Iain Duncan Smith’s Licence To Kill

IDS-I-dont-care-whos-diedSick or disabled people could be worked to death under legislation tabled this week simply because the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions takes a dislike to them.

The new workfare rules, rushed out in a panic after this weeks damning court verdict,  set out the details of the various forced labour schemes currently in operation.  This follows the High Court ruling that Iain Duncan Smith had been illegally sending people on workfare due to never fully explaining the schemes before Parliament as required by law.

Under the regulations it appears that almost anyone Iain Duncan Smith sees fit will be at risk of referral to the Work Programme, which is now vaguely aimed at any claimant “at risk of becoming long term unemployed”.

The DWP admit they don’t know how many people on the Work Programme are being sent on workfare as the private companies running the scheme are given free reign to behave as they like – something which flies in the face of this week’s court decision and may yet lead to another legal challenge on similar grounds.

Under the regulations, welfare to work companies, or the DWP, can mandate someone to up to two year’s full time unpaid work.  As was announced last December, on International Disabled People’s Day, even claimants on sickness or disability benefits can now be mandated to forced labour.

These are all claimants who have been signed off as unfit for work by their own GP.  Many more claimants, who have also been signed off work as sick by doctors, have had that decision over-ruled by the DWP and are now on mainstream unemployment benefits.  With such a rushed and no doubt bodged set of regulations, there doesn’t even appear to be anything stopping the Secretary of State singling out claimants he doesn’t like and condemning them to hard labour.

With jobs in desperately short supply, especially for those with a health condition or disability, the choice facing unwell claimants sentenced to unpaid work will be whether to be worked to death or starved to death.

Of course someone with a life threatening condition may appeal against a decision which forces them to carry out unpaid physical work at a Sue Ryder charity shop or The Conservation Volunteer’s latest chain gang.

But sadly many people don’t appeal – and legal support for appealing benefit decisions is being slashed.  And it is a truly chilling thought that the only thing protecting sick or disabled claimants from being sent to do work which may kill them is the whims of a DWP tribunal.

Iain Duncan Smith may not have introduced these laws as a way of working to death disabled activists, or anyone else on health related benefits who opposes his vicious and inept schemes.  But the power is now there to do so.

None of this has ever been adequately discussed by Parliament.  Even the Courts seem to be beneath the Secretary of State – today Iain Duncan Smith  dismissed the judgement of three High Court judges on a very technical point of law as ‘rubbish’.  Not even David Cameron seems to be able to control the power-drunk fool, whilst the Treasury willingly hands over billions of pounds to fund his whatever crazy old bollocks he cooks up next.  It is clear that Iain Duncan Smith regards himself as above the Prime Minister, above Parliament and above the very law itself.

Iain Duncan Smith is out of control and has the power to destroy millions of lives.  And that is exactly what the Secretary of State is doing.  If Parliament or the courts can’t put an end to the carnage, then it is down to everyone else with a shred of humanity to stop this vile monster.

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For the latest on this week’s workfare ruling visit: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=2035

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205 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith’s Licence To Kill

  1. ids a vile monster with many heads attached to it.

    • IDS may be only one head of a “vile monster”. Even if he wasn’t there there are many Mark Hoban’s who are only too willing take over.

      Have a look on iplayer at Harold Wilsons conference speech in 1975 and see how the country has changed. It’s given me a new perspective on the 1970’s that’s a little different from the usual “winter of discontent” type binary analysis.

    • something survived...

      I don’t know: Hydra in Greek legend was kind of cute.

      All IDS has going for him is that he is mortal (we hope). What is that film, Warm Bodies? Night of the Living Dead?

  2. IDS kindly fuck off, and take your awful jobmatch site with you. looking at that is making me go fucking blind.

    • something survived...

      Totally. Should hell be being trapped in your own jobmatch site forever?
      Please, let’s sign up IDS to UJM and get him matched to all sorts of unsuitable (or SUITABLE/APPROPRIATE) jobs.
      Crocodile tamer. Female hooker. Sewage Farm worker. Filing Cabinet salesman. Rollerblading angel in posing pouch. Crossing guard for middle of M25.

      (Bumper sticker: “I don’t brake for IDS”)

      • Under the new “regulations” you are expected to accept “any job you can do”, so veggies can be sent to the abattoir because anyone can operate a captive-bolt gun.

      • Tonight Wednesday 20th at 8pm is your last chance to catch an interesting programme on Al Jazeera called Witness. It follows the production of a can of ravioli and takes a look at the lives of the people and examines the processes in the various stages of its production*. You really wouldn’t want to work in abattoir, something survived!

        * contains scenes of pig slaughter in a Romanian abattoir and cow slaughter in a Polish abattoir which some viewers may find distressing.

        *Al Jazeera is on Freeview Channel 82*

        Wednesday 20th at 8pm

  3. If IDS dropped dead this very hour he would be replaced in a matter of hours by a carbon copy, would not surprise me in the least if DC gave his post to a member of New Labour, Alan Milburn springs readily to mind, he would make IDS look like a raving communist!, indeed, DC is totally spoiled for choice for the post that IDS holds from ALL the three main parties. I hear that the Tories are trying to get a “dozen” New Labour politicians to defect to the them as their views would make them better suited to the Conservative Party than to New Labour (personally, I can’t see any difference at this moment in time!!!).
    Anyway, here is the list…

    Alan Milburn.
    Gisela Stuart.
    Kate Hoey.
    Tom Harris.
    Frank Field.
    Lord Adonis.
    Sir Robin Wales.
    Tristram Hunt.
    Caroline Flint.
    Phil Wilson.
    Baroness King.
    Jim Fitzpatrick.

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  5. Iain Duncan Smith

    “I am not going to give way on this. I absolutely clearly tell you this: people who think it is their right to take benefit and do nothing for it – those days are over.”


    • What these ‘people’ will do instead is to learn to be ever-thankful when specially selected to be part of (back-to-back) Voluntary (Ma(n)d(i)Tory) ‘something for nothing’ programmes.

    • Sounds like the days of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay are over too, Iain! – even though the New Testament was pro paying workers wages, viz.,

      Luke 10:7 “… for the labourer is worthy of his hire…”

  6. perhaps jv it would be easier to tell us who ids is not targetting within the benefits system.

  7. “…The national insurance scheme principles have now been abolished by us. It has now become part of the general taxes of the nation – tough on all those who contributed in the past to protect themselves and other people who because of unemployment, illness or disability needed support. Now all these people will have to die or at very least go and work for free to increase the profits of the companies we represent or increase the salaries of “charity” executives who are part of our group. This will help drive down wages further of course which will help boost profits further for our people. Though I am Catholic I believe Jesus wants this despite all that old stuff written thousands of years ago. People should be punished hard for unemployment unlike our investment bankers who are the real deserving of our country.”

    • something survived...

      “The welfare state is such an old term. We have come up with a more modern approach. We’re calling it the Death Plan. We have planned your death by work or starvation, you will be our slaves till you drop. It’s only fair that you take responsibility for being poor, by dying. Only rich people deserve to live. Please bury yourselves on the way out….”
      Conservatives – the caring party

      We care – about our profits

      Conservatives – putting the fun into funeral

      Die for Dave’s big dinners

  8. I heard this prick on the Andrew Marr Show this morning saying that people hit by the bedroom tax would be “helped” to move to smaller, more suitable accommodation. This is news to me. I haven’t heard about many Councils offering to “help” people to move hit by the bedroom tax to move, i.e., helping them to find alternative accommodation and paying for removal firms to transport the goods and possessions of dispossessed tenants from one home to another. As far as I can see the majority will just have their housing benefit cut and be abandoned to sink or swim.

    The mad bastard was also claiming that young people had begged him to arrange workfare programmes for them to enable them to work for private profit making companies for their benefits (which the daft old bastard again conflated with wages) and that the sanctions regime that kicks in once a “work experience placement” had begun was to help train them into making a commitment to an employer not to prevent them from leaving if treated badly.

    Iain Duncan Smith is a real basket case.

    Somebody should put this lunatic out of our misery.

    • Jim,

      I think you will find that IDS/Tories/NuLab/LibDems have something in store for “helped” to move to smaller, more suitable accommodation.


      • I should have added that with a VERY big drop in exports/imports with the global economic collapse/downturn, well, theres going to be a LOT of spare shipping containers. Of course, converting them will go to the private sector, I wonder if we will see…Atos shipping containers conversion Ltd, suddenly appear, all payed for with tax payers money.

    • “Helped” here isn’t as in the dictionary definition (!) – It goes along with “helping” people to move off benefits (into the gutter) and “helping” them to move away from tailored sickness and disability payments on to JSA/via work programme(s) and from there … well, never mind – the help part has already happened by then. If anyone decides not to take it – well, not to worry – this isn’t that kind of ‘help’ either.

      (As far as Bedroom Tax “helping hand” is concerned, he just meant that, for anyone who’s in any doubt whatsoever, there will very quickly be “help” to make it clear to them that they have Hobson’s choice – move, or don’t move and gradually see their financial situation becoming impossible). Oh, and it’s not really a tax.

    • Yosserian Hughes

      Yep. Heard him this mornin’ sayin’: “Kids LOVE this programme’ while I was makin’ a cuppa tea.

      He’s a total fuckin’ psycho.

    • Landless Peasant

      The eventual aim of the Ruling Elite is to reduce Benefits AND Wages to the same amount, and force everyone to work for them in return for it, and pay half of it back in taxes, whilst living 20 to a room, just like 1860’s Leeds. When the 4th Reich Utopia is fully imposed, there’ll be no difference between workers, unemployed, sick, disabled – all will be fully enslaved. Children can sweep chimneys to pay for their schooling otherwise they are sanctioned from attending school. So basically, we will ALL be required to work for them, in whatever role they deem suitable, and live in pain and poverty until we eventually die.

      Just one flaw in this evil plan…where’s all this “work” that needs doing? I could do with a bit myself….

      And as for the Sophist argument put forward by IDS, vis-à-vis Geology Vs. Shelf-stacking, may I point out that as everyone apart from IDS knows, it depends entirely on the context, or situation, for instance, a working knowledge of Geology might come in handy prior to an impending earthquake, if there were too few Seismologists to go round, whereas a shelf-stacker would be equally important if the (Hypothetical) Seismologist/Geologist got it wrong, or indeed didn’t exist (because she/he became a shop assistant instead). Do you see now Mr. I _ D _ S ? Your argument, as ever and always will be, utter bollox.

  9. Jim, I had the misfortune to hear his odious and disgusting attack on Cait Reilly this morning as well. I hope she launches a legal writ against him for slandering her good name in public. As for the so called unbiased BBC letting him get away with these outbursts I think we now see clearly where their loyalties are.

  10. You really have got to laugh; their Lordship’s produce a very detailed, very well considered, thoughtful, incisive and technical 20-page Legal Argument as to why these invidious workfare schemes of Iain Duncan Smith are Illegal and all this odious little cretinous turd can say in response is: “rubbish”! Words really do fail me!

  11. IDS reminds me of a child throwing a tantrum. Like an angry child who has lost an argument, he will shout anything out regardless of how illogical it sounds.

  12. How many people will IDS destroy? AS many as it takes to make him happy. He must be a very frustrated man at home.

    However I do believe in insurance. So nothing in nothing out – or at the very least only for a minimum of time.

    And yes IDS conflate wage with benefit. But then most Tory Boot Boys do.

    • Some people through not fault of their own cannot get a job or do work. A civilized society takes care of all no matter if the person has never paid in. The lie that IDS puts out is that there are jobs for everyone who wants one. He lies through ATOS that people are fit for work when they are not knowing that many people give up the appeals route because they cannot take anymore of the assaults on their mental health by the torture inflicted by people like him.

    • Only scammers want me for a job efgd. Would you have me scam others to get a money source.

      • something survived...

        If you don’t understand the concept of insurance….
        =Taking along the cheesewire to strangle them while having a spare gun/knife elsewhere on your person. And any old-style hand-thrown bombs – but Tesco are all out this week! The Black Hand Gang used a number of people when they were trying to kill Franz Ferdinand. The earlier ones screwed up and then the last guy succeeded.
        Similar things happened when the Czech resistance took out the Nazi, Heydrich. It took a team, and the last one of them finally got it right.

        If you find yourself in Tesco, you could probably manage to get a cheesecake instead; and then eat it, imagining various things happening to the cancerous tumour that calls itself the cabinet; they think insurance is to do with money, but we know better.

        We really would be best off putting IDS in a padded cell watching loop tapes of his own speeches forever.

        Actually a Tesco cheesecake, even an out of date one, could out-think this whole government.

  13. If they’d only focus their efforts on building the economy leading to real jobs rather than hounding the already down-trodden unemployed, the problem would resolve itself. Maybe focusing on the economy just highlights their abject failure and incompetence – much easier to bully and harass unemployed and sick people isn’t it. I think they are well aware though and really view a term in office as a “dash for the cash” – for their own personal benefit. Are these failing providers actually providing value for money for the taxpayer or making someone very rich? I certainly don’t hear of many success stories!

    • Too true! Building the economy would be expensive, but not as expensive in the long run as NOT building it. As time progresses and the downward spiral increases any solution will become progressively more expensive, sadly not just in monetary terms.

      The Tories and their New Labour and Lib Dem friends may argue that a Keynesian approach is out of fashion, but it is exactly the kind of approach that is needed. It is the initial investing in areas of the economy that apparently do not provide profit potential that eventually do stimulate those areas of the economy that do produce surpluses/profits. Pay someone to tend tend the parks, look after other people, (and pay them properly) leads to those same people having disposable income, which they go out and spend, thus creating jobs for other people.

      The only fly in the ointment is that the powers that be know that us ordinary folk cannot afford to fund the kind of investment in the economy that is required, so the only option they have is to start taxing their friends, the wealthy, who either live on the wealth gained by their forbears, who made their money off the backs of our forbears. This wealth lies idle in banks in tax havens where it is invested in places (like China, India etc) where it is used to exploit people even poorer than us in order to make even more money for the rich. I’m not against Chinese or Indian workers having jobs and in all likelyhood they too would benefit hugely if we had more money to spend, (I’d personally like an Indian built motorbike, but can’t afford one at the moment – no job).

      Of course, the rich are terrified of being poverty stricken, and will back any crazy scheme that might protect their wealth and security. But they are stupid or greedy, as they don’t need all that money to feel secure, but don’t want anyone else to feel secure if that would take some of ‘their’ money which was made from our forbears, or exploited working people in countries like China or India.

      It’s a huge lie that our society is short of money, it’s just short of a decent set of politicians who are brave enough to take it off the greedy rich and invest it where it can do some good – in building our economy and creating jobs for us to do.

      Simplistic? Not really, as there is already more than enough money in the economy to solve all the woes and ills in our society and have plenty lefty over. Don’t believe anything else, as it’s all lies.

  14. At the sametime as this is all going on many in government want council house rents brought upto the average private sector rent, they also want to abolish the minimum wage, both these are known to be in the future legislation pipeline. It is not only Atos that perform miracles, many in the political collective do expect to get blood from a stone.

  15. From “Down and out in Paris and London” by George Orwell

    A slave, Marcus Cato said, should be working when he is not sleeping. It does not matter whether his work is needed or not, he must work, because work in itself is good – for slaves, at least. This sentiment still survives, and it has piled up mountains of useless drudgery.

    I believe that this instinct to perpetuate useless work is, at bottom, simply fear of the mob. The mob (the thought runs) are such low animals that they would be dangerous if they had leisure; it is safer to keep them too busy to think. A rich man who happens to be intellectually honest, if he is questioned about the improvement of working conditions, usually says something like this:

    “We know that poverty is unpleasant; in fact, since it is so remote, we rather enjoy harrowing ourselves with the thought of its unpleasantness. But don’t expect us to do anything about it. We are sorry for you lower classes, just as we are sorry for a cat with the mange, but we will fight like devils against any improvement of your condition. We feel that you are much safer as you are. The present state of affairs suits us, and we are not going to take the risk of setting you free, even by an extra hour a day. So, dear brothers, since evidently you must sweat to pay for our trips to Italy, sweat and be damned to you.”

    This is particularly the attitude of intelligent, cultivated people; one can read the substance of it in a hundred essays. Very few cultivated people have less than (say) four hundred pounds a year, and naturally they side with the rich, because they imagine that any liberty conceded to the poor is a threat to their own liberty. Foreseeing some dismal Marxian Utopia as the alternative, the educated man prefers to keep things as they are. Possibly he does not like his fellow-rich very much, but he supposes that even the vulgarest of them are less inimical to his pleasures, more his kind of people, than the poor, and that he had better stand by them. It is this fear of a supposedly dangerous mob that makes nearly all intelligent people conservative in their opinions.

    Fear of the mob is a superstitious fear. It is based on the idea that there is some mysterious, fundamental difference between rich and poor, as though they were two different races, like negroes and white men. But in reality there is no such difference. The mass of the rich and the poor are differentiated by their incomes and nothing else, and the average millionaire is only the average dishwasher dressed in a new suit. Change places, and handy dandy, which is the justice, which is the thief? Everyone who has mixed on equal terms with the poor knows this quite well. But the trouble is that intelligent, cultivated people, the very people who might be expected to have liberal opinions, never do mix with the poor. For what do the majority of educated people know about poverty? In my copy of Villon’s poems the editor has actually thought it necessary to explain the line “Ne pain ne voyent qu’aux fenestres” by a footnote; so remote is even hunger from the educated man’s experience. From this ignorance a superstitious fear of the mob results quite naturally. The educated man pictures a horde of submen, wanting only a day’s liberty to loot his house, burn his books, and set him to work minding a machine or sweeping out a lavatory. “Anything,” he thinks, “any injustice, sooner than let that mob loose.” He does not see that since there is no difference between the mass of rich and poor, there is no question of setting the mob loose. The mob is in fact loose now, and – in the shape of rich men – is using its power to set up enormous treadmills of boredom, such as “smart” hotels.

  16. john

    the hardest part to take in is that there are so many hateful people like ids, that think that they have a god given right to judge those that a capitalist society has deliberately left destitute, by not only investment and exploitation in the third world, but by criminally stealing the benefits to which people are legally entitled to. Shame on politicians, the media and the judiciary who are noticeably silent on the wrong being done, instead seemingly to support these injustices.

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  18. It’s easy to call someone evil that you hate “mad”. Hitler was mad. Stalin was mad. He’s mad. She’s mad. They’re mad. Blah, blah, blah. But sometimes when somebody hateful gets called mad the accusation is factual rather than insulting.

    I loathe Iain Duncan Smith but when I say he’s mad I really mean it. I believe with all my heart that this person has some kind of psychopathic personality disorder. We all know he is a limited and hugely stupid man but over the past couple of years I have come to believe that the current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is genuinely, clinically mentally ill.

    IDS will be history at the next general election, if not before, and he knows it. I fear that his ego will compel him into a kind of razed earth approach to social security, i.e., to wreak as much damage as possible to it while he has the chance as irreversibly as possible. Fuck only knows how many more people will die, or be made homeless, or impoverished, or turned into virtual slaves for the private sector before this very, very sick individual leaves office and retires to the country on a handsome pension paid for by the British public.

    IDS is in my opinion an extremely ill person indeed.

    • Lucy,

      Please try and understand, IDS could not be doing as he has and is without having the majority support of both Houses of Parliament, IDS is just a tool in the hands of some very evil people. As for IDS being “genuinely, clinically mentally ill” , so what!, that never was a hindrance for Thatcher.

      • some very evil people you need to put that in bold, Lucy. Because they really are some very evil people IDS, the front man, the tool but we will probably never, ever know the names these very evil people

    • Yes he’s quite fucking mad. He’s also as depraved as he is deranged…

    • In psychological terms, he seems to have a form of Superiority complex (second stage Inferiority complex) – “Superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person’s feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority. The term was coined by Alfred Adler, as part of his School of Individual psychology.”(wiki)

      He certainly seems to fit the bill for the diagnosis: ” The normal person does not have a superiority complex, she or he does not even have a sense of superiority. She or he has the striving to be superior in the sense that we all have ambition to be successful; but so long as this striving is expressed in work it does not lead to false valuations, which are at the root of mental disease.” (from Adler)

      Considering his history in life goals and work positions (such as the doctored CV) the concept of false valuation of his own abilities and achievements would certainly fit the bill, as would his ongoing need to create a ‘them’ subclass of people who are scroungers in his eyes and therefore beneath him and an ‘us’ class of people, the strivers whom he views himself as a member of. The need to be a member of this group would act as a buffer against his first stage condition (inferiority complex) and exacerbate his second stage condition (superiority complex) – this in turn would lead him to gradually become more reactionary and more extreme in his rhetoric and behaviour in order to mark himself out as a member of the ‘useful’ parts of society, and as a member of the higher class.

      So, yes Lucy, you may well be right when you say he is mad. ;_;

  19. Very apt that Ghostbusters is on tonight, 3 out of work blokes set up their own company chasing ghosts……

  20. @Jim
    Luke 10:7 “… for the labourer is worthy of his hire…”

    This staement is in the bible because forced or unfair labour nearly always leads to revolution. The bible was an ancient blueprint for a so called civilised society.

  21. Didn’t see the programme, maybe just as well, the telly would probably have ended up in pieces, but did read up about it on the BBC’s website.Honestly though what does IDS thinks geologists do? No large construction project (bridges, tunnels) gets underway without the site being surveyed by geologists. Same with oil exploration.. Maybe IDS thinks these just happen as if by magic Poof! Look new bridge!
    The man is truly barking. Maybe if shelf-stacking (unpaid) in Tesco as as wonderful as this lunatic believes it to be he should put his money where his mouth is & just give it a go. Or maybe that’s his problem, all little George Iain Duncan Smith wanted to be when he grew up was to be a shelf-stacker but somehow everything went awry & he ended up in charge of the DWP. instead!

  22. http://t.co/J29u6tto

    Become a journalist for a thick nazi rag that defends neo-nazism and fascism says thick, inbred Daily Mail nazi.

  23. Anyone know who gets £25,000 a year in benefits?

    Leveson proposals should’ve been fully backed, this worthless rag needs sorting out.

    • “Anyone know who gets £25,000 a year in benefits?”

      If you add a lot more 0 to the above figure = The Royal family.

      • £25,000 ??? I reckon I get more like 9K per total, inc. JSA + H.B. + Council Tax, per annum. No other income, property or savings. About half of that goes to the Landlord for rent. Of course, it’s all about to go tits-up, if you’ll pardon the expression, as everyone knows. And even in its present form, JSA only contributes around 2% to the overall Welfare bill, so is being unfairly targeted. Whilst employment is being vastly over-emphasized, given that we are in an Economic Depression (+several other factors), the uncomfortable truth of inevitable unemployment is never mentioned.

  24. Ask yourself, who is more important? And odious little cretin of a politician? Or a shelf-stacker? Who could you live without?

    • Idiot Test

      1. Who is more useful to society?

      A shelf stacker
      The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – The Rt Honourable George Iain Duncan Shit

      Well done. Correct – the answer is A

      . Who is more useful to society?

      The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – The Rt Honourable George Iain Duncan Shit
      A Geologist in the Alpha Centauri Star System

      Well done. Correct – the answer is B

  25. To declare ids as insane exonerates him from the cruelty he has inflicted on others,but what does that say about his supporters which includes the labour party, furthermore would such insane policies be reversed? personally I think he is just evil.

  26. TheBigIanLebowski

    Thatcherite lunatic/loser says disabled people should be killed by ATOS as “they’re a burden” on ‘der taxpayer’

  27. TheBigIanLebowski


    Morrisons set to create jobs – NOT GOVERNMENT’S “Wealth Creators” (cronies)

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  30. They’re debating what IDS said on the Andrew Marr Show now on the Stephen Nolan programme on 5 Live…

  31. He also wants to “help” carers move into work. What the four and a half does he think caring is? Loafing about watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women? And while we’re ‘helped’ into work, who is going to look after our carees?

    • something survived...

      They will be given work themselves too of course! Even if paralysed, comatose, or in a persistent vegetative state. And if they then ‘fail to participate’, will have their benefits then their life stopped.

      What about carees’ right to decide who looks after them, particularly in mental health or learning disability/behavioural issues cases, or when needing intimate/personal care such as undressing, bathing, toileting, etc.

      IDS (thatcher eyes look): “Even the comatose can work. We’ll stick advertising on them like McDonalds and Shell, and put the person on 24 hour webcam.”

  32. They are abolishing the right to appeal against ATOS decisions.

  33. Not so long ago I posed the question as to whether this govt wanted some of us dead. What with the WCA and Boris closure of fire stations and hospital ward closures. This govt should come with a health warning. Voting for Tories may cost you your life.

    • something survived...

      Let’s just hope that each time they (tories) close a fire station in their local area, their house then Mysteriously Burns Down, and is razed to the ground because of a lack of fire engines. If they crawl outside, on fire, there are no ambulances because they closed the ambulance station and hospital. If anyone sees, they can’t be bothered to piss on them.

  34. In a govt document they said they had developed a hands off look the other way approach to workfare. In that work program providers could do what they want and with no scrutiny. The result was whole scale fraud. Payment by results. Payment but no results. Idiots that they are are using PbR on everything including mental health services.

  35. It is the same psychotic attitude which allows children to be abused and let the abuser to be protected. The poor are there to be exploited and abused by the rich and protected. Because of income level we are demarked. Poor equals evil feckless low life. Wealthy equals saintly god like worthy of adulation and respect.
    Murdoch anyone ?

  36. Pearls of wisdom from IDS on child poverty.

    “No two children’s experiences of growing up are the same. Some children cope
    with chronic disadvantage, while others are more vulnerable to shocks. Some
    suffer disadvantage and still go on to live independent and successful lives despite

    I wonder how many damaged children who had been abused by people in power or became ill through life threatening sickness or injury have become millionaires.

  37. It looksike full time carers will be hit too. Jsa housing benefit.council tax benefit. DLA if they are disabled themselves.and that being scrapped and them being assessed for PIP. Then social fund assessments courtesy of capita .
    Is IDS completely bloody mad?
    Surely looking after those who care for others should themselves be cared for?

    • As parent & sole carer of an autistic teenager that would leave me up a creek without a paddle.If I’m going to be forced to work, what do I do about her during out-of-school hours? And then there’s school holidays. She can’t be left on her own & I certainly can’t leave her with anyone else for any length of time. Maybe I should dump her on IDS’s doorstep?
      Added to that where I am there are no jobs, none that pay a decent living wage that would cover rent, gas, electric, telephone/broadband, mobile phone (essential, in case the school need to contact me) TV licence, council tax & actually leave enough over to buy food! And what jobs there are , are crap, a few hours cleaning or care work. Why would I WANT to work as a carer when I already am one? So the absurd situation could arise I HAVE to work as a carer & someone else is caring for my teenager.And I loathe where I live & want to move away, if I had to work I’d be tried forever to where I am,, a depressing thought indeed.
      IDS should be dragged out into the street & shot, I’ll happily pull the trigger myself.

      • something survived...

        Please do dump her on IDS’s doorstep, if this was a job interview she would be asked if she has any homicidal tendencies and the correct answer would be to reply in the affirmative…

        Thoughts on this crap policy. If the carer is forced to become a paid or unpaid carer elsewhere, what if the person sent to care for their caree is dodgy? Rubbish? A criminal? A thief or vandal? A bully, sex pervert, abuser? And what if they steal from your house or abuse your caree? What if they are another unpaid and untrained, unskilled workfare worker who doesn’t want to be there? And though surliness/disaffection/apathy, neglect/negligence, resentment/bitterness, incompetence, forgetfulness, spite…. they cause your caree to come to harm?

      • Surely even IDS isn’t that cruel.

        • something survived...

          Got put in a group therapy (on a work scheme) with at least 3 separate people including a former housemate from a former house, the others had threatened me in the street. None of whom I wanted to go near! I objected and got sent downstairs to endlessly rewrite my CV. They managed to put me with at least 3 unrelated people all of whom hated me (the feeling being mutual).

          So yes they would. Already workfare are being sent to be carers, with minimal or no training, around the UK. They are cheaper than agency temps, who need paying. Often agency staff (not just nurses but builders too) sent to people’s houses have stolen stuff or terrorised the patient. Crimewatch has in the past reported ‘gerontophilia rapes’ mainly of elderly ladies, by young men who ‘gained access to the house’. Rogue Traders filmed builders stealing money and possessions from elderly customers. Panorama has often filmed abuse and neglect by healthcare staff of patients, especially people who are elderly/have dementia, are disabled, or who have learning disabilities.

          IDS sinks to new lows of cruelty and then manages to outdo himself in it.
          He wants all the poor doing jobs they hate, and nobody enjoying their work. If he can keep people poor, we won’t buy much and we’ll make even less. So Britain can’t become great and restart making things. If we did that, they’d get out of the recession and have to pay us more…

  38. After losing the Tory leadership contest Iain Duncan Smith had this to say.

    “Although I will not be the prime minister of the first Conservative government of the 21st century – I believe I have provided its policy agenda.”

    So someone who regards himself with a degree of self importance then.

  39. LICENCE TO KILL hmm did you know that Bond villain Hugo Drax was named after a Tory MP ? Richard Grosvenor Plunkett Erle Drax ..this is surreal..


  40. Psychopaths in DWP.
    from torygraph

    “After the ruling Public Interest Lawyers, who represent Ms Reilly and Mr Wilson, said the Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision was a “huge setback” for the DWP.
    However, a senior Government source said ministers will press ahead with the work programmes.
    “We want to increase the use of mandatory activity and sanctions for the unemployed as the schemes work,” the source said.
    “We are studying where the schemes can be extended and will make an announcement within weeks.
    “The short, sharp shock is usually enough to get the work-shy back into employment so the plan is to extend the practice, not retreat in the wake of this odd court decision.”

    Lunatics out of control.

    • “The short, sharp shock” is what is meted out to convicted criminals; once again we have the government conflating unemployment with criminal behaviour.

      • A short, sharp shock was supposed to be given to young offenders at “Boot Camps” – more or less the same as Borstals or Approved Schools – to turn them away from crime during the Thatcher era. I believe Willy Whitelaw was the name of the Home Secretary at the time they came up with this one.

    • The only good use for this phrase is as in ‘Short Sharp Shocked’
      (Michelle Shocked, 1988).

      IDS & ‘a government source’ would probably be confused if they heard it, as (needs no recommendation) it’s known to contain both music and words – (combined). Don’t think it would be their cup of tea. Title is her name combined with the behavioural science phrase ‘short, sharp shock’
      = “punishment that is quick & severe”.

  41. They’ve been trying to see what they can get away with and it’s worked.They just can’t believe how stupid,gullible,and complacent,people have showed themselves to be. We are allowing them to abuse us,abuse the law,even,and feather their nests,with the money from grateful bankers,weapons companies,and the wealthiest that prefer to remain invisible,but whose operations are based in the USA. We should render that money as useless to them.

  42. During the anti workfare protests almost all the companies eg Tesco etc all pulled put of the scheme thus proving there.were no jobs to be had as result. Not only that when it was shown that the scheme didnt work DWP said they were disappointed and that they would have to review their relationship with work program providers .did they ask for our money back? Of course not instead they awarded more contracts to them…

  43. 💀 The Nazis Are Here

    The IDS Gang is The UK Nazi Party.

  44. No ideology can justify the fascist and downright unethical behaviour of the Conservative party. Even from an economic perspective the policy makes little sense as it reduces money supply, contracts wages and risks pushing the UK into a deflationary spiral which can only be offset by large scale devaluation of the currency. Ethically, ideologically and economically the policy is complete madness and people really need to analyse the facts rather than listening to the endless groundless drivel spouted from the likes of Iain Duncan Smith.
    For a different take on employment policy and hopefully the ocassional laugh to offset the depression please follow me @UKJCP on Twitter.

    • Poor. Old. Tired. Horse

      One of the best things in the Twittersphere. Is it just me or has the humour become a bit darker and sharper recently? And no wonder if it has.

  45. Reblogged this on Service Research and Practice News and commented:
    A nasty nasty man!

  46. Why is JSA and ESA considered a government subsidy, but receiving free labour (Poundland and numerous others) not?

  47. I hope universities will start to offer degrees in shelf stacking, then i can wave my bit of paper in front of IDS and say “look baldy i got a degree in shelf stacking, yes i can officially stack a can of beans on top of another can, now i’m ready to go work in a government funded super ‘slave’ market.”

  48. @J Jonah Jameson there was a monty python sketch about a business meeting about ‘putting things on top of other things’

    • something survived...

      Madness. The shops say I’m too disabled to work stacking shelves for money; and in any case I can’t reach the top 2 shelves at all, so what use would I be? But I can be sent to the same shops as workfare and would be useless as totally unable to work?! Why would they want me?

      University of Lidl. Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Topographic Cylindrical Object Vertical Spatial Relocation.

      Today in the same (Lidl) I saw rugby trousers, size small, so I picked them up. Putting the base of the legs by my ankle……
      The top of the waistband of the ‘Size Small’ trousers came up to just below my chin.
      The running vest I actually wanted, they only had one men’s one left, and it was size XXL. It can’t be adjusted because all the body parts are measured out for which parts are where, to match the clothing to body shape/contours, and it wouldn’t work. Unless you want the bit meant to be the chest, ending up on my shoulders, and the ‘sixpack’ bit of the vest either heading for my knees or crawling up my chest. I ended up settling for a t-shirt in size Small, which will be too large.

      Imagine working in Lidl indefinitely, the prospects being only more years of exactly the same. And for the lucky few, you may be promoted to branch manager, and face more/endless Lidl. (Wow exciting) Even to be CEO of Lidl… would that even be interesting at all, and would you like to do it for your whole life? Oh no, you can always move horizontally! Why not use your years of experience to land an identical job at Aldi, Asda, Poundland,
      Morrisons, Tesco, Spar, Waitrose…. And do that for several years…

      The UK needs more talented female geologists. The point about shelf stackers is they are not noticed, instantly forgettable, instantly replaceable.
      I lived with one. They nearly didn’t take her on as a shelf stacker, because she was a senior consultant, ran two hospitals, was an experienced and established doctor and surgeon. Her only crime was to be the ‘wrong colour’ and from India. She was told she couldn’t practice in the UK. Our hospital couldn’t get staff and wouldn’t take her even when she offered to work for less pay and more hours. Patients are told their waits of many years to be seen are because there are not enough doctors. Doctors queueing up to work, are turned away because they are not a citizen of the EU.

      Probably if you stack shelves all day the most interesting thing that happens is when somebody shoplifts or starts a fight. That incentivises you to collude with or watch stealing, and to allow fighting. Imagine coming home and watching ‘Falling Down’. Might you copy it in your own life? (It does happen in America, people have more guns and frequently
      ‘go postal’.) Go absolutely IDS, and get a weapon and start killing people?

  49. lord fraud gives a speech on UC..actually its called the Lord Freud
    Universal Credit Capita speech

    This speech is sponsored by CAPITA….the company that fucks up with your money..a lot..

  50. Mark Hoban tells it like it is: “This year marks the beginning of a radical overhaul of Britain’s welfare system.
    The introduction of Universal Credit will make work pay, at each and every hour…
    … allowing us to start dealing, once and for all, with a culture of entrenched worklessness and welfare dependency.
    4.6 million people –12% of the working age population – on out of work benefits.
    1 in every 5 households with no one working, and 2 million children living in workless families – a higher proportion than almost any country in Europe.

    This level of ingrained worklessness cannot simply be put down to the present state of the economy. (Actually you can you feckwit)..

  51. Just recieved a letter from my local JCP this morning it states (in a nutshell):

    You are currently attending the Work Programme, “I am now writing to tell you and other participants, you are now taling part in a scheme established in law under the Jobseeker’s Allowance(Schemes for Assisting Persons to Obtain Employment) Regulations 2013”.

    This is followed by the usual threats and consequences of not continuing to taking part in the Work Programme.

    They haven’t hung around on this – I imagine everyone else will have got theirs today or will sometime this week.

  52. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2002/oct/31/houseofcommons.politicalcolumnists

    I love this description of IDS from a few years ago..

    “This is how spin doctors work. Some Tory MPs are going round saying privately that Iain Duncan Smith must go, and before the next election. The latest opinion polls suggest that fewer voters have heard of him than was the case last week; in other words, people who knew about him seven days ago have since managed to forget who he is.
    He has become a political black hole, sucking in his own charisma and imploding so that by the time we next vote nobody will have a clue who is he, except some members of his own family, and they may need reminding.
    So naturally he did rather better at prime minister’s question time yesterday. He scored a few points against Tony Blair. The famous frog had disappeared from his throat. He managed not to say anything rather silly and then pause while Labour MPs made fun of him, before repeating it once more to even greater hilarity. “

  53. How much money the law says you need to live on each week = £55.72

    This is Impossible to live off never mind effectively job search, the battle for subsistence will begin to dominate the welfare debate.

    No ifs, no buts, workfare is slavery.

    • Yeah, you are supposed to toil all week in the likes of fucking Poundland for the princely sum of £55.72 to pay for food, clothes, travel, bills, household expenses, what have you. It is a FUCKING PISS-TAKE!!!!

  54. http://collymore.blog.co.uk/2011/07/12/ian-duncan-smith-a-nobody-even-in-his-own-household-11470549/

    “Iain Duncan Smith a nobody even in his own household”

    “There’s a saying that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. In Ian Duncan Smith’s case he has actually been mad for quite a considerable time and the only logical reason I can perceive that the gods or anyone else for that matter who strongly object to and absolutely loathe this rather odious facsimile of a human being haven’t disposed of him so far is that in all objective and analytical terms Ian Duncan Smith is such a sad, pathetic creature that to actually expend and therefore waste time, energy and treasure on liquidating him would in all reality be a completely wasteful expenditure of all three of the aforementioned specified characteristics. I mean we’re referring here to a creature that quite simply isn’t worthy in my judgment or that of several other persons who I’ve spoken to including many Conservatives of being dignified with the appellation of a human being, and who just to emphasize that point is a classic nobody even in his own household.”

    • something survived...

      Please address your prayers to Cloacina, goddess of sewers, that she may flush this turd away from the U-bend called the government, in the cesspool of Westminster.

  55. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2003/jan/29/houseofcommons.immigrationandpublicservices

    We’re all doomed, and doomed we are

    “As always with IDS, there seemed to be a gap between his words and his deportment, between his message and his manner. He actually looked like the chairman of the sanitation committee announcing the dustmen’s rota for the holiday period.
    He produces some curious formulations. There was, he implied, a sort of conspiracy to stop asylum seekers from being debated.
    “We cannot stop talking about an issue just because some people try to shut us down,” he said, while the front pages of the tabloids scattered nearby screamed about little else.
    “They must talk about it, and talk about it they must,” he said. Food for thought, there! It’s a phrase that could add a measure of gravity to any press conference. “We must do this, and do this we must.” Or, “it is time for a drink; for a drink it is time.” Or, “stuff this for a game of soldiers; for a game of soldiers, stuff this.”
    He told us he had a message to terrorists. “Our message to terrorists is this: ‘Stay at home, or you will be sent home!'”
    It didn’t have quite the bold resonance required. “IDS’s warning to terrorists: ‘we will send you home!'” We will be merciless in giving you a plane ticket back to your native land! Expect no quarter from us, though complimentary drinks and snacks will be available during the flight! “

  56. Did you know that MP’s are exempt from being held in contempt of court when making laws, rules and regulations as long as they make them within the grounds of the Palace of Westminister.

  57. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/tory-mp-iain-duncan-smith-plagiarised-john-howard-policies/story-fn59niix-1226102341475

    “Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith ‘plagiarised’ John Howard policies

    THE man charged with the task of reforming Britain’s welfare system has admitted to plagiarising policies from the Howard government.
    Britain’s Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith delivered the John Howard lecture to the Menzies Institute last night, calling on conservatives not to allow the Left to claim a monopoly on social justice.
    The former Conservative Party leader paid tribute to the Howard government’s welfare record, calling the former prime minister “one of the great postwar Conservative leaders”.
    “I was especially keen to learn from your pioneering transition, launched by the Liberal government, from state-run employment services to voluntary and private provision.”


    JSA Sanction and Disallowance Decisions Statistics:
    Background Information

    Click to access Background_Information.pdf

  59. The Politicians, The Police, The Church, Big Business.
    They are all corrupt, why the fuck are we still putting up with this shower of shit telling us what to do, and laying down laws that we must all obey?

    The situation calls for complete anarchy.
    We need to start again from scratch.

  60. JSA Sanction and Disallowance Decisions Statistics:
    Background Information
    Whilst claiming JSA, a customer can have a Labour Market ‘doubt’ raised
    against their claim. LM doubts are normally identified by staff at the Jobcentre
    Plus office and are referred to the Sector Decision Makers (SDMs). Once the
    SDM has made a decision on whether to sanction or disallow/allow a referral,
    they enter their decision on a system called DMAS (Decision Making and
    Appeals System). The decision is also sent back to the Jobcentre Plus office
    for entry to LMS (Labour Market System) and JSAPS (JSA Payment System)
    which then makes the appropriate changes to the actual payment to the
    The JSA Sanction and Disallowance Decision publication merges data
    together from DMAS, LMS and the Work & Pensions Longitudinal Study to
    produce summary tables of the volume of JSA LM cases decided, and the
    characteristics of those claimants with a decision.
    Currently no data is available from the 100% data to show how many
    claimants are being sanctioned at a particular point in time – all the data
    included in this publication relates to the number of decisions made in month.
    Specifically, the tables count the latest decision made per referral – ie taking
    into account any reconsideration and showing only the latest decision.
    Reasons for referral to DMA:
    • JSA LM entitlement doubts: these are questions on which entitlement to
    JSA depends. For example, if there is doubt around whether the Jobseeker’s
    agreement (JSAg) is suitable, whether they are actively looking for work or
    making themselves available for work. In most cases payment of JSA will be
    suspended by benefit processing until the doubt is resolved;
    • JSA LM sanction doubts: these are questions which may affect the
    payment, rather than the entitlement of, JSA. People who unreasonably cause
    or perpetuate their own unemployment are subject to a benefit sanction.
    For example, leaving previous employment voluntarily, or refusal of
    employment. When a doubt arises on a sanction question, payment of JSA
    will normally continue until such time as a sanction is imposed;
    Types of decisions made on JSA LM doubts
    This is sometimes referred to as being “allowed”. It means that the SDM is
    content that the conditions are satisfied and, consequently, decides in the
    jobseeker’s favour.
    Adverse decisions
    Adverse JSA LM decisions are given where the SDM considers that the
    jobseeker does not satisfy the LM conditions of entitlement to JSA or that a
    sanction in relation to the payment of JSA is appropriate. These types of
    decision are sometimes referred to as ‘disallowances.’
    1) Sanctions
    A sanction means that full JSA is not payable for the period concerned.
    There are two types of sanction in JSA:
    a) Varied length sanctions – a sanction of between 1 week and 26 weeks is
    imposed for leaving employment voluntarily without just cause, refusing
    employment without good cause, or losing employment through misconduct.
    The actual period in each case is at the discretion of the Adjudication Officer
    who makes the decision;
    b) Fixed length sanctions – a sanction of 2 weeks (4 weeks if repeated
    within 12 months, and 26 weeks if already received a 4 week sanction within
    last 12 months) are imposed for refusal, without good cause, to attend an
    employment programme or carry out a Jobseeker’s Direction. Payment of
    benefit continues in full pending the Adjudication Officer’s decision on a
    sanction question.
    2) Disallowances
    A disallowance is an adverse decision on a JSA LM entitlement doubt. The
    dates of this decision may relate to individual days, or to a specific or an
    indefinite period. The payment decision maker (DM) will normally suspend
    payment of JSA for the period of doubt until a decision is made by the SDM.
    Decisions following reconsideration
    The jobseeker can ask for their decision to be ‘reconsidered’ by the SDM, or
    the Jobcentre Plus office may ask for a decision to be reconsidered, which
    may result in any of the following decisions being made – Favourable but
    Disallowed, Unfavourable, Superseded/Disallowed, Reviewed and
    Disallowed, Superseded/Not supported, or, Favourable and Allowed,
    Reviewed and Allowed, Superseded/Allowed, Superseded/Supported
    If still unsatisfied with the outcome, a claimant can take their case to Appeal.
    The SDM may be asked to give their opinion on whether the jobseeker was
    available and/or actively seeking employment, or a sanction would have been
    imposed. This is usually where a payment DM has decided there is no
    entitlement to JSA and a LM doubt arises. The LM opinion given by the SDM
    is taken into account when a payment DM decides whether to award National
    Insurance (NI) credits and other passported benefits.

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  62. Dennis’s often shocking descriptions of his own experiences offers the reader a poignant introduction into the demeaning treatment participants on the scheme deal with on a day to day basis.

    Here is an excerpt from the books:

    The entrance room was small, a pot plant in the corner and a disheveled man sat behind the desk.
    “Name?” he asked.
    “David Dennis,” I replied.
    “Occupation?” he said with a grin. “Oh wait, you haven’t got one!”
    “I will have someday and I’ll be paying your wages,” I bit back.
    “Sure,” he said with a grin. “Take a seat.”

    I sat down as he picked up the phone and dialled through to explain that Mr Dennis had arrived.

    “Dennis, David?” the woman said, as she entered the waiting room. “Follow me,” she said without even looking at me. I stood and followed her into a classroom. “We need to do a diagnostic test to see if you can read, count and do the most basic of learning.”

    “I can,” I replied. “I have GCSE’s and A Levels and I received very high marks.”

    She didn’t take any notice. “You have one hour to complete these tests.”

    “Excuse me,” I said as I began to feel like the invisible man. “I can talk, you know.”

    “I do not wish you to talk,” she snorted. “I wish you to do your diagnostic tests,” she explained. “I do not wish to hear about tests you passed once upon a time.”

    I was shocked. I sat down at the computer and took the diagnostic tests. To my mind, they were a complete joke. Questions such as: Where does the full stop go in this sentence?

    “Anna walked down to the beach”. Well, let’s see? Where does a full-stop normally go? Where does the capital letter go in this sentence? “the alligator swam through the water”. Ninety-eight more of these basic literacy questions followed. The maths assessment was equally as ludicrous. I was completely insulted by this absurdity.

    The very fact that not only had I passed my GCSEs and A-Levels, I had received very high marks on them, should have exempted me from this degradation. There was obviously no pre-vetting process based on previous educational credentials.I dutifully completed the test and waited for her to come back. Eventually, an hour passed and finally she returned.

    “Have you finished?”

    “Yes,” I replied with a smile. “Within about ten minutes.”

    “You rushed them,” she accused. “Don’t blame me if you have failed.”

    “I didn’t fail them,” I replied. “I know where full stops go and I know how to add and calculate percentages.” Without listening she took the computer and looked at the results. I had scored highly and I thought I had proved my worth.

    “You did alright,” she said with a shrug. “We can improve on that though.”

    “How can you improve on 100%?” I asked.

    “Those tests are the easiest we have,” she said . “We expect people to pass with at least 20%.”

    “Well let me have a bash at your others,” I asked as I grew older every second.
    “No,” she said dryly. “You are not ready yet.”

    “I see,” I replied, already knowing what the game was. This woman knew she was stuck with me and needed to show some improvement to claim payment from the government. This way she could say that I had started favourably with the lower test scores and passed the higher ones with her guidance. What a complete scam.

  63. European Social Fund..the money behind work program..



    “Since being set up in 2000, WL – the biggest provider in Wales of welfare-to-work services through its contract with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – says it has helped more than 30,000 people in Wales gain skills and work.
    In his evidence, Mr Hutchinson stated: “Things got so bad that by spring 2008 it reached the farcical situation over a sustained period of time in which we would arrange to carry out work in the Midlands, then be required to hastily divert to Brighton (including flights being booked), only to then be instructed by my line manager to urgently change our plans to Wales, followed quickly by new priorities for coverage in other areas including London and Glasgow.”
    In June 2008 Mr Hutchinson wrote a briefing note for the company’s executive team which quantified the losses from 15 separate frauds and irregularities over the previous 15 months at around £250,000.
    He told MPs: “The common theme in relation to the DWP contracts was that all of these frauds involved the falsification of job outcome evidence to illegally claim monies from the DWP, together with the false claiming of bonus payments by staff through the company’s incentive bonus system.”

  65. IDS lying live on The Andrew Marr Show – 17.02.13

  66. Work Program providers “mandatory elements”

    Surplus Labour made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

    The request was refused by Department for Work and Pensions.


  67. @Obi Wan Kenobi this pathetic excuse for a human being ..who is an abject failure witha chip on his shoulder because he was rejected by his own party…ever since then he is trying to tell them it was mistake them rejectioning him because his belief in his own sense of superiority..look at his own quotehat i posted earlier after being rejected..he thinks his policies are the backbone of this party…what a wanker..

  68. Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I have searched and read much on your website but have failed to
    find the information detailed below. I am unsure if it’s my
    incompetence or that the information isn’t available.

    I would be grateful if you would provide or direct me to answers to
    my 6 questions detailed below.

    On reading the Work Program Q & A document:


    I note Question ref 10:-

    “2.10 suggests that the provider can include mandatory elements of
    the customer journey. Are these mandatory elements at the
    discretion of the provider and can we develop our own bespoke to
    the customer?”


    “Mandatory elements are at the discretion of the Provider, and
    Providers can develop their own mandatory activity which is bespoke
    to the customer. This is subject to the rules on the types of
    activity each customer group can be mandated to. When applying
    mandatory activity to customers it is incumbent on the supplier to
    understand the level of conditionality applicable to the individual
    at that time”

    First to clarify… Question Ref 10 should, I believe refer to
    Information to Tender 2:11
    (not 2:10, which is not in the context of Mandatory elements)



    2:11 of the Invitation to Tender doc reads:-

    “Where a Provider chooses to require mandatory activity they must
    record this activity in an Action Plan. When a customer fails to
    comply with mandatory activities the Provider will be expected to
    inform Jobcentre Plus promptly, so Jobcentre Plus can consider
    applying sanctions.”

    Would you please provide information relating to the following …
    1. What are the “rules” referenced in the answer to Question Ref
    10? specifically in:-

    “This is subject to the rules on the types of activity each
    customer group can be mandated to.”

    2. What are the applicable levels of “conditionality” referenced in
    the answer to Question Ref 10? specifically in:-

    “When applying mandatory activity to customers it is incumbent on
    the supplier to understand the level of conditionality applicable
    to the individual at that time”

    3. With appropriate reference to the “rules” and “levels of
    conditionality” in the above questions, has a “customer” any right
    to conscientious or ethical objections to any particular activity
    or “element” or would any such objection be considered as
    non-engagement with WP?

    4. If the prospective “mandatory elements” of the various prime and
    sub contracted providers are published, please provide information
    of such by provider.

    5. If such “mandatory elements” referenced in 4. above are not
    pre-anounced or published, do the DWP need to be informed and give
    approval under the “rules” and “levels of conditionality”, before
    they are imposed?

    6. Can a “customer appeal against the imposition of “mandatory
    elements” with regard to the above “rules” and “levels of
    conditionality”, to either the provider or DWP

    • something survived...

      So that’s as clear as mud then!

      So there’s nothing in there that says we can’t be mandated to strip off and stand in a field with our bits painted purple?

      So there’s nothing that says we can’t apply a rocket launcher to the government as we say “Mandate That!”

  69. Does anyone know if any legal challenges are on the horizon. I have become obsessed with reading about all the things the Tories are bringing in and it is making me ill. I told people months ago about the Bedroom Tax and only now am I hearing back from them in a panic. I warned them but maybe they think I talk shit. I can only think this is being repeated in many areas and shit will hit the fan soon. That baldy cunt will burn in hell.

  70. The UK is heading for a complete breakdown of society thanks to the likes of IDS. Fuck them.

    • something survived...

      The other night I was watching on TV, an otherwise decent guy, he picked up a ‘specimen’ (individual of a species) (beetle) and calmly dropped it into a tube of pure alcohol or similar. They argue there are others left. Insignificant, interchangeable.

      We are like the beetle.

      The government are the child that likes to sit in the garden and pull off our wings, then one by one rip off our legs.

      Okay maybe you can’t feel anything for a beetle. How about:
      ‘Ian Duncan Smith is like a man grinning as he picks up a small, fluffy, mewing kitten and walks over to a vat of acid….’


    Sanction busting – appealing Work Programme sanctions


    Martin Williams discusses the legal and practical issues involved in challenging decisions which impose a sanction on JSA for failure to participate in the Work Programme.1

    Note: Since this article was written we have published a second piece which specifically looks at what to do if advising a claimant who received a similar letter to that sent to Mr Wilson, together with a draft notice of appeal to use in such cases.

    The various private companies contracted to deliver the ‘Work Programme’ on behalf of the DWP collectively refer tens of thousands of cases each month to the decision maker so that imposing a sanction on their benefit can be considered. The statistical and anecdotal evidence available suggests that very few decisions to impose a sanction are appealed.

    The remedy of an appeal is of course not really an adequate one to a claimant who has been sanctioned. Although if successful the claimant will receive payment of the jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) that was withheld, s/he will have had to try and survive without that money pend-ing the appeal (unless s/he can obtain hardship payments). This lack of a mechanism to dispute the imposition of a sanction before it is applied means that many claimants comply with de-mands placed upon them by Work Programme providers regardless of whether they are lawfully allowed to make those demands.

    These difficulties aside, however, some people do manage to bring appeals against sanction decisions and it is important that welfare benefit advisors are in a position to assist them with these cases.

    When this article was in draft form, judgment was given in the High Court case of R (Reilly and Wilson) v SSWP [2012] EWHC 2292 (Admin). This case sheds some light on possible avenues of appeal at the First-tier Tribunal (although it should be noted that both sides are proposing to appeal aspects of the judgment). The claimants in Reilly and Wilson challenged the overall lawfulness of the Work Programme schemes. However, what the Court said about the notice requirements that must apply before sanctions can be applied is incorporated. As such, this article is intended to be of practical and immediate assistance to advisers assisting claimants with sanction disputes rather than summarising the Reilly and Wilson case. A write-up of that case will appear in next month’s Bulletin.

    • something survived...

      Alternative means of nonverbal lodging of an appeal against sanctions or another negative benefits decision.

      Locate one of those in the government who is responsible. Borrow two vehicles. Tie one to the minister’s left testicle. Tie one to the minister’s right testicle. drive off in opposite directions.

      Alternative to the alternative: While the minister’s department are Sanctioning you, locate and occupy the minister’s house, claiming that since he made you penniless and homeless you are entitled to live in his house and eat his food and use his stuff.

      Other alternative:
      Dig up his grandparents and order him to make an example of the lazy blighters by putting them on workfare. Decomposing is no excuse!

      Special measures for dealing with a minister who has himself died, or who is arguably Undead. This is called the Cadaveric Synod.
      The body (or zombie) is dug up, and placed on trial. It can be found guilty and executed.

      Vampire: Stake through the heart
      Zombie: Cut off its head, etc.

      If you are having trouble deciding whether IDS is a vampire or a zombie, best do both just to be on the safe side. Then sew his lips and eyes shut and bury him face down under a heavy weight at a crossroads at midnight.
      (This technique is equally effective against Gary Glitter)

  72. Whitehall hotshot parachuted in to take control of Universal Credit mess. The previous bloke in charge, Philip Langsdale, died suddenly.

    “[T]he appointment of Mr Pitchford is likely to fuel speculation that the project needs an experienced troubleshooter to rescue the scheme.”


  73. What should claimants do

    If a claimant has been sanctioned for failing to participate in the Work Programme and the letter telling her/him what s/he had to do so was defective as outlined above (and it appears that the standard letter was defective), then s/he should file an appeal against the sanction decision.

    The normal time limit for an appeal is that it must be received by the DWP within one month of the decision being sent to the claimant. However, the First-tier Tribunal can extend the time limit by a maximum of 12 months where it is ‘fair and just’ to do so (see rule 2, 5(3)(a) and 23(8) of the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Social Entitlement Chamber) Rules 2008 SI No.2685).

    Given the decision of the High Court in Reilly and Wilson, it must be the case that such appeals have strong prospects of success. The strength of the appeal on its face is a factor which should be taken into account by the tribunal when it considers whether it is ‘just’ to extend the time limit (when a decision appears to be plainly wrong, then this is a factor which weighs in favour of extending time).

    Furthermore, because of the way in which the Reilly and Wilson case came about, it does not appear that such cases can possibly be caught by the anti-test case rules. Those provisions only apply where a ‘relevant determination’ is made on appeal to the Upper Tribunal or by a court dealing with an appeal from the Upper Tribunal (see section 27 of the Social Security Act 1998). The Reilly and Wilson judgment was given by the High Court in a judicial review. Although there may be an appeal against the decision of the High Court in Reilly and Wilson, it also appears to be the case that the Secretary of State does not have any power to order the hearing of such appeals to be stayed pending that appeal (sections 25 and 26 of the Social Security Act 1998 only affect matters where an appeal is pending to the Upper Tribunal or from the Upper Tribunal and not when an appeal is pending in a case brought by way of judicial review).

    A sample notice of appeal for use in such cases is also provided on the panel on the right.
    People sanctioned after 22 October 2012

    The Jobseeker’s Allowance (Sanctions) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 No.2568 fundamentally change the sanction regime from 22 October 2012 (see Bulletin 229, p8). However, those changes leave intact the definition of a failure to participate in the Work Programme – ie, such a failure can still only occur when a claimant has been properly notified of a requirement to participate, which still includes explaining the length of sanction that will result. Claimants who have received a letter notifying them of the older sanction lengths (rather than the new fixed-period scheme) may have an argument that this cannot serve as adequate notification for an alleged failure that takes place after that date. However, it is not possible to give as detailed advice for such claimants as it is for those sanctioned under the old regime. The message to advisers remains that careful attention should always be paid to exactly what claimants have been told to do and what the consequences of failure are to be. As Reilly and Wilson shows, the Courts are willing to strictly construe the requirements that the decision maker must meet before a punitive sanction can be imposed.

  74. Freedom of Information request 2012-3773
    Received 28th September 2012
    Published 2nd November 2012
    Information request

    Click to access foi_3773_2012.pdf

  75. Information request
    1.) How many claimants have been forced onto the Work Programme since it started?
    2.) How many of these were men of 58 years and older?
    3.) How many claimants on the Work Programme have had their benefits cut off?
    4.) How many of these were men of 58 years and older?
    5.) How many claimants on the Work Programme have found jobs lasting 6 months or longer?
    6.) How many of these were men of 58 years and older?
    7.) How many unemployment benefit claimants have had their benefits cut off since May 6th 2010?
    DWP response
    In response to question 1 and 2 the information is provided in the tables below:
    Number of Work Programme referrals by Referral Type: 1st June 2011 – 30th April 2012
    Referral Type

  76. Chapter 2 Work Programme Provider Guidance
    Updated 26 November 2012 1 V6
    Chapter 2 – Work Programme Claimant Groups
    This chapter covers:
    • Overview of Work Programme Claimant Groups.
    • Claimant eligibility and entry points.
    • Participant Participation Requirements.
    • Participant changes in circumstances during the Work Programme.
    • Annex A – Work Programme Claimant Groups.
    Overview of Work Programme Claimant Groups
    The Work Programme will support a wide range of different claimants, in receipt of different benefits. As such, claimants who join the Work Programme will have a wide range of different circumstances and requirements. The nature of their participation, entry point to the Work Programme, and payment group will be determined by their claimant group.
    Jobcentre Plus will randomly allocate claimants

    Click to access wp-pg-chapter-2.pdf

    • something survived...

      Can Warts Gain Sentience? Question Answered by Discovery of Government Composed of Colony of Sentient Warts. Warts define the poor as unworthy of life, and launch sanctions regime and Work Programme.

  77. http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/disregarded-new-book-exposes-work-programmes-failures-from-the-inside/

    “Despite the government’s assurances that the scheme is working to reduce the millions of unemployed, Dennis shows, through his own experience with the programme, that it is inefficient, inept, and fundamentally unhelpful to those who need it most – those hungry and able to work.”

    That’s it in a nutshell, according to the author. “What I witnessed at my training centre was a complete shambles and a waste of time for everyone involved,” he told Vox Political. “I spent about 12 months there, on and off, and I don’t know anyone who got a job through them.”

    The book itself makes the situation explicit:

    This programme essentially uses the unemployed as unpaid slave labour forces for six weeks’ duration for some of the country’s largest companies – highly profitable companies that can absolutely afford to hire people for a decent wage… This would not lead to paid employment… This was a simple case of a company taking advantage of a recession.

    “The classes are not put together with a view to the skills of those on the programme,” explained the author. The architect with 20 years’ experience and the recent school leaver both find themselves in the same basic maths class. Literally, we were doing computerised tutorials that were primary school level.”

    • something survived...

      If you don’t do these tests, our WPP writes down either that you took the test and failed, or says you did not cooperate because of shyness!!!! In each case they put down basically that you have no skills and are retarded. Even so, they still ask you to apply for jobs as a PA, intern, truck driver, lab technician, lecturer.

      What’s next? Out of work doctors and programmers being sent to group therapy and made to regress to childhood by singing the alphabet song and relearning how to tie their shoelaces?
      Facilitator (doing The Voice) [the patronising singsong one apparently now mandatory in many industries, primarily nursing]: “Hello children! [the ‘children’ are aged 18 to 65] Today we are going to learn all about Bottoms. Bottoms are very smelly when we do a Poo. It is important for you to wipe your bottom. So I am going to spend today teaching you how to wipe your bottom. Tomorrow we are doing what to do if you do a very big poo, how to clean your bottom and also how to flush a toilet.”

      One and one is two, two and two are four…

  78. Editor 11:16 wrote:

    “Why is JSA and ESA considered a government subsidy, but receiving free labour (Poundland and numerous others) not?”

    Good point. Of course, the line is that these companies taking on the forced labour are really kindly and as for the money they must have to spend on training! There is also the “payment by results” line which might make some forget that they get hundreds of millions of pounds up front.

    John Downie the director of public affairs at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Services recently wrote:

    “We’re all paying for the main private sector contractors to make money despite failing to help people to find jobs. The time to abandon it is long overdue.”


    • @Jeff ““Why is JSA and ESA considered a government subsidy, but receiving free labour (Poundland and numerous others) not?”

      Good point. Of course, the line is that these companies taking on the forced labour are really kindly and as for the money they must have to spend on training! There is also the “payment by results” line which might make some forget that they get hundreds of millions of pounds up front.”

      This was something I was trying to point out in the CSO report (civil society organisations) which was published in 2011..the warning that were given about ‘payment by results’ of course it went un heeded…

  79. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21490542

    IDS attacks people who ‘think they’re too good’ for work schemes

    The work and pensions secretary has criticised people “who think they’re too good” to stack supermarket shelves on back-to-work government schemes.

    On the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Iain Duncan Smith suggested that many “smart people” overlooked the importance of effective shelf-stacking.

    A geology graduate recently won a legal victory over the back-to-work scheme.

    But Mr Duncan Smith warned against assuming that geology was more important than supermarket worK…

    • Cait didn’t think she was too good to work at Poundland but did think it was wrong to remove her from work experience at a Museum to stack shelves in Poundland for no wages. As usual IDS is lying. He is a disgrace.

      • @lucy yes i rememeber her saying it wasnt beneath her dignity .in fact the jcp even said they should have let stay her at the museum..not only is IDS a consummate liar he is also a potato head (see his biography) …

        • something survived...

          That’s a little harsh. Mr Potato Head would run this country better….
          Actually so would a cigarette stub in a puddle….


    monty python ‘putting things on top of other things’

    • Nice one Bobchewie – you really need to email this to all the Work Programme Providers and IDS.

      • @OBI WAN KENOBI its that synchronisity theng that happens i came acroos the python clip the other day and it seemed to sync with this IDS stuff..
        the tesco is different cos poundland is done diferently although they are linked because the owner of poundland Mr BEANS ON TOAST brought in ex tesco bod…

  81. Tesco’s awful shelf stacking failures. (style of An Idiot Abroad)


  82. http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/finance/news/content/10504/payment-by-results_will_neglect_difficult_beneficiaries_warns_senscot_founder

    “The founder of Senscot, a network of Scottish social enterprises, has said he’s astonished at the lack of outrage by leaders in the voluntary sector to the government’s new payment-by-results culture, warning that it will lead to groups of people which no-one will work with
    Since coming to power last year, the government has consistently told charities to expect more statutory contracts with payment-by-results models, such as social impact bonds.
    However, Laurence Demarco, founder and director of Senscot has told civilsociety.co.uk that he believes payment-by-results is a totally wrong direction to take:
    “When you are paid if you get results, you will be inclined to select people who will give you a result, which will lead to whole groups of people which no-one will work with – it’s inevitable,” he warned. “I’m surprised at the lack of outrage from voluntary sector leaders.”
    He added that social impact bonds were the “emperor with no clothes” and accused the government of making it up as it went along.”

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  84. Iain Duncan Smith makes blind man beg

  85. This was once described as a “nation of shopkeepers” now known as the “nation of shelf-stackers (unpaid)”



  87. Jo Yelland

    I have never heard such a load of bollocks than that what comes out of the mouth of psychologists and their theories, which are not based on Empirical evidence but via premise and conclusion, whereby if you start from the incorrect premise you will come up with the wrong conclusion. “he feels superior because he is inferior”, don’t make me laugh.

    according to the theory you quote ids has a right to feel superior because he has channeled his ambition into work and success,which is again in itself a flawed theory because ALL of us do not strive to be a ‘success’ (whatever that means) nor are we all ambitious, some people want to get through life as best they can and in a capitalist society have to work to survive in the absence of benefits or a fairer structured society.

    As the quote goes “some men are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them”. IDS does not fall into any of these categories only in the fact that he will go down as being a notoriously cold callous bastard and if that is success or normality I will eat my hat.

    Nobody has a right to feel superior but the omnipotent psychologist thinks he is.

    • If you read it properly, you’d actually see that I was calling him an inferior little man who thinks he is superior. The crux of Adlers argument is that some people are quite happy to make themselves feel superior by crushing anyone they can, especially someone they think can’t fight back and that this is a sign of their own weakness and inferiority. I wasn’t going against any argument here – I was just stating the above and that IDS falls into this category. Also, the theory actually says that a normal, well adjusted person will do something useful or necessary in order to gain superiority for the sake of a goal, that they will not just seek superiority because of their inability to see or accept their own weakness and failings – not for something as weak as making themselves seem important, and that IDS falls into the latter group.

      As for psychology, it holds little interest to me as a social scientist, I work with empirical, provable data only and information from mental health charities does have some leaning toward Adlers theory. However, it’s just one stand point.

      Please read and understand what I wrote before going on a tirade, as I read and enjoy yours before answering.

      • My description of IDS would be ‘dangerously inept’ a hopeless failure who risks other peoples lives just to prove his own misguided self importance is not well founded in reality.

  88. Their words will condemn them

    We want IDS to talk himself out of a job and out of Government let him babble on he will dig his own grave and that of the Tories, IDS is labour’s best allie.
    The more IDS talks the more the people of Britain will see him for what he is and what the Tories are.

  89. jo yelland

    Thanks for that reply but you or Adler do not explain how people think they can feel or have superiority over others. I know that you were calling ids inferior on the one hand, but you were also saying normal people gain superiority by useful work and achieving goals which according to his supporters that is the category ids falls into so would therefore disagree with your diagnosis.

    Disregarding the contradictory psycho babble, I think he is plain and simply a cold hearted bully, but one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

    As for data and information from mental health charities, well………..enough said.

  90. ps
    perhaps you will get off your superior high horse and see now that I both read and understood what you wrote, but do not agree with your conclusions at least not for the reasons you gave.

    • Agreed that he is a cold-hearted bully. The ‘psychobabble’ – it’s up to you whether you accept it or not, but it was an answer to someone’s question and purely a different perspective. Also, the post was that he felt the need to be superior – the how is not something I can explain, only IDS can do that and do you really believe he’ll admit anything that he thinks makes him look. weak? As for his supporters disagreeing with the diagnosis, that makes no odds as the diagnosis suggests that he is doing the evil he is doing as he needs an emotional pair of platform shoes. What they see as him working, we know is evil as we’ve had to live through it, and we can view it as a means to an end for him feeling powerful and superior. I just finished appealing Atos so I know what an indescribable little cretin the man is and how rotten he is making the lives of us plebs.

      As for my superior high horse, his name is Binky 😛

      • What if the whole 2 million plus unemployed occupied whitehall ? Would the dwp jcp sanction all of them ?

      • Binky? Are you the new Death then?

        • Well, someone has to do it, what with IDS being here and Death still trying to make friends with that bottle 😉

          • Iain Duncan Smith wants to “redeem” the unemployed, sick, disabled… well… pretty much every benefit claimant of working age. And although he has failed spectacularly to send many into secure, long term, gainful employment he has sent many to meet their maker prematurely with help from his Gallic friends Atos and his acolytes at the DWP.

  91. @Jo @guy in a post I made earlier it is clear that IDS sees himself as the savior of the Tory party. After he was deposed he said it was his policies which were at the heart of the party. So yes that sense of self importance from a hopeless failure.

  92. jo yelland

    I think we both agree the man is a cretin but you like the rest of us are basing your opinion on his morals and his lies regarding the success of his policies, which are emotionally based not scientifically based, but I discovered psychology is nothing but a pseudo science anyway half way through my ‘O’levels finding philosopy, theology and sociology more to my taste.
    Your horse may have a name but your over-riding sense of superiority remains an enigma.

    • Sociology is often called a pseudo-science also, I’m doing my degree in it. I don’t believe I have a sense of superiority, I just have my opinion, just as you do. I’ve been willing to accept yours, but you seem unwilling to accept mine, which is a shame.

    • The more pressing matter, regardless of any of our other views, is what do we intend to do about IDS? There are petitions up about all of his policy changes but this government has shown no interest in paying attention to them. There’s a Canadian pushing to have the UK government held to account for causing intentional harm to their own people – that’s in the Hague at the moment, but they’re notoriously slow to act and are unlikely to do anything whilst Cameron et al are still in power. Many people are speaking to their local MPs to get some solidarity against the welfare reforms and to push back this toxic governments slide into depravity. There are also marches and peaceful protests going on around the country – the next one about Bedroom benefit cuts that’s near me is not til March though.

      Anybody know a way to remove a minister from post, even if it’s on a technicality?

      • @Jo I would question his state of mind as well as cameron. Here is a PM who surrounds himself with all the worst people crooked bankers Murdoch placemen et al. Then IDS a hopeless failure with a chip on his shoulder never forgiven a party who rejected him trying and failing to do a ‘ I told you so’ number on them but dangerously playing with peoples lives . Hoban completely out of touch with reality and lord fraud who is deranged.

      • Hi Jo, your right people are speaking to their MP’s about the totally unjust way this government are battering the unemployed etc.It just seems to be falling on deaf ears.With the changes to council tax benefit only weeks away i see a disaster in the making and a revisit to the times gone by of poll tax riots as councils go about collecting arrears from the poor who will be choosing between eat heat or pay council tax.

  93. jo Yelland

    If as you think ids is insane, then perhaps you might like to try and have him sectioned under the mental health act, but I doubt you will have much success given that psychiatrists do the governments bidding and only section the plebs.

    You are right about sociology not being a science either, but it does not profess to be scientific as psychiatry and psychology does and is less corrupt or egotistical, although not entirely.

  94. ps

    where I consider your sense of superiority lies, is in the fact you think your opinion is backed up by sound scientific theory, even though it cannot as you admit be proved as ids would not admit to failings – a bit like the infallible psychiatrists.

  95. Chewie

    Do you agree that an immigrant accused of a serious offence should be deported?

    • @guy fawkes
      1 why are you asking
      2 what is the offence
      3 if deported they might commit same offence in country they are deported to.
      4 is it alleged charged or convicted jailed for.

  96. chewie

    You posted the link to IDS supposedly having it in for judges, I was just asking do you think he is right in this instance? Ask the telegraph about questions 2,3,and 4 they have obviously not addressed the issue fully for the public to make an informed decision.

    • at the moment the tories are going to have to be best mates with judges because trhey are going to need the law on their side..but i dont think they will win…how sad..

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  100. I would just like to labour a point regarding psychiatry – there is not a profile type that has not been covered by psychiatry and to which any of us cannot be slotted into. According to psychiatrists we’re all insane.

  101. IDS should swop places for six months, with my brother in law, who has just £6 left for food a week. He eats mainly cheap brand cornflakes because they last longer.

  102. Negative labelling, marginalising and stigmatising the vulnerable via propaganda in the media, using despiteful and malicious terms such as “workshy” and “feckless” is a major part of the Government’s malevolent “justification” to the public for removing the lifeline of support from the sick and disabled. We are climbing Allport’s Ladder. That gives us a clear view of the Nazi realm. I have often suspected that Iain Duncan Smith is channelling the spirit of Goebbels. – http://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/the-esa-revolving-door-process-and-its-correlation-with-a-hugely-significant-increase-in-deaths/

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