Universal Jobmatch Not Mandatory PCS Confirms

universallymismatchedUPDATE 27/2/13:  Registering an account with Universal Jobmatch will  become mandatory from the beginning of March 2013.  There should still be no requirement to tick the box giving DWP access to your account.  For the latest details and what this means for claimants keep an eye on:  http://consent.me.uk/2013/02/26/mandatory/

Whilst Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP have continually muddied the waters, it has been down to the PCS Union to publish comprehensive guidance on the current policies relating to Universal Jobmatch.

Ever since the new job seeking website was launched confusion has reigned over whether unemployed people could be forced to sign up to the site under threat of benefit sanctions.    Iain Duncan Smith claimed before Christmas that signing up to the scam and spam plagued website would become mandatory in the New Year.  According to the guidance published by the PCS, and countless anecdotal stories from around the UK, some DWP managers had decided it was mandatory already.

Thanks to some dogged work from @refuted – who has kept a cool head throughout the shambles – along with the welcome information from the PCS, the situation is now clear.

(this may change of course, but this is the current policy)

It is not mandatory to sign up to Universal Jobmatch.

Jobseekers Directions cannot be issued if a claimant refuses to sign up to the website.

It is not mandatory for claimants to tick the box giving the DWP access to their accounts.

The crucial  paragraph from the PCS, which can be easily copied and handed out (or even stuck up places), states:

Jobseeker Directions and Mandatory Use of UJ

PCS was aware that, despite assurances otherwise from the UJ project of DWP, management in some jobcentre districts were instructing advisers to tell claimants that UJ is mandatory and access must given to the DWP.

As a result of legal challenges and negative press attention, DWP have revised the guidance on UJ to make it clear that this cannot be done. The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.” Paragraph 52 also states that “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.”

PCS is awaiting clarification from DWP management on the status of the many Jobseeker Directions that were incorrectly issued to claimants before the guidance was clarified. PCS members should contact their local representative to challenge any instruction to inform claimants that the use of UJ or access to it is mandatory.”

Everyone claimant need to know this, please spread the word, full info from the PCS at: http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/department_for_work_and_pensions_group/dwp-news.cfm/id/78E359C6-7B09-4FC6-98EBD4696432C199

A new website has been produced by Solidarity Federation with more details on Universal Jobmatch at: http://universaljobmatch.eu/

The above pic is from a blog by an online recruitment specialist who points out what a huge waste of money the farce has been: http://ayeright.com/2013/01/universal-jobmatch-worst-job-board-launch-ever/

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  2. The DWP thought it could mandate people to register for and use UJM based on the recently passed Welfare Act, which they thought trumped the pre-existing Data Protection Act 1998 which stated that personal data could only be stored and processed with the consent of that data’s owner. As in so many things they were wrong. Fuck ’em!

    • Hi can anyone help me please – I’ve just started claiming JSA and had my first interview on 30/01. The old bint behind the desk told me I have to sign up for the UJM or i could have 4 weeks of JSA stopped. I’ve now just found all this information and im furious because if it’s not bad enough being unemployed – you’re being monitored for every step you dont take. I signed up for it already and now im worried – can I cancel it already? So could anyone give me a link/page from a reptuable governed site that I can slap in their face when they ask why I’m not doing it? Thanks a lot

      • You can withdraw the DWPs rights to view and monitor your profile at anytime by simply unticking the box on the UJM website. I suggest you delete your profile. Get a new number and use universal job match privately. You are protected under the data protection act 1998 and the e-privacy cookie policy under EU law. Do your steps to work on paper and quote the UJM toolkit chapter for advisers.

  3. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  4. With all due to respects. I wish people would make up their minds whether or not UJM is mandatory or not. x

  5. Another great post – and thanks for including our new SolFed site: http://universaljobmatch.eu/

    For those who haven’t viewed it yet it attempts to collate all the up-to-date info from the various anti-workfare sites in one place, and to provide translations where possible. Currently we only have English and Polish, but Spanish and French will be available soon.

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  7. everyone get printing copies & hand them out, to jobseekers,

  8. Great news and a defeat for IDS. Useless piece of crap website. The waste of money should be taken from his pay cheque.

  9. I would be interested to hear whether Work Programme providers can make mandatory directions to register. I have been told I must register or face sanctions by a Work Programme provider.

  10. Has anybody here been sharing this information outside job centres? Until this starts to happen, and large numbers of job seekers are captured, this information is still not commonly known.

  11. yes i have handed out the last pcs union notes to my friends on seakers, but think people are to scared to front the job center advisers.i have produced the last pcs notes and seem to have got away with signing up so far, but every time i go in i see someone new and have to show them it, but they are still pushing it on claimants. get up stand up, stand up for your rights. 🙂

    • That’s good that you’re doing that, and yet frustrating that people are afraid to take on their advisors, if understandable.

      If you’re interested in standing outside a local job centre spreading the news, know that i’ll be stood outside another doing the same. Until some kind of offline movement gets going, or this information gets mass publicity, the number unregistered will simply not be damaging enough to Universal Credit.

  12. The most important thing is for people to get the word out to others who are not as informed as us. I know of half a dozen people who have already been bullied into signing up for UJM and handing over the access to their accounts it has to stop.

    • Well, here’s a rota for the coming week that anybody is free to add to.

      E-mail: nouniversaljobmatch(at)yahoo(dot)uk to add a job centre and shifts.


  13. Iain Duncan Smith

    Listen you lot of lazy, bone-idle scroungers!! If you don’t tick the fucking box I will have you hauled into the jobcentre EVERY FUCKING DAY!! Do you HEAR ME!! Well do you, punk????

    • Idle threat alert! it aint gonna happen 🙂

    • Mr Schmidt, you can’t just go “hauling” jobseekers into the jobcentre because they politely decline to Waive their RIGHTS afforded to them by the Data Protection Act 1998! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!!

    • @ Mr Void is it not high-time that Iain Duncan Smith (Minister for Work and Pensions) was banned from posting on this forum. I for one, and I am sure many others are, truly sick and tired of this odious little man’s foul-mouthed rants.

  14. Will be interesting to see if workprogramme providers are going to take the piss with this issue as they do with other stuff. I will have great pleasure in telling them to shove it if they do this with me .I gather the lazy bone idle scroungers the previous poster refers to ,must surely be aimed at workprogramme providers .

  15. in the last month out of my jsa i have spent 175 pounds on ccnsg card to go and work for my local power station i need to find another 100 plus pounds to gain other tickets just to get in there. in march they will be starting a new build and expecting to create 3000 jobs for local people which will be good for the area but with no funding for people on benefits i see it will be hard for people interested in working there to gain work there. i have applied for more than 60+ jobs in 2 month and not heard back from any of them. if ids want to get people back into work he should make sure there is work for us, local jobs for local people not the rest of Europe and every fucker else who wants to come here. times are hard but for us who have been born here and watch all the freaking jobs being given to the cheapest worker from over seas, that is one of the underlying problems for the British job seeker especially where i am from………………………………….

  16. UJ hasn’t been mentioned even once to me since this whole fiasco started. Guess I’m the lucky one. Glad I seen this, as if they do, I’ll tell those knuckle dragging shitlickers to ram it up their dirtbox sideways!!

    Great info!!

    Secondly, I haven’t been to my work program provider for over 4 months. Nothing has been said to me by the Job Centre at all. I stopped going when they tried to force me into a part time night shift banana factory job 95 MILES AWAY!!!! Yes thats right… 95 MILES!! Even though I do not drive & rely on public transport.

    1. How am I suppose to afford this…
    2. How would I get there
    3 WTF?????

    Anyway, I told them to piss off & never went to next appointment or any appointments after. They just send me the exact same letter every 2 weeks threatening with sanctions & that they will report me to the Job Centre if I don’t show up to next appointment. Letters go straight in the bin. There clearly isn’t any kind of communication between the 2 of them. And to be honest, I’m past caring what any of them do anymore. Had 3 interviews in the sector I want to work in, not forced into & have 2 interviews this coming week. The Work Program really is a useless sack of shite!!

    Thirdly, When I was forced to sign up to the Work Program, I signed that form giving them permission/consent to do whatever they like with my personal information (forgot what its called) I was none the wiser &.I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. How do I go about withdrawing my consent? Do I need to write some kind of letter to the office where I registered, or a letter to their head office?? which is probably in London or somewhere.

    Sorry that was so long, hope you can help me on that last one

    • Re your last point – you can reverse your consent to share info by sending (or taking) a letter to your pimp – the local premises will be OK – it doesn’t need to be the HO.
      Here is one sample wording:
      Re: Data waiver agreement under the Data Protection Act 1998

      Dear Pimpo,

      As you are aware I have signed the data waiver/consent form thus authorising PIMPO to share my data with other bodies including potential and actual employers. You should also be aware that I have the right to withdraw this consent at any time without giving reasons or explanations.

      I understand that such withdrawal does not effect my placement on the Work Programme or any employment or offer of employment made.

      Please take this letter as notification of the withdrawal of my consent with immediate effect and alter your records to show that my data sharing consent has been withdrawn. Please sign and date the copy of this letter to acknowledge that it has been received by PIMPO and my instructions will be acted upon.

      Yours sincerely,

      .Wish Me Luck
      I acknowledge receipt of the withdrawal of consent and confirm that it will be acted upon without delay.

      Signed :……………………………. on behalf of PIMPO


      Job Description:

      Other wordings are available – see for example http://consent.me.uk/
      Without your consent the pimp will find it impossible to legitimately claim an outcome for you.

    • Nobody could make you travel THAT far to work every day, sport. Just say no.

    • Erm, is that a ‘technical’ term? Shove it up there dirt box sideways. . .
      I quite like that. My advisoress told me not to bother with bringing in all the evidence as they would be monitoring online activity and cutting the interviews to ten mins. So I hope some o these ‘knuckle dragging shit lickers ‘
      will be sitting on the other side of the desk explaining job search activity smartish. !

      • something survived...

        I overheard people in my city who got told to apply for a night shift at a call centre. They said they have no transport, rely on buses, live in villages that have only a few buses and only in the day, can’t get there. They were Sanctioned! There was one of them who already worked there (BT) and he’d just been sacked for refusing to take one of these shifts, even though there was no way to get there or get home. Another failed the exam there so didn’t get hired. But he still got sanctioned for ‘failing to apply’.

  17. Maybe a flyer of some sort that can by printed out for claimants to hand to their advisor should they be forced to sign up….

  18. I have never been asked to register with UJ by my JCP. I guess some JCP managers are over zealous punks.

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  20. Big hugs to Johnny Void and consent.me.uk for providing us with this information about UJ being non-mandatory. Without people like you, we’d be f*****d for sure. The Jobcentre tried to get me to sign up for the UJ recently. They didn’t tell me it was mandatory but nor did they tell me it wasn’t mandatory either. However, by dint of their manner and tone, they gave me the impression that UJ was mandatory. They’re sly bastards and no mistaking.

    When I provided them with data from the Void and consent.me.uk that UJ wasn’t mandatory: I could see the adviser didn’t like it one bit. He looked like he’d just been startled by a fire alarm; you could have lit a cigarette off his face. To paraphrase corporal Jones: They don’t like it up em’ Mr Mainwaring; they don’t like it up em’. Well I say: tough shit!

    Memo to Johnny Void and consent.me.uk – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK; YOU GUYS ARE THE BUSINESS FOR SURE!!!

  21. Hi. I tried to resist from signing up and creating a profile on UJ but found that this prevented me from applying for some jobs as no contact details were given and I had to be logged in to apply. Like most I am actively looking for work so felt compelled to sign up although I have not ticked the box to give DWP access. All the best. Kevin

    • It is not often hard to find jobs listed on UJ by searching for them in Google, and applying directly, and there is little harm in saying this to the advisor. It is *them* preventing you from applying for jobs without giving the contact details, and the site is a proven security risk – the DWP know it!

      The current situation on this is described here if your interested:


      “Until changes have been made to the service, claimants will not be required to apply for jobs where the method of application is internally through the service only. In these instances advisers will concentrate on jobs which can be applied for externally and failure to apply for
      these without good reason could result in a benefit sanction being imposed.”

      • I was hauled in to see a personal advisor at the jobcentre after being a bit negative about universal jobmatch when I attended for a fortnightly signing. The woman said if I don’t register then I would be expected to bring in proof of my job applications in hard copy instead of typing it into the activity box on the Universal Jobmatch website. With no printer I would have to visit the local enterprise centre to obtain copies of my emails according to her. It was clearly an attempt to bully me into registering for Universal Jobmatch. I did register and typing statements into the activity boxes doesn’t really prove that a person has applied for those jobs. If you apply for the vacancies that advertise email addresses then they are not recorded as applied for so even if you applied for ten of those jobs it would still say that you have applied for no jobs.

        • Rob,
          See Gissajob posting around 12:40. You could send the letter to the JCP and ask them to remove you from the site. Or you could simply delete your account.

        • Just write out your jobsearch on a piece of paper and hand it in for them to inspect. That’s all you have to do. Put down the date, a brief description of what you did, what you expect or hope to happen next, and when. Have something to write down for each weekday. And that’s it. Presto! Done and dusted.

  22. I can confirm that they are no longer sanctioning Universal Jobmatch Directions… They were initially, but then told not to sanction any further ones. If youve been sanctioned, ask for a reconsideration, it will be overturned.

    • And also write a letter to your local JCP manager stating you have ileagally been sanctioned and want the claim form for compensation.

  23. Hi everyone,

    I have been reading this blog for a couple of weeks now and firstly I would like to say thankyou to Johnny and the other people who post; it is very informative. There’s a lot I’d like to comment on but will keep it brief (for now).

    I am a lone parent of two (youngest just turned 5) and have been moved from Income Support to JSA. I am very keen to work and am really trying my hardest to find a job which will fit in with my children as much as possible. Which is very demoralising at times!

    I attended my local JCP today to sign on and have a meeting with my adviser (whom I find very helpful and pleasant… so far!) As I was waiting to see her I overheard a dragon of an adviser telling a young man that he “had to” sign up to UJM and “had to” allow them access to his account or his “money would be stopped”. OMG, it took everything in me to hold my tongue! I am appalled that they can still be bullying people like this, when their own bloody guidelines tell them otherwise! I swear down, if I hadn’t have had to wait and sign on myself I would have chased that lad down the street!

    I then spoke to my adviser, who asked me if I had signed up, I told her yes (as to be fair I have applied to a couple of the jobs advertised on the site). She said that was great, and had I given them access? I replied with a simple “no”; she asked why, and I baffled her a bit I think with talk of the Data Protection Act 1998, newspaper reports of hacking, and the frankly unbelievable amount of information on the Internet. She replied with “well you clearly know what you’re talking about, and it is your right to refuse to allow us access”. She then went on to say that this may well change in the future.

    So once again it seems that the old adage “knowledge is power” rings true. I myself am making sure that everyone I know on the rocknroll knows their rights regarding this site; emailing it to them and encouraging them to spread the word themselves.

    This country is becoming an Orwellian nightmare, and what’s worse is that many people are like lambs to the slaughter. I am absolutely fucking sick of the media painting people on benefits as “scroungers”; I myself was married and the marriage broke down; I have always worked in my opinion, whether that be raising my wonderful, intelligent children, or working outside the home. The vitriol against lone parents is particularly worrying to myself. Before this Income Support to JSA business for lone parents came in, I felt like I was doing something valuable for society. Now I sometimes feel like I am “sponging” off the system (a system I have paid in to and hopefully will again).

    Yes, there are people who don’t want to work, there always has been and always will be. But victimising people for not working when there are hardly any jobs to go around is stupid at best and a hate crime at worst.

    I went to see my stepmam this morning; she is a pensioner and she and her friends know that they’re next – many of them are barely scraping by as it is. And what these bastards are doing to disabled people boils my piss. My father has SEVERE mental health issues but no doubt will be called in my Atos and told he is “fit for work” as he can raise his arms above his head or whatever their shit criteria is this week.

    (I said I’d keep it brief but it just makes me so mad).

    Keep up the fight people; I am hopeful that if we all do our bit that it will make a difference. In the words of The Kaiser Chiefs, “I Predict a Riot”. There’s only so much that people can take. I’ve always said that once it starts affecting the “strivers” the shit will hit the fan. Well to all those people who think “but I work, this won’t affect me…” WRONG! Welcome to Britain, 2013. We’re in for a hell of a year peeps.

    • Don’t believe Jobcentre staff, cock. If they were well qualified, intelligent, knowledgeable, and capable people, do you really think they’d be working as civil servants in Jobcentres? Most of them don’t know if their own arsehole is bored or punched! Fuck ’em!

  24. When that new job search website came online, my work programme adviser got us up during an appointment, out of our seat and registered each of us there, one by one. I mentioned it’s not mandatory to that adviser but they just carried on and ignored me and signed me up. Then they asked us out loud what our religion was, ethnic and sexual orientation is, no privacy. I didn’t want to sign up to it, but was forced to. Seems like when you raise a point about things, they just ignore and steam ahead and do what they want anyway.

    • something survived...

      Yes they did this at WP, and were trying to automatically enter everyone as ‘white male Christian heterosexual’! With the other users, who were having it all done for them due to illiteracy, that was what got entered by the staff. I was doing my own registration so I was able to fill in the correct details.

      They got angry because on a test of literacy and numeracy I and a couple of others got 100%. They ‘need’ you to fit the mould of someone with low IQ, who they get paid for ‘improving’. Since you can’t improve on 100%, they don’t get paid for the 3 of us that got this mark. Also in the list of all the things/skills you have to say if you need help with, I could already do all of them. Their concept of a jobseeker is of someone who can’t do any of these things.

      Of course at no point was there ever any test about whether or not you can do physical things or are sick/disabled. In this case I can spend hours writing data, but we never got asked on a form or test, by WP staff, or by the UJM computer. So there is STILL no way of telling them you are physically unable to do, ruled out of, most things!

  25. Oh yeah, meant to say just cheesed off with the whole thing, feels more like something that’s been put there to just drive you mad. I bet when June rolls around, most people will be exiting it with no job to show for it, or just a part-time one if lucky enough. What a waste of two years. Gov’t is admitting it’s near impossible to get a job now, why would it make this WP two years long if it thinks jobs are plentiful and easy to come, as it seems to think.

    • Delete the account and make a paper diary of all your work activities. Take the evidence with you and mention the Data Protection Act 1998

  26. i watch a good program on 40D about Britain’s dept called the trillion pound British horror story, this and the last governments have managed to claw up a staggering 4.8 trillion national dept which wont be paid back for generations or not at all if we carry on with the current system. even with these austerity measures the governments borrowing is still set to rise, most of the money gets wasted on bureaucratic and stupid ideas and wages paid in public sector jobs like your fucking advisers, the only way to pulls us out of this is to reduce taxes which more than half of peoples wages a year go on through tax vat on everything we spend our money on, and not being able to put that money back into the economy. if they were to give more freedoms people in the aspect paying less tax less vat for employers and employees and give small and private business a chance to grow in this country this will create more jobs and more money into the economy we would see our country prosper for the better, as it stands this government is doing the total opposite and all we can do is wait to see the collapse of our once great country. the only ones who should be punished for this failed state is the greedy fuckers at the top who put us here, not the poor, unemployed or the sick….. and stop giving the fucking jobs to the over seas people and start looking after our own here first 😛

  27. I went to the jobcentre to sign on for the second time today and had the 30 min meeting with an advisor.I was asked if I had signed up to UJM which I have but I haven’t ticked the box,I was told told to tick the box and she also increased my job activity from 6 to 15 and told I have to come in to see her again in 2 wks (rather than just a normal sign on).My worry is that she will make things difficult if I don’t tick the consent by forcing me to come in (i live miles from the JC).Anyone know what I should do,been in similar situation /what was the outcome?

    • You can ask the advisor (instead of ticking the box) to look on the UJ site when you’re with them (say, if you had opted not to make an account) and then print off details of jobs on there – then you can contact the employer direct using their email/phone details. This is happening in at least some job centres so it’s a feasible thing to ask about/suggest doing. (Although they’ll say they can’t go to YOUR account – they can – supposedly – access the site generally more generally and look at the jobs there).

      (Also, as long as you’re able to show what you have done to look for work (on that site or on others/or by any other means) – you can fulfil the criteria showing ‘proof’ of enough being done that is required – this is still the case as it was before UJ arrived in November).

      As Liz says (above) you could delete the UJ account. Or, if you keep it you can keep a written record of searched jobs/details and take them in to show to adviser – and can mention Data Protection Act as a reason for opting to do this, rather than ‘allowing joint access’ to your account.

      Seemingly, job centres have flexibility to ‘use their preferred approach’ in how they choose to operate in some claimant-related processes (!) so mentioning that ‘someone at another job centre is doing this’ might not be enough on its own if they decided to counter-argue – but they have no real counter-argument and at least you know that it is a possible option and is being considered acceptable at some JCs.

      You’re right, there was initially an attempt to try to make things more difficult even after agreeing that I could choose not to open a UJ account – firstly by saying that not opening an account was ‘not usual’ and most other people ‘had no problems’ and were choosing to use UJ. Then by at first insisting that the number of meetings/contacts had to double – not clearly explained why – but implying it was because they’d need to do more ‘monitoring’ as a result. This just fizzled out again after the first time – as if it had all never happened …. My experience has been that advisers will say things ‘have to be this way’ but depending on how you question something they fairly often start by saying it is ‘fixed’ and then go on to give different answers about what they/you can and can’t do (and why) then and there, or after a fortnight or so. You are right to ‘expect the unexpected’.

      Hope this helps.

      • Ps. It’s stressful and even feels very risky to do anything other than agree to whatever’s suggested – and there seems to by little ‘rhyme or reason’ to conditions and how they can suddenly change as things stand, but it’s sometimes worth saying if something doesn’t seem reasonable/or do-able – depending on your circumstances and what you already do. In the end it comes down to individual advisers (they get to dictate) but it can be worth asking ‘do I have a choice – could it be say 10 things rather than 15?’ say – (it’s supposed to be an agreement).

        When I was suddenly told to attend a weekly meeting after not opening a UJ account (which would have been ridiculous) I was ‘allowed’ a phone contact instead – after stating reasons why it would be counter-productive and repeating them when they were initially ‘blanked’. The new arrangement then stopped just as suddenly as it became ‘essential’ after the first (very short) weekly phone call – it was just never mentioned again. So it was more of a ‘punishment for being awkward’ (you’re right to consider the likelihood). But as there’s so little consistency, unless you try asking (saying ‘no’) on some occasions or at least questioning whether other options exist – the default is to ‘jump’ to their highest ‘demand’ and expect that claimants won’t argue. Most of this doesn’t fit in with my past experiences of claiming benefit – and the way it (doesn’t) works at the moment takes a bit of getting used to …. Good luck.

    • Print this off and take it with you next time you sign on and show it to your advisor – they will soon change their tune, if they don’t insist the manager comes down, show him the letter and you will be fine.

      Department for Work and Pensions group
      Universal Jobmatch: Update

      17 January 2013

      PCS has received many queries and concerns from members regarding the use of Universal Jobmatch (UJ). This circular provides an update on recent issues.

      Staff accessing their own UJ accounts

      On its introduction, members of staff were encouraged to set up their own accounts to demonstrate the use of UJ to claimants. It has came to light recently that accessing your own records (or that of friends or family) using the UJ icon on your desktop is subject to the same security restrictions as other departmental system such as JSAPS or LMS. Staff are permitted to set up and access their own UJ account, but it must be done through the internet browser and jobsearch activity must be done in their own time.

      PCS has asked that DWP provide clarification to their managers, in addition to the ‘implementation updates’ they have issued already. They have stated that the advice to set up an account and demonstrate its use to the claimant was local and not from the UJ project. Clearly, we believe that no action should be taken against a member of staff where they have been misadvised by their manager.

      Jobseeker Directions and Mandatory Use of UJ

      PCS was aware that, despite assurances otherwise from the UJ project of DWP, management in some jobcentre districts were instructing advisers to tell claimants that UJ is mandatory and access must given to the DWP.

      As a result of legal challenges and negative press attention, DWP have revised the guidance on UJ to make it clear that this cannot be done. The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.” Paragraph 52 also states that “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.”

      PCS is awaiting clarification from DWP management on the status of the many Jobseeker Directions that were incorrectly issued to claimants before the guidance was clarified. PCS members should contact their local representative to challenge any instruction to inform claimants that the use of UJ or access to it is mandatory.

      Further UJ issues

      PCS remains concerned with many security and checking aspects of UJ, including:

      How claimants data is protected in terms of reported data-fishing by bogus employers
      The recent high profile bogus and unsavoury adverts placed and the checks are in place to ensure that these are not placed on the system again.
      Compliance with minimum wage and the terms and conditions of the use of the site
      Process of ‘accepting cookies’ and EU data protection principles
      As yet, DWP have refused to meet with PCS again on UJ and have stated they will respond in writing to our concerns. We believe this to be unacceptable, as problems with UJ impact daily on PCS members, with some claimants becoming frustrated and even abusive due to difficulties they experience using the system. PCS will continue to push management further on this and request that any further issues are reported to your PCS rep or to DWP Group Office at leeds@pcs.org.uk.

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  31. strivernotskiver

    I signed up and used Universal Jobmatch – but does not work – the search function is useless, the jobs given are all Agency Central (Vacancy Central) or agency various … I did go on here http://strivernotskiver.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/universal-jobmatch/

  32. it isnt mandatory to register with united jobmatch yet.dwp own union states that at the moment.on there union website which you can find if you go onto google then search for pcs union it clearly states that it isnt mandatory yet.anyone that has signed up for it can close down there account without the fear of a sanction.anyone that gets told to sign up print out the pcs union sheet and show it them.

  33. I can not log on to this site fed up of this crap Finding myself having to apply for jobs that are 20 to 30 miles away to be able to keep to 3 applications a week other wise they will stop my jsa for four weeks when I find work can I put a stop to them taking tax of me for four weeks thieving bastards

  34. I have just got back from the jobcentre. I was told that I MUST register on the ujm and I MUST give them permission to check. She attempted to be stern with her dictating and crappy attitude. She said if I’ve not signed up by April that my money would be sanctioned. Where do I stand and can I refuse? 🙂

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  37. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?

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  38. Universal jobmatch monitors how much or
    how little you use it.i did not tick the dwp
    snoop box so i was wondering if the dwp/
    jcp advisor can see how much you use uj
    say via cookies?
    also, is it mandatory to create a profile..I’ve
    uploaded my cv onto uj.advisor was asking
    me to create a profile saying employers
    never look at cvs..they look at the profile.
    advisors are always bullshitting.
    besides i apply for jobs via outlook…
    cover letter+cv so not sure profile shit is
    relevant anyway..?

  39. Hello there
    I had an appointment to see an adviser at the Job Centre on Wed, to discuss where I go now after finishing at Ingeus Work Program. We discussed quite a bit whilst I was there. The adviser asked if I was signed up to UJM, I said I was but surfed anonymously. After he lowered his eye brows, he said I needed to sign up and create a profile as I could be sanctioned, I said I would have a rethink. He told me the only thing I needed to think about was whether I wanted to allow them access to my UJM. I knew at Ingeus I wasn’t obliged to leave a hard copy of my CV and I knew there was something fishy about this UJM. Jonny Void after looking at this amazing site you have given me reason, cause and outcome to put my case forward when I go back to the Job Center next week. Thank you.
    PS: Like shooting fish in a barrel………….
    Will post outcome.

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  43. Thanks for finally writing about >Universal Jobmatch
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  44. Hello, I was told at my first uj interview that I have to tick the box sharing my details. She said it was an instruction and if I don’t tick the box I will be sanctioned. Surely I have the right to not allow them access to my account.
    It’s an option asking for my permission, how can they make me tick an optional box giving my permission.

    I am not going to comply with this instruction and see where it goes.

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