Rents Set To Soar as Wages and Benefits are Slashed

rent-risesOver one third of landlords are planning rent rises already this year, with around a quarter set to inflict an inflation busting 3% hike on struggling tenants a new survey has revealed.

The stark warning was issued by letting agents Spareroom, who also recently revealed that rents for rooms in shared houses had rocketed by a staggering 7% in the last year.

Average rents across the UK were 4.7% higher in December than a year previously according to the Homelet Rental Index.  This makes a mockery of internet con-man and Tory Party Chairman Grants Shapps’ claim last year that rents are falling due to welfare reforms.

In fact it is tenant’s wages which are falling, by on average 0.3% over the year according to Homelet.

With the bedroom tax and benefit cap to come into force this April a perfect storm is brewing which could lead to unprecedented homelessness.  MPs voting through the freeze on benefits last night mean it is possible any explosion in homelessness this year will just be the tip of the iceberg.

Housing Benefits, a benefit available to those in and out of work alike – as well as parents, pensioners and disabled people – will only rise at 1% from 2014, no matter what happens to the rental market.  With falling or stagnating wages, cuts to other benefits and soaring rents, this will create an ongoing catastrophe in the lives of the very poorest.

Every year people with almost nothing will see incomes squeezed as they attempt to pay ever increasing rent rises out of slashed benefits or poverty pay.  This can only lead to one thing, and for many tenants that will mean the streets.

As greedy landlords cash in on the ongoing housing crisis, the Government seem intent on making things worse.  The appalling lack of social housing is one reason that rents are out of control, a shortage caused by the right-to-buy policies which began under the Tory Party in the 80s.

Astonishingly Inside Housing this week reported that the Housing Minister Mark Prisk is throwing tax payer’s cash around like confetti in a bid to extend the scheme.  Almost £1 million has been spent on marketing and mail shots to social housing tenants encouraging them to buy their properties.

Already polls show that the public is finally turning against the escalating war on the poor.  Homelessness is one of the most visible signs of both poverty and a fractured society.  Few will forgive this Government when they see for themselves the carnage that has been created in so many people’s lives.

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34 responses to “Rents Set To Soar as Wages and Benefits are Slashed

  1. Another case of the government target the poor and by that I mean the working and non working poor, through the bed room tax. It does beg the question why is there not a limit ion how much a landlord can charge their tenants. Is this government only brave enough to target; The sick, the disabled, The unemployed, and lone parents.

  2. The real aim has always been to destroy social housing and the welfare state.

    It’s time to re-read an eye-opening article in The Guardian here:

    Within a few decades no one on benefits will be able to afford any rented housing at all!! Startling, but it will happen if nothing is done.

    But, who is going to do anything about it by way of real action? The Labour Party are not much different from the coalition, the House of Lords have already voted agaoinst welfare reforms, but were ignored; the Scottish Parliament likewise voted overwhelmingly against these savage welfare cuts, and over 70 welfare organisations voiced their concern – all into thin air beacuse no one is listening.

    A nightmare is ahead.

  3. You know people joke about workhouses, but with the crisis in housing, coupled with the workfare agenda, I dont think that its actually that far off the point where some snotty nosed millionaire has a brainwave to provide a roof and gruel for the deserving poor in exchange for 18 hours labour, while lauding the “charities” that do such good, good work for those poor, poor unfortunates.

  4. We are very lucky. We got our flat via an ad in a local paper. Landlord’s kept the rent static for the last 10 years. Decent guy: non-intrusive and sorts any problems out.
    They could all be like that. But they’re not.
    Still, he’d get antsy if the rent was more than a week late.
    In 2013, decent housing should be a basic right for all…without fear.
    But it’s not.
    I’ll say it again: revolution is required.

  5. “A nightmare is ahead”
    Wrong-o……it’s already started. 1979: the year Thatcher came to power.
    The screaming started then.
    It will never end.

  6. I never do this. Time to redress that:
    Thanks, JV, for providing this forum…otherwise I think I’d be screaming 😱 at the wall.

  7. When/If you read that article referenced above from The Grauniad about ‘localism’ ( fat beadle Pickles area of non-expertise ) some of the awful stuff spouted in the comments section is as sickening as anything you’d read in The Torygraph from rabid ConDemners.

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    Nothing will change nobody is fighting for the tenants The Labour party are as usual quiet about this, it seems it dosen’t matter that you might need another bedroom because your other half sleeps in there because of the pain. It seems it dosen’t matter if you have paid rent and are willing to do so when you get another job. It seems not to matter that certain people in Government have more than a house spare,and it appears not to matter that there are not enough one-two houses for all who have to move.
    It comes down to us to take to the streets and protest and when we become homeless take over there empty homes and fight every inch of the way.

  9. Is it mere coincidence that inscribed on the base of the symbolic masonic pyramid are inscribed the words, ‘universal benevolence’; and this gang of funny handshakers raping The ConDemNation are calling their latest version of the benefits system, ‘universal credit’?

  10. No….I’m not mad. Scroll to the bottom of this and there you will see ‘universal benevolence’.
    This was also a cornerstone of Adam Smith, so beloved by that mst evil of fascist bitches, la Thatcher.

    • If you are interested in symbolism then how about disabled people being coerced against their will into mandatory work activity as was introduced by the present government on, of all days, United Nations World Disability Day 2012.
      Or how about A4e customer helpline number 0800 345 666
      If you are really interested then check out the book “That Hideous Strength” by C.S Lewis about a corrupt and evil organization called the NICE and how when the Labour Party came to power in 1997 they coincidentally named a health organisation using the same acronym.

  11. Les Miserables are us!

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  13. Anyone can ask a Fair Rents Officer to inspect the premises and determine a fair rent without your Landlords permission within the private sector .Rent Act 1977 and which started before 15th January 1989

    • And anybody can be evicted by and given a bad reference by any private landlord without a reason any time the landlord want to “make better use of their property”. When I contacted my local council to complain about my private accommodation and they contacted my landlord about safety issues that’s what happened to me; the landlord then bad mouthed me to other landlords (about me complaining about his property) whenever I tried to secure other accommodation which led to me ending up homeless for six weeks.

      The Tories want to hand over people of modest means, body and soul, to employers and landlords just like it was in Victorian England. Everybody will live in fear of losing their jobs, or losing their benefits, or losing their homes and will be too afraid to stand up for themselves, or say anything, which will further encourage abuse from employers and landlords.

      We are heading for a truly dismal future.

    • something survived...

      they only come every 4 years or less frequently than that, and their decision can be very inaccurate.

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  15. Sounds like the landlords are revving up for the April change in Housing Benefit rules, which will deny HB to almost anyone under 35 (besides people who qualify for DLA, and those leaving care homes) for anything but a room in shared accommodation. Meanwhile self-contained flats – usually also with concierges and/or gated common entrances – lie empty all over central London, the trophy properties of elites worldwide, barely lived-in, barely taxed.
    Maybe, though, there is the possibility here that the government has set a trap for itself – if more people are having to live together, maybe they’ll start finally organising against shit?

  16. This crazy shit diesn’t even work, is not recognised by any legal entity anywhere, except by greedy cunt tories; it’s down there with phrenology and such pseudo-science.

    • What’s next, everybody who claims any kind of benefit being required to agree to be injected with truth serum to ensure that they are not making a fraudulent claim? With these fanatical sadistic authoritarian fascists, it’s quite possible.

    • Thing is Labour was full on for lie detectors when in power, the current Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Jim Murphy, being the greatest champion of lie detection software. Trouble is the results were so completely inaccurate the detectors caused more trouble than they were worth by instigating investigations in respect to so many claimants – which is why they were never used by the DWP but only by local authorities.

      Gordon Brown was as big a cunt as David Cameron.

      Labour? Tory? Liberal Democrat? What’s the diff?

  17. Financial Market trader

    Hey folks, don’t fall for all this bullshit doom and gloom, the economy is tanking, we need to tighten our belts, “austerity”, the financial markets, the FTSE is fucking SOARING!! Tells you everything you need to know – you are being LIED TO – Big Time! Market Trader

    • We know

    • Surrey Stockbroker

      Exactly, my “portfolio” has been increasing by leaps and bounds. I really do chuckle when I hear Cameron saying that Jobseeker’s Allowance has to be pegged at 1% “simply because the country cannot afford it”. This is complete tripe and utter tripe of the highest order. You lot are being played for fools; I hope you realise that. It is time to WAKE UP!!

      • 🙂

      • something survived...

        wtf is a portfolio?

        I know what a *ringbinder* is… being able to afford one is another matter.

        “So offshore, baby!” (The Revolution Will Be Televised)

        I know how they in the cabinet can be totally offshore. Dump them off Beachy Head.

        • a “portfolio” is something that toffs keep their “financial instruments” in; it is like a collection of stocks, shares, funds, EFTs…

  18. anonymous password

    All of this mobilization of people, are the govt. trying to start a renewed housing market? Which would be pretty unlikely unless the rich bought up all of the empty properties that iare for sale in the social housing sector or start sub prime money lending as nobody can afford to buy, nor can they afford to rent now either.

  19. something survived...

    what of all the empty houses boarded up? people could live in them!
    the longer they are left the worse they get, so they should be fixed and made habitable. And who the fuck wants to live in a Shipping Container?

  20. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  21. a stowaway temporarily!

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