Dad died, especially without having time to enjoy his retirement.I don’t think it’s a coincidence that (it seems to be mainly) men of around that age are being told that their potentially serious symptoms are ‘nothing to worry about’.I think it has to do with pensions.This draconian inept lot can’t afford to pay out what people have paid in over a life time of had work -it’s a disgusting way to treat people.
        My own Dad died a long time ago long before he was due to retire. His treatment was immediate,but things were not as they are today. Non the less he noticed a problem and died 7 months later from kidney cancer. It’s devastating for the family. I hope that the worst of your grief will subside soon – Susan x

  10. @Susancyanbutterfly

    Do you actually know what that adage (‘never a truer word spoken in jest’) actually means…?! By your comments, it would appear not. It means that whatever it is you’re joking about actually happens – so, for it to be pertinent in this case, it would mean that disabled kids were already being rounded up and murdered.

    May I suggest that, in future, you DON’T use words/phrases of which you don’t know the meaning…? It just makes you look like an idiot…

    • @Sarah Balfour – I don’t know the traditional wording/provenance but I’ve actually always heard and understood “there’s many a true word spoken in jest” … & it (sadly) it does seem relevant this morning

  11. OK, I stand corrected it’s an old saying not an adage. Who the hell are you, however, to rant at me and if I DON’T do this or that as you suggest what are YOU going to do about it? It’s nothing to you if I look an idiot. With all your venom it sounds as though you’ve been on the cooking sherry. By the way are related to that Tory Arthur Balfour?

    • @Susancyanbutterfly – STICK TO YOUR GUNS (so to speak) – many of us know how virtually all present age tories would have been well suited to the “mesmerising nature” of Nazi ideology in 1930’s Germany, – just another fascist exposed here I think on blog.

      • Thanks Micktj I will do. This woman can’t even read apparently. I said there’s many a true word spoken in jest. That’s the version of this saying that I’ve always heard. If that means kids are being murdered I’ll get English lessons!! She’s missed the point completely anyway. What does it matter in the scheme of things?What’s important is the battle we’ve got on our hands to replace this inept, nazi fascist circus with a government that has not only a functioning collective brain but a heart – to serve the people – not just itself. We need to stay strong – it won’t be easy

        • @Susancyanbutterfly – You wouldn’t want to know my idea of a government, nobody would! Definitely not communist as communism never existed (only in propaganda) anywhere in the world as because of the nature/existence of the family in all cultures makes this impossible.

          • Isn’t everyone supposed to be equal in communism? But in fact some are a lot more ‘equal’ than others i.e there is a rich tear and many poor as in every political system

            • Unarguably life is difficult under all political systems. For myself I believe the existence of communism to be a lie forwarded to western populace for propaganda purposes.

              Whilst “The Family” exists at all anywhere, you cannot have communism. Even in North Korea the family as unit exists so it cannot in truth be communist.

              My own belief is that family is the beginning and end of all corruption so equality and lack of it exists at the most basic level in life. We are all extensions of the establishments desires and have been for centuries. The establishment being made up of members of the house of lords and other landed gentry so the model of family suits them for control purposes.

              Take the british monarchy (royal family), whilst it is referred to as a family, look what happens to the offspring at a very young age (OK – they have as history shows us pandered to the media attention so “looks like a family”). Almost immediately after birth the offspring are taken over by a nanny. At a reasonable age, it is “off to public / boarding school”. They call that “family”. If same was afforded to each and everyone of us there would hardly be a need for the welfare state, the majority of (mum’s and dad’s) would work and pay taxes so that offspring could be looked after in same way as monarchy’s, institutionally. This would be a “great leveler for equality”.

              Do you also know anybody who got a job “because they knew someone”? I know a few who find jobs this way and usually it is through “a family” tie. This also is lack of equality. I think back too to the time of thatcher and the sale of council homes. It was a very bad trick with also putting the idea over “An english (persons) home is their castle” making us believe to their minds that we are “more” equal to such as the landed gentry. A complete joke and many fell for it. It is like now, with all these bad things going on with welfare, I suspect they will put “the carrot on the stick” eventually as if to make out they are really of kindly disposition – how sick of them after all the devastation they will have caused.

  12. OK, it seems best of all, these little Tory slips manageto get everyone turning on each other! Hey, don’t fall for it!

  13. Hugh Jackson on linkedin

    ” a bad tempered col blimp who wants to ban anyone under 35 in my life”

    Odd links too.


    A TORY deputy mayor has sparked outrage by calling for disabled kids to be guillotined to avoid wasting cash on their care.

    Retired GP Owen Lister made his sick suggestion to fellow councillors as they discussed sending the youngsters to a £3,000-a-week care home.

    Mr Lister, 79, told them: “I would guillotine them.”

  15. ‘The best thing for disabled kids is the guillotine” Tory deputy mayor

  16. I don’t know why, but the name Harold Shipman keeps coming to mind

  17. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  18. Just shows what the Tories really think

  19. This kind of shit is part of the DNA of a lot of Tories. I remember being shocked when some young Conservative idiot went to a fancy dress party dressed as Baby P, a very young child who had been recently murdered.

    This kind of blasé inhumanity is part of the the Tory mindset.

    • This lot are sick in the head and standing with them in the photo is David Cameron, all smiles and chummy. We may expect, but not forgive some tasteless practical joke from Hooray Henry students but this is vile stuff. I think we should expect better from a British Prime Minister than communing with these gutter snipes. This photograph should be widely displayed before the general election and every bi-election before it, to remind the electorate of the moral standards of the Tory party they may be considering voting for

  20. how many of these loose lipped tory peers are heading and being handsomely paid by charities – the so called caring sector.

  21. Tory ideology has always been based on cynicism.
    What divides the country is people with money and those without money.
    The government is in massive debt and the entire financial mechanism is on the precipitous point of collapse.
    Anyone who remembers the mid 1970’s or late 1920’s will know how bad things can get and probably will.
    Sick, disabled and elderly people tend not to riot or cause civil un rest.

    Money is more important to some people, than life itself.

    It’s important that we value one another, before those in power and those they control, place a price on the heads of those unable to fight back.

  22. it was only a matter of time before this came up after all they doing everything else to us……..the bastards

  23. Eugenism / genocide. I suspect some Tory monsters would do it even to their own babies if they were born with incurable disability. Where the hell were police and CPS (with their equality policies)? Such a statement uttered in public should fetch a criminal charge straight away, left alone a dismissal from work. People have been fired for far less than that. He should have been banned from working with the public, just like paedos. It’s a hate crime, isn’t it?

    • @Martin Kroupa – Joseph Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister in 1930’s Germany did kill his children when the “coward” in him came out. His children were “disabled” by his Nazi / Tory ideology.

  24. Off topic
    I would suggest anyone in receipt of benefits read this article,
    It is very worrying

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  26. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    How can you possiby dare to have the audacity to speak such words when obviously you have no idea that these exact words could exasperate the current situation with disabled people being attacked in the streets, because nincompoops like you think you can play God by dictating that these children should die just because they are different!!! This is Cruel and Inhumane!!! Putting Disabled Children down as if they were ‘Stray Dogs’ which is Sick and Depraved!!!!!!

    We, being my fiance and I pity people like you who will never have the experience of looking after a disabeled child whereas we have. They are some of the most Creative minds that you can ever meet and dream of. My fiance knows this because of his ex-wife’s daughter was disabled and she was and probably is still is the funniest, most caring and loving person you could ever meet and he feels so blessed that he was a part of their family before things turned sour. But before you think it was because of her it wasn’t it was him. She will grow up to be a very beautiful and very gifted young woman.

    For several years looking after the sick and disabled in many capacity adults, young adults and childen in learning and play are truly amazing and enriches life to the full.

    We pray that you never have to Stand before the LORD, God at the end of time and explain to Him the reason why all these disabled children were murdered on your orders because of your Words!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, and the same prayer for those who remained silent or even silenced others who spoke out to defend the little ones.

      • rainbowwarriorlizzie

        Thought you would find this link a vip via AVVAZ to Amnesty UK 🙂 Needs to be shared far and wide before the 13th-14th April before their AGM!! In Solidarity Sister Kitty xx

        Posted January 4, 2013

        Created by
        Tony M. United Kingdom
        To be delivered to:
        Amnesty UK

        Amnesty UK to protect the human rights of the sick & disabled

        5,126 signers. Let’s reach 5,000

        We Call on Amnesty UK to fulfil it’s remit and challenge the British Government in a court of Law, to ensure the Protection of the Human Rights of the Sick and Disabled..

        Why This Is Imporatant

        The sick and disabled are being denied human right by the British Government. On the 13th – 14th April 2013 Amnesty UK will be holding their AGM.

        Let’s give them something to talk about.

        Let’s give them millions of signatures so they cannot Ignore!!!

  27. the eugenic policy has always been active(liverpoolcarepathway)
    vaccines, no preventative medicine’s, spraying from above, portondown, experiments everywhere you look you see eugenic policy everywhere.
    can this guy even get away with saying stuff like that
    how long before we get them euthanasia buses like they have in the neatherlands
    truly shocking

  28. David Cameron did not tell any lies before the last election when he said…”Disabled people would be taken care off under the Tories”…What no one understood was he meant that in a Al Pacino kind of way…

  29. Using this criteria CallMeDave’s disabled sprog should been put down. Mmmm..he did die rather suddenly did he not? Could have been very embarrassing to have a disabled family member while demonising the disabled. Not a circle that can easily be squared.

  30. UKIP suspended Geoffrey Clark in Dec. 2012 for advocating compulsory abortion of disabled fetuses and free euthanasia advice for people over 80. Such things are the logical implication of the view that, as my son put it, ‘People being in existence is a financial problem’. Since people can only mitigate that problem by working, those who cannot are a double problem, while those who have plenty of money are net fiscal contributors and thus not a problem at all.

    Unfortunately, euthanasia is a very popular cause on the centre-left as well as on the right, with particularly visible candidates for the ‘right to die with dignity’, such as the disabled and elderly, being assured that there will be rigorous safeguards in place, no-one will be pressured, and only religious bigots think otherwise. So that’s all right, then.

  31. Housing Benefit – Under Occupancy Debate on BBC Parliament at the mo.

    • Notwithstanding the fact that Iain Drunken Schmidt is a cunt, kudos on the cunt for defending the “innocent until proven guilty” principle, made Liam “you cannot be on the dole for more than two years you will be expected to work at that point” Byrne look a bit of a knobhead that particular bit on sparring did. A principle that Schmidt should remind his sanction-happy “decision makers” in the DWP of. Credit where credit is due and all that, but still a complete and utter cunt. Looking at Byrne I have a sneaky suspicion that when New Labour take back the reins of power and Drunken Schimdt cedes to Byrne we will be looking back in fondness to the halycon days of Schmidt and his “worse than doing nothing” “work programme”. Things are certainly not going to get any better for sure!!

      • Byrne was the one of those who used the wicked skivers/strivers terminology. He isn’t much different to IDS or the rest in the abyss we call Westminster.

      • Mr Byrne:

        I am very happy to give way, but let me tell the Secretary of State that the House will draw little comfort from the fact that people on remand for these offences will still be exempt from this policy.

        Mr Duncan Smith:

        I just want to establish one thing: the right hon. Gentleman is now changing his party’s legal policy. It has been a very good principle in this country down through the ages that people are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty before they are proven innocent. The reality is that we stick within the existing strictures. The right hon. Gentleman has every right to oppose this measure, but he is now saying that as soon as someone is accused of a crime, they should immediately be treated as if they are guilty.

      • Mr Byrne:

        That is why the Secretary of State should be arguing. He should find some spine and tell the Chancellor that it is about time we had a tax on bankers’ bonuses to build new homes and get people into work. If we said to people in this country that they could not spend more than two years on the dole and that at that stage they had to work, that would be a proper plan for welfare reform and for welfare to work. It would be a real alternative to this policy, which is a cruel and unusual punishment from a cruel and useless Government.

  32. Say’s it all. Absolutely disgusting yet not even remotely surprising as an opinion of these cretins. When will people learn and not allow these monsters to dictate our lives?

  33. ShippersUnboundGivesDacreBlowjob

    Tim Shitman is a nazi, discuss etc

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  35. Do us all a favor put that lot down!!!

  36. The Torys are making sure to get the real agenda across. Every so often one of the pricks steps up to blurt out the actual aims of the ruling class that pay their salary.
    They’ve always hated us disabled.
    Cameron may even feel a slight hardening in the underpants region
    when this cunts name is mentioned.

  37. The lot has been growing for centuries. It would be of now help killing one or two. Besides as much as I hate them (the bloody lot) I know I should love my enemy to deal with appropriately. Lets oust the lot out!. Shall we?

  38. A typo; I meant: it would be of no help killing one or two.

  39. SO, I have read all of your comments. WHO is doing anything to DISGRACE this moron and get him OUT.

  40. Archaeologists discovered two 4000 year outdated cities mendacity four hundred meters away from one another
    on the bank of the River Indus.

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