Think All Coppers Aren’t Bastards – Read This

acab-surveyJust over half of coppers would definitely report a colleague who violently assaulted someone a report has revealed this week.

In the wide ranging survey coppers were asked whether they would report another officer for punching someone as punishment for fleeing and resisting arrest.

In a shocking admission, only 56% said they would definitely report their colleague for the assault.  Equally revealing is that only 83% of coppers thought that punching someone as punishment is a serious or very serious offence. The most worrying part of all is that these coppers think they are the good guys.  Only 33% of officers said they thought most people in their force would definitely report the behavior.

The truth is it’s very easy for coppers to claim they would do the right thing in a survey -and even then, it appears many wouldn’t.  But in the case of a serious incident, such as a death in custody, with pressure coming from colleagues and above, then how many of even the pretend decent coppers would buckle under pressure.

The answer, past events suggest, is almost all of them.  That’s why, despite almost one and a half thousands deaths in custody since 1990, not one copper has been convicted.

Don’t believe that Inspector Morse shit.  Coppers really are all bastards.

The survey can be read at:

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140 responses to “Think All Coppers Aren’t Bastards – Read This

  1. Preachin’ to the converted, Dude 😀

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  3. Got to love the fact they were so honest about being dodgy..

  4. getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

    Easiest way to avoid being punched off a copper is DON’T COMMIT CRIMINAL ACTS AND YOU WON’T ATTRACT THEIR ATTENTION!!!

    I would give coppers a pay raise if I saw them punching the foul mouthed chavs that seem to infect every town centre!!

    Be thankful we don’t arm them!!

    You’d see the chav bellends behaving if they risked getting a bullet for mugging an old biddy, or nicking a mobile phone because it’s easier than getting a job and BUYING one.

    Shit like this makes me puke!!
    If i punched someone I would expect one back in return!!
    Your post actually says this “In the wide ranging survey coppers were asked whether they would report another officer for punching someone as punishment for fleeing and resisting arrest”

    So if by resisting arrest they are lashing out at a copper they risk injuring him and he is well within his rights to defend himself.

    as the police are now armed with tazers and cs spray there shouldn’t be any need for punching them they can just zap the pricks and blind them.

    I fully expect a “you’re obviously a mail reader” response to this post but none of you will have the balls to stand up and say that if SOMEONE PUNCHED YOU YOU’D TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!!

    Fecking tin foil hat anarchists!!

    You’re about as likely to smash the state as Enya and about as rebellious as the wombles sitting at your keyboards slagging off EVERY government this country has had.

    • You’re obviously a (keyboard-sitting/people-you’ll-never-know-slagging) Mail reader.

      • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

        You obviously don;t read comments in any detail do you or you would have seen this part of my post.

        “I fully expect a “you’re obviously a mail reader” response to this post but none of you will have the balls to stand up and say that if SOMEONE PUNCHED YOU YOU’D TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!!”

        But thank you for proving me correct on those points.

        perhaps you should change your name from “shirleynott” to “shirleyasimpleton”?

        Just saying……….

        • We are all reading what you’re trying to say – it’s very garbled and full of grammatical and punctuation errors (for someone who says they work in the mental health field, offering support to ‘vulnerable’ people). You must have a different set of strengths for use in work and life generally – people skills (maybe)?.

          When you were aged around 10 or so, did no-one ever introduce you to or try to explain the concept of irony? If not you’re missed out & that could explain why you seem so cross. (Irony allows people to have fun/express themselves with humour and empathy if they want to agree/disagree with other people’s opinions or try to express ideas of their own). It’s more fun than endlessly venting hate-filled spleen with Caps Lock on/name-calling like a 3 year-old.

          Your approach can be a good one in sometimes and I am very tempted, but it does tend to obscure (blot out) the more important issues being discussed on a grown-up debating site like this one.

          • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

            Lol, some fair points and I shall take them on board and try and restrain my outbursts and kepp them civil.
            (although I’m not employed as an English teacher so tough titties on the punctuation. lol)
            If you’ve ever seen any of my other posts on other topics you will understand my point on automatically being accused of trolling/Nazism/IDS loving or as one poster wittlily put “a disgusting piece of human garbage” and possibly the most offensive “a tory daily mail reader”

            I will happilly debate on any topic but I find some of them so utterly offensive that I need to vent, this one in particular has really wound me up.

            Actually slagging off for the police for DARING to defend themselves against people resisting arrest!!

            What are the police supposed to do? send them flowers then distract them with a puppy?

            Ask yourself this question……

            A policeman intervenes while you are being assaulted (through no fault of your own) during the attempt at restraining your attacker then behaves violently towards the officer.

            Would you honestly be outraged and disgusted if the copper punched him?

            I wouldn’t lol!! I’d send a letter requesting a commendation!!

            The biggest issue I have with this site is it is only interested in one side of the argument.

            If this (or any other) Government issued a statement saying that it was giving £50 notes away to everyone that turned up to collect them this ste would denounce it as a cynical government plot to trick the unemployed into recieving money they hadn’t declared so they could stop their benefits lol.

            All run by the mysterious Mr Void who happily sits there posting these threads but seldom steps in to defend his point of view.

            Anyone thought that Mr Void could actualy be David Cameron secretly stirring up unrest to destabilise the government to force clegg out (or vice versa lol)

            Just a thought…………….

            • You have to be one of IDS’s stooges otherwise you would not be using such inflammatory language, trying to stir up doubt & dissent among readers of this blog. Either that or you’re just a dumb troll who needs to get a life. Saddo!

              • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

                HAHAHAHAHA Kittycat58 thank you for proving every stereotype I associate with these threads lol

            • Excuse me- you offensive piece of trash, do not call me a “stereotype” & think you’re being humourous, all you’re doing is making yourself look stupid, which judging by the poor standard of your grammar & puncuatation is probably an understatement

            • @ getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends FUCK OFF! CUNT!

        • 🐷🐷🐷

        • And by the way if you knew the number of times I have simply turned the other cheek, you’d puke.

    • Do not feed the Troll.

      • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends


        Is a TROLL someone who disagrees with anything posted on here?

        From what I’ve seen on various other threads on this site, If you have any opionion that differs from the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists on here you are considered to be a TROLL.

        So what you are actually promoting with this site is the removal of the basic human rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM TO VOICE YOUR OPINION.

        Surely that’s what your fighting for isn’t it? human rights?

        Or am I totally misunderstanding the point of this site?

        Perhaps Mr Void would care to chip in with an opinion on this?

        • Bellend, write what you like it is supposed to be a free country. I am personally not going to engage with you. I am now getting off the roundabout before the discussion gets circular. Bye, Troll.

          • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

            So what you’re actually saying Stan is that you can’t actually argue with anything I’ve said without proving your original assessment of being a TROLL incorrect.

            I shall miss your witty and inciteful comments as much I would miss anal bleeding.

            Consider yourself dealt with. Good Day

            • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

              OK, I admit it. I am a Daily Mail reader. I’m also a fucking idiot who loves to troll you sad bunch of twats

    • Somehow – and I am not sure how I have managed to curb my emotional reaction to your somewhat bigoted comments. It might be more productive for me to carefully consider my answer and write it in grammatically correct standard English…

      Point the tip of your your right forefinger on your right temple and say red backwards, and in the meantime I will consider carefully how to answer your comments in English, phrased and spelled correctly. It will take me some time because compared to you I am obviously stupid…

      • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

        at least you’re honest lol.

        and please expand on your claim that my comments are in anyway “bigoted”

        Can’t wait for that one lol

    • ok knobhead, I take it you haven’t read the survey. the question was asked whether they would report another copper who punched someone “as punishment” for resisting or fleeing arrest, not in self-defence.

      and wind your fucking neck in or fuck off

      • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

        56% said they would report their colleague if they did.
        83% said they would calss it as a serious or very serious offence.

        How is this an outrage lol?

        And as for punching someone as a punishment for resisting arrest
        Are you saying “resisting arrest” can’t include attempted assault ?

        As for winding my neck in or fucking off………..

        If you don’t like my comments feel free to block me from this site, prove me right that you have no respect for anyones right to an opinion but your own.

        If you open a site that invites debate you ask for opinions that differ from yours.

        If you have no intention of respecting peoples right to an opinion then close the site down.

        As for the “oi knobhead” I’ll let that go lol.

        I notice you haven’t commented reprimanding any of the posts advocating violence towards the police?

        Speaks volumes that matey.

      • Well said JV. getajobguy seems like a person who likes to be taken seriously; maybe he’s read Ardorno et. al on the F-Scale, Milgram on Obedience to Authority and Zimbardo on the Stanford Prison Experiment, Abu Ghraib abuses etc; and the documented high rates of people applying for jobs in authoritative roles who do so because they want to dominate as opposed to simply do their job because they care about making a positive difference in the community; and has come to some exciting new, groundbreaking interpretations that all of academia missed while they were out hugging drug trees in Palestine or whatever.

        You’ll have to share your thoughts on these political science staples with the whole class, getajobguy! Unless all that gettingajob means that educationsfortossers… Maybe he’s the sort of swaggering “UNIVERSITY OF LIEF!!1!” gunslinger who wows the eld fellas down the pub with his homespun wisdom and anecdotal whimsy, and thinks that it makes him a de facto expert on all things a bit fascisty, and then goes on the blogs like he’s the… the… Carol Vorderman of Commenting!

  5. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  6. getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends
    Live up to your moniker 🐷p🐷i🐷g🐷g🐷y🐷
    Yer a bitter pig, aren’t you? Resentful & angry, too. Mummy hit you too much?
    Sad, fearful, little piglet

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      Actually I had a lovely childhood, both parents are still together and raised me to think for myself and not blindly follow other sheep.

      They also taught me to respect the laws of this land and because I paid attention to them I have never been in trouble with the police so have never had to experience “the horror of a policeman doing his job” (never had so much as a parking ticket in fact.

      Am I bitter? not in the slightest dear boy.

      Do I think the majority of people posting on this site are idiots? Yes and I’ll continue thining that until I’m proved otherwise.

      Do I value your opinion in any way whatsoever? not at all but I respect your right to have the opinions you choose.

      In conclusion you may call me whatever you see fit, I was also taught that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

      So bring it on lol.

      • Quick, nurse, the screens…

      • Big big bless aren’t you lucky!

        • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

          certainly am cassandra, full time job, mortgage, car and 2 holidays a year.

          Life is peachy.

          • Why are you on here then, if your life is so wonderful?

            • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

              Why shouldn’t I be?

              Is this site strictly for the paranoid and miserable?

              Is that another right you don’t want me to have along with freedom of speech and freedom of opinion?

              I’m guessing the 58 is your iq if that’s the best you’ve got lol

      • Uh huh….so you are merely ill and enjoy dishing out abuse and receiving it?
        You’re still sad and are probably a minor flunky tasked by the likes of IDS to come on a site like this and give the disadvantaged (relatively speaking, of course) dog’s abuse.
        A bad person you are…….relatively speaking, of course.
        You’re not clever enough to be truly evil…like I said: sad, bad & probably very lonely.

  7. To the freedom of speech troll

    If a policeman was hit in the course of doing his duty, that is as they say collateral damage and as a so called servant of the state should take it all in his stride.

    If someone that was having a psychotic episode lashed out a policeman that was trying to arrest them would they deserve a good punching also by the police.

    Your argument holds no water and if such a brutal bastard as you work either in the police or the mental health sector god help the mentally ill.

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends


      So according to you any servant of the state is open to and should expect to be punched as part of their “service to the state”?

      Where exactly is the line drawn for that?

      Should it be acceptable for fireman to be punched?
      How about Nurses? would that be ok to you?
      Or what about an ambulance driver? surely that would be fine in your book?

      They’re public servants so by your logic they shouldn’t complain if “in the course of doing their job” they get assaulted?

      regarding your second point abut someone with menal illness lashing out at a copper, In no way whatsoever would a policeman punching that person be acceptable as they are not “responsible” for their actions (the key word being RESPONSIBLE) and I would hope that officer would be brought on charges of criminal assault.
      Someone who’s in full control of their mental faculties who “INTENTIONALLY” attempts to injure a police officer whist they are doing their job gets everything they deserve.

      I notice you are another one who refuses to answer the question about what they would do if someone punched them?
      well Guy?

      what would you do??

      Or do the rules you apply to yourself not apply to the rest of us?

      And as for me being a brutal bastard? I think your confusing brutality with common sense.

      But hey thanks for calling me a troll.

      Can always count on people like you to resort to type and respond predictably.

      • You are actually arguing that breaking the law is justified if there is violence in the equation. That’s rather an ironic position to be in for one so avowedly ‘law abiding’. No one, the police included is legally allowed to use more than ‘reasonable force’ in their own defence, (or in doing their job in the case of the police) so like retaliation to a violent assault would in itself constitute an assault.

        Any kind of anti-social behaviour is totally unacceptable in a civilised society, no matter who the perpetrator, so called criminal or police.

        And yes, if you go into many professions, it is expected that from time to time you will have to face violence, and that is the ‘common sense’ approach. No professional group, or, ostensibly, their employers condones or tolerates violence against staff, but reality dictates that when you are dealing with all members of society you will inevitably be dealing with the less savoury as well as the wholly decent.

        You are living proof of this, fitting in as you do to the former group rather than the latter, though I suspect your own (inflated) opinion of yourself puts you in the latter group.

        Don’t get too smug about your present very comfortable position in life, we are seeing a return to Victorian values where economic boom and bust frequently see those who are one day comfortably off suddenly reduced to penury – in truth those days never went away, merely ameliorated, as in extremis, wealthy, hard working business people have found themselves homeless and destitute due to circumstances beyond their control.

        None of us is immune to the vagaries of life, we can all succumb, so it’s in all our own best interests to ensure that there is an adequate safety net there to catch us if and when we fall.

        Never think it can’t happen to you, it can. You would be very stupid to think otherwise.

      • Two rights don’t make a wrong,. A policeman punching someone ceases to be a policeman and becomes a criminal.

      • Oh, come off it @ getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends a large part of polices’ job is dealing with criminal some of whom may be violent, so YES, they can expected to be assaulted as part of the job for which they are well- remunerated for. Professionalism demands that the police do not retaliate and strike back. Firemen, nurses and bus drivers should not be expected to be assaulted any more that a member of the public in their day-to-day activities since it is not part of THEIR JOB!

        • The artist formerly known as.....getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

          So why is it that more and more Fireman, Nurses and Paramedics are being assaulted whilst carrying out their everyday jobs?

          Why is it a criminals right to be violent?

          A policeman’s job is to uphold the law to keep YOU and I safe. It is not to take punches and to be physically abused, in the same way that neither you or I should be!!

          What will you claim next? That a soldier should expect to get shot?

  8. getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends
    Ha you make me laugh all the jobs have gone to china unless you count poundland and maccy D’s. Those kids in the town centers have all been robbed of a decent education and their parents deliberately addicted to pharmaceuticals and drugs. All by the minians of the system, you know those ones you call politician. The system is not broken, it works exactly as it should and people like you are all part of the problem. Society is on a precipice of total destruction.Now this is the best bit those Chavs as you call them, are only going to get worse and worse and worse, Unless YOU, yes YOU, Help them !!!Wake Up Sheeple!!!

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

      These kids have been robbed of a decent education have they?

      How where they robbed?

      was it robbery when their parents didn’t ensure they attended school?

      Was it robbery when the teachers right to discipline children was removed therefore allowing teachers to be treated like shit without any other allowable action in reataliation other than “exclusion”?

      How where their parents “deliberately” addicticted to pharmaceuticals and drugs?

      Did a doctor/dealer knock on their door and force them into it?

      Where they told that unless they became addicts they’d get a kicking lol?

      If that is the case explain to me the 18-24 year olds in full time employment?

      or the ones that joined the army?

      or the ones that are training to be doctors and nurses?

      Or was the “forcing” of parents to be addicts selective?

      did you even read your post before you put it on?

      • Your questions all have answers you just need to seek them. But basically it’s a yes to all of them. I was aggressive in my comments and I appologise for it but I won’t take any of it back, if you seek enlightenment I would be delighted to meet you human to human and explain it all in detail. Where abouts are you in the world? Ps to answer you question I would not immediately retaliate if someone punched me, my immediate reaction (probably within a nanosecond)would be to question why they had punched me.

  9. There are a significant minority of bad police ; and self-regulation does not work; and the fact that not one police officer has been convicted for any death in police custody, or for the serious assault on Ian Thomlinson or the death of Jean Charles De Menezes is not acceptable, but “all” police are most definitely not bastards – and the poll responses you cite show that too. If 56% would definitely report a colleague for assault, that means the majority say they would. If “only” 83% thought a police officer punching someone was a serious offence, that means the vast majority think it is. And yes, probably less would actually come forward in reality due to pressure from their superiors or workmates to protect “their own” , but that’s true for whistleblowers in every profession, not just police – that’s sadly part of human nature, which is why whistleblowers are rare in every profession and are usually punished rather than rewarded. So, no, despite the police needing properly regulated by an external body, and despite the common assumption that the police always tell the truth being a wrong one, not all police are bastards at all. Just as in most other professions, while some of them are scum, or a mixture of good and bad like the majority in every profession, some are very decent and admirable people doing their best by everyone and putting themselves through a lot of stress and fear and risk to do it.

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      Duncan I could hug you!!

      The first sensible comment on here today (apart from mine lol)

      I predict a torrent of accusations labeling you everything from “a tory lapdog” to “a daily mail reading nazi stormtrooper”

      But bloody well said that man!!

      • Duncan gives a lucid account of his objections to the headline which is fair and people can come to their own conclusions. To compare Duncan’s contribution with your own is boderline delusional. You type with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS (shouting is stereotypical behaviour for an ignorant ranter), the very name you have chosen is not indicative of contributor who desires to enter into constructive dialogue, and whilst you claim to work in the mental health field, and very little would surprise me nowadays, it seems barely credible that you would be let loose with ill people. Therefore, I guess, a lot of people will take you are a troll.

    • I wonder what percentages of coppers don’t think its a serous offence or wouldn’t report it when a member of the public punches them?

      A punch in the face is assault at minimum and depending on injury caused, ABH or GBH.

  10. There are very few whistle blowers in the public services simply because they are employed on the basis that they will shut up and do as they are told, any frustrations they may have with this can be taken out on the public they claim to be protecting or representing. Ofcourse they all stick together and back each other up, that is why there has been no prosecutions for those responsible for young people dying in police custody, nor any responsibility or blame apportioned to those working in the health services either for neglect, cruelty or culpable homicides.

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      Blah Blah Blah Guy, I think you need thicker tin foil for your hat before the government tries to steal your thoughts.

      Still waiting for you to reply to my questions.

    • I have to take some issue with you there Guy. I understand from your posts that your experience has hardly been positive, and I can’t possibly comment on that, for obvious reasons.

      However, it is in actuality very hard for people employed in the, shall we call them, ‘caring professions’ to whistleblow, as only in a very restricted set of circumstances do workers who follow this procedure have any legal protection, and even then it is extremely fraught, and very often ineffective. There is a very real culture of fear surrounding reporting malpractice, and very often those who do choose to speak out find themselves victimised, even where they were bringing to light legitimate concerns that are protected by whistleblower legislation.

      It also causes many workers to ‘play safe’ and follow policies and procedures to the letter, even where no reasonable person would consider those policies and procedures adequate, or even acceptably humane in some circumstances. To challenge those policies and procedures can be career suicide, as one risks being seen as a troublemaker.

      I’m not in anyway condoning the above kinds of behaviour, my own view can be encapsulated by the phrase ‘publish and be damned’ (And, yes, I have been in a situation where I had to speak out in a situation where policies and procedures were being used to deny a young person the very sanctuary she needed due to a few individuals wanting to ‘cover their backs’. Though I was unhappy with the decision, I was overruled by a superior.

      I was fortunate in that this information didn’t ‘get out’ to my employer, but I felt strongly enough to bring the incident to the attention of someone who could, and would do their utmost to see that there was not a repetition of this kind of situation.

      If the prevailing anti-whistleblower culture was done away with, I’m certain that we’d see a huge increase in reported cases of abuse, bad practice and incompetence.

  11. Have you heard of youth unemployment? Yes there are young people working as doctors,nurses etc, but I wonder how long for if this government have their way, they too may find themselves on the scrap heap, but ofcourse you will argue they will probably do something productive like working voluntarily or whatever.
    The public services is not the be all and end all of working people and are always trying to attract the sympathy vote for jobs a lot of them are remiss in and I’m sure they are a lot of statistics from the voting public that say so too.
    A lot of victims of crime are meeting their attackers face to face and are sympathetic to the fact that some may have been driven to crime, so if they can understand this, how come you can’t – because your an egotistical alarmist ignoramus.

  12. getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

    Yes and I’ve also heard of the youth incentive scheme which gives employers £2,275 if they employ someone between the ages of 18 and 24 and keeps them in work for a minimum of 6 months.

    I’ve also heard of the apprenticeships that are readily available for people of ANY age should they wish to retrain?

    Are you saying there is no benefit to be gained from voluntary work lol? so all those people that volunteer their time for OXFAM and Cancer research are just wasting their time?

    “A lot of victims of crime are meeting their attackers face to face and are sympathetic to the fact that some may have been driven to crime”

    What about the victims of crime that don’t live to face their attacker?

    What about the child molesters that serve 6 months because it’s classed as an illness?

    I don’t know if you have children guy but I’m guessing if you did you wouldn’t rush to hug and forgive the person that has sexually assaulted them?
    Or forgive the drunk that thinks it’s acceptable to smash a pint glass into their face?
    Or god forbid attacks and kills them because “their mum and dad got divorced”?

    Can you honestly sit there and tell me that you would meet and forgive that person?

    Or would you do what the majority ofpeople would do?

    Agree to meet them and happilly beat them to death?

    • Trolling is a art


      You’ve said so much now, but I’ll try my hand at a reply…

      1. You probably should have picked a less insulting name, as you’re obviously not an idiot, and capable of discussing your views sensibly. The name gives the wrong impression.

      2. I agree that, like you, I’d personally want the “eye for an eye” approach. But the Police aren’t there to deliver that. Put simply; in your examples here – yes, I’d want to smack somebody who smacked me, or raped my daughter, or whatever – and yes, I’d probably smile if I saw a policeman carry out my vengeance for me. I’m only human after all. But we can’t allow Police to behave that way on impulse. Some people may not be guilty of anything, for example.The Police are there to prevent crime, sanction it, and bring it before the court – not to dish out punishment themselves. This isn’t Judge Dredd.

      I agree in extreme cases, a smack might be the only way of putting an end to a bad situation. But we see so many examples of this force being used wrongly. I witnessed an officer throw a guy off a brick wall once – simply for stumbling around drunk, chatting to people (in a friendly way, outside a pub) – just one small example there.

      Sure, not all of them are bastards – but you can’t defend this behaviour as a blanket approach. The blanket approach should be to remain calm as long as possible, and only use extreme force if absolutely justified.

      3. You seem to lack understanding of how the unemployed are taken advantage of, and that’s not a “tin foil hat” perspective. It’s just a fact. Even those in jobs are being screwed over by this government. It’s a shame there are so many people who can’t see this, because many of us will suffer – not just those out of work. There are different types of intelligence and awareness, and I can see that you’re not the type of person who is able to think outside the box you’ve been placed in. To that end, it will be pointless for anyone here to attempt to educate you. I’m sorry you have to suffer this predicament.

  13. I wonder what percentage of people would choose your option of retribution, the vigilante approach. I even highlighted a film where children who were taken from their birth parents, put in care then relocated thousands of miles away to be turned into slaves, both work and sex slaves by a religious community all at the behest of the British government.
    Was anybody prosecuted for this ? should we go and beat the perpetrators and the culpable government agents responsible for sending them there?

    Nobody in their right mind would agree that child molesters should be free to molest and murder at will, yet the authorities house them close to schools etc and call this therapy, likewise I don’t think there should be vigilantes acting against them, especiially as some people are innocent, yet have been physically attacked by such people, I know people this has happened to, one was even found guilty of sexual assault to remove him from the wrath of the baying mob, even though he was innocent. Guilty by mob proxy.

    I could go on but I won’t, except to say as someone who has worked for charities myself in the past, nobody should be forced to do so especially as charities are now run on a business exploitative model. People need real jobs with decent wages not more training or apprenticeships which are limited and selective despite what you may have read. So stop judging and start campaigning for a better work/life balance for everybody.

    • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      I agree with almost everything you just said!!!

      The sector I work in encompasses every aspect, I’ve worked with child molesters, murderers and general run of the mill scumbags who think it’s ok to do what they want when they want.

      As for the film about sex slaves, the people responsible should be put into prrison and left until there was nothing left of them apart from bones.

      Where in my post did I advocate vigalantism (if that’s even a word lol)?

      I asked what YOU would do.

      Mob Mentality is the worst decision maker on the planet (these sites border on mob mentality on occasion, just look how many people have wished me harm because of my OPINION on this thread alone lol?)

      As for campaigning………..I work for a non profit organisation that has done more for people in shit circumstances than any other organisation in europe.

      I have helped over 200 people get back on their feet in the past 3 years (although I work more on the mental health side now), everything from arranging housing (sheltered or otherwise), jobs, clothes and training for jobs.

      I don’t sing it from the roof tops, and i walked away from a very well paid job to do it because it matters.

      That is why when people bang on about human rights I get extremely fucked off.

      every government is corrupt

      always has been and always will be.

  14. Johnnie void is the offensive objector a friend of yours? You have been on demonstrations and seen police brutality with no repercussions, do you want those that are targeted by this police state to accept there are no repercussions for them, but they should be some for those operating within this police state and charged with gbh or whatever.
    People who rescue people drowning get hurt in the process, so too do firemen if burning debris falls on them, I’m not saying police should be assaulted in the course of their duty but it is inevitable in some instances.
    Have you seen the brutal way the police act to others who are unaware of their actions namely drunks, or those who have had their drinks spiked, all televised for the consumption of the sadists both watching and acting their part in the name of the LAW.
    Absolutely disgusting..

  15. I’m pleased to see you have moderated your aggression towards those who have replied to you on this site and if as you say you have helped so many people since you ‘gave up’ your well paid job to do this, I think it should be they that should come on to this site singing your praises not you blowing your own trumpet, because your either vying for promotion or resentful at losing your well paid job and forced to work in this sector, the clients of which you appear to resent.
    When I was in hospital, I was in with a nurse who had problems coming to terms with being sexually abused, yet she was employed (but on sick) in a prison which included treating sex offenders – how sick is that? Some people are clearly in the wrong job.

  16. We’re wasting our time folks, “bellend” whatever his moniker is, is either one of IDS’s goons or some sick sad bastard who thinks it’s a huge laugh to kick others when they’re down. He cites his right to “freedom of speech” but when questioned resorts to abusive & insulting comments. We’ve seen off the other trolls such as “Jenny”(remember her) but this one is a different animal altogether,, thick-skinned & without a shred of human decency.

    • I’m in complete agreement here. Whatever it is he calls himself gets some kind of twisted pleasure out of kicking people when they are down, people he thinks himself to be better than.

  17. jv seems to like him!

  18. something survived...

    There’s another thing that can land you a stop and search, questioning, arrest or assault by the police. You can be minding your own business and they approach you and go for you… Breathing while black.
    Cases I’ve heard reported:
    -UK and US athletes while on training runs stopped or arrested for running while black. Sometimes, though obviously emptyhanded, accused of burgling a house!
    -A UK senior official who has been repeatedly arrested or stopped for having a decent car, ‘this is not your car, is it?!’ and also in the street, because he is black. (Reported late 2012)

    Michael Moore’s TV Nation did a good episode on the issues of stop and search, wrongful arrest etc by the police on black people in America, and the idea of arresting ‘a black male’ regardless of who he is just because you want to fit up a random black male, for a crime where the suspect *may* be a black male -or not… It mentioned the beating of the black man before the LA riots, the difficulty getting housing while black… An experiment mentioned in the book and show is for white and black people to pose as potential tenants. In most cases the experimenters found the house or flat was mysteriously taken/unavailable when the tenant was black, then mysteriously available again when the tenant was white. Another experiment cited is the Job Application study. A CV and job application with a stamped addressed envelope, photograph of applicant, etc. is left in a public place like a phone box or station, as if the person forgot to send it or dropped it. So all the person finding it has to do, is put the stuff in the envelope, seal it and mail it. The address is a PO box or the address of the experimenters. In all respects bar one the stats on the CV is the same, so as candidates there is no difference. Except one candidate is white and one is black. Experimenters found that usually people mailed the one for the white candidate only, not if the candidate was black. A close version of the experiment was done with invented candidates (in jobs requiring photos), with high qualifications, for real jobs. The experimenters sent the forms and applications and photos to the real employers, and recorded the responses of the companies. Most of the ‘black’ candidates were not replied to and most of the rest were told the job was taken or there was a better candidate. Candidates offered employment or interviews were usually the white candidates. The same results were obtained from studies in which the applications had no photograph and the data was identical but for the candidate’s name: ‘black’ names usually got rejected. In real job aplications (reasons for doing these studies) black applicants who hadn’t mentioned being black, who were selected for interview on the basis of a ‘white’ or ‘assumed they were white!’ name, were rejected at interview stage for being black.
    Studies repeated on other groups showed employers less willing to hire people with Asian/foreign, Irish, Muslim, ethnic minority sounding names.
    TV Nation did a couple of campaigns. One was where a white man and a black man try to get a taxi. The black man carried a baby and a bunch of flowers. Most cabs didn’t stop for the black man. (UK version, see the poem about trying to get a taxi when you are black, ‘Walking Black Home’ by Benjamin Zephaniah) What is funny (!) [ironic] is that the black man was Hollywood actor Yaphet Kotto, and the white man was a convicted violent criminal ex-prisoner. (If that was the 1990s you might think we have moved on, after all, Obama is president. But in 2012-13 there is a campaign by the Tea Party Movement for the USA to drop all mention of slavery, black history, civil rights, the reasons for the Civil War, black rolemodels etc., from education. They said it’s ’embarrassing’. In fact the version of history they want to be taught in schools/colleges/universities, is one where the blacks are either willing workers for pioneering heroic whites, or recent illegal aliens. Petitions on are trying to stop the Tea Party – Sarah Palin’s lot! – from succeeding in their bid to wipe out black history. One in the UK is trying to stop Michael Gove’s attempt to remove the black nurse Mary Seacole from the national curriculum.)

    TV Nation’s other campaign was about a black man who had been arrested, stopped or questioned by the police dozens of times, for no reason – for being black. They made signs saying for the police to leave him alone. They also reported the problems of ‘driving while black’, when black men are told their car is not their car. Or told that if they bought it it was from money from drug dealing, gunrunning or pimping, which racists say ‘all black men do’.
    Even after desegregation and legal civil rights, black men in America were being beaten up by the police ‘for fun’ into the 70s, 80s, 90s…
    In the UK the ‘sus laws’ ended up targeting black males for police abuse and violence.
    Official report on the police, following the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence: the police were described as “Institutionally racist”.

    The police and other enforcement agencies in the UK are recorded as racist in other sources:
    -The undercover reporters who filmed the police including at police training college, being openly racist. Some officers were sacked as a result.
    -Around the time of the publication of the database of the membership of the BNP, when a lot of police were revealed as members. It then became a sackable offence to be an official BNP member if in the police. Unofficial members and supporters continue in the police.
    -Reports on racist staff in the UKBA and private security firms dealing with asylum seekers and refugees. Reports on the mistreatment of detainees/suspects, in particular the sexual abuse of female detainees in asylum detention centres. No ‘official’ ban on staff belonging to the BNP or another racist group, and many unofficial members, suppporters, allies and sympathisers are still in their jobs. Also decisions to deport are often being made by known racists.
    -Statistics on the number of arrests, custodial sentences, convictions etc. show that police/courts are more likely to arrest/detain, stop/question, give criminal records to, convict or jail black people.
    -Reports by whistleblowers on racist bullying and harassment within the police.
    -Islamophobic incidents; most Muslims are non-European, so this overlaps with racism.
    -Less support for nonwhite victims, witnesses and others.

    Aside from debating race or religion, there is another group that may be targeted just because of who they are (or are perceived to be) and how they look: The deliberate targeting of the poor (or people perceived as poor), as if poverty equates to criminality and immorality.

    Really, the only reason to stop/arrest somebody is because;
    A) The way they are currently behaving (aggressive, drunk, on drugs, hitting people, smashing things up)
    B) You have evidence of them doing, about to do or having done a crime. Or you have evidence they know information you need, eg about another criminal/crime.
    C) They aren’t doing a crime but could be a danger to themselves or become a danger to others (in which case you may need their parents, teachers, carers, Social Services, or the Mental Health Team – not a jail/police cell).

    There’s a video on YouTube of a peaceful demonstration. A woman there was no active part of it and wasn’t even shouting, just walking quietly away. A police officer comes up to her and punches her in the head, knocking her down. (I heard that an officer got prosecuted over this) In the UK we have cases like the killing of Ian Tomlinson (newspaper seller not demonstrator, walking away). The tasering of an old blind disabled man who had a white cane. The shooting of unarmed suspects falsely reported as armed. The use of tasers and teargas on nonviolent environmental protestors including children. The use of preemptive strikes (and police informers, including undercover police rapists who pose as your comrade/lover and then betray you and your group) to round up green activists. Including the raid on a camp that had done nothing, the beating of people, and the stripsearching of children, and destruction of personal property (activists were staying overnight in a school). Including demonstrations where whole coachloads of activists were turned round on the motorway and ‘escorted’ back many miles before even reaching the demo, with no right to stop for food/water/toilets, and no refund of their costs. (In this case the police were found to have acted illegally). Many more cases of ‘collective punishment’ on real or perceived groups because of the (real or imagined) acts of one member. (E.g. a pro-asylum march where a ‘suspect’ got away from police so the police responded by physically attacking unrelated demonstrators, using water cannons, etc. The location was Campsfield House ‘detention and removal centre’, and I know as I was watercannoned.)

    Another weird police practice seems to be, if they can’t be bothered to find the real suspect, finding a random person/people to fit up for the crime when it is obvious they (even if they happen to be a criminal who has done something else unrelated) are totally innocent of the crime, could not have done it, were not there. This appears to ‘close’ a case and means less paperwork?

    So at the very best a report on the police would have to read ‘room for improvement’. There are racists in the police still, and other police could be accurately described as corrupt, lazy, or incompetent. Or at least as ‘inadequate’ or ‘not fit for purpose’. There are probably decent police officers, but the bullying within the force could stifle dissent, and a ‘by the book copper’ who is genuinely impartial could find themselves stifled by their less ‘letter-of-the-law’ colleagues. This applies not just to the police but to any group or institution. Whistleblowers are not popular.
    In the case of the police and some other bodies, the phrases ‘rotten apple in the barrel’ and ‘a whole barrel of rotten apples’ are up for debate. Or the question, ‘how far up does the rot go?’

    Some policemen go above and beyond the call of duty of the regular ‘dodgy’ cop – see stories of police officers who were rapists, murderers,
    and so on. A lot of them went undetected or unpunished for years before ending up in the tabloids. With every mentioned victim there could be many more who have not come forward.
    If any complaint against the police is taken seriously at all, the people who investigate it are: the police. So that really inspires confidence doesn’t it?

    • Thank you. Excellent comment full of accurate information.

    • somethingsurvived.. – Great post. Reading it made me think, and wonder, perhaps it’s the generally hierarchical nature of most of our society that’s partly the problem. I’m sure that many start out with all the right aims, but then become either corrupted by the system, or as you say, have to keep quiet due to the prevailing culture. In that kind of situation an individual has to be in a position of power and influence in order to effect any change, and how often would a decent, fair minded individual stay long enough in that kind of environment? And even if they did, they’d have to at the very least collude with that culture, to an extent condone it in order to have a chance at gaining the promotion to a position where they could effect change. I know some do manage to achieve such positions, but it is rarely the case, as most fair minded decent human beings would want to be as far away as possible from any kind of culture where abuse of power is endemic.

  19. That survey makes the police sound not so bad to be honest.

    I have a deep distrust of police. In Glasgow, the police are just another part of the criminal class; they harass innocent people, enjoy playing good cop-bad cop in pathetic minor situations, beat people up for fun, let murderers walk the streets to kill again and again, call them because someone is trying to break into your house only for them to arrest you and let the thugs have a free for all and send people to jail (along with corrupt magistrates/judges) for years, for stealing a Mars bar that CCTV and several witness could have testify was someone else.

    To most they’ll claim I’m lying or crazy but every poor man, woman and child knows, there’s no justice in Scotland, the system is rotten to its very core. Glasgow is a 3rd world joke of a city (no offence to 3rd world countries meant). I know Glasgow is the extreme, others by far, aren’t as bad but police corruption is something that shouldn’t be swept under a rug. Of course if the government keep getting their way… Glasgow is the future folks.

  20. I think I get it now….spongebobbellend, or whatever his childish little moniker is works for the Salvation Army.
    Explains a lot.

  21. Jeezo bellend ya cranky knob…..turned up to 11….don’t you know what evrybody else on the planet knows? The poleeeeece are just the biggest, most organised gang in town, so they get to “keep the peace….enforce the law.”…..paid for by those make the laws that suit them the best.🔨
    The poorer you are, the less they’ll help you; you’re more likely to be victimised by them, and much more likely to be charged by them.
    However…if you are Jimmy Savile….
    ” Society prepares the crime. Then the criminal commits it. ”
    Get more educated bellendetc.,. before you continue with your right-wing abuse.

  22. ……and if you are black in this ConDemNation….and the police turn their Sauron-like eye upon you…..
    so, spongebobbellend, kiss my rosy red arse, you fuckin’ cunt.

  23. Don’t worry about bellends comments. It just proves the authorities and their shills are worried that the truth is finally getting out. Johnny should be proud he’s getting a reaction from people like this. Don’t rise to his/her bait and be sure to point your family,friends colleagues etc to this site.

  24. I’m not worried in the slightest by spongebobbellend……cretins
    Iike that are grist to my mill, give me renewed vigour to carry on the struggle, and make me laugh : the best medicine of all.
    So, bellend fails in his agenda: well done bellend, and in a strange way….thank you.

  25. No not all Coppers are bastards.Most of their parents were married 🙂 i know 🙂 Could not resist it.
    Some might be thugs of course. But certainly not all. Whereby most criminals are acting out against people and more often than not use thuggish brutality in their methods.
    Violence begets violence. Brute force is alas sometimes called for – however wrong it is. It is a wonder more police do not thump more thugs. Being spat at pissed on and threatened is not funny.
    I do not agree with any kind of brutality. But lets not pretend the wrong doers are all angels and do not throw punches. If coppers are bastards then so to are the thugs and vandals.

  26. Landless Peasant


  27. I agree with most of what you write but not calling all coppers bastards. They deal with things that we’d rather not such as attend the aftermath of major disasters as well as deal with traumatized people who’ve been victims of serious crimes like rape.
    It’s common for people on the Left to attack the police and call them things like pigs or stooges but how many of them wouldn’t call the police if their house was burgled or a loved one was attacked?

    • A very good point. Personally, I have met some very nice police people. I have also been in the unfortunate position to have to call them, and on an individual level they were ok.

      However…In 1994, I ‘offended’ some ‘very powerful people’ whilst being totally powerless, by telling the truth thinking I was helping. I was a very naive young woman, and did not realise how corrupt things were…so I’ve been landed on a black list, and for good. On numbers of occasions I’ve been a victim, and no action is ever taken. It is almost as if the perpetrators are then rewarded. This helps no one. I suffered an assault and battery, late December 2010, along with a couple of others. The police were very helpful at the time…

      No action was taken. My assailant got a payment of Housing Benefit to which he was not entitled, which he pocketed and the Police used me as a scapegoat for the anti social side of his behaviour. They went to the corner shop and told the management it had been my responsibility to control the behaviour of this man (5 foot tall 50 year old woman, 34 ex army male ha ha). There was a lot of anti social behaviour in the area which the police were inept at handling. So they said it was my responsibility to sort it. I was not able to control the behaviour of a large number of drunks and smack heads. I got the moral blame for the lot.

      I have also witnessed 4 police people pin down a 21 year old girl because she asked to finish her drink. That was so rong…

      Yo9u get some nice cops, some horrible cops like the above, but it’s the system that’s corrupt – twisted.



    • The artist formerly known as.....getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

      After spending the weekend watching without commenting the utter shyte and vitriolic abuse spouted on this site I have come to the following conclusions.

      1) People on this site demand fair treatment but refuse to accept (or even respect) the opinion of anyone that disagrees with them.

      2) people on this site claim to be treated like 2nd class citizens through “no fault of their own” and yet have posted death threats and hurled abuse at me for daring to have an opinion that differs from theirs.

      3) Most of the police haters seem to have had a lot of contact with the police throughout their lives and have been on the recieving end of “police innapropriate behaviour”, but have made no apolgy for the reasons the police came after them (therefore no remorse for THEIR OWN ACTIONS)


      5) Anyone who dares to disagree with any comment on this site is IMMEDIATELY branded a Daily Mail reading IDS Stooge and attacked as if they were an enemy of the people.

      6) (and this one really made me laugh because of how ludcrous the claim was) If you live in Glasgow and steal a Mars Bar you get 3 years in prison (seriously?? who the fuck are you Jean ValJean??? been giggling about Les Mis in a glaswegian accent all weekend lol)

      7) There was a party of people not so long ago that held similar views on how to deal with people that disagreed them, you might have heard of them but I’ll give you some clues.

      Ideas about how the perfect government should run?

      Ideas on how dissenters should be dealt with using extreme measures?

      Their way was the right way?

      Thought the world owed them everything?

      Thought there was a massive conspiracy by a global governance (in this case the Jewish people)stopping them achieving their goals therefore set out to destroy it.

      Although they advocated blonde hair and blue eyes not shaved heads and tattoos.

      Still not got it?

      They were called NAZIS.

      All who oppose the views of this site will be crushed under foot right?

      because there seems to be some people on here with an intelligent opinioShame really n to voice.

      Bur who needs democracy when you can shout and bully your point across eh lol?

      • We haff vays of making you butthurt.

      • Hatred is never good but I think you are being too generous to yourself and the fairness of your own comments compared to those whom you complain about. As mentioned above you condemn (through the choice of your name) those whom you do not like even before you begin dialogue. You SHOUT using capital letters, you make claims about helping people in need which makes people think you are a liar because your words don’t resonate with concepts such as concern for others and charity. You cannot blame people for thinking you are merely a troll and what you write has nothing to do with convictions.

        Compare Duncan McFarlane criticism above on the binary thought expression “that all cops are …” with your comments. Duncan wrote “There are a significant minority of bad police ; and self-regulation does not work; and the fact that not one police officer has been convicted for any death in police custody, or for the serious assault on Ian Thomlinson or the death of Jean Charles De Menezes is not acceptable, but “all” police are most definitely not bastards – and the poll responses you cite show that too. If 56% would definitely report a colleague for assault, that means the majority say they would. If “only” 83% thought a police officer punching someone was a serious offence, that means the vast majority think it is. And yes, probably less would actually come forward in reality due to pressure from their superiors or workmates to protect “their own” , but that’s true for whistleblowers in every profession, not just police – that’s sadly part of human nature, which is why whistleblowers are rare in every profession and are usually punished rather than rewarded. So, no, despite the police needing properly regulated by an external body, and despite the common assumption that the police always tell the truth being a wrong one, not all police are bastards at all. Just as in most other professions, while some of them are scum, or a mixture of good and bad like the majority in every profession, some are very decent and admirable people doing their best by everyone and putting themselves through a lot of stress and fear and risk to do it.”.

        If you really want to share your views and hear those of others then try copying Duncan and see how you get on then. Though you might not appreciate it, empathy only comes through hard experience for many people, those who post here are often at then end of their tether through people like you. They don’t need to be told about the strivers/skivers paradigm. They have been forced fed it for soo long by politicians and the media and if you don’t like knee-jerk reactions to more pain being inflicted then try to think for yourself instead of repeating the same old media propoganda.

        • The artist formerly known as.....getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

          Some fair points John and I will take them on board , but regarding them thinking me a troll because of the id I use, by their responses do they not make my assumptions correct?
          regarding my choice of name, I chose that after reading several posts on a diferent thread complaining about Universal Jobmatch and how the government/JCP/DWP are nazis for asking people (supposedly) looking for work to sign up for UJ and looking at people posting excuses for people not to do it. One guy went as far as to claim that the JCP threatened to stop his money for not applying for a job as a bus driver despite the fact he didn’t have a driving licence (an urban legend that’s been around for years and is trotted out on a regular basis)

          I do however see your point that it’s a confrontational name and will change ot after this poost to something more suitable. (fair enough?)

          As for my lack of empathy I have been on both sides of this desk lol, I signed on for 18 months (fair enough for 12 months I had savings to live off so didn’t bother looking for work) and know that it’s not easy for anyone.

          Difference is I got off my arse when money ran out and did something about it instead of bitching about it on a website.

          I have sympathy for GENUIINE unemployed people but unfortunately there’s more pisstakers than you know. but I digress.

          I have no issue with the police simply because I ‘ve never been an issue for them.

          If you are the reason a policeman is knocking on your door and you know you’re in the wrong, why resist arrest unless you intend to offend again?

          Like I’ve said before if you or anyone else on here would turn the other cheek if someone punches you then more fool you lol.

          • “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” is a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Ploceman come from the same stock of human beings that contains the good and not so good. It’s not unreasonable though to consider this particular job a vocation and that people rightly look for higher standards above the norm of society in general. Politicians are in the same boat but I don’t blame anyone for being upset about standards in public life nowadays.

            Taking the law into your own hands in a particular case may seem a perfectly just thing in the mind of one person but very wrong to soemone else. The emergence of civilization is marked by the emergence of social norms that society agrees is for the common good. If everyone decides that they know best then society will tend towards chaos.

            You may live in an area where there is plenty of jobs at present. In my area there are over 23 people chasing each job (low pay/part-time is becomming the norm). You may be in good health and still “young” to be appealing to prospective employers amongst the barrage of cv’s they get for each job but you cannot asssume that this applies to everyone here.

            Comparing the present regime (they weren’t elected) to the Nazis may indeed seem over the top but have you read any of the literature relating to the rise of Nazism and how they handled disabled people, how they developed the forced labour market, how they sought to divide people and scapegoat others? They were ideologues and so are the current crop of Westminster “free”-marketers. What ATOS is doing at the behest of the government is a form of euthansia not just in the metaphorical but literal sense.

            To pick out the extreme cases of fraud in order to whitewash what is being done to everyone else is of course another well known Nazi tactic. Nobody here needs to be told that human beings are not perfect and there will be some who will game any system for ill-gotten gains but you will be subject to ridicule if you use that argument with the vast majority of people who do not fraudulently claim expenses, do not take money for questions, do not take payback after retiring from politics from big business whom they favoured.

            This may seem to you extreme talk but I assure you it is not written in haste of without forethought: There is an ideological war being waged against the unemployed, sick and what are considered the non-productive members of society. One of the main reasons for it is to distract people away from why and who blew up the economy, why no directors are in jail, why huge and increasing rewards are being given to the few whilst the many are having to do without in order to satisfy the pure unalloyed greed of the “free” marketers.

            In the monochromatic world of Ian-Duncan-Smith, Osborne, their think tanks (and lets face it, most of the Labour party) there is only two shades: black and white. There are strivers and skivers etc.. I promise to listen to you if you introduce some colour to your landscape view of the world and leave behind the dishonest rhetoric of Westminster


        • The artist formerly known as.....

          You should actually be apologising fo presuming that my post was in any way aimed at your experience. if what you say is true you have my sympathy. but that doesn’t make all police bad does it?

          • I never said all police were bad

            • The artist formerly known as.....

              Although you where rather quick in attacking me for defending them lol!!

              The main focus of the this thread has been an attempt to label all poilice are bastards (as is highlighted by the intelligently named A.C.A.B) Which the thread in itself proves to be incorrect.

              Admittedly I wasn’t exactly polite but my opinions at least caused some form of debate instead of the usual “yeah, what a set of twats” you usually see on here.

              • you come across aggressively and judgementally. there some frightened and emotionally fragile people on this site, so please will you moderate your tone. you have your right to your opinion, but so do other people. if this was a yahoo groups forum the moderator would have removed you. people bite back.

            • The artist formerly known as.....

              The funniest thing is you said that without a hint of irony lol

              I don’t see your comments chastising the people that were calling me “nazi” or “cunt” or wishing me dead? some notable examples below including one from the MODERATOR of this site lol.

              “so, spongebobbellend, kiss my rosy red arse, you fuckin’ cunt”

              “bellend” whatever his moniker is, is either one of IDS’s goons or some sick sad bastard”

              “exercise some digital revolutionary justice and liquidate the fucker”

              “getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends FUCK OFF! CUNT!”

              Or is that not classed as offensive or aggressive in your eyes?

              Ever heard the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?

              I’d have more respect for your opinions of me if you levelled the same judgement on everyone else.

              But as it is I have to think you a hypocrite. sorry.

              After all isn’t that what you want the most?

              fair treatment?

              I await your defence of everyone else and another attack on me.

          • The artist formerly known as.....

            oops forget the one from JV calling me a knobhead lol, apologies.

            • you started it.

              • The artist formerly known as.....

                Seriously?? That’s your big comeback??

                Find a comment from me calling anyone a cunt, wishing them death, or any other threats?

                Go on I dare you.

                I notice with some sadness that you fail to defend your one sided “anti offensive” comments attack that you so happilly launched in my direction.

                Funny that isn’t it?

                • Bellend, you started it by calling yourself and everyone else a dick/knobhead and therefore the moderator was only addressing you by your chosen name.
                  U came on this site to inflame and upset people and to moralise. Goodbye

                • The artist formerly known as.....


                  Strangely enough I can’t find any comments like that in my posts.

                  Maybe IDS removerd them for me (well he gets blamed for everything else doesn’t he)

                  All I have done is instigate a debate instead of the “yeah what a twat he is” style of comment that usually appears on here.

                  Maybe the idea of an opposing opinion is what reallyoffends you cassandra as you have yetto come up with any proof whatsoever of your accusations.

                  And judging by the goodbye you have no intention of doing so.

                  Shame that someone that preaches fairness doesn’t want to take part eh Cass?

                • getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends

                • The artist formerly known as.....


                  That’s it?

                  That’s your big proof lol???

                  What a joke, I almost feel bad for you that your only attempt at defending your oneside view of abuse on this site (e:g if it attacks me in anyway it’s fine but if I say anything it’s wrong lol) is to use my id (which I think you’ll find I have since changed) as the sole basis of your argument.

                  I have still yet to see your condemnation for the abuse hurled in my direction or is it a case of I threw the first punch so I deserved it?

                  (you might want to think carefully before answering that as you’ll defeat all your earlier arguments regarding the polices right to defend themselves)

                  I eagerly await your reply.

                • The artist formerly known as.....

                  Are you just posting random things now Cassandra and trying to pass them off as proof?


      • Oh look, Godwin’s Law. So soon.

        Mate, you really are fairly small minded. Your little rant there appears to be describing yourself more than anybody else here.

        You’re the one who stormed in throwing your “opinion” around in an aggressive manner. The people here have mostly just replied to you in a civil manner, but you continue to reply with judgemental, aggressive nonsense. I’ve seen plenty people “accept” and respect your opinion. The reason you can’t see that is because you want to be right, more than want your opinion to be taken on board. Unfortunately, you’re not right – and you won’t convert anybody – especially not the way you go about it.

        And all the while, you’re ending every other sentence with the word “lol” like some sort of freaky 90s man child.

        Just give up. You’re trying to argue with a group of people who are obviously a lot better informed, and a lot more intelligent than you. It’s actually a waste of your own time.

        • To save somebody the bother invoking Godwins “Law” I will quote from the sourced Wikipedia article the following:
          “Godwin’s law itself can be abused as a distraction, diversion or even as censorship, fallaciously miscasting an opponent’s argument as hyperbole when the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate.[8] Similar criticisms of the “law” (or “at least the distorted version which purports to prohibit all comparisons to German crimes”) have been made by Glenn Greenwald.[9]”

          Then again though the Nazi’s killed men, women and children we in the West dismember babies before they leave their Mothers wombs. After reading the stories about the cruelty of ATOS and Work Program staff I don’t think German human beings in the 1930’s are so different from their British brothers and sisters today. The following is a quote from last weeks debate in parliament:
          “There are a number of well supported cases were people have taken their own lives because of this system. It is not too strong I don’t think to say that this coalition government has blood on its hands for the deaths of those individuals” Jones (Labour)
          [It was Labour who first hired ATOS]


          • Well I was talking to the other guy, John – and agree with you. But thanks for that all the same.

            • Thanks I wasn’t sure when I first read this part of the thread. For me the common denominator is fundamentalism, the domain of the ideologue. It works in economics, politics, religion…. There is only Our Truth and You all must accept it as being true. T.I.N.A

        • The artist formerly known as.....

          Mike, if you have read any of my more recent posts you will see that I hvave moderated my behavuiour and language towards other users on here .

          As for the “plenty” of people that have accepted and respected my opinion I think I counted 3 comments that in anyway supported my views. (I could be wrong and I’m sure it will be pointed out if I am)

          As for Godwins Law…..To call me childish for using “lol” and then invoking Godwins law seems to be a bit pointless especially when as part of Godwins Law clearly states

          “whoever points out that Godwin’s law applies to the thread is also considered to have “lost” the battle, as it is considered poor form to invoke the law explicitly”

          So ner ner ne ner ner and furthermore “sucks to be you”

          And further furthermore

          “One common objection to Godwin’s law is that sometimes using Hitler or the Nazis is a perfectly apt way of making a point. For instance, if one is debating the relative merits of a particular leader, and someone says something like, “He’s a good leader, look at the way he’s improved the economy”, one could reply, “Just because he improved the economy doesn’t make him a good leader. Even Hitler improved the economy.” Some would view this as a perfectly acceptable comparison. One uses Hitler because he is a universally known leader and the example requires no explanation.”

          So really Godwins law is indeed a complete waste of time.

          And as for dealing with people more knowledgable and intelligent……I would never be so egotistical as to think I was anything other than their equal.

          Just saying…….

          • I have seen you attempt to moderate your behaviour, yes.

            You state “As for the “plenty” of people that have accepted and respected my opinion I think I counted 3 comments that in anyway supported my views.”

            Those are two different things. Accepting and respecting are not the same as supporting. As I suggested before – you aren’t mindful or accepting of people listening to you – you want them to agree with you, or nothing.

            I actually happen to think you display a certain degree of intelligence, to be honest. However, you have said plenty here to suggest you believe you are better than people here; so that whole “equal” line doesn’t wash I’m afraid.

            Anyway, arguing with each other is ultimately pointless. I do not class you as a troll or a Daily Mail reader, or a Nazi. But I do think you’re wasting your time, and this whole “everyone vs. you” thing is going nowhere. And yes, everyone else is wasting their time arguing with you too. Including me.

            I’m unsure what you hoped to gain, other than to just “be” in an argument.

            • The artist formerly known as.....


              All I hoped to achieve was to give voice to an opinion that differed from the usual “class war” sheep comments that all authority is evil and corrupt.


              As soon as I realised how easily their cages could be rattled of course I carried on!!

              And because I did this thread has almost a hundred comments (mostly attacking me or insulting me I’ll grant you) that have forced it to the point of an actual debate.

              Some people have made themselves look like absolute simpletons whilst others have actually voiced an opinion other than their yusual “yeah the twats” response.

              For this I make no apology.

              As for those that have been offended by my posts I have to admit that I am happy about that for the simple reason they think uit’s fine to sit here slagging off everyone and everything but have now proved themselves incapable of handling not only an opposing point of view but also criticism of their point of view.

  28. Nurse on the House

    @ getajobyouspongingtinhatwearingbellends it is time for your medication!

  29. Dirty Davey’s down the front
    He’s met the coppers there
    They’ll take you in ’cause they hate your skin
    And you’re dragged away by the hair

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law
    Well Davey’s out on two weeks bai
    l And he’s down the town to score
    When it all falls in and he’s pinned by the chin
    And they’ve busted every floor

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law
    Davey’s down the old gray squat
    And he’s lying with his lass
    Brick through the pane and he’s out on the lane
    With the bailiffs and the glass

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law

    The court comes up on a Monday morning
    And Davey’s in the dock
    He can’t stop his tears when he gets two years
    And he can’t turn back the clock

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law

    Well Davey’s had it up to here
    Banging his head on the wall
    So he’s tied his pants to the prison bars
    And he’s hung till he’s clear of it all

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law

    There’s a law for the rich and a law for the poor
    And a law for Dirty Davey
    His body’s gone but his soul lives on
    Here’s to you Dirty Davey

    It’s a kick in the head and a prison bed
    And you tell me it’s the law

    Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
    And you tell me it’s the law
    Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
    And you tell me it’s the law
    Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
    And you tell me it’s the law
    Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
    And you tell me it’s the law

    — Dirty Davey

    Dirty Davey

  30. Death in protective custody is regrettable ,but why are you there in the first place ? This Government is overseeing the deaths of thousands of innocent members of the Public through their draconian Welfare Reforms .I don’t see any constructive comments regarding an overt public action such as this only sniping about if a copper hits someone ,I would be more inclined to try to spot a copper on duty never mind see one hitting somebody .

  31. David Elms

    innocent people are also being jailed or put into mental hospitals for opposition to welfare reforms.

    • The artist formerly known as.....


      I know I said I would curb my language in responses but don’t talk bollox. that’s as bad as the guy claiming they threatened to stop his benefits if he didn’t apply for a bus driver job despite not being able to drive.

      If this is the case where you live then perhaps a move to the UK where these sorts of injustices don’t happen (very often anyway)

      Claims like that are one of the reasons people on these threads don’t get taken seriously.

    • And your point – Ken Clarke introduced Care in the Community – closed 90% of mental health hospitals down and subjected mentally ill patients after being sectioned into prison,my contention has always been those with mental health problems appreciate what is basically right and wrong,you have gone off on a tangent to the original discussion of the Police

  32. formerly known as:

    I stand by every word I have written to be true, people are being detained because of opposition to welfare reform in the uk, I was one of them.

  33. I opposed these reforms when they were first instigated by new labour in the form of new deal, a concept that was anything but – work providers only tried to fob me off onto charities when I was looking for a reasonably paid job.(charities I have worked for in the past) My benefits were duly sanctioned year upon year for opposing this, I was thrown into police cells for staging a’ sit in ‘in the job centre one year, for requesting hardship allowance after 7 months of benefits sanctions.

    I was hampered from claiming housing benefit by labour run councils who thought I should not be opposing their third way ideology, even though I was entitled to it on a nil income basis.

    The housing association, run by ex council workers kept harassing me for rent money while I was pending housing benefit , which was eventually back dated to me in full, only after the housing association had me thrown into a mental hospital on the grounds I was mentally ill for putting myself in an eviction situation, under the guise they were concerned for me and am now classified as a mentally ill vulnerable person even though I was not facing eviction due to my entitlement and was not mentally ill. They also had me removed from the housing office by police for raising my voice, when a junior assistant was losing the argument regarding my entitlement to housing benefit and my requesting they stop sending eviction letters.

    This government are making sure benefit claimants cannot meet their housing needs with benefit caps and bedroom taxes,reduced council tax benefit along with the unreasonable request to run around like hamsters on a wheel looking for jobs that do not exist and why I still oppose all welfare reform on the grounds that it is discriminatory and inhumane, but do not expect you to agree with me.

    • The artist formerly known as.....

      Some key points from your argument.

      ” was thrown into police cells for staging a’ sit in ‘in the job centre one year, for requesting hardship allowance after 7 months of benefits sanctions.”

      That’s imprisonment for a public order offence not opposing welfare to work, and you don’t state why you were sanstioned for 7 months.

      “I was hampered from claiming housing benefit by labour run councils”

      I thought Labour where the best thing ever lol?

      “the housing association had me thrown into a mental hospital on the grounds I was mentally ill for putting myself in an eviction situation”

      How can I put this without sounding abusive?

      Don’t talk such utter bollocks. Las t time I checked the Housing association has the power to evict you for non [payment of rent, Only a doctor can “throw” you in a mental institution after he has examined your mental state. I’ve nearly had my house repossessed a dozen times and have had countless warrants for repossession through being unable to pay my mortgage and surprisingly I am not typing this from a state run asylum for the mentally ill.

      “They also had me removed from the housing office by police for raising my voice, when a junior assistant was losing the argument regarding my entitlement to housing benefit and my requesting they stop sending eviction letters.”

      Quite right to, who are you to scream at a “junior” assistant that is only doing his/her job? But if you think it’s ok to go into the housing association office ranting and raving and then proceed to bully the office junior (so brave) and be allowed to do this without any action being taken then you’re a fool.

      The best way of stopping eviction notices is PAY YOUR RENT,

      “This government are making sure benefit claimants cannot meet their housing needs with benefit caps and bedroom taxes,reduced council tax benefit along with the unreasonable request to run around like hamsters on a wheel looking for jobs that do not exist and why I still oppose all welfare reform on the grounds that it is discriminatory and inhumane, but do not expect you to agree with me.

      Again absolute bollocks, You are referring to the impending arrival of “Universal Credit”
      the “bedroom tax” you refer to is to prevent single people living in accomodation meant for families (for eg a single person living im a 3 bedroom council house while a family of 4 share a 1 bedroom flat) and it makes total sense.

      Benefit will be capped at £350 per week per household. or £1400 per month.

      They have also stated that you will be no worse off on Universal Credit as this is aimed at new claims.

      As for you being “unreasonably” expected to look for a job.

      Are you for real?

      you’ll happilly take the money but oppose everything put in place to actually make you find a job?

      All your post actually says is

      “I don’t want a job, I want free money and housing and not have to take any responsibility for my life, I refuse to work for a living and will continue to live off the handouts of those that do until the day I die, If anyone questions me about this I will resort to shouting and aggressive behaviour or childishly sit on the floor and pout because I can’t get my own way and all this is because it’s obviously everyone elses fault I’m this way, I refuse to abide by the same rules as everyone else an I refuse to have the standards expected of an adult”

      Now if you’d posted that you would have had my total agreement, as it is your post fills me with nothing but a pity that’s bordering on contempt for you.

      • //That’s imprisonment for a public order offence not opposing welfare to work, and you don’t state why you were sanstioned for 7 months.//

        Yes, yes he did; he said he received sanctions for refusing to participate in the New Deal, that extended to HB althought they really ought not to have.

        //I thought Labour where the best thing ever lol?//

        Labour might not be, but grammar are.

        //Don’t talk such utter bollocks. Las t time I checked the Housing association has the power to evict you for non [payment of rent, Only a doctor can “throw” you in a mental institution after he has examined your mental state. I’ve nearly had my house repossessed a dozen times and have had countless warrants for repossession through being unable to pay my mortgage and surprisingly I am not typing this from a state run asylum for the mentally ill//

        I understood that guy meant that the HA had assisted the mental health people who were looking to detain him on mental health grounds, provided supporting evidence that left guy feeling betrayed because his motives for dissent were political, and his autonomy was violated on unfair grounds.

        guy fawkes – I wouldn’t bother wasting your time with this uneducated rube. Seen him thinking he can lecture and judge? Hilarious, when he can’t even cobble together adequate sentences. One minute he’s happy with a car and a mortgage, the next it’s repossession warrants due to non-payment of a mortgage. One minute he’s worked in a caring capacity for disabled people, the next he’s voicing his contempt for a person who has mentioned that mental health services have been heavily involved in their lives. The best part is how the clown thinks he’s something special and clever. He’d be laughed out of town at any academic function if he started trying to debate like he does here, I mean total fucking humiliation, people would think he’d been brought as a funny joke.

        I like reading your comments guy fawkes 🙂

      • @ The artist formerly known as….. FUCK OFF! CUNT!

  34. If David Elms was referring to me also when he asked what is your point.
    The point is that councils use taxpayers money to commission police, social services, mental health services etc. and appear to be using and abusing these services for their own ends, no questions asked? So is it a case of he who pays the piper calls the tune, because the council and housing associations think they can call them and get away with lying to have you either arrested or sectioned.
    yet if you have a justifiable reason not to be harassed by them, the police will not act on your complaint against these public services, they’re all in it together.

  35. I read it chewie – very interesting and not surprising.


    If i punched someone I would expect one back in return!!

    You said that yourself. You just delivered an emotional punch to Guy, and this is why people hit back at you. Please will you stop.

    As for random postings they are real yahoo groups, and I think you might be very happy in the second two. First one was a joke (sorry), but why not enjoy discussion with like minded people. I’m sure this site has given you plenty to get you going…

    • The artist formerly known as.....

      I don’t post anything I don’t expect in return, neither do I complain when they reply in kind cassandra,.

      Codewordconduit, I apologise for grammatical errors, had I known I would lose marks I would have paid more attention when typing. Apologies.

      • //Codewordconduit, I apologise for grammatical errors, had I known I would lose marks I would have paid more attention when typing. Apologies.//

        Quite alright. I’d have used a semicolon instead of that second comma in your first sentence though.

        Half an hour detention.

  37. codeword conduit

    Thanks for saving me the time to reply to the ‘piss artist’ who is deliberately ignoring the points that you made for me, i.e. It was as you stated because I refused to work voluntarily when put on the new deal, something I had done in the past when having to stay at home because my son was ill and could not take a job because of the time off I would need, but was not what I was looking for in terms of employment.

    My second point, was that I had had no dealings with mental health prior to the housing office calling for an assessment under the mental health act, not because ‘I shouted and screamed at a junior office worker’, she only said that to the police because she could not explain why I was getting eviction notices when I was entitled to housing benefit. To raise your voice to show your exasperation at the incompetence facing you is quite different from shouting and screaming, plus this one incident actually happened four years before they had me detained under the mental health act, and why I have ever since refuse to be summoned to their office to be set up.

    My third point is that every time after that when my benefits were repeatedly stopped for the same reason that you managed to grasp, they sent the mental health services to my door to have me detained. This harassment was all designed to get me to accept a benefit system that has been reformed to the detriment of those that are reliant on it. I have A levels, was doing a degree at university until job seekers allowance came in and pulled me off my pt course and have had plenty of work experience and training, but like those even more qualified than me cannot find something that does not exist, but which the P… artist thinks does. not that I would refuse a job.

    I paid into a system that is supposed to financially support you when sick or unemployed not as PA states I am looking for handouts. He obviously has come onto this site looking for a fight and doesn’t care what clap trap he is spouting and is why I am clarifying things to you as opposed to him/her. I will save my fighting for those that are really abusing the largesse of the taxpayer i.e. politicians, wp providers, atos,corrupt public services etc etc.

  38. PS The corrupt doctors/psychiatrists that are in league with the self interested public servants, know that it was for political reasons I was detained, but diagnose otherwise so that they can use the system against you time and time again unjustifiably. Thanks again for your comments codeword conduit.

  39. Just for the record those who have mortgages and need mortgage relief deal with job centre only, they do not have to go to the council for housing benefit nor to a housing association who say you owe rent when you don’t.
    I repeated the fact that if I was supposed to owe rent that I should have been taken to court for rent arrears, not sent to a mental hospital, but they knew I owed no rent so used the mental health services to shut me up instead of taking me to court.

  40. It would be interesting reading to know how the p…artist houdini type character got into and out of mortgage arrears so often also – bad management of finances, buying too much sauce or other substances given the style of his/her writing or was mugged often for opening his twisted prejudiced trap.

    • As for your sit down protest being being worthy of “imprisonment for a public order offence” all I can say is that you follow in the line of people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and all the others who used peaceful protests to restore or obtain civil rights. Forced labour is a form of slavery.

  41. Such people were my hero’s too, including malcolm x ,despite him having a different approach in the form of direct action.

    • I was watching a documentary last year on the Freedom Riders and it was shocking to see the level of violence directed towards those who didn’t fight back but simply took all the kicks and punches. These people of peace are my inspiration. It’s people like them who shine out as beacons of light in a dark world.

  42. Casandra479 I forgot to thank you for your brave effort in getting rid of the bully.

  43. Yes I know the history especially of the first black woman to oppose giving up her seat on the bus in 1955, Rosa Parks. It pays to be obstinate or tenacious in you opposition to injustice and of course there is no injustice like apartheid, where you can be condemned for the colour of your skin.

  44. There looks a good film on tomorrow night on E4 called American History x
    at 10.05 pm.

  45. Sorry it’s on itv 4 not E4.

  46. nightplumber

    American activist history is relevant to police brutality post.

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