We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder

BREAKING NEWS: Sue Ryder have said they will begin a ‘phased withdrawal’ from the Government’s mandatory workfare schemes.

An astonishing statement has been produced by so called charity Sue Ryder in which they boast of making millions from forced, unpaid work.

Despite most ethical charities distancing themselves from workfare, Sue Ryder claim that they earn a whopping half a million pounds a week (pdf)  from people forced to work in their shops for meagre benefits.

It also appears that Sue Ryder have no qualms about forcing sick and disabled claimants to work for nothing, saying:  “To honour our duty of care to Sue Ryder staff and volunteers we ensure people living with conditions that impact on their physical and mental abilities can safely and competently take on roles. We do this by talking honestly about a person’s capabilities and ensuring skills match roles.”

Last year the Government announced that many people on the sickness or disability benefit Employment Support Allowance can now be forced to work unpaid or face being plunged into immediate poverty and possible homelessness by benefit sanctions.  Under the regulations, unpaid placements could last as long as two years.

Up until now it had seemed that no organisation was unpleasant enough to take up the Government’s vile offer of free workers on sickness benefits.  Even the mass workfare using The Conservation Volunteers (@tcvtweets) amended their workfare policies and pleaded they would not use sick or disabled claimants as forced labour – unless of course they had been fount ‘fit for work’ by Atos, in which case off to the fields with them.

Sue Ryder also participated in the (currently missing, possibly dead) Community Action Programme, under which claimants are sentenced to 720 hours of unpaid work just for the crime of being unable to find a job.  As pointed out by Boycott Workfare, this is over twice the highest possible Community Service punishment that can be handed out by the Courts.

Despite Sue Ryder’s claims that their forced workers can leave any time they choose, the reality is that should they do so they will have benefits stopped, possibly for up to three years.

It seems that Sue Ryder are keen to establish themselves as one of the least ethical charities in the UK – an interesting branding strategy, particularly as Marie Curie Cancer Care, who carry out similar work, were one of the first major charities to pull out of workfare.

The only justification Sue Ryder offer for this mass exploitation is that it helps make them lots of money, a significant chunk of which no doubt goes to their highly paid executives.

Yet Scope, MIND, Shelter, Oxfam, Marie Curie, Sense, Age UK, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and countless other charities which depend on income from shops have all made statements claiming they will no longer use people forced to work for free.

If all these charities can live without forced labour then so can Sue Ryder.  They will only have themselves to blame when customers and donors abandon them in disgust at their boasts of gross exploitation.

Tell Sue Ryder what you think on twitter @sue_ryder or on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/SueRyderNational

Join the National Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on March 18th: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=1996

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205 responses to “We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder

  1. @Johhny Void theres a Sue Ryder shop in Forest Hill SE London opposite the net cafe where i am..shall i show the this blog and see what they say??

    let me know eh? if you say OK then i will print it off and give it to them..

    • Do it, Chewie.

    • This is very distasteful, this trend in registered charity organizations exploiting the mentally and physically sick along with the unemployed is just totally unacceptable. My late mother supported charities such as Sue Ryder and visited the local shop regularly and when she died I thought it would be fitting to donate her clothes and small unwanted items to a small group which included Sue Ryder.

      With the charity getting involved in this dirty scandal I feel as if it’s blackened my mothers memory, she was a sincere woman who believed in fairness in life but never took fools kindly, the fact charities like this one and others have been shaking the dirty hand of the government and using what is in no other words 21st century slave labour it leaves me feeling angry and driven to see this completely stopped.

      It’s just one of a number of idiotic policies this coalition have been happy to allow to take place and just like many aspects of the welfare reform they never had a plan-b or even did research into forecasting the potential result of their actions so it was a case with this coalition to leave them to their own devices and what they come up with will be seriously considered and for want again for a better word “viable”.

      It’s only human nature that if things in life do not affect people personally they tend not to be particularly motivated to protest or act in other ways within the confines of the law. This coalition do not listen to the public only to so-called higher classes.. and I use the term very loosely. This exploitation MUST STOP or else the country on the world stage can easily be accused of sheer hypocrisy when it comes to Human Rights.

      This example is just the thin end of the wedge if allowed to continue to be acceptable by some charities and other companies who think it’s a good idea to go around and continue exploiting people who undoubtedly already feel bad about life, to take away every shred of self-respect they might have is not only cruel it is damn offensive!.

      What this coalition need to understand if you take away peoples dignity they will feel like wild animals and start behaving in this manner feeding their base instincts to survive in any way possible and when that happens we get social breakdown. When people are desperate they will sometimes behave in uncharacteristic ways against their nature.

      The direction this coalition have taken with their policies and specifically in the area of Welfare reform is complete folly, and whilst nobody would doubt there was a requirement to get people off welfare who had no legal right to be claiming it, all they have done with these draconian policies is alienate everyone except the rich and some working classes who under some misguided belief consider they can dine at the top table whilst they are being played too.

      Reality is the current climate will fuel inverted snobbery in society and it’s not about hating rich people it’s more about rich people making laws and enforcing them with little or no understanding of the lives of those these policies impact upon the most, and the more they try to force a square peg through a round hole by sawing off the edges the more people will despise the rich in same ways propaganda is being used to persecute the mentally and physically disabled and also unemployed people.

      I don’t think it matters if a rich person is a philanthropist, if they indulge in the kind of activities the coalition have done, claiming to hold the best interests of the country in mind… Cameron waltzing around the middle east and strutting around like he holds the country in his hand… it’s a case of the emperor’s new clothes.

  2. The world is an Evil place or rather the people in charge of it. Absolute scum.

  3. the facebook comments page on sue ryder is now full of angry folks against workfare.
    wonder if these comments will all vanish soon? or will there be a flood of people praising sue ryder and calling all commenters ‘job snobs’ & scroungers?
    or will sue ryder apologise?

  4. @ulysses hey i like that mate..im in a bolshie mood too..

  5. i am lost for words horrible

  6. I don’t recognize the Sue Ryder foundation as I once did after reading a wonderful book called ‘Blessings’ by Mary Craig. I am not even sure if Sue Ryder is still alive because I feel sure she would not support such exploitation. It must have been taken over by some crass corporation.

    • She’s not alive, she died in 2000, I would guess she would be horrified how her legacy is being abused in this manner. She was Margaret Susan Cheshire, Baroness Ryder of Warsaw and Baroness Cheshire, CMG, OBE
      and did some impressive things during WW2. I guess those who take control have no scruples… perfect example with this terrible decision to get involved in this dirty scandalous policy…They should pull the plug on being involved if they want to retain any integrity for the good things they do, with each day that passes being involved it’s eroding the good name.

    by this nonce protector…

    i posted trhe info about the police expected arrest of ex Tory paedo on Toms blog..and already the disinfo machine kicked in…

    aftre blathering on about cobbler he said

    “The sewer awaits you Bob, crawl back into it.””

    aww aint he nice eh??

  8. William Braquemard

    Just linked this post to their Facebook page. Sharing is awesome!

    • @Well I leafleted their shop..and left a few printouts at trhe counter..i i wish i had more dosh i would have printed off hundreds and handed them out to passers by..still i was determined to give it a bash…
      i might do a few more later on…just wondering if they will respond….hope so… maybne if we all print off Jonnhys Blog and hand them out in the shops and see what happens,,you got to make these bastards aware !!!
      we aint messing around with this crap..

      • Have you tried the local library?, some offer free self-service access, that is if the coalition have not already closed it down already. It tends to be used to photocopy pages in books and so forth so just get yourself an A4 sized book and slip the sheet in and photocopy.. alternatively get a local shopkeeper on your side who may be sympathetic and will allow you to do far more copies maybe per ten sheets for a modest price. If you know somebody with a laser printer or plenty of inkjet cartridges willing to help… send the file around.

  9. I left a comment on their facebook page too,
    Did someone tear out the page in the dictionary where ‘philanthropy’ used to be? As a charity, this should contradict their mission statement, surely.

  10. chewie

    you’ll be a marked man. An enemy of the state.

    • @guy..fawkes all i wanted to be was a LUMBERJACK ..leaping from tree to tree….THE MIGHTY SCOTS PINE !!!!

      • something survived...

        the Silly Walks tree of Ougadougu!

        • @something survived and all. People think that volunteering for sue ryder will be helping out in the shops. Oh dear. Because it can be anything . Dont forget those care homes they run if they havent sold them off for profit.
          As I just posted i have come across a number of jobs which they describe as voluntary which any other business would pay a salary normally.

  11. Rosemarie Harris

    Brilliant effort bobchewie. We all look on charity’s as helping people Not as a money graping,we don’t care about anyone but us. Boycott them don’t give them anything good and don’t buy from them lets see how they like it.
    We could all do what bobchewie AKA The sewer Rat and bloody proud of it!
    Rather be a sewer rat than a Government stooge.

  12. @Rosemare Harris govt stooges are out and about today….and online ..

  13. we’ll pine for you chewie if you get arrested.

  14. don’t worry, you can’t get arrested for handing out leaflets

  15. Or another woman on benefits with now 12 children, 4 donkeys and a camel is having a million pound mansion being built will suddenly appear overnight in the papers.
    The government played a blinder on that story after the poundland issue.

  16. chewie

    don’t worry according to the accused and me, the prisons are full of the innocent not the guilty.

  17. @dzwasp i bet it will be a gold plated mansion with servants..all unpaid of course…

  18. @guy fawkes i can be a bit unkemt at times but i dont fancy the showers..

  19. It’s water boarding for you!

  20. Well done bobchewie!

    Is the woman in the picture getting a bonus for returning an “escapee”? Sue Ryder died in 2000. She was a controversial figure:

    “Ryder moved an Amendment proposing a “Restriction on custody of children by homosexuals”. Ryder’s Amendment proposed to make it a criminal offence for ‘any homosexual man or woman, other than the natural parent, to have the care or custody of a child under the age of eighteen’ and, where this was the case, for homosexuals to be liable on summary conviction to a maximum of 6 months imprisonment. Ryder withdrew the Amendment when it received no support from Peers.” Wiki

    • something survived...

      oh but presumably in the case of biological or unrelated heterosexual parents, it is perfectly fine to have as many paedophiles in charge of kids as you like….

      And the gay partner of the biological parent, if the partner died, would have the kids taken and be jailed! Or for an older biological gay sibling inheriting care of younger siblings on their being orphaned. Possibly the gays infect everything they touch and turn it gay. Gay pedestrian crossing, gay payphone, gay truck… (!)

      This does not of course stop gay kids being born to straight parents!

      So if you are a service user or paid member of staff you could be gay. Or a customer who is. Or of course a gay person could be sent on workfare to be a slave for Sue Ryder, with its founder’s view on the issue of gay people summarised above.

      that is like sacking a volunteer stablehand from their job and forcing them to work as a horse-killer or at Kentucky Fried Flicka.
      That is like making a Jew work in a pig sausage factory.
      It is like sending a black person to the KKK.

      It’s bad enough to be sent on demeaning and pointless workfare, but to be sent to bigoted religious groups that could bully you, preach at you, exorcise you, try to cure you… What if the government paid a workfare group that believed mixed race (straight) relationships/marriages are EVIL? That is pretty insulting to normal people unaffected, but if somebody was found to be in such a relationship, and was sent there on workfare..
      Under beliefs like that, Obama, being mixed race, would not even be allowed to have sex with himself! Which technically would, genetically speaking, apply to virtually everybody except for highly-inbred groups.
      Workfare groups are already forcing people to participate in religious worship.

      What is a good line for the company?
      ‘Motiv8, Eradic8, Discrimin8.’

      So many times people come out with lines like ‘We don’t allow prejudice. we just hate gays’. or ‘hate the sin love the sinner’, or ‘you can be healed of this unnatural perversion’.
      All4Emma don’t care where they send you. They themselves are not a religious organisation, but can send you to work for one. Even one diametrically opposed to you and your beliefs.


  22. @jOHHNY VOID AND ALL : to add insult to injusy Sue Ryder facebook page bangs on about bloody Richard Branson and Virgin..the company and arsehole out to destry our NHS !!! jeezusss…how much lowr can they sink..please tell them off about this if you like..

    “Be inspired by what Sir Richard Branson says about the 2012 Virgin Active London Triathlon video by clicking here: http://www.sueryder.org/Get-involved/Events/All-events/2013/July/London-Triathlon


    Great article in The Times today on Sue Ryder’s Forgotten Millions report http://www.thetimes.co.uk/to/health/mental-health/article3588814.ece


  24. “We want to reiterate that work placement volunteers who don’t want to continue their
    placement at Sue Ryder, for any reason, are encouraged to speak to their local
    contact at Sue Ryder and cease the placement with immediate effect”


  25. the times link you gave has disappeared chewie.

  26. chewie

    the link still doesn’t relate to sue ryder millions

  27. @guy fawkes and all from the Times article on Sue Ryder facebook page:

    “Thousands of people suffering from neurological conditions are condemned to live in old people’s homes without specialist care, according to a damning report published today.

    Men and women struck down in the prime of their lives by diseases such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis are likely to be placed in homes designed for elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the report says. ”

    now contrast that with this:

    “Citizens Advice Scotland is extremely concerned that many clients are being found fit for work in their WCA despite often having severe illnesses and/or disabilities. 
Their evidence has highlighted the cases of many clients with serious health conditions who have been found fit for work, including those with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, bipolar disorder, heart failure, strokes, severe depression, and agoraphobia.”


    • something survived...

      On Friday morning at WP a man came in having failed his Atos WCA test, and having been declared fit for work. WP unsympathetic and said he should have been sicker when he went there. This seems wrong info as the people are meant to refer to the WORST point of fluctuating conditions. As in ‘some days unable to go out at all’.
      The man had mental health problems, worsened by being called ‘fit’ and sent on WP.
      WP previously gave fake advice about IS, which was replaced by ESA anyway.

  28. @guy fawkes the millions isnt money they made , its the millions of people who are severly ill.. of which i have just quoted from..
    the headline about MILLIONS seemd to me at least ironic when you see Johnnys headline on this blog..is that ok?sorry it it was mislleading it wasnt meant to be..

  29. whoever has taken over the Sue Ryder foundation will be rich in residential properties, I hate to think how these are being run now given the way their shops are exploiting people. Are they trying to bankrupt what I always thought was a worthwhile charity by continuing to use forced labour.

  30. TheBigIanLebowski

    Unemployment figures being massaged again:
    It’s been 2.5 for quite some time, people aren’t stupid

  31. IDS now claims that JSA is a wage!!! Here is what he said on LBC:
    “She was being paid for it, what do you think the taxpayer was paying her for God’s sake? Her job seekers allowance. The taxpayer is paying her wages.”
    Listen to the interview here:


    • So why could she not have stayed volunteering at the museum?
      Has anyone from the DWP actually answered that question as of yet?


      • DZWASP:

        The reason Cait couldn’t stay volunteering at the museum is because it was not organised through a Private Provider and as such would not get the Private Provider an outcome fee – IDS left that fact out because he would not have been able to justify that fact to the taxpayer.

    • “IDS now claims that JSA is a wage!!!”

      I totally agree with IDS, as he says, it “is a wage”, so, as he must know as its a wage it has to be paid at what the LAW says is “The National Minimum Wage rate per hour”. Oh dear, looks like IDS is going to go into another court case.

      • @ANNOS COURT CASE? IT IS INEVITABLE..as the work program contradicts the ESF aims of its funding commitment..

      • So IDS said jsa is a wage?
        so could someone take him to court and get them to pay the minimum wage for workfare? for IDS saying it is a wage?
        IDS does have foot in mouth syndrome

          Can you imagine ‘ a DANGEROUS INEPT POTATO HEAD’?? that would be IAIN DUNCAN SMITH..

          • bobchewie, think we should rename IDS from potato head to Heinrich Muller, fucking hell I was just reading about him, bet Muller & IDS are related somewhere down the line , similarities are amazing between them, both ruthless, both egoistical, both ignoring legal provisions and regulations in the process. My god I could go on forever listing the similarities

          • something survived...

            Let’s demand references from his supervisor. I bet when he spudbashed he wasn’t even very good at it.

        • Can’t see anyway out for IDS on this one, everyone that has done or is doing “Workfare” now has a claim.

    • IDS has tried to square the circle by stating that unpaid ‘work experience’ used to only be allowed to a Jobseeker for 2 weeks until they were no longer allowed to claim Jobseekers, and has now been extended to up to two months; with the prospective worker technically being entitled to her Jobseekers for as long as she honours her agreement to attend the placement and thus provide the taxpayer with ‘value for money’ – which would work if and only if the prospective worker was genuinely experiencing work *for the first time*, and the prospective worker *wanted to be there*.

      IDS was trying to pretend that the young lady had reneged on such an agreement (she had no work experience, just a silly little degree, and had volunteered to do it then kicked off when she didn’t get a wage), but in reality she was already volunteering somewhere else, and Poundland doesn’t really offer anything more in training than could be picked up in a couple of days on the job. I worked at M&S when I was 17 and our training was done over two days, and was also paid. There’s no need for anyone to spend two months ‘learning’ and unpaid in any entry level job. It’s a fiddle.

      Bottom line: something that should only be used to supplement a person doing unpaid work experience of their choosing, at a duration if their choosing, for their own reasons has been used to trick people into ‘volunteering’ into these schemes simply to fiddle unemployment figures. And that’s why the DWP got rattled.

  32. 2.5 million are still unemployed, yet IDS is banging on about unemployment coming down.
    the figures are not right at all
    even the daily hatred comments section is seeing how shit the bullshit actually is (apart from one nauseating post in the worst section praising the governments approach).

    • @DZWASP STOOGES….and they get paid..which is more than the worfare bods do..

    • And the fucking rest dzwasp, istr Hoban himself accidentaly Freudian slipped out the actual official number of being more like 4.5 million, and studies recon if you include sanctioned and people not claiming , 7 million

  33. Anyone see about the 35 hour jobsearch on UC yet?
    link on the consentme site.
    Although I really cannot see how they can monitor your jobsearch time if you do not tick the allow dwp access box?
    I see in the examples they have you must volunteer at a charity shop for 8 hours a week

    • With all due to respect to our wonderful DWP. I think on their next pay day they need to invest in a dictionary to look up the word voluntary because if they are saying you must volunteer then it is not volunteering is it. May be it’s me though. xx

  34. @dzwasp “I see in the examples they have you must volunteer at a charity shop for 8 hours a week” is that you MUST volunteer at charity shop???
    that would just happen to be Sue Ryder by any chance? just an example of course…

    • The examples are a bit strange, suppose it will be on the whim of the jcp adviser.
      Also it depends if it will be classed as workfare (hopefully by the time UC gets off the ground workfare should have finished).
      Trying to work out when UC comes into play, as the trials are proving it is not working very well, as housing benefit arrears shot up by a huge amount.

  35. shall i tell you something??? this payment by results where the big companies get paid stupid sums of money to ‘help’ (themselves) which was warned about….coupled with IDS patrician phoney bollox..sounds very much like TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS..where you use greed to help others on the bottom rung….and do you know what? IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK !! you know why? because of the GREED aspect of it all..if you throw lots of money at these arseholes they will KEEP HOLD OF IT AND ASK FOR MORE…dumb fuckwhits..surely (he said) they MUST have known this…oh yeah they did and didnt give a fuck..because as we all know including HMG (in their own reports) the idea is and was to get ppl off benefits (we got ppl off benefits –look they are working) no they are not because they have been kicked off them and some signed off cos they werent gonna work for fuck all..

    • Sanctions are FUCKING EVIL!!

      “idea is and was to get ppl off benefits” – that is why the number of people on jobseekers allowance is decreasing because they are being FUCKING SANCTIONED but the BBC don’t tell you that.

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  39. The BHF shop near me had a large sign in the window today ” Volunteers wanted, Learn new skills(?!) & make new friends” Can’t help wondering if these will be genuine volunteers or if BHF are covering their arses with the public in cause they’re caught out using workfare slaves again.

  40. stop donating items to them and stop buying from them – they will soon get the message – maybe somebody put a BIG sign on thier f/b page that they are being boycotted – like tesco they will soon stop when they losing money

    • Stopping donating dont work, quite a few years ago it was big business, central collection distributing goods out to actual shops… Ask me how i know!
      This IS NOT ANECDOTAL, i have seen this with my own eyes.
      There was, maybe still is, a company in the Manchester area that works out of a Unit in Century Mill.
      This is the central point where all donated clothing, at least, ended up. Here it was sorted by workers, who ill mention were men living 7 up in a static caravan next to the mill lodge, So i can only guess the wage the situation for those lads.
      The good stuff- there is loads of unworn, designer labels donated – i still have an armani shirt i cadged out of a hopper from there- was separated out and sold separately for market traders, i assume, the other good but not expensive stuff was sent out to charity shops
      Another skip was bailed and sold as rag, still lucrative

  41. Her nephew’s a former Tory MP and peer too.

  42. Just read the Wikipedia entry on Sue Ryder, far from being the cozy biddy her charity’s name makes out , she seems to have been a bigoted reactionary old bag, what with her views on the gay community. So, the manner in which her charity exploits workfare should come as no surprise,

    • something survived...

      As an employer the BNP could refuse to hire black people, would they get government money to help them do so? Or hire them as workfare and make monkey noises at them all day long, because that is the intellectual level of the arguments of the BNP. What if an ’employer’ was a pervert that demanded it hires topless waitresses so every female workfare slave must be ordered to take off her top or have her dole stopped? Some ’employers’ of paid staff have made people get piercings and tattoos. Because they want their staff to have the brand ‘look’.

      Remember how anybody can turn up at UJM and register as an ’employer’? Say they claim to be a lonely old guy who is looking for guys and girls to work as a carer or cleaner or personal assistant in their home. However they have house rules, theirs happen to be that Textiles (=those of us who prefer to wear Clothes) must conform to their dress code when on duty inside their home. In other words they could order their workfare slaves and job applicants to be naked. Because they find clothing offensive etc so ban it in their home.

      At one of my workplaces, though I’ve not been in a long time, I get to be supervised by somebody Christian (it is a Christian charity shop). She is the one giving all my orders, and it is usually just me and her working there.
      I like the work of sorting second hand books and putting them on shelves in order. She isn’t rude about me being disabled etc. She is devout, pretty. friendly, kind.. (so long as she believes her own assumptions about you)

      However, within a few minutes of clocking on, I get into the work and she launches into 2 or 3 hours of rant on her favourite topic, which is:
      The disgusting, evil, satanic, filthy homosexuals.

      It would be fairly obvious (what was intended) to everyone present, if she was forced to work as a workfare slave in a white power group, with bosses that spent all her shift loudly saying how black people are gross and inferior. Or if she was surrounded by people who were disparaging about Christians. As they would know she’s a Christian.

      ‘Employers’ feel like they can impose whatever conditions they like on their paid, unpaid and forced staff.

      For some consistency why not make Nick Griffin the judge of immigration/asylum cases? Gary Glitter, the counsellor for raped kids?
      Any number of bedhopping MPs, the role models for marital fidelity.
      George ‘Can’t Count Me Fingers’ Osborne, the person responsible for all the money – oh shit, this has already happened.

  43. Here a thought, how about any business or charity that exploits workfare scheme gets treated to having an opposing charity registered mentioning their name. For example….

    “Stop Sue Ryder exploiting the unemployed”

    “Stop Poundland making pounds off of the free labour of the unemployed”

  44. 💀🐭💀 Maus we have become.


  45. TheBigIanLebowski

    Charity donors are mostly tories

    This is not surprising news, sadly.

    • Look at who the patrons of charities are, charities are evil, they serve to humiliate the poor and save the very rich having to pay taxes. Think about it, in any civilised society charities would not be tolerated, there would be no need of them, charities are just one more safety net for the very rich against a revolution.

  46. The law was changed a few years ago so that charities no longer had to be revenue neutral.
    The consequences are pretty obvious in that many “charities” are now big business, with highly paid execs running them.
    I would suggest that before donating any money, people have a close look at the charity concerned.

  47. The comments on this site are becoming a standing joke. It is the same 3 or 4 people contributing over and over again. Do you really think anyone in power cares? And this is coming from someone on the same side of the fence as you!

    Having read your web site page it reads like a corporate business page advertisement , online store ,health care products you’re not a charity you’re a business .You say you work with Politicians ,that speaks volumes does that mean they legitimize using vulnerable people to bolster your profit margin It is the Governments DUTY and Responsibility to care for our most needy not support a so called charity to carry out for profit those duties .

  49. A newman

    You have been here before so you must be enjoying this site – who cares if people in power care what is written, it makes us feel good ,so find
    another fence in another back yard if your not happy.

    • also read her article this morning, what a stupid fucking woman who thinks she is a snob,(more like a fucking knob than a fucking snob) i had to laugh when she said she would only allow her daughters to play with children who had good old fashioned names or latin names. my god her daughters are called india & poppy

      • With a face like that she should be in a Findus lasgne & she obviously never does any ironing! Ha, ha, miaow!

      • . that’s ridiculous. How can you stop children playing together. That’s what makes children so beautiful and innocent the fact that they accept each other and adults for who they are. off topic also but people talk about children bullying but I think sometimes the adults are worse. Katie Hopkins may be setting her children an excellent example with her hard work but teaching her children to segragate children just because their parents have fallen on hard times is a shocking way to behave. Also who is she to say what people should name their children. That is at the parents descretion, noone else’s!
        I would say to her “Come on Ms Hopkins, grow up and stop being so damn shallow and clique. How would you feel if your children were left out of activities. All children are precious not only those born in to money. xx

  50. I think the £0.5 million figure mentioned is probably an estimate of the value added by ALL volunteers in Sue Ryder shops, rather than just those participating in compulsory workfare.

    Anyhow, my main point is this – if charities withdraw from the scheme, then that will only leave corporations like Poundland and Argos etc participating. Now personally, if I ended up on the scheme (and I may well – I’ve got a ‘review’ coming up next week) I’d much rather serve my time helping out a charity that serves the vulnerable rather than stacking shelves in Poundland and helping boost profits for shareholders.

    (BTW. I already volunteer 10-15 hrs per week for charities, which at minimum wage pretty much pays back the value of my JSA. Not that I expect IDS or the Jobcentre see it that way!)

  51. It’s a strange situation because I’m sure a lot of people would rather, if workfare was put before them, work for a charity as opposed to a for-profit retailer BUT, charities should, as part of their ethical stance on improving the lives of others, be incompatible with any scheme that uses involuntary unpaid labour.
    I mean, are there ANY types of employer associated with these work-experience schemes that offer moderate to highly-skilled job training?
    My observation is far from exhaustive, but all the participants I have seen thus far are low-skilled jobs with high-staff numbers, high staff turnover and non-competitive wages.

    If a Charity’s constitution allows ,it may set up a Trading Company as an off shoot from that charity .The Profits made from that Trading Company can reduce the Tax Burden by making donations to the parent charity under the Company Gift Aid Scheme , a company donating all of its taxable profits to charity will get a tax deduction equal to the amount of the profits, so that no corporation tax will be payable .Sue Ryder has 3,000 employees and 9,000 volunteers obviously most of the staff are in the caring profession and its CEO and managerial staff will be paid accordingly ,but a large percentage of volunteers are Workfare so the profits made through Workfare are channelled into the company which in turn donates to the Parent Charity .Surely this is a total conflict of interest .Who oversees this situation the Government at present can’t tell us what’s in our food stuffs .

  53. Sue Ryder would seem to need a lot of money to pay the salaries of their executives.

    “Marketing Manager Fundraising and Retail – Location: London • Region: Greater London • Salary: £40,000 pa • Job reference: REQ0001781 • Application closing date: 24/02/2013 • Package: Pension scheme; 25 days annual leave plus bank holidays; Child Care Voucher Scheme; Retail Reward Scheme”

    There is also an “In-Memoriam Giving Fundraising Executive” post available. In memoriam of the sick and disabled who die working for them!

  54. Anyone been sanctioned whilst on the Work Programme – or on a Workfare Scheme – or even by the Jobcentre – get you claims in now – follow the link below:

    Click to access viewer

  55. i was shocked this sanctions graph

    Click to access jsa-sanction-changes.pdf

     Failure / refusal to attend any mandatory interview
     Failure/ Refusal to undetake work related activity

     Failure/ refusal to attend and adviser interview
     Failure/ refusal to participate in employment programme or training scheme
     Failure/ refusal to comply with jobseekers direction
     Neglect to avail of place on programme or training course
     Refusal, failure to attend or loses through misconduct a place on a programme or training course

     Only following a disallowance for not being available for work
     Not actively seeking work
     Leaving a job voluntarily
     Losing a job through misconduct
     Refusal/failure to apply for, or accept if offered, a suitable job
     Refusal/ failure to participate in mandatory work activity
    1ST FAILURE Open ended until re-engagement followed by 1 week 4 WEEKS 4 WEEKS 13 WEEKS
    2ND FAILURE Open ended until re-engagement followed by 2 weeks 13 WEEKS 13 WEEKS 26 WEEKS
    3RD FAILURE Open ended until re-engagement followed by 4 weeks 13WEEKS 13 WEEKS 156 WEEKS

    • The 156 wk sanction only apply’s to JSA claimants , (sanction higher level)

    • Pat:

      Those such as myself on JSA have known about this since last October as we were all sent letters by the DWP with this on.

      • I was not aware how severe the sanctions were, as I am in receipt of IS & CA,
        really shocked that claimants can have their benefits stopped for 3 years. it is a fucking disgrace

        • IDS is soon going to be gunning for those of us who claim CA. Apparently we are going to be “helped” back into work.
          Work as a slave in some crummy Sue Ryder shop or face sanctions & destitution more like. Meanwhile no provision will be made for the person we care for, they’re going to have be left to their own devices.

  56. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity & Support!!

    The CPAG have produced a wording for those wishing to appeal their unlawful sanction(s), Go here:
    http://www.cpag.org.uk/content/sanction-busting-part-2 and follow link in top right. or here:

  58. Disgraceful exploitation of the most vulnerable in society whilst lining the pockets of the chief executives. I will be,activrly campaigning against your organisation through my contacts of disabled groups both at local and national level. Nazism at its worst. How can your representatives sleep knowing this being perpretated purely for financial gain.

  59. off topic
    Welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith has instructed officials to “look again” at how the bedroom tax will affect disabled people, the BBC has been told.


  60. Whatever is wrong with the poor soul in the picture? The lady with suckable tits on the other hand is a much prettier picture. You would wouldn’t you? If she was up for it and you had some Swarfega handy? Of course you would.

  61. 💀🐭💀 Maus we have become.

    Living in a disused container: uninsulated, unstable,( watch what happens when a gale blows), noisy, cheap, nasty. Typical Tory idea been around for a while.
    Think post wat prefabs, nissan huts etc.,. Get the picture?

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  63. Pingback: Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder

    Government backtracks on pensioner bedroom tax
    The DWP last week stated that mixed-age couples, where one is under and one over pension credit age, will be hit by the bedroom tax when it is rolled into the new universal credit from October if they are currently claiming benefits.

    However the department this week backtracked and said it will ensure existing mixed-age claimants, of which the Chartered Institute of Housing calculates there are 67,000, are fully protected from having to pay the tax. A DWP press officer said its previous statement had been inaccurate. He put this down to ‘crossed wires’ and apologised for being misleading

    Thousands of new, older claimants – pensioners who are in ‘mixed-age’ couples claiming benefits for the first time under universal credit – will, however, still be hit by the penalty. They will have to wait until both reach pension age to be exempt from the bedroom tax.

  65. Anyone outraged by this ( a bit off topic), from the daily hate comment section about the work program being a failure.

    Anyone feel like replying?

    The percentage is about right, seeing as the vast majority of the long term unemployed are unemployable for one of the following reasons 1. They don’t want to work 2. They have a very poor work ethic 3. Their skills and inability to learn is virtually non existent 4. They have a minus IQ and zero common sense 5. They have zero social or communicative skills Believe it or not even jobs such as cleaning and working at McDonald’s require a reasonable amount of ability in certain areas and with the current level of competition for jobs it is no wonder these people end up back in the dole queue.

    – JJBradley, manchester, 22/2/2013 8:35

  66. Charities can be as ruthless as big business. Sue Ryder, the founder of the charity, claimed she had been locked out of the charity’s offices, and accused the trustees of betraying its volunteer helpers and splashing out on new offices in central London.

    • about job-scheme fraud being ‘rife’ among private employment agencies, while also noting that ‘Employers and intermediaries are paid by results to get people into work, and providers can earn between £3,700 and £13,700 per person, depending how hard it is to help an individual. The DWP says the scheme so far has cost just over £2,097 for every participant…’ Today the Daily Telegraph confirms that ‘A multi-billion-pound scheme to help long-term unemployed people into work has been branded extremely poor by MPs. The government’s Work Programme only managed to get 3.6% of the people on the scheme off benefits and into secure employment.’

  67. MPs blast government’s flagship Work Programme

    After more than a year the multibillion-pound scheme has helped just 3.6% of long-term unemployed find jobs

  68. Pingback: We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder | Crash Space | Scoop.it

  69. work programme failure is on every major news media outlet at present.
    IDS is going to explode with ultra rage very soon I can foresee.
    He will blame the PAC for skewing the figures, blame the unemployed for actually being on the work programme in the first place and then come up with more sanctions just to punish.

  70. Henrietta Sandwich

    Poo Ryder,more like.

  71. As johnny pointed out other charities have pulled out of wp scheme. I am glad they have as i have offered to volunteer for one in a part of London in the hope it might help me relocate myself there. Had this charity not decided to pull out it would have put me at odds with them

  72. It would not surprise me that even ppl who are being cared for will be forced into some slave labour scheme too.

  73. Sue Ryder Direct Limited registered in England and Wales (889743). Registered office: Kings House, King Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2ED.
    Sue Ryder Direct Limited is the trading subsidiary of Sue Ryder a charity registered in England and Wales (1052076) and Scotland (SC039578).


  74. 30 charities to benefit from ATM giving scheme revealed

    The 30 charities that will benefit from Bank Machine’s ATM giving initiative have been selected from more than 550 applications and can now receive donations via cashpoints.

    NCVO chief executive Sir Stuart Etherington chaired the independent panel which selected the charities. Dividing the UK into five regions (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, northern England and southern England), each has been allocated six different charities to benefit from the scheme. They include Samaritans, St Mungo’s and **Sue Ryder**.


  75. is there a relationship between the trading arm of the charity and the workfare scheme?

  76. these are the charities benefitting from the ATM donating scheme..are these organisations using workfare?

    •Tram Shed Theatre Company
    •Northumberland Wildlife Trust
    •Impact Family services
    •People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)
    •Macmillan Cancer Support
    •Sue Ryder
    Southern England

    •Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children
    •Young Dementia UK
    •St Mungo’s
    •Naomi House and Jacksplace (Wessex Children’s Hospice Trust)
    •Anti-Slavery International
    •Woodland Trust
    Northern Ireland

  77. “The 8,000 machines owned by Royal Bank of Scotland and the 4,000 owned by the cash machine operator Bank Machine will permit donations, said Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society.”
    didnt the CSO civil soceity organisations warn about Payment by results

  78. We want to reiterate that work placement volunteers who don’t want to continue their placement at Sue Ryder, for any reason, are encouraged to speak to their local contact at Sue Ryder and cease the placement with immediate effect.
    To ensure we offer the highest quality experiences as possible Sue Ryder is
    continually reviewing and developing its volunteer recruitment and retention
    processes. This includes gaining feedback from our volunteers, including those on Workfare placements, on their experience of volunteering at Sue Ryder to provide insight on how we can strengthen and develop practises.

  79. something survived...

    they love shipping containers so much, they should go and live in one. Think of the damp from living in a rusty single-skin corrugated metal box. Wreck your books, screw up your lungs, freezing in winter, a crematorium in summer, tendency of box to blow away in strong winds or move in floods.
    Tendency of locals on target practice shooting holes in any large object made of corrugated metal. Tendency of budget, botched windows in a corrugated metal box, to leak at the edges, every time it rains.

    Tank Girl put it well when she says “I’d rather suck the Pope’s nipples.”

  80. Sue Ryder herself is dead yes, the charity is now just living off her name.

  81. It’s not just the risk of alienation of customers and donors – using forced labour alienates genuine volunteers. It’s not nice to be a volunteer in a situation where other people are not there voluntarily. It also undermines the value of or need for genuine volunteers. In the end, who would want to volunteer for an organisation that doesn’t need volunteers since it has an endless supply of forced labour? I wouldn’t.

  82. InvisibleRefugee

    I knew the shit would hit the fan sooner or later, ever since the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Did not anyone realise that East Germany has been quietly coming to life over here for the past few decades? I suspect nobody actually noticed as this has been a quiet revolution – no tanks rolling down the streets in the leafy lanes of Britain eh?
    The sick and disabled had it coming i’m afraid. It was only a matter of time before they were included in the Goverment’s slave labour programmes.
    Labour camps without barbed wire, prisons without walls – and a rich well-connected elite that couldn’t give a pig’s ear for the poor.
    Red flag – you bet!

  83. Sue Ryder Charity founding trustees were Harry Sporborg of MI6 and Airey Neave MP. Both involved later in steering Mrs Thatcher to leadership of the tories.

    The ground for the current ATOS oppression was essentially prepared by Leonard Cheshire “Enable the Disabled”

    Ryder originally registered care homes under Section 37 National assistance act 1948. Not as nursing homes but in the lowest category “Care Home” thus avoiding the requirement to employ qualified staff.

    She drew fees from benefits for each inmate but was running boarding houses with BS spin representing them as nursing homes.

    Her WW2 career was not distinguished. She was a driver in UK for SOE mostly. After the war she allegedly worked for MI6 under French relief charity cover helping wanted nazis, useful to MI6, escape to UK guised as refugees.

    It is likely that her charity was an MI6 front or asset and she was arrested by German Police in 50s or 60s for espionage.

    There have been so far unreported press briefings by “Impeccable Intelligence sources” confirming the suspicion that her charity (and that of Cheshire her husband) were assets of Vatican ratlines. There was a Regional Crime Squad inquiry 1971 72 into identity theft by GP death registration malpractice in the care homes and the context was 1200 men brought to UK by Ryder from German postwar internment 1971.

    A deeply evil pair posing as saints.

    In 1972 local GP Dr Nini Ettlinger wrote to what should have been a Govt inquiry into Ryder Cheshire care standards that the homes “Are not a case of loving patients but of loving Sue Ryder loving patients” And the dr also wrote that “Ryder can only function when surrounded by persons more in touch with human reality”. In other words not to be trusted alone with patients. The dr also wrote that inmates are driven to despair in the charity setting and people are extraordinarily blinded by their smokescreen of charity. I think Dr Ettlinger was a holocaust survivor so may additionally have known what she was talking about with the pair.

    Finally the East Anglian Daily Times in 92 were asked to prepare obituaries for Leonard Cheshire by Sue Ryder. The journo contacted Cheshire’s medics and was told his prognosis was for four more years. He had made arrangements to attend the 93 Dambusters Memorial and had indicated he would still require no medical measures to enable him to attend. He died in 92 and the journo was recruited into Home Office and thus is subject to OSA.

    I don;t object to euthanasia. But I object to hypocrisy given that RC Church who may wish to make them saints is busy telling everyone else how they have to endure pain and must not voluntary euthanize.

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