With Friends Like The Guardian Benefit Claimants Don’t Need Enemies

welfare-spiders-webA crude animation, splashed across the front of The Guardian website today, reveals how many of the latte slurping liberal elite really feel about those with least.

The video begins with the above lurid image of unemployed and disabled people falling into the spider’s web of social security.  It then trumpets how welfare spending has grown since 1948, without any thought to the vast, wide ranging, and frankly fucking obvious reasons why this might have happened.

In the only nod to the aging and growing population, one of the key factors behind the rise in social security spending, the film makers do point out that much of the benefits bill is spent on pensions.  The animation also rightly reveals that the UK spends less on benefits than other comparable European countries.

But then the animation takes a truly nasty turn by asking, “are the cuts really targeting the skivers?”

It appears film maker is only too happy to use the vile language of the Tory right and declare that all those unable to work due to unemployment, sickness, disability or family responsibilities are skivers.

This coming from someone who no doubt gets paid shedloads of cash to sit about making crap youtube videos all day.

But it is the decision of the paper to splash this across the front of their website which is truly revealing.  Whilst pretending to be on the side of low paid workers, The Guardian seems to be only too happy to try and drive a wedge between the working and the out of work poor.

It’s hardly surprising that a Lib Dem loving newspaper should attempt to drag the argument over social security spending back towards the right.  The Guardian had to be dragged kicking and screaming into supporting benefit claimants in the first place.  And it appears that support is paper thin.  Earlier in the month the paper printed a hilarious quiz, complete with crass stereotypes about people watching Jeremy Kyle all day, asking whether it’s readers are skivers or strivers   How the chinless luvvies must have laughed in the Farringdon wine bars about that

On a more serious note, only this week The Guardian’s Housing Editor declared that the bedroom tax is not unfair.  This is the same newspaper where a writer recently complained that the changes to child benefit – the only cut likely to affect Guardian journalists – represent the death of the welfare state.

It is fair to say that some Guardian writers have worked hard towards exposing the truth about the vicious welfare reforms that are tearing so many people’s live apart.  But all of that is undermined when the paper resorts to stigmatising those suffering under this Government in the name of cheap political point scoring.  After watching this video many claimants will feel that with fake friends like The Guardian, who needs enemies?

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86 responses to “With Friends Like The Guardian Benefit Claimants Don’t Need Enemies

  1. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

  2. Thanks Johnny – is there any newspaper we can trust? to be on our side?
    Pat x

  3. There doesnt seem to be any paper that is brave enough to investigate and uncover the what amounts to mass murder of uk citizens…Surely the Government cant pay them to keep quite??? can they???..When the truth all comes out it wont just be the Tory Government with Blood on their hands it will be anyone else that knew full well what was going on with people…And what about the police? can the Government pay them? threaten them even? to keep it all hushed up…Can this happen in a supposed civilised Country? can it?

  4. 💀piano demento

    Rusbridger the cunt running the Grauniad is no more than yet another multi-property owning toff who gives not one fuck about the poor, or the fucked-up ‘left’ or anything to do with social conscience.
    He’ s ony interested in trousering as much tax-evaded lolly as he can.
    Utter Cunt.

  5. It’s like in the guardian recently depicting the hacking group anonymous as a threat . Just to sell anti virus software ..
    Guardian is two faced

  6. Guardian journalists receive a program of – SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (S.H.I.T)

    A Guardian spokesman said— We are trying to give our readers more S.H.I.T than anyone else. If our Experts feel that you are not receiving your share of S.H.I.T in the paper, their journalists will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T list, and their editors are especially skilled at seeing you get all the S.H I.T. you can handle.

    Journalists who refuse to adhere to the editors S H I.T. will be placed in – DEPARTMENTAL EMERGENCY EVALUATION PROGRAMS (D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T).

    Those who fail to take D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T seriously will have to go to – EXTRA ATTITUDE TRAINING (E.A.T.S.H.I.T).

    Those journalists who remain unresponsive will be referred to the department of – MANAGERIAL OPERATIONAL RESEARCH EDUCATION (M.O.R.E.S.H.I.T). This course emphasizes how to manage M.O.R.E.S.H.I.T

    If you have further questions, please direct them to our – HEAD OF TEACHING,

  7. You only have to look at who has been on an EU funded anti British ‘Common Purpose Charity’ training course to find why and who is dishing out crap like this, they are a ‘fifth column’ operating across Europe, but are in overdrive infiltrating this country. The Marxist loving Guardian is part of the problem, so is most of our media including the BBC. Try a FOIA (freedom of information act) request!!

    • I think you’re on the wrong website.

      • Hear hear.
        Pat x

      • 🙂

      • He may be on the wrong website, but what he is saying is probably spot on. Common Purpose is a growing problem that has slid itself into indoctrinate organisations. Many “Housing Associations” have had staff go on the courses run by them, as have many councils. These are the same people that will be enforcing the new housing benefits changes and also be responsible for the evictions when people fall behind with their rents when Universal Credit starts to bite. It is part of the problem that might warrant you looking taking a look into a bit more rather thna just dismissing it like you appear to have just done.

        • you mean a training company that specialises in training public sector and government workers has trained some public sector and government workers. I’m shocked, next you’ll be telling me how Laing have infiltrated the construction sector with their devious brick laying propaganda.

          Actually you won’t, because conspiracy shit gets deleted here

    • Well done for recognising the Guardian for the communist organ it is. No wonder it bashes benefits claimants! No doubt it is part of its agenda to discredit the lumpen masses, all the better to promote the working class as the revolutionary vanguard that will finally deliver full communism. No doubt they are in league with the Liberal Democratic Front and the Labour Party (Marxist-Leninist).

  8. You know there is no real freedom of press, They are only allowed to say a certain amount. If the reporters try to say more than required or wanted, the story just gets tossed out. Only the internet has freedoms for now. But that day will end as well.
    Its disgusting what they are doing. There has to be a change. We have to take control again.

  9. The Unum sponsored Guardian –
    The Guardian/Unum Work:Life UK survey – the big picture

    The same Unum which sponsored Cardiff University Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research, headed by Mansel Aylward, whose unethical psuedo-science Lord Freud quotes to support and justify the human rights atrocity of Employment and Support Allowance –
    A Tale of two Models: Disabled People vs Unum, Atos: Government and Disability Charities
    by Debbie Jolly
    08 Apr 2012

    Hence the reason that, despite the acres of Guardian newsprint dedicated to “bad science” and the evils of relatively benign ‘alternative medicine’ such as homoeopathy, it has completely neglected to investigate and report on the appalling medical ethics and atrocious science used in the ESA and the Work Capability Assessment which is sending a 1,000 disabled people a month to an early grave. Imagine the reaction of the establishment scientists and medics employed by the Guardian if alternative medicine, such as acupuncture or aroma therapy, was killing a thousand patients a month? Yet the Guardian science writers and bloggers are completely silent about the vast medical abuses being practised by the state under the guise of ESA.

  10. Why is everyone on this site getting in a lather about things like poverty, injustice, inequality, slave labour schemes, state-enforced homelessness and the ‘real-time’ dismantlement of social security? For god’s sake, try and think about the things that really matter: Richard the Third’s knackered old bones, Chris Hune’s speeding tickets, gay marriage and – biggest of ’em all – a 23-yeard old swimmer has retired. Tune it tonight to the BBC 6 O’ Clock news to find out what really matters to people in this country!
    Now get back to your navel-gazing

  11. Surprise, surprise, the video misses the means test completely. Why is it so hard to get across that means testing is a massive tax on low incomes?
    Please look at
    and then re-tweet

  12. It’s pathetic isn’t it? I couldn’t believe they put it up on their site.

  13. Frank Psychosis

    You’re so right. The Guardian is made by and for absolute arseholes, the kind of people who like to see themselves as being on the ‘Left’, or as politically ‘progressive’ in some way.. but in truth they loathe and fear ordinary working class people. I have worked as a Carpenter and have seen first hand the smug condescension with which these people speak to construction workers, for example. They can make you feel like you’re a specimen in a petri dish. Whilst at the same time they love to pay lip service to real progressive politics, its all an act. The Guardian reader likes to act kind of old ‘Labour’ ish ,very ‘right on’ and all that, but I am Labour, for its all I’m paid for and its what I write on my invoices. They’re just fucking wankers. What George Orwell revealed in Down and Out in Paris & London ,and The Road to Wigan Pier about the middle class and their values, is as true today as it was then. I’d like to boil most of them in Lavazza….not all though. The Guardian and its readers don’t want change in the UK, anywhere else is ok but not here. They exist to perpetuate the whole stinking edifice, for it creates a space for them to pose in…. to act progressive in , to be a bit ‘right on’ in, without there being any meaningful effort on their part , and most importantly, without there being any real change…….sometimes I think its for no other reason, than that they think it shows what good taste they have…… they’re that fucking vacuous.

    Love your blog by the way…I try and turn everybody I can on to it

  14. I wonder how many of the above posters have actually watched the film in question? It is not perfect for sure, it should for example have the amount spent on benefit historically (£11 billion in 1948) and now (£200 billion) shown as a % of gross national income as this is a more meaningful comparison. The film makes the point – one deliberately missed by many in middle England, the readers of the Daily Hate and other Tory supporting publications – that a large % of benefits are actually paid to people in work and not to unemployed people. It is disingenuous to suggest an attempt to inform people that many benefit claimants are working people is actually indicative of support for the Government’s agenda, are you trying to get people to buy the Sun? From a different perspective the film looks like an attempt to correct all the misinformation and disinformation spewed forth by the likes of Sky News, the Sun, Telegraph, Express, Times etc that has most members of the public believing that anyone claiming benefits is a scrounger. I wonder how many of our fellow citizens know that nearly half of the annual benefits bill is spent on pensions alone, another point that this film makes? You can of course dislike the Guardian and take issue with any of its editorial but at least do so from an informed position, in this case by watching all 3.30 of the film in question before accepting one person’s critique of it.

    • Frank Psychosis

      Yeah I watched it and ‘Yaah its like….really balanced huh, cool’. No it isn’t, its fucking shit. Meeley mouthed rubbish. Pathetic. The whole debate around benefits is part of a wider smokescreen to avoid discussion about the weakness in the economy, and its causes…and to stigmatize the poor…..thats what you don’t seem to get!!!! We’re living through an enormous criminal conspiracy and this whole country is siting on its hands.

    • CodewordConduit

      It must be difficult for Sara Sharp, knowing so much more than the average citizen. She doesn’t need a patronising cartoon full of classist dog-whistles and unexplained statistics to tell her what to think, she knew more than the average citizen already. But the morons who don’t know what Sara Sharp proudly knows would apparently benefit from this crap video. Way to prove the point about the condescending latte drinkers of the left.

      I personally think the paradigmatic selection is exactly as Johnny described it – unexplained stats containing BIG numbers in the billions, comparing welfare spending to the GDP of foreign nations unfavourably, and accepting and using the Tory “skiver” rhetoric without so much as a peep.

      An uniformed viewer would remain uninformed, but probably more annoying as they attempt to regurgitate and defend the piecemeal bits of decontextualised information they have received.

  15. The liberal middle classes secretly despise the poor. They sneer at them for shopping in Tesco and eating fast food.

    • Only yesterday, as I struggled up the hill with my Tesco shopping bags, a middle-class 4 x 4 driver shouted at me with a sneering voice: “Ha fucking ha, you dirty fucking pleb, you shop in Tesco you filthy piece of scum, ha, fucking ha.”

      • Terrible, The rich abuse, they think its in their right to be like this. They also need to burn.

      • Hopefully he ran off the road & killed himself, can’t think of better karma for the middle-class scum.

        • lol Anyway if the government continues getting their way all the middle class twats will be joining us at bottom soon enough. The fall will be worse the higher they are, the wounds to their pride severe and they’ll have the horrific realisation that they’ll never be able to afford another ski holiday in Switzerland ever again. But if they fall, don’t ostracise them, use them.. they could be useful…

      • Don’t worry, Agnes Karma will be after them, and one day she will catch up with them. The wheel of fortune moves all the time and those at he top of life can find themselves at the bottom in a split second and those at the bottom can find themselves at the top. I’ll give you an example I read a story about a lottery winner years ago who had planned to commit suicide, because of debts so they spent all their money lottery ticket and their numbers came up. Imagine how they felt. While I know of someone who had all the high power you know fab well paid a gorgeous job ect ect and had a smug attitude, well the karma and the fates go them in the end. That person is now unemployed. xx

  16. Just to add some more global economic perspective to the UK skivers v strivers Guardian presentation which was left out for some strange reason –
    The injustice of global poverty could have been emphasised by pointing to the fact that, as Oxfam recently noted, the 100 richest people in the world accumulated enough wealth last year to end extreme global poverty four times over.
    The BBC’s ‘Why Poverty?’ Series: A Missed Opportunity
    by Nicola F Pritchard
    New Left Project
    04 Feb 2013

    The welfare state for the rich has never been in better health.

  17. CodewordConduit

    Think one of their journos referred to UK Uncut as a terrr’ist organisation as well, back in October on one of their live feeds covering the demos on the 20th. John Domokos is okay though afaict, exposed the unlawful sanctions at the JC at any rate.

  18. In fairness the Guardian also published:


    The animation was bollocks but the article above is spot on.

  19. Apparently tory supporters are leaving the party in “droves” according to Channel 4 news, over the gay marriage proposal.No doubt these are the same smug self-satisfied bastards who cheer on the benefit cuts & sneer at the sick, disabled & unemployed as “scroungers”.Of course it never occurs to these tory morons that they could only be accident, illness or redundancy away from being claimants themselves. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

    • How true. They’re leaving in droves now, but will be back on side in time for the next General Election. They simply wouldn’t know where else to go politically.
      And yes, every one of these jumped up snobs are about 1.5 simultaneous false moves or unfortunate events away from being up (or down) there with those they have previously gazed down on with such scorn.

      Whether we believe in deities or not, there is much truth in the principle of the adage, ‘There but for the grace of God go I’

  20. Yep, the Grauniad has really gone down hill. Trendy Shoreditch herberts, increasingly posh kids who can afford to be unpaid interns.

  21. Yeah they and the right-wing share the same focal point. They all view those with less like a different species. (Like a fox maybe) The “righties” want to hate you, make you suffer to fulfill their own sense of self worth, maybe make profit from you, maybe kill you. You are the enemy or the prey. The Guardian/Labour like “lefties” view those with less like potentially adorable but dumb beasties, the cute ones get treated like pets and fulfills their desire to look like a good person, the others can get put down at pound out of view for all they care. Obey you are a good pet, dare to bite, time for you to meet the vet on the way to the great farm.

  22. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  23. What I often do is challenge the claims made by work program providers . Their glowing so called successes..


  24. Nevermind whilst you are checking out those intetserve claims you can check out their share price.


  25. Anyone like to tell me what’s going on here ?

    I thought that the we are spartacus group was representing disabled people
    But in this link it publishes a daily mail scurrilous article without a single challenge ..


  26. Hi all. I would like to draw your attention to something that has been going on YouTube for a while. They are called the yaweh clan. They Target disabled and other ppl gays Jews black ppl and ppl they claim to be paedophiles.. usually with no proof. They regard as success when the Target can no longer cope have suicided themselves. Youtube have banned them but they come back under other names. There are videos about them.
    This link gives you a clue about how they think and act. They are connected to Wikipedia dramatica.

    https://encyclopedia (break) dramatica.se/Retard

    • something survived...

      I just went to see this site. It’s vile. I didn’t see a page like that, but other ones. Basically they are homophobic, sexist, racist Nazis. Ablist, etc. Also blood junkies. They hate pretty much everyone else. In case you are not sure whether or not they are Nazis, the swastikas ought to give you a clue.

      • @ss yeah I did know they were nazis they claim success when ppl kill themselves.
        I only hope the names on the elm guest list are arrested . Brook bottomley brittan proctor mi5 bod royal household staff the book shop glc ex Tory mp for twickenham
        The whole lot. BTW I got the name of the rc priest now a tony something deliah smith knows him . It occured to me this Richard third could open up wounds and question our royal fambly who ideally shouldn’t be where they are. No queen no govt no Cameron .

  27. Vicar became most hated man because he helped homeless.


  28. @cyclex thanks for that as I did wonder because I have been reading reports from disability organizations who were part of the PIP consultation exercise and spartacus was one of them . From what I’ve read so far none have been in favour of the PIP lots of recommendations made but I doubt they will be listened to and since it will rolled out in April I can’t see how they would have.the time to include them all. I do get concerned if I am reading words like ‘warmly welcome.’ though. The other thing I have heard is about bogus disability groups with made up stuff about how much money you can claim etc or ones using names of well known ones full of scrounger scum rhetoric.. there is some worrying shit going on thats for sure.

  29. Pingback: With Friends Like The Guardian Benefit Claimants Don't Need Enemies | Mental Health, Politics and LGBT issues | Scoop.it

  30. 👣piano allegro

    ID⚡⚡ gets his comeuppance….we wish.

  31. 💀piano requiem

    You trip on an unrepaired paving stone…..you’re not the litigious type. You get back up. Your injuries have rendered you incapable of work. You have done nothing wrong.
    You go to the institutions specifically there to aid you in your time of need.
    Then reality bites.
    You meet Ato⚡⚡. You fall under the auspices of The IDS Gang.
    Your days are numbered. You end up in hospital. You die of your injuries and the treatment meted out by Ato⚡⚡ and The IDS Gang.
    As a price is put on everything these days ( these bastards know the price of everything but the value of nothing. To them, as an unwell human being, you are worthless) the coat of your care in hospital is more than had you received your life-saving benefits to begin with.
    To The IDS Gang this matters nothing. It was worth it. You are dead. Job well done.
    Seig Heil Shmidt, Fraud, Graything, Hulk Hoban et al.
    The ConDemNation. Britischer Reich 2013.

  32. of topic for a mo
    “”Of more concern is the impact of the increased conditionality regime that UC will introduce. This is likely to particularly impact on part time staff claiming UC whose gross part time pay is below the full time national minimum wage. In this case they may be subject to a similar conditionality regime to current JSA and ESA claimants. In other words they could be expected to attend interviews with Job Centre advisors whose role would be to encourage them to increase their earnings in order to take them off UC.
    This is of course something totally new and is extremely sensitive. PCS’ view is that it is wrong to extend conditionality to anyone who is in work and is currently arguing for the UC regulations to be changed accordingly. However the government appear determined to treat in work UC claimants in the same way that they treat out of work claimants. DWP has yet to decide how they may handle any DWP staff who are affected by this””


    • In fairness it says they are opposed to conditionality for everyone in work – they are in a unique position as this problem extends beyond the DWP – the PCS said on twitter they are working on how many members are likely to be affected by UC conditionality but think it’s around 20-30%.

      So it won’t just be part time Jobcentre staff affected, but lots of part time PCS members in other public sector roles. They haven’t yet said how they will respond to this, but this offers the chance of a militant response on sanctions etc, it remains to be seen whether they take it.

  33. Landless Peasant

    All the mainstream British ‘news’ papers are only fit for one thing; arse wipe.

  34. A few minutes ago on PMQ’s when questioned about the “bedroom tax” CallMeDave denied it was a tax at all, & claimed it was about benefits. When it’s taking money out of someone’s pocket especially those who can least afford it then surely it’s a tax?
    Now he’s just described living in social housing (looking like he had a bad smell under his nose) as a benefit! And still blaming Labour for the state of the economy. The man truly is a misguided fool.

    • @kittycat the elm guest house revelations could do for them as the perverts then are connected to tories now

      • Hopefully so, but the tories being the tories, they’ll probably describe the accusers of either being fantasists or mentally deranged & if it comes to a court case they’ll be considered to be unreliable witnesses.

        • @kittycat well two have been arrested so far one is a priest.
          The tricky bit might be bottomley because he is related to jeremey hunt so he might try and intervene . Then you have brittan who is connected to cleggy and a lib dem councillor connected to pickles so we will see how it goes .

  35. What can one expect from a paper that employs friends of Simon Wessely to write its’s “science” articles (Ben Goldacre)?

    • CodewordConduit

      What’s wrong with Ben Goldacre? ‘Bad Science’ is a great book that slams loads of pseudoscience bollocks, and taught me that £1.50 moisturiser works just as well as £7 moisturiser. He has also written extensively with legitimate ‘Big Pharma’ criticisms as opposed to the mad tinfoil hat ones that discredit everything. See his work on paroxetine.

      • CodewordConduit

        Dammit, £70 moisturiser. Dammit! 🙂

      • Funny then, how he seems happy to accept awards from those same pharmaceutical companies (and they seem happy to present him with them). He claims to be a “scientist” but in fact he is merely a junior doctor who has made a name for himself by ridiculing people like Gillian Mckeith. Hardly a great scientific achievement. But as I say, what can one expect from a friend and colleague of Simon Wessely?

        • Do you have links to him being awarded prizes off the same companies he brings up in his book ‘Bad Pharma’, for instance?

          Do you have links to him claiming to be a scientist?

          I just haven’t seen this stuff.

          I know that Wessely upset a lot of people (and has apologised for his tone), and some people have used very simplified versions of his CFS research to attack sufferers, which is horrible. There’s nothing wrong with knowing him professionally, though. Are he and Goldacre very close?

          • Goldacre won a British Science Writers (BSW) award, in 2003. At this time, the BSW was funded by MMR manufacturers Glaxo Wellcome and called the Glaxo Wellcome BSW Award.Goldacre was again a winner in
            2005 of the Association of British Science Writers Award (ABSW),
            hosted then by Syngenta. Syngenta is a world-leading agribusiness
            and producer of GM crops. It ranks third in the high-value commercial
            seeds market. Sales in 2005 were approximately $8.1 billion.

            • CodewordConduit

              If you could link to your source material that would be great, thanks – otherwise I have to spend a fair bit of time individually googling each bit of info for context. I’m not precluding the possibility of hypocrisy on Goldacre’s part, it’s just with the information I have I would be quite suprised (and disappointed) to see it. But by all means, new and evidenced information would change that 🙂

              Nothing wrong with MMR injections. The scare was an unfortunate hoax.

          • I think Wessely more than “upset a lot of people” with his claims about the Camelford water poisoning incident, not to mention his involvement in the infamous Ean Proctor case. http://www.ahummingbirdsguide.com/wmarwilltstrsaep.htm

  36. @kittycat and all this is the latest on the guest house arrests im not sure if the priest is the spartacus club / pie thing as that was fronted by a rc priest who got done before.


    • Apparently some of the victims, were made to take part in porn movies & no confirmation of any “big names” as of yet.

  37. So the guardian has an issue with benefit claimants do they, well I bet they would not stop a benefit claimant buying their paper, now would they. x

  38. “It appears film maker is only too happy to use the vile language of the Tory right and declare that all those unable to work due to unemployment, sickness, disability or family responsibilities are skivers.”

    The word “skivers” was never used to describe “all those unable to work due to unemployment, sickness, disability or family responsibilities”. Not even by the Tories.

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