Sue Ryder Admit They Will Force Sick and Disabled Claimants to Work Unpaid (and that workfare doesn’t work)

chain_gangBREAKING NEWS: Sue Ryder have said they will begin a ‘phased withdrawal’ from the Government’s mandatory workfare schemes.

In the second astonishing statement in a week, Sue Ryder have admitted their workfare scheme is useless at helping people find work and they will be possibly the only UK charity to force sickness benefit claimants to work unpaid.

In an effort to excuse their shameful use of forced unpaid workers they have released a Q&A document in an attempt to justify their appalling activities.   The first question asks:

“Why continue involvement when government statistics show that workfare schemes are not helping more people find paid jobs?”

Sue Ryder had already answered this in their earlier statement when they boasted that they make millions from unpaid workers in their shit charity shops.  According to their own “internal research” the charity claims that just 1 in 4 of their forced workers eventually find a real paid job,  This is a somewhat suspicious boast given that in their first statement, just a few days ago, the figure was one in five.  Even this merely suggests that 75% of people are so traumatised by their time at Sue Ryder that they never work again.

It is the third question in their statement however which is likely to shock even the most hardened benefit bashers.  Sue Ryder now have the horrific distinction of being the only charity so far in the UK to admit to being happy to force claimants on sickness and disability benefits to work unpaid.

The charity states:

“Since December 2012, people who have been assessed by the government and found unfit to work, but potentially able to work in the future with support, may be referred onto a work placement.

“Our volunteer recruitment process ensures we have honest and open conversations with individuals about any conditions they have that could impact on their ability to take on a volunteering role. We don’t put volunteers into roles they are not able to carry out, and we regularly review volunteers already in roles in case of changes in ability, physical or mental, as well as changes in their interests, availability and training needs.”

Note that in the first paragraph Sue Ryder admit that even Atos and the Government consider this group to be too unwell to work at present.  These claimants have also all been signed off work by their own GP.  This matters not to greedy Sue Ryder bosses, who after a quick chat – no doubt with a charity shop manager – will now force people with serious health conditions into unpaid physical labour.

This defiant statement, which praises forced labour even for those whose own doctors have said they should not work, comes after the charity’s twitter and facebook pages were bombarded with people demanding an end to their cruel and exploitative practices.

That Sue Ryder have chosen to come out fighting shows utter contempt for the hundreds of former customers and donors who have complained about their use of unpaid work.

It is clear that all this charity cares about is money so boycott them, keep up the pressure and tell them what you think on twitter @sue_ryder and facebook:

Join the National Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on March 18th:

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    • SUE RYDER IS POUNDLAND IN DRAG…and blood on its greedy grasping hands.

      • Sue Ryder briefing for House of Lords short debate – 12 December 2012

        “Lord Boateng to ask Her Majesty’s Government what steps they intend to take to enable the voluntary sector to
        participate in the delivery of public services
        We believe that charities such as Sue Ryder are well-placed to deliver certain public services innovatively and
        However, there are significant barriers to voluntary sector involvement in delivering health services. We are pleased
        that the Department of Health has agreed to undertake a Fair Playing Field Review1 to consider these obstacles. We
        have set out below some of the barriers Sue Ryder have encountered, such as VAT, TUPE and pensions, that inhibit the
        sector’s ability to compete on a level playing field.”

      • “2. Barriers which prevent the voluntary sector from delivering public services
        Sue Ryder has been lobbying for some time for a ‘fair playing field’ to enable charities to recover the VAT costs which
        they are currently required to pay, but which NHS providers are not. This campaign has received strong support from
        all parties in both Houses and culminated in Health Minister Earl Howe accepting Lord Patel of Bradford’s amendment
        to the Health Act2 which ensured the production of a ‘fair playing field review’ that will consider the obstacles to nonstate
        providers wanting to deliver public services.
        Monitor is currently conducting this review on behalf of the Secretary of State. We believe the sector has enormous
        potential to contribute further to the delivery of public services in this country and hope this review will be an
        important step in making that possible.
        Some examples of the barriers facing charitable providers are set out below.
        2.1 VAT
        The VAT burden on charities providing public services is significant. For example, one of Sue Ryder’s hospices incurs
        £44,000 in VAT per year on non business supplies. If this service was managed by the NHS it would be able to recover
        57% of this figure.”

        wow Sue Ryder really loves money dont they????

  2. As i posted on your previous blog its interesting to not that poundland in a competition voted sue ryder as a top charity…

  3. channel 5 news at 6.30pm has another graduate condemning workfare, the govt is constantly telling students to study sciences which he did ‘genetics’ and he said “instead of reaching for the stars he is now reaching for the shelves or be sanctioned.” Predictably an unknown govt minister took time out to defend the indefensible workfare.

  4. I have known this for years !!! It is time to form a total rebellion against the charity commission to have it completely dismantled – not simply reformed but abolished. It is just another control tool for the establishment and to many celebrities (remember? likes of Jimmy Saville) and businesses live fraudulently under the wing of charity as a concept. It is of no use except to serve at committee level such as Social Workers, Vicars and Bank Managers wives – let us have the commission destroyed. It is thoroughly corrupt.

    • To quote from the Work Programme DWP site

      “Flexibility and dynamism are central to how the UK labour market works: relatively low levels of labour market regulation and taxation mean that firms have incentives to create new jobs alongside new business opportunities, and can offer flexible working arrangements”

      so scrap health and safety and let work program providers avoid paying taxes..
      and let WPP sanction everyone to grab as much cash as possible..
      or to put it in DWP terms ‘flexibility and dynamism’

  5. i did wonder what a jobseekers status was…if WPP is profiting from jobseeker then are they sort of working for the WPP as a sort of ’employee’..

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  7. ” We believe that charities such as Sue Ryder are well-placed to deliver certain public services innovatively and


  8. since a lot of ppl who work at Sue Ryder are volunteers then will it mean volunteer doctors , nurses,, bin collectors what????
    has this country gone mental?

    • It seems the principle of working for wages is fast disappearing, before long all “workers” will be “volunteers” receiving benefits of the princely sum of £71 a week. If this was happening in a third world country the liberal elites would screaming “exploitation” & demanding the practice be ended.If this is the future, heaven help us all.

      • @kittycat sue ryder supported the. Nhs privatisation bill because they want a slice of the action

      • @Kittycat58 – We are a 3rd world country already, have been before 2008 and more so after. So this is not only the future it has been the past. Business UK is a CON trick – it is easy for many to look smart but to be smart is another matter. Look how cameron is currently “Grovelling” in India? It is a serious situation.

  9. Distressed and worried by Evil

    They are setting people up to fail especially the young..they are being sent on endless non jobs…giving them false hope…The Revolution can,t happen quick enough for me…A lot of people won,t admit to voting for this Government ,,but I did,…And i want people to know i,m ashamed and i,m very depressed, I feel terrible that so many innocent people have died due to this governments treatment of them..I,m distressed that children are going hungry ,I Feel so ashamed and I want to say SORRY…

    • Distressed and worried by Evil,

      If you had voted for any of the three main parties you would have got the same outcome, and sadly, you would have got the same outcome from most of the smaller parties as well. Take heart from your own outcome…You have at last woken upto what these people who rule us truly are, it is so sad that so many never see the truth.

  10. wait is SUE RYDER trying to compete in the NHS ‘FREE MARKET’ ALONGSIDE VIRGIN CARE???

  11. Quite often, people taking along goods to donate to charity shops, if the shops happen to be closed when they get there, just leave the goods bagged up outside… So I have a suggestion for sick, disabled and unemployed people who are in financial hardship due to The Cuts… if you need new clothes, before the shops open, just go along to your local Sue Ryder shop and help yourselves to anything that’s been left outside as donations to it. After all, if Sue Ryder has no shame in exploiting you and effectively stealing from you, then why should the boot not be on the other foot? Tit for tat, I say.

    • @emma mathews there were criminal gangs making a fortune out of donated items…

      also this other aspect bothers me now Sue Ryder now trying to cash in on the ‘competition’ element that the tories brought into th health bill for the NHS….damn this ‘charity’ status is sinking lower by the minute.!!!

      • One annoying aspect of local charity shops is that they seem to be quite fussy about what they accept. So dumping it at their door is often the best way! They will reject stuff that is fine but not up to their standards.
        That said one local shop had some designer jeans in – wanted £75 – right….

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  13. Seems to me this ‘charity’ only wishes to support people who can afford not to be on benefits.

  14. Sue Ryder seem to be contradicting themselves in their Q & A document. First they claim that ‘Volunteer roles and placements within Sue Ryder do not replace paid positions’ and then later on they say volunteers are helping them save 500k per week. If they weren’t intending to take on those people as paid employees in the first place then they aren’t ‘saving’ anything, what they’re doing is generating income by exploiting unpaid labour.

    I guess ‘We make x amount per week using people who can’t find paid employment and are forced to work for us under threat of losing their benefits’ wouldn’t go down well with whatever supporters they’re still managing to hang on to.

  15. i am hoping that this isnt the same inclusion london organsiation..

    Callum is a Labour Market Research and Policy Assistant at Inclusion, having recently joined the organisation. He studied Economics at the University of Nottingham focusing on both labour and development economics, culminating in a dissertation piece on the involvement of commercial providers in the microfinance sector.
    Since joining Inclusion Callum has been involved in a wide range of research projects commissioned by organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and a number of different charities and local authorities. He has recently completed quantitative analysis of MI for a welfare to work scheme in South Wales and was involved in conducting a number of qualitative interviews for an evaluation of the Sue Ryder Prisoner Volunteer programme.

    • @bobchewie Why can we not stop referring to the organisations linked to the DWP, and the likes of A4E as “CHARITIES”? They are not “CHARITIES AT ALL”. Unless of course the definition of charity has somewhat changed – it is now apparently a reversal, “not to give but to take”. How about replacing the word CHARITY with BLOODSUCKER?

  16. Johnny – this is off topic, but important, I think.

    A man in East Grinstead died after being found fit for work; beneifts were stopped, and he was, at the time, undergoing treatment 5 days a week for renal failure. He died if that condition and starvation.

    We’ve been discussing this – and I’ve tweeted it – on flythenest.freeforums because Atos made a statement that’s very interesting.

    Denying all wrongdoing etc. as you’d expect – they also said “….we are working with DWP to get a million people back into work”.

    If they already know how many people are going to be going back to work, they must be working to targets.
    As we can’t see the nuts and bolts of their contracts, and though they have denied working to targets (even when whistleblowers have outed them) this is the first time as far as I know that they have pretty much admitted this in a public statement.

    It implies that there is a target of a million people to be found fit for work.
    If that’s the case, they are deciding how many people to get off benefit irrespective of clinical presentation. It means they are working towards a pre-determined outcome, and they have inadvertently admitted so.

    Is there anything you can do with this, Johnny?

    We at flythenest have been tweeting our followers and posting on various message boards, but you have a lot of influence (we follow you all the time) and if there’s anything you can do to publicise this it’s be good.

    The links for the news stories and the quote can be found at


    And keep up the fantastic narking……..

    • @EPHEMERID thanks i already posted that from afteratos blog.. but im glad that others are keeping watch..

    • I read about the East Grinstead case. That poor,poor man, to die of starvation in the UK in the 21st century, it’s an absolute disgrace. What are we, a third world country? IDS & the DWP should be put on trial or this poor man’s murder, they have to be made answerable for his death & that of their countless other victims.


    Click to access Sue-Ryder-61.pdf

    “2. Introduction
    We welcome the introduction of these regulations and are pleased that the Department of
    Health is seeking to broaden the pool of providers of healthcare. As a charitable provider, we
    are keen to see that procurement processes are clear and transparent and that safeguards
    are in place to ensure that providers such as Sue Ryder are able compete on a fair playing
    field for the opportunity to provide services. Ideally we would like to see the scope of these
    regulations broadened to include not only health but also social care.
    3. Procurement
    We support the principles set out in the consultation document, but would like to see the
    rules underpinning these principles set out in more detail. We would prefer to see procedural
    rules to ensure that non-NHS providers (such as those from the voluntary sector) are able to
    compete on a fair and transparent playing field. We feel that greater prescription would be
    the best way to achieve transparency and equality of treatment between different providers.
    In line with this view, we feel that it would be useful to introduce additional safeguards to
    ensure that commissioners comply with good procurement practice. For example, whilst we
    welcome Monitor’s investigative powers, we would prefer to see mechanisms which ensure
    good practice during the procurement process, rather than simply having a system to deal
    with complaints at the end of the process. Ideally we would wish to see a published audit
    trail, which would reduce the likelihood of a complaint being made and speed up the
    resolution process in the event of one”


  18. What definition of the word ‘volunteer’ are they using? The definition Spike Milligan joked the army had? “I want three volunteers – you, you and you”. Please note Sue Ryder: a volunteer is someone who *volunteers*.

  19. During the period higher paid employees comprised the following:
    2011/12 2010/11
    No. No.
    £60,001 – £70,000pa 6 3
    £70,001 – £80,000pa 3 2
    £80,001 – £90,000pa 1 1
    £90,001 – £100,000pa 2 2
    £100,001 – £110,000pa 0 1
    £110,001 – £120,000pa 1 1
    Contributions to pension schemes for these employees amounted to £26,104 (2010/11 £27,019).

    These figures are taken from Scum Ryders public accounts. Somebodys doing well!

  20. I think this is all sickening. Everybody has to stop supporting these industries that are chosen, and who also choose to be the first official slave companies.
    But on saying this, when you look at a website like Gumtree. And on it you have all these shit heads asking for free work for there miserable little career ideas. Asking people to give up time and energy for what they call it: portfolio opportunity. It makes me sick as well. These people deserve replies to their ads saying Fuck off free loader.

  21. off topic
    osbourne has well fucked up our economy with his austerity cuts

  22. At the last WCA I had before I retired, I took my community psychiatric nurse with me partly for my own support but also so that a representative of my local Adult Mental Health services could see what an assessment was like.
    Now they try to send a CPN with anyone having an assessment for ESA or for DLA. At first they tried to say that she could not come in with me, but she knew the rules and with some embarrassment they allowed her to do so. At the start of the interview I directly asked the assessor if she would receive a bonus if I was found fit for work. She flushed bright red and denied it. Case proven I would say. I got through that assessment OK where I had failed the two I went into alone.

    With regard to ‘workfare’ what a colossal waste of money it is to send someone with a first class university degree to stack supermarket shelves. What about phoning round local companies and trying to get that person some management experience, or best of all some experience that would actually use the specific knowledge and skills that the taxpayer paid for, at least in part.

    The sad facts are these.
    1. The Job Centres are staffed by such poorly qualified people, they cannot think of better ways to get skilled people back into work. The agencies like A4E and their slave charities such as Wheatsheaf Trust are no better qualified or fit to do this important job. My ‘advisor’ from the above charity admitted that he didn’t understand what I previously did as a database analyst and as I had less than 6 months to go to retirement, he whiled the time (and Government money) away on cosy chats about anything but my non-existent work prospects.

    2. The whole reason for workfare is to massage the unemployment figures, whether for forcing sick people to work or whether it is to give graduates ‘work experience’. Yes it is true that the head of Tesco occasionally goes out on the shop floor anonymously, and does the checkout job, but that is for very specific reasons, to ensure that his staff are working to high standards (he has obviously never been to my local Tesco!) and shouldn’t be held up as an example of someone well qualified being prepared to do a menial task.

    The Government needs a major re-think on how best to use the talent it has paid for in education costs as well as a stop to the proven dangerous policy of forcing the sick into unpaid work.

    The idea that any charity should participate in such a bogus and corrupt scheme totally sickens me. I will be avoiding Sue Ryder shops in the future.

  23. “GP Practices suffer 400% hike in service charges by Tory created NHS Property Company (PropCo)”

  24. Allied healthcare completes the transfer of sue ryder care home business.

  25. I also noticed mandatory work placement at sue ryder. So much for that voluntary bollocks

  26. Reblogged this on pawprintsofthesoul and commented:
    This doesn’t look like any form of ‘charity’, as I understand the meaning of the word.

  27. gerraint jennings

    Ever thought of putting some effort into improving things rather than wasting time joining a whole lot of biased thoughts together in a grammatically sound blanket of moans??? Nothing comes from nothing- even ardent socialists and communists like you should understand this – but then again, history shows you probably won’t…………

    • @gerraint jennings – There is no such thing as an ardent socialist or communist, there never has been in the whole of humanity anywhere on the planet. Before you can have such, the notion of family must be aborted, seen for what it is, the beginning and end of all corruption. Family is for animals, in our primitive state , family for humanity has been useful , a means to an end for survival.

      Now there’s an idea for tory thinking! We can obliterate child benefit in one fell swoop. This making it so every individual has no reason to be out of employment unless of course with completely disabling/disability. The welfare state benefits come to an end. The state takes over each baby’s care at birth institutionally. The process will create much employment in these institutions. The parents move on understanding the child is cared for by the state and knowing they will have to contribute to this care through taxes with little or no exception. Lets say pick an age, 7 might do. The child is reunited with the parent(s) in suitable “Social Housing” and the child most likely will be better adjusted than they would have been “no matter WHO the parents thinks they are”. Private housing has already been proved to be behind the disaster caused to the worldwide economy. The monarchy and its establishment members are close to having it this way already. Give birth, say bye bye to the baby, along comes “nanny”, not long then off to boarding school – no wonder they are so cold and aloof in their own institution.

    • Funny how you are quite happy to waste your time commenting on a site you think is a waste of time. And instead of moaning about people moaning, why don’t you come up with some ideas to improve things?

    • TheBigIanLebowski

      Biased thoughts you mean what cunts like you read in The Telegraph, Sun and the Daily Mail? (The Express is a non-threat as far as I’m concerned)

  28. What makes me laugh is that companies/charaties like Sue Ryder want to privatise the NHS so they can get a slice of of the welfare budget cake.

    Now what happens when these places go out of business:

    1: They will be forced to sign on and claim JSA.
    2: They will be forced on to MWA (at another charity hopefully) or The Work Programme themselves.
    3: They will have to use the NHS themselves from time to time or if they fall seriously ill.
    4: They will be the first ones to say it’s all unfair.

    Blooy hippocrites.

  29. Plenty of Sue Ryder promo videos for you to leave comments on:

    • The way these videos put it I guess they should close down all hospitals, GP surgeries, NHS Clinics etc etc. Whilst it takes a medical consultant 7 years to learn what they know – the Sue Ryder organisation can do it all in 5 minutes and save the world.

  30. my grandson’s handiwork – a chip off the old block.

  31. This Sue Ryder shop has doubled its profits:

    ‘“In a difficult economic climate, the store has taken on a number of paid staff as well as supporting and encouraging volunteers, who may have wanted to work for Sue Ryder for personal reasons or to develop their skills and attributes through voluntary work prior to getting back into employment.”’

    It’s that word “volunteers” again. The shop manager talks about having targets. Just for profits or for the number of forced unpaid too?

    • @Jeff if you look at my posts you can see that on job sites the sue ryder ones are mostly voluntary eg kitchen assistant driver maintenance assistant antiques and collectibles expert. I notice too that a lot of volunteers are ex employees too.

    Jobseekers must commute for up to three hours a day to work or risk losing their benefits.
    Tough new rules this spring will also force them to accept any job that pays the minimum wage.
    They will be expected to take jobs up to one-and-a-half hours away from home, and job offers will have to be taken up immediately, not deferred.

    Read more:

    • ANY job means ANY job; veggies will be sent to the abattoir! After all, anyone can operate a captive-bolt gun!

    • See osbourne in the News today, we the UK are now classified as a TURNIP Republic, “I am so happy the truth is out after the worlds private housing market fucked everything up in 2008, we have been this kind of place for 5 years now”. Thatcher and her buy your council house policy and they want a statue of her erecting in Grantham ????

    • TheBigIanLebowski

      Fascism is here.

    • TheBigIanLebowski

      I would call this on topic

      Hope Johnny has a post dedicated to this.

    • TheBigIanLebowski

      Is tough new fluff word for fascist and bordering on nazi control freakery?

      I blame Blair for paving the path to this.

  33. The amount of crime will rise, as people would would never consider such a thing are forced into it instead of either doing slave labour or starving.

  34. Sue Ryder are fucking scum.

  35. Sue Ryder and Vera Lynn both complained about how the charities they were associated with had become hijacked by the money people who were in it for what they could get.

    • @johnapolladorus – This is why notion of Charity along with its commission should be abolished, by the people and force of the people if neccesary.

      • To me charity status should only be given to organizations that pay a maximum limited salary (related in some way to minimum wage) and have only a limited number of paid employees compared to volunteers. There are potentially lots of retired professional people, accountants, lawyers etc who would like to give their time free to such charities but are perhaps unwelcome by the very people who currently have a good income and lifestyle from the salary they get from these “charities”

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  37. “Leaflet entitled ‘Concentration camps for the workers’, 1934”

    Must be the place where IDS gets his ideas from!!!!!!!.

  38. rainbowwarriorlizzie
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  40. john if you read the book blessings by Mary Craig you will see the tough but kind character Sue Ryder was, her views regarding the gay community were not to my liking though but were not mentioned in this book.

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  43. SUE RYDER ARE...


  44. Michael Natkanski

    I note from their site that their behaviour regarding the work programme appears to be in direct contradiction to article 3.2 of their published articles of association which is to

    “to relieve the needs of those people potentially excluded from society by reason of old age, ill health (physical or mental), disability, or criminal history, and to assist their integration into society for the public benefit”

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  47. I’d just like to wonder whether the journo writing this article would like to get all of his facts straight first before trying to slate a Charity. You claim the bosses are greedy yet the matter of fact is that staff wages compared to turnover is less than 10% and if I remember correctly it is actually around the 5% mark. This allows them to help grow the charity which will create a few jobs (granted not many but they are a charity) and also use the rest to help people with life changing illnesses. This figure is better than other charities that have a far higher percentage of overpaying staff. Oxfam is a simple reminder of a Charity paying bosses excessive amounts of money.

    While the workfare system may not work it still gives people a chance. I know of a person who was actually on one of those workfare schemes and is now the Assistant Manager at one of the shops aged just 21.

    Claiming that 75% of people are traumatised by working for the company is just moronic. Has it actually occured to you that some of those people are just feckless layabouts who really don’t ever want to have to work for life and would rather just stay on benefits. So forcing those people to actually work a day in their lives is the correct thing to do.

    In regards to the making people who are too sick to work, working at the charity they wouldn’t take on people who would be a hinderance as it is counter-productive to actually helping to raise funds for the charity.

    I’d also like to say that having a 1 in 4 or even 1 in 5 success rate at getting people into jobs is far better than the likes of poundland who are happy to take on workfare people and then get rid of them in favour of a new batch just so they don’t have to pay them.

    • Michael Natkanski

      “I’d just like to wonder whether Kevin Moorhouse writing his reply would like to get all of his facts straight first…”

      for example Kevin Moorhouse says :

      “some of those people are just feckless layabouts who really don’t ever want to have to work for life and would rather just stay on benefits.”

      How do you know this Kevin ? Did you read it in the Daily Mail or hear it on the BBC ?

      Have you not noticed we are in an economic meltdown which is forcing many millions out of work ?

      Which means unemployment is the fault of government who take away jobs, not people refusing to work.

    • @Kevin Moorhouse – Here we go again, another complete windbag “some of those people are just feckless layabouts” Have you ever wondered why many of those you label as “feckless layabouts” might be that way even if in fact they are that way at all? I make 2 points for myself, one social related, the other health related (the health related may seem disjointed as I will copy and paste).

      Social Aspect:- I do not exist on electoral roll “currently” and will not for the foreseeable future. Every year I must anonymously register with the local council. This is because of an unfortunate personal circumstance whereby without this “anonymous registration” I would incline to purchase and venture out with a loaded firearm for my protection whether that be to the shops or any place of employment. Do you watch the news??? most recently I refer to a wood plant in Sweden as example. For all you know KM many of the so called “feckless layabouts” may have similar problems and England / UK is not the place you think it is. In the minds of the majority it is the place “the establishment” will have you believe it to be, SAFE that is. The police are not what you most likely think them to be either! If you are a name, celebrity etc etc you WILL receive protection, if just a number, you will remain a number and only become of interest in the MOST UNLIKELY event of detail of “your situation” reaching the media. This is fact, I’ve been there.

      Health:- Left heart ventrical reduction surgery, mitral valve repair, triple coronary artery bypass, told I need a heart transplant, can walk a very little, bigger chance than most I won’t be here tomorrow. After surgery and unusually long 14 day stay in hospital (8 days on Intensive care unit on which 3rd day I was resucitated twice so I was told). On arriving home, there was the A4e letter inviting me in on the next day for further interrogation, If failure to comply, benefit sanctions will apply. Letter from DWP decision maker after ESA50 medical (must have arrived around time I went for surgery) Been awarded 6 points (I think), placed in WRAG group – At this time, I couldn’t even walk! They are incredible or is it “incredulous”? A4e, ATOS and DWP decision makers must all be disabled “THEY COULD NOT HEAR ME AT ALL”! Mind you, after arriving home after the surgery I couldn’t hardly talk for about a week – so breathless I was. Then 2 years later I was told that my heart doesn’t actually pump – it barely shuffles. What I’m still doing here I do not know, I don’t think the 5 Cardiologists and 2 heart surgeons I have seen in 2 years quite know how either?
      It’s incredible really, they keep bunging chunks of metal with wires attached in me and then stitch me up (I feel like a joint of meat) – Yet I still feel in mind “Young and Stupid” (No comments please, I will have heard them all before). What I don’t understand is why when I have a heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) I get no pain whatsoever so I don’t know I have had one yet when they check me out at hospital, I get this approach “How come you’re not dead yet”. That last one should have killed anyone. Now it isn’t funny really but the latest gizmoe they stitched into me is a defibrillator which can make me high jump 5 if / when it goes off. This is to keep me out of hospital A&E where like we see on TV they put the paddles on and say “clear” meaning “do not touch”. Hope no one is stood next to me if it goes off – they will not be happy!

      • Kevin Moorhouse

        My comment about feckless layabouts is not in relation to the BBC or Daily Mail. I do actually know people who have either never worked a day in their life and never planned to, or claiming that they are unable to work when they can. I’m not talking about proper serious medical conditions that would prevent someone from working as I can fully understand them not working. But I do however know someone who once had an accident on his motorbike and is claiming his wrist makes him unable to work. This is dispite the numerous amounts of hours he spends playing games. He is fully capable of working but would rather sit around doing whatever he wants.

        I do actually fully agree that the goverment has been to blame for a long time that there is not jobs for British workers. The solution to fix the problem is rather simple but the moment anyone starts saying it then you get shot down.

        I know first hand how hard it is to get full time work and i’m currently working 2 part-time jobs just to really earn enough. I’ve also seen first hand people just applying to jobs just to make sure they satisfy the jobcentre only for them to turn down the job because they don’t want to actually do the job.

        I can also understand the people who have that social aspect and was not talking about them. I do live in a town that no longer has a police station and has a single PCSO who isn’t even around that often. Not too long ago a travel agents in my town had an armed robbery. The police were around for a couple of days after that and have now gone.

        Also I know someone who has been told he has to work dispite the fact that he has to use a walking frame and some days he’s in so much pain he’s unable to do anything. People like that I agree should never be forced to work but there are cases you have to agree that people who can work, should work.

      • @MICKTJ no you are quite wrong we are the CRIMINAL UNDERCLASS..the daily heil said so ..surely they cant be wrong??

  48. @Kevin Moorhouse – you should be ashamed of yourself. I looked you up and apparently you’re the chief exec of a software company – CoreLogic – a $900 million turnover organisation. Must be nice sitting on the top of the tree

  49. I know one sue ryder shop who sell new brand new stuff and have even sold bread, the manager of the shop goes away abroad at least 4 times every year I will give them nothing ever again and buy nothing its all con-? fusing

  50. Shirley Rowarth

    Last year I had an unfortunate experience with the Sue Ryder charity shop in Altrincham, Cheshire that I’d like people to know. I went to pay for some items at the checkout and was handed a pound coin in my change that didn’t look genuine. I asked the elderly volunteer to change the coin, and showed it to her. She said she had closed the till and couldn’t change it. I said I couldn’t accept that, as I couldn’t afford the loss. She said she would have to talk to her manager, and went into the back room of the shop. A few seconds later, the manager came flying out of the back room, shouting and demanding to know what the problem was. I explained I had simply asked the volunteer to change the coin. The manager then went further into a rage and demanded that I take the coin to the bank and change it there. I told her that I shouldn’t have to do that. Therefore, she ranted that I had abused the volunteer and threw a pound coin at me from the till. I asked for head office address and she wrote it down for me. While leaving the shop, I took out my mobile phone in order to report her. Only at this point did this pig pick up the shop phone to get her side of the story in first. During the experience inside the shop, I asked the volunteer if I had abused her, and she said no. I spoke to the area manager a couple of times on the phone, and via email, and got nowhere. The only response I got from him was to laugh at my complaint and dismiss it out of hand. The manager banned me from the shop during her outburst, and that’s her problem. She needs to get her hormones sorted out, and not take them out on people for no reason other than making a simple request that would, and should have presented no problem at all. Recently, a collector called at my door and asked me to sign up for regular donations to this charity. I can imagine that I am now banned from receiving such knocks on my door. Someone within above comments state that Sue Ryder only care about money. Never was a true word spoken. I have bipolar and the whole experience really upset me. They don’t care at all, and don’t mind whatsoever who they abuse. A notice appeared in the shop window for a while stating that abuse to staff would not be tolerated. Then let them practice what they preach. They are bullies and cowards.

  51. I happily volunteer for Sue Ryder, my local hospice. They are only 1 of 2 hospices in my home town of leeds. They run 12 neurological centres and hospices throughout the uk. They treat me well, I have my own desk, pc and go for dinner with the paid girls. Its not just charity shops and second hand merchandise. Stop being so small minded. One day you may need the help of a great charity like Sue Ryder, hopefully not sooner rather than later….

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