Empty Threats and Tantrums Are All Iain Duncan Smith Has Left In Universal Jobmatch Fiasco

IDSIain Duncan Smith has resorted to increasingly bizarre and empty threats in an effort to defend the shambolic Universal Jobmatch website.

The new job seeking website, which has been plagued by spam, scam and spoof jobs since its launch last month, has the facility for Jobcentre staff to remotely monitor how claimants are using the site.  Whilst the DWP is to force everyone on Job Seekers Allowance to register with the site in the New Year, they cannot legally compel claimants to tick the box giving advisors the right to snoop on their activity.

This obvious oversight in the construction of the new regime has led to yet more tantrums from Iain Duncan Smith.  Speaking to The Metro shortly before Christmas IDS appeared to suggest that claimants who do not allow Jobcentre staff to snoop on their online job seeking activity could face being hauled into Jobcentres on a daily basis.

When Universal Credit is introduced next year 5 million people will be expected to constantly look for ‘more or better paid’ work as a condition of keeping in-work benefits.  Those who are judged not trying hard enough to find jobs may have benefits sanctioned, or be forced into workfare.  The enforcement of this job seeking activity is to be ‘digital by default’ – suggesting that in the near future part time workers, sick or disabled claimants and self-employed people forced out of business due to Universal Credit, will all be required to sign up to Universal Jobmatch.

Even if just one in five of those claimants refuse to allow the Jobcentre access to their account, this this would mean around a million people hauled into Jobcentres every day.  Currently Jobcentres are running at full capacity, seeing around one and a half million people, mostly once a fortnight.  Far from being digital by default, if Iain Duncan Smith’s threats are implemented then the launch of Universal Credit will need to recruit tens of thousands of new public sector workers.

Since this isn’t on the cards anytime soon Iain Duncan Smith’s words should be greeted with the mocking contempt they deserve.  There is no legal requirement to tick the box granting the Jobcentre the right to snoop on your account and no way that the DWP can force you to accept cookies on a home computer.

Of perhaps most concern is Iain Duncan Smith’s attempts to threaten claimants with harassment should they exercise their basic legal rights.  This is a clear attempt to undermine the principle of equality under the law.  If the Secretary of State gets his way then one law for the rich and another for the poor will be firmly enshrined in DWP policy.

One person seems to have spotted that the DWP may be monitoring more than just activity on Universal Jobmatch but also attempting to monitor use of other websites.  Keep an eye on the following Freedom of Information request: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/information_returned_from_cookie/new

The Information Commissioner’s Office, who monitor data protection laws, provide guidance on some of the relevant laws surrounding Universal Jobmatch’s use of cookies, the small computer programmes that allow tracking of users activity on the site. 

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  2. @Johnny Void..I seesm to remember someone asking for information using FOI.whether it was compulsory or not to use it, if i remember right..the DWP response…was along the order of..’NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS’..should we assume then that this hissy fit by IDS explains that FOI response?

  3. oh by the way there is this…
    low pay no pay CHURNING…

    Click to access CPAG-Poverty142-low-pay-no-pay.pdf

  4. “What we encountered, time and time again, has
    not been a preponderance of the long-term
    unemployed, but rather a far more common
    experience of labour market ‘churning’. Our
    interviewees certainly experienced unemployment,
    but importantly and with few exceptions,
    they had also almost always experienced periods
    of being in work. Across a diverse sample
    of men and women and of older and younger
    people, the predominant experience which we
    have found has been one of moving in and out of
    low-paid, short-term jobs, and on and off benefits.”

  5. “Jobs were mostly found through individual
    efforts and personal contacts, but individuals
    were also often keen to access wider support”

    So then that UJM isnt really helping then is it? IDS…

  6. The more I hear from this man the more I think he has developed a messianic complex. He seems to think he is still in the Army and the proles can be ordered about like good little soldiers. Well, I have news for him. The last time I looked this was still a free country and people have rights. I appreciate this may not be to the Tories liking but that is tough. He knows this will be a disaster with the losers being the claimants and the taxpayer. Why do people think Cameron wanted to move him at the time of the last re-shuffle until he (IDS) threw teddy out of the pram. Even Cameron knows this will be a disaster.

  7. “The tracking element of the programme will not be compulsory as monitoring people’s behaviour online without their consent would not be allowed under EU law. “

    Hey how about that..how fucking interesting is that? working for fucking nothing???

    “For the very small percentage that have a real problem – maybe they have absolutely no skills – we want them in front of the adviser,” he said.

    “And if they’re just not playing ball, they will be in front of the adviser. These are little trip wires, if we think they’re not applying for it. There are lots of things the adviser can do.”

    The Work and Pensions Secretary said jobseekers can be hauled in every day if advisers “think they’re not up to the activity” they are meant to be doing.

    “We have some interesting programmes like mandatory work activity if the [advisers] think they’re having trouble getting out of bed, if they’re not playing the game.”

  9. DrunkenShit, arms dealer,killer, studied fascism in Italy, proud of killing the disabled, is who Osborne, Cameron & Clegg conspired to put in charge of benefits for the disadvantaged and the poor.
    Kinda says it all.

  10. I was reading recently IDS is being sidelined and Osborne’s taking over. I take this to mean that even Osborne can’t face the inevitable calamity introducing UC would bring in. IDS is a fantasist granted some authority to keep the extreme far-right loony section (the part that should be sectioned) of the party in abeyance while the main group got on with the real job of looting the country. I don’t think they understood what giving IDS authority would actually mean. Now that they do, they’re backpedalling fast. I don’t think we’ll ever see UC as it’s currently envisaged, some stripped-down version maybe but that’s all. Anyway, what’s wrong with ticking the box to let the DWP have access and then using the Tor browser which grants anonymous browsing, or just logging in through a proxy like hidemyass.com? Nothing for them to see then.

    • Agree. I don’t think UC will ever happen either, certainly not in the proposed “digital by default” form.

      As far as UJM goes if you let the DWP access your data the danger comes in several ways if you use the system after logging in, which you have to do in order to apply for many of the jobs on offer. A huge number of interferences don’t depend on cookies. First: every job you look at is logged in a database; as is your response, if any, as per why you didn’t apply for the job after you look at it. Secondly: if you post a profile UJM will send you details of all kinds of jobs it thinks you could do within a 90 minute journey of your postcode “as the crow flies”: many of these jobs will be too far away to get to, or have too few hours to be worth considering, or be too low paid to be helpful etc. Refusing to apply for any of these automated job offers could get you sanctioned. Thirdly: DWP advisors will send you worrisome messages about your CV, covering letters, feedback you get from employers, and activity on UJM and so on and so forth, trying to unsettle you and keep you active on the site; they will also send you details of particular jobs to apply for, which may be good or more likely bad, which, if you refuse could get you sanctioned. No cookies required. Forthly: if you make your CV searchable you will get plagued with invitations by goodness knows what kind of employer to interviews, possibly impossibly far away, for mostly crap jobs which you wouldn’t want to consider off your own bat.

      The only safe way to use UJM is not to make a profile and never to log in when making searches. This will restrict you to employers who post their details on UJM for all to see, publicly, but at least these people are likely to be bona fide. If you make a profile and allow the DWP to monitor your activity, cookies or no cookies, they’ve got you by the balls.

  11. Fuck IDS and Universal Jobmatch!

    I will never agree voluntarily to be surveiled by the DWP while perusing vacancies on Universal Jobmatch. I would much rather visit the Jobcentre every day and present myself to the low level clerks behind the counter than sign away my right to keep my personal data private. (Although this would be bad news for people living a long way away from their local Jobcentre if their travelling expenses weren’t reimbursed. Surely even the Jobcentre wouldn’t make people on Jobseeker’s Allowance have to fork out their own money, on a daily basis, in order to make repeated unnecessary visits?) What an absolute arsehole IDS is to try to strong arm and bully people into signing away rights already granted to them within the EU. It really is almost beyond belief:

    (1) They are evasive and economical with the truth about our rights and responsibilities, not explicitly stating what we can and cannot be mandated to do clearly and understandably;

    (2)They try to persuade us to abandon rights in respect to our privacy that are already ours and have been for many years, sometimes even lying t us or threatening us with not existent penalties if we don’t give in to their half-truths and untruths;

    (3)They threaten to make life unbearable for us if we don’t toe the line by hauling us into Jobcentres on a daily basis and I bet make us do repeated spells of workfare and similar, trying to wear us down until we abandon our right to privacy and put ourselves on permanent Big Brother-like scrutiny so that they can jerk our chains and try to trip us up and sanction us remotely.

    Shit! The DWP is getting more and more like the Mafia as the days go by. If you don’t do what they tell you they “lean” on you until you submit. This IDS character isn’t right in the head is he? I’m serious. The bloke is sounding more and more like a basket case as the days go by. No wonder Cameron wanted to move him to another post.

    Well I say: Let the fuckers try! I will never submit to coercion like that.


    “”For the very small percentage that have a real problem – maybe they have absolutely no skills – we want them in front of the adviser,” he said.

    “And if they’re just not playing ball, they will be in front of the adviser. These are little trip wires, if we think they’re not applying for it. There are lots of things the adviser can do.”

    The Work and Pensions Secretary said jobseekers can be hauled in every day if advisers “think they’re not up to the activity” they are meant to be doing.

    “We have some interesting programmes like mandatory work activity if the [advisers] think they’re having trouble getting out of bed, if th
    ey’re not playing the game.”


    SEIG HEIL !!!!


  13. and now a message sponsored by MASTERCARD.
    “Mr Duncan Smith also confirmed his department is looking at introducing a ‘welfare card’, instead of some benefits, for drug addicts. This could only be used to purchase certain items, such as food and other essentials, stopping them from spending their benefits on drugs.

    “I’ve been looking at this process to figure out whether it’s feasible, how would it work, how does it match with legal obligations, so we’ve already been examining this,” he told the BBC’s World at One. “There’s nothing at the moment on plans, but I genuinely think there are some areas where we might want to think about.

    “You know, somebody who has a history of real drug addiction, giving people cash sometimes can actually lead to further problems.”


    • This would essentially be a return of what are called Sumptuary Laws in this country. Google Sumptuary Law and see how it would tie in nicely with this government’s obsession with class warfare…



        “A firm which was set up by two Tory donors and won contracts worth £73m from the coalition government to find work for unemployed people has exactly one advertisement for apprenticeships on its website.

        Just one. For the whole of the UK.

        ESG (employment and skills group) has a section on its website for vacancies. On it there is just a single vacancy for the whole of the UK – for a ‘salon assistant’ at a hairdresser’s in the north west.

        There are no vacancies at all for any of the other regions of the country – including London and the whole of Scotland:

        You can have a look at the website for yourself here.

        And you can read the whole sleazy story of ESG and the Tory donors here.

        Actually – to be honest – there are a couple of other jobs advertised elsewhere on ESG’s website. Jobs working for ESG itself.

        Not surprising really as they must have plenty of taxpayers’ money left over from their £73m to spend on salaries for their own staff.

        Mind you, this question does rather spring to mind:

        How many staff do you need to help you keep track of just one vacancy?”

        • Not sure this story is very helpful. The money quoted isn’t just to provide apprenticeships, they also run Work Programme and MWA contracts which don’t include apprenticeships as well as NVQ programmes. There’s also no reason why any apprenticeships would be advertised on their website if they are filling placements. I’ve no doubt their performance figures are as dreadful as all the other WP providers and they are complete scum, but it doesn’t help to muddy the waters by misunderstanding what exactly they are supposed to be doing.

          • @Johhnny Void i think the point is that there are vile tory scumbags who are profiteering from peoples dire poverty and desparation…
            re: the trussel trust foodbank’ thing, and to think these are the same bastards who are responsible for people being in poverty…
            and it makes you wonder if..its not deliberate..i was not trying to muddy anything, but i do keep seeing the same bloody snouts in the trough going on quite a lot…

            • not blaming you, and there is a story there, just not one the one that’s posted which doesnt really have any legs when you look into it

            • You need to check again Johnny – I haven’t moderated your comments at all.
              But you still haven’t pointed out exactly which facts are wrong in my article.
              Everything I wrote is true. If it wasn’t – you can be sure ESG will be more than ready to sue me. They are big enough and daft enough to look after themselves and don’t need people like you to defend them.
              There is one job advertised for an apprentice in the whole of the UK on the ESG website. That’s a fact.
              Stop being so easy on them Johnny. ESG got at least 73 million quid of our money. Your expectations of these workfare Tory-donating firms should be higher.

              • @Tom Pride..look can we keep focussed here please…im trying to find anything mostly govt own information n fact rather than opnion..in that way we can descontruct the whole sorry mess..that ok with you guys?

            • I’m not giving them an easy ride, I’m sure if you did your homework then you’d find they are filthy. But the implications you draw from the fact they only advertise one apprenticeship are nonsense, do they even have a current contract to deliver apprentices, how much is it worth, do they advertise elsewhere, does it just mean they haven’t updated the website over xmas etc?

              By setting up things which are easy to demolish then you risk undermining any further investigation, just as paedogate was undermined by people making baseless allegations with no evidence – this kind of stuff doesn’t help.

            • You’re right Bob. Waste of time arguing. Johnny – leave off the criticism of fellow bloggers will you and stick to attacking the real enemies. OK?

          • Don’t worry Bob, it’s not the first time Johnny Void has criticised me. In fact – I’ve had more criticism from fellow bloggers than from anyone else for some reason – although I never indulge in return.

            • nothing personal Tom, just a question of getting facts straight – I happen to think that’s pretty important.

              • OK. Then tell me which facts in my post are not straight?

                • OH SOD IT..THIS IS MY FAULT…look we all agree that IDS is fascist cnut??? then ?

                • Bob – seems a reasonable point of view to me.

                • @Tom @Johnny can we quit arguing..ive just posted FOI replies to this stuff abot whats gonna happen to the info stred by universal pox scratch…so can we pick our way throught this..bearing in mind that Dept For Secrecy has decided its none of our bloody business ??
                  all the same and without ‘clogging up’ anything i’ll grab what the PDFS have to say as some people have probems with PDFss but its to doi with what jonny was going on about ie compulsory/not compaulsory what are they gonna do with OUR DATA etc etc..even is if its all bullsshit and lies from them..at least pull it apart and ask questions..ok girls?

              • @Tom Pride @Johnny Void BLOGGER FIGHT !!!!

            • @Tom Pride…what you doing on here?..jeez..what a surprise…..hey maybe we can all go for a drink. you, me, john, spivey,rico….
              yeah ok so Tom for some reason 3 were blocking your site to me..dont know why..

            • I’m not playing Tom. I’ve explained the problem with this piece and I explained the problem with the one I previously criticised, although funnily enough that criticism (which rendered your entire allegation fictitious) didn’t make it through your ‘minimal’ moderation.

          • Johnny – “paedogate was undermined by people making baseless allegations with no evidence”
            Bollocks. It was undermined by North Wales Police giving Steven Messham the wrong name with a phot of McAlpine’s cousin and Lord Muck setting him up as the fallguy – with a little help from David Rose at the Daily Mail.
            Why don’t you read my blog and get a bit more up to scratch about what’s going on?

    • The card won’t make any difference. It’s already illegal to buy drugs! All that will happen is that junkies will buy what they can with the card and then sell it, or swap it, or trade it in order to get the money to purchase their poison of choice! What a fucking moron IDS is.

      • That’s probably not really the point of the card. More likely it’s to funnel taxpayer cash into specific company’s profits, companies which will no doubt in the future be happy to welcome IDS to their boards. Capiche?

      • Yep. Duncan Smith’s ‘reforms’ will also create more drug addicts. Many people will resort to taking drugs to escape from the suffering, hunger, hopelessness, misery and despair that he is inflicting on them,

  14. This failed Conservative, would have done anything, to have reached the position with the coalition. I believe History should be written truthfully, otherwise I say ” scrub this load of shite out of Our lives ” He’s a liar and a fake, and is adding the early death of thousands. I see You the IDS.

  15. @scarecrow and all, why cant they just say OK the UJM we fucked up, we’re sorry we’re really sorry..but psychopaths dont think like that…”it doesnt work’ but we make it work goddam it” as they tattoo numbers on our arms….

  16. @scarecrow78 Sumptuary laws (from Latin sumptuariae leges) are laws that attempt to regulate habits of consumption. Black’s Law Dictionary defines them as “Laws made for the purpose of restraining luxury or extravagance, particularly against inordinate expenditures in the matter of apparel, food, furniture, etc.”[1] Traditionally, they were laws that regulated and reinforced social hierarchies and morals through restrictions on clothing, food, and luxury expenditures.

    Throughout history, societies have used sumptuary laws for a variety of purposes. They attempted to regulate the balance of trade by limiting the market for expensive imported goods. They were also an easy way to identify social rank and privilege and often were used for social discrimination.[2]

    This frequently meant preventing commoners from imitating the appearance of aristocrats and sometimes also to stigmatize disfavored groups. In the Late Middle Ages, sumptuary laws were instituted as a way for the nobility to cap the conspicuous consumption of the prosperous bourgeoisie of medieval cities, and they continued to be used for these purposes well into the 17th century.[2]

    this actually happened at the turn of the century whereby they passed a law whereby servants could not wear clothing that looked similar to their masters….

    • That sounds very much like the proposed benefits card doesn’t it? All the lurid headlines and stories about benefits being spent on “luxuries” has been a popular tabloid trope for years now, and these cards if implemented will do just that. They will also have the effect of seperating claimants from the rest of society, imposing particular limits on their economic and spending habits, and may well result in an increase in social discrimination against claimants, as has already been experienced by disabled people throughout history.

    • The fucking tories want us to have nothing, that’s what this “welfare card” proposal is all about. Well, stuff them & their “let them eat cake” attitude, time for a revolution & have their fat, bloated heads stuck on poles outside Westminster!

  17. This fucking says it all (from that Metro article): “The site has been running for three weeks and already has 690,000 job seekers, 370,000 employer accounts and more than 230,000 jobs.” So, assuming all these jobs are real, which they’re not, there’s one job advert for every three people already registered on the site, not counting the millions on benefits who haven’t been bullied into signing up yet, and yet somehow we’re all meant to get a job out of the 230,000 on offer? I knew IDS said that if we don’t get jobs out of signing up then it meant we lacked imagination, I wonder if he means we’re meant to imagine jobs that don’t fucking exist?

    • That Claim of 370,000 Employer accounts on Universal Jobmatch is utter nonsense. According to the public reports on it there are 43154 active employers on it as at 28/12/2012.

      The number of active employers on 19/11/2012 at go live was 44156.

      The peak number of active employers on it was 05/12/2012 at 54069.

      So there are LESS active employers on it currently than when it went live.
      There are 20% LESS active employers on it than at its peak.

      Enough said I think 😀

      • I wonder how many of the remaining “employers” are scammers or just people pissing about.

      • @David Smith..but wiith those figures that would mena that they are er umm lying..surely not Tories….and if that were true there is is no growith no fucking way..
        oh and my little tirade..
        Prime Contractors and sub contractors in that there have been concerns that the primes were putting pressure on the sub contractors so they would get their money..but hey,…if you keep throwing all that free labour at them all the time why the fuck should they take on anyone full time and pay them??..so bang in the midle are the primes fiddling , lying , bribing and as it says in the govt document ”its totally hands off anmd do what the fuck you like we wont poke our noses in from govt…

        free labour and a giant bribing, phoney jobs scam..work program scam

      • “”For the very small percentage that have a real problem – maybe they have absolutely no skills – we want them in front of the adviser,” he said”

        shit shoveller? litter picker upper?

        training,, no wait that costs money cant have that now can we?

        • something survived...

          Don’t worry: if they get sick/blind from shit we put them in a gas chamber. If they get HIV picking up needles we will leave them to die of AIDS.
          Saving you money since 1941

          Ian Duncan Smith thinks we don’t have imagination if we don’t get a job?
          It is the fact his UJM computer is an old crock of shite.
          It only lets you list 3 ‘skills’, and it picks which are eligible to be listed. Then it sends tons of irrelevant jobs, supposedly based on the skill listed, which are nothing to do with it. None, usually, are anywhere near you. None are in any field you are qualified to work. Many don’t exist; and a lot can be for the opposite sex of applicant. Or they have things automatically barring you, such as ‘must be a driver’ when you’re not.
          If (as in my case) UJM’s site isn’t working, it doesn’t even let you apply! Then it emails you to ask why you didn’t apply. There is no option for ‘I tried to apply but pressing Apply, when there is a button for it, it crashes the whole computer/site.’ Or an option for ‘Because this site is complete crap.’

  18. http://www.hinchhouse.org.uk/ninth/ech.html

    • Never let your voice be heard by the ladies and gentlemen of the house
    • Always ‘give room’ if you meet one of your employers or betters on the stairs.
    • Always stand still when being spoken to by a lady and look at the person speaking to you.
    • Never begin to talk to ladies and gentlemen
    • Servants should never offer any opinion to their employers, nor even to say good night.

  19. How to Treat Your Servants

    Master and Servant Relationship
    All Family members should maintain appropriate relationships with the Staff. As Upper Servants will work directly to the Family, a trusting and respectful relationship should be established.
    Your Footmen are a proclamation of your wealth and prestige. They are representatives of your Household and Family and as such it is advantageous that you develop a good relationship. However, as Lower Servants, they do not expect to be addressed outside the receipt of instructions.
    While the Housemaids will clean the House during the day, they should make every care and attention never to be observed by you doing their duties. If by chance you do meet, you should expect them to “give way” to you by standing still and averting their gaze, whilst you walk past, leaving them un-noticed. By not acknowledging them, you will spare them the shame of explaining their presence.

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  21. If we allow them to bully us into allowing them to put us under surveillance, they will reward us for our compliance and demonstrating our commitment to finding work, with measures like indefinite workfare and time-limiting JSA and housing benefit. The punishments the Jobcentre will inflict on us for not giving them permission to put us under digital surveillance, are exactly what they will inflict on us anyway (and much worse in the future) if we do. If we don’t resist now, they will destroy us in the end anyway. I’m willing to take a chance and endure the sanctions and harassment to resist and hold on to my rights.

    • Exactly. I do not have a UJ account yet (to be fair my JC has been quite lenient on that score so far) but I will only create an account when it is impossible to avoid doing so without being sanctioned. And I will NOT under any circumstances allow access to my UJ account by the JC, and I would rather be sanctioned than allow a Government agency to remotely monitor my daily activities. (Orwell’s Big Brother is well and truly with us huh?)

  22. “The evaluation is structured around a series of inter-related themes which will seek to explore the extent to which Universal Credit has realised the benefits set out in the White Paper1 and the subsequent Impact Assessments2. The evaluation will draw on existing information sources as far as possible. If no suitable data source exists, the Department will consider commissioning quantitative and/or qualitative new research of individuals, staff and stakeholders including employers. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis to ensure value for money for th
    This evaluation sits within a wider programme of analysis on Welfare Reform. Whilst not directly addressing related areas of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, the evaluation will need to be aware of closely related areas of policy that may impact on evidence, these include PIP/DLA changes, the Benefit Cap; direct payments of housing benefit, changes to Council Tax, Social Fund and Crisis Loans and under-occupancy of social housing.”


  23. @R33 “If we allow them to bully us into allowing them to put us under surveillance, they will reward us for our compliance and demonstrating our commitment to finding work, with measures like indefinite workfare and time-limiting JSA and housing benefit. The punishments the Jobcentre will inflict on us for not giving them permission to put us under digital surveillance, are exactly what they will inflict on us anyway (and much worse in the future) if we do”

    Even in the Torygraph it mentions breaking EU Law about monitoring..

    “The tracking element of the programme will not be compulsory as monitoring people’s behaviour online without their consent would not be allowed under EU law.

    But job advisers are able to impose sanctions such as compulsory work placements or ultimately losing benefits if they feel the unemployed are not searching hard enough. ”

    i think what bothers me is the fact that DWP refused on the grounds of ‘not in the public interest’ whether to state clearly that signing on the UJM was compulsory or not”…

    and that was using the FOI request too…

  24. well if you are actively seeking work and showing that you are WITHOUT using the UJM then what the fuck..are they going on about..
    what IS the big deal about the UJM..is it that they dont want egg on their face after spending millions on it they dont want it to be a ”waste of tax payers money” oh the fucking irony of that..

  25. The Claim of 370,000 Employer accounts on Universal Jobmatch is utter nonsense. According to the public reports on it there are 43154 active employers on it as at 28/12/2012.

    The number of active employers on 19/11/2012 at go live was 44156.

    The peak number of active employers on it was 05/12/2012 at 54069.

    So there are LESS active employers on it currently than when it went live.
    There are 20% LESS active employers on it than at its peak.

    Enough said I think 😀

    Repeated it here for better visibilty. 😀

    Twitter @davesmith40uk

    • Good news and long may that continue! If the number of employers using UJ continues to fall the whole system will become unworkable. Employers aren’t stupid, and if they think the system is useless they will not use it.

  26. @scarecrow78 well it was staring them in the face that it would useless..the amount of information about monster jobs own site was there for all to see..the site that was expsosing fraud for example..there it was large as life..plus the info about the ID theft on one of their sites too…now weither they knew this and ignored it..or they were too bloody stupid or..who the fuck ‘advised them’ that monster were a decent reliable company..wh’ appened? or are we back to (no no dont say it you boring twerp..’payment by results’)…its a fucking mess and make no mistake, guv…

  27. I cannot believe that a guy who claims to be an educated man, the aforementioned IDS, came up with the idea of this site, without looking into recent EU law concerning tracking cookies. How fucking dumb is that?

    • IDS isn’t educated. The fucker hasn’t even got an A level or undergraduate degree to his name. He’s as thick as shit.

      • something survived...

        Dunno; shit has practical applications. Like spreading on the fields. Or throwing at politicians. Or printing in the Sun.
        Real shit, the stinky brown kind, not the substance running our government, has:
        -More charisma than IDS
        -A higher IQ than IDS
        -More friends on Facebook than IDS
        -A better chance of pulling at a club than IDS
        -More moral integrity than IDS
        -A higher market value than IDS
        -A greater mathematical ability than IDS

    • @purple goon from whast ive found out the consultaion on UJM was at best ‘minimal’….

  28. http://www.go-on.co.uk/

    Go ON UK and its inspiring group of Founder Partners have a single aim: to make the UK the most digitally capable nation in the world.

    Improving digital skills across the board will unlock huge economic and social benefits. That’s not our opinion. That’s a fact.

    These changes will transform the lives of all of us – and make a tangible, long-term difference to society.



  30. Employers making use of Jobmatch Mandatory >>>>>

    Can employers make it a requirement that they will only accept a Job application via Universal
    Jobmatch? If this is true, it actually means registration will become, by default, a mandatory
    requirement by the way it is designed, is this true?

    The Department is not required to disclose information in connection with this part of your
    request because we believe that sections 35 and, where relevant, 42 of the Freedom of
    Information Act apply.


    • I suspect that it’s highly unlikely that employers will be ‘forced’ to use Universal Jobmatch as most of them will be only too aware of how bad it is, and that if it’s compulsory for them to use it as well as us the unemployed they would soon be inundated by mass applications from people totally unsuited for the job, leading to increased costs in dealing with applications, actually finding the suitable applicants. The whole system is a logistical nightmare that puts the whole ID card fiasco into the shade. Mass databases may be somewhat viable it they are for restricted access, but those databases where virtually everyone and his/her dog has access are extremely vulnerable due to human error/laxity not to mention that, in my experience, multi-purpose databases using parameters that are variable according to the differing needs of the involved agencies are a nightmare as they are so complex and rarely do what they purport to do, can be exceedingly slow to access, and frequently crash. Both UJ and UC have fundamental flaws that will probably make them completely unworkable, in the case of UJ it is a) a British Government IT project (who have such a brilliant track record in delivering, on time, and under budget) basing a system on an already discredited company’s system – not a recipe for success, and due to it’s unpopularity, has become a target for hackers, those posting spoof jobs, or those merely out to phish. UK Government may pride itself on the calibre of it’s anti-hacking staff at GCHQ (who are recruiting at the moment, wanna job?), but seemingly failing to realise that there are enough hackers with a conscience out there who are at least equally skilled. UC will eventually also probably fail when it finally dawns on the majority of the population that they have been signed up unwittingly to a mass observation system that has implications far deeper than any ID card scheme. It will be a bureaucratic nightmare to administer, with all those who are in part-time work that pays below an arbitrary threshold expected to seek out more or better paying work, and with the sanctions involving loss of both income and housing payments will create chaos like we’ve never seen. This is especially so as there just aren’t the jobs out there, and for all IDS’s hyperbole about immigrants taking jobs, the fact of the matter is that a lot of the lower paid jobs will be filled by people forced into them on the Work Programme.

      I think most of use would be in agreement that there are severe structural problems in the UK’s economy, too reliant on the service sector which produces little wealth for anyone but the already super rich, that doesn’t seek to invest in the working population through the implementation of a seriously rigorous and well funded training programme geared to a rational plan for economic development. There is no way in the world that the UK’s workforce can compete in the same economic spheres as China and India. UK governments need to learn the lessons of countries like France and Germany where they have steadfastly held on to their manufacturing sectors, investing in hi tec industries and technologies.

      I think we need to start thinking about setting our own agendas instead of just reacting to the policies imposed upon us. It needs to be our own response, as ourselves as we aren’t exactly hearing a whole lot of opposition to these policies from the Labour Party, or indeed the mainstream trade unions, who seem, by and large to have just buried their collective heads in the sand, hoping the nightmare will be over when they finally pull them out again. Any attempt on our part to present a viable alternative will take a lot of work, and a lot of time, and certainly at this early stage will be extremely frustrating as any efforts we expend will seem very much like pissing in the wind, as those who would benefit, and who could also become involved will, at the moment have buried their heads in the sand and hope that this is all a nightmare. Move us on in time some eighteen months, or two years and Universal Credit in place and the situation will be very different; then many people will be looking for support and advice, which is why those of us with at least an inkling, (for that is all we have at the moment) really need to start to talk about possibilities.

      Let’s not descend into the usual Left-Wing bickering amongst ourselves, that’s exactly what these bastards want us to do. But I would suggest caution if and when we get ourselves involved with statist groups, as inevitable those ideas would just end up in exactly the same situation as we now find ourselves. Let’s all agree that we are in this because we are part of a culture of resistance to the crypto-fascist agendas of both the Tories and New Labour.

      Of course, it’s imperative that we focus on our immediate situation and oppose the undermining of the welfare system at this point in time that threatens to plunge so many of us into abject need and homlessness, but long term we need to think creating our own systems of support, systems that can’t be taken away from us. It’s a huge task, but do we really have an alternative? It’s also beyond the wit of any one person to come up with ideas that are workable, but we all have an idea of the kind of society we would like to see, so let’s talk about it.

      • Two things ; first the govt had ample opportunity to know that ujm would be a mess as there was plenty of info about monster jobs fuckups on the net. Next work program has fuck all to do with getting ppl. Into work it never was for that reason . Just free labour .that was made self evident earlier this year of which i posted several times as proof

      • We need to have our councils, who we can elect and pretty much keep an eye on as they’re local, use their funds, council tax and so on, to create local banks. They can ‘lend’ into their communities far more than the amount they actually have, that’s how banks work, fraudulently. Interest on these ‘loans’ will go back to the local communities and act as the base for further ‘loans’ or be spent into the community on whatever. That’ll put money back into the communities the government are taking monies from. If the communities also create local currencies and swap their pounds for local pounds a la Bristo Pound, that’ll stop money from leaving the community. There’s the basic premise.

      • something survived...

        You have another possible option?
        Apply for all the mcjobs they tell you to apply for in England.

        Apply in Welsh.

        This works equally well in Gujarati, Yiddish, and Klingon.
        They can never accuse you of not applying. Any language they won’t know, basically. So if they are in Wales and speak Welsh, then send them a video in BSL or a printout of Braille.

        Another thing you can try: say you are spending a year’s sabbatical studying Native American issues, and for the duration of the year you will be communicating to the jobcentre only by hand signs, and to the employers only by smoke signals.
        “IDS you said be creative and imaginative, so I did. I thought outside the box. I sent my job application on a channel of positive thoughts and cosmic energy.They’ll get it if they have a compatible mindset.”

        If they get really tricky with you, you could try quipu, the Quechua system of messages in knotted string.

        Dw i ddim yn byw yn Ipswich.

        A wall in Bethesda currently reads:
        ‘Ffwcio’r Toriaid’
        I was at a demo some years ago where the words ‘toriad’ (a cut), ‘toriaid’/’toriadau’ (*the cuts) and ‘Toriaid’ (tories) were used together on placards.

  31. no way am i going to tick that box, if my detailed job search is not good enough then fine hall my “job-shy” ass into the interrogation centre every day at noon for 1 hour of interrogation time and waste more tax payers money.

    and the torys get there nickers in a twist over labour wasteing money. monkey see monkey do huh.

  32. I think what bothers me if information gleaned from the data harvesting.will be used or sold off.or transmitted to the MSM eg daily express/mail etc to keep the old ‘benefit scrounger’ message going….

  33. Section 42 (legal professional privilege)

    There are no identifiable reasons why the strong presumption in favour non-disclosure of
    legally privileged information should be overridden in relation to Universal Jobmatch.
    Please see further information below about why the Department considers that the balance of
    public interest in each case comes down in favour of not complying with your request.

  34. Irrespective of whether a candidate, in creating a UJ Account, gives authorisation for the DWP to access “Your Accounts”, they must sign up to {Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Cookies Policy}.

    Through accepting mandatory conditions, the candidate accepts that i) Monster operating the UJ System is simply a Data Processor, ii) the data is owned by the DWP, and iii) the DWP can do whatever it wants with the data without the DWP seeking permission or authorisation from the candidate to do so.

    Under Legal and Contact Information:
    “Your information is submitted to the Department for Work and Pensions, but is hosted and stored in a database on servers owned and maintained by Monster Worldwide Limited. The Department for Work and Pensions, acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, decides the purposes and methods of processing the information collected and is the data controller of all data stored in the database; Monster Worldwide Limited is a data processor on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions in relation to your personal information provided in relation to the Sites.”

    Caveat Emptor…. Let The Buyer Beware

    • @EOWYN ROHAN but there was enough info floating around even on the net about Monster JObs dodgy track record..did they know about this?
      if they did then…???dont forget monster jobs are in competition with jobcentre / dwp
      will monster try to poach from UJM or did they frick it up on purpose?

  35. we all need to sign this epetition, calling for cameron & osbourne to resign ,and a general election to be called

  36. Anyone who thinks the government will not push ahead and try to implement Universal Credit for claimants is a bloody fool.

    Your favourite four-letter-acronym organisation, based outside the UK and minimising their tax contributions for workfare, is already running the trial. No, not as-yet targetting the unemployed; ATOS run the most inept financial system ever for asylum seekers. Cash? Not-on-your-life, mate! Let’s give them a Fisher-Price bank card which only supermarkets like Tesco participate in and make sure when they’re double-charged it can take six months to get a refund.

    I won’t even resort to the phrase “slippery slope”when it comes to Universal Credit being turned into the same. The right-wing press, and the right-wing-nuts, are already salivating at stopping the unemployed having any alcohol or tobacco.

    In parallel, they’re looking at how to turn the screw on the working poor. That is, the working poor who qualify for some benefits. The language of news reports, and reading-between-the-lines, is that people should be kicking and fighting their way up the wage ladder **or risk losing supportive benefits**. Private landlord taking obscene amounts and making you qualify for housing benefit? Your fault if you don’t find a better-paid job.

    For at least 30 years, the approach of the DWP has been, at least slightly, right-wing. Cuts, retirements, targets, and a ‘hostile environment’ are now working overtime to get rid of staff who might view any unemployment benefit as a right rather than a privilege. To put things as-simplistically as Tory propaganda in the Telegraph and Times: The unemployed are guilty, the DWP’s job is to find ways to stop paying them. Yes, that includes people who have paid into the system for 20-30 years, at well-above-average rates, would be perfectly qualified to manage an entire region’s branches of any supermarket chain, but the DWP assumes they’re workshy because stacking shelves in any of said supermarket chains might seem demeaning.

    I’m currently pursuing a range of FoIA requests against the DWP. Happy to share the ongoing results with you ‘under embargo’, Johnny. I’ve forced written apolgies out of DWP offices, had MPs eagerly offer to take up cases of incompetence, and keep finding the DWP inept, useless and secretive. The biggest problem is right-wing press such as the Daily Mail spewing fawning adulation in response to IDS and others threatening the human rights of the unemployed.

    If the help to prosecute is there, I want the European courts telling IDS that he is “naught but a Nazi apologist” running his “Workfare makes you free” programmes.

    • I don’t think Universal Credit will fail because the government gives up on it but because it’s technically impossible to run a system of that complexity with tax and benefits fully integrated and able to be managed and updated by users, employers, councils, DWP and HRMC staff, in real time, over the public internet. It is and can only be a right fuck up!

      • IM WITH YOU ALREADY THE SMARTCARD THAT FOLLOWS YOU ABOUT TELLING WHERE TO WHAT TO BUY WJHEN TO BUY STUFF…hey who needs advertsing..compulsory purchase literally..

        • something survived...

          If certain shops won’t sell to people with prepaid benefits cards;
          If people on the dole are forced to do workfare;
          Then conceivably you could end up on workfare stacking the shelves of a shop your card is not valid for you to shop at yourself.

      • As anyone in the know, who has experience of either E-roof or Sprint, (database systems allegedly designed to track people designated as homeless) will know, massive databases used by differing organisations for slightly different purposes in a related field are nightmarishly complex to both use and administer. UC is like these systems only on a massive dose of steroids.

    • @Brian McNeil i really belive its organised like a system..use the hate rhetoric to drive as much fucking public money inthe offshore bank accounts for the tory donors..and the othe scumbags..the reason i say that is due to the fact that the DWP have cut fraud investigating staff ie the fraud investigators checking out the work prog scam industry…that cant be by accident.

    • Seeing as you’re going at this from a legal angle, Brian, can I ask, are you familiar with the name Gwenhwyfaer? If not say so and I’ll Facebook you some stuff you should find interesting.


    Click to access rrep679.pdf

  38. @Brian McNeil you are right there i keep finding ‘none of your bloody buisness’ refusing to comply with FOI requests…that in itself is enough to make anyone suspicious..

  39. @Brian McNeil yeah ok…in fact i came across something really simple as it drove a coach and horses straight through the strivers/skivers malarky..
    it goes back to something that happned earlier this year..
    an activist from RIGHT TO WORK campaign was protesting against workfare..ok? up comes mrs fucking Tory bigot and said the police should arrest the guy..another Tory MP said the shops that were using workfare were ‘spineless’ beacuse they caved in to the protest..
    the ms then it was omitted from the daily HEIL that ms tory bigot had produced a book claiming that ALL BRITISH WORKERS WERE LAZY..
    so if you deconstaruct all that you get:
    a RIGHT TO WORK (but please pay us) guy who should have beeen arrested..and against that a fucking TOry saying these shops business have the fucking right to get people to work for them for NOTHING.. whilst the other tory twat was calling all british workers ‘bone idle’
    which then makes the skiver/striver thing look all arse about tit so to speak.

  40. “Section 35 (formulation of government policy etc)

    The policy in relation to Universal Jobmatch is still being developed and until finalised, the
    Department considers that the balance of public interest weighs in favour of non-disclosure.
    This is because the Act acknowledges that good government depends on good decision
    making and therefore needs space in which to formulate policies based on the best advice
    available with full consideration of all the options. Ministers also need to be able to conduct
    rigorous and candid risk assessments of their policies and programmes including
    considerations of the pros and cons without there being premature disclosure which might
    close off other, better options. ”


    including ‘GOOD GOVT’ are they serious?? ‘premature disclosure..ok so GAGGING ORDER? YES?
    what better options? how about abetter option like scrapping the fucking thing??f
    ffs there wasnt even hardly any proper consultation on the UJM…justa poxy document..

  41. Delighted to see I’ve provoked some commentary; some more rational than others. To those with the most strident, most ‘unhinged’ responses: Do you know you look like a Dirty Tricks department trying to discredit people attempting to legally obtain information?
    No? Then learn to shut up when you’ve zero clue.

  42. He’s already very plainly a self-deluded bully – but I’m wondering how close IDS is coming on to having a fully fledged nervous breakdown as more and more of his idiotic welfare reform plans start to unravel over the next few months? I can see him chewing the carpet by the summer before being carried out of Parliament screaming profanities in a straight jacket at the start of next autumn.

    • I agree. I think we can already see a progression in his behaviour, from lying on his CV (the facts of which seem to be well established) to his present day behaviour. I remember a year or or back, probably the clip’s still available, he told a lie in the House which caused even Grayling, a man perhaps not noted for his shining integrity, who was sitting next to IDS to visibly start and stare at him. Since then, among others, we’ve had the ludicrous spectacle of IDS on the BBC News assuring us no taxpayer money was at risk in the Work Programme as it was, and he was specific here, a payment by results-only programme, this amid well-informed and authoritative reports in the media of the hundreds of millions of pounds already being spent on the scheme as attachment fees. In my view, we’re already seeing IDS having a breakdown and we have been for some time.

    • Steven2011@lavabit.com

      I hope to see both him and his mentally-retarded ‘superior’ Cameron act the same way. Let’s face it, BOTH of these grade-A arseholes are frankly mentally unstable (CaMORON refuses point blank to admit to using cannabis at Eton but we all know in our heart of hearts he used it) and need sectioning such is their hatred for anyone who is unemployed. If I were a violent man, I would punch Cameron in the gob because the stuck-up and snooty MORON needs a good sucker punch.

    • something survived...

      rational response to the state of the economy, and putting capitalism into action: how much could be raised as a nation , from showing the execution of IDS on pay-per-view? just a thought……

      Stone seller: “Get your economy bags of gravel here, only 50p”

  43. Loads of the jobs seen on UJM are KLEENEZE in disguise or spoofs.

  44. I feel sorry for the poor bastard ,he will be thrown on the scrap heap like all Governments do to whomever they have used ,Armed Forces ,Police ,Ambulance personal,Nurses ,but afraid when he does have his nervous breakdown ATOS will deal with him fairly .

  45. The Current confirmed ‘Job’ advert count I have of Kleeneze Independent Distributors on Universal Jobmatch not upfront who they are and in any case in breach of parts of the UJM T&C section 10.3 is 2389.
    This breaks down as :

    ‘Focus Group Distribution’ : 118
    ‘Infocus Group’ : 287
    ‘Salian Group’ : 1089
    ‘Vision Focus Group’ : 779
    ‘Orion partnership’ : 31
    ‘Freedom Enterpirses’ : 53
    ‘Focus Group’ : 23
    ‘G & D Marketing’ : 9

    Several of these ‘Companies’ were adding more ‘Job’ Adverts today. See my tweets earlier today for futher detail.

    ‘G&D Marketing’ & ‘Freedom Enterprises’ is the same Kleeneze Distributor BTW.

    This figure will increase to about 2600 once I confirm the lastest example of this practice by some Kleeneze Distributors I have found.

    I am aware someone informed the DWP about this situation about 14th December and they have done NOTHING about it to date.

    Says it all I think 😀

    Twitter : @Davesmith40UK

  46. i joined that site its fucking shit now my adviser wants my password next time i see her and i dont think it right that i have to give it to her at all

  47. Well, they can call me in every freaking day if they want as I refuse to give up my legal rights I have under the data protection act and under the EU law the Conservatives and Labour signed up to. I live 35 mile away from the JC so it will cost them that’s for sure at £15.50 a ticket. I am already registered with other employment sites, ones that are optional in giving your information. Monster Jobs are nothing more than a data processor and surely qualifies them as a third party, so stuff em.

  48. Give the work back british people, and maybe there wont be this large unemployment crap goin on, thats the main corse of all this in the first place. Keep the money in this contry keep the money in our econemy and look after our own before everyone eles..

    • something survived...

      Antix wrote:
      >>Give the work back british people, and maybe there wont be this large >>unemployment crap goin on, thats the main corse of all this in the first >>place. Keep the money in this contry keep the money in our econemy >>and look after our own before everyone eles..

      =”Give the work back to WHITE people, and maybe there wont be this large unemployment crap goin on, BLACKS are the main cause of all this in the first place. Keep the money in this contry keep the money in our econemy and look after WHITES before SUBHUMANS”

      Yes of course, it’s all the fault of black people and Asians. They’re entirely to blame for everything everywhere. “The eternal Jew, the wandering Jew….poisoning our Aryan race…” And while you’re at it, kick out anyone Polish, even though Poland has plenty of your skinhead-and-swastika buddies. Romany and Traveller, get rid of them too. And anyone mixed-race.
      Clean up our country even further, by insisting we all go back where we came from. Cause that will make a nice white Britain for the British, right?
      What were we doing letting French Protestants, German wool merchants and Dutch drainage engineers come over here? What were we thinking when we hired Irishmen to make our roads, railways and canals, buildings and parks? It’s looking a little cleaner now.
      Send back every imported monarch since Aethelstan. (=all of them). Right, so we have to be a republic, but on the plus side it’s getting cleaner all the time. Oh and stop serving up all that foreign muck that passes for food.
      No more potatoes, ketchup, rabbits, curry, tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar. And definitely no sweetcorn, wine, icecream,turkey, chicken (a junglefowl from India), or chewing gum. Oh and most other food.
      We can quit already, wearing the traitors’ fabrics: anything cotton has to go. We should live in skins really. Of course it’ll be a wrench getting rid of cars, digital watches, electricity, paper, decimals and most other inventions.
      But we’ll adjust.
      Those sneaky Normans, they’re for the chop next. Coming over here with their churches and something resembling proper toilets. A bucket and a dungheap is good enough for us Brits. We’ll have to ditch most of the English language and stop calling it English. And Christianity too of course, making us have to become pagan or atheist. Since we kicked out or massacred the Jews (killing them in the tower in York was a stroke of genius. It saved us the cost of deporting them), we’ve had to do all that money-lending stuff ourselves – which is why our banks are not so good; but a few people get really rich, so should be rewarded for being rich, by being made even richer. However banks are an introduction so we have to lose those. Let’s just swap pebbles. We don’t like anyone Scandinavian so those Vikings can hop it, along with their writing system and literature. And we don’t like Germans, so all Saxons should leave. So we can drop Anglo-Saxon. We don’t want Roman blood muddying the waters. Or all the Semitic, African, Slavic, Asian and Germanic soldiers that came over in the Roman army and its associated camp followers, suppliers and merchants. Most of the Roman army was non-Roman. In losing the Roman civilisation we must wave goodbye to swimming pools, underfloor heating, the weekdays, public toilets, our writing system, arches, four-yearly games, the months, the calendar, ludo, a form of sauna, centralised government and taxation, and blocks of flats (insulae). And we abandon the republic too, the one we got by dumping the monarchy, as the whole concept of ‘res publica’ is Roman. Most legal and medical vocabulary comes from Latin, medical terms also come from Greek. French has also given us a lot of words. And if we’re down at the beach we can forget about wearing sandals, those are more filthy Roman products! Of course bikinis are out, because breast-bands were developed by the ancient Greeks of the Minoan civilisation, to enable normally-nude female athletes to do the bull-leaping while keeping their chest in one place. And Bikini is an island in the Pacific. Swimming costumes are foreign too, the correct British way to go swimming was to be male and naked. To really be British, we have to be Celtic. Traditional British army clothes: a torc around the neck, and no clothes, and the skin painted blue with woad, the hair plastered with lime. Like the samurai of Japan had, a Celtic warrior often had a separate sword or knife with which he was meant to kill himself if faced with hopeless defeat. If you were a woman or girl, let’s just say life would involve a lot of weaving (but no cotton).
      But, oops, the Celts came from central Europe. And, before, that from India. (As did the Baltic peoples, Germanic and Romance tribes, Greeks, Slavs, Romany nation, Armenians and Albanians. That is why they are called Indo-Europeans, and why Irish is in the same family as Hindi and Swedish.) It starts to get more complicated, because all their ancestors came from Africa. And during the ice age there was nobody in Britain at all. (Living on top of, or possibly under, miles of ice, for some reason, did not appeal.) Even when people roamed the ice, we used a foul foreign invention that was first thought up elsewhere: fire, and the use of fire to cook food and make pots. So ditch that. Get used to eating raw meat and carrying everything in animal skins. In India the ancestors of the Celts were not from there; so…We will have to….go back to Africa! Which makes us…. black Africans!
      Before that we were ape-men, and those came from little shrews that survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. Mammals came from reptiles, and reptiles from amphibians. Back into the sea; before fish and urchins, there were sponges. We all have to trace ourself back to one single amoeba. (=computing power of entire Tory think-tank)
      We were bacterial colonies of stromatolites, and at the very beginning we were short chains of amino-acids. Now we look like all sort of the same thing. There’s no black and no white any more, and before that no life at all, unless you count the birth of the planets, stars and universe
      (at which point, does the external covering’s coloration, on a rather insignificant carbon-based lifeform, still matter?).

      Maybe another short exercise in imagination?
      ‘Deporting my friend and his kids’.
      We’re back in 21st century Britain. The government adopts a ‘Send ’em back where they came from’ policy. It has to be followed to the letter. It soon becomes apparent that there are problems with the policy. But zealous officials press ahead with enforcing it anyway. Firstly, the children’s mother is put on a plane to Japan. Fair enough, you might think. But then the father has to be deported to where he is from. So 50% of the father is deported to Egypt and 50% to the Celtic nations, achievable probably with a chainsaw. Regrettably, this renders him nonviable. Their three children, two girls and a boy, each need deporting to 3 places: 50% to Japan, 25% to Egypt, and 25% to the Celtic nations.

      At one stage a few years ago the BNP had an online shop. I don’t really have a high level of familiarity with the full range of their merchandise, but I wonder if they sell giant posters of Simon Darby and Nick Griffin. Possibly excellent and appropriate presents for one who shares their beliefs. Sending them back, as Darby advocates, is a perfect idea. Perfect, so long as he and Griffin are the first to submit themselves to DNA testing followed by a swift proportional repatriation by chainsaw.
      Fascism and racism and xenophobia, have no rightful place in society.
      Whatever colour our skin, our blood is red. Without light there is no colour, so colour itself is meaningless in darkness. Immigrants enrich society.

  49. Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions

  50. Universal Poverty

    Can anybody anwser me this question
    On UJM once you have logged in you can go to profile and change bits name etc and the DWP tick box is also there can you choose to untick this box at any time and deny access?

  51. Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions If you’re poor sanctioned unemployed sanctioned.

  52. InDrunkenShit IS A Nazi.

  53. Pingback: Empty Threats and Tantrums Are All Iain Duncan Smith Has Left In Universal Jobmatch Fiasco | Mental Health, Politics and LGBT issues | Scoop.it

  54. Still getting jobs with no details why is that ? What happens if employers stop using ujm and start using other job sites.

    • Easy – IDS is fucked and we the unemployed/underemployed can rest in peace, at least for a little while.

      • Many of us will soon be resting in peace for good, if IDS and his sociopathic friends get to complete their mission.

        • I think IDS’s mission IS to see as many sick, disabled, unemployed and working poor “resting in peace”, and the implementation of UJ and UC is a part of that process. That’s why I hope employers continue to snub UJ, and the IT delivery of UC is a complete cock up. If thousands more people aren’t to be made homeless IDS needs to go ASAP, and I think it’ll take an almighty balls-up to make that happen. So fingers crossed. 🙂

    • employers dont directly use UJM, like with many job sites they will advertise
      a vacancy with a few websites, UJM just pulls these details off other websites and dumps them onto UJM. so if you find a job on lets say reed.co.uk. and you apply and then find that UJM has a match for you just select I have already applied for this job from the drop down list.

    • Evidence from reports on Universal Jobmatch is employers are not using it. In summary :

      Active Employers 19/11/2012 : 44156 Go Live whatever DWP Claim 😀
      Active Employers 05/12/2012 : 54069 Peak number of Active employers
      Active Employers 29/12/2012 : 42220 Latest Available Figure

      Currently 4.38% LESS Active employers than when it went live.
      Currently 21.9% LESS Active employers than at the peak.

      So perhaps DWP can explain where the claimed figure of 370,000 employer accounts on Universal Jobmatch before Christmas came from ? 😀

      • Sterling work you’re doing in exposing how easily Univarsehole Jobseekersnitch can be abused by those claiming to be employers when, in reality, they’re nothing of the sort.

        Now that damn fool Iain Duncan Smith has come out and admitted that the site will be used to spy on jobseeker activity and trigger DWP ‘interventions’. A cabinet minister states that a government website has been specifically designed to ‘trip up’ benefit claimants who will be obliged to use it. Oo-er.

  55. brilliant using a digital system making even more people jobless! I hope david Cameron and his mob suffers like the people he’s hurting. I hope he looses his job becomes homeless and he has to be forced to work a shit job lots of hours with low pay see how he manages then with the shoe on the other foot

  56. If loads of us become homeless because of this, we should start an occupy a tory home movement. and put them on the fucking streets……..

  57. They don’t want you in work ,they want someone to blame

  58. Employers hate UJM because they get bombarded with loads of blag and unsuitable applications which claimants have been mandated to make by DWP.
    I am convinced IDS is some form of sociopath, the way he insisted on keeping his DWP position in the reshuffle, the sheer spite and venom whic h come out of his petulant little mouth every time the subject of jobseekers comes up. He is a spitter and a snarler with his own distorted world view, he appears very short tempered and just cannot take fair comment or criticism in an adult way. He is ideologically motivated and heavily influenced by U.S Workfare/insurance giants UNUM.
    He’s got absolutely NO MANDATE to inflict this shite on people and drag us all back to the workhouse. IDS is The Beadle.

  59. Ive just come down with IDS sydrome, goin to have to get signed off on the sick with stress anxiety and depression. When he fucks it all up maybe Ill feel better and be able to look for work again with out the fear of being made homeless and not being able to feed myself and my kids…..

  60. For those wanting to take action in the New Year, please watch and share this new video:

    I notice an interesting use of language here:


    The JSAg:
    “…section of my my Universal Jobmatch account *if* I have one.”

    The DWP letter:
    A10 “… claimants *may be* required to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch…”

    Despite the tough talk I’m not convinced so far that compulsory has moved beyond meaning the issuing of Jobseeker’s Directions, and re-written agreements (where being obliged to register is made as provision under the Other Activities section of the agreement.)

    My question is: which job seekers formally fall under a criteria – and what is this!? – where they are asked/required to register?

  61. if the JC+ are running at full capacity seeing people every fortnight then they should be running at 50% capacity when they may only have to see them once a month as UC will be a monthly payment so that will leave them 50% to call claimants in every day.
    I can see it now people will claim they have no access to the internet and if that is the case IMO that could be enough to throw the spanner in the works of the jobmatch BS that IDS wants.

  62. wildthing666

    The staff answering the phones seem to have been given orders to try and get people to use the internet. First question is “Have you heard of Universal Jobmatch”? Second question: “Do you want to sign up?” Some use their anonymity to give lectures about how claimants should be spending 35 hours a week looking for work and telling them that their local jobcentres should be changing the terms of their agreements.

  63. Benefit scrounger or disabled. The claim goes like this . How could there be so many disabled ? Surely most of them are faking it therefore…
    The question should be why are we becoming more ill ?
    The govt brings in unum to deny illnesses to weedle out camera they say. But now we know the nhs is going private so treating the easier cases would fit that in order to cherry pick

  64. Why not simply make everyone who gets any benefits wear a digital slave collar and have done.

  65. I’m new round here, but I’m definitely with Johnny on this one. Demonisation and exaggeration get the blood up, sure, but they backfire. Leave twisting the facts to the government, and tell it like it really is, like Johnny.

    PS If we ARE obliged to sign up to Universal Jobmatch, how bout stating “privacy concerns” as the reason for not following up anonymised “vacancies”. Armed with info from this blog, being hauled up before an advisor to explain that could be a pleasure.

  66. Oops! Last comment refers to the criticism of BobChewie’s remarks on “one apprenticeship”, above. Damn this digital device! Anyone remember the Labour Exchange, and the card-file of opportunities?

    • What do you mean? I posted a copy of an item written by someone else which was about a bunch of Tories profiteeribg from the poverty they help create

      • Bob,
        We are definitely in agreement that the Tories are shovelling public money into the coffers of the capitalists with no real benefit to the unemployed, whilst characterising us as workshy scum.

        The particular point at issue was:
        “I’m sure if you did your homework then you’d find they are filthy. But the implications you draw from the fact they only advertise one apprenticeship are nonsense, do they even have a current contract to deliver apprentices” (Johnny Void at 5.56pm 29 Dec).

  67. Yes I. remember. Labour exchanges and card files . It didn’t help me much . So remind me what your point is

    • The point here was simply that (unlike you!) I’m not very adept with digital media and posted my comment at the wrong place in the thread.

      I referred to the card file to remind that there was a time when the unemployed would queue once a week, declare they had not had work, and a government employee would actually try ,with no questions about “Jobsearch”, or any expectation or implication that the person before them might rather not work, to find something suitable for them; and failing that, would arrange for a small cheque to be in their hand within a few minutes. That’s how I remember it anyway.

      Something I’ve not seen mentioned here (and apologies if it has) is the fact that UC will only, or at least mainly, be claimable via the internet, a barrier that may seem far more significant for those who don’t have, eg your skills and resources

      • @EMZIZIMIZYU yeah ok..we used to joke (when there were two queues back then) that there was a guy sitting atop of a barbed wire fence with a mad dog on a chain and holdimg a shotgun..one queue to sign on anothet to get paid..

    • The point here was simply that (unlike you!) I’m not very adept with digital media and posted my comment at the wrong place in the thread.

      I’ve also not succeeded in posting my reply to the above, now lost.

      I referred to the card file to remind that there was a time when the unemployed would queue once a week, declare they had not had work, and a government employee would actually try ,with no questions about “Jobsearch”, or any expectation or implication that the person before them might rather not work, to find something suitable for them; and failing that, would arrange for a small cheque to be in their hand within a few minutes. That’s how I remember it anyway.

      Something I’ve not seen mentioned here (and apologies if it has) is the fact that UC will only, or at least mainly, be claimable via the internet, a barrier that may seem far more significant for those who don’t have, eg your skills and resources

  68. So, If they dont think i am doing enough to find work, they will ask me to go into town every day at a cost of £5 a day. Which no doubt i will have to find myself no reimbursement. so thats a 3rd of my giro gone. Luckily i live at home with my elderly mother in her own house. So they will call you in every day how are they to know you are doing to jobsearch.. by sitting you in the job centre. What if you are on the MWA and you are still mandated to go every day who takes precedence. I think IDS is losing it, all the signs are he is going to have a severe breakdown

    • They did one consultation exercise on ujm it was one documents of which I have posted on this blog

      • Thing is i am pretty much immune, i have contacts with High up dwp’s and the bbc press. So while i need to cover my back and become whiter than white. It makes me immune (thats the other reason for my Nom de Guerre.) Lets just say even the DWP staff are not the happiest of bunnies.

        • @eric greenwood is this why dwp are not totally complying with foi requests?

          • they have been requested to delay and ignore certain things, because they know it will be out here and we the activists will spread it good news for us to everyone. Its a form of disinformation

            • @eric greenwood what is the situation regarding the payment by results with regard to work prog providers

            • This has got three Tory hate words in it.
              Foreigners , benefit fraud .
              So is. Urdu going to cut. Working tax credits and make working families suffer
              In fact why are subsidizing stingy employers in the first place its bad enough subsidizing them with free labour


  69. Well the BBC news are just a propaganda channel and just say what the gov tell them to say, and not what is realy going on to the real people of this contry! I don’t here them giving the real facts on this situation just a load of IDS bull shit..

  70. Atos supplies i.t. to the beeb….so, that’s a conflict of interest right there.
    Also, the govt. has made the bbc take money from The U.S. State Dept., and in return pumps out loadsa U.S. crap favourable to the Yanks.
    So, another conflict of interest.
    The cunt at the apex of the bbc is Lord Patten, arch-thatcherite, arrogant, pompous abuse denier..
    …..so no conflict of interest there, then.
    Oh, happy days.
    2013 will be even worse than 2012.

  71. Bet this is 1 job not listed on universal job match!! http://www.w4mpjobs.org/JobDetails.aspx?jobid=38138

  72. Pingback: #IDS; tantrums and fiascos. Read… #ukmh #unemployed | Dawn Willis sharing the News & Views of the Mentally Wealthy

  73. So what is going to be everyone’s new year revolution – sorry resolution?

  74. Universal Jobmatch Active Employers Update 13:10 31/12/2012 :

    Active Employers 19/11/2012 : 44156 Go Live whatever DWP Claim 😀
    Active Employers 05/12/2012 : 54069 Peak Number of Active employers
    Active Employers 30/12/2012 : 41298 Latest Available Figure

    Currently 6.47% LESS Active employers than when it went live.
    Currently 23.6% LESS Active employers than at the peak.

    So i again ask DWP to explain where the claimed figure of 370,000 employer accounts on Universal Jobmatch before Christmas came from ? 😀

    David Smith

    Twitter : @Davesmith40UK

    • And in the last 7 days, 7953 jobs nationally

      In the last 14 days, 28,787 jobs nationally.

      Ths doesn’t take into account the number of non-jobs,ones that have been reposted and agencies fishing for CVs.

      With over 2.5 million unemployed it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be the most successful system for helping the unemployed.

      Employers are obviously going to be wary of it as they’re just going to get hundreds of applications from people who lack the necessary skills, are over-qualified and not interested in the job in the first place as they have been forced to apply.

      Keep the figures coming Dave. You’re doing great work on Twitter, especially as the DWP seem to be increasing their presence(propaganda) on it.

      If it wasn’t for people like you and Johnny, the public wouldn’t be getting the information they need.

    • @David Smith..er they made them up?? actually thats a good question beciause its obvious they are using phoney figures and the way they calculate them

  75. Has anyone actually found any jobs to apply for over the Christmas period? I’ve only found one so far and my diary is looking a little on the bare side.

  76. I fully expect IDS to be sacked in 2013 and I really hope he’s hauled in front of the European Court of Human Rights for his so-called Welfare Reforms.

    I hope they lock him up and throw the key away.

    • Hope. The worst of all evils…
      Found right at the bottom of Pandora’s Box

      Fat chance that cunt will get any comeuppance.

      • something survived...

        With the hydra, the trouble was that every time you cut off a head, a whole bunch of other heads grew back. Kind of a metaphor for government.

  77. The Current confirmed ‘Job’ advert count I have of Kleeneze Independent Distributors on Universal Jobmatch not upfront who they are and in any case in breach of parts of the UJM T&C section 10.3 is 2496 as at 13:17 31/12/2012

    This breaks down as :

    Focus Group Distribution : 118
    Infocus Group : 313 26 Added since 30/12
    Salian Group : 1125 26 added since 30/12
    Vision Focus Group : 821
    Orion partnership : 30
    Freedom Enterpirses : 53
    Focus Group : 20
    G & D Marketing : 10 1 added since 30/12
    Jam Group : 6

    ‘G&D Marketing’ & ‘Freedom Enterprises’ is the same Kleeneze Distributor BTW.

    This figure will increase to about 2700 once I confirm the latest example of this practice by some Kleeneze Distributors I have found. It is taking longer than expected due to the complexity of case.

    I am aware someone informed the DWP about this situation about 14th December and they have done NOTHING about it to date.

    As I said before Says it all I think 😀

    Twitter : @Davesmith40UK

  78. Few times ive heard they are getting rid of paper diarys soon, that mean we will have to write it on scrap paper then if ujm sign up is not mandatory ?

    Bet ids would love a microchip in the hand for unemployed forcing them to use tesco or asda as they will be the only ones with the scanners to read the microchips. As scum as torys are I wonder how bad it would be if bliar was still ruining the country 😮

    • something survived...

      Our diaries were stopped weeks ago, except the one they keep so you lose your evidence. Funny that they can’t seem to find ones you already did, if you ask to refer back to them. I’ve seen for 2 months the staff throwing away the diaries of the people after they leave, without reading them or entering anything in the computer. Quite often this is immediately followed up by the staff selecting the person for an arbitrary Sanction, though they have done nothing wrong, just so the staff could meet their quota of people to kick off benefits. They laugh and openly boast to eachother about doing this. They even put down reason for the sanction in many cases as: ‘failed to do the diary’. Of course, they threw the diary in the bin on purpose, or stuck it for a nice trip down the shredder. I’ve witnessed several whole days of this going on, having spent the days in the jobcentre. They didn’t seem to know I overheard everything.

  79. What we need is a balanced approach to to the welfare system, someone in charge who has vast experience and common sense – any suggestions?

    What we don’t need is a jumped up little Hitler (IDS) who hasn’t got any idea how hard it is to find a job and thinks paying Private Providers to fail and not even meet their contractual agreements with the DWP is a fantastic idea.

    The Welfare system needs to be reset and fully reinstated to when Labour took over in 1997, at least it was doing what it was created to do back then, looking after the people who really needed it.

  80. I can imagine IDS tonight:

    If he’s going out to celebrate the New Year I bet he’ll be wondering if the person next to him in the pub is on the dole, because this has now become a fixation with him – and if he is out I really hope someone out of work taunt’s him – something on the lines of: Hey Hitler, I’m having a drink and I’m on the dole! or worse.

    IDS being taunted after a skinful of booze – Priceless! – Headline News on the 1st of January, hopefully!

    • I’m not writing with malice but in my opinion there isn’t anything human that will help this gentleman. Those who have addictions, living on the street, lviving in the borderlands of unemployment/despair at least know they are fucked but this poor man lives in an unreal world and doesn’t know that he is an far, far worse state that those whom he thinks he has the power to control and sort out their lives. If there is any good person with faith out there reading this then maybe give something up as a loving sacrifice with the wish that God will fire a dart of love into the hard hearted because it was the only thing that ever worked with me.

    • @obi wan kenobi and all as i posted earlier from govt own info..it was found that jobseekers were using contacts, and other resources to find work..NO MENTION of UNIVERSAL JOB MATCH was even mentioned..

      • That proves Universal Jobsnitch will be as useless or even counter-productive as the Work Programme has been. The best people to find work for the unemployed are the unemployed themselves, and outside intervention can only complicate matters and make already vulnerable people even worse off. But we know IDS will not budge from his mission to force ever more outside “help” on the unemployed, to the detriment of those affected.

      • @ bobchewie – its not about you, me or the status quo, its all about Iain Duncan Smith, he was a loser as leader of the Consrvative Party back in 2003, that has stuck with himl like a thorn in his side and always will, he’s a vindictive half crazed fuck up and will probably be lead out of his office in a staight jacket, spouting intelegable verbiage! and hauled off to the funny farm – hopefully!

        • @OBI WAN KENOBI After pissing our money away ona fucked up website that was know to be seriuosly flawed because the creators own site was a mess and the fact that this was widley known..added to the fact that the consultation exercise amouted to ONE document being produced..the answer is yes Iain Duncan Smith..you are total and utter FUCK UP and FAILURE…PLEASE LEAVE NOW..

          • Cameron will only let him go so far – and then he has to yank the chain or be seen to be weak against an underling – bobchewie – trust me IDS will be out sometime before July or August 2013.

            • @obi wan kenobi.. think thats becoming more obvious..hes becomiong more out of control by the minute…the latest tiradeabout working tax credit fraud is about the fact that labour in new year wants a 1% pc increase in benefits and the tories want to get rid of all benefits and healh service and social secuirty.

          • To paraphrase a line from the movie Top Gun:

            IDS, your mouth is making promises your Party can’t keep!

    • something survived...

      (hopefully) Now there is an ethical and moral scenario for employing Rohypnol.

  81. Like I said give the work back to the british people who need the jobs, instead of giving them to the cheapest labour employers can find from over seas, and fuck off the agencies who exploits these people, most of there skill are they work for less and that’s it. we maybe part of Europe but there has to be a limit before british people are frown on the streets with IDS shambolic scam. I just want a job in my own town near my family in the place I grew up in. Fuck off were full come to mind……

  82. Hitler/Sauron/IDS has now turned his evil eye upon tax credits, trumpeting lies about it via the supine, compliant scurrilous msm as he attempts to enslave EVERYONE except his corrupt and wealthy pals, and get all our necks under the clawed heel of his jackboot.

    • IDS has got bored of targetting the unemployed; he is now after the working poor too, working poor who were lead to believe by CamSham the Tories were on the side of “those who get up and go to work”. Well Working Tax Credits are given to those very people, for whom WTCs make the difference between being able to live life at a minimal level of comfort while working, or being forced to quit their jobs altogether. IDS has no clue!!

    • something survived...

      That’s a little unfair on Sauron.

      At least the orc armies are properly organised.

  83. @Dave Smith..i came across this, but i dont know if its accurate or what it means?


  84. @DAVE SMITH i found these stats..dont know if they mean anything.


  85. Got sanctioned for a month for refusing to sign up to this shit! Anyone know how I can appeal?

  86. @scarecrow i often use govt own info..and its there…proving the whole wefare reform is one gigantic scam

  87. @bobchewie that is funny, but Im actually * right now. Is there some sort of form to appeal?

  88. @Adam Williams to be honest i dont know the appeal process..however,, what i would cite in your favour (apart from high court) which i posted.is this.
    FACT: the UJM fiasco was on channel 4 news
    also ther was no clear answer on whther madatory to sign onto UJM because even under FOI request on that matter DWP refused to answer that question
    next PCS union had an understanding that it WAS NOT mandatory to sign up to UJM…


  90. “Iain Duncan Smith’s own advisers have urged a softening of his benefits crackdown after hearing evidence that it risked pushing the poorest in society into “crime or prostitution”.

    The work and pensions secretary should relax the punishment he plans to mete out to unemployed people judged unwilling to seek work, they warn.

    Testimonies heard by the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC), a Whitehall body responsible for monitoring Duncan Smith’s planned welfare reforms, suggested that there is a danger of driving vulnerable families out of mainstream society.

    The tougher sanctions regime was introduced in October. It is due to be continued under the universal credit scheme, the new catch-all benefit payment designed to simplify the system and make work pay. But the committee’s report told Duncan Smith he should offer some hope of state aid for those on the most severe sanctions.

    In the most extreme cases the unemployed will lose their £71-a-week jobseeker’s allowance for up to three years if they are believed to have serially breached the tough new conditions for the universal credit, including the duty to attend job interviews, accept job offers or carry out unpaid work experience.

    The committee recommended that those who are barred from payments but subsequently show a willingness to find work should have their benefits returned to avoid damaging outcomes.

    The report’s authors wrote: “The higher-level sanction of three years drew a lot of comments from – and raised concern among – most respondents. Such a severe penalty could, they fear, result in claimants turning to the black economy, crime or prostitution, would not incentivise someone to enter employment, and would almost certainly damage children in a family where income is severely reduced for a prolonged period.

    “US research was cited as evidence that severe conditionality can result in families becoming disconnected from society: they are neither in work nor receiving state support. Given the government focus on supporting families with children in their early years, respondents urged this level of sanction should be used with extreme caution.

    “The committee is sympathetic to the concern expressed by respondents that if sanctions are to be effective in encouraging compliance, continuing a sanction beyond the point of re-engagement may well be counter-productive.”

    Under the rules, where there are “low and intermediate level” issues, such as failure to actively look for or be available to work, claimants would lose their benefit for one month for the first offence and three months for subsequent events.

    The higher level of sanction for people who refused a job or left one without good reason would be three months for the first time, six months the second time, and three years subsequently.

    However, the SSAC cited international evidence that vulnerable claimants do not set out to be noncompliant but often led chaotic lifestyles, having poor organisational skills and frequently forgetting conditions they are supposed to fulfil.

    “There is evidence from several countries that sanctions are experienced disproportionately by more disadvantaged and vulnerable claimants, those who are more socially deprived or isolated and longer-term benefit recipients,” it said.

  91. Hey BobChewie – do what I do at moments of crisis:

    Either have ago at IDS or have another Bacardi and coke – it works for me!

  92. BY ‘BEATING UP’ the most vulnerable in soceity and using disgraceful and demeaning methods of demonizing them.. IS NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY MAKE JOBS FUCKING APPEAR!!!!!!!

    IDIOT, TOTAL UTTER LOSER iain duncan smith…

  93. @obi i dont drink mate…i live amonst severly mentally ill people amd thats enough…

  94. David Smith

    The disparity in the figures for employers is huge. Does this mean that a huge number of them are “inactive” employers? When those figures first came out figures for claimants who gave the DWP permission to view their accounts also came out. I wonder how many of those included in these figures have subsequently withdrawn their consent, having realised it is

    I know nothing about Kleenze. Are they commission only jobs or something?

  95. http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2012/10/charities-warn-duncan-smith-450000-disabled-people-will-lose-out-under-universal-cr

    Charities warn Duncan Smith: 450,000 disabled people will lose out under Universal Credit

    Work and Pensions Secretary promised that there would be “no losers


  96. Iain Duncan Smith: ‘I’m not scared to light the fuse on disability reform’

    “The Government is braced for fireworks as, under the plans, even a soldier who has lost limbs but no longer has mobility problems, because of a prosthetic limb, may have the payment cut. ”


    • something survived...

      A person who has lost a limb/s still has a severe mobility problem. Let’s take a soldier blown up by an IED for example. He or she goes through the rehab (the rehab available to personnel has by the way been seriously cut, in the Cuts), and manages to find somewhere to live that is not a box on the street! Probably they also have PTSD, anxiety, and the need to adjust to life with limb/s blown off. (They do still get NHS care, more than what kids blown up in Afghanistan get) [while we still HAVE an NHS anyway…]

      Stuff about traumatic/surgical amputation.
      -Stumps can get infected and people need to keep the wound clean and avoid gangrene.
      -Often they have to take away more of the limb because of blast damage, comminuted fractures, embedded shrapnel, muscle and other damage.
      -Prostheses can’t be worn 24/7. They have to be taken off at least some of the time, during which the person can rest but may be confined to a bed or wheelchair.
      -Prostheses can be painful and rub the stump, sometimes leading to pressure sores and infection.
      -Some types of prosthesis must be kept dry, depending on what they are made from.
      -Problems arise if the prosthesis does not fit or if the stump changes shape/size later (eg swelling from infection could make it impossible to put on the prosthesis, muscle wasting could make it too loose and unstable).
      -Even without infections or sores, putting on a prosthesis is uncomfortable to some people. Even the best types don’t give 100% of the quality and performance of a normal limb.
      -Arms of the type that can be moved by nerve impulses, might only work on good days (worse if numb/cold).
      -Referred pain, pins and needles, and ‘phantom limb’ (feeling it is still there), and nightmares about it, can all happen.
      -If your mental state is affected then caring for yourself could suffer. Alcohol use reduces immunity and prolongs infections and the healing of sores.
      -Socially, there is stigma attached to seeing a person with a stump or seeing them remove a prosthetic limb.
      -Not all public transport is as accessible as before.
      -Loss, theft or damage of the prosthesis can reduce mobility instantly to zero.
      -Even with the best artificial legs, walking and using stairs have to be relearned to be done differently.
      -Carrying and lifting can be affected.
      -Most prosthetic arms do not permit the wearer to make movements requiring dexterity, such as writing, pressing buttons,picking up items. This can include the use of ATMs and phones. This is an obvious impairment to mobility.
      -If you have lost both arms, cleaning yourself and using the toilet are a problem.
      -If you have lost both legs, and are resting without the artificial legs, you may have to move by dragging yourself across the floor.
      -If you were a deaf civilian who lost your arms, you can no longer use sign language.

      (Ex- first-aider; was once going to be doctor; in disability movement; disability athlete/non-amputee; knowledge of landmines via peace work; access to medical textbooks; other sources of knowledge.)

  97. Since I signed-up with Universal Jobmatch a few weeks ago, my Inbox has completely filled with spam and my phone number has been used by call scammers.


  98. @Septimus and they spent over £20 on this mesarable failed scheme..

  99. http://www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk/Results.aspx


  100. Claim Ref. No. 107086
    MP Iain Duncan Smith
    Financial Year 2011-12
    Expense Category Office Costs
    Expense Type Const Office Rent
    Amount Claimed £9,500.00
    Amount Paid £9,500.00
    Amount Not Paid £0.00
    Amount Repaid N/A
    Status Paid
    Date 24/07/2011
    Short Description Constituency Office Rental
    Details Rent and Rates
    Nights 0
    Mileage 0

  101. Claim Ref. No. Payment to Supplier
    MP Iain Duncan Smith
    Financial Year 2011-12
    Expense Category Office Costs
    Expense Type Legal Expenses Insurance
    Amount Claimed £636.00
    Amount Paid £636.00
    Amount Not Paid £0.00
    Amount Repaid N/A
    Status Paid
    Date 20/08/2011
    Short Description EPL Insurance

  102. bobchewie:

    Calm down lad, easy does it, I really know where you are, my dad was in one of these homes – hey bobchewie you still can make and are making your points, no problem, you keep on going, works for you and a lot of people on here.

  103. comment on CIF…on IDS story…
    nice to see we are all in this together..
    “@lewisgreen – capatilism is alive and well, it’s just currently being manipulated by governments who do want to see bust companies going to the wall… A mistake in my opinion but one that will eventually unravel regardless……. As for the poor in London, all housing stock should be sold off and natural market forces allowed to play out…. If this means the poor are forced further out from the centre this is no bad thing”

    • something survived...

      Yay! Great when they let the pavements and streets become full of potholes, when they turn off the street lights, and when they cut the buses!
      Especially if out at night on a mcjob. How people are expected to get home?
      At least it’s not that bus in India…

  104. Iain Duncan Smith is a psychopathic murdering wanker


  106. Start your Party – Happy New Year to One and All – exept IDS – Bah HUMBUG!

  107. Happy New Year everyone on here.

  108. bobchewie you are obviously using a public platform for your own amusement ,it seems you have time on your hands ,what benefits are you on ,the Welfare cuts are a serious issue with some very intelligent input and your total outlook is one of becoming just like the one we are fighting against ,your no better than IDS – Happy New Year

  109. Chewie which radio station is george galloway on? Is it radio 4?

  110. I’ll find out chewie, it’s just that there were radio phone ins after the Ian Duncan Smith in Bootle link you posted, so I thought you might know if he has his own talk show on radio.

  111. Pat Cross was calling for us all to sign the epitition calling for Cameron and Osborne to resign and for a general election to be called.
    Whoever gets in is only interested in those they can put into part work/ part benefits to even reduce the benefit bill by half, and the rest can rely on food trusts or be forced out of their homes and denied their independence if they are over 55 years old and sick or unemployed, because there is very little chance of work for them to pay rent for extra bedrooms.
    older people are being shuffled into community homes or dwellings that are predominantly for older people, having little or no contact with the younger generation, why don’t they just introduce euthanasia and be done with it, because they are being denied as are the young unemployed or disabled any quality of life.

  112. George Galloway is on TalkSport Radio. There’s also loads of stuff on YouTube. He’s probably got his own website.
    The man’s a total fuckin’ egomaniac, but his heart is in the right place, and he fuckin’ loathes The Jackboot Tories.

  113. Thanks for that info little feet, egomaniac he may be, but he certainly addresses the issues from the position of the underdog and was probably why he was thrown out of the labour party.

  114. Happy new year everyone!!!

  115. IDS is 100% my favorite pet peeve atm. I just been writing about his latest comments on tax credits. Liar liar etc… check it out on my blog if ye like (politicoid.wordpress.com)

  116. Landless Peasant

    Why does the Universal Jobmatch website keep emailing me completely irrelevant vacancies that are for jobs I cannot do, that require specific skills and experience that I do not possess, that are based in other towns and cities everywhere from Cornwall to Scotland, yet are marked as jobs that “match my criteria”? Why have they so far not emailed me ONE SINGLE JOB that matches my criteria? It is a complete and utter waste of time. Resign now I.D.S.

    • @Johnny Void and all., it seesm that I have joined your club, so to speak..
      I have been switched onto ESA..and it may mean that I will be assessed using the WCA (is this ATOS?) what I hope is that I wont be dumped into the WRAG and get shunted into ‘work for free’ scheme…I have done freelance work in the past where ceratin companies were puzzled by the fact that I had the audacity to ask for payment..in fact I had to go to court on several occasions to get a court ruling on the matter..
      so, guys ..any advice here would be most welcome..

    • something survived...

      Yes exactly. I’ve had not one appropriate job sent either, and spam that has taken days to wade through. Not all mine were even in the UK. It’s a laugh, as it says they are local jobs.

      HSBC is the world’s local bank or so it says. Which is why I moved to where, being disabled, I was 2 minutes from a branch. Soon after, they closed the branch, which is why they are the local bank?! It really dropped local elderly people in the brown stuff, as they are really more impaired in mobility. The other week an old lady took half an hour with a walking frame to travel ten metres by the post office opposite the former bank (I was waiting for my bus which took over an hour to arrive due to the cuts). The next branch of the bank is 2 miles and downhill. The concept of local seemingly involves relocation of the bank offices to a call centre in southeast Asia. A place I go quite often, a town an hour away by road, had a similar thing happen but on flatter terrain. But it was more of a scandal, as the smaller branch that closed was in a residential area entirely inhabited by pensioners, most of them extremely frail. The nearest branch is a couple of miles or more away.

      ‘from Cornwall to Scotland’
      This is about right! Generally both in the same mailing. The system could be using a mad American system that thinks all parts of the UK are within driving distance of eachother, that the UK is tiny, that Scotland is part of North London; and that everyone lives in London anyway and wears a bowler hat, eats fish and chips, and talks like Dick Van Dyke. You know, the sort of satnavs that give the wrong route, and have even major cities like Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester in the wrong places.

      What if you had the misfortune to be offered jobs at both and forced to jobshare, commuting between Cornwall and Scotland on more money per ticket than poor people pay in monthly rent.

  117. @Johhny Void and all.. this is a follow up form the guardian piece on the cutting of staff at DWP who investigate the fraudulent workfare providers

    DWP ‘hiding back-to-work fraud from taxpayers’, claims Margaret Hodge
    The Government has come under attack for refusing to publish details of more than 100 investigations into potential fraud in the back-to-work industry, claiming the cases are not in the “public interest”.

    After seeing lots of FOI requests that had ‘NOT IN PUBLIC INTEREST’ on them why am I surprised?
    maybe I am not surprised but I am angry..


  118. by the way,, wasnt there a newspaper recently trying to discredit MP margaret hodge? i wonderd if the above article had something to do with it..

  119. @Nigel Simmons I dont know you and you dont know me….lets keep it that way….

  120. Click to access docs%5Cpartnership-forum-minutes-131212.pdf

    “Work Programme Performance Update
    The consensus of opinion was that the release of the Work Programme first year statistics had gone well. It was agreed that more work is required to ensure the media has a full a picture as possible of the programme to ensure clarity of understanding the statistics and that this work will continue to be taken forward.”

    So, lets see then.”suffers from delusions of grandeur”..

    Yep IDS seems to fit in with DWP as both suffer from delusions..

  121. @Jonny Void ..CLAIMS FORMS?? what is this about?


    “Local Work Programme providers

    Work Programme providers play a key part in working with DWP and Jobcentre Plus to help promote the support available through the Youth Contract to local employers and to identify suitable employment opportunities for participants. Where a wage incentive is appropriate, Work Programme providers will liaise with the employer, provide support and issue claims forms.

    If you are an employer who is interested in employing an 18 to 24 year old with support from a wage incentive payment you should register your interest with local Work Programme providers.

    The wage incentive is also available to employers through Jobcentre Plus if you take on an unemployed 18 to 24 year old who has been claiming benefit for 6 months.

    For details of the Work Programme providers in your area please choose from locations below.”


  122. Formal Opening of the Work Programme National Partnership Forum
    Richard Aitken-Davies formally opened the Work Programme Partnership Forum and thanked everyone for their attendance. Richard thanked EOS for their hospitality in hosting the forum at their venue. Richard also took time to introduce Julia Sweeney who is the current Interim Director for Contracted Customer Services Directorate.


  123. Ok so, we know that providers have been pressurising the subcontractor ok? becaise tey want to get paid by Govt on the contract they have with them..now then the subs keep getting all this free labour so why bothet paying employees.. so now it seesm the proividers are suggesting that employers actually pay ppl on work program some sort of wage..but hey dont worry guys because they can claim that back…

    what is this ‘compensation’???
    oh and how do we know how much they are going to claim for?
    oh dear I can wsee dodgy and excessive claims being made..

  124. ow then consider this…
    when workfare was going on….i dont remember tesco asda, poundland talking about paying anyone UNTIL..
    the boycott workfare movement got high profile..
    and a lot of companies pulled out of that scheme due to the bad publicity they got at result..
    so….now the firms can claim ‘compensation’?
    and let me guess where that will go,,,dodgy and excessive claims….

  125. “Where a wage incentive is appropriate,”

    when is that then?
    as if it were a novel idea….

  126. When are we going to have a U TURN ON WELFARE REFORM campaign?

  127. interserve , a work program provider has bought up a private health care company that looks after old old people.. or as interserve put it:

    Interserve is planning to grow its health business, which reported revenues of more than £300m for last year, by broadening the services it delivers.

    Advantage, which manages the care of 500 people, is part of a home healthcare market judged to be worth around £10bn. Analysts also believe public sector budget cuts should drive opportunities for outsourcing companies in this area.

    Adrian Ringrose, chief executive of Interserve, said: “We see the healthcare and care at home sector as key growth markets and this acquisition both expands our capability, while also being a further step towards delivering the group’s medium term strategy of greater front-line service provision.”

    Interserve had cash to spend after recently selling much of its PFI portfolio for around £124.5m, and placing the remainder with its own pension fund. Its argument was that while the assets generate a decent income, but sit better as an investment for pension funds than with itself.

    Andy Brown, an analyst at Panmure Gordon, gave a ‘hold’ recommendation following the announcement, noting that Advantage will bring revenues of £41m and earnings of around £3m for the year. He said: “While the deal is accretive we are not changing forecasts as it offsets the profit lost from recent PFI transfers.”

    so there you go..all our elderly people are well being looked after..NOT.


  128. oh god…

    DWP ‘hiding back-to-work fraud from taxpayers’, claims Margaret Hodge
    The Government has come under attack for refusing to publish details of more than 100 investigations into potential fraud in the back-to-work industry, claiming the cases are not in the “public interest”.

    Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is “hiding” critical information from the taxpayer about the potential scale of wrongdoing across the sector and called on ministers to release the full details.

    Since 2006, there have been 126 cases of potential fraud investigated in the welfare-to-work industry. Just 11 of these relate to crisis-hit A4e.

    But after repeated requests for information, the DWP told The Telegraph it would not be disclosing details of the other 115 cases after deciding the “public interest” argument was not strong enough.

    Of the total, 46 had a “case to answer” and were branded “non-compliance” or “false representations”, official documents show, suggesting the scale of the problem runs far deeper than A4e, which has faced several allegations about its conduct in recent months.

    Figures show just five of the 126 cases are “ongoing”, with the rest “closed”. Mrs Hodge said: “The cases are 100pc in the public interest. More and more of taxpayers’ money is being used to fund private sector companies delivering public sector services.”

    The allegations led to A4e founder, Emma Harrison, resigning as chairman in February. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on her part.

    oh ha ha ha..of course not none at all..why should we think so???




    “An interesting division has opened up recently that, for brevity, we can call “toff Tories” versus “all the others”. The Blue Collar Conservative movement was set up by Carlisle activist Clark Vasey, with the intention of giving Tory candidates a chance in seats outside the south-east. One third of Tory MPs have already signed up to its core beliefs, though how much that differs from clicking “Like” on Facebook, I don’t know. That core consists of a simple message: the Conservative vote doesn’t have to narrow down to rich people and those who think they will become rich. It can appeal to regular, modestly paid people, but only if it shows some awareness of the cost of living, and accepts that just because you’re claiming benefits – in or out of work – it doesn’t mean you’re scum. These two principles, two and a half years ago, would have seemed self-evident, the kind of anodyne statement that politicians sometimes make to keep their face moving in a slow conversation. Nowadays, it actually counts as a sticking point for this radically unpleasant party.”
    The architect of this kind of thinking – that the poor are kept so by state handouts, and if only they were left to sink, they would find it in themselves to swim – is, of course, Iain Duncan Smith. Possibly trying to create some diversion around the impending disaster of the universal credit, he wrote a column about in-work benefits at the weekend, blaming Labour’s payments to supplement working families’ income for the fact that public finances are “at breaking point”.
    “Funnily enough, I agree with him in the first instance – it isn’t the job of government to supplement low wages, which in effect subsidises corporate super-profits. Labour should have tackled child poverty by insisting on a living wage and taking seriously the perils of an economy that was increasingly built on low wages.

    But there we part, IDS and I, because he attributes the problem to in-work benefit “fraudsters”. This is another move that would once have seemed bizarre but is now a cliche – a system is deemed “unaffordable”, the culprits are identified as a small core of liars, but since the unaffordability, by their terms, outstrips the dishonesty by such a huge margin, we are left to make the tacit leap that really, all of them are committing fraud. The very act of receiving money from the state constitutes a fraud. Amusingly, in Duncan Smith’s article, they’re not just fraudsters, they’re foreign fraudsters – a piece of baroque nastiness ungrounded in any evidence. The number of foreigners claiming tax credits has never been calculated by the Department for Work and Pensions.”


  130. How correct you are chewie that business should not be subsidized by government handouts in the form of tax credits for those on low or part time wages, especially as it is only bringing claimants up to the minimum wage not a living wage and is responsible for the term strivers and skivers, workers and shirkers etc, with those who consider themselves to be strivers attacking those who are unemployed, with a little help from government propaganda and their own ignorance.

    • @guy yes its divisive . the hypociacy in the amount of money shovelled out to big corporations who deliver very little is disgrace . Also as I have posted before re workfRe it shows that hit has nothing to do with employment T all . That Tory no being incensed that shops caved in to anti workfare protests demonstrTes that quite well

  131. Joseph Ridgwell

    enough to turn a man to art michael fitzgerald

  132. something survived...

    Clark Vasey:
    Is he from the village of Royston Vasey in ‘The League of Gentlemen’? (‘This is a local shop for local people’) Related to the ‘probably brother and sister’ pigfaced married couple (wife is called Tubbs), who run the shop and kill all nonlocal people? Or he could be related to that butcher guy who chops up all the bodies and sells the meat. Yeah I know they are fictional characters but then so are the tories (I wish.,..), they are caricatures but so are the tories and even without trying. Another possibility is that he’s related to Pauline from the job club.

    Just a point about Pauline. She is meant to be created as a joke, a warning, an ‘ogre’ figure. The job club sketches appear to have been watched end to end by the DWP and treated as a training video. If they could deify Pauline they would. I imagine them building shrines to her, on a par with the Virgin Mary.
    Some of Pauline’s tasks included ones set by Hayley Taylor later at Ar$E
    (okay A4E). The one where you are treated like you are 5 years old and they ask you what you want to be. Where you want your life to go. And they give a chunky big marker on a flipchart, and you have to draw a road.
    They pick points helpfully labelled ‘you now’ and ‘where you want to be’.
    Would honesty require you to answer, Me in the future: kicking your corpse? Pauline thinks her job club people are in love with her (Pauline is in love with a female ex-colleague), actually they despise her. In one episode Hayley (I mean Pauline – it’s so easy to confuse them!) is doing another pointless task, and the most intelligent jobseeker there says he wants to go because he has a job interview. Pauline says no, won’t let him go, and threatens to stop his benefits. She says he has to be there and do the stupid activity. In the final episode Pauline says he is getting his benefit stopped. He gets up and reveals he is her undercover boss, gathering evidence on the horrible way she treats the jobseekers. He sacks her and she cries.
    Out of all the schemes so far A4E and Serco have been the closest to Pauline’s way of working. The patronising-then-menacing voice. The endless infantilising activities (no I don’t want to draw a road). The frequent threats of loss of benefits for noncompliance. The way she boasts about having a job even when it’s pointed out to her the sole purpose of that job is wrecking people’s lives and aiming to leave them destitute.
    By the way Pauline has a face like the back end of a bulldog. Hayley Taylor merely resembles a bulldog chewing a wasp.

  133. 300 comments and counting… 🙂

  134. We need new strategies now to lobby and protest against housing association policies. Local councils especially labour run councils, should be attacked like the charities, for not only doing central governments bidding but restricting the board structures to a couple of tenants who are elderly and not affected by housing issues themselves, there should be homeless people on the boards of social housing also. Nothing in the public sector runs democratically especially staff recruitment.

    • @guy fawkes
      britain blighted by billy workshy


      Have you noticed that those who complain about benefit scroungers are actually complaining about. The shitty jobs they. Do

  135. They are pretty well paid for these shitty jobs in most cases – what about the shitty jobs the unemployed are forced to do for zilch?

  136. Aitch returns…..remember you are not obliged to sign up!!! Do not let them tell you so…..I have been dreaming of squandering my allowance in the Seychelles……but then again I aint an MP…easy decision….beans……or Champagne……

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  138. Sanctions info : Harsha.parmar@dwp.gsi.gov.uk This person deals with enquiries about sanctions at the DWP. 0207 449 5923.

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  140. If you took all the agency jobs off universal jobsmatch , would there be sny jobs left to apply for.
    It it my imagination , or are these agency jobs atempts to get more people on thier books, and the jobs they advertise dont exist , universal jobsmatch ( a discrace )

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  143. I’m not suggesting anyone actually risk going to prison for this piece of shit but I’m actually really surprised no one has tried to kill him yet?

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