This Is What Efficiency Savings Look Like: Elderly Woman Dies After Being Left Without Food, Medication, Water or Care

cuts-killThe tragic death of en elderly woman abandoned without medication, food or water for nine days comes against a backdrop of  ‘efficiency savings’ in Adult Social Care by Surrey County Council.

Widow Gloria Foster, who was in her early 80s, died in Epsom Hospital after being found suffering from starvation and dehydration.  Mrs Foster had been under the care of private company Carefirst24, however the company was shut down by immigration police after being accused of providing fake identities for care workers from overseas.

The responsibility for her care then reverted to Surrey County Council, who from initial reports, it appears failed to ensure this vulnerable resident had adequate support.

The Council are investigating and it is too early to ascribe any blame for this sad event which involved not just the local authority, but a seemingly bent private care company, and the notorious UKBA – the immigration cops most famous for brutal dawn raids in which asylum seekers are separated from their families and thrown into immigration detention centres to await deportation.

Surrey County Council were slammed last year for slashing their Adult Social Care budget when even in these austere times neighbouring councils were increasing spending.

A spokesperson for public sector union UNISON warned at the time:  “It’s really far too soon to tell the impact of these efficiency savings because they’re just rolling out in Surrey literally as we speak.”

Perhaps now we know.

27 responses to “This Is What Efficiency Savings Look Like: Elderly Woman Dies After Being Left Without Food, Medication, Water or Care

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  2. Landless Peasant

    Cameron & Osborne should now be charged with Murder.

  3. Johhny, did you see PMQ’s today?

    MP asks PM;;

    “Can the PM confirm that Atos has declared Richard iii fit for work”

    The BBC reporter obviously didn’t get it describing the question as “curious” He’s obviously not curious enough to find out why the question was asked -but the MPs obviously did get it – provoked widespread laughter. They KNOW what is happening and now it is a joke.

  4. We only ever hear of the cases where there has been negligence in the care services, we never hear of the zealots or the local authorities that are using care services to oust people out of their homes because of house shortages. my mother is in a nursing home, but before that was in a care home that was populated by people that were perfectly capable of caring for themselves, but had been forced into care homes, drugged because they did not want to be there and went downhill before our very eyes.
    I was perfectly well when the care sector were maliciously called out to me and had me locked up and drugged so that I could not function properly, which in such a state makes it look like their assessment was justified when it most certainly was not.
    It is not more interfering care workers we need, but to have them replaced by a helpline, televised for the elderly to contact should they need help, not have it forced on them as a way to shove them into private care homes to alleviate the housing shortages or to shut them up if they are standing up for their rights.
    A woman I know was justifiably taken into a mental hospital and while in there for a few months, her daughter was spending all of her benefits and she came home to telephone cut off, gas and electric cut off etc, and before she could make the payments to have them turned back on she died of hypothermia in the freezing cold house she had returned to.

    • “Care homes”, “granny farms” and all this shite is a big bucks business, Guy. Same with psychiatry and all that pish, they are always on the look-out for victims.

  5. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    Death by ConDemNation.
    The European Courts must have aome f what is going on here brought to their urgent attention.
    Too many deaths, too many suicides.
    The IDS Gang s running amok.
    And that corpulent cunt, Pickles, The Beadle , aneers and smirks, lies and preens as fellw citizens starve ad die.
    The fat cunt must have a platinum loyalty card for Greggs.🐷🔫

  6. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Blessings Jonny V, thank you for sharing atrocity and yes this murder pure and simple. I come from a line of Nursing and Caring in family and have seen so much in the 7 years I was in the NHS and reading this breaks my heart that in this this is allowed to happen by this so-called government. is sickening. CAMORON AND YOUR CRONIES THE DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD. CUZ YOU HAVE NO MORALS AND NO CONSCIENCE!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! HOW MANY MORE LIVES HAVE YOU GOT TO TAKE WITH YOU ?!!!!!!! ;-(

  7. 💀Fauré's requiem played forever

    Ecxuse my hast pisspelled angry typing in above post. I am incensed and sad, simultaneously by all that is happening in this spiv nation.

  8. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  9. D rugged

    Too right it’s big business for the private sector and secure jobs for the public sector with each new internee.

  10. My cousin was a matron in a hospital and had it run ship shape in the 60’s and 70’s. She and her staff were seated in the center of the ward and could see every patient that needed assistance and she made sure they got it there and then, paperwork could wait. There are more nurses per patient now than there was then, so why so much neglect within our hospitals.
    As children we were encouraged to go and check on elderly neighbours to see if they needed any groceries from the shops, there were also mobile vans catering for peoples needs. I spent many an hour with an old neighbour when I was only 10 years old listening to her life story and cheering her up with my tales at home and school. Life has not changed for the better with everyone out at work and nobody bothering with neighbours unless it’s to take a parcel in for them.

    • This may not go down well but: The rise of unbridled consumerism, every body must get out and work and continue to do so till the end of their days, is no paradise to me. Being a mother who cares more about looking after children, elderly parents and the home is out of fashion. So many women who copy the worst attributes of corrupt men, instead of softening them, in order to climb the greasy pole of success. The elderly being shipped into gulags instead of being cared for by their families who are too busy “striving” for the bigger house, second car…. A sick world governed by corrupt people who have a compliant media which stuffs people heads with garbage about a heaven on earth which is really a hell.

      Ten years ago I went to visit a care home to see an “inmate” who had been there for maybe a month. I was shocked at how much he had gone down hill. Sitting head bowed down in an office type chair along with several others who were also bowed down. I realise now he and the others were probably doped up to the eye balls. This is a sick society.

  11. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    It’s a shame that someone cant broadcast an advert on tele. Like “1,000,000,000+ people united from all over the U.K. required for a weekend of silent protest, as close as legally possible to the pulsating heart of all of the bad decision-makers! 60 seconds to 48 hours of your life is all it will cost”.

    “Tired of being mis-represented by those that say that they speak, work and care for you?”

    “Come join us for 60 seconds to 48 hours”.


    Make your presence felt!”


    “Stay silent, & WHEN pushed; walk the direction that you were pushed in, turn left, walk a bit, turn left, walk a bit then turn left again..”

    “Times that by a million and you will have the beginnings of evolution”.

    “Circles roll. Squares build. Revolve or evolve? It’s your choice!”


    “Suitable for the aged, the ageing and the young. It’s suitable for everyone with good intention!”

    “PRESENCE!” Show it.

    “VIOLENCE!” Contain it.


    “Intimidates more than noise”.

    then a jingle ‘you’re an Earth-born being, not computer entry!’

    ending with ” protest may cost you more than 48hrs if you react to instigation verbally & physically”.

  12. Next will come atos wca assessments for every patient in hospital . Those who fail will be kicked out of hospital. It’s the unum atos way.

    • And no doubt it will be the source for laughter in parliament the way they joked today about Richard III being passed fit by ATOS for work. It’s no laughing matter for those who have been through the DWP sponsored torture that is administred by ATOS. Yeh, they are so corrupt, full of lies and deceit that it’s all a big joke for both sides of the house. Even Cameron “the angel of light” who is soo good at pretending to care and putting on the serious face when prompted could do nothing in response other than laughter. The laughter of sadists who no longer know right from wrong.

  13. That’s if they can find a bed or a hospital for that matte,r that will take admit them in the first place chewie.

  14. Council stated: the elderly died for negligence, investigation is under way. I think more likely she died because of incompetence of the officers that had failed their duty in the council job. GREED-GREED-GREED and a lack of empathy with those in need.

  15. The fact that the company involved was falsifying documentation for immigrant workers speaks volumes, They’d rather employ immigrants ( many with a poor grasp of english, no doubt) than employ & train UK workers. I know care work isn’t for everyone but in the name of sanity, why are these companies allowed to get away with this, when there is mass unemployment? It does beg the question as to what the rates of pay this company was offering.

  16. I know a council in Central Scotland using a private contractor that does not pay PAYE for some of their employees. They sign on for JSA and work for the contractor casually on and off. All the British employees know it but do not give a damn about it. I am Czech immigrant who had lived and paid tax in UK for 10 years. This contractor laid me off 3 months after my first child was born and offered me to work for them casually for under national minimum wage (and I could claim JSA). I refused, but another Scottish guy had readily taken my job. I complained to my Labour MP. He made an inquiry to the Council. The Council responded it always does everything right…… Sick. The rouge firm continues in the provision of its services for the local authority. Btw wife of my former boss sits in Scottish Parliament for SNP. Got help us against corruption!

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