Co-op Campaign: Stop the Atos Contract!

co-op-fake-ethicalAction is being called for around the UK as fake hippy bankers, the Co-operative Bank, consider whether to continue using the service of disability deniers Atos to provide Occupational Health services the company.

Atos carry out the notorious Work Capability Assessment, the crude computer based test which is used to strip benefits from sick disabled people by finding them ‘fit for work’.

Last year it emerged that the Co-op currently use Atos to provide Occupational Health to their staff. This led to furious protests both on and offline with the Co-op attempting to weasel their way out of trouble by claiming they couldn’t do anything about it for contractual reasons.  Now the contract is up for tender and astonishingly the Co-op have refused to rule out using the services of Atos again.

Many workers of other companies have found themselves laid off for health reasons after recommendations made by Atos, only to be found fit for work as part of their benefits assessment.  The company have previously boasted on their website that they have “a team of Organisation and HR professionals who undertake the analysis, design and execution of headcount reduction.”

Atos are equal opportunities wankers, they treat workers every bit as badly as they treat people who cannot work due to sickness or disability.

Two pickets of the Co-op have already been called in Glasgow on the 17th and 19th of January calling on the company not to renew their contract with Atos:

Facebook page at:

Pickets are currently being planned elsewhere in the UK.

A Communications Blockade has also been called for the 17th January, details at:

Facebook link:

You can contact the Co-op on twitter @TheCooperative or on facebook at:

Action called by the Crutch Collective, Clydeside Industrial Workers Of The World and Glasgow Solidarity Federation

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103 responses to “Co-op Campaign: Stop the Atos Contract!

  1. My ex employer use ATOS for their occupational health services.
    They found be unfit to do my job and i was retired on hill health grounds. I can complain at that but ATOS for the DWP found me fit for work less than a month later

    work that one out

    • If your employers sent you to ATOS it would have been for a specific purpose and related to the job you were doing. For example, a bus driver with arthritis in both knees and ankles takes too much time off work when the pain is uncontrollable, and it is thought that he or she would be an unsafe driver on a good day as an arthritic flare up could occur at any time.

      When the DWP send you to ATOS it is to find out if you are capable of doing any work at all.

      If you have one functioning finger you could be a button presser, if you have one functioning eyebrow you could be a leading scientist, but you can’t be a bus driver.

      So it’s JSA for you.

  2. I’ve messaged these cunts umpteen times over their use of ATOS, one of the last messages i sent them was that me and my family will no longer shop with them.
    As the local co op is fairly close, we were popping in 4 or 5 times a week prior to finding out Co Op bank does financial products for ATOS.

    I’ve stuck to my word

  3. Camoron must be fucking desperate to be resurrecting the Ghost of Maggie fucking Thatcher and the Falkland Islands!

    • It was the Argentines who placed that advert calling for the “return” of the Falklands in the Guardian and Indy that prompted Cameron to hit back. But I agree with you in that it is indeed the mark of a desperate, increasingly unpopular government to bring up the Falklands issue again – only in this case it happens to be President de Kerchner of Argentina doing the sabre rattling…

  4. I accidently bounced a direct debit last month and the letter they sent out was worthy of the gestopo, even though I was immediately able to correct my mistake you would have thought I had robbed Fort Knox. The letter was extremely threatening telling me that if I did it again I would have my account closed. Well after all it is only a basic account, one they were forced to supply by the last gov. So soon as I can, I will be moving to a more ethical building society.

  5. Never found CO-Op to be user friendly never mind ethical minded.

  6. I have never believed in any of the BS put out by the Co-op Bank about their so-called ethically friendly policies. If they are part of the Bankster community then they are no different to any other rogues who form part of that community.
    Amusing that Atos boast on their website about ‘execution of headcount reduction’. So, let me get this right. One arm of Atos receives funds from the Government (i.e us, the taxpayers) to get the disabled and chronically sick into jobs whilst at the same time another arm of the same organisation is actively advising the business community on how to sack people.
    You really could not make it up!

  7. I wonder if there is an equivalent uk atos operating in France? I can’t see them putting up with such a system without rebellion.

  8. Atos IS a French company. They are regarded there as being beyond the pale.

  9. I tell you what’s wronng in this world
    Ppl poking theoretically nose in and not doing what they are told .
    If the cop have a contract with arid then its none of anyone’s business .
    And if arid find ppl are welll then that’s good because we won’t need all these hospitals
    A. Lassic example of poking ones nose in weasel we.2 had the. Workd not interfered then Hitler would have finished what he started .
    too many buusy bodies in this world

  10. Salary sacrifice
    If your employer runs a salary sacrifice scheme, you can use it to replace taxable earnings with non-taxable benefits, such as childcare vouchers. Alternatively, you could ask your employer to reduce your salary but make up the difference in your workplace pension scheme.
    This could reduce your salary to less than £50,000, entitling you to full child benefit.
    Pension contributions
    If you earn £55,000 and make £5,000 of pension contributions, you will decrease your taxable income to £50,000. This means you will be eligible for the full child benefit and have more money saved for when you retire. Paying money into a pension means you also benefit from a reduced income tax bill. You cannot normally access the funds before you reach 55, however.

  11. To think, i was going to open an account with them. Won’t be making that mistake.

  12. I knew Atos were french but thought they may have done an exchange deal with one of our money grabbing private companies, being in the EU and all – I’m surprised they are not lynched operating on home turf.

  13. Universal Poverty

    Just going off this subject a minute has anybody started to recive random junk letters regarding jobs, careers help etc a short while after registration to universal jobsmatch?
    Today i recived a letter from National careers service thanking me for expressing an intrest in a Lifelong Learning Account I have never even heard of them let alone expressed any intrest IS THIS A UNIVERSAL JOBMATCH SIDE AFFECT I WONDER?

  14. Chewie whats wrong with this world is people not making a stand against those who are poking their noses into other peoples PERSONAL lives. Unless you are committing a crime I fail to see what business it is if people smoke, drink, keep their curtains closed, sleep with a fellow celebrity etc., I’m not interested and am prepared to turn the tables on those that are.

    • I think they call it divide and conquer – as long as they have all of us in each different category ie: fat, smoker, unemployed etc etc then we spend more time at each others throat and less time worrying about being stitched up by the fascists running the show.

  15. Atos are a despicable company Manic Depression finally caught up with me as I entered my 40’s, probably started in my early teens. The drugs cease to work if they ever worked in the first place; Lithium is a drug that had no benefits just terrible side affects. Finally while working as the head of Production Engineering for a large aerospace company I had two nervous breakdowns that finally killed my career.

    I had a home visit 4 years ago which was humiliating but resulted in the correct decision for me that is. Recently I have been called in again and despite two doctors letters requesting a home visit they still keep requesting that I go to a medical center. I think they are just trying to kill me.

  16. I am not surprised that the Co-op won’t rule out tr-engaging Atos in the future. Atos has a large and established Occupational Health practice, which is used by a large number of businesses across the UK. Just look at their website, they are a huge employer of doctors and nurses in the UK. That’s why they do so much work for the governmenr. Many of us will have been assessed by Atos as part of a job application, and maybe not even realised this.

  17. The antagonist

    How right you are regarding the divide and conquer theory which the tories have used down the years, that is why it is best to stay focused and fight fire with fire against these fascist bast&*$!

  18. On an item about homeless ppl being dumped out ofondon a daily mail reader commented
    It is a great pity there is not a large uinhabited island somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic where these lowlifes could besent and allowed to fester away in peace

    • Unless they need us or our children to fight a war for them. My grandad always said that 90 percent of the toffs had done secret deals with the Nazis

    • something survived...

      I think this See You Next Tuesday just volunteered himself for the position.
      There’s an island they could stick him on, it is called Rockall.
      Today I just got flamed by a similar bunch of morons over the religious right’s beliefs about who can sleep with who. If they read their bible or applied a bit of logic, then the early bible characters were having to commit incest in order to reproduce, unless god created extra people but it didn’t specify he did. I didn’t tell them this: they probably wear mixed fibres and eat shellfish anyway.
      the daily fail (IQ test: results non-rateable) and the Scum are sort of selfselecting groups. (sketch where ‘Dale Maily, fearless hetero journalist’ investigates a different topic each week, slogan “Telling you the RIGHT way to think!”. On ‘The revolution will be televised’.) That sums them up.

      Ads for these papers say they are for everyone. Um no? I prefer to read:
      -Something with real, true news and facts
      -Something with a vocabulary that doesn’t assume its readership are still struggling through the collected board-books of Fireman Sam.
      -Something that doesn’t say that a chunk of its notional ‘everyone’ are sick evil perverts who are going to hell.
      -Something without pictures of naked women and ads for escorts.
      -A paper that doesn’t make ‘news’ by spying on ordinary people then telling the world their private lives.
      -A paper whose editor can count their own feet.

      They say they are for ‘family values’ but of course they exclude all families who don’t conform to their concept of ‘family’. Tabloids push xenophobia and jingoism. Some say they are against the BNP and UKIP; but take on board all of their policies, so it’s hard to tell them apart. One week it’s ‘scroungers’ and the next it’s ‘immigrants’. Or even better ‘scrounger immigrants’. It’s like a stuck record, or the speeches of hitler playing on a loop tape forever. Quite often readers may fall into a targeted group, but go on nodding like sheep and agreeing, though they may be out of work or mixed race. How many times you can be on a train or bus and someone is reading the paper and saying to their mates they hate the scroungers who should be working. While in the day, and the hater and their mates are not working….

      • @something survived ‘ they are all lazy and they take our jobs.’ Dacre mail curtain twitcher to the nation
        Did you see the atos / FOM stuff I posted. Today curious eh ?
        Oh did adam and eve get married ? Wait they would have to begat in order to create a priest to marry them first and begat more to establish a relegion too

      • The fact that davey and cleggy are putting on united front tells me its pr spin and they are in trouble

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  21. ….and for anyone receiving mental health treatment (aka cheap as chips group CBT) through their Primary Care Provider via Positive Step, Positive Step is an Atos company too.

    • Testi(moni)cles:-

      Kathleen Curry wrote…

      “Thank you so much for you help, support, guidance and understanding. Since November, been made redundant, my confidence and nerves are at low ebb. As you know, I nearly opted out of course, however managed to complete the sessions … keep up the good work ..”

      Re- vol-ting.

      (it’s free! Just pay for broadband!)

      • sshirleynott I know I think they must pay someone to write that .so what do you make of the fact that. The assessors are trained by atos but made to look like its independant then ?

        • I think they probably coerced someone to write it under threat of ‘sanction doubt’ (but said that she would ‘continue to be paid’ in this case).

          All I can say is with each passing day I’m getting nearer to a position where I am about to concede an argument that started some years ago, and say to my Dad, “You were right – life’s not fair. Fairness doesn’t enter into it.”. The 20 year ‘war’ I’ve fought with him over the essential ‘goodness’ of ‘most’ people was probably the wrong battle to have engaged in – extreme and unswerving cynicism was probably the most reasonable approach to take all along …

          • @shirleynott but what else you gonna do ? Give. Up ? There’s always that lingering hope one day you might win and besides there’s bugger. All on the telly and Cameron might do a Maggie and have his own party kick him out

            • Maybe. It depends on which day of the week you ask. I know I’m right/he’s wrong (but you can’t argue with some people) … I also know he’s right & I’m wrong given what’s being done to ‘ordinary’ people under the label of ‘reform’. He’s always known he is right (on fairness) & the evidence is starting to stack up …

              This isn’t about ATOS – but regarding ‘fairness’, someone I talked to at the start of this week (day 1; week 2 of the new year) had her money withdrawn for 3 of the days over the Christmas holiday and didn’t have electricity for herself and her 10 year-old daughter (who was ill, like many others during the xmas holiday) for those days. We did talk about it – briefly – because it was obviously painful to think/talk about – and one of the things she said to me was “Has it happened to you yet?” (it’s ‘expected’). She attends a local community college every Monday in hope that computer-related course will help her in finding work – the Job Centre’s ‘reason’ given was the one about not being convinced she had ‘done enough’ to find work. The course is one she has paid for and found for herself.

              I am having a few problems facing reality at the moment, as least without becoming embittered & I wish someone could find my rose-tinted spectacles for me (they seem to have fallen down the back of the settee).
              So found this poem instead, which I think is a good one:-

              This be the Verse

              They fuck you up, your mum & dad.
              They may not mean to but they do.
              They give you the faults they had,
              And add some extra, just for you.

              But they were fucked up in their turn
              By fools in old-style hats and coats,
              Who half the time were soppy-stern
              And half at one another’s throats.

              Philip Larkin
              (He once told me to take my feet off the desks (I know – it was a clash of civilisations) but that’s as far as our conversation went … He was allegedly a real misanthrope but he did (sometimes) have a great way with words.

              • @shirleynott fairness can sort of be subjective . A wealthy person mY suggested why. Shouldnt he have six homes and set of cars after all he worked for it if you include shafting others and sacking more

            • @ shirleynott someone quoted this very Philip Larkin verse in a TV prog over the festive period, Dangerous Roads/Drives it was called I think. Too true!

            • @bobchewie You’re right – fairness is a relative concept. Nothing is black & white (apart from day & night; the trying & the not-so-very trying hard). What could be fairer than 6 homes & an offshore bank account? Anyone who hasn’t achieved this for themselves “Just Isn’t Trying Hard Enough To Want it Badly Enough” Ahem.

              • @shirleynott you know the well worn phrase ‘the politics of envy ‘ often aimed at lefties who are just ‘jeolous’ when its about justice and the f word . And yet that same phrase matches exactly the striver aspiration syndrome very well

          • Well you know what they say “Father knows best”. The Milgram experiment and the Stanford experiment revealed what human beings really are in my opinion.

            • Is that what they say?

              (Not entirely) Shocking (the Milgram Experiment). It’s hard to read about the other one. Is it to do with ‘human beings will act in certain ways when put under certain kinds of pressure/duress (threat/deprivation)” – or is it to do with their innate personality determining whether they acquiesce or rebel – or a bit of both – and does it make any difference which?

          • Don’t give up on us, baby
            Don’t make the wrong seem right
            The future isn’t just one night
            It’s written in the moonlight
            Painted on the stars
            We can’t change ours
            Don’t give up on us, baby We’re still worth one more try
            I know we put a last one by
            Just for a rainy evening
            When maybe stars are few
            Don’t give up on us, I know We can still come through


            • Mr Soul’s dulcet tones are going to be an ‘ear-worm’ in my ears for the rest of the day, whether I like it or not (strangely enough there used to be a very large poster of Mr Soul on my wall at one time – alongside his cardigan-wearing partner) … So there is still hope for humanity. Husky & Starch never gave up fighting the bad-guys after all …

            • @Senga – It’s not a very festive thing to quote but well done to whoever shoehorned it in – it kind of is about a journey (?). The last (3rd) verse follows Larkin’s lines to their only logical conclusion, and makes sense, (logically) but it’s just a bit Too negative for me at the minute, so I didn’t include it this time … Although it is funny.

            • Man hands on misery to man.
              It deepens like a coastal shelf.
              Get out as early as you can,
              And don’t have any kids yourself.

              Philip Larkin

    • A few things about the website stand out –

      + Students’ (generally) level of involvement with the JCP means they could be both (halfway) informed about the processes & procedures to follow and also not seeing the current methods from any wider perspective (how could they – it’s their first experience of JCP ‘help’ so what to compare it with?).

      + They are as ‘susceptible’ to being ‘signed up’/passing on their data as any group could be (as probably still have some idealism and faith that those who say they are out to ‘help’ really are …). They are being pointed towards the UJ site & sold it’s benefits by advisers as much (if not more) than anyone else.

      If/when someone on the studentroom site raises concerns about data protection/monitoring issues or consequences in the form of sanctions, there is someone else ready with a reply along the lines of ‘Have you never done a day’s work in your life?; what have you to hide?’ – etc. So, a distilled version of other polarised beliefs/views ‘out there’ – but with much less scepticism around the system than might come from people who are ‘just older’ & have past experiences of being out of work in a different climate. Having the conversation relating to ‘sanctions’ for these ‘younger people’ (getting hard to write this without suddenly feeling ‘older & (?) wiser’) is perfectly ‘normal’ – whereas I am still expecting a shocked or outraged reaction as a response to their existence, especially from anyone who’s not had years and years to form prejudices against ‘the undeserving’.

      Oy vey.

      • @shirleynott often I am looking for not so obvious stoogies ie posted comments that look innocuous but are planted .its like astro turfing . over the top recommendations look suss to me not onky that. these students are tech geeks and lnow how to get round stuff but it still shows its buggy as shit

    • I feel sorry for these people

  22. @Johnny Void and all I see Atos are recruiting due to more contracts being awarded . Don’t you just love those stock photo websites

  23. Clinical Jobs in Disability Assessment – Doctors and Nurses
    Atos Healthcare has a leading Disability Assessment division that carries out medical advice and assessment services on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
    Disability Assessment Jobs
    Doctors, physiotherapists and nurses can join us across the UK to find out more about disability assessment.
    We are seeking additional clinical team members following the government’s introduction of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). ESA gives people with an illness or disability the opportunity to achieve their full potential through work appropriate to their abilities.
    Sensitivity and skill
    Our doctors and nurses assess a wide range of conditions using medical reports, interviews, informal observation and clinical examinations, in order to give an expert opinion on customers’ capabilities. The Disability Assessment process therefore calls for enormous sensitivity and skill as well as a broad range of medical knowledge.
    Disability Assessment education
    Disability Assessment medicine has achieved academic status through a Faculty of Occupational Medicine diploma and is a growing area of importance outside the NHS. We provide continuing medical education for staff and an environment geared towards professional development based on best practice.

    • What is the Faculty of Occupational Medicine?
      The Faculty of Occupational Medicine is a charity concerned with promoting and supporting health at work. Our aim is for healthy working lives through:
      maximising people’s opportunities to benefit from healthy and rewarding work while not putting themselves or others at unreasonable risk
      elimination of preventable injury and illness caused or aggravated by work
      access for everyone to advice from a competent occupational physician as part of comprehensive occupational health and safety services
      providing support to the Faculty’s membership to raise the standard of occupational health practice.

  24. Is this govt stupid if can’t make up its mind what it means one minute it tells clamaints they will be better. Off in work then tells public that clamants are better off not in work

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  26. Not so long ago I came across an organization and website that carried the NHS. logo but was alarmed to see phrases like ‘skiving ‘ not very medical language at all . I later found out that this company was sponsored by producing and other multi nationals . Since when was the NHS merely a logo .?

  27. What does FOM stand for F…ck Off Medicals. Cameron stated ” I’ve been very lucky, i’ve had a great education, I want that for everyone else.”
    Let’s hope not, he is the one that should be in the gutter the type of language he has used against the sick and unemployed – his education and his cabinet is in how to lie, cheat and kick the most disadvantaged in society. Here he is evading chris Bryants accusations:-

    • @guy fawkes FOM is faculty of occupational medicine . Ive posted their link on this blog . Atos swear by them
      And guess who runs courses for them ? Atos .
      It’s worth downloading the docs from that site to do with education it gives you an insight to how assessments are carried out

  28. We know by the end product how the assessments are carried out we don’t need to read the rubbish.

  29. Chewie I don’t need a map to know what is going on behind the scenes and I miss no points that interest me, propoganda and skekwed medical info I can live without. Do you think doctors and consultants in the NHS have opposite opinions and assessments to ATOS, go and trawl their sites.

  30. Atos claim they train their staff , ok but is that in house or via the FOM ? or do they make a generous donation to them ? In the diploma for disability assessment there are two qualifications one is having worked in similar field the other is going through approved course which in this case just happens to be Atos , no other course mentioned ,why is that ? Do Atos own FOM ? or have some influence on them ?

  31. @guy so why is it often said that our friendly gp. Who knows of our medical problems why the fuck don’t they stick up for us ? And we can’t just point to Atos and say they are the bad guys and just hiss and boo . You got to take them apart

  32. @guy fawkes so most local gps support Atos do they ? Well not this one that’s for sure

  33. Does anyone seriously think things will be better under Labour – the we are all in it together quote by Cameron meant the three parties

  34. Who said most local gp’s support atos? I asked why do you not try trawling legitimate sites and get professional medical opinion that is not based on atos’s micky mouse diplomas, and sanctioning system. You are right about the 1 party state being all in it together tho.

    • @guy fawkes how do you do this in fact why do you do this ? If I described a circle you would complain its a square . The mickey mouse diplomas wasn’t the total issue it was the fact that to get them you studied using the Atos handbook so to speak but making it look as if your experience was independant and therefore an ‘expert’ and unbiased . I am sure there are doctors who would like to see disabled ppl gassed to death but i hope they aren’t in the majority

    • @guy fawkes do you have concentration problems ? Did I not post a link from legitimate guardian source who condemned Atos assessments ?

  35. @gf what was that issue a while back where some doctors were claiming they were forced to write sick notes for patients .’ Sick note Britain ‘

  36. Hey chewie just who do you think you are? Do you have a personality problem because you are very cheeky, you may have loads of time on your hands being spoon fed from a home, I on the other hand try to juggle my time on the computer and will not jump to your commands or view some of the rubbish you post either.

    • Guy you get. Co fused and nix things up . I spend ages looking into things cross referencing and noticing links . And you call it rubbish . Thanks for nothing . Last year because of my efforts I saved the lives of several young people and was thanked . You know what. You are demented crank who talks shit . You can just fuck off . I’ve had the fuck enough of this shit . Fucking calling me spoon fed that’s discrimination you fascist cunt

  37. I wish you would stop being a drama queen chewie and I only said SOME of your post is rubbish. Funny my mother is spoon fed at the moment and she doesn’t think it is discrimination, she is very grateful for it. I was referring to spoon fed as in having your meals cooked for you, do not have to spend time on grandchildren or children, washing, ironing shopping you know domestic chores that the skivers do when out of work that the rich pay others to do out of their high incomes, so don’t class it as work..

  38. shit private sector nurse

    Lieing UKIP fruitcake makes up facts about benefit claimants:

    @wendzonline @old_holborn @owenjones84 My single mother friend just bought a £600 TV, so much for being poor single mother.— Guy Hollidge (@ghollidge) January 8, 2013

  39. just what I was thinking shirleynott.

  40. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author for your site. You have some really great posts and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some content for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine.
    Please shoot me an e-mail if interested. Cheers!

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