Streets of Lewisham Filled With Protesters Over Hospital Cuts

save-lewishamTens of thousands of people took to the streets of Lewisham today in protest at the decision to close Lewisham Hospital’s A&E, children’s and maternity services.

The huge turn out filled the streets from Lewisham Shopping Centre to Mountsfield Park in Catford well over a mile away.  The demonstration comes ahead of an expected announcement on the closures by Tory dimwit Jeremy Hunt this week.

The passionate and emotional protest drew huge support as people stood outside shops businesses waving flags and cheering, whilst motorists stuck in traffic due to the demonstration honked their horns in encouragement.

Should the brutal cuts to the hospital go ahead then almost a million people will be dependent on just one A&E.  Today’s protest showed the rage locally at the decision, whilst many people travelled from across London in solidarity.

The Tory Government lied that the NHS would be safe in their hands, whilst behind the scenes they planned hospital closures, job losses and privatisation.  More marches are planned and direct action has been announced should Hunt not be an end to the plans this week.  The strength of today’s march shows that the fight to protect the NHS and local hospitals everywhere may be the biggest fight this toff Government has faced to far.

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34 responses to “Streets of Lewisham Filled With Protesters Over Hospital Cuts

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  2. of course they lied to us but that which they hold dear to them is money and that greed is corrupting them in power why should multi millionaires be in charge as its to their ends they rule us ,saving themselves money whilst taking it from the poor yep torys rule for themselves not for the majority jeff3

  3. The worst thing a goverment can do is privatise anything, because the private firms have their own idea’s about running things. They disregard any suggestion of continuing to run it as it was and solely run it from a profit point of view. This is where all the problems originate from and that’s the truth of it.

  4. off topic, hope no one minds
    re osbourne
    i came across this comment in the guardian today, It is so brilliant and accurate that I had to share it with you all
    George s story:
    “When young George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything that came his way.
    One day, as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother’s pea sticks (and pulling the legs off insects), he found a beautiful, young English cherry tree, of which his father was most proud. He struck the edge of his hatchet on the trunk of the tree and cut the bark it so that it died.
    Some time after this, his father discovered what had happened to his favorite tree.
    Just then George, with his little hatchet, came into the room.
    “George,” said his father, “do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden?
    “Father, I cannot tell a lie, said the lying little shit as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. It was Gordon Brown…and the civil service bureaucrats…and the public sector…and the
    and the banks…and the wrong kind of snow…and employment tribunals…and trade unions…and energy prices…and the royal wedding…and the extra bank holiday…and the Eurozone…but it definitely wasn’t me”
    “Well George, you are a mendacious little twat, aren’t you” said his father, relieving him of his hatchet. “I would ask you to grow me another tree but I don’t think you know the first thing about growth. In fact, I don’t think you could grow anything even if I gave you a fistful of seeds and a sack full of horseshit…now, fuck off out of my sight””

  5. If this government wants things to run correctly – renationalise everything – it’s the only right way foreward and nothing less will do.

  6. amazing that there is no mention of this on the tv, just checked all the news channels, nothing at all about this protest,

  7. Well gordon brown knew how to grow the public sector and no doubt his successor will follow suit once the tories have starved us all into working for nothing. Sorry about Lewisham hospitals troubles, we had the same in our town which we fought and I’m pleased to say is still there but without a lot of it’s services.

  8. Most of these private provider companies are owned by the bankers in ‘The City’ of London and by that I don’t mean London as a whole.

    Let’s look at that shall we – Private Providers owned by the bankers – and who backs or pay’s the Conservative Party – there you go – the bankers look after the Conserative Party and the Conserative Party look afer the bankers – there you have the real reason for privatisation – prove me wrong? – you can’t because it’s the truth – I’ve known this for decades but the general public are just waking up to this now.

  9. private provider companies our goverment have got fingers in this pie

  10. This is my local hospital where in fifties they saved my life and where my dad died. And where I had physio following an assault.
    How ironic at the time of this protest I am reading in the press from some nhs bod on how we Shouldnt be so wound up and precious about hospital closures and if protests are about votes. Now why say that at this time when this issue is going on.. and have the likes of Dominic lawson saying why do the public put the nhs on a pedestal when its starving patients to death according to him and torygraph anti nhs propaganda. And as we know during the so called listening exercise the Tories were meeting up with private health lobby groups. It’s good to see this strenght of local feeling about this issue.

  11. First create a problem where there isn’t one then find a solution when its not needed. Then present the idea as if its a fact when it isn’t.

    Tories brought in privatise the. planet as popular capitalism to destroy the notion of public ownership . It was a scam basically to rob the public of what it owned. Then labour frightend of looking like stalin fudged the picture by doing a half way house half public half private with pfi . Stupid debts accrued to the privates which needed to have happened. Tories now use this to complete the master plan of privatise the planet.
    The extreme right in USA is keep govt out of business . It should be the other way round . Keep business out of govt.

  12. Not so sure about Brown who once said that the rationale for PFI is to “… declare repeatedly that the public sector is bad at management, and that only the private sector is efficient and can manage services well.”

  13. To use the kinda terminology the cretins in our scummy fascist govenment understands and drools over in their psychopathic dreams:
    The ConDems need to sanction themselves:with extreme prejudice💉💉💉

  14. This notion that we are no more than mere customers of products and services brought to us from business management reduces the idea of being a citizen who owns via taxation public services and as a right should be held accountable to that citizen . This notion of being a customer looks foolish when that product or service is reduced or ended but it does reveal a lot about Tory thinking . To them health is a product and as customers we can shop around thus by closing down lewisham hospital we can exercise our consumer choice and shop elsewhere.
    But this idea of choice is bollocks given that in the health bill customers are given the choice of private and nothing else. Opting for nhs treatment is not a choice according to them . It’s private or nothing ..

  15. rainbowwarriorlizzie
    • Do you actually contribute anything at all to this blog, or is its entire purpose a vehicle to spam your own at every opportunity?

      • … that’s a rhetorical question?

      • hold fire. it’s a wordpress feature, if someone reblogs a post here on their own blog it automatically generates a link.

      • rainbowwarriorlizzie

        @ Ulysees. I beg to differ so do many many others who read and digest my blogs, I receive emails and messages from many other Disabled Activists, and Disabled persons who have thanked me for the information and from right across the whole country. So I find your comment very negative! And yes I contribute to my blog in many ways and networking across the country in Solidarity with other fellow Disabled Activists and Organizations.

  16. Spamfucker,spamfucker,spamfucker,spamfucker,spam!

  17. On an unremarkable day half a dozen drunken hard leftist benefit scroungers stood in the road whining on. about a local hospital that has appalling outcomes and drains billions in tax payers money every day
    lewisham hospital which is notorious for delivering babies born to feckless idle young prostitutes all on benefits. For the purposes of getting free housing which they rent out to illegal immigrants is costing the. country trillions every second ..a govt spokesman said today.

  18. I’m sure the right wing press could you use your wit, irony,satire chewie.

  19. Henrietta Sandwich

    Are YOU contributing to this blog, or just trying to make yourself look “clever”? Rainbowwarriorlizzie’s links are very useful.

  20. This is off topic, but some might be interested in this story on how the phrase LTB (Long Term Benefit) is used by those in the workfare industry to mean “lying thieving bastards”. A whistleblower speaks out. At the bottom of the page there is a link to tonight’s Panorama and a programme to be broadcast in Scotland.

  21. something survived...


    There needs to be an article on Sunday’s newspaper headline about (government proposal) relatives being told to go into hospitals and do all the care for their relative. Because nurses are ‘too busy’ and ‘can’t be bothered’.

    People live a long way away, having followed the ‘get on your bike’ stuff about moving for work, and already sold their home where they lived near the relative. Their sick relative may have sold their own home to pay for care or their new downsized home is too small for the relative.

    Sick people can be sick/dying for months, years, decades.

    People told to look after relatives have their own jobs, lives and kids, rent to pay, responsibilities. Jobs don’t let you suddenly leave. A single parent could abandon the child (neglect) or drag them away to hospital with them. A partner could lose their job by needing to look after the kid. It separates partners. Probably the partner could not quit their job to move.

    It assumes you like/love/care about your relatives and vice versa. What if they disowned or harmed you? It could be a toxic relationship already. Passive-agressive, control, abuse (both directions) are also possible.

    You could be looking after 4 generations: parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren.

    The only relative of a single mum is the child. Are they mandated to this activity? Relatives could be too old, sick or disabled, or the carer of someone else. Being in jail or a mental health unit would be a barrier to going, to help. What if you have abused them? This rule could order abusers to do intimate care of their victims. If relatives are themselves in hospital/clinics they can’t go. Or dementia sufferers, mentally ill etc.What if you have no relatives? Emotional blackmail is possible. Being a soldier abroad rules you out too. Or a minister of religion etc. Or a sole trader (your business would be killed).

    If the relative is on benefits: if on DLA or the support group of ESA, you – by being forced to look after relatives – could be reassessed as fit and kicked off benefits.If on HB and CTB you lose those as you can’t get rent for not living there, so lose your home.If on JSA or WRAG of ESA,
    the DWP won’t let you stop signing, become a carer, or move. They’d ban you going, or stop your benefit. You’d lose all ways, as they want penalties for not becoming your relative’s carer.

    From the point of view of the sick person: the care the government wants relatives to do is: feeding, dressing, lifting, washing/bathing, toileting and other personal care… and some nursing tasks like drips, catheters, injections (how easily to screw up!).. [Nurses are too busy texting or filing their nails?] Also changing urine and stoma bags. Feeding tubes. Giving enemas. Dialysis. As they’re being forced, relatives will resent it and the person.

    Being sick is bad enough, but what if your relatives are the last people you want to be doing these personal tasks? Privacy, dignity….

    Cameron should be test driving this. He would not enjoy being given enemas by random untrained people, or if workfare people. Or community punishment criminals. We should also have the right to film it and put it on the internet. Well they’re your policies…

    Punishment will include those unwilling or unable to do the care.

    What if the government orders people to be cared for in hospital by a relative, and orders the relative to comply or lose their dole/be evicted/be fined/be jailed? If they go in against their will and their relative yells ‘DON’T TOUCH ME!’ NHS rules say any Gillick competent patient of any age is able to refuse treatment, but that is only treatment from doctors or nurses. It doesn’t cover (forced) treatment by an incompetent layman. So there is no right to refuse, but clearly it is in criminal law assault and sexual assault. Is that then taken seriously? And is the person forced to do it, under threat of sanctions etc., then guilty of a crime? If they don’t touch, they’ve not given the care mandated of them. But the relative refuses to be treated by them, and they don’t want to treat them. It also brings conflict where one party has opposing views on end of life choices. Or a different religion. The proposals make no distinction for age, sex, disability, mental competence, skill, physical ability. It looks like weakness will be punished.

    If in the middle of Work Programme they won’t release you to go and be a carer.

    Councils and housing associations don’t let you turn up on spec and get a house in a new area. Your existing years on a waiting list and points are wiped out, and you must start from the beginning in the new area. So while caring you could be street homeless. Then you could get a disease and give it to your sick relative (possibly killing them), or get too ill to continue the care.

    If in giving the care you cause them to die, accidentally and by incompetence (not being a doctor/nurse), who is liable? Do you get prosecuted?

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