Matthew Oakley: Tory Stooge Appointed to Independent Welfare Scrutiny Commitee

matthew-oakleyA Tory stooge who works for the Policy Exchange think tank has been appointed to the so called independent Social Security Advisory Committee by Iain Duncan Smith.

Matthew Oakley appears to one of those chinless failures who’s bummed about doing non-jobs at the government and whose only experience of social security is writing sub Daily Mail rants about benefit scroungers and the urgent need for more welfare cuts.

Despite this he’s now being paid a tidy £256.80 a day of tax payer’s cash to provide ‘expert’ advice on welfare reform.

The SSAC are a body whose job it is to scrutinise any changes to laws which may affect social security.  Whilst they have no formal power, the government must legally consult them on new legislation.  Shortly after this Government weren’t elected, the committee issued a scathing report on the plans for mass workfare.

Not long after this the head of the Committee was replaced by DWP stooge, Paul Gray.  Then last year Manpower stooge, Keith Faulkner was appointed to the committee.  Faulkner is the former head of workfare company Working Links –  a front for the global recruitment firm Manpower who have long been trousering huge sums of cash as part of the welfare reform racket.

Manpower also fund the Centre for Social Justice, Iain Duncan Smith’s weird Christian think tank who have generated much of the misinformation and outright garbage that is currently spouted about welfare by DWP Ministers.

The rest of the crap has come from the Policy Exchange, a kind of corporate subsidised employment scheme for rich kids who are too lazy to get a real job and too stupid to be proper academics.   Matthew Oakley is their Head of Economics & Social Policy.  He was recently behind the Welfare Reform 2.0 document which calls for even more state harassment of people in part time work or on low wages.

Before working at the Policy Exchange Oakley was an advisor at the Treasury and also worked on the white paper outlining Universal Credit – the sweeping and botched changes to welfare currently being mismanaged by Iain Duncan Smith.

It appears that Oakley will not leave his lucrative job at the Policy Exchange, meaning he will now be paid by a right wing think tank to propose changes to welfare and then be paid by the tax payer to ‘independently’ scrutinise those changes.

Much of welfare reform is already unravelling largely because of hare-brained schemes dreamed up by think tanks who couldn’t even be bothered to learn about the very system they were proposing to reform.

That clueless idiots like Oakley are now being rewarded with tax payer funded jobs for their role in the shambles suggests it’s full steam ahead for yet more crazy schemes at the DWP.

Oakley is on twitter @PXEconomics

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45 responses to “Matthew Oakley: Tory Stooge Appointed to Independent Welfare Scrutiny Commitee

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  2. His relative Caroline oakley is contributor to the sunday politics programme and is a journalist for the times I believe – more sinecures for those with family connections.

  3. Sorry I got that post wrong its caroline Oakshott so no relation lol

  4. “recent research has suggested that Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants spend as little as eight minutes a day searching for work”

    Where do they get these figures from, because it sure takes me a hell of a lot longer each day to look for work – sometimes it’s like trying to find a needle in a freaking hay stack.

  5. I will get it right, whats the matter with me today, Isabella oakshott is on sunday politics. How come Matthew Hancock was not sanctioned for turning up late for an appointment like the unemployed are?
    When it comes to welfare everyone involved in it’s destruction are paid by results, yet when it comes to employment, housing, transport no such system exists for those responsible for the state of these departments.

  6. “£256.80 a day of tax payer’s cash”, thats more than I get a fortnight on ESA. Bastards!!!!!!!!

  7. jobs for the boys they have no shame at all

  8. If you look at Mr oakley’s related work’ mind the gap’ published in the policy exchange, he is putting the case for rises to his already inflated salary, by highlighting the differentials in public sector pay to private sector pay and their specific regions. So the political class want as much for related jobs as that in the private sector in London. Page 3 of this report is telling in it’s employment rates for city of london and middlesbrough.

  9. Ive got one of those atos healthcare forms sent me. Bloody hell there’s lots of it who thought this crap up ?

  10. I see pensions are expected to rise above inflation if calculated at present,another vote winner that will push up the welfare bill.

  11. Yosserian Hughes

    “The rest of the crap has come from the Policy Exchange, a kind of corporate subsidised employment scheme for rich kids who are too lazy to get a real job and too stupid to be proper academics.”

    Summed up perfectly. Produce nothin’ & get £££squintillions off their fellow underqualified, inadequate imbecile paymasters. Fuckin’ talkin’ shop gobshites paid to dream up new ways to harrass, defile & dispossess the weakest & most vulnerable.

    Hope they all die screamin’ – shower o’shite that they are. And I hope that toff gobshite oliff-cooper’s left until last; so he can watch them all suffer first.

  12. They call Westminster the village more like city, for advisers,researchers, secretaries, civil servants and bar and catering staff – just what do ministers do for themselves?

  13. When are we going to get up off our arses and actually do something about his government, IT has been done in the past, Maggie, Tony, Jim, John Wilson all past PMs who were forced out of office come on people lets all do something we can,t do it on our own but with the support of everyone who is up in arms about everything this government is doing, stands for..well there seems to be quite a lot of us lets do it come on .

  14. £256 per DAY for doing fuck all? That just a tad under a MONTH’S DLA.! Great life for some..

  15. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  16. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Another utterly clueless Tory MORON who doesn’t have any understanding of basic, simple economics ie the law of supply and demand of labour which I learnt about whilst doing GCSE Economics at school! The REAL PROBLEM is that there are not enough jobs in the country for the numbers of unemployed ie there is a a MASSIVE imbalance between the numbers of REAL vacancies and the number of unemployed job seekers. A healthy labour market HAS TO BE CREATED FIRST and ONLY THEN do you have appropriate labour market programmes to guide the unemployed into the the appropriate vacancies. That is no doubt one of the main reasons Iain Dumbo Shit’s so-called ‘Work Programme’ has been a total failure.

    FFS, just how many years do the unemployed and others with a modicum of intelligence have to tell both Tory AND Labour what the problem is?


    It is high time that cretin IDS was removed from his post. The bloke is so thick he isn’t even capable of being a parliamentary private secretary let alone the Secretary of State! The so-called ‘Quiet Man’ should stay silent as whenever he opens his gob on welfare moronic crap spews from it.

  19. Think tanks or wonk tanks as I call them produce reams of ill thought prejudice laden garbage .
    The Adam smith institute produced a report that suggested privatisation of the pavements was a good idea complete with profit zones and gold plated paving stones

    • The irony I find is that government are voted in by the electorate (or NOT in the coalition case), only to have a corporate think tank dream up policy for them. What’s the point in having a government that cannot think for itself – I guess it says alot about the intellect of politicians of today.

  20. It often amazes me where and how they get their statistics from .
    5 % of middle aged people wait on average 45 minutes at a bus stop for their bus and upon arriving at home take off their coat make a cup of tea and eat jam on toast and later go to the toilet and have crap lasting up to six minutes

  21. nobody in government should get £256 a day, not even that snooty arse cameron and on top of expenses too, deary me.

    • something survived...

      Now, wait a second.. if the £256 was for doing it with a pig (see Channel 4 drama about prime minister) on television and the internet… that is only a couple of annual TV licences. I guess we might pay to watch….

  22. The £256 per diem of OUR money paid out to these fascist twats to aid them in wrecking our lives is just chump change to the likes of the well-connected mummies’ boys who are galumphing around fucking up the cuntry now that nanny’s let them off the leash.

  23. Are they phasing out the phone line ? They say they do not take references with letters at the start.

  24. starwars

    They would like to phase out the Jobseeker’s phone line and have everyone use computers to access Universal Jobmatch. Callers enquiring about job vacancies are no longer asked for their National Insurance number and their identity is no longer confirmed. Those taking the calls seem to have been given a list of questions to ask callers concerning what steps their local job centres have taken to make them sign up to UJ. If it is in written into someone’s Jobseeker’s Agreement that they must phone the line every week, then the person is required to phone. In some cases it might be possible to identify a caller using his or her first name combined with the nature and location of the job search.

    • something survived...

      On the rare times I’ve got through to an actual person, as opposed to a computer, recorded message etc or had it cut me off, they have been:
      -Far away with no knowledge of local area or where any of the jobs discussed actually are located and how to get there.
      – Obviously not their real name
      -Cannot understand me and I can’t understand them
      -Cannot hear me and I cannot hear them
      -Unable to supply basic job details such as what company it’s for, what the job is, what it involves, how much the pay is, where it is, how to contact employer….
      -completely ignorant about everything including their own job, the distance between their call centre and the jobcentre, and the rules on jobseekers.

  25. Mainstream NuLabour in Westminster may be supine and even supportive of ConDem welfare reforms, but Labour in Wales at least isn’t fooled… it’s just a shame they can’t do anything to oppose the changes that will blight so many lives.

  26. So many good mp’s get swallowed up by bad policies their party leaders follow like sheep, or are a lone independent voice against such policies.

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