Homeless Families Living in £3000 Per Week Hotels Due to Housing Benefit Reforms

homeless-familyNothing sums up the toxic mix of brutality and blundering at the DWP than the news that homeless families are being housed in hotels at a cost of almost £3000 a week.

BBC London last night reported on the families kicked out of their homes due to the Housing Benefit cap who are now being put up in hotels at huge cost to the tax payer – an entirely predictable scenario for anyone who has a basic understanding of the housing and benefits system.

The Housing Benefit cap was introduced after lurid stories appeared in the tabloids about families living in £2000 a week Kensington mansions.   David Cameron himself denounced the housing benefit system that led to people claiming £100,000 a year.  The truth was not so dramatic and it turned out that less than five families were actually receiving that much in benefits – which it should be repeatedly pointed out went into to the pockets of landlords, not claimants.  The average Housing Benefit award was just £85 a week.

This didn’t stop Iain Duncan Smith steaming ahead with the Housing Benefit cap which has seen most of London become unaffordable for private tenants on a low wage or who are out of work due to sickness, disability or sky high unemployment.

At the time IDS claimed: “‘We have got to bring an end to the hysteria and scaremongering around housing benefit we have seen this week.  Our reforms are not about making people homeless.”

Since he made those remarks every measure of homelessness has risen sharply,  from the number of people living on the streets to the number of children living in B&Bs and hotels.

London Councils have been overwhelmed with homelessness applications, leading to some, like Westminster Council – a flagship Tory borough – housing families in hotels at astronomical cost.  Less than five families who were living in what was very likely temporary housing at a cost of £2000 a week have been replaced by possibly scores of homeless families living in hotels which cost £3000 a week.

These are families who have already faced the trauma of eviction due to the benefit caps.  Whilst the BBC points out that the shortage of accommodation is so acute that Westminster are sometimes using 4 star hotels, a posh carpet and and a concierge are unlikely to make up for large families forced to share a room without cooking facilities or any long term security.

When the overall benefit cap is introduced in Croydon, Haringey and Enfield in April, this is a problem that is only going to get far worse as even more families will find themselves unable to pay the rent and forced from their homes.

Iain Duncan Smith whinged in the Spectator yesterday that criticism of the upcoming bedroom tax is ‘pathetic’ and ‘scaremongering’.  Which sounds a lot like his tantrum when people warned the Housing Benefit cap would lead to a huge rise in homelessness in London.

IDS was wrong then, and he’s wrong now.  There will be no comfort in saying we told you so however when hundreds of thousands of children’s lives are shattered by the inevitable poverty and homelessness that is to come.

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112 responses to “Homeless Families Living in £3000 Per Week Hotels Due to Housing Benefit Reforms

  1. Why don’t those, especially Londoners facing homelessness and poverty march on ids’s chingford constituency, preferably when he in situ and where there is less security surrounding him as in Westminster in order to put your point across, then perhaps visit the prime ministers and chancellors constituencies also.

    • I would have done it with pleasure years ago but live miles away from there now, all I can say they must be pretty tolerant bunch to put up with that failure as their local MP, good reason to move without being forced out by the bedroom tax. There are plenty of humble immigrants who are thankful to the Tories for letting them know how high they can jump each day.

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  3. ps I meant others in the pm and chancellors constituencies or round about them could campaign in their back yard also.

  4. @johhny some of the places in Westminster are shit. I was around there in 70s and you had virtually broomcupboards with ten ppl living in them . Squalid would be an understatement. Rat poison on stairs they were vile places with scum landlords charging outrageous rents. It’s,not the posh pretty picture its depicted.

    • You gotta hand it to our Sith Lord Darth IDS, he gets the boot in on his critics in his friendly and sympathetic rags before anything sticks.
      He and his deadly sidekick Phillipa Stroud use their Christian faith to justify their attacks on the vulnerable. However nowhere in the Gospels does it say redistrubte wealth to the bankster and doesn’t say

      • attack and steal.from the poor. Poor IDS will have his excuses ready for when his reforms fall on their own contradictions and kafkaesque farcical traps.
        If it wasn’t for the rabid rightwing backbenchers he’d be on his bike writing for the Mail, the Express and the Torygraph.

      • IDS is about as much a Christian as I am an heretic, I know there are good Christians out there but sadly a too many I have come across merely use their faith as a vehicle to wash away their own sins which they continue to repeat time and time again, can be very fickle. and in the case of IDS and PS I would say… too many Christians and not enough lions!. lol

        • something survived...

          Dear Mr DuncanSmith,
          Here is the money the people say you need to live on:
          Monthly: £0.50p
          Here is your allocated affordable housing:
          1 cardboard box

  5. Some were ex hotels fallen into disrepair but still registered as hotel for tax reasons but never checked.
    Not nice places.

    • something survived...

      how many hotels/hostels turn out to be, or double as, brothels? Look on rating sites for cheap hotels in UK that had no locks on doors, weird crazy drunk men coming into women’s rooms, staff and guests stealing or moving your stuff, people thrown out of their room at no notice. Or at best, Basil Fawlty on speed. Incidentally most hotels (real ones) etc. do not let you have guests, so how does that function as a ‘home’? My friend got asked to host a dinner on Come Dine With Me, but he at least has a home. Doubt they’d ask a student in a bedsit as there’s nowhere to go and they are broke, sharing with other students. But would they ever do come dine with me like this: in the blue corner, the Eton guy (probably Cameron) with several big houses to choose from and people to cook for him.
      In the red corner, a tramp living under a bridge.

  6. Perhaps Councils should direct those in need of housing to unoccupied rooms in George Iain Duncan Smith and Mr Freuds properties-they won’t mind, and it will be for the Common Good.

  7. I have a feeling that even back then they were a dumping ground as residents were pretty poor. And not inspected as they would be shut down and would expose the corruption and backhanders that was rife in Westminster then. The hidden poor.

  8. have you ever seen the like? A British cabinet minister whinging in a rag about people being pathetic?

    A true shower of shit, the lot of them…

  9. It seems incredible given Iain Duncan Smith and David Freud’s track record of failure and lack of intellect and expertise that they were ever tasked with “reforming” the whole welfare system from top to toe. Obviously the whole shebang was going to end up as one unholy mess of expense both in terms of money and human suffering. Odd isn’t it? Only in politics can totally useless and maladroit people be appointed to positions without any qualifications or experience, allowed to do anything they want to without comeback or ever any need to apologise. Being a politician means you never have to say “sorry” I suppose. No matter how many people you kill or how many lives your ruin.

  10. Landless Peasant

    David Cameron, George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith, Lord Freud, are all criminally negligent and should be placed in the Tower of London before being executed for High Treason. OFF WITH THEIR FUCKING HEADS !!!!

  11. Government criticizing councils for wasting money???
    Jesus wept.

  12. This is becoming more surreal day after day.., you couldn’t make it up.

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  14. Rosemarie Harris

    The trouble with this government is they are THICK they know nothing,they can’t read,and when you tell them what will happen in the long term,they still think they are right.These are people’s lives that they are messing about with including childrens education, future prospects of adults getting a job and their mental and physical health.What are we doing about this? where is the legal help for these people? We all need to go the homes of these rich government personel and make it personal. This includes the Lib dens after all we are all in this together. Yeah right!

    • Landless Peasant

      They do seem to be incredibly stupid, but I think that’s because they are so out of touch, and so far removed from everyday reality that they really don’t have a clue how ordinary people live or how the nation as a whole functions. They are cushioned from reality by their privilege and wealth. They are blinded to common sense by their adherence to flawed ideology. They couldn’t organize a piss-op in a brewery.

    • Yes it is the children esentially that will suffer the most.We are going to be homeless on the 16th of March.1st it was the WCA for my husband who was recovering from chemotherapy for lymphoma,but developed CFS/ME as a consequence of the cancer and chemo.He is still too ill to return to work,but despite his own doctor giving support,evidence ,and knowledge of his patient,none of that was taken into account so he was declared fit for work.That has left us £30 a week worse off(ESA).Then out of the blue our housing benefit dropped by £11 a week without warning (housing benefit cap). We also in this time had a rent increase of £25 a month. Bearing in mind my husband has worked for 23 years as an engineer before becoming ill.To top all of that I also suffer with CFS/ME and have done for 12 years,as well as clinical severe depression.Never in a milion years did we think we would both become ill.We have a 14 year son who is doing well at school and doing exams,and a two year old who are both expected to share a room despite the age difference and the fact that there are two very poorly adults who cannot share a bedroom due to the difficulties with illness and sleep. My 14 year old is worried sick about having to leave his school and friends. It is an important time in his life with exams. I have never known such fear and anxiety and many many people are going through this.Yet the onslaught carries on.I believe it is nothing more than social cleansing and we have never felt so hated for simply being ill.I voted tory.Always have.What an idiot I was! God knows where we will end up.

      • Angel i am so sorry that you and your family are suffering the Consequences of this evil governments actions, you are not alone in your suffering, we all need to stand united & fight to oust these evil evil people out, no one are protected against them, unless they have millions in the bank

        • Thank you. The fact that we are not alone in what we are going through is the only thing that has kept us sane I think.I just feel desperately helpless and sad for those who had no one to help and felt their only way out was suicide.I can only hope and pray that this government will be held accountable one day for all the deaths,suicides,destroyed lives and destroyed communities.

      • I know exactly how you are feeling, we are in a similar situation, albeit we are not losing our home, yet!!!! But I had to give up work I have Fibromyalgia , Arthritis and because of all the stress of claiming ESA I now have high blood pressure!! I failed 2 WCA to. Its not fair we have to fight this, we have driven people out of no 10 before and we can do it again, we have to. People can only take so much and then boom its coming believe me its coming.My hubby is chronically sick too, hes in remission from Renal Cancer and also has Emphysema, this week he has received a ESA 50 Questionairre to complete,( hes in the Support Group!!) not only is he sick ,he is also 11 weeks of being 65 so he will then not get ESA it becomes his state pension!!!! When I rang the DWP to ask if this was necessary as I see this as a total waste of money, she said she agreed and that it was a 12 month prognosis flag on the system that had triggered the forms. The young lady who rang me back!! omg talk about stupid, after finding out he needs to fill the ruddy form out!!! I asked her if this was really necessary her reply ” Yes we need to asses if your hubby is fit for work now ” When I assured her he wasn,t and never ever will be, that also in 11 weeks time he would not be of working age anymore and I found this to be a total waste of money !!! she then replied, ” yes,but look at it on the other hand if your husband is now well enough to return to work then we will be saving money cos we won,t have to give him ESA” at this point I out the phone down, I just wonder Angel how much money is wasted here too.

        • This government are wasting a fortune all for an idealogy. It’s never been about saving money. As for the DWP ,yep know exactly what you are talking about. I hope we all get through this and come out the other side and never see another conservative government in power again.

          • Ping!!!
            At last! Someone gets it!
            These arnt clueless out of touch wankers, wrecking the country, cutting indiscriminately, this is all down to ideology
            This is all going to plan.

  15. Sebastian Crankshaw

    @ Jim.

    It’s got nothing to do with expertise and reform and everything to do with ideology and bloody mindedness. Read ‘The Shock Doctrine’. That book absolutely nailed what is happening in Britain now. What it IS about is selecting people who will put the last vestiges of the state owned infrastructure into private hands, and who will do so without compromise, distraction or consideration/care for the consequences.

    In that sense people like IDS and Gove are perfect for the job, because they have absolutely no interest in evidence or what we think of as outcomes. They have a simple ideology – transfer public ownership into private wealth (whether they see it that way or not is irrelevant, as that’s what they are ultimately doing), and they will not be swayed from that mission, unless they are stopped by us, the people.

    How to do that I’m less sure. General strike maybe?

  16. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    Mussolini suffered a just fate.
    IDS is worse than Mussolini.
    You may not think so.
    But he is…..a good Scottish way to describe him is : viciously sleekit.
    A nasty sly odious psychopath in power, killing for fun and profit.

  17. I cannot understand why IDS and cronies have got off with it for so long. I cannot see this Government lasting to the next election.

    • This is happening because the Tories got in through the backdoor due to the indecision of floating voters and those who never voted or tried to vote tactically based on their constituency most likely to win. Cameron is there by default and lib-dems got into bed with them after selling out all their voters and jettisoning many of their pre-election policies… they wanted to taste power in the only way they were ever likely to do so, and they justify it by saying they did it for the country which is a joke. This country cannot take this kind of fascist orientated leadership until 2015, they are probably trying to free up homes for when Romanians and Bulgarian’s start arriving….

      It’s like that little poem….
      I came to England poor and broke, go on the dole, see labour bloke
      Go to the bank and get plenty of ackers
      Then off to a meeting with my business backers.
      Fly in my family to share in my joy
      My wife is pregnant, I hope it’s a boy
      They all work in my shop and all do their share
      I love to work in England with a government so fair.


      • “This country cannot take this kind of fascist orientated leadership until 2015, they are probably trying to free up homes for when Romanians and Bulgarian’s start arriving”

        Are you sure you can’t quite see a problem with what you said there?

        And no many silly anti-immigrant poems please, it’s no different to the crap aimed at benefit claimants

  18. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    This from the Grauniad: even the shower of shit in the shit parliament know that their policies are worthless cruel crap. And, oh yeah, cut to the comments section….there ain’t one. Says it all. Free speech à la Rusbridger, multi-property owner and Bliar apologist. Cunts, the lot of them.

  19. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    Apologies…there now appears to be a comments section…..some good oes in there, too.
    We are not alone Comrades!
    No Pasaran!
    Truth comes from the barrel of a gun.
    Arm the poor.
    Eat the rich.
    Restore the nhs to its great days.
    The nhs saved my life. I respect it with all my heart and soul and these cunts in power woud sell it off to each other and deny even sick chikdren proper care.
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I despise this scurrilous calition which has created the most despised place in Western Europe, The ConDemNation.
    Cameron claimed dla for his own sick son, used the nhs to get him the help he required. And now look at how he cosies up to The Psychopathic IDS Gang.
    Even Eton bum-chum BoJo loathes the parliamentary Cabinet, and he’s a cunt extraordinaire.
    That’s hiw bad things have become, and they’re gonna get a helluva lot worse this year, next year, and the year after as the cuts get worse and worse and worse.
    And it’s all to save the rich, and pay off the bankers who committed the greatest financial crime in history.
    And we’re supposed to sit back and take this.
    I’m getting on, and dangerously ill, but I will rage rage rage against the dying of the light and the death of our society.

  20. That’s OK, I can see the headlies now:

    Homeless jobless benefit scrounging scum have been put in LUXURY HOTELS at taxpayer’s expense! Soft touch Britain! We must put an end to the policy of housing homeless families at the expense of the taxpayers blah rant blah…

    • You got it all wrong pal, don’t blame the ” homeless, Jobless Scum in luxury hotels” as you put it… they are only in that situation because of this coalitions policies, if a tax payer is pissed off about it then maybe they should tear a strip off the government for putting the people in that position in the first place when previously their position cost a great deal less to support. I’m sick and tired of taxpayers feeling ever so precious, if they want to bust their hump for this government working for peanuts and then moan about taxpayers money going to welfare then you need too see what this coalition does with a great deal more of these taxes… it would make you positively psychotic with rage… but if you wish to be influenced by their propaganda then by all means do their dirty work for them as this is part of their agenda so the dirt does not stick on their hands and they can divide and rule under a fascist government climate.

      • Exactly, i cost the state a shit sight less until the stress of ATOS lead to full blown psychosis, fuck knows what the stint in the booby hatch cost the state, but i do know the homeless hostel, on my release, cost the state over £350 per week.

      • Dude, calm down. I’m taking the piss out of the bastards.

  21. I”ll be more than surprised if that bastard ids makes it to the end of 2013. There are so many very very angry people out there now that would happy go to jail to rid the earth of this bastard. Even if somebody doesn’t open the trap door for him and send him to hell then he is going to have to have a posy of Gestapo guard him for the rest of his miserable life, a short life I hope.

    • something survived...

      It’s like the old thatcher joke:
      An attempt has been made on the life of IDS. 60 million people are helping police with enquiries.

  22. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    Some of these ‘benefit scrounger b&b’s’ are highly dangerous places, open to exploitation of poor familes et al.
    But, hey that’s okay….The IDS Gang’ll shell out plenty to watch the poor being abused. That’s the kind of Savilean mindset which infests them, whether they admit it or not.
    Cunts of the lowest order/ordure.

  23. I watched Schindlers list the other night and I hate to say it but its not much different from what is happening now….Cameron needs to create a diversion .from all the corruption so he chooses to home in on neglect in then NHS Even saying sorry for all the deaths..[ so false] This type of neglect has been going on for years so why now? And why talk about those Deaths but still hides the very real fact that 10.000 disabled and ill people have been basicly murdered by this Government..What I don,t understand is why the police are not investigating the killers?why arent they being arrested?and most of all why arent they being charged and put in prison.?Why is it that the media seem to go along with the cover up of these deaths? Has the Government gagged them?paid them ? I don,t know,I don,t understand..Its all very very sinister..we have pure evil on our hands….But we won,t have blood on our hands like they will and anyone else who knowingly hides evidence of a crime,,A crime against humanity on a Grand Scale….

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  25. Join us all at Trafalgar Square on the 4th May 2013 at 12pm for a family day out of standing up and being counted, coaches available, https://www.facebook.com/events/101219716723308/

    • 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

      I wsh I could be there but I am fighting for my life, literally.
      But I still RAGE RAGE RAGE aginst this horrific government.
      Here we are, being raped by The IDS Gang, but the stock exchange is booming, making loadsa 💰£$€¥💰for the aristo/toff/bankster/gangster class.
      Never mind they’re charging for beef while flogging 🐎horse, they’ll be conten to see us reduced to eating rat.🐭🐭🐭

  26. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    The problem with politicians are the people who want to be politicians.
    Greedy control freaks.
    But The IDS Gang are something else altogether : a murderous gaggle of psychopaths intent on using their positions in government to abuse and kill people via their evil policies, and they are doing it for fun and to profit their bizne⚡⚡ cronies., e.g. Atos, Unum. A4e, G4s, and many others.
    This needs to be stopped……by any means necessary.

  27. So practising Roman Catholic Iain Duncan Smith is cutting housing benefit to hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people living in specially adapted accommodation, if they have one or more spare rooms, driving them out of such suitable accommodation into, often, much more expensive although smaller un-adapted accommodation completely unsuitable to their needs and requirements making their lives hugely worse and exacerbating their medical and other conditions and challenges for the worse.

    But then all IDS has to do to atone for his sins is to confess them.

    And in one sense he has already brought many thousands of people back to God, making them meet their maker prematurely by causing their deaths through harassment by Atos and the DWP and now by turning them out of their homes, in some cases onto the street.

    What a black hearted, rank, and evil cunt.

    I only wish that hell were real and that one day he would burn in it.

    • I’m a christian and I certainly believe in hell.It sickens me that IDS is using religion to justify his actions against the poor,the sick and disabled. He must have a twisted and sick mind to believe what he is doing is right in the name of God. Many an evil man throughout history has used religion to justify doing great harm and evil against other human beings.

    • He doesn’t simply have to confess his sins and thats the end of it. He must do his best to stop his wrongdoing and also make reparations to those whom he has wronged otherwise he has just piled another sin on his mound by making a insincere confession.

      There have been quite a number of Conservatives in recent years who have converted to the Roman Church. Because of it’s organisational structure it does tend to attract what is known as the “fascist mindset” from the Anglican comunity who like to control other people lives and use divine sanction for their version of The Truth. They are usually ignorant of scripture or at best highly selective in what they read – turning a blind eye to the gospels warning about wealth and treatment of the sick/poor. “Look the other way” is the approach to troublesome warnings. It’s a kind of self-imposed invincible ignorance. This has being going on since the beginning, people who betrayed their founder for money/power.

      We live in corrupt society led by corrupt people. The leaders set a bad example which causes the corruption to increase in society which in turn brings forth even more corrupt leaders and the cycle just increases until the house comes down.

    • something survived...

      I think TECHNICALLY if you are a sincere Catholic then to avoid blaspheming and swearing (eg in madness) you are allowed to commit suicide or have help from somebody else to kill you. The Dutch (before and after it was Catholic country) used to smother dying people to stop them cursing God and thus going to hell. There was absolution for the sick person and the killer. They could both get to heaven.

      Could this be applied to sick dying mentally ill GOVERNMENTS?

  28. It won’t affect those on “enhanced” benefits such as ESA of JSA + £28.15 a week as much as claimants on basic JSA. The “bedroom tax” is just going to bring this group down to just above JSA level. Plus anyone on DLA may be able to “dip into” it, until such time as this evil policy or Lord Fre(a)ud bites the dust (whichever comes sooner) BUT anyone on JSA is going to be utterly sunk by this policy. There is absolutely no way anyone on JSA is going to hold on to their home for long come April 2013, and boy, does Lord Fre(a)ud know it!!

    • something survived...

      Mine (HB) is now £10/week and I am on JSA. My rent is just over £58/week. So most of my JSA goes on the rent!

  29. @Rosemarie Harris.

    They’re not thick, they know exactly what they are doing.
    The trouble is, they are just doing what their paymasters want them to do, whether its good for the country or not.
    Its the rich and powerful that do the lobbying in parliament so they can hang on to all their money and power.

  30. I’m not a nasty person but I would love to see the following headline in the newspapers and across the t.v. media:

    ‘Iain Duncan Smith MP and Mark Hoban MP arrested for ilegal and sustained persicution of the unemployed and disabled benefit claimants’ – The DWP and government official’s refuse to comment on any aspect of this.

  31. @ Torpedo – Yes I totally agree, of all of the benefits JSA for a single person should be exempt from bedroom tax. I know someone whose husband died, they both worked all of their lives, and then afterwards she became ill but couldn’t get ESA. Due Bedroom/council tax payments will leave her with £39 a week to live on (heck, she could get a breakfast for that!). How is she going to manage? Simples: she won’t.

    I can’t pay the bedroom tax out of DLA though as I pay it all back to the local authority for care (£3000 per year and I have NO assets and NO savings), and then some £1500 more for private care that they no longer fund. What I can do though is put my bedroom tax down as an expense, at least I hope that I can, which will then reduce my contribution. See my comment below however:

    @ Jonny Void –

    Would you do a piece on ‘clause 99’? That’s what I’m fearing more than anything at present as I’m currently in the process of ESA reassessment.

    After April, anyone wanting to appeal will now have to ask for a ‘reconsideration’, and this reconsideration is not time limited. The problem is that the DWP have stated that those wanting to appeal will not be paid the basic rate of ESA until they lodge the appeal. Queries were raised with the DWP last November about this and they confirmed that they will not pay ESA benefits to people during the ‘reconsideration period’, and people will have to claim JSA instead.

    This would mean closing the ESA application, and by claiming JSA you are declaring that you are fit for work, and so you wouldn’t be able to appeal. Nevertheless, already there are people who have tried to claim JSA when they’ve been turned down for ESA, but because they are obviously ill, they are told that they cannot claim JSA as you need to be fit to work full time in order to claim it.

    This is going to leave very sick people in a completely vulnerable position. The DWP said that those affected can still claim housing benefit and council tax benefit directly from their council. But, the bedroom tax/council tax is not included in this; it will still need paying. People could apply to the discretionary housing fund, but as we know, councils already trialing the benefit caps are going to run out of those funds 5 months into the year, and that’s BEFORE the bedroom tax is implemented. It seems likely then that those affected will just be evicted.

    Apart from anything else, how will those affected pay for heating, electric and other utilities? What about food when you can only go to a food bank 3 times a year? I pay for my heating in cash as it’s coal, so it’s not like I can build up a debt and apply to one of the utility charities to pay it. What about soap, washing powder, loo roll and things like that? How do people pay for their care? I have to pay carers’ transport costs and pay them privately to shop for me now when the internet shop fails to deliver things. I can’t use public transport either, so how am I to get to hospital/doctor/dentist appointments. How do I even get to a food bank 6 miles away? How do I keep my ‘care call’ service or phone anyone for help without a phone line?

    Apparently, even if you make it to the appeal application date, and then win your appeal, the DWP will not back pay you for the reconsideration period. This works out as a massive overall cut in disability benefits. How is someone with no family or close friends is going to manage? I do have good family and friends, but they’re hardly going to be able to financially support me for months at a time every year.

    Honestly, as if things weren’t bad enough for people, the cons keep coming up with new ways to torture you psychologically that puts you into a state of complete fear about the future. Furthermore, it’s no exaggeration to say that more people are going to end up dying because of this, either through starvation or because no one is there when they deteriorate or have a fall.

    This is a very serious matter, and if anyone is affected they need to contact their M.P. straight away.

    • It is seriously fucking outrageous that human beings are going to be expected (but they wont, as Lord Shite knows damn well) to survive on £39 a week in the UK in 2013! If there is any justice in this world Lord Shite will get run over by a bus. Die screaming Lord Shite you fucker!!

  32. Reblogged this on SPeye and commented:
    What would really hammer this home to the general public is the numbers. I watched the BBC London report on iPlayer and while it mentioned overall cost and cost of the highest cases and number of cases it didnt mention any comparisons. The £2k per week to £3k per week issue here is one example and if say there are more than 5 cases in Westminster alone of paying £2k per week that means just one London borough will be paying out on more than the 5 cases of £2k per week for the rest of the country.

    • joe, have you read jv’s post & comments re squaring up to the bedroom tax?
      i am a avid reader of your blogs on speye, & comments on inside housing, my god your famous, every BT forum have heard of “”joe halewood the fella from merseyside””” like me they all follow your blogs, thanks for all the great info you print.
      ps i have tried to comment many times on your postings, dont know why but for some reason keep getting told my log in details are incorrect

  33. Sasson

    You have explained the dilemma those facing ESA assessments perfectly regarding their financial situation.
    I do not know how council and housing association staff, police or social workers can sleep at night knowing that they are carrying out the evictions and poverty brought about by government policy,dwp and atos causing such deprivation through withdrawal of benefits in the interim period of appealing.

    • How do they sleep?
      like babies.
      THEIR future, is secure, after all…

      Until the axe falls on them, and then who’ll be crying loudest

  34. ————–STOP PRESS——-STOP PRESS————-

    Verdict on Government’s “Back to Work” schemes will be handed down on Tuesday 12 February 2013 at 10 am at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand.


  35. Obi wan kenobi

    Are these not the ones that took their cases to the European courts and lost?

    • I don’t know, but if this ruling is upheld/won it will mean that the work programme and all that it entails is ilegal under the Jobseeker’s Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise) Regulations 2011 which was in everybodys referreal letter (WP 05) that the Jobcentre issued to you when you were first referred to the work programme – everyone will be able to put a claim in for unlawful referal to the work programme.

  36. Where are Labour while this is going on?.Where are MP’s with principles, who can see how wrong this is? There is no opposition any more.

    • Labour are sharing the same bath/ pissing in the same pot.
      The handful of principled MP’s are massively outnumbered by the corrupt pocket-liners

  37. Full story:

    Verdict on Government’s “Back to Work” schemes will be handed down on Tuesday 12 February 2013 at 10 am at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand.

    On Tuesday 12 February 2013 at 10 am the Court of Appeal, with three judges sitting, will deliver its verdict on the lawfulness of the Government’s flagship “Back to Work” schemes.
    The case has been brought by:

    Cait Reilly

    In November 2011 Cait was forced to leave her voluntary work at a local museum and work unpaid at a branch of Poundland under a scheme known as the “sector based work academy”. She was told that if she didn’t carry out the work placement she would lose her Jobseeker’s Allowance. For two weeks she was made to stack shelves and clean floors. Poundland got free labour whilst she gained nothing and received no training. She was not given a job interview at the end of the two weeks and the museum where she volunteered was left short staffed.

    Jamie Wilson

    In November 2011, Jamie, a qualified mechanic, was told that he had to work unpaid, cleaning furniture for 30 hours a week for six months under a scheme known as the Community Action Programme. Whilst he desperately wanted to find a job he objected to doing unpaid work that was completely unrelated to his qualifications and would not help him re-enter the job market. He refused to participate and as a result was stripped of his Jobseekers Allowance for six months.

    The Claimants represented by Public Interest Lawyers have argued that the Regulations[1] under which these and many other Back to Work schemes have been created are unlawful and should be quashed.

    Further details will follow early next week including the time and venue of any press statement to be made.
    [1] Jobseeker’s Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise) Regulations 2011


    • Highly unlikely they win their cases, as the judiciary & MPs are all part of the same funny handshake, old boys network.

      • Kittycat58:

        If it does go our way – the Government (DWP) is not going to know what’s hit it – DWP – IDS AND HOBAN – persicution of benefits claimants – claims galore – finally IDS and Hoban will be defeated and serious questions will be asked regarding there effectivness as MP’s in charge of the DWP – My assessment – bloody useless!

  38. I would be very surprised if they win their cases, unless of course the judiciary and government (not much difference between them, all cut from the same cloth), use it to show how just our laws are in comparison to the European ones, just in time to repatriate the laws they want. There is no justice in this country only corruption from top to bottom.

  39. I feel very worried because its so obvious that a lot of people are going to die….we really need to bombard all avenues of the media constantly to make sure that every single person knows what this Government is up to….There is Evil in our midst. GOOD will always out weigh evil….We just need to face the fear instead of being crippled by it..If we see it for what it really is..A very orchestrated premeditated plan by power abusing sheep who,s only goal is wealth and even more obscene wealth….They are supposed to serve us they are paid to do this,,,In any other circumstances someone might say they were not working within the guide lines of their job descriptions….I need help here,,I need ideas and we all have to get our heads together to help each other..We cannot let the Government kill us….

  40. What about finding someone to speak out for us thats. on tv,,like Stephen Fry?

  41. I know that most of us havent got a pot to p=== in but I can,t stand the thought of someone [especially someone who,s ill and with no family ,having to try and keep warm] If 20 of us could pay 50p each..then that will be a small bag of coal or a bit on the gas meter for a couple of days at least…Some sort of fund to help those that are going to be left with 30 odd pound…Anyone with half a brain cell knows its not possible to live on that..especially with gas .elec,,rent .food..not possible 30 quid to one of the killers is a couple of coffees and scones….We can,t allow them to kill us..WE JUST CAN,T.!!

  42. anon

    I don’t believe that anyone from the media or is as intelligent as Mr Fry are oblivious to what is going on given all the furore surrounding atos.

    People are happy to turn a blind eye unless it affects them, infact not turning a blind eye could put them in the same situation as the rest of us.

    I would rather be in this position than sell my soul as these quietened voices have done.

    • Jesus seems to think they same as you do:
      “Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.”
      “But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation”

      • IDS seems to think he is the son of God:

        Blessed be the smallest of government incomplancancy creatures (the unemployed)

        IDS: – Target Aquired:

        Weapons Hot: – Phazers and Photon Torpedoes lock on:

        Confirm Target I.D. – override – take out all DWP

        Can anyone please say FIRE!

  43. I Don,t know how many of you here believe in God, have faith in your hearts. But if you do then for all of us to pray at the same time tonight say 10pm,,pray for protection,,guidance and strength..I think together we will be heard and it will make a difference to ourselves and maybe make us feel safe and then the fear will subside..I am not overly religious,,I only go to church for occasions [its the singing that does my head in] But I have faith in my heart and I believe in God I also believe in divine intervention..,,And something needs to give….Remember God is Good with a missing o, And Evil is the Devil with a missing D…together we are strong..I hope you will join me in prayer at 10pm…..

  44. Amen, Guy, Amen

  45. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  46. I will be praying at 10pm…please try and do the same..its just 2 minutes,..I think it might help us….Something simple like…My Dearest God in Heaven.. guide me to the right path,,Help me to gain strength and be able to cope with the fear, please give me peace of mind…so that I can carry on and live my life and protect me from all evil..Thank you God..Amen. ..its up to the individual..no pressure, i,m not a religious nut but I do know in my heart that prayers work…if everyone can if possible pray at 10pm ..you might even feel the energy from that..,some say yes some say no…I think if your mind and heart are open you just might….ps optional again .but I will be praying every night at 10….its not a new thing for me I have always prayed which is why i,m here now…I understand you only have my word for that but I know its true because I live it.

  47. Just been speaking to my friend she works as a housing officer for a housing association in somerset. Within the next year most housing association will end up bankrupt as of the reforms, New builds of affordable home have been put on hold, and rehousing people will be virtually impossible as there are no way of down sizing most of tenants for having one room to many as of lack of smaller affordable accommodation. Also a discussion with my landlord yesterday he is worried that most tenants on benefits will end up out on the street’s within 6 months for not meeting there payments.
    Well dear No. 10 go fuck yourselfs sleep with one eye open we are coming for you your time will be soon

    • That is bordering on terrifying. I think its time for us all to pack our possessions and move into No10 and Buck House and all the other unused residences of the rich and greedy. Yeh I know squatting is illegal, but hey, they cant live in them all, all at once, so put them to good use. But on a more serious note, its getting silly now.How much more can we take? They block us at every turn. I agree with you ANTIX, No10, go fuck yourselves. The more you try to wind us up, the stronger we’re becoming.

  48. It is a living nightmare!! Thing is though how comes they,re so THICK!! Don,t they even get it ? someone somewhere is going to snap,,especially when prison becomes seen as a roof over your head and three meals a day….And when is the penny going to drop with the wealth issue…LISTEN UP ,wealthy people you have millions much more than you could ever need,This does not make you superior to anyone else it just means you have more money..,Having said that what makes you different is you are under the illusion that is all you need in life..And I feel sorry for you about that because you also have the power to make a change but instead you choose to guzzle champagne and follow Cameron.the most deluded Bully that has EVER darkened the steps of number 10…And if you can still sleep at night when you know full well that people are going to die then fine,BUT be prepared for when it goes full circle and comes back to bite you on your on your mean ignorant ,miserable A===s. ..Because no one gets away with such Cruelty no matter who they think they are or how much money they have….you could even turn your life around and try taking a leaf out of the book of Oscar Schindler….


  50. The cap in housing benefit doesn’t even cover what it costs to rent a tiny, one bedroom studio flat in a little village in the middle of Somerset which I moved to after no longer being able to afford London. I am starting a business here and not making enough money to live on. At this point in time I am trying to find people to loan me the money for my rent which is due on Monday.

  51. whoispetitenicole

    Take it to your MP to fight for fair rents for all, he might lend you your rent money too!

  52. something survived...

    Saw this article about a homeless man in Serbia who has to live in a grave.

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