Workfare Can Be Broken – Join the Week of Action and help make it happen

boycott-workfare-weekFrom Boycott Workfare

Take part in the week of action against workfare 18-24 March

The Government is pushing ahead with increasingly savage workfare policies despite the fierce resistance to the scheme causing many high street names and national charities to pull out.

Unemployed people can now be sentenced to six months compulsory unpaid work as part of the Community Action Programme. On December 3rd last year – International Disabled People’s Day – the DWP introduced forced work for sick and disabled claimants.

Companies such as Superdrug, Argos and McDonalds, who have all been quick to take on unpaid workers on government schemes, have seen a year of boycotts, pickets, demonstrations and occupations due to their involvement in the scheme. Many national charities have pulled out as a result of protests, but some, such as The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), Salvation Army and Sue Ryder Foundation are unrepentent about their army of government subsidised unpaid workers. Many of the new workfare programmes depend on charities like these to provide placements.

Workfare can be broken by showing these organisations that the public have clearly rejected unpaid work. Evidence has shown that mandatory work has no impact in actually helping someone find a job, the stated aim of the scheme. Instead workfare is used to replace real jobs, with some companies even caught taking on unpaid workers to fill temporary Christmas positions.

Join Boycott Workfare on 18-24 March for a week of action against workfare exploiters everywhere. Take action in a town or city near you, join in online and show all those who profit from forced labour that we mean it when we say “if you exploit us, we will shut you down”.

Organise now and contact Boycott Workfare on Facebook or info[at] to be added to the national list of actions.

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  2. Up to two-thirds of the annual €1.3 billion spent on assisting the unemployed return to work is spent ineffectively, Prof Philip O’Connell, director of the Geary Institute at UCD, told a conference on the Irish economy yesterday.

  3. Apologies for O/T johhny but I felt I had to say this. It is my understanding that the hacking group anonymous was responsible for taking down a few paedophile sites a while ago. For me that is positive step even if I know it wont eradicate this vile business for that is what it is.
    However I am alarmed to see in todays guardian an advertisement by symantec in connection with guardian warning users against computer viruses using not only a character wearing the v for vendetta face mask but clearly behind that character you can see the familiar anonymous logo.
    The message implies that anonymous are the bad guys intent on causing damage to your pc and symantec will help you guard against them

    • I think you are misunderstanding… I worried about this when “Anonymous” first started making the headlines.

      They don’t have “members” as such. There is no forms, no application, no CEO, no initiation. There is just a proportion of hackers the world around that use the name “anonymous”.

      Granted, there are people who identify themselves with that name more than others, and take more action under that name, and there are people doubtless that hang out in less well known parts of the internet and plot to do things under the name “anonymous”, but to call them a group is misleading.

      Considering there are at least hundreds of thousands of people that have contributed to/posed as “anonymous”, it’s not really fitting to view them as a group or any kind of heirarchy. When articles are released about “Anonymous” I seriously doubt that the “Anonymous” people are the same from story to story, just because of the sheer number of people using that tag.

    • Also it should be known that whilst I have faith in the Guardian, I have to say Symantec arn’t the most squeaky clean organisation ever.. They’ve been taken to court (I believe on more than one occasion) over allegations of them creating viruses to infect people using older versions of their software (read: forcing customers to upgrade by damaging their computers)

  4. Landless Peasant

    Well I certainly won’t be doing any enforced free labour, that’s for sure!
    I would refuse and instead claim Hardship Allowance, and whilst doing so would no longer continue to attend any Work Programme or do any job searching, as they are NOT an obligation of claiming Hardship.

    • You have to be SANCTIONED before you can put in a claim for Hardship Allowance.

    • info.
      “The application of a benefit sanction does not remove the claimant’s entitlement to the associated National Insurance Credit. The Department of Work and Pensions must continue to be satisfied that the claimant has met the conditions of entitlement during this period. Your assumption that claimants must continue to regularly attend the jobcentre during this period is correct.

      Those claimants who are entitled to Jobseeker’s Allowance must enter and participate in the Work Programme under threat of sanction, regardless of whether they receive payment or not.”


  5. landless peasant

    Have you tried claiming hardship allowance, apparently it’s discretionary and has to be paid back if you win an appeal. They would never give me it when i refused to work voluntarily for a charity.
    People should be campaigning against welfare reform while they are out there also.

    • “when I refused to work voluntarily for a charity”. I take it they were forcing you to work for the charity so it was voluntary at all? Then again “charity” has lost its meaning as well.

    • Landless Peasant

      They may say it’s discretionary but it is EU law. You can even claim it if you are homeless, and you do not have to be seeking employment, just that you have no income and no savings. The only thing that is discretionary is whether you qualify on those terms or not.

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    I don’t agree with working for nothing but if you are sent to do a job at a charity take your time,drop things put things in a “funny place ” when making a drink for yourself, others ….you know what you have to do there are many ways to get your own back if you are smart. Don’t get yourself in to trouble and don’t put yourself into a situation where you don’t get any money for weeks most of the job centre money relies on other people seeing it your way…and most of the rules won’t.
    Look forward to the fun you can have!

    • Yup, my finger would be right up my arsehole and in to the cup, and the same applies if i got sent to a supermarket… the fresh meat counter would be at the thick end of my little dirty protest, piss spunk snot and shit.

  7. This might be slightly off topic, but I’m due to start the “Work Programme” very soon. JCP interview is next Monday.
    Can anybody with previous experience of it let me know what I am to expect, on a day to day basis, starting from the induction. I live in the Bromley area, so it will probably be A4E at Bromley, Lewisham or Greenwich. Thanks in advance.

    • Landless Peasant

      markcp – t may vary from area to area, and from one provider to another, but I began the Work Programme in August 2011 at what was called B.E.S.T. but shortly afterwards they went bust and were taken over by Interserve. Nothing much happened at all for the first year, just turned up for the appointment with my Work Coach, handed in my job-log sheet of job applications (was told to do 10 per fortnight), got my next appointment and left after about 15 mins. More or less exactly a year into it, the Work Coach suddenly turned very nasty, tried to goad me into arguing, and contradicted everything I said. To cut a long story short, I threw the paperwork at him and walked out. I didn’t attend for 3 – 4 months, and told the Jobcentre so. I only just recently got a sanction for missing an appointment back in October, but I appealed and won it. I am attending again now, but have a different Work Coach, and am not prepared to take any shit. When they ask if I’m “interested” in some particular crap min. wage packing vacancy situated miles away, I reply “no, not in the slightest, but I’ll apply for it if you want me to”. There’s not a lot they can do with me. I have already said I’d rather be sanctioned than do any of those jobs.

    • markcp:

      Follow this link for everything you need to know regarding starting on the Work Programme – fully explore this website.

      • Thanks to the two above, Obi Wan Kenobi and Landless Peasant. I was imagining the WP might be something horrendous, like sitting in a crowded room with 30+ others for hours at a time. For days or weeks or even months.

        • Landless Peasant

          markcp – They may require you to undergo such nonsense from time to time, though it hasn’t happened to me yet, my friend has just completed a mandatory two week stint of sitting in a classroom being lectured at, and another friend who is seriously mentally ill and is disabled has been told to attend each day for four weeks. They don’t have the resources to force everyone to do this all the time, like it was on New Deal.

        • something survived...

          I’ve done this several times, for a year at a time. And to sessions called group therapy with the people who bullied me as we were forced to spend a month digging holes. We were told to tell our health and medical info in this group. I refused and was accused of not participating!
          Also in my current WPP I sit at computers with up to 10 others, most of whom don’t wash… Many have the excuse of being homeless. They (WPP) are supposed to lecture us but actually they are so lazy they can’t be bothered, they just tell us to stare at a broken computer for two hours ‘looking for jobs’, often on a broken chair. They sometimes tell you suddenly after 20 minutes ‘your jobsearch is over, come back in 2 weeks’, because they want to go for lunch! It takes an hour to walk there!
          For several months now they’ve not been issued with any funds to pay people’s petrol/bus costs. I tried to post at the time: they don’t even know the buses are going paperfree, so you don’t get bus tickets any more. So you have no proof you were on a bus. So they won’t pay you! I said this will affect everyone, the WPP need to sort it out ASAP. They say they need a paper bus ticket to put in a claim, but I pointed out that paperfree means just that! It took all afternoon of explaining to them, for them to ‘get it’! Then they said you must get a receipt. I said a receipt is a piece of paper, and that would defeat the object of going paperfree. The new machines use lights and beeping noises, neither of which is a piece of paper! Utterly hopeless.

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    Would not even consider working for charities anymore given what they have become and refused because as John says it was not voluntary, it was forced labour.

    • When on a MWRA placement with a ‘charity’ I questioned PAID staff on the morality of using what I considered to be ‘forced labour’ as defined at the time in a leaflet produced by the ILO and ITUC which stated:

      Lack of consent to work(involuntary nature of)(the “route into” forced labour)
      Psychological compulsion, i.e.,an order to work, backed up by a credible threat of a penalty for non-compliance.


      Menace of a penalty(the means of keeping someone in forced labour)
      Actual presence or credible threat of: Financial penalties

      Needless to say they weren’t interested in changing their position.

    • Mostly, working for a charity consists of putting in the right place what some other poor pressgangee has put in the wrong place yesterday.You find there are so many people that the work programme has ‘found a position for’, you can barely get them all around the bloody sorting table – chaos!!

  9. My time on the Work Programme ends in July this year. Will I have to go on the Community Action Programme once my WP is over?

    • Hanging Judge Iain Duncan Smith

      No, scarecrow78, certainly not; the jobcentre will sentence you “to be taken hence to the work programme provider premises in which you were last confined and from there to a place of execution where you will be hanged by the neck until dead and thereafter your body buried within the precincts of the jobcentre plus premises where you last signed-on and may the Lord have mercy upon your soul”.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about CAP(Community Action Programme).Work Programmes are finding it impossible to find clients 4-weeks unpaid work so chances of them finding 6-months is impossible. The way things are going with Ian Donut Smith I’d be surprised if the Work Programme lasts much longer.
    P.S.A friend of mine is on Middlesbough’s Ingeus Programme and there are 8,000 clients in one building with only 15 computers. My friend finished in June and has been in about 4 times.A well-educated guy,with 20 years work experience behind him they placed him on an Employabilty and skills course and how to wash your knackers!

    • something survived...

      That is patronising, infantilising shite. ‘Employability and Skills’! Complete garbage. If you don’t know how to wash your balls, you are by definition too learning disabled to work! (Or you are a cabinet minister)

      8000 people per 15 computers? Do they want us to take apart the computers and each of us can lick a microchip?

      We used to have ‘Job Club’. I refused as it was run by the Scouts, a religious/monarchist/patriotic/militaristic/homophobic organisation. It basically taught you how to write your own name! Their advanced course was how to fill in a form! (In the end I was eventually sent there anyway on work scheme, and then one day they suddenly went bust and we turned up to an empty building – but got sanction doubts from DWP for ‘non attendance’!)

      Wash your balls… in their Coca-Cola!

      Maybe they will have us mending (or digging up) roads? Or 6 months of the I’m sure so very useful job I did for a month on workfare: digging holes and filling them in again. I know if I did it another 5 months I’d be dead. Fucking Auschwitz crap. They ought to call it something more obvious like ‘Kill The Disabled’.

      Balloon debates. Where instead of the traditional rule (you can’t nominate or speak against yourself, for being thrown out of the balloon), you must argue in ‘group therapy’ why you are such a useless, feckless, lowlife, parasitic dole-scum that you do not deserve to live.

      ‘Kill the Spazzes’ says Ian Duncan Smith. Work these cripples and scroungers to death, then piss on their corpses and grind them up for fertiliser.

      2013. My back is still sore from injuries I got digging holes on the 2009 workfare. Making me even less employable. My CV has to mention it was workfare so that makes me less wanted by an employer. They didn’t care I already had back/spine problems or that I have a hernia (badly repaired).

      Is somebody on that nazi site ‘Macropedia’ and ‘encyclopediadramatica’ actually a ‘care’ worker? It looks like they have been secretly stripping severely disabled people (they refer to all disabled and gay people as Retards, and advocate for them to be murdered; they twist prochoice activists as heroes for eugenics) and photographing them naked. Some of the pictures look like the Lindy Englund ones, where the soldiers piled up naked living prisoners like they were having group sex. Disabled people look to have been stripped and piled on top of eachother. The site also says people with CP, MS, etc. are all retards and can’t have any job so are too stupid to live… They hate those with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. If there is a case for killing people, then they have made that case perfectly: everyone who wrote these sites has forfeited the right to live. They are nazis, if they want they can go and join Hitler and his dead buddies.

  11. My knackers will remain unwashed, i’m gonna need all that sweaty bollock-jam for my protests

  12. My work experience scheme finishes this July and I’ve thoroughly, enjoyed doing it despite the fact that there are very low odds finding paid work in my town, when I’ve completed it. I’m very happy to do voluntary work because it is giving me some work experience and I enjoy getting involved. It has never been a money issue. However, what frustrates me about this work fare scheme is the lack of thought gone into considering each claimants work experience and education. Moreover, expecting people to sign up prior to reading their rights is disrespectful and therefore disgraceful in my opinion. An informed participants signature will obviously be a much happier worker than a participant who is unaware or ill-informed about the benefits of knowing their rights.(it is so much more practical and constructive to be respectful) It is exploitation if it is done under those circumstances.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      Do you think it was fair for the Government to mandate to you, what you are missing out on?

      You gained every positive feeling of being a valued citizen, useful & needed. You persevered through the bad weather. You did a good job.

      It didn’t pay your bills though, did it?

      It’s okay to feel good, but don’t talk pro WP rubbish. It’s calender year 2013.

      Not one of us can afford to work for free.

      • By any standard, being forced to work long hours for weeks on end against your will and for no pay – amounts to only one thing – exploitation..

        I thought slavery was abolished years ago.- apparently I was misled..

  13. Here’s the report for the Community Action Programme trailblazer from February to December 2012:

  14. What is and isn’t acceptable placements whilst on the Community Action Programme:

    Click to access wp-cap-a2.pdf

  15. ATOS declare Richard III fit for work

  16. 👣piano fantastico!

    Revolution is mandatory.

  17. You might want to read this if your going on CAP:

    Annex 2 Community Action Programme Provider Guidance

    Annex 2: Community benefit guidance


    A2.1 The work experience placements delivered through CAP should provide a direct or indirect benefit to the local community. You should, if required, be able to clearly describe the community benefits the placement is delivering.

    Defining principles

    A2.2 The community benefit of a CAP placement should:

    • be of benefit to the community and the individual

    • directly create, or significantly contribute to the creation of, tangible
    and lasting benefit to the community, or particular groups or individuals within the community;

    • be clearly demonstrated in the placement activity, and not be an “add on”; and

    • where the placement does not directly benefit the community, there
    must be clear demonstrable evidence that the placement provider business objectives are to deliver community benefits.

    A2.3 A CAP Placement must be of benefit to the community over and above the benefit of providing a placement to the individual. This means the role can include:

    • working directly towards the community benefit goal of the host
    organisation. In this case the duties of the participant would contribute directly towards the benefit to the community. An example of this would be the participant working with the public on a community project

    • working indirectly towards the community benefit goal of the host
    organisation. In this case the duties of the participant would contribute indirectly towards the benefit to the community, as the duties of the participant would be contributing towards the work of the organisation which delivers community benefit.

    An example of 1.00

    Annex 2 Community Action Programme Provider Guidance
    this could be the participant working ‘behind the scenes’ on the
    organisation of a community project

    • working towards the profit of the host organisation (see A2.4),
    providing that the majority of the role is dedicated towards delivery
    of benefit to the community.

    A2.4 Examples of organisation types that deliver direct/indirect benefit to the community for the purposes of this section include;

    • Local Authorities and Councils
    • Government Departments and Agencies
    • Charities and third sector organisations
    • Social Enterprises
    • Environmental Agencies
    Please note this list is not exhaustive.

    Questions to consider

    A2.5 It may be useful to use the following questions when considering
    whether a placement demonstrates community benefit:

    • what will the placement deliver? What is the output?
    • how will the placement benefit the community?
    • who in the community will it benefit?
    • would it be obvious to the taxpayer or a member of the public that
    the placement provides community benefit?

    • if the placement does not appear to demonstrate direct involvement
    in the community benefit, does it have a supporting role in the
    project? (e.g. an administrator organising a new outreach project for
    vulnerable people could be demonstrating community benefit).

    Examples of community benefit:

    A2.6 The following sets out three ways that community benefit could be
    demonstrated. It is not an exhaustive list, but a job with clear
    community benefit may include:

    Social benefits – for example projects that:

    • engage with and/or support vulnerable groups
    • support crime prevention or reducing anti-social behaviour
    • improve the physical, emotional or mental well being of the community

    • improve access to public services for vulnerable groups.

    1.00 Annex 2 Community Action Programme Provider Guidance
    Environmental benefits – for example projects that:

    • regenerate, renovate or restore public areas, buildings, houses and

    • promote or support recycling, re-use, or energy efficiency and

    • promote or support nature conservation

    • promote an awareness of and respect for the natural environment. Cultural benefits – for example projects that:

    • extend or improve access to cultural, sporting, or educational opportunities for vulnerable or marginalized groups

    • encourage or promote understanding between different communities and/or generations.

    What is not community benefit?

    A2.7 The following are past examples that the Department feels fail to demonstrate sufficient community benefit:

    Where giving a person a placement is claimed as the community benefit:

    • Providers have said that in ‘employing an otherwise JSA claimant,
    we are helping the individual to find sustainable employment’. This
    is a necessary requirement of CAP, but is not sufficient on its own to demonstrate a direct benefit to the community.

    Where ‘green jobs’ are presumed to automatically have community benefit:

    • although we welcome the creation of green jobs, being green does
    not automatically mean that a job provides community benefit as its
    main objective. It is still necessary to describe where the community
    benefit is in line with the principles above.

    Where community benefit has been poorly articulated:

    • a number of Providers who have not clearly described the community benefit placement have failed the criterion. For example one Provider mentioned that sports coaching is the community benefit, but fails to explain why this is important within the context of the local community.

    Unsuitable types of activity:

    A2.8 Participants must not be expected to engage in activities which could put them at risk, or are against their personal beliefs. It would be difficult to produce an exhaustive list of unsuitable activities. If in doubt,

    1.00 Annex 2 Community Action Programme Provider Guidance
    contact JCP for advice. Generally speaking the sorts of areas relevant here might include:

    • where there are doubts as to compliance with the relevant Health
    and Safety legislation

    • where it may involve the claimant breaking the law e.g. street
    sales without a licence from the local authority where one is required

    • involvement in religion or party politics.

    A2.9 You should take account of a claimant’s personal belief. All participants on CAP should be treated fairly regardless of their religion or beliefs. They should not be asked to undertake any activity which goes against their beliefs, for instance, working within certain types of industry (e.g. particular sectors of the food industry). You should also make allowances wherever possible to accommodate religious holidays and practices.Ensuring participants are not exploited by placement providers

    A2.10 You are responsible for ensuring that participants are not exploited.

    A2.11 Some placement providers may be tempted to get involved in the delivery of provision as a way of getting cheap labour or getting someone in to help during a busy period. This is not acceptable. Placements must be additional to existing or expected vacancies and should not replace what would otherwise be paid jobs.

    A2.12 Before arranging work experience or other periods of attachment to a placement provider, you must be sure there is a satisfactory reason why the organisation wants to offer participants the placement with them.

    A2.13 Once the participant is working with the placement provider, you are responsible for monitoring their progress, and in doing so, gaining assurance that they are not being exploited.

    A2.14 Ultimately, any decision made about withdrawing participation with aplacement provider will depend on the quality of feedback you get from the organisation, and the knowledge you have of the capability of the participant.

    Click to access wp-cap-a2.pdf

    • You might want to print this off and take it with you to show the Private Provider before they get you to do the Community Action Programme as this should hold them to the rules and regs.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      This doesn’t state anything about gaining paid, long term employment.

      Or job security.

      So what is the point, and why did DWP spend so much time and dictionary power producing these rules?

  18. 👣piano fantastico!

    All these mealy mouthed rules and regs from The IDS Gang are angels dancing on pinheads.
    Hs gang want to ruin your lives.
    Strike back.

  19. On “community benefit guidance” very little actual community benefit is required in order for an organisation to gain from forced unpaid labour:

    ‘Sue Pearson, a spokesperson for the charity [BTCV], even boasts of how they have attempted to get round DWP rules which state placements must have a ‘community benefit’. Speaking to the Guardian, Pearson explains how claimants forced to work in a food preparation factory had been required to “gather up recycling materials” in order to meet DWP criteria.

  20. I’m told a uk gov petition recently reached the required number of singnatures to force the government to respond about the issue of forced labour however, because the petition used the term “Workfare”, or like term, the government was given the opportunity to side step the issue by pointing out that we do not have such a scheme in the U.K and what the petition relates to was something that was happening in North Amerca. Of course it was b.s but the point is this could have been avoided by using their own terminology, i.e Work Program.

    The lesson is to use the correct terminology to avoid corrupt people deflecting the issue by the perverse use of semantics.

  21. My 32 week sanction just ended and the pimps straight away are sending me new orders. I ignored one because my sanction hadn’t expired, tried to postpone it, but you cannot do that allegedly, any non attendance gets jumped on.
    I have just attended a one hour job search session though. Reluctantly.
    I thought better to attend this one hour session and also get a look at the new shoddy premises than risk a 13 week sanction. If the one I ignored gets upheld then I am looking at 4 weeks for that.

    I hate them and have hardly had any dealings with them, but after 7 months of no income I have to go along with it for a while.
    I’m still as rebellious as ever and will be only doing the minimum. And spreading knowledge to whoever will listen. Claimants and staff alike.
    I don’t really care anymore and I’m rather bold. I’ll make a scene, but without anger or shouting or swearing.
    It’s rather interesting to see how when you do this they struggle to shut you down, because although vocal and assertive your staying rather calm confuses them. A bit like that episode of Star Trek when the away team confuse the androids with silly antics. And they shut down! Shame that doesn’t happen at the providers. You get asked to leave and then they put a FTA or FTP on yo ass! Lol. Fuck ’em.

    Have you noticed how the staff turnaround is quite high at these providers? But the nastier ones are often still there. they probably are the psychopaths, the type they want.
    I reckon that after a while most people who get a job in this industry realise how nasty it is and cannot wait to get out, Or get sacked for being a human being with compassionate tendencies.

    We have to stop accepting the programming. It can be difficult though, they have most fooled. But we know it’s a dictatorship.

    Stay strong people.

    • “Have you noticed how the staff turnaround is quite high at these providers? But the nastier ones are often still there. they probably are the psychopaths, the type they want.”
      Any morally sane person would leave what is clearly a welfare scam founded on lies. I used to think that it created employment within those companies or “charities” but once they became involved on attacks on the poor, sanctions etc. they sold their souls for mere money. Only somebody with a criminal mindset would work for them imo.

  22. Mr No.

    Being assertive, even without anger, is enough for the incompetents amongst them to either sanction you or lock you up, they hate being wrong and will lie and cheat to make you look like the one in the wrong.
    As well as backing each other up, they are moronic or self centered enough to follow orders, that’s why I have no time for none of the state workforce.

    • Standing up for your rights is called Assertive Defiance Disorder!

    • Indeed. Hence 32 week sanction!

      And hence I will probably be further sanctioned.. If I cannot find a job then I guess that I will be not having much in the way of an income ever again.
      Unless I roll over and comply with all the bullshit.

      It made me feel quite sick even to go in for an hours non appointment for a job search. Mind you, with no toilets for claimants this will mean they will be limited how long they could make us stay there. And this is their new offices! What a joke.
      Mind you, they’ll try to make people come in for workshops etc, the need for a pee will be a sweet little twist to those psychos. Unless they let us use the staff toilets on such occasions? I’ll insist if I need to. Or bye bye.
      Maybe this is something to complain about? If they call me in again for a long session i think I might have to refuse due to lack of facilities.

      They’re taking the piss!

  23. I know you think your getting one over on them but what they want (and I am sure they get targets for) is to sanction you.You need to be as uncooperative as you possibly can be but still get the money.

    That goes for everyone, try and do what you can to ruin their attendance stats etc and make their lives difficult but without letting them sanction you.

    • That’s the trick: cut out all their games and bullshit and just focus on making sure that YOUR money goes into YOUR account!

  24. I agree. But often easier said than done.

    I don’t particularly want any more sanctions. And i intend to comply in the hope that they will deem me worthy of JSA for a while at least. Lol.

    But I will not be too cooperative. I really do not care anymore, I literally laugh in their faces when they try to intimidate.
    I will not roll over and have my tummy tickled. Or should that be kicked?

    Fuck ’em. I’ll go along and sit and listen and tell it exactly like it is. I hope they give me some group sessions just for this purpose. They will ask me to leave and then sanction me because i left when asked to. Probably!

    I’ll go, but I wont be indulging their bullshit. More sanctions? Probably.
    I’ll try to avoid them though.

    Just wondering how long before the next mandatory activity notice arrives.

    Jobcentres are being a bit arsey too at the moment. They are generally a little better than the providers, but still too many arseholes working there. There are a few good ones left. Until they all get the boot too. Oh well.

  25. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  26. I am scraping the barrel whilst trying to take care of my daughter. I can’t afford to work for free and I don’t enjoy the thought that I am being taken for a mug…But whilst I have the freedom to choose my favored type of vol’ work, up until when I am eventually ordered to attend this job fare appointment, I still have some hope of gaining ground in the job market and I will continue to plod on in my voluntary work. I believe that I will be in a stronger position to debate the available work related options that they choose,, and the freedom to search for suitable vol’ or paid work of my choice. The more sensitive workers at my job center have allowed me to pursue my choice of work for some considerable time without placing any pressure on me to change or appropriate my job seekers agreement.

  27. Graham Berry

    You say you can’t afford to work for free, but that is what you are doing while working voluntarily.

  28. This apparently is what you’ll fill out at your induction on The Community Action Programme:

    CAP Engagement Checklist

    Client Full Name (printed):
    Ingeus Works ID:

    Please tick to confirm that you have been informed and have understood the following in relation to
    your induction to this programme:

    What you can expect from Ingeus

    What is expected from you

    Understand the mandatory element of this programme

    Information Disclosure – completed and explained

    DWP Consent to Share – completed and explained

    Induction Session:

     Placement Expectations
     Tips of getting ready for Work
     In-work etiquette support

    Understand that if your circumstances change you must notify

    Ingeus and your local JCP office

    Action plan started and agreed

    Placement agreed and letter issued

    Understand Health and safety regulations and responsibilities
    including reporting any incidents

    Understand the Support available if required, e.g. – travel or

    Understand how to make a suggestion or a complaint

    Client Signature……………………………… Date……………………………….

    Advisor Signature……………………………. Date……………………………….

    CAP Engagement Check list Final V3 November 2011


    CAP Engagement Checklist

    CAP Engagement Check list Final V3 November 2011

  29. If you don’t sign the ‘Information Discloure’ and ‘DWP Consent to Share’ parts (which we now know you legally don’t have to) it looks like they can’t start you on CAP.

    • If you don’t sign the “Information Disclosure” shit there is no way they can put you on a CAP shit-shovelling placement. The Data Protection Act 1998 is your friend 🙂

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