Social Housing Bosses To Be Paid Thousands Per Meeting Whilst Tenants Face Homelessness

toffWith just two months to go until the Bedroom Tax brings chaos to the lives of social housing tenants, one housing association has chosen to start paying board members tens of thousands of pounds just to attend a few meetings.

According to Inside Housing, the Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association will now pay board members an annual fee of £26,500 a year, with possibly twice that likely to line the grubby pockets of the Chairperson.  This is despite National Housing Federation guidelines which recommend that board members should not be paid more than £6000 – in itself a tidy sum considering some boards only meet four times a year.

Even this is controversial.  Under charity law, the board members of registered charities are usually not permitted to be paid.  This is why the charity sector is often known as the voluntary sector.  Most Housing Associations and Social Landlords are not registered charities however, but simply non-profit making companies.  This means there is nothing to stop greedy housing association bosses plundering rent payments to award themselves lucrative payments.

Social Housing board members are usually local low level toffs or formerly highly paid retired professionals, trying to gain a bit of charitable cred down the golf club by spending a few hours a year at meetings.  Now it seems that even when the rich ‘volunteer’ they expect to be paid for it!

This is money that could be spent plugging the gap and ensuring that any evictions due to the Bedroom Tax and other brutal cuts are avoided.  Yet it seems that even with hundreds of thousands of social housing residents facing an imminent threat of homelessness, board members are far more concerned with awarding themselves as much cash as possible  at the expense of already struggling tenants.

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38 responses to “Social Housing Bosses To Be Paid Thousands Per Meeting Whilst Tenants Face Homelessness

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  2. Because the housing associations are classified as non -profit or charities, their premises are run on a peppercorn rent, yet people who cannot afford bedroom tax or the extra because of a cap and who really are charitable cases, have to cough up or ship out to God knows where? The dirty jobs they have done for this and previous governments warrants them their filthy money.

  3. Bit like the MPs who want to give themselves an overpriced pay rise. Altogther now boys and girls Dave and his Chums say, We’ll All In This Together!” Liar Liar Liar. More fool decent folks believing his and his chums crap trap nonsense.

  4. Meant altogether! Spelling. DOH!

  5. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  6. I cannot understand how we can allow the government to do such a thing to the poor. Are we not the one’s that vote these people into parliament? Are the poor not the majority? Have we no more fight left in us. This country has now become like the third world countries. We are finished because of this government and the next one isn’t going to be better, they are going to do the samething especially knowing that they can make money out of our poverty. It is pure and utter evil.

  7. Rosemarie Harris

    Are these people elected on the board by Tenants? But It really dosen’t make a difference to us the Tenants as we can and should picket outside these places,send letters etc. Get a voice and make it LOUD.
    What a bunch of Greedy, horrible profit making Bastards and on the backs of the poorer members of society of which i am one.

  8. The Great Council House Robbery
    Once upon a time in the Tory shire of Crapshire in the leafy wilds of rural England a plot was hatched to make a few greedy public servants extremely powerful and rich…..
    Twas back in the late 1990’s, when Labour was in power and things were booming in the financial world and Tory Blair was continuing with the policy of sell everything for a quick buck, just as his mentor Thatcher did in the 1980’s, but this time it was called PFI…..
    The Halcyon days of the Housing Associations came about in those years of greed and plenty and Crapshire was not immune from the desire to make a fast buck at the cost of council tenants……..
    Now the scene is set for Crapshire and its in-house Housing Association of Crapshire HA to lay the plans for the great housing robbery, but first Crapshire HA had to change its name and over night Arrogant Housing Association was formed for the next phase of this miserable tale of greed and deception…..
    Crapshire was the custodian of some 6200 council homes some of which the GLC paid for many moons ago and the public servants who were in charge of Crapshire were more than ready to rid themselves of council houses, at a knock down price….
    Now Arrogant HA was all set to oil the wheels of the financial world and in particular The Royal Bank of Scotland(now owned by the people) and laid out their get rich plans to the likes of Fred the Shred………
    A ball park total of just over £52 million was borrowed from the bank by Arrogant HA to buy the housing stock of Crapshire, which equates to the disgusting give-away price of £8400 per property!!!!…….
    This information was obtained under the freedom of information act which was never made public for obvious reasons, because not once were the tenants of these council houses offered the roof over their heads for the amazing sum of just over eight grand………
    But the sickest thing of all is that Arrogant HA is spouting out that it is a “not for profit” organization when it is selling the very same council homes under the right to buy law for the princely sum of £150,000, which under my calculations equates to a profit of £141,600 on average……..
    Now it turns out that the top dog in Crapshire has sold the people of Crapshire short, for if the houses were worth £150,000 each then Arrogant HA should have paid Crapshire the eye watering sum of £930,000,000, very close to a BILLION pounds……short changing the people is an understatement…..
    This is not an isolated case of robbing the people blind for this practice is going on up and down the length and breadth of GB, council tenants are being cheated for millions…..
    Your comments would be welcome to this story (which is true) but like me you must change the names of the councils and Housing Association to avoid the liable laws……
    Note:£8k s the going rate for ALL council homes, regardless if they are 0ne,two,three or four bedrooms homes, everything is being sold for £8k which is the biggest rip-off of all times..tis lucky that I have the facts to back up this story…..

  9. Off topic here but something occurred to me today. The liberal & tory elites despise the poor for eating cheap food, & shopping in Tesco & Aldi. Just wondering if this horsemeat scandal is another underhanded way of demonising the poor, the attitude being ” they buy & eat cheap rubbish food, so it’s nothing more than what they deserve” And horsemeat was at one time only eaten by the poorest in society, as it was cheap & plentiful.
    Is it just me or has anyone else on here had these thoughts?

    • Henrietta the Horseburger

      The horsemeat “scandal” was a fucking piss-take on the poor, Kittycat58. Horsemeat wasn’t found in Waitrose and M&S “value, economy, made with any old shite” burgers was it? Do you really think it all happened by chance, of course not. They are laughing at the poor! They want them DEAD after all! I would be careful of what you eat but next it wont be something as “innocuous”, it will be toxic poison that will KILL the poor fookers that shop in Tesco and Aldi. It is all about conditioning all right; horsemeat isn’t going to kill anyone, but anti-freeze in Tesco and Aldi milk WILL kill!!

    • Off topic here but, I’d rather my grandchildren eat horses than mad cows XD

      • Off topic again, Mad Cow disease and Foot and mouth were used to take quite a large part of the UK’s food producing industry down. 1000’s of animals were slaughtered during the foot and mouth outbreak that did not even have the disease and were not even tested. Lots of corruption and a agenda was going on there. The horsemeat problem does feel like another attack on the food chain, and more regulation and control will probably come in, much of it will increase the price of food and impact on the people with the lowest incomes the most.. people like those on benefits. The welfare card they are going to bring in will force us to buy products from certain places, my bet is that the food will not exactly be the best type, GMO stuff etc, just another thing that they will have over us.

        • With the “welfare card” claimants purchases will be restricted to a very limited range; specially designed to ensure death by malnutrition. How long is anyone going to last on “economy, value, basic (“meat” of unknown origin) burgers? It is not about money per se, it is about access to resources, if you deprive a person of their necessary resources; food, shelter, heat they are going to DIE without anyone lifting a finger – literally!

        • Dr Alice Roberts

          Never eat anything with a label on it….. 🙂

        • "Dr" Gillian McKeith

          Don’t eat processed muck ….. 🙂

    • I too have the same thoughts on this subject too?

  10. The Freedom of Information Act is a very powerful tool..and the Internet…and you can get the answers to your questions Paul

  11. 💀We all gonna die muthafuckahs!

    The cunts are just running amok in their glorious wee spiv nation.
    How bad does it have to get before there is revolt?

  12. Well we know that housing association bosses award them selves fat salaries every time that create new business for themselves. Eg taking over homeless peoples hostels. That’s happening a lot up and down the country.

  13. I was told by a councillor that the council housing where I live was bought by the housing association for £500 per house and I can well believe it, they are all a pack of greedy, evil swines.

  14. HAs are greedy cunts

    I was supporting peter wicks’ comments regarding his housing association charging £8,500 per house where he lives,
    Ours are mansions compared to the overpriced London properties.

  15. The Gov will probably end up lifting restrictions on this type of housing so associations will make a fortune on private sales to the general public as long as they get their cut.A survey was conducted by my housing association as soon as these Natzi`s came to power so look out folkes as that might be the next big asset sell off from these crooks.

  16. LAZ

    They are under contract to sitting tenants so would have to compensate them, that is probably why they they are now giving new tenants only 6-12months tenure at a time – again selling these houses to ex council workers was another state robbery.

  17. Not only are ex council workers robbing the state and calling it social housing, but the state is now robbing the working classes via the £75,000
    social cap, especially for a husband and wife who may have bought their council house and had to go into care for medical reasons. It would be especially incumbent on those that live up North where house prices are a lot lower than down south and could also eat into any savings they may have also. Charities such as the Alzheimers society are already charging thousands of pounds for day care for what is a medical condition and should be covered by the NHS not charged privately. This amount would be a drop in the oceon for the cabinet millionaire should they millionaires should they choose to put their elderly into care. For some of us there is no choice unless we could afford private one to one nursing.

  18. although I deleted part of the last but one sentence, up it pops in what should read.
    This amount would be a drop in the ocean for the cabinet millionaire should they choose to put their elderly into care.
    I would also add that not only are they sequestrating their homes, their savings but also their pensions for the duration of their so called care, carried out by amateurs.

  19. The government’s bedroom tax won’t work in Liverpool, a housing association targeted by protestors has said.

    Activists protested at the offices of Liverpool Mutual Homes last week about the bedroom tax. It is understood LMH was targeted because it briefly considered a scheme under which it would have paid the bedroom tax for tenants carrying out voluntary work. LMH, which has lobbied against the bedroom tax policy, has since dropped the plan.

    Under the bedroom tax social tenants who are of working age and receiving housing benefit will have their payments cut if they are deemed to be under-occupying their home. To avoid the penalty they will have to move to a smaller property. But figures now published by LMH show four in 10 social homes in Liverpool are three bed-properties while only 23.5 per cent are one-bed properties and 28 per cent are two bed.

    Angela Forshaw, director of housing at LMH, said: ‘Even if every LMH tenant agreed to downsize it would take us up to seven years to be able to offer them suitable alternative housing and this doesn’t take into account the current waiting list or a requirement for us to accommodate urgent cases such as statutory homeless people.

    ‘The housing stock data underlines what we have been saying since the government first introduced the policy: the bedroom tax won’t work in Liverpool.’

  20. The bedroom tax should not be allowed to work anywhere not just Liverpool.

  21. Don’t Social Housing providers (Housing Associations) legally owe a *Duty of Care* to their Tenants? Yet they seem to be shrugging their shoulders and doing nothing.

  22. hmmmmmmmmmm wonder if i can apply to be a board member????

  23. something survived...

    See these stories (all front pages) today 19/2/13: The Sun, the Daily Express, the Star. Also mentioned in Guardian.
    The story is about a woman with a large family, she had her first child when she was 14 (in USA that would make her a victim of Statutory Rape). Anyway they are on benefits. Because of the size of the family, the council are apparently going to build them a £400,000 house. And the tabloids are incensed (secretly overjoyed by getting this story).
    They call her ‘dole queen’ and the hate sounds almost like they want to ‘burn the witch’. Knowing nothing much about the family, they make many unfounded assumptions about the lifestyle and beliefs they are going to have.

    Which lowlife, sneaky, slimy bastard leaked this story and publicised the details of this family? It should not be news! They will all be a target for hate crimes now. Their safety is in doubt. Their new house will also be a target.
    The tabloids like nothing better than to publish the private lives of ordinary people against their will.

    I remember in the 1980s and 1990s. The same papers, and the other tabloids, were outing people as gay, and also often as HIV positive. In particular I remember a hate campaign launched by a PAPER (do not recall which particular low-rent brand of toilet paper it was, but it was one of Britain’s top tabloid newspapers). It was bigger than the ‘Free Deirdre’ campaign, which was about something fictional. They actually organised and ran it as a proper campaign, with posters and stickers and all sorts of actions.

    The paper revealed, first, that: Oh my god, there was a man. And he was gay. And he had a boyfriend. And they lived together. It named them and gave their address. Since then, they were subjected to serious harrassment, vandalism, assault and abuse. Getting hold of this loving and committed couple’s MEDICAL RECORDS (!!!!!!), the paper announced its findings to the world: the couple were known homosexuals (old term!), were having sex with eachother (most couples have sex!), and had HIV/AIDS.

    Local people, as well as participating in the abuse/harrassment, started a campaign to get the gay couple evicted from their home, or at least forced to leave their home and the area. AT NO POINT did even one person in the paper take an opposing view. The local authority, police and residents association agreed. The campaigners’ point was that ‘normal’ people should not have to live near or see gay people or AIDS patients. In fact, everyone would catch AIDS from being near the couple! The gay couple would poison ‘our children’ with AIDS.

    The only schism was over whether the couple should be rehoused elsewhere (if so where? nowhere wanted to), or whether they should be expelled from the whole region (favoured option of majority).
    The paper adopted the campaign and ended up leading it. It grew massive, everyone was so gung-ho about evicting these disgusting perverts (that is what they used to say). There really wasn’t any alternative viewpoint. They compared it to rabies, leprosy, plague…. and said it was much worse.

    I was probably in my early teens at the time, and terrified. Shaking with fear much of the time, and now also shaking with rage. I wrote to the paper and I told them what I thought of their campaign. As a Guardian reader I was not to be told what to think. Lots of people I knew had died, or later went on to die, but they never planned on getting a virus nobody had known about. There was another tabloid story on a smaller campaign to evict a straight man with AIDS, who was a haemophiliac and had been given blood with the virus in it.

    I don’t recall the outcome of the couple’s case. The last bit I do remember is that their position was becoming untenable. Earlier, youth mainstream magazines had referred to gay men as ‘perverts’. They were in the same bracket as child molesters. When I looked in books for answers, all it said was sexual perversion. Up to a point it was also in the list of mental illnesses. As soon as I spoke up at school I found those labels placed on me. The papers never really apologised for any of it: decades of hate, and still have not. They should not be forgiven.
    Today they like outing mainly celebrities who wanted their private life protected.

    What is happening to this family is a lot like what was done to the gay couple. People are just trying to live their lives, they don’t need the papers splashing it on the front page. And viral in seconds.
    There’s another virus out there and it kills humanity. The virus of instant
    (now internet) hate. Government tactics of divide and rule are clearly being used here: turn the poor against eachother. Make them hate the ‘other’: the single mother, the ‘welfare family’, the unemployed, the homeless…..immigrants, prostitutes,asylum seekers, disabled people. It used to be directed against black/Asian British people.

    These papers have a long history of supporting the far right.

  24. Iain Duncan Smith can you say unemployed as that’s what you and the brainless gang will be in a few years. But you don’t need to worry you can volunteer for a placement don’t be scared with the word workfare it not like you will be forced to work for free.

  25. Northampton Borough Council & BPHA

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