Reclaim It! Take Direct Action Against the Cuts on International Women’s Day

organizeAs the cuts start to bite anti-austerity action is hotting up, starting with this on International Women’s Day.  Follow them on twitter @Reclaim_it and spread the word!

8th March 2013 –  London – Meet at Goldsmiths or Queen Mary’s University from noon.

Take Direct Action on International Women’s Day

Sick of the Con Dem’s regime of cuts and austerity?
Tired of watching helpless while the government destroys people’s lives and create a world we don’t want to live in?
Then join us on International Women’s Day to take direct action to stop the cuts.

We are an independent coalition of feminist and anti-cuts activists who think its time to take matters into our own hands. We are particularly concerned about the gendered impact of the cuts which will jeopardise safe and free access to abortion, force single mothers back to work when their children are still young, close down rape crisis centres and women’s refuges as well as many more services for women and LGBT people.

We will be taking direct action in a ‘yet-to-be-revealed’ location, to reclaim feminist space.  Assemble at 12pm on Friday 8th March at either Goldsmiths University of London (main entrance Lewisham Way ) or Queen Mary University of London (main entrance Mile End road) where you will be met and taken to a convergence point. This action is open to people of all genders and none.

Join us to fight austerity together!

Join and share the facebook page:


52 responses to “Reclaim It! Take Direct Action Against the Cuts on International Women’s Day

  1. nice song

  2. Johnny Marr Condemns Benefit Cuts and admitted that he is still fucking angry David “Cunt” Cameron picked The Smiths on Desert Island Discs. From 02:15

    • Johnny Marr’s pledge still stands that if “Dave” Cameron, IDS, Mark Hoban and Lord Freud get run over and flattened by a 10 tonne truck The Smiths WILL reform.

      • “Dave” Cameron, IDS, Mark Hoban and Lord Freud

        And if a double-decker bus
        Crashes into us
        To die by your side
        Is such a heavenly way to die
        And if a ten-ton truck
        Kills the lot of us
        To die by your side
        Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine 🙂

  3. What has the right to etc etc

    Not here, not on this thread please – jv

  4. Imo= “In My Opinion”.
    I don’t know “imuo”

  5. Nothing to do with the topic but essential viewing if by any chance you are being threatened with eviction.
    They’ve been getting away with this shit for years. Praying on ignorant people.

    People Vs The Banks.

  6. Yosserian Hughes

    That ‘arl bastard (with the badge & stab vest) looks suspiciously like a other lyin’ thievin’ incompetent prick that thinks he’s the dog’s danglin’ bits, doesn’t he?

    I’d love to see him & ‘blobbin’ & the other plum try it with me & mine……

  7. jv I would like to take issue with you disallowing john his comments, especially as some women may agree with them.

    • they may indeed, but this, which is a call out for direct action to protect women’s services, is not the place to have that discussion

      • What were the disallowed comments generally about? I’d just like to have an idea, and the few words printed don’t provide any.

        • It’s jv’s blog and I respect his right to publish what he likes but he ought not to have chopped my comments whilst leaving a ranting reply to my post in place. This was compounded by my inability to reply since the public library I use later blocked this page because of it’s filtering policy – jv allows an excess of profanities to be published without problems. This cause problems for people on welfare (i.e the kind of people who would want to read this blog) who don’t have home internet and rely on libraries.

          • Fair enough, I’ve removed the response as well. I explained why this thread wasn’t the appropriate place to have the discussion.

          • John, I’m happy for my comment to be removed & sorry if it sounded like a rant. It was meant to be only a reply to you. I agree 100% that Atos have never yet based a single one of their decisions on what’s in the best interests of any one individual, or their families, or taken into account their wider circumstances, let alone listened to sound medical opinion. But I couldn’t see that drawing parallels between what they do and a completely separate & very complex, individual issue was fair.

            If you had been able to reply & not blocked by the library – it wasn’t something I want(ed) to discuss further – and partly why I started to ‘rant’ was to do with feeling that it’s something that can be discussed in plenty of places where both of our opposing views could be aired – but in the context of the article above putting up links which people can find should they want to was an intrusive thing to do.

  8. As frank begbie was off topic even though I commend him for his comments and video, the content of which may or not be relevant to tenants facing eviction because of the bedroom tax, especially as a tenant does not have a mortgage or own a property, but the evictee in the video may have mortgages on several properties for all we know and may not be the only place he has to reside in like tenants do, so like I said the same rules may not apply to tenants facing eviction by a social housing landlord who has government backing and probably carte blanche to do as they like.
    Tenants have always had different rights to morgagees again it’s a class thing and now a portfolio greed thing.

  9. 💀 The Nazis Are Here


  10. TheBigIanLebowski

    Wow, Tories should be more right-wing on welfare says thick plastic tory mannequin.

  11. Sorry to be off-topic, but thought this might be important ?.

    After reading the first post in the link below I had a nasty thought!!!.

    As some know, a matter of weeks ago a commitment was given by government that anyone on lifetime or indefinite awards of DLA would not be reassessed until October 2015, this will only be the case when PIP comes into force. As we know PIP is NOT in force yet, given the first post in the link above it crossed my mind that are Atos going to make an all out effort to remove as many people on lifetime or indefinite awards of DLA off the benefit before PIP comes into force ?. As I said just a nasty thought I had, well, we are dealing with some very nasty people…

  12. TheBigIanLebowski

    Tories – Killing Disabled Since May 2010

  13. The irony of the ESF European Social Fund that has amongst its aims the role of women in the workforce and rights is also the fund that pays for workfare.

  14. that doesn’t surprise me chewie, they will no doubt be steering women’s agenda’s to where it wants them to go, even if it could be detrimental to women in the long run.



  16. jv

    why don’t you do an article on women’s issues such as rape, I’ve just been watching Jill Seward on the ‘this morning’ programme who was calling for alleged rapists to be named so that any relevant evidence or witnesses can come forward to strengthen the 6% only success rate for rape prosecutions.

    The tv poll which is hardly conclusive polled 60 to 40 odd percent against naming alleged rapists, the lawyers reason for supporting this outcome was pretty disgusting I thought, i.e. families are wrecked by such allegations. Families are wrecked by all allegations of any crime yet they are still named.

    where there should be stiff legislation is on those performing acts of vigilantism towards the accused before or even after the accused have been found guilty.

    I remember this case at the time and was quite appalled at hervicar father’s rush to forgive his daughters rapists. I am in favour of forgiveness for wrongdoing, but feel it should come from the victim themselves and usually after some time has elapsed to give emotional or physical wounds chance to heal.

    • The 6% figure is deliberately misleading, Guy. You are meant to assume that it is the outcome of trial verdicts but it refers to the conviction rate from all reports most of which will never make it to the trial stage. 6% is par for the course for ALL crimes, most crime reports never make it to the trial stage for various reasons. Also an Irish study concluded that MOST rape allegations are FALSE. Rape is the easiest crime in the world for a woman to accuse a man of, and being accused of rape, regardless of the outcome of the legal process will certainly ruin a man’s life. “Families are wrecked by all allegations of any crime yet they are still named.”, maybe so, but rape is a particularly emotive crime, Guy.

    • Landless Peasant

      Rape isn’t exclusively a women’s issue.

    • Of course it isn’t, Landless Peasant, but that appears to be the context in which Guy is discussing the issue.

  17. icey

    I hear what you are saying but if so many cases are thrown out before trial, I wonder why? have the victims been frightened off by the facts being presented to them that nobody would believe them or that somehow they deserved it, or just the sheer fear of interrogation which could come from the rapist themselves if they represented themselves in court.

    I still uphold that alleged rapists should be named especially as one person could be guilty of many rapes but was not recorded because victims were too frightened or upset to report the crime or that they were intimidated into withdrawing their statements. Obviously I accept that some accusations may be false and that is why families of the accused should hold fire until a verdict has been reached and vigilantism should be punished.

    Landless peasant you are of course correct that rape is not just a crime against females.

    • Women have also been accused of rape against men too; but being accused of rape sets in motion a truly horrific process for the accused (remember we are talking about an ACCUSED person); they will be arrested by van-loads of coppers and dragged from their home in front of their neighbours wearing a noddy suit, there home will be searched, their possessions seized, they will be taken into custody and interrogated, they will be subject to all sorts of invasive procedures such as Q-tips being rammed up their member, they will in all likely be remanded in custody for many months, or even longer, if they go on trial they will be subject to brutal and humiliating cross-examination (and remember, Guy, we could talking about an INNOCENT person here).

      • but this applies to all people arrested for a serious crime, and there’s a lot wrong with the remand/custody process. but that’s not really an argument for making an exception to this for people accused of rape.

        • Prisoner Cell Block H

          yeah, its fucking shit to be arrested for ANY crime, mate,,, tell me about it… 🙂

        • it’s like man… you know… when you get busted for like bit of weed man… you know man… they like strip search you and like you know… man…

  18. The Accused

    What about the intrusive proceedures women have to go,through to prove they have been raped, they too are innocent victims.

    If you think police proceedure is unnecessarily too heavy handed towards those accused of crime then protest, but that should not be a barrier to what is necessary for them to do their job in ascertaining whether a crime has been committed or not. I would say by your description the police were being too heavy handed by not letting a suspect dress before being bundled in a police van to be questioned.

    Don’t forget an innocent person would want to help the police with their investigations to both prove their innocence and allow the police to move on and find the real culprit.

    • No Guy, rape suspects are led from their home handcuffed and wearing a (forensic) noddy suit. Right in front of the neighbours! “Heavy-handed” is a gross understatement!

    • “Don’t forget an innocent person would want to help the police with their investigations to both prove their innocence and allow the police to move on and find the real culprit.” What a naive statement, Guy! The coppers don’t give a shit! It is not about EVIDENCE guy, it is about building a PICTURE, oh look, the guy lives alone, oh look, found a porno mag in the bathroom, must be a rapist. If the coppers can secure a rape CONVICTION they WILL – and they couldn’t give a shit about “guilt” or “innocence” that is the way our just-ice system works. After all you have been through, Guy, and you still come out with such naive statements. You really need to get a grip to what us actually happening in practice. Rape is an easy, easy crime to fit someone up for!

      • I’ll tell you what, Guy, it must be truly horrendous for an innocent man to be accused of rape, utterly, utterly horrendous. Have at least some humanity, and spare a thought for these “victims” because they are just as much “victims” than genuine rape “victims”.

  19. the accused

    I agree that they are just as much victims as genuine rape victims and to suggest that I am being inhumane to ask that this crime be treated as other crimes where the accused are named, feels a bit like emotional blackmail.

    It is because of the low reporting of rape and because of serial rapists and also child molesterers left to lurk and prey on the innocents,that I believe there is more of a need to name these people once the police have sufficient evidence to prosecute. I am less at ease with the naming and shaming of people for minor acts of criminality.

  20. The accused

    I would just like to add that conviction is most critically dependent on reliable evidence being collated by the police, and in the case of the accused being found innocent, the facts and named accused ,if not appealed, should be made public also. The sad fact is with spiked drinks a victim could have no real recollection to prosecute.

  21. the accused

    The police can fit anyone up for any crime and have done so, such as the Birmingham 6 and the guilford 4 and eventually no consolation for them when they were finally found innocent and released. The police should have been jailed for witholding evidence that could have proved Gerry Conlon innocent or Annie McGuire. Bfg sake we have to believe that some form of justice is being executed or we need to get rid of the justice system altogether, which could well leave innocent accused attacked by the public, do we want that?

  22. The accused

    never seen anyone in a noddy suit on a psychiatric ward, have you? I thought we were talking about a police station, now you want to change it to a psychiatric ward, perhaps you need a place there yourself given the way you are trying to push and justify your point of view.

  23. Rover and Mudpie whose mud are we referring to here yours?

    • Human beings are being thrown onto the street to DIE, Guy. Oh, but yes Guy rape is a fate worse than death. Get a grip on reality FOR FUCKS SAKE.

    • You are being to sound like some middle-class wanker with fuck all to concern you expect stupid fucking “issues”, some of us have more pressing concerns!

  24. pingpo

    I can see you have very little respect for what is predominantly a crime against women, would you like it if your wife, sister girlfriend etc were raped? Rape to some women and children is a fate worse than death and should not be undermined by the likes of you.

    I am not a middle class wanker and treat these so called ‘stupid issues’ the same as those issues facing the homeless.
    Why do some sick fuckers think of rape in terms of a sexual act that is no big deal – to women and their families such an act of agression is a big deal, so tell them to get a grip.

  25. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity & Support!! 🙂

  26. Please do a column on the vilification of Heather Frost. It is sickening the way they’ve targeted this poor woman.

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