Blundering Boris Leaves London To Burn: Fire Stations Slashed

fireman-samBullingdon buffoon Boris Johnson has let the clown mask slip with the news that 13 of London Fire Stations are to be closed.

Whilst the announcement was due to be held back until fire brigade staff had been informed of the closures, Boris blurted out details of the closures on BBC London Live this morning.

Boris has also suggested that fire fighters may be forced to use Mini fire vehicles which fire fighters have complained ‘make them look like the bloody Italian job’.

The fire fighter’s union, the FBU (@londonfbu) have described the cost cutting plans as ‘reckless and wrong’.  The fire stations facing closure are: Belsize, Bow, Clapham, Clerkenwell, Downham, Kingsland, Knightsbridge, New Cross, Silvertown, Southwark, Westminster and Woolwich.

This decimation of public services comes after furious edition of BBC’s Question Time in which the audience repeatedly denounced the threatened closure of Lewisham Hospital’s A&E department.

These are the cuts that don’t make the headlines and are happening around the UK.  Closed hospitals, fire stations and slashed public services were the hallmark of the last Tory government.  Only the faces have changed, the agenda – to privatise and destroy public services for good – remains exactly the same.

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20 responses to “Blundering Boris Leaves London To Burn: Fire Stations Slashed

  1. whots that saying boris londons burning londons burning fetch the engine fetch the engine none there none there yep sold them down the river jeff3

  2. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

  3. Some of these cuts are happening in labour run boroughs too . Eg lewisham a and e ward. The closure is due to overspending from opirngton hospital which is a posher borough . So lewisham has taken the brunt because of what another borough hospital did.

  4. Johnny was there an impact assessment carried out on these fire station closures
    ? There was one carried out on lewisham a and e ward closure plan

  5. It’s not just fire emergencies that fire brigade have to deal with . Ppl stuck in lifts fearing suffocation is another example. Added to the number of false alarms . And vulnerable mentally ill residents in care homes triggering alarms which I can testify to. Then other boroughs which can’t cope having to draw crews away from more distant boroughs . This is cost petty cost cutting at the expense of lives . I bet we will see g4s tendering for fire services before long

  6. Train crashes car crashes where fire crews are used .what about that ? Has that been taken into consideration ?
    Guess not

  7. Fire and safety inspections and investigations too or will that be outsourced ?

  8. I have already posted on this blog now I am told I am not logged in . This is a mess as posts disappear. Now I have to post yet again.
    Ok fire inspections and investigations .toxic waste inflammable materials power failures rescuing ppl trapped in lifts . Flooding train crashes car crashes power failures radiation hazards . The lewisham a and e caused by orpington hospital overspending . Impact assessment not done on fire station closures . This is worrying

  9. I think my concern would be this govt concern about cutting ‘red tape’ would result in serious breaches in health and safety and put public and fire crews at risk all dangerous materials and their storage and transportation should be registered and if not why not

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  11. When the flats of the Westminster rich go up in flames, either from riots or just an accidental fire not put out in time, they’ll wish they had not closed the fire stations.

  12. BJ: “Let the plebs burn haw haw haw haw”

  13. Maybe they long for the days of private fire brigades. The strivers who have worked very hard can have their fires put out and the skivers can just….

  14. Or perhaps John those who consider themselves working class firemen, might withdraw their services for the robbing rich of society, who could probably start up a private police, fire service etc so don’t care if public services are undermined or disappear altogether.

  15. The council and public sector workers are organising demo’s for february and mach against cuts as highlighted here in their blogg false economy

  16. It’s funny how they can organise demo’s when their homes and livelihoods are threatened but not those on low wages or welfare. A film on bbc 2 last night titled ‘oranges and sunshine’ broke my heart of how children in care in the uk in the 50’s under tory government ,were exported to the Australian outback to build churches for the brothers, who were beating and raping these children some as young as 8 years old. It was only thanks to a diligent British child social worker who exposed the scandal, that some found out who they really were and met their real parents.

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  18. This whole thing is so absurd! I mean who does a cost cutting on human lives?? I second Thomas M’s thoughts on this, god forbid but I would like to see what they have to remark if any of these places are under such an incident.. Fire fighters shouldn’t be put in such a situation because of this type of cheap politics!

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