Join The Sue Ryder Rolling Online Picket and Help Stop Workfare!

workfare-protestBREAKING NEWS: Sue Ryder have said they will begin a ‘phased withdrawal’ from the Government’s mandatory workfare schemes.

via Boycott Workfare

Join an online, rolling picket of workfare exploiters Sue Ryder.

Starts: Now
Ends: When Sue Ryder pull out of all forms of workfare.

Since Sue Ryder became the first and only UK charity to admit they will use claimants on sickness and disability benefits as forced unpaid workers hundreds of people have contacted them to express disgust at their activities.

This followed the revelation that Sue Ryder are part of the Mandatory Work Activity scheme and also accepted free workers on the Community Action Programme. This is one of the nastiest workfare schemes which involves 720 hours forced unpaid work simply for being unemployed. This is over twice the maximum Community Service punishment which can be handed out by the Courts.

Sue Ryder are unrepentant about their use of mass workfare and have even boasted about how much money it makes them!  In a Question and Answer response to online criticism they sought to justify this by claiming people forced to work their shops under threat of poverty and destitution are ‘volunteers’.

We urgently need to keep up the pressure and ensure that Sue Ryder know exactly what the public think about forced unpaid work. Join the hundreds of people who have already said they will boycott the charity and send a message not just to Sue Ryder, but to any other charity considering the Government’s vile offer of forced free labour carried out by sick and disabled claimants.

Contact info

Telephone: 0845 050 1953 (they also have a freephone number for shopping online at: 0800 917 8123)

General contact form
There well staffed PR office can be reached on:
To let them know you no longer wish to donate use:
To find locations and contact details for individual shops visit

Sue Ryder have a youtube channel here
Join the facebook bombardment and tweet their main account @sue_ryder (people have been using the hashtag #shameonsue)

Sue Ryder shops with individual twitter accounts include: @SRReadingRetro, @SRHeadingley, @SueRyderVintage, @SueRyderKH, @SueRyderWinch, @suerydervandr@SueRyderSandbac, @Sueryderlitmoor, @SRHaworth1, @SRBrockworth, @SRyderDewsbury, @SueRyderLiscard, @SueRyderMond, @SueRyderFarrell, @SueRyderMoreton

SueRyder shops with active facebook pages include:
(search for “sue ryder” shop on facebook to find more)

Scott Arms Birmingham
South West
Bourton on the Water

We urge people not to contact hospices run by the charity or clinical/care staff. This is about ending workfare, not disrupting people’s care.

Whilst it’s well worth trying to speak to a manager or senior individual if possible please bear in mind most people taking calls/emails will be low paid retail/admin staff and could even be on workfare themselves. Be aware that is an offence to make telephone calls or send communications which are threatening, indecent or offensive.

Join the National Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on March 18th:

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13 responses to “Join The Sue Ryder Rolling Online Picket and Help Stop Workfare!

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  2. Just got off the phone with someone from Sue Ryder, they have clearly been inundated because as soon as I mentioned WorkFare and said I was a journalist I was transferred through to what I assume is their PR Desk.

    Interesting gambit they’ve adopted to say the least. They don’t use workfare schemes because there are no workfare schemes in the UK, all their placement are entirely voluntary. Apparently they ‘know who you are’ and intend to pursue legal action against anyone trying to do reputational damage to the Sue Ryder charity. I then got a lengthy sob story about all the good work they do, and some emotional blackmail about the sick and the dying.

    They’re in crisis management mode

  3. Whilst you dont want the hospice part to be bothered that part of their business is still a legitimate Target of complaint since sue ryder were lobbying the govt for extra business using the competition element in their bidding. They also supported the NHS privatisation.
    Also the voluntary jobs at sue ryder agent job helping out in the shops there are some quite skilled ones that ideally should be paid for.

    • The exploitative nature of their actions to shake the governments dirty hand and embracing this form of 21st century slave labour is nothing but distasteful and quite frankly if Sue Ryder was alive today she would be sick to her stomach how her legacy has been abused in this manner and how very damaging it will be if it continues. It just shows you how charities have now become big business with big profit margins for the wealthy who run them at the highest level to maintain their lifestyles so in effect they are no doubt quite sympathetic to the Tory fascist policies they probably vote for.

      Sue Ryder was more than just a Philanthropist, if you read about her life it goes right against the grain of what they are involved in here, I just hope her
      good name is not blackened by greedy people with their hands on the reigns of control because the name “Sue Ryder” should be about relieving suffering and poverty and not conspiring with the government and it’s fascist draconian policies to make the misery even worse. People who wish to volunteer will volunteer and always have done but you cannot force people to do these things against their will, it contradicts the very essence of what a democratic country is all about and seldom solves any problems, much less allow us to preach about democracy on the world stage… not so much democracy.. more like hypocrisy.

      The words “Volunteer” or “Voluntary” are of clear understanding in the dictionary and should not be manipulated just for the base directives of reducing welfare or fiddling the unemployment figures when they are due for release. It’s time the top end of this unbalanced tree was focused upon and
      cuts made there, starting with salaries and making the rich pay their fair share of tax and in doing so not conveying the actions of doing it like they are some kind of martyrs, had they done so all those years back we would not find ourselves in this situation and things like the Welfare state whilst it needed some changes, would not have had a massive unacceptable zoom lens upon it making it out as if it was the sole reason this has come about, this is just a diversion tactic if the truth is known…political slight of hand, we all know where the damage started and it was not at root level, the rot started at the top and worked it’s way down the tree.

  4. something survived...

    “Be aware that is an offence to make telephone calls or send communications which are threatening, indecent or offensive.”

    Okay, should I/we report the nasty piece of hate-mail I/we got sent last week? It was all of the above. Indecent as in shameless and rude, threatening, and HIGHLY offensive. If it helps the police with their enquiries, I seem to recall it had ‘DWP’ on the top. (possible terrorist organisation?)

    Also we could add all statements made by the ‘government’ (in inverted commas. they don’t deserve to be called one) about benefits recipients, immigrants and the poor, and virtually everything published by the Daily Mail.

    UJM is mandating jobseekers to apply for jobs staffing work programmes! you have to laugh or you’d cry!

  5. The only way to beat ‘Charities’ is to deny them power.
    Stop giving them control- i.e.
    if you want to help the homeless buy a sandwich in the 24 hr
    tesco and give it to the beggar at the tube,
    If you give the money to a charity he will end up with an out of date
    shit limp sandwich and will probably have to attend AA to get it.
    ANY charity were somebody draws a wage is a business.
    SIMPLES! Give ALL charity shops NOWT till this si sorted.

  6. In fact, some of the homeless charities push people into a church service
    to get a bowl of soup(made by volunteers) and a bread roll.
    Its recruitment of the vulnerable. Give charities nothing esp ones with
    ‘directors’ on big wages.

  7. Just read the statement;
    More holes than an the A12_
    Enable our staff to do more?
    Every retail biz is staffed to the minimum with guidelines set
    down in biz management school;
    Do shop staff sit around bored on holidays moaning nothing to do?
    All working hrs will be accounted for.
    If a volunteer is recruited, any paid hours will be cut.
    Accountants earn there money by NOT missing out on this stuff.
    If they did they would be sacked.
    The statement flies in the face of logic.
    _its utter bull shit.

  8. Moi I totally agree with you regarding what the real Sue Ryder stood for with regards to helping the poor and the sick.

  9. If you want to hear my treatment of the whole workfare/Cait Reilly debate/debacle, then feel free to pop along to politicoid for a read. I have been in the exact same circumstances as her, and am destitute as a result, though still working hard to further my career…

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