Iain Duncan Smith On Drugs Is Just Another Workfare Racket

george-osborne-cocaineIn a major embarrassment for the cocaine addled cabinet, hapless Iain Duncan Smith is set to turn his attention to drug users in his warped attempt to redefine child poverty.

Early last year it was mothers with mental health problems and disabled people who were to blame for child poverty, then it was step-parents and non-traditional families.  IDS is hoping it’s third time lucky with his latest definition and has resorted to blaming the old Tory scapegoat of drug users.  This is based on a DWP survey in which three quarters of people said that having a parent addicted to drugs or alcohol was a ‘very important’ factor in child poverty.

This has led the bungling Secretary of State to declare that parental addiction is the reason so many children are poor in the UK.  IDS seems to think this is evidence based policy.  In fact the survey says he is doing little more than playing Family Fortunes with children’s lives.

Even his own figures don’t back up his wild claims.  In a speech to Kids Company this week, IDS stated that 100,000 people are “claiming sickness benefits whose illness is primarily down to their drug or alcohol addiction.”

Of these he blustered that a “staggering 23,000” have been on sickness benefits for a decade.  Which in a population of over 60,000,000, isn’t actually that many.

What the cringe-making old pub bore doesn’t mention is that an illness which is primarily down to drug or alcohol addiction could mean anything from late stage cirrhosis to hepatitis, HIV or diabetes.  Many people who misuse drugs and alcohol also have unrelated conditions, whilst a Dual Diagnosis – which means someone suffering from a mental health condition and misusing substances – is all too common.

IDS also fails to tell us how many of those 100,000 people actually have children.  All his figures suggest is that parental drug or alcohol abuse is clearly not the reason why millions of children are growing up in poverty.

Predictably the answer to this problem is more money for welfare-to-work companies.  IDS is launching two pilots – one to increase payments to Work Programme providers who find someone with a substance misuse problem a job for two years – and another to harness “the existing knowledge of treatment experts, in tandem with that of Work Programme providers.”

It is inevitable that workfare and benefit sanctions will be at the heart of any new schemes.  This is only likely to make a bad situation worse.  Parents with genuine substance misuse problems will be even more fearful to seek help from drug or alcohol charities and treatment providers.  Already many parents who use drugs are scared to ask for support due to the threat of Social Services intervention or even prosecution.  Now benefit sanctions are likely to be added to that list.

And no doubt endless cash will be wasted on people who have foolishly admitted to Work Programme contractors that they smoke the odd spliff at the weekend.  With enhanced payments on offer to grasping welfare-to-work companies, the incentive to declare as many people as possible ‘problem’ drug or alcohol users will be too lucrative to ignore.

And so a new Work Programme gravy train is born as poverty pimps and charities begin the furtive scramble for yet more tax payer’s cash.

And in the meantime families who are poor because they haven’t got any fucking money, which is what poor means, will be abandoned to food banks, loan sharks and hunger.

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49 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith On Drugs Is Just Another Workfare Racket

  1. Thanks johnny that explains those two headlines yesterday that I posted
    1 drug addict mother let’s tv set fall on babys head

    2 tv entrepeneur save camera shops.

    Strivers and junkie skiver baby killers

  2. We’ve had child poverty defined as those who are raised in *workless households, lack of educational achievement, family breakdown and now substance mis-use* Well that would include most of the royal family then, wouldn’t it? 😉

    • something survived...

      Yeah, working class, middle class, upper class or celebrity/millionaire people who use drink and drugs: not talking about THEM!

  3. Ian Duncan smith on drugs conjured up some weird thoughts .
    nevermind all that tobacco addiction brings in taxes don’t it.

  4. This is just the precursor to bringing in smart cards for benefit claimants, pity it’s not for everyone claiming from the public purse.

    • I know countries like America and Australia to name a few have them in some ways but that does not make them practical or correct. Many people on benefits have to juggle their money across many aspects of their week to week living, this constraint is like handing them a card with nothing on it because whilst people may be on benefits they still have a right to self-esteem, this would be short of forcing people to wear an arm-band saying “Benefits Claimant” in red.. not unlike the star of David the Jewish race were forced to wear when the Nazi’s persecuted them at the start on a political level and leading into the final solution, I’m sure this fascist party has a “Final Solution” too… the complete abolition of the welfare state which would be following the complete abolition of the NHS. This government simply want some kind of two-tier class system.. upper and lower class… I seriously believe this coalition is a threat to society as we know it, and the services that we have come to respect and regard as crucial to a democratic and just society. The Tories have become an aggressive cancer to this country that needs to be cut out before it becomes terminal. I know people who would sooner starve to death and die than to use such a card scheme.. and that in essence part of their evil strategy. Imagine how much it would cost again to get off the ground, yet again another idea plucked out of the air, neither original or practical. All I can say is for those who may waste their benefits on too much booze, fags, and betting, if you do it and have to go without food then that is simply a decision you make and not to expect any sympathy in doing it or any help if you do, that alone should be enough to sort that problem out… cards are not the answer for everyone but seeing as this coalition loves a “One-Size fits all” mentality it would be all or none.

  5. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

  6. As an ex junkie, when I wanted to get off the smack, the govt just didn’t have the resources. I don’t know what the figures are now, but there were something like 50 detox beds in the whole of london. It was only people who were totally in crisis (like on the streets) who could get a place, if you were a ‘volunteer’ it took months to get one. The idea that a4e, seetec or whichever company are going to be able to deal with addicts is just laughable. It won’t matter how much money the govt offers them, they won’t engage with it, because even with people who are comitted to giving up, or who are on a treatment order, the sucess rate is so low.

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  8. I believe that IDS doesn’t even have a GCE/GCSE in mathematics. This probably goes some way to explaining his innumeracy and talent for fucking things up.

  9. Somewhat off topic (IDS on drugs- LOL!) here’s another victim of Atos bungling- http://www.kilmarnockstandard.co.uk/2013/02/01/man-died-while-waiting-for-benefits-saga-to-end-81430-32711194/

  10. Its not the Charities that will be pimping for the cash it is private companies.

  11. frances johnstone

    ian duncan smith has not got a clue about anything i am a single mum with 3 kids and working part time we all aint drug addicts or alcholics when single parents cant work it is because there is no work out there for people and the only way we can get money is the dwp even the money they give you isnt enough to live on when you have 3 kids and you have ur gas electric and food to buy of £140 a fortnight. Is it any wonder that people that is on benefits have to go to food banks to help them feed their kids. Maybe if they stopped giving money to aid the goverment would have money he should go after the people that wont work

  12. An anti-workfare petition setup on the governments petition site reached 10,000 signatures, meaning that the government has to issue a written response to the petition. Their response begins with a barefaced lie:
    We do not have Work for Your Benefit or Workfare schemes in this country. Workfare is an American term used to describe employment programmes which force all jobseekers to work at a certain point of their claim in order to continue to receive benefit

  13. Yeah, it’s all because of the drug addict parents right enough, nothing to do with the amount of tax increases this crap government are brining in these days, that could never be the cause of poverty…

  14. Landless Peasant

    But are they putting any money into providing adequate and effective Re-hab treatment clinics and perhaps up to a year of follow-up support and Counselling, at a probable cost of £20,000 per person?

  15. We need organised physical action against the government.

    In order to get support for this I suggest you do what I am trying to do and that is match the government/media propaganda, wherever you can on the internet.

    Mentioning things like expenses and the cut in the top rate of tax is a way to turn the anger upwards rather than downwards.

  16. 💀piano anarchico

    Has anyone seen the new assessment scams sneaked through last week for Atos to further fuck people up? The article is in the current edition of Private Eye.
    Apparently, if they deem you could work if you had a wheelchair,or if you had a guide dog, then you’re fit for work. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a wheelchair or a guide dog, one that they can imagine you could possibly have at some point in time is sufficient to find you fit.
    It’s all getting even more insane, fascist, and viciously eugenics driven.

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  18. Interesting to know that the billionaire Tetra Pak heir Hans Kristian Rausing and his 4 children are to be classed as poor, because of his drug addiction.

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  20. So this is how they funnel more money to the Work Programme. They’ll keep that disaster funded for as long as they can, it seems. No surprise there.

  21. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  22. 💀piano anarchico

    IDS talks and acts like a Nazi injecting crack 💉. No wonder his mania is so apparent.

  23. Iain Duncan Smith is a Cunt

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!

  24. IDS is whinging about the benefits bill, yet he is quite prepaired to throw millions or even billions of taxpayers pounds away on non performing private providers such as Ingeus, Seetec, Interserve and all the rest – what a fucking idiot!

  25. I saw this coming – you can just imagine the private providers rubbing their hands together in anticipation – we’ll claim the start up fee’s for these addicts then just won’t bother with them anymore – Kerching, more millions for us and we don’t even have to lift a finger to get it from the gullable DWP – Ha Ha!

  26. There seems to be a fixation with these 120,000(?) so-called “problem families” – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2272704/Some-year-old-children-spend-time-TV-strapped-buggies.html#axzz2JlKRhp

  27. Heres another report from BBC Radio 5 Live (today) about Private Providers pressuring people to go self employed but not telling people about the risks of doing it.


    • Just read the article, are these WP advisers stark raving bonkers? Sell stuff on ebay & claim working tax credit? If that’s the case I should be due several years WTC! As for selling Avon, the company runs a credit check on every applicant, something many out of work will no doubt fail. Interestingly Avon TV ads describe it as a business, a very risky business as far as a regular income is concerned, who’s going to pay £30 for an anti-wrinkle cream, for example, when a perfectly adequate one can be bought in Poundland.
      And what what happens when it’s decided that this is not actual work & there’s a demand for the tax credits to be repaid. Will the WP advisers take any responsibility for their bad advice? No, of course not, they’ve trousered their cut & the claimant is left to sink or swim

      • something survived...

        Oh this article is bollocks.
        Selling Avon: They want women only. Startup costs. Credit checks. Storage space. Transport. Insurance. Advertising/Publicity. If you are in a poor area, your potential client base will be too poor to afford your goods/services!
        If you work from home, even just selling goods online, you could be taxed and be breaking your tenancy agreement about not using your home as a place of employment. Including storage/processing of goods, and parking a work-related vehicle. You’d get your landlord in trouble, a different category put on the building for Council Tax, and probably get evicted. It’d also be a problem in social or shared (if joint tenancy) housing and that provided by housing associations or other groups. If in a refuge, safehouse or witness protection, or somewhere else, an ex could track you down.
        The people told to lie: if they complied, they’d be committing fraud. You can’t just lie you were working when you weren’t. Only MPs and CEOs get away with that. They tell us not to say we weren’t working when we were; or we get done for benefit fraud.
        Baking cakes: There are hygiene laws you’d be breaking. My friends (Quaker Centre) were told they are not allowed to make jam and honey etc and sell it, as the jars are secondhand! Even if you sterilise the jars!
        If you ‘buy cake tins from a charity shop’ that is obviously not sterile, nor will your domestic kitchen be either. No food hygiene certificate or rating. Domestic use. Use for other products and activities. No insurance. Funny that if you do this stuff already and they find out about it, they do you for illegal working even if the money is all for charity. Even if you break even or make a loss.
        Door to door selling is not going to work in a poor area. If disabled, people’s homes won’t be accessible. Also if providing services what if the person turns out to beat you up or rape you?
        Sports coaching: you need a CRB check, references, aptitude, teaching ability, qualifications.
        Assembling stuff at home is a ripoff and a scam.You are working from home so in breach of your tenancy; also you are usually told you don’t work fast enough or didn’t do it well enough, so they mislay/lose your work and don’t often pay you. I did a job from a job ad in a respectable paper, I had to pay a registration fee. This would be refunded later. First you have to go round putting ads in shop windows, basically repeating the ad you responded to. They make you write it out hundreds of times, the whole ad, word for word, then walk miles and miles asking shops to put it up. Then you repeat but put the ads through people’s doors. Then when you complain they ‘promote’ you, and say that you just have to write addresses on envelopes. After 2 years of this ‘job’ I was knackered and fed up. I received £0.00 in pay for 2 years of work, was never refunded the fee from joining, and eventually could not contact the company at all. I was desperate for money AND the paper told me it was a genuine company. I’d even opened a bank account for storing the hundreds of pounds in earnings they had promised. I know now it is a total scam, it is an unworkable thing. Even if people respond, there is a saturation point where you can’t sell any more of your thing, even in a legitimate business. It wasn’t in selling the people goods or services, it was just so the company can compile ‘sucker lists’ to sell on at a profit. But I was told I had to compete for the job and the paper insisted it was a bona fide job. Nobody else had been replying to my job applications and they told me they had picked me. I’ve come across lots of obvious scams in my time.
        Not to mention the dodgy and totally illegal offer I was made in the past by a currently serving UK politician. He asked me to break the law in a big way, and guess who’d get the grief if (when) caught? That was from an ad in a proper magazine! One of these days I’ll expose the creep particularly as he has said what is what he was doing, as something that is wrong. He promised thousands of pounds but he wanted me to commit fraud and other crimes, take the fall for him, and go to prison for years! Um no thanks!
        It’s horrible. I WISH I’d just been asked to perform a blowjob on IDS…
        He’s a creep and a pervert (the politician I’m discussing). I THOUGHT when I replied to the ad that I was being hired to make a humorous beer commercial. This was back when I drank, so it would have been fine, particularly if it had been for a small independent brewery. I used to be an actor so I didn’t mind advertising something I had no ethical objections to. In fact it turned out to be something totally different, he said I was basically hired but just had to say yes to his plan to break the law. Instead of agreeing, I instantly backed out. Gods, if I see him please strap me down or I can’t guarantee I won’t punch him…
        Okay it wasn’t sex work but it was worse, he wanted me to be a criminal.
        Some years back I got lots of spam mail from a guy doing pyramid selling, it was a blatant ripoff. As one of the things involved was horse racing, I refused on the grounds of animal rights. Now it turns out he is connected to IDS in some way.
        In a sewer, all the turds clump together.

        Let’s flush these fuckers away!

  28. Just who is the taxpayer these wp advisers are talking about – themselves?
    Those at the top are busy avoiding or evading tax, the government has reduced what can be earned before tax kicks in for those at the bottom, who are receiving TAX credits to make up their wages anyway. This rhetoric is about compounding the workers and shirkers mantra. If self employment or freelance work so corrupt that you can fiddle it as suggested, it just shows what the middle classes have got away with it for so long.
    People are either obtaining funding to start up charities/advice organisations to reduce employment figures or figures are reduced by sanctioning those who are not enterprising or bent enough to come off benefits, I would also add not well enough to be in work also no matter what atos says.
    Capitalism is not only corrupt it is a failure.

  29. 💀piano anarchico

    As a psychiatrist, I firmly believe IDS is a narcissist with a severe personality disorder, coupled with delusions of grandeur.
    He’d do well to enter a prolonged stay in a secure unit, and thereafter claim PIP……should he ever be released.
    Killing the vulnerable by government diktat is a terrible way ro behave, mentally ill or not.

  30. A liitle off topic but here is a link to a former ATOS nurse whistleblower:

  31. I think IDS is a puritan, he has the work ethic down in his mindset, forced bullying, the denial of anything vaguely pleasurable.

  32. It’s called POLICING THE WORKSHY using benefit controls. There are books on it produced by the Avebury business school. Books available on amazon expect they are always out of stock

  33. I’m on ESA WRAG and stupidly signed up to work programme after being sold heavily on the help it gives people trying to conquer the barriers of sickness when seeking work. Utter bollocks. And last week, I was pressured to sign for Universal Jobmatch with the suggestion that if they couldn’t see I was looking for 37 jobs a week, I would be sanctioned at my JCP. PPDG (part of Pertemps) were responsible for these claims. I am currently on the warpath with these clowns for selling me short on every point covered in their intro. Beware.

  34. something survived...

    What I was going to say: In the last fortnight the jobcentre staff have been asking the people who are signing on, ‘Are you on drugs?’ They mean of course illegal drugs. Most of the people refused to answer and started shouting, and immediately got Sanctioned. People said ‘it’s none of your (fucking) business!’, mostly. Others said ‘Why are you asking that?’ Or ‘Why do I have to tell you?’. Some actually answered: cannabis, cocaine, heroin, speed, ecstasy. Others said nothing, left, and got an automatic Sanction for not answering.

    I started to work out it has something to do with the scheme to make people on benefits go to rehab/detox/counselling. And to stop substance users being on benefits. And to control what benefits are spent on. For WORKING people, we are not told how we can spend our benefits.
    (I heard in the USA they are taking people’s hair and urine to test for drugs, sexual diseases etc. and to try to stop women getting pregnant; abortion or lose benefits) American companies in the UK are bringing in compulsory drug testing for all employees and job applicants! This isn’t America! Some have vacancies advertised on UJM! And Jobpoints!

    They’ve not asked me yet if I’m on drugs. I don’t take drugs, drink or smoke. But they have no right to know any more. They can fuck off. BTW I loathe Jeremy Kyle, Jeremy Clarkson, tabloids, Page 3, McDonalds, junk food…. I bet I say no and those fuckers write down smackhead, cokehead, pothead, crackhead, pillpopper, alky, chainsmoking GHB-freak. My doctors know I’m an athlete (elite in my class), strict vegetarian, teetotal, nonsmoker, very careful about what goes in my body. Of course this looks bad for the government, their stereotype assumes all the unemployed are Jeremy Kyle loving burger-munching druggies and boozers.
    Mentalists who are apparently drunk and on drugs and crazy, but rich enough to have cars, drive past and yell that I am a ‘smackhead’ etc. Morons, but it still hurts and makes me furious. I can’t help being sick and disabled, overworked and stressed. I also hate it when people call me homeless or a tramp. THEY don’t seem to have jobs; and how the hell did they get the car, and who let them drive? People drive/walk past and spit at me. They don’t even know me!

    In fact of people who DO like Jeremy Kyle I’ve found a majority are actually middle class. Jeremy VILE, they should call him. He treats people like they are dog dirt. And he has that look (and tone of voice) that suggests he was halfway through having Botox when the wind changed and he got stuck like that. How is teen pregnancy NEWS? I heard some upsetting news about him, Jeremy Kyle got bollock cancer. But the bad news, he’s getting better.

  35. something survived

    what has the colour of your skin i.e. your caucasian or your sexual orientation got to do with you applying for a job as a labourer?

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  37. They can be complex, because doctors are talking too the proessionals right away is a must because
    this is my third time going through chemotherapy here
    att healfh 7 alberta Lincoln Commmunity Health Center. And also alll we havge to listen to your patients — listen
    to their clais about cost or other side issues that intelligent minds health
    7 alberta can easily resolve. Thee findinngs published
    last year in ‘Child Care, Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury are working on.
    Don’t go away He talks about dissociative disorder and how it

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