Three Quarters of a Million People to One A&E – The NHS Under the Tories

26th-Jan-march-posterThe three London boroughs of Lewisham, Bexley and Greenwich face sharing just one Accident and Emergency department if the brutal slashing of services at Lewisham Hospital go ahead.

As well as the A&E, there are plans to close the children’s wards, critical care, emergency and complex surgery units, as well as possibly even the maternity services at the busy hospital.

Astonishingly Lewisham A&E has just been refurbished at a cost to the tax payer of over £20 million.  Now the clowns want to close it down to pay off the debts of the neighbouring South London NHS Trust.

Chinless tool Matthew Kershaw was brought into the South London trust after the bodged PFI experiment left it millions in debt.  Acting as a Special Administrator, and appointed by then bungling Health Minister Andrew Lansley, Kershaw was tasked with cleaning up the mess at the struggling trust.

Instead of doing his job and fighting off the financial vultures devastating healthcare in South London, Kershaw decided to steal the money from the neighbouring residents of Lewisham, Bexley and Greenwich.  Despite Lewisham Hospital being nothing to do with the South London Trust, Kershaw recommended gutting services at the hospital which approaching a million people depend on.

Ultimately the final decision on the closures lies with Murdoch’s Thunderbird puppet Jeremy Hunt.  Concerns have been raised that this may be a trial run for a new attack on the NHS.  Anyone alive in the 80s and 90s will remember the Tory’s obsession with closing the highly performing and much loved London hospitals Guy’s and Barts.  History also tells us that once a hospital loses their A&E, then the rest is often not far behind.

Thousands of people marched against the threat to Lewisham Hospital before Christmas, showing the overwhelming local anger at the plans.  Since then the campaign has gone from strength to strength, managing to dominate the recent BBC Question Time held in the borough.

A second march is taking place this Saturday 26th January.  Please help spread the word, and send a message that every closure and every cut to the NHS will be fiercely resisted.

Assemble at Lewisham Roundabout (by the station) at 12 noon on Saturday 26th January.  March past our hospital to Mountsfield Park for rally, music and giant petition.

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19 responses to “Three Quarters of a Million People to One A&E – The NHS Under the Tories

  1. ah but they give our money away to hteir mates who run them virgin serco unum atos the list goes on but why wake up britain get rid of this criminal lot who cant run a piss up in a brewary they only can give it to their mates who award themselves vast amounts of monies like emma who awarded herself 8.6million just so that she could it beggers belief how they can get away with it time and time again open your eyes britain stand up and be counted bfor they kill the lot of us or bfor we all bought unum policys protecting your needs in hospitals only to find they say they cant pay bcause of your illness you hadnt put it down yep just like in america and now they over here helping our gloroius muppets showing them how to run the dwp wake up jeff3

  2. This Government is turning against the people from all directions. It is quite obvious the hospitals are a requirement and it should not be about closures but more to improve on the quality and care to patients of the existing hospitals. It makes no sense to close the hospitals especially as it would be such a loss to so many people.

  3. The US pays over 15% of GDP on healthcare the UK spends 8.5%. The USA pays twice as much yet lags behind other wealthy nations in such measures as infant mortality and life expectancy. Currently, the USA has a higher infant mortality rate than most of the world’s industrialized nations.

    The Tory party will of course trumpet the fact that they will spend more on health care – what they don’t say is that the extra, and more, will be channeled into private firms.

  4. “Shock and Awe”: the tactics of the neo-liberal Jihadists and Crusaders who wish total freedom to do what they want even if it trampels overs everyone else. In this Ayn Rand utopia it is survival of the fittest. That is the only rule. I was listening to a John Lennon interview this morning, I think from the sixties, in which he said something like “this world is run by insane people for insane purposes” and if anything it has only gotten much worse.

    The biggest robbery in financial history took place in 2008 when the “free”-market Jihadists got away without sing-sing and then, unbelievably, they got the rest of society to actually refund them for their mistakes. This encouraged them to believe that anything was possible. No matter what platitudes they speak with their mouths, the reality is they don’t want a health service, they don’t want anything that involves paying taxes. Their whole philosophy is predicated on the belief that “Greed is good” and that is the only purpose to existence.

    For me their insanity reached it’s peak when George Osborne quoted “We Shall Overcome” at their last party conference.

  5. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  6. Off-Topic Johnny, don’t forget the elderly ( that’s all of us, now and in the future)-

    In the UK, will everyone get the full state pension of £144 per week?

    “No, £144 per week is the maximum.

    “To receive the full weekly rate an individual will need a full 35 years of national insurance contributions or credits, with a proportionate pension paid to those with shorter contribution records.

    “Those with less than 10 years receive nothing.”


  7. sorry to change subject, anyone affected by the bedroom tax needs to read this article

  8. 💣Revolution is a necessity💣

  9. Lewisham hospital is my local hospital . They saved myife in the fifties when had polio. My dad died there sadly.
    Now the bastards want to close it to save money they tell us. There was an impact study done on the closure it involved public transport problems for patients forced to travel miles away in all weathers plus the effect on traffic junctions delays and the effect on emergency serivices plus signage and forms and stress on elderly . All ignored by orrible unt and his cronies. Why the hell did he get that job ? He’s on record as being an nhs hater.

    And the supine msm doesn’t even flinch in reporting this evil govt’s sick-inducing plans for total control of the new serfdom.

  11. 38 degrees is doing a campaign on lewisham hospital at the moment I hope all of you will sign the petition . Thanks

  12. Of course private bidders were there not accepted as yet ..

  13. Right now The NHS is saving my life.
    If it continues on its present course, it won’t.

    Cameron is declaring “your shout in or out “ he can’t lie in bed straight never mind tell the truth ,he has virtually privatised the NHS ,decimated the Welfare State ,set up the first stages to privatise the Police Force and stood by and witnessed over 10,000 vulnerable people die at the hands of Atos .He lied on his first promise of a referendum .He is weak and not to be trusted his attack dogs ID Smith and Grayling both liars and public purse thieves are left to run riot with their draconian measures to destroy the fabric of society as we know it .
    Eric Pickles has now jumped on the band wagon spouting about dysfunctional families and how much they cost the tax payer per year ,have they just sprung up – you’ve had two years to deal with them or could have made a start when in opposition – empty vessels make most noise .
    As well as the two clowns above we have Blair pontificating about terrorists – Blair you have no credibility ,you left this country on the road to ruin ,idiots may pay to hear your rhetoric but it falls on deaf ears of the British Public after what you have done to this Country .You can tell by your aged face money is no substitute for respect .

  15. something survived...

    How could they improve (in hospitals still open – ours are being cut) on the Andrew Lansley loop tape video where you must pay to turn it off?

    a)-Ian Duncan Smith doing an ad for gas chambers and how better you will be in a mass grave/
    b)-IDS and Cameron having sex with a pig. A male pig.
    c)-Wheelchair Lottery: tip out those you think are scroungers!
    d)-Guess Who Shouldn’t Be In The Country
    e)-Casualty: Dixie and Jeff’s ambulance was reposessed in the cuts, and is now a broken shopping trolley fished out of the canal. Instead of morphine they have a bottle of vodka. Every time they find anyone seriously ill, they have to apply the captive bolt to their head instead of taking them to hospital. When they get to hospital, all the doctors and nurses have been sacked and replaced with workfare, none of whom want to be there. There are no trolleys, just mats on the floor. Some workfare stand round picking their noses, others are actively abusive, and some film (preferably naked) patients on their phones and put it on youtube.
    f)-Old Harry’s Game: All the cabinet die in a freak accident involving some terrible policies and the anger of the people, and some misplaced landmines. They find themselves in hell, condemned to endless torture. New interactive series, where listeners can text in suggested tortures to be worked into the script.

    -I vote for option b. I could watch that for HOURS.

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  17. what have you got against male pigs?

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