Mark Hoban Begs For Help With Floundering Welfare Reform

mark-hoban-scroungerSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban resorted to begging the corporate sector for new ideas to harass benefit claimants in his speech to the Policy Exchange this week.

In a rare appearance,  Hoban tried to do butch and turned his attention to self employed and part time workers.  When Universal Credit is launched these workers will be forced to continually look for ‘more or better paid’ work as a condition of receiving in work benefits.  Over a million people are set to be affected by the change, which could mean part time workers forced to leave jobs to take up temporary positions, or self employed people forced to turn down work to attend workfare.

Single parents, sick and disabled people are also to be forced into endless job searching meaning already over-stretched Jobcentre staff could see workloads almost tripled.  With no large scale recruitment at the DWP on the cards, many have asked whether this kind of mass state intrusion is even possible.

Universal Jobmatch was one answer, the online job seeking site recently set up at the cost of millions.  Unfortunately Monster Jobs – who designed the site – pulled a fast one on bungling Iain Duncan Smith and it’s rubbish and probably illegal.

With computers proving too complicated for DWP Ministers, Hoban’s latest crazy scheme is to police the ‘toughest ever’ benefit conditionality regime by the medium of text.

Plans have been announced to taunt part time workers with texts, informing them of the astounding fact that if they got a full time job they’d have more money.   For the millions already desperate to increase hours this senseless provocation will be accompanied by a monthly letter, telling them the same thing.  There will even be an online calculator, just like there is now, so claimants can work out that if they earn more money then they will have more money.

Lord Fraud is even going round bull-shitting that these magical texts will somehow create 300,000 new jobs!

With Universal Credit descending into a shambles, the DWP are looking desperate for ideas.  So much so that Hoban and Lord Fraud have launched a consultation begging for help from charities and the welfare to work sector.

Hoban obviously isn’t interested in doing any actual work himself.  If this week’s speech is the best he can come up with, then it’s probably best for the entire country that he goes back to his bed and draws the curtains.

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111 responses to “Mark Hoban Begs For Help With Floundering Welfare Reform

  1. Great picture.

  2. The best advice anyone can give him is to ditch welfare reform.

  3. New, from Coalition: Eau de DWP…the stink of desperation.

  4. How on earth can this TWIT Hoban have any say in the current problems when this same TWIT can spend 79.00 on silk cushions covers on his SECOND HOME?? most benefits for the unemployed do not even go anywhere near 79.00 ?? And the majority of those people will now lose their homes…NOT THEIR SECOND HOME..THEIR ONLY HOME!!!! CORRUPT.CORRUPT.CORRUPT..WAITING FOR THIS DISGUSTING GOVERNMENTS DOWNFALL…

  5. he is so incompetent, that he has to ask the poverty pimps for ideas, which no doubt make them more money

  6. Get religious groups on board with Work Programme, think tank urges Is this the new morality how people who are unemployed are somehow morally inferior

    • “Stephen Timms, the shadow employment minister who also chairs the report’s advisory panel, said: “We certainly want, on the election of the next Labour government, the smaller community organisations, including faith-based organisations without a doubt, to be able to contribute in areas like welfare to work.”

      I thought the Labour Party were just being craven when it came to fighting against this stuff. (Let’s see what our focus group thinks before we open our mouths.) It never crossed my mind that the Shadow Employment Minister, and by extension the Labour Party, were in favour of this shambles.

      • Labour have quite the balancing act – pretending to be in opposition to the governments radical right-wing neoliberal agenda, whilst at the same time being in complete support of it and being the ones who laid the foundation for the government’s most brutal attacks on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged during their time in government.

    • Could argue if forced to work for them – no can do it is against my religion.

      • When it comes to Cameron and a good many Tory MP’s it’s definitely a case of too many so-called Christians and not enough lions. lmao

    • They already are: the salvation army runs my WP provision (such as it is).

      And they are certainly religious – their employment division isn’t a separate provision: it’s run by salvation army people.

      This organisation is very strange; they give themselves actual military ranks and wear uniforms. So a local cadre of these people will be run by Captain Smith or Major Jones!

  7. Seeing the times the word ‘forced’ is stated in the first two paragraphs. Says a lot about the Tory ideologies.

  8. What’s next, the unemployed and part-time workers being forced under the threat of having their benefits sanctioned to attend prayer sessions conducted by one of the Tories’ right-wing Christian fundamentalist friends, where we have to sit in a circle holding hands asking Jesus to provide us with a job, being told: “It’s your fault he has not yet given you a job, because you do not truly believe and you are obviously not righteous enough to receive his favour. You must pray harder live a cleaner more pure life and have complete faith in him, if you want to him to bless you with a job.

    • i’d love to see them try to make me attend any “faith-based organisations” as an atheist, a believer in evidence, reason and rational thinking i’d refuse point blank and be offended at the very suggestion

    • R33, You might remember who the person was who offered Jesus the biggest job of them all: running this world with all its wealth. Jesus turned it down. They have to be reminded that their founder said “You cannot worship both God and Mammon.
      It’s also a disgrace that people would attempt to force anybody to accept their belief system by threatening them with roughsleeping and begging.

      • something survived...

        well if I got sent there they would have to exorcise me, so they would be making religious demands from the get-go.

        stuff to take to a salvation army event:
        -a richard dawkins book
        -a pagan sign
        -an ‘I love satan’ t-shirt
        -some gay porn
        -a video of Black Mirror (the one where the prime minister has sex with a pig)
        -all of the above, just to confuse them

  9. I am absolutely in despair with everything that is happening. My source of remaining hope is that this is a place I may visit to see sense and an often astute awareness of what IS happening. Bless and thank you all, and I am not a religious nutjob.

  10. To R33:

    The Bible says Salvation is of Grace not of works!

    The Bible does not favour using workers withpout paying them proper wages.

  11. Another fuckin’ plum from the Freud Schmidt gang of ultra-nationalist religious fanatic loony fringe.
    News for dem muppets:
    A: I don’t own a mobile phone.
    B: I let my landline record calls and I DECIDE if I’ll answer or if and when I’ll return the call.
    C: No fuckin’ fascist government department lickspittles will EVER get my email address.
    D: And remember, the twisted government uses sites like Fakebook to spy on you.
    E: Give the cunts nothing…..that’s how they think about us.

  12. “…….then it’s probably best for the entire country that he goes back to his bed and draws the curtains.”
    ……and kills himself.

  13. This is government policy. Insane.

    “Under Universal Jobmatch we will also investigate the best use of texting to alert claimants when jobs are posted matching their requirements. Jobcentre Plus advisers would also be able to text them to see if they have applied and investigate why not.”

    Arbeit macht todt.
    ⬅⬅⬅⬅Showers this way
    Coffins this way➡➡➡➡

  14. He sure likes his bathroom comforts doesn’t he. Probably needs them more than most due to the verbal diarrhea he comes out with.

    • something survived...

      uses for items bought by hoban:
      -toilet roll holder and shower rack: both will fit up him (well, let’s experiment)
      -cushions: for holding over his face; or for sitting on while having a cup of tea…

  15. Mark Hoban is a fucking knobhead!!

  16. Maybe the next stage will be to have people go around in cars with loudspeakers attached, to the homes of the unemployed several times a day, everyday, with a Jobcentre employee blaring out the message: “Hey you Johnny at number 38, do you know how much better off you would be financially if you got yourself a job instead of being a benefit scrounger! Having a job would improve your self-esteem, your love life, would make you more physically fit, and would give you some structure to your life. It’s not really fair is it, that your neighbours have to go out to work everyday, work hard and pay their tax to subsidise people like you sitting at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle and playing video games. So come on fella do the right thing and get off your arse and get a job!”

    The government would call it something like: “using public humiliation, to encourage the neighbours of the unemployed to express total contempt for them and shun them, to motivate the workshy to change their lazy parasitic mentality and find a job”.

    • For R33 again

      Yes, it’s only a step away from that with divisive language like “strivers” versus “skivers” already creeping in through the propaganda machine in the tabloids!!

      • Yes, and maybe they’ll make all us unemployed, sick, disabled etc wear a numbered tattoo and a badge and sent to specially constructed camps!

      • This coalition is a disgrace to the men and women that fought in WW2 to repel and defeat fascism in the most evil form, here we are 2013 and it’s alive and well in the very hearts of the golden gutter of society.. those marked as unexceptional men with exceptional educations. Trying to preach they have the best interests of the country at heart when that heart is black and it serves only greed and power, to divide and rule to overpower and reduce society into two classes, not even the working middle classes are invited to the top table, once they serve the purpose of being influenced by the propaganda preached they will be cast aside without a second thought in their policies.

        Let us not take this coalition too serious or fear them, they have built up an illusion they hide behind, destroy the illusion and you can destroy what hides behind it, the only people who believe the Tories are Tory supporters and a few foolish Lib-Dem supporters who should already have got the message their party sold them out ages ago. We know not to trust most politicians, and with the current situation, it will all come to pass and we hope there is enough to salvage. In a way it’s an attempt at some kind of quasi class genocide in favour of only one superior class and I use the word very loosely when describing them because most of us know money cannot buy class, you either have it or you do not, and it’s not based on how much money you have.

    • And the stage after that is to point out how much easier it would be if the unemployed were all accommodated together in properly equipped camps where they could live more economically and more easily access the, ahem, correct support …

    • something survived...

      Answer 1)
      “dear jobcentre,
      thankyou for the come-on. and for the suggestion that I should improve my love life. i am in fact an ‘object-sexual’, like the woman famous for fucking bridges is. and i’ve fallen in love with the jobcentre. so now i have a job, i will be humping your building in the day and being paid so people watch it on the internet..”

      Answer 2)
      “Wow, I didn’t think you’d say I need to improve my love life. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m actually a paedophile. You’ve motivated me to get off my arse and go for a walk down to the playground to find myself a date!”

      Answer 3)
      “Thanks for bigging up my love life. Me and the pitbull are doing fine…”

      Answer 4)
      “After reading your comments on my love life… I realised it’s been a while since I got romantically entangled. I have specialist tastes, so please provide me with money to buy a spade – so I can dig up your gran! She’s cold!”

      Answer 5)
      “thanks for saying I need to improve my lovelife. I am obsessed with masturbation, and will now masturbate constantly at jobcentres.”

      Answer 6)
      “I already have a love life but all my dates are roadkill.”

      Answer 7)
      “So glad you think my love life needs help. I’m shagging your mother.”

  17. In a recent update on the increasingly controversial subject of Universal Jobmatch, the PCS Union has issued guidance to Civil Servants at Jobcentres. Here are some interesing excerpts:

    “As a result of legal challenges and negative press attention, DWP have revised the guidance on UJ to make it clear that this [compulsory registration] cannot be done. The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.”

    How about this excerpt:

    Paragraph 52 also states that “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.”

    It appears from “Paragraph 52” that using Universal Jobmatch is not necessary at all, never mind mandatory – as long as a Jobseeker actively seeks work from any source(s) and maintains a jobsearch diary, then that is all that’s required.

    Full report here:

    One final point. It is not only some Civil Servants who are telling claimants to register with Universal Jobmatch, Work Programme advisors have also been telling their clients to register as well. Do readers have any further info about that activity?

  18. Please God let there be some intervention ,,This cannot be allowed to carry on…people are being pushed over the edge..people are dying..children are going to be without parents .children are going to starve ,be homeless ,freeze to death along with our fragile elderly .please God help us..They are behaving like Nazis….people are frightened of this Government….Its not just about getting the unemployed into work…I accept that has been a problem of sorts but then deal with that problem….like create actual paid jobs instead of sending millions to other countries.. BUT! Its much more sinister than that…This cruel shallow Government has somehow managed to very cleverly turn those in work and/or those better off against those who are really struggling to survive with stupid ridiculous propaganda…Just like Hitler did about the Jewish people….How those that believe it all can be so bloody thick in the head is beyond me…How can a supposed civilised country knowingly kill people on a daily basis..Forcing the most ill and disabled people into work only for them to die within a few months of that premeditated decision..To me that is murder..I find it absolutely horrifying also that the National Press know full well about these covered up deaths,How is this their actions make them just as responsible as the government for these deaths…i think so .don,t you..When will it all come out? when Cameron and his bunch of bully boys are booted out..only then just maybe it might make the headlines…only trouble is its too late then…The media will have blood on their hands along with the Nazis…But i live in maybe years after but truth will out …I have said it before and i,ll say it again until the tide starts to turn…TRUTH WILL OUT..ASK ANY OLD NAZI…

    • The only way this can change is through us, one man/woman one vote, it’s sad how so many people don’t vote simply because they became disillusioned by the parties and politics, reality is we have to get motivated and make sure it counts next time, and remember there is far more of us than them… he is there by default and Lib-dem’s are there because they sold out and got into bed with the Tories, when this all comes to pass they will have nothing left because Tories look upon them as a little rat on their backs. At the moment it’s all we have between Cameron designating himself god and the party getting into their black shirts. Let us not forget history and learn from it…


  20. i read hobans speech,
    what a tosspot he is, he states that 4.6 million people –12% of the working age population – on out of work benefits?
    so why are the tory wankers saying that employment figures have never been better,
    The Office for National Statistics said there were 2.49 million people unemployed, according to the guardian today?

    • It appears these tossers are in denial, claiming unemployment is dropping when the figures tell a different story. One wonders what fairyland they inhabit – maybe that’s where all these “thousands” of jobs that are supposedly up for grabs are.

      • something survived...

        has anyone tried, at jobcentres, told each member of staff there on the desk that you are in love with them? At this point protocol probably has them removed and replaced with someone else. Repeat.
        When they have run out of staff and you have also declared your undying love for the jobpoint machine, the jobseeker phones, the floor, the wall, and the G4S gorilla, then maybe they have to stop making you sign on in person….

    • There are by far more than that, the problem is many of them are being forced to work as slaves and being told they are justified to force them so they work for any money they may get. Evil Osborne said nobody on benefits should be getting more than anyone working on minimum working wage, how about no wage!.. or benefit that is below the minimum working wage. It’s all smoke and mirrors from them all.

  21. watch this report about corporate corruption in the USA and how the govt. frames or kills political activists.

  22. It’s not just all the above: I notice that on a lot of sites people are even becoming fearful to post comments.
    And the black and blue rinse brigade have thir trolls out in numbers to shoot/shout down protest. It’s become the norm for these truly fascistic Tories to just shout abuse at any reasoned arguments contradicting their vile policies. The hallmark of cretinous demagogues everywhere
    And historically, anyone who starts to attract a following to resist an evil system will fibpnd their life span shortened dramatically….one way or another.
    I’ve witnessed it.

  23. Fuckin’ iPad fingers… spelling becomes atroshis….👿

  24. I have just read something and it sounds like a reasonable idea…If your life is being compromised in any way by the government of your country. such as fear of intimidation ,starvation ,basic human rights, Then to apply for asylum…Go to any embassy ….state why…The reasons are pretty much as required…The more that go the better and even if its not successful [person did not give an update] at the very least the media should be interested…

    • Good idea. Meanwhile, others are contacting Amnesty International :
      “The sick & disabled are being denied their basic human rights by the British government. On the 13-14 April 2013 Amnesty UK will be holding their AGM. Let’s give them something to talk about. Let’s give them millions of signatures they cannot ignore”

      • Unless things have radically changed, a petition to Amnesty International will do no good whatsoever. The usual types who infest such ‘doo gooder’ organisations tend to be very blinkered when it comes to human rights abuses in the countries they live in – where they’d have to risk incurring the wrath of their own governments. Sadly, for AI and many other organisations, human rights abuses are something that happen in other countries.

  25. good vid this one
    challenging the consent angle
    no consent no contract

  26. maybe if i didnt have to “”register”” on a bloody web site everytime i wanted to apply for a job, i might have one by now…

    also if jobs i did 5 years or so ago without a prob, now i need a handfull of health n safety cards, and at 70 quid a pop, sorry cant affod it. chicken and the egg situation..

    also a lady in the job centre told me the govt arnt happy with companys like eos, as they promised the world but delivered nothing, and they are looking at there contracts..any truth in this.. i hope so, useless company, been there 18 months and been offered nothing concrete. tho they did pay for a F.L.T lecience (ta) trouble is im not the only one and companys have moved the goal posts again, they now want a min of 6 months experiance..

    also i noticed birmingham council, pulled a job off the direct job web site due to various errors, i forget what exactly, even the local councill wont use it…

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  28. Surely we all know that Universal Credit in its “digital by default” form is doomed and will never, ever, in a million years actually work as is. What we will end up with is a mash-up called Universal Credit with a bit of online activity and the rest a huge paper-based bureaucracy worse than the mess we have now.

  29. please can anyone help me…I need to know how to copy and paste? I have no idea how to do this…I wanted to spread it around about the Amnesty petition , tried face book but for some odd reason it wont share?
    Thank you

  30. The DWP are dashing about desperately trying to sort out the shambles that is the Universal Credit. They are pulling in policy wonks from all over in an attempt to try and make it work. There is no way it will be ready for roll out in time.

  31. I think they are cracking up . so wedded to the privatise the planet they cant think of ways that might create jobs . by harassing ppl isn’t going to make jobs appear . its like kicking someone to death in order to get them running
    hoban and ids. not fit for purpose

  32. This is how Tories think. Bung tax payers money at shyster let him make a profit from it and maybe he will deliver jobs as result.
    Reality shyster gets rich creates few low paid jobs which are crap and makes off with the loot into offshore tax haven .
    So Tories keep on doing this over and over again and not get it into thick skulls the fact that it doesn’t work.

  33. I wonder if they employ an atos assessor every time they successfully sign someone off esa or dla?

    • well!! If you know how to cut a toe nail..apparently your in..,

    • “successfully sign someone off esa or dla”, oh you mean when someone they have forced into work who isnt ready dies, commits suicide due to depression or ends up in hospital you mean ??????

      so far they have killed hundreds, how many more must die

  34. Great post again Johnny.
    I actually phoned an employer yesterday who had posted a job vacancy on UJ which someone on twitter had spotted requested over-25s only but was advertising an hourly of rate of £6.08 – ie illegal. Employer was nice enough guy who told me he’d received 180 apps in a matter of hours which he didn’t have the time and resources to process. This does seem to back up the claim made here and elsewhere that jobseekers are being mandated by JSA/WP Providers to apply for any job that turns up on UJ. It would be very unlikely for such a volume of apps for what on paper is a crap job at an illegaly low rate of pay. The employer was also pissed off that he had specifically told the DWP that only over 25s should apply, was aware of employment law exemptions that allowed him to to that, and told them to put in the appropriate NMW figure, which they spectacularly failed to do.
    Finally he said he’d get on to DWP to pull ad because he was now swamped with apps which he couldn’t process from people who had applied for a job that effectively no longer exisits in its advertised form at the stated hourly rate. Even if he could find the time to process the apps he’d have no way of distinguishing between those who genuinely wanted the job and those who were forced to do so. So a complete waste of everyone’s fucking time!
    Well done IDS on this one, you’ve really excelled yourself.

    • Have you noticed there seemes to be an inundation of jobs from a single agency, out of 40 pages there are about 10 jobs that are not agencies and not self employed. It seems that UJM is now a meta agency

      • Yeah, CV Library; and loads of jobs don’t even have a working “apply” link. The CV Library vacancies specifically state that you must apply ONLY through them, on their site!

  35. So they want people in better paid jobs? how’s about they up the minumum wage instead of targeting the poor and part time and low paid workers. Come on condems show us how brave you really are and target those who can/will fight back. Who knows, may be then you will get some respect. xx

  36. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    I’d like to raise 3 points.

    1. It’s not just people in receipt of benefits looking for work.

    To live, One needs to earn. This is fundamental. Let’s assume that 90% of the ecomically active population (of all ages) are looking for work, better paid work and/or opportunities.

    Are there enough job vacancies to meet the national demand?
    Note: demand increases each year; ie, when children finish secondary school.

    2. Imagine, you are into hour 10 of your 35 hr job search. You begin to notice that 4 vacancies that are in your local paper are being advertised on 7 different jobsites. Including UJM.

    What is your next action?

    3. Did you give anybody permission to offer you as a sacrifice to unknown entities?

    Fictional or non-fictional..

    We have to start answering back. The Government aren’t our parents. They work for us. If they aren’t doing a good job. Then we sack them.

    The Coalition wanted to make it easier to sack ‘under performers’ at work. Let us follow their good example.

  37. Anyone remember this Tory twat ? Disabled should work for less than minimum wage

  38. This still amazes me.

    Tied accommodation
    If a worker gets a house or ‘self-contained accommodation’ as part of their job they can be paid £1.50 less than their normal weekly pay. The may automatically get an agricultural tenancy.
    If the accommodation isn’t a house – for example, a caravan – they can be paid £4.82 less each day they stay there.

  39. So you sign off the dole A-d get a job and expect to get paid don’t you ?

  40. this is a job i saw the other day on UJM LIVE IN COUPLE FARM WORKER Salary WORK IN RETURN FOR ACCOMMODATION
    Job description

    This is a live in position. Full driving licence an advantage, no near bus but train 1 mile walk or cycle.

    The opportunity is offered to a couple to live in a woodland in beautiful countryside in static home accommodation in return for work 5days a week 5hours a day. One partner can follow own occupation(to bring in funds) and the other to take sole charge and be capable of maintenance. i.e. fencing and making fences, road surfacing, building work etc. The property is in need of quite a bit of TLC.

    the accommodation is basic and in static caravan but for right people long term willing to upgrade.

    a small area will be made available for garden ie grow veg etc. It really requires someone who is handy and likes outdoor life, once the main work is done then it will be a question of maintenance rather than the heavier stuff.

    the accommodation is basic furnished and has fridge,tv,combination microwave oven, gas cooker, cutlery. if you are happy and we are happy then very long term place. In initial stages flexilibility would be good as i need to retire and get property in shape and sectioned off to do so.

    please only apply if serious. references required.

  41. Being advertised. By the government.

  42. I notice there was no selection for ‘job is a rip off’, for the woodland vacancy.

  43. I wonder,does anyone remember the days when the local job centre actually advertised jobs.. you,d go in look around the different boards, find a few vacancies take them over to the smiling helpful worker .who then called those employers for interviews,,then off you,d go with a spring in your step because you knew you were probably going to get one of those jobs…I remember when it started to go wrong..It was about 15 years ago.. down to one board that contained one job..male dancer/stripper wanted..nothing smiling help…Then the place gradually turned into something that resembled Nazi Head quarters…went past there the other day…sad sight..a few depressed folk of all ages waiting outside in the cold .and 3 doormen/security guards..I suppose they are there to protect the stuffed shirts when they decide to stop a benefit.. the young are being set up to fail young lad had tried hard for two weeks to get work..the stuffed shirt dealing with him tore up his work sheet in front of him saying you haven,t tried hard enough…I worry for them, what are they meant to do..It was my friends son..he has a roof over his head but many do not and they have no chance at all..

    • Anon,
      I take it at face value that what you say is true. That being the case please, please, do not simply let your firends son leave it at that. Put it in writing to the Job Center Manager with a copy to their local m.p . The lad has a duty to try and prevent his fellow citizens from being treated like this in the future. The person who did such a thing needs to be helped as well as they are clearly in state of moral confusion and need a (metaphorical) kick up the backside in order to wake up.

      Everyone who posts here about such abuses is helping other persecuted people to feel they are not lone voices but they must also react in a positive manner by making their complaints official and not simply lying down to sadistic treatment. If they are not confident in expressesing their thoughts in written form get a friend or the Citizens Advice to help them, but don’t just write it off as just another abusive episode.

      • And they have stolen the money that’s rightfully his in a ‘hit-and-run’.

      • Been waiting for my friend to reply…she says her husband sent a written complaint.,And two weeks later they got a reply in short it said the counter adviser had since left that employ, but said they were still going to look into it,,but no apology as such…This was about 3 months ago and apart from a phone call asking if they still wanted to pursue with the complaint .answer was yes. there has been nothing else as yet..

        • He should now escalate it to the next level. I’m told they have 15 days to reply to a complaint. In this case write to the regional manager of the Job Centre Plus for the area with a copy to the local mp noted on the letter. There are now two issues: the despicable tearing up the lads paperwork and the failure to respond within the specified timeframe. Ask if this is acceptable practice, if not what have they done to avoid a repitition in the future. On the mp’s copy ask for explicit help in obtaining a response and include copies of the original letters/emails.

          Click to access jcp-district-managers.pdf

  44. Revolutionaries required. Free lunch. Apply here. BYOB.

  45. Landless Peasant

    Well they won’t be sending me any text messages as I don’t have a mobile phone! and even if I did I wouldn’t let them have the number. Anyway, must dash, I have to get on with my job applications ready for tomorrow’s appointment at the Work Programme…

  46. Wouldn’t all this texting and monthly letters be regarded as junk mail/spam, I think OFCOM will be advising against it as people can prosecute over such things.

    Hoban needs to shut his trap, carry on skiving and stay in bed unless he wants to lose his cushy job.

    • Not just spam but surely constant texting/letters are akin to harassment or even stalking? Which there are laws against. Brought in by this current government. So a govenment department is being encouraged by the government to break its own laws it put in the statute book? Madness, sheer bloody madness.

  47. This report shows why the US want Britain to stay in Europe

  48. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  49. John I admire your faith in the written letter of complaint, all of the public services have complaint systems usually of 3 tiers which they take months to reply to, I know I am still in dispute with 1 of the four public sectors I had reason to complain to.

    The job centre discarded my appeals to them of which I had many due to constant sanctioning, I only ever went to one tribunal that was held with a panel of 3, the other times I appealed it was never carried forward to an appeal just a letter from a decision maker saying you deserve your sanction, then other appeals just disappeared and didn’t get any reply.

    I have had 4 different public services I have had to take through the appeal stages to ombudsmen level only to be told by the call centre workers running the ombudsmen services, that they are not a regulatory body only somewhere to send your complaints?????? So who does regulate these bodies. I even had to complain about our MP who screamed at me when I went to him a second time for help with re-instating my benefits, he lied through his teeth to protect his job and was noticeably absent when discussing the welfare reform bill in parliament , probably other pressing business.

  50. Here we are… not a pack of cards with their faces on but a little information, and for all their cabinet positions they are just Tory Stooges living an illusion of power and false righteousness at many peoples expense, and getting paid too much for doing so…..

  51. Born with Spina Bifida, I worked until the age of 59 when I was strongly advised to retire on health grounds. Luckily, I am articulate and tenacious as it took 3 years and the intervention of the pensions ombudsman before I was seen by a Consultant for the pension Fund who did not resort to fiction in his report. The callous attitude towards the disabled is not confined to ATOS or even this cruel Government as my woes began under the previous administration. it is sad to see Mark Hoban getting such a hard time, despite the crass comments he has made. i knew him as he was growing up, a really nice lad from a smashing family. I am sure that, deep down he knows better.

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  53. Someone said [I can,t find it] that hundreds of disabled people had died within a short while of being passed as fit for work…Its not hundreds…its actually THOUSANDS….And because of the freedom of info act the DWP are obliged to supply these facts if requested by letter stating that you want the info using the freedom of information act..

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