Not Content With Mass Workfare, Now Sue Ryder Want to Take Over the NHS!

nhs-coffinBREAKING NEWS: Sue Ryder have said they will begin a ‘phased withdrawal’ from the Government’s mandatory workfare schemes.

On the day that the Daily Mirror reported NHS privatisation is set to extend far beyond what was originally proposed, Sue Ryder Chief Executive Paul Woodward is littering the pages of The Guardian with a grubby attempt to take over parts of the NHS.

The charity’s call for more involvement in providing NHS care was first revealed in the comments of this blog, by the ever vigilant Bob Chewie.  In a truly impressive PR fail, Woodward’s piece confirming their intentions comes after hundreds of people contacted the charity over the weekend demanding they pull out of workfare.  Boycott Workfare have called for a Rolling Online Picket against the charity’s use of forced unpaid labour.

Last week Sue Ryder made the shocking announcement that they will use people on sickness or disability benefits as forced volunteers.  The charity remain one of the largest workfare exploiters as decent organisations across the UK have pulled out of the schemes.

This hasn’t phased Sue Ryder who have attempted to claim that people on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, and the compulsory Community Action Programme are somehow ‘volunteers’.

In truth these ‘volunteers’ can have benefits stopped, in some cases for up to three years, if they refuse to work unpaid.

Sue Ryder have been unrepentant about their use of mass workfare.  They seem equally proud of their desire to help dismantle the NHS.

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28 responses to “Not Content With Mass Workfare, Now Sue Ryder Want to Take Over the NHS!

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  2. @Johnny Void good of you to catch up with the rest of us since I posted the house of lords breifing on this a few days ago. They have been lobbying on this for a bit now and they supported the NHS privatisation.
    Ok so as i asked you earlier as part of the sue ryder protest against workfare can ss include this too?

  3. Hey BTW THANKS. Sorry I only saw thd hesdlind ooops sorry mate

  4. Thanks for the credit johnny I didn’t see my name till later. Pity tom forgot to credit me oh well at least I did something right …

  5. Landless Peasant

    A company by the name of Interserve also have their grubby little fingers into a slice of the NHS pie, as well as being providers of the Work Programme who took over B.E.S.T. Training.

    • DWP is going to see Interserve in Bradford in the next few weeks – maybe they will be losing their contract.

      From insider information.

      • Landless Peasant

        WOW! I bloody well hope so! That’s where I’m mandated to attend. On the other hand, perhaps the DWP will give them a kick up the arse to make them get tougher with ‘clients’ ? We shall see, but cheers for that info 🙂

  6. “decent organisations across the UK have pulled out of the schemes.”

    If they were “decent organisations” they would NEVER have been apart of workfare in the first place. They are rotten to the core of their very being.

  7. Again sorry about that its this poxy handset I can only view a small bit of the screen.
    Ok the other thing about sue ryder is their voluntary job classification. Eg skilled jobs like minibus driver and IT trainer and maintenance assistant etc they call that ‘ voluntary’ which would normally be a paid job any where else. Not only that but I found some voluntary workers there were ex employees. Quite a few in fact.

    • think it’s important that this isn’t seen as an attack on genuine volunteering – if people want to donate their time and skills without any coercion then it’s difficult to have a problem with that. the problem is that coercion and sanctions are so in-built to the benefits system that there is always a risk that ‘volunteering’ on any DWP scheme has been forced. Of course you can’t ‘volunteer’ for Mandatory Work Activity, which is one of the schemes Sue Ryder makes use of. Claimants can also be mandated to workfare to organisations with a ‘community benefit’ on the Work Programme – this is the scheme under which Sue Ryder have said they will exploit sick and disabled claimants.

      there are other big problems with workfare in the private sector as well, it’s hard to see how working in Poundland for no pay could be considered volunteering, even if it doesnt come with threats of sanctions. it can still be used to undermine wages and industrial relations, and why the fuck should people have to work unpaid for two months just on the off chance of a job in a shop – hope to cover this in more detail later this week.

  8. something survived...

    if you’re talking about workfare people being forced to provide care?
    how shit is that care going to be from untrained, unwilling, incompetent/unskilled, unsupervised, un-checked, random strangers who are slaves? and from the point of view of patients and their family?
    chance of accidents, security breaches, abuse… We’ll have to just say ‘care’ now, not care.

    • I would have thought it would require a CRB check – which you could refuse on data protection /privacy grounds.

      • Yeah, but what’s data protection /privacy to the criminal DWP/third-party providers? Can see (enhanced) CRB checks being forced on their victims. The cunts then get to keep a copy and pass a copy on to the DWP.

      • That’s assuming the government cares about the quality of care the patients receive they don’t. They consider the sick and disabled to be useless eaters and the elderly to be nuisances that have served their purpose who should now do the decent thing and fuck off and die. They don’t care if they get neglected and tortured by resentful, inexperienced, unqualified workfare slaves, perverts and sadists, because they consider them to be worthless expendable vermin.

  9. something survived

    As some of these so called volunteers are sick and disabled themselves, the idea of care is a misnomer.

  10. 38 degrees petition site has just mailed me to say that Hunt is using hidden powers to force GPs to outsource more to private contractors. How’s that for timing? Anyone interested in stopping this should sign the 38 degrees petition

    Let’s take the fight to these bastards

  11. Sue Ryder and the big soceity.

    ” we welcome the opening up of public services .”

  12. This government is regressive in every way, yet they call it progress.

  13. it’s more a case of double cross by both the government’s privatisation of the welfare state and the businesses that call themselves charities.

  14. To be fair, if the charities participate in the scheme, then they can put the welfare of their “volunteers” as a high priority and set their work appropriately. And their volunteers will be secure in theri work at the charity.
    If the charities don’t participate then those claimants will just get conscripted to work at Tesco or wherever.

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