Bodged Government Spam Site to be at the Heart of Benefit Reforms

Universal-creditDWP documents confirm that the Universal Jobmatch website, the government job search site plagued by spam, scams and spoof vacancies, will be at the heart of the new conditionality for claiming benefits.

Lord Fraud’s recent begging letter to local councils asking for help with the Universal Credit shambles reveals the first scant details of how the new benefit system may (or may not) work in practice.

The document features a “claimant’s journey” which details how people will access the new benefit.  Claimants, many of whom will have never used a computer or don’t have access to broadband, will first need to open an online Universal Credit account.  It is anticipated many people may have to attend some form of training or support from local authorities or other agencies to learn how to make an initial claim.

Claimants will then be expected to provide the necessary documents for the claim, such as proof of identity, information on sickness or disabilities, details of children and any income or savings.  This is also likely to include the vast reams of evidence required to claim Housing Benefits, such as Tenancy Agreements and in some cases even bank statements.  It has not been explained how claimants will be expected to provide this information, but it sounds like another trip to the Jobcentre.

After the claim has been submitted claimants will be scheduled to an interview.  At this interview they will lectured on what they need to do to look for work and be “made aware of the support available to them including Universal Jobmatch”.

Only then will a decision on a Universal Credit claim be made.  This is Lord Fraud’s idea of simplifying the benefit system, by moving:  “claimants towards self service and automation and away from face to face delivery”.

universal-jobmatchThe document also gives information on what will be expected of claimants to maintain a claim.  This gives the clearest indication yet that DWP snooping via the bodged Universal Jobmatch website will be at the heart of the new benefits regime. Lord Fraud’s currently non-existent advisors are encouraged to:

“Ensure claimants are aware their obligations in receiving UC eg to look for work, and of all the support available to them to assist them in finding work including helping them to set up a jobmatch account and create a CV/sign up for job matching”

When Universal Credit is launched, five million people will face the same job-seeking conditions as those currently on unemployment benefits.

Part time or low income self-employed workers will be expected to constantly look for ‘more or better paid work’.  There will be unprecedented powers for the DWP to force single parents and sick or disabled claimants into endless ‘job related activity’ – which could include workfare.

The only possible way the DWP can police this draconian regime is to spy on people’s job seeking activity via the Government jobs website, Universal Jobmatch,

It is currently not mandatory for claimants to register with Universal Jobmatch, although Iain Duncan Smith has said that it will become so at some point this year.  Even then however,  unless Iain Duncan Smith changes privacy laws, claimants will not have to give the DWP access to their accounts.  According to the department’s own figures, only around half of claimants so far have ticked the box which allows jobcentre staff to monitor use of the website.

It is believed that the DWP will attempt to subvert privacy and cookie laws by expecting people to use computers inside Jobcentres to look for work on the website.   These are Jobcentres and computers which will already be overwhelmed by people making initial Universal Credit claims and forwarding their monthly income details to the DWP.  It is also expected that unemployed claimants will still be expected to continue to sign on fortnightly as they do at the moment.

The upcoming chaos is hard to imagine, even for those who have followed the shambolic welfare reforms.  Imagine a busy Jobcentre, seeing three times the number of people than they do currently, many of whom will be seriously unwell, or have kids running round.  Then cram in your local civic centre or Housing Benefit office.

On top of that throw in a packed internet cafe full of people who in many cases have never used a computer.  Some of these people may have literacy difficulties, some may not be able to read or even speak English, some will have drug or alcohol problems, many will no doubt be furious due to missed payments or delays.

Lord Fraud, with his gilded toff’s existence, knows nothing of this world.  For the rest of us it is already all too familiar.  There is no mass recruitment planned at the DWP to deal with this extra workload.  Jobcentres and benefit offices are already creaking under the strain of recession.  Many of the agencies Lord Fraud expects to help so-called vulnerable people make claims for Universal Credit have closed due to cuts.

Many have expected the IT behind the new welfare system, which depends on the largest and most complex database ever constructed by a government, to be the main obstacle facing Universal Credit.  In truth, even if it works (stop laughing),  it is only the beginning of the DWP’s problems.

Read Lord Fraud begging local authorities for help at:

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  2. I seem to remember other mega IT systems endorsed and run by govt going wrong and never working after years and mega bega bucks.

  3. It also means that claimants will have to open a direct debit account with bank to pay their rent. In my case I hope it won’t keep me nailed to this place with my rotten housing association landlord

    • Yeah, Bob, Housing Associations DO NOT take cash!

      • Think about it, Bob, at the moment Housing Associations receive ONE payment direct into their bank account for THOUSANDS of tenants. Do you really think they would tolerate thousand of tenants queuing at their offices to pay their rent in cash? lol it ain’t gonna happen, Bob. The only way tenants on Universal Credit will be able to pay their rent is through Direct Debit, even this will be an unnecessary administration overhead!

  4. Irrespective of whether candidates, in signing up to UJ, tick the box giving the DWP access to their “Accounts”, this is irrelevant ….when candidates create a UJ Account, they have to accept a range of conditions within which the Monster Corporation, in operating the system on behalf of the DWP, is a Data Processor (under Data Protection Legislation) and must distribute the data contained on the instructions of the Minister of State via the DWP.

    Hence, George Iain Duncan Smith may simply dictate that Accounts are going to be made available to all authorised personnel, including JCP Staff and Welfare To Work plebs within the Work Programme.

  5. Landless Peasant

    It’s going to be absolute utter chaos. A total shambolic mess. There will be people queuing out into the streets, all in desperate need of their Benefits and food. The Jobcentres or local authorities will have to implement emergency measures and simply pay people Personal Issue, or there will surely be food riots like in the Middle Ages. The cities will burn. This will be a modern day Peasants Revolt, in every town & city across the land. Freud and his maniac friends are about to cause the greatest social unrest ever seen in this land.

    • I completely agree, Landless Peasant. There are going to be turbulent times ahead unless the Government does a big fat U-turn on this. Universal Jobmatch has already shown itself to be a load of crap, so there’s no way that the online Universal Credit site is going to work effectively.

  6. Monster jobs who designed the UJM their own site was exposed on a website which exposes online fraud . Doesn’t say much for UJM does it ?

  7. And when they force people to sign up to this wretched identity theft scam sanction site and people’s identities inevitably get stolen and used in criminal scams and used to run up huge Wonga debts, the DWP will probably make the victims pay the debt back in full, by deducting a large proportion of their Universal Credit payment every month, leaving the ‘customer’ with even less money to scrape by on.

  8. Perhaps they want riots so they can take people’s freedoms away. Well, they might end up with more trouble then they can handle with all the people they are annoying. It’s not just the disabled or the unemployed, it’s workers as well who are being bothered by this.

  9. So you set up a direct debit account to pay your rent cos of universal credit changes at a time when govt is telling private landlords they can charge whatever they like for rents . I can see trouble and fraud already

  10. Sound to me like the begining of the end. for Cameron and Co. they simply have no idea about people or the way the real world works. As I have said before to them this is just a hobby. and so what if people get hurt it really doesn’t matter to them in their ivory towers.

  11. People are going to get so deep in debt when they go on Uni/Credit as they expect them to pay their rent/tax first before any other bills or food?, that means no money for TV’s or licence or internet so hence they wont be online to search for jobs and the govt expect every OAP to have a computer ??? here in Hants it was stated in a local freebie rag that some 7.000+ were caught without TV licences? that will increase 10 fold next year!

  12. I just can’t get my head around the fact that anyone thinks this is a good idea, and that anyone spending more than 10 seconds thinking about it would not foresee the issues as above. I did and I’m a middle class educated professional who has broadband and computers at home.

  13. For those interested in seeing a picture of the Internet Access Device (IAD) at the heart of the changes go to page 9 below. Take note of that “Thin Client Device”!

    “Staff must be vigilant and ensure that claimants are using the devices for authorised activities only”. (page 15)

    ‘“4 million of the 8.7 million adults in the UK who have
    never used the internet are society’s most socially and
    economically disadvantaged.”‘ (page 6)

    • something survived...

      This document makes Peter and Jane books look like the works of Stephen Hawking.

      At no point does it mention special needs, computer-screen-aggravated conditions, disability, blind clients, etc.
      Also they conveniently forget to mention that work programme has computers with a long track record of showing you all the other clients’ details.
      Oh and they completely left out the part about UJM being totally crap.

      Computer: Please select the type of work you are looking for.
      Jobseeker: [types in ‘plumber in Sussex’]
      Computer: You have selected: Dog Groomer in Bolton

  14. There is another glaring problem with the UC roll out “testing” pathway….

    As it only includes single claimants it utterly fails to test the “other” cases, a single claimant is a very simple transaction “enter work done” “calculate credit payment” the problem is going to be for all the other interesting cases where, for example, my son currently has to enter his payslips at the council and depending on how much he earns he has to pay differing amounts to the council and against the HB reduction… but we can easily work out how much its going to be even before the council has changed its award with this now done at arms length and with possible delays what is likely to happen is that we wont be able to tell how much I am going to get and he has to pay, then if he is on a low week we suddenly get hit by a higher rent (due to hb reduction) which obviously cant then be met and so on… a total cock up waiting to happen!

    As it is, I know my council even with their automated systems often have to manually enter “fudge factors” into the wrong computer boxes to take account of some of the absolutely huge book on the rules to make it work as its impossible to write the software taking into account everything.

    Another stupid thing is although there may be some saving to councils by not having to deal with the HB side of things they will still have to deal with the CT so now biggov and localgov are duplicating the getting, noting, and calculating of payslips etc in the above example of my lad.

    And yet another thing, when I don’t get the correct amounts for HB who the hell will I contact? The job center? The council? A call center? if the latter I have no way to contact them as I can’t afford credit on my payg mobile and I don’t physically have a phone connected to my landline as I am on the low paid discount scheme which means I pay less for my line rental (about a third a month) but get charged a lot more for calls.. so how the F**k am I meant to get things sorted when it could mean I am left with no money for food for a month… the fuckup gets worse

    Oh and yet another thing…. Moving over to a monthly payment… is that going to be a 4 weekly payment or a calender month with all the problems that will cause to people who pay weekly for everything, at present I get paid fortnightly… its hard enough to split that into 2 payments for everything, the only way I can is by only taking out half the money then block the queue at the co-op whill I pay my gas/elec/water/rent then repeat it the next week… also if my son looses his job he will be without payment for a month, yet he courently gets paid weekly in his job so won’t have a final months pay to cover that time only one week of it… the fuckup is complete!

  15. Universal Jobmatch becomes compulsory from 1st March.

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  17. The Laughing Man

    Citation please?

  18. I work for them. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to.. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

  19. This is all to do with laying the groundwork for the DWP being privatised, it will in truth be taken over officially (it is unofficial being run now by) Unum. Having “Universal Jobmatch website” saves on having to employ people = More Profit for Unum.

    • something survived...

      Unum, is this a typo? spellcheck please help us out???
      Anum? Onan? Rectum?

      • Don’t know how serious your post is but heres a Wiki extract for your info.

        “Unum is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based insurance company ……………… It is currently the largest disability insurance company worldwide.”

  20. Haven’t looked at Universal Jobmatch myself, but the obvious question is what is stopping someone creating thousands of dummy accounts? Then swamping every employer with thousands of bogus applicants. I can’t imagine any employer would wade through thousands of applicants in the hope of finding a genuine one. (Assuming the system can actually cope with the load).

    • Everyone should have at least one bogus UJ account and swamp those employers that advertise on it with a bullshit CV 🙂

    • And and once the private sector has the ultimate power which they so desperately want, that is to be able to strike claimants of of ALL benefits (housing included) without any oversight and absolutely no recourse whatsoever; when these ruthless parasitical cunts literally hold the power of life and death over their victims we will be well and truly fucked.

      • Until large bands of people, 100+ at a time, enter their shops, threaten the security guards who are badly outnumbered, then steal everything and threaten to come back and wreck the place if any of them get arrested. Now, I’m certainly not saying anyone should do that, nor that stealing is a good thing. But if people get starved, some of them will turn to crime.

  21. Housing benefit claims and DWP claims are already bogged down with work and they already manage to F**K up so many claims and it takes FOREVER to get any money through to the desperate claimants ripping their hair out waiting to pay their bills and stuff. Not to mention put food in their mouths. I had to wait 7 weeks for ESA earlier this year. How I got through those weeks and manage my depression, I really don’t know. I suppose the answer is, I HAD TO, I had no choice but to wait while they forgot about me and gave me wrong information etc etc. As Jonothan Wilson said (above), if you have no money, how the hell are you supposed to phone 0845 numbers to sort things out, or travel to the jobcentre? They want to make up their minds whether they want people in work or not. The job centres are going to be bulging, more than they are now, yet aren’t going to get any more staff?? THERE ARE 1000s OUT THERE WANTING WORK…..HELLO??!!!! Even if it means working for the government in the jobcentres….UUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!! This is all total madness and I hope the government is made to see how unrealistic they’re being. I think the whole system should be tested out by members of the government before it starts, with no favours, just live it like it is, and long enough for it to make them realise what they’re doin.

  22. Universal Credit explained

  23. This is their plan to make us suffer so much that we forgo our rightful benefits
    many will commit suicide, many will become violent, many will not claim benefits and just live a life of crime such as steeling iron drain covers in the streets and copper cables along train lines
    WE MUST bring this Government down they recently did it in Bulgaria when the Government resigned.

    • You cant weigh in metals any more, they got that one covered…
      Waste transfer licence and a company bank account where the cash gets deposited by BACS, these days…

  24. Is the welfare state in danger of disintegrating ?

  25. De Rong Song

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  26. Can anyone explain what is going on here .
    There is a YouTube video telling you how to log into UJM using gateway and email system.
    It’s linked to benefits2work site and also this site

    A Christian job search site

    • something survived...

      do they have an FAQ called ‘I am a christian and UJM told me to work in the sex industry, what should I do?’

  27. Only this government supposedly simplifying a social security system could end up proposing a new system EVEN MORE complicated and harder to access and use than its predecessor. It absolutely IS going to fail. Iain Duncan Smith and David Freud should be hung, drawn and quartered.

    • Heads will roll when this comes to pass don’t worry about that, they may appear loyal to each other but they will always try to look after no.1 and when the chips are down and they need a sacrificial lamb then it will probably end up being IDS or Freud… I think IDS will be moved which will dent his ego and his insanity. There is no redeeming features with this cabinet and I cannot see things like this lasting for too much longer. This coalition are lurching from one disaster after another, it’s the people of this country who suffer… it’s very worrying this coalition have gained control and running it into the ground.

  28. Wow this sound fucking brilliant not! Can’t wait to start work in a month hopefully be able to keep the job and not fall in this fucking mess. My council won’t be introducing ujc for a couple of years I was told wile they trile it out in other county’s. Anaky in the UK to come watch this space……

  29. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!

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  31. Not suggesting anything but what if Anonymous decide that the website is a good target and bring it down?
    “Can’t do a jobsearch as the site is being DDOSed” means a sanction for 100% of users.
    Hell, in that case I can see them “accidentally” pulling the cable out daily so they can sanction them without the DDOS

  32. The thought of just going onto Facebook just to say hello to friends and then being sanctioned for doing so because you are not looking for work 24/7 and having DWP busybodies monitoring your every move should fill every one with horror i am surprised claimants won’t be fitted with tracking tags. I bet comes next. After all the jobless are already deemed criminals .

  33. Following my last post just now I came across this from the daily heil.
    Third of jobless have criminal records . So that’s how we are seen ‘ the criminal underclass ‘ that’s us.

    • As an ex-JC adviser I can state that in the jobcentre’s eyes there are only THREE “barriers to work” and ALL claimants will fall into one or more categories: 1. Alcohol Abuse 2. Drug Abuse 3. Criminal Record

      • I don’t come under any of those, hold on!, yes I do, “3. Criminal Record”, I admit it, back in the early 1970s I did contemplate voting for the forerunner of the Lib Dems, The Liberal Party, it was only on the grounds of tactical voting, nevertheless, just thinking it was a criminal act…

      • something survived...

        i think you will find that constitutes slander and libel

  34. “Part time or low income self-employed workers will be expected to constantly look for ‘more or better paid work’. There will be unprecedented powers for the DWP to force single parents and sick or disabled claimants into endless ‘job related activity’ – which could include workfare.”

    You missed a trick there Johnny. You should have highlighted the fact that 40% of Jobcentre staff (according to the PCS union) will also have to do this. Imagine the irony of them having to attend workfare, use UJ and have to attend interviews with their colleagues to assess their progress! LOL!

  35. “Serious questions about the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)”

  36. TheBigIanLebowski

    The only hope left for people who are not mansion dwellers is save up their money and fly out of this country.

    I’m pretty sure most people currently in work will be trying too.

  37. The DWP produced two UC impact assessments they keep on revising them for some reason.
    I found this independent site on it.

  38. Universal Credit impact assessment published

    Submitted by Huw on Thu, 13/12/2012 – 11:59
    in Universal Credit

    Welfare benefits

    Welfare reform

    The Government has published an inpact assessment for the introduction of Universal Credit. Ministers have confirmed the final elements of Universal Credit, and say that 3 million families will be better off under the new system by around £168 a month. The majority of these – 75% – will come from the bottom two fifths of the income scale.
    The disregards and work allowances for Universal Credit will be more generous than the existing system. Some of the changes within the Universal Credit regulations include:

    * No longer taking into account income from war pensions or armed forces compensation when calculating benefits;

    * Disregarding 100% of contributions to an occupational or personal pension scheme;

    * 200,000 under 25s being able to claim in work support for the first time;

    * Kinship carers no longer being forced to look for work as a condition of their benefit;

    * New rules for the self employed which will now assume a minimum level of income at the National Minimum Wage which will incentivise claimants to increase their earnings and productivity and realise their financial potential.
    Households will be protected from changes in benefit entitlement if they are actively moved to Universal Credit from legacy benefits or tax credits, where their circumstances remain the same, through a package of transitional protection. However, the impact assessment indicates that, in the long run, around 2.8 million households would have notionally lower benefit receipt under Universal Credit than in the current system. Since these individuals are typically on lower than average incomes the impact on individual welfare may be proportionately higher.
    About 800,000 households will see an average loss of £137 a month, while the 300,000 hardest hit families will lose as much as £300 a month. About 200,000 lone parents will also receive lower awards under the new scheme than the current system.

    • It’s well known that children cost proportionally less as they continue to grow & develop. Also, that lone parents usually have hardly any pressures to contend with (financial or otherwise) – so the lower award will be a welcome relief for those in line to receive it – just one less thing for them to think about …

      • Not meant to sound as if children are purely a “cost” to their families …
        To meet their needs, the costs don’t usually go down – they go up – if things are going well & they want to have a life – as they grow.

    • I find it interesting that they use the words “households” and “families” in one sentence, without a definition of either. Basically we are all screwed and everbody is having the benefit they are entitled to, cut.

      • That’s about the size of it – but it doesn’t make for a good sound bite – “You’re all screwed”. Even with the Council Tax shortfall where some groups (not everyone) who were receiving CT Benefit in full are now going to have to pay a proportion (19% here) whatever their source/level of income. It’s not going to be across the board (here, anyway) but the groups exempted are only (eg.) those on highest levels of disability payment – so an ever-increasing number fall outside. Arbitrary doesn’t even begin to describe these new sets of rules & regs. – so currently this won’t apply to lone parents (the 19% CT payment, where I live) but if you are disabled/unable to work currently, ‘someone, somewhere’ has decided that it’s a reasonable expectation to try to pay this from ever-decreasing living costs. There’s no fairness in any of it.

        I am disgusted (not of) Tunbridge Wells

    • Would love to know what exactly was on that page – DWP header, message “page not found” & “you were incorrectly sent to this page by htttp://” Censorship or what?

  39. A4e skill sharpening

    [PDF] uccess stories! – Hertfordshire County Council…/successstories.pdf

  40. Govt Advice for employers.
    If you are recruiter you can use ‘work trials’ to try out a candidate and hey its free no wages involved as claimants will be on benefits. So imagine the employer trialling a candidate for several months or years who knows .

  41. This is doomed before it’s even started, it comes straight out the keystone cops book of good ideas. So many holes in it I could strain my

  42. Govt language just shows the attitude.
    If you are jobseeker claimant its all rules and bullying and negative if you are employer its all friendly and full of options including throwing money at you offering stuff for free etc.

    Just read this stuff on work trials .
    No fuss no paperwork no wages do what the fuck you like we wont poke our noses in exploit anyone you like hey we will even pay you.

    ” Part 3 of 6Work Trials
    A Work Trial is a way of trying out a potential employee before offering them a job. Once agreed with Jobcentre Plus, you can offer a work trial if the job is for 16 hours or more a week and lasting at least 13 weeks.
    Some of the benefits are:
    it’s risk free – you can try the person out before making a final decision
    you know they’re committed because they’re volunteering to do it
    there are no wage costs – people continue to get their benefits
    there’s very little paperwork and it’s fuss-free
    The conditions for a Work Trial are:
    the duration of the trial must be agreed in advance
    the jobseeker must meet eligibility conditions and volunteer to take part – Jobcentre Plus will check this for you”

    See what I mean?

  43. there are no wage costs – people continue to get their benefits

    there’s very little paperwork and it’s fuss-free

    The conditions for a Work Trial are:

    the duration of the trial must be agreed in advance

    the jobseeker must meet eligibility conditions and volunteer to take part – Jobcentre Plus will check this for you”

    Which interpretation of the word ‘voluntary’ are they using ? Given their track record on UJM signing up?
    The duration must be agreed in advance
    By whom ? The JCP? The employer?
    Eligibility conditions . Must be able to breathe..if this isn’t open to abuse I don’t know what is plus the ‘wage incentive’ to the employer….

  44. From UJM get paid £30 to deliver thousand leaflets plus an extra fiver for a thousand more . Whoohoo !!

  45. Universal Job Match (the facts )
    And FOI requests
    It’s a bit lengthy but the DWP replies should interesting .

  46. off topic
    One new disability benefit claimant every nine minutes: Rush for handouts weeks before they’re phased out

  47. Just spoken to a friendly & helpful worker at local city council who seemed quite well informed about upcoming/current changes to HB/Council Tax requirements for payment; bedroom tax & etc (& the yuk – UC). They weren’t a benefit adviser but said they could refer on to one if needed & then said something along the lines of “If you spoke to anyone at council (now) they[we] are pretty much all in sympathy with ‘the general public’ about the nightmare ahead”. This person is contemplating taking April off work (at least wishing they could) – & admitted to feeling that way. Their view was that “changes (generally) seem to have been rushed” and that when UC arrives with all of the other changes alongside, it’s going to be “very difficult for many people” – so it’s expected from ‘both sides of the fence’.

    How many of these often genuinely helpful people will be off work with stress-related illness post-April – and how many others will remain helpful and friendly in the face of the constant barrage of distressed/angry people they’re going to be faced with …..? Atos must be rubbing their hands in anticipation …

  48. My adviser is expecting me to have signed up to this surveillance sanction site by the time I go to see him tomorrow or else!. I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m in two minds about the shituation. On the one hand I feel it is inevitable that it will become mandatory soon, so why cause waves, risk getting myself sanctioned and risk getting put on the “rebellious uppity customer we need to break” list by resisting signing up when I’m going to be forced to sign up eventually anyway to claim Universal Credit? On the other hand, it would make me feel like a total ‘mark’ to sign up before I absolutely have to. I just cannot bear the thought of putting my personal information on a site that is so insecure – fake jobs, fake employers, scams, hackers and identity thieves, which is designed to spy on claimants and sanction them.

    • “Universal ‘bob-a-job’ Match” – just for coming up with the name, whoever did should be demoted at once & made to run round in ever-decreasing circles until they find out where their talents really lie – or become ‘fit for work’.

      I don’t even want it in the house but realistically that day isn’t too far away. There are only so many variations of ‘No, honestly – I’m fine for job sites’, so maybe registering before being pushed, trying to get used to perusing it ‘safely’ (if that’s do-able?) is an idea … maybe not though.

      If new JSA agreements state claimants must commit to using Jobs Snatch it can’t be too long before everyone else has to join them – & if we/they are going to ‘benefit’ from UC, we/they will have to ‘commit’ to UJ … once there’s no longer an ‘agreement’ & it’s replaced with a ‘commitment’, then being able use to the supposed two-way-aspect of ‘agreed-to’ as any kind of a ‘get-out’ isn’t going to work.

      In Oct/November the ‘’ advice/reservations were handed over & the response was ‘okay – it’s not necessary to use UJ’ – But – since then I’ve had a sideways move to a (very) different adviser – calculator man – & it’s as if none of that happened – he’s already mentioned UJ as A Great Thing & alleges to know nothing about cookies & suchlike. It seemed as though they were caught slightly off guard early on/didn’t know how little I knew about cookies & thought maybe I did know what I was talking about (?) & backed down but planned to increase the pressure as & when… think that time could be soon. It’s not so much having an account (well, yes it is) – but being instructed to use it – it’s like lethal weapon 2-and-a-half.

      • Agreed. That is an awful name, even by DWP standards. Sounds like the product of Duncan Smith’s warped mind. What is with calling everything ‘universal’ anyway? Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi show, or a ‘One World Government’ conspiracy website.
        You can’t win. Either you allow it “inside your house” and the government gets to spy on everything you do online, or you use it on a public computer which then leaves the security of your personal information compromised. From what I’ve read here it might be doable to peruse it relatively safely, but once you’re registered on the site, you are left completely vulnerable. The Channel 4 report on UJM showed how easy it is for hackers and scammers to get your personal information once you have registered with the site.
        My adviser said today it would make it ‘easier’ for me if I register with Universal Surveillance Match and give him permission to access my account, so he can verify what jobs I’ve applied for and ‘suggest’ jobs for me to apply for (you’ve got to love how they try to sweet talk you into signing away your data protection rights by telling you it is to help you and make your life easier – BIG GIVEAWAY).
        I replied I can still search for and apply for jobs without registering on the site and bring him proof of what I’ve applied for, so I would prefer to do it that way. Duncan Smith has a pathological fanatical zeal and determination to put us all under virtual surveillance and he will do everything in his power and will stop at nothing with the full support of his sociopathic nasty party to actualise his sadistic Orwellian fantasies.

  49. The UC system relies on a connection between databases at HMRC and the DWP in order to calculate UC payments for part time and low paid workers. As far as I can see it will only take one black swan event in a huge batch processing system across two or three networks to delay payments to a vast number of people. It is not a case of if this system fails but when it fails what are the government going to do? What is the disaster recovery plan for this huge project that will ensure people will get paid? If this runs the way I think it does then it won’t be one or two people getting delays it will hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis.

  50. The site is going to get hacked like mad. Its a joke waiting to happen.

  51. Can you imagine a couple of million unemployed people applying for jobs for 35 hours a week. If everyone just applied without considering suitablity or any other factor, just imagine how many jobs you could apply for. Roll on the day that an employer has a few hundred thousand applications for their vacancy. Employers will be singing the praises of UJM . . .NOT!

  52. something survived...

    The UJM WebSpite, and its emails sent out, are CRAP.

    This last week they have told me to be (and all of these are hundreds of miles away):
    An army officer, whose maximum age is about 7 years less than my age
    An HGV driver (not even allowed to drive a car)
    A dog handler/security guard (nondriver, hate and allergic to dogs)
    A chainsaw operator (ruled out by my low weight, small size, numb arms, and constant/daily epilepsy)
    A pipe-layer (dig ditches and put in concrete or metal or plastic pipes then bury them again. repeat ad infinitum. arbeit macht frei)

    They managed to better this today.,

    This morning a man in the jobcentre was mandated (or lose benefits) to apply for jobs selected for him by UJM. And UJM selected 1 job for him.
    And the job was…. FEMALE CARE WORKER. To look after the personal needs of a woman with disabilities, and only women may apply… So they made him ‘agree’ (sic) to apply, but I hope he points out at this stage he’s a man. Or he might get to the interview…

    • “This morning a man in the jobcentre was mandated (or lose benefits) to apply for jobs selected for him by UJM. And UJM selected 1 job for him.”

      They can’t do that (from:

      “As a result of legal challenges and negative press attention, DWP have revised the guidance on UJ to make it clear that this cannot be done. The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.”

      In other words there’s no requirement to use Jobmatch and you can’t be mandated to it.

    • “Jobseekers must be willing to undergo sex change operations to make themselves suitable for jobs requiring a specific gender”.

  53. He wasn’t wearing a long wig and a red dress was he?

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  56. Re Universal Credit, the cost of phone calls was mentioned on Radio 4’s Money Box today (16th March at 12 o’clock) and available for listen again for a week.
    Here is what the Radio 4 website says:

    “Pricey DWP phone lines
    “Money Box has learned that people enquiring about two new benefits – universal credit and the disability benefit personal independence payment – will have to pay premium rates for their phone calls. A letter from the Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith says the department will not be using the new 03 range of numbers and that enquiries and some claims will have to go through 0845 numbers which can cost as much as 40p a minute. The letter was sent to John Healy MP who has campaigned for all DWP numbers to be free. Anne Begg MP, chair of the Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee and David Hickson, of Fair, join the programme.”

    Also includes the info that Council Tax (which the unemployed will be paying from April) can be paid in 12 instalments, rather than 10. However, you have to ask for this.

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  59. matt brilliant hat

    Hi managed to call a terminal after I could not delete my browser history got basic user privilege but obviously couldn’t gain root access because it is password protected. “I did not do any Linux or Unix commands, I could have!!!!” So i closed the terminal and told a member of staff that I could not delete my history, he tryed himself but could not? So he switched off the device when the device rebooted he put the administrator password in right before my eyes lucky for him and the department I’m white hat “I could’ve gained root access and the fact I could sit their with a terminal open scared me

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