Lord Fraud’s Debt Trap Has Been Abandoned As He Begs Local Councils For Help

lord-fraud-freudIt now seems clear that Lord Fraud’s debt trap, under which claimant’s struggling to manage the new benefits system would be expected to pay for budgeting support, has been abandoned.

Last year the bungling toff launched a tender exercise for ‘financial products’ to help claimants manage the change over to Universal Credit.  Typically this was an attempt to hand over yet more of tax payers cash to profit hungry private companies who would be given the chance to run claimant’s financial affairs.  A range of proposals were threatened, including jam jar accounts and smart cards.

In a major u-turn, it now seems that this has all been abandoned and Lord Fraud is attempting to shift the problem onto Local Authorities.  With less than two months to go before the first claims for Universal Credit are processed, a major – if potentially disastrous policy – has been scrapped and nothing put in its place.

A document released by the DWP (PDF)  sees Lord Fraud begging local councils to help rescue him from the shambles by asking for help designing services for the most vulnerable claimants – something that should have been addressed months ago.

The appeal for help gives a hint of the shambles behind the scenes as DWP Ministers find out exactly why the benefits system was quite complicated.  With no prior understanding of the social security system, Lord Fraud really is making it up as he goes along.   Rent payments will be monthly, except when they won’t be, payments will always go direct to claimants, except when they go to landlords, the benefit will be digital by default except when it isn’t, and all Housing Benefit claims will be centrally handled by the DWP, except for the ones that won’t be.

Some of the more intractable problems, such as providing a broadband based service in an area that doesn’t have broadband cover, are glibly glossed over:

“Rural areas where broadband is not yet widespread may also present a special challenge here that will need to be managed with local support.”

What does he expect, fucking telepathy?

The only sliver of good news for claimants is that when the unravelling of Universal Credit begins in April this year, only a tiny number of claimants will be affected.  The initial pilot will only include new, single Job Seekers Allowance claimants in a few postcodes in Manchester.  These are claimants who by and large will have recently lost their jobs.  This pilot will tell the DWP nothing about how Universal Credit will work in practice with groups which require more support.

Millions of people’s live are set to be plunged into chaos as Universal Credit is expanded over the next few years.  The ongoing comedy show at the DWP will be anything but funny as Lord Fraud and Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled reforms demolish what’s left of the welfare state.

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37 responses to “Lord Fraud’s Debt Trap Has Been Abandoned As He Begs Local Councils For Help

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  2. What????? Absolute shambles. The biscuits that the government spend so much money on, could probably do a far better job than this bunch of haven’t-got-a -clue-ers.

  3. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  4. Martin Lewis is calling for finacial advice to be given to school children to learn how to budget, save etc. They mean to secure jobs for themselves no matter what, if they can’t give patronising financial advice to the unemployed, try school children.
    Many a politician over the years have tried living on meager benefits and failed.
    Why should they replace what is in effect crackpot ideas i.e. smartcards, loans that people cannot afford to pay back, budgeting advice from income that is not going to cover living costs. Perhaps you could suggest something to put in it’s place jv?
    Demolish the welfare state?

    • something survived...

      Or a new curriculum in which kids do practical vocational courses to equip them for the FUTURE:

      -Access Course for a life at Jobcentres and Work Programmes
      -Queuing (at a soup kitchen with no soup)
      -Hotwiring A Car (boys only) [sorry girls, for one thing we don’t have enough prison places for you]
      -Reactivating Deactivated Guns (boys only)
      -Life in Jail
      -Starvation 101
      -Crack Dealing (boys only)
      -Pimping (boys only)
      -Prostitution (girls only)
      -Advanced Ramraiding (boys only)
      -Illiteracy Course
      -Acquired Brain Damage and How to Get It (brains are dangerous! tone yours down today!)
      -Dumbing Down
      -Jeremy Kyle Studies
      -Hairdressing (girls only)
      -Burger Flipping
      -The wonderful world of Telesales…
      (Please surgically remove your bladder before attempting this job)
      -Channel Surfing
      -How to get paid for talking crap on the internet
      -Homelessness Course (in week 1 we evict you)
      -Drug Addiction
      -Stealing to fund your habit (follow-on course)

      Of course, there would be courses to help others enter the growth industries (=industrial cancerous growths) of:
      -Drug and alcohol rehab/detox/treatment/counselling centres
      -Taking people’s kids away
      -Bailiffs/Repossession, Debt collectors, Security guards
      -Government lawyers to help the government prosecute people
      -DWP to kick as many as possible off benefits
      -Council workers with targets of people to kick off housing benefit, evict, etc.
      -Atos (No medical or any other knowledge about anything required. No human qualities required, just the ability to press a button to cut someone’s benefits to nothing. It helps if you are a bully and a pervert, if not we will accept robotic faceless drones with no emotions or independent thought.)
      -Police (especially riot police)
      -Prison guards
      -The military
      -Staff for asylum detention centres (Nazism no bar to employment, it is positively encouraged)
      -Bureaucrats to process all the stuff cutting off people’s benefits.
      -‘Disability groups’ run by nondisabled people, with the aim of getting rid of disabled people.
      -Politics (rightwing)
      -Lawmakers etc. to bring in more and more fascist laws
      -UKBA (aka British Nazi Party) [sorry I have just watched on TV 12 UKBA scum manhandle and drag a woman onto a plane to an EU country, she was white but it is irrelevant, and they LIED to the real passengers that ‘she is a real passenger but is scared of flying’ and ‘we’re giving her this to calm her down’ as they drugged her and sat on her while she screamed the place down. She only had a minor visa irregularity. On the plane there were over 50 UKBA to go on the flight to be there to guard this one woman! They joked how after ‘delivering’ her their next flight was to Russia then Africa, where there are less human rights laws to get in the way.]
      -Media ‘commentators’ to agree with whatever the government does (except for the government vote to let gay people marry, of course).
      -Designers to make propaganda posters warning what happens if you don’t conform to the benefits ‘reforms’. (Dictionaries to be rewritten to reflect the new and opposite definition of the word ‘reform’, and the word ‘welfare’. The usage of their original meanings will be a jailable offence.)
      -Designers to make new SS-style uniforms for all of the above.
      (Viewer poll: or is it MORE scary when they dress all soft and fluffy and friendly while they are stopping your benefits???)
      -Construction workers to excavate 300 mass graves around the UK in preparation for the poor, disabled, and starved to be directed to their nearest one.
      -Government to open new Ministry of Torture.
      -Responsibility for all sexual and reproductive healthcare will be devolved to the Catholic Church. (No abortion, contraception, pain relief in childbirth. No gay parenting, or IVF to single parents. No help for people with HIV/AIDS. No healthcare of any kind for gay people. All sick/old people left to die very slowly while being prayed over and called sinners.)
      -Single mothers forced to fight rabid dogs, that’ll teach them…

      (And then I woke up.)

      But Spameron was still, like a turd around the toilet bowl, still not dislodged.

  5. On the leaked DWP document, Lord Fraud says: Please send your comments to me via localservices.framework@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

    Well what are we waiting for? Send him your suggestions and comments. 🙂

  6. Better still write them on here for us all to see eh Budgie.

  7. Doubt whether he would read them here, but if he has to sift through our comments to read the suggestions from the various local authorities, perhaps he might get the message.

    • something survived...

      Is Freud Jewish? His and his friends’ policies will result in Jews being sent to work in industries that are against the basic beliefs of their religion, for example workfare or work programme could order them to work with pork.

      • He is, & judging by the treatment of the Palestinians (many of whom are NOT muslim) by the jewish state, they are all a bunch of fascists.

      • I don’t mean to sound harsh but please keep Baron Freud’s religion or ethnicity out of it no matter how subtly it is introduced. If you dislike investment bankers then say so but don’t even try to link a persons race/religion to what is a common feature of banksters no matter their background. Apart from being morally wrong it also allows the fraudsters to use anti-Semitism as a pretext for deflecting attacks. Attack banksters no matter their background and don’t under any circumstances fuel the ire of anti-Semites who, like the Nazi’s, look for scapegoats or like Westminster today which does the same with umenployed people.

        It’s a different matter when a politician uses divine sanction to support a wrong. In that case meet them on their own ground if needs be. So if a Christian politician says “tough love” in the form of the Work Program is Christianity or Ian Duncan-Smith declares “I am Catholic” then by all means engage them using the same sources they profess to represent.

        • Important point. I’ve noticed a lot of the debate getting hijacked by the far right recently; you see it in some comments sections about the bedroom tax where there is a growing scapegoating of communities who have ‘taken’ our homes. I’m happy for UKIP to split the Tory vote but we all have to be vigilant about combating those with a racist agenda. I fear that in some communities certain people will be using people’s anger and disaffection in a more direct way and channeling protest down a very dangerous route.

  8. This is off topic but I think will be of great interest to many here.

    It seems the governmnet is planning to cut the housing benefits of households with unemployed under-25s.



    It seems not only are the government planning to stop housing benefits for out of work under-25s, but are now planning on penalising them and their families when they move back home.

  9. Scarecrow78

    They are only penalising the poorest yet again, those whose parents are reliant on benefits.

  10. Tony Blair once described disabled people as ‘economically inactive’ but we all know those involved are making mega money. Be interested to know who any benefits we do manage to get compares with what those people are paid? Pound for pound what are we worth? Pat x

    • Blair is beig paid £13 million a year by the Dictator of Kazakhstan: “Kazakhstan is a post-Soviet human rights desert. Criticising the president is an illegal offence, the police routinely torture civil society activists, any independent press is bullied and children are used in the tobacco industry. The brave newspaper that stood up to Blair’s avarice has been the target of threats, web-blocking by Kazakhtelecom (the country’s largest internet service provider), libel actions and even arson attacks. In 2002, its offices were burnt down and a dead dog left hanging from a ground floor window in full view of the street. Attached to the corpse was a note stating simply, “You won’t get a second warning.””
      Blair might possibly use an Iraq war type of defense like “Well you know there is two sides to this debate, there were the two million who marched on the streets against the war and on the other side there was me who was for it. In this kind of balanced debate somebody had to make a decission so I chose my point of view which was tough but fair.”

  11. 💀We all gonna die muthafuckahs!

    Lawdy Miss Frawdy is a gutless flip-flopper right up the arses of the worst pigfuckers in any political party.
    His grand-daddy needs to resurrect himself and give the twisted rat some serious psychoanalysis, then section him, drug him up, and confine him to the rubber room….permanently.
    Mind you, they shoot horses, don’t they? And then feed them to us while charging the price of beef.
    Like Lawdy Frawdy fuckin’ the whole thing up, and thinking us serfs won’t notice.
    Cunt extraordinaire.
    Feed HIM to the horses.

  12. How can anybody so patently fucking useless be allowed to serially fuck up like this again and again? It beggars belief. The prick must be made of horse meat!

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  14. It’s going to be utter fucking chaos. We will eat the rich.

  15. Incompetence or purpose? May be both of it.The main thing for the Right arseholes is to shit all over everything and everybody.

    How could local authorities assist to the new Universal Credit claimants, when some councils are already incapable of correctly calculating HB &CTB under the current rules without ripping the claimants off?

  16. When the houses of the rich burn, this clueless government will wonder what they did wrong.

  17. This call for help will be one way that local councils will be able to get back some of the money they have lost. Pickles might tone down his language while Fraud negotiates. The enforcement role of councils identified by Something Survived… may not be too far off the mark. I think there will be a lot more people paid to “help” claimants. More “money advisers” to tell people who are broke how to budget and to suggest workfare as a means to stop eviction. And when they get a “success” story we’ll all hear about it too!

  18. i work with the homeless and vulnerable and i agree with all the comments on here but if you want to be taken seriously then swearing will not acheive that (no matter how angry you are).

    The government and DWP and Local Authorities all have to accept the blame for putting hundreds possibly thousands out on the street or worse into the morgue! None of these have the backbone to stand up to poverty let alone understand what it is to have no home and no money or food.

    Come on politicians wake up and do the human and morallly right thing….. penalise the very rich (bankers/politicians/fat cats of industry) to help the poor and impoverished. The welfare Act is meant to help those in need not be taken away just when they need it most:

    a) reduction in housing benefit
    b) reducing annually by 1/4 – 1/2
    c) increase the top-up needed by paying for extra or not so extra bedrooms
    d) increase utility bills
    e) do it all on less than £64 per week (govt guidelines to survive)
    f) when the claimant can’t manage and gets a crisis loan to pay for utilities or food charge him a repayment rate of £12-20 per WEEK.

    I want to know what the politicians would do in this case? how would they manage? If on the streets for indeterminate time… how would they cope with no coat/tent/shelter in 0degrees or less?

    I think we all know … they wouldn’t otherwise they would not make life unbearable for the have nots and disabled!

  19. Outreach worker

    tell me to mind my own business but are you paid to do your job?

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  22. Think how many DWP staff had to work on it and how many more in the councils are still supposed to, according to this false strategy. The costs will get added up with the meager benefit paid to claimants calculated in and Government will declare how many billions of £ they spent on welfare for people in need.

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  26. What does [Lord Fraud] expect, fucking telepathy?
    Actually, he expects a combination of telepathy and telekinesis. The telepathy to see a computer in a broadband area from a non-broadband one, and telekinesis to manipulate it at that distance. But then, nobody ever claimed that Tories realised the realities of being poor and/or on benefits.

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