Co-op Ditch Atos – Keep Up The Pressure, It Works!

atos_logo_killsIn the face of protests both on and offline, The Co-operative Group have ditched poverty pimps Atos as their occupational health provider.

The Co-op posted the following on their facebook page this afternoon:

“Hello everyone, here is an update as promised on our occupational healthcare provider, many thanks for your patience on this matter.

The Co-operative Group can confirm that a robust procurement process considering, amongst other factors, cost, operational efficiency and geographical capability is currently underway for our occupational health services provider. Having been scored against an agreed set of parameters and against other bidders, Atos Healthcare have not progressed to the later rounds of that process and our intention is to have a new provider in place when the current contract terminates.”

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37 responses to “Co-op Ditch Atos – Keep Up The Pressure, It Works!

  1. A mandy rice Davies moment “they would say that wouldn’t they ?”

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  4. hahaha but atos didnt get to the next tier my arse its all those who rallied against this so atos eat sh—- but then they still other places time to throw this evel company out for good jeff3

  5. It still won’t bring me back into their blooming shops until they bring their blooming prices down!

  6. What about CO OP doing the banking for ATOS?
    Any news there?

  7. If we get Chinese style factories in UK this is what to expect .low wages and a sleeping bag.

    The position of workers who sleep on the premises is under review. The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills advises that workers need not be paid the minimum wage in respect of the period when they are not actually working, provided that:
    The employment contract clearly sets out the period when the worker is permitted to sleep, and the employer provides suitable sleeping facilities.

  8. Atos Kills?
    Kill Atos!

    • Free spray tan to find work:

      Then get sanctioned by the Jobcentre cause they think you’ve been in the Med for a week and half.

      • something survived...

        Forget the med, what about medICAL? They stopped my dole (and HB) ‘accidentally’ for 4 months because on the day due to sign on, (though I had prior arrangements with them and a reassurance it wouldn’t happen),
        I was in hospital. Someone ‘forgot’ to press a button to excuse me from signing. And instantly my benefits all got stopped, and suddenly my account was empty when I really needed money. To pay the private meals on wheels (I couldn’t get NHS or social services), I had to take out loans/credit card debt. At current rate I’ll be 97 before I pay it back.
        Managed to get back to my city. Was supposed to be resting and recovering, but on first day back I had to go directly to the jobcentre then walk miles more to and from there and the post office. Split incisions and bled a lot as a result, not that those heartless swine gave a toss. In severe pain as I had no adequate pain relief. The drugs I had only made me feel sick and ‘off my face’. Very hard to argue anything when you are not feeling in control due to medication. After 4 months my benefits were restored but no compensation or back pay, as in restarted from 4 months after. As well as that I had to sign on with no dole AND go to Work scheme run by WORKING LINKS. The pricks there insisted I should go and carry bricks up ladders! I was there days after coming back from hospital. They wrecked what was supposed to be recovery time. On a good day I am still tiny, underweight, unable to lift heavy stuff. Still having ME, vertigo, dizziness, epilepsy and blackouts. Ditto bad back, hernia, etc. They said I should be a hod carrier. In fact during ‘interviews’ at my Working Links sessions the tossers suggested that I should stop all my pain meds just so I could be more lucid to talk to them, the pain meds hardly working but at least stopping me screaming all the time. They also said they (nondoctors) were the ones to decide when I was fit for work. Morons. One day I nearly took off my dressings at them, glad I didn’t as I have crap blood clotting and was on warfarin too. Could have bled out if I’d done that. All their placements (then and again now) were (and are) still in Building. Aside from me not being able to lift stuff or safe to climb, all the dirt on building sites is surely not good to get into open incisions???? Thankfully the building site people told me to fuck off : ‘Who sent us THAT???!’, meaning me.
        Now my general (background level) health is much worse they want me to go and do asbestos removal. About my 8th or 9th time with Working Links. ‘Every time they are obtuser, cuntier, and madder than the previous time’.

        • JCP told me I should train to be a PSV driver until I pointed out that on my file it clearly states as I am insulin dependant I can only drive cars and car based vans, idiots

          • It wasn’t JCP but Remploy who should know better that told me I should think of taxis busses or HGV for future employement. This was despite supposedly knowing that my medication prevents me from such activities

  9.  The BMA was not consulted in advance of Atos Healthcare issuing their fee rates in either September 2005, or September 2006. The Association has however been in communication with Atos Healthcare to highlight the need to ensure that fees for non-NHS work are linked with GPs’ actual remuneration and that fees are comparable with market rates.
    Doctors undertaking work for Atos Healthcare almost invariably come from an NHS general practice background and the serious deterioration in comparative remuneration means that recruitment and retention of doctors is likely to become increasingly difficult.
    The BMA firmly believes that if the issue of remuneration is not addressed then there is likely to be a further deterioration in morale amongst doctors undertaking this work and further reductions in the availability of the medical workforce.
    An increasing amount of medical services work is now being undertaken by doctors from overseas and the BMA believes that they are entitled to reasonable remuneration for this important work.
    The Association’s concerns have been raised at Ministerial level and we continue to monitor the situation and submit annual fee proposals to Atos Healthcare and request the opportunity to enter into direct negotiations. A lack of agreement with Atos Healthcare, however, means that their rates remain well behind the BMA Treasury rate for Government departments and agencies.

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  11. Atos fail to get world domination lets hope they lose the VOSA contract when that’s up for grabs though as they own Siemens its unlikely

  12. So the BMA sell their souls to ATOS if the price is right?

  13. This is great news!
    Why am I not suprised that Atos own Siemens, the company that built the Nazi Gas Chambers!

  14. Looks like the goalposts have been moved again -

  15. The above link’s not working, you have to copy & paste.

  16. A rant a day keeps the fascists away.

  17. we wish!!

  18. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  19. Why are the main stream media not picking up on the coop ditching atos , in fact why did it take over 3 yrs for it to be discovered that they had a contract with them ? Are they so behind or do they think that no one cares enough ? Either way this has been a very good result for putting pressure on a company to change its behaviour.

  20. Well it is no srprise that Atos is being dropped like a hot potato. It is in partnership with Remploy which as we all know, and I do as an ex employee, is in turn part of the Government or at least it was when the DWP wanted to restrict pay and condition improvements. At least the Redruth MP likes Atos as the chairman of the CONservative disability committee.

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  23. When government has enough corruption in it to the point of the evidence everywhere, no responsible person can put anything important in the hands of government, even medical care. The whole must go for a complete change and allow no holes for corruption again.

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