Workfare Exploiters PDSA Win Queen’s Volunteering Award!

superdrug-workfareAnimal charity and workfare exploiters PDSA have won an award for their use of forced labour, handed out by no less than The Queen!

PDSA, who have recently been bombarded on twitter  over use of workfare in their charity shops, have won the Queen’s Jubilee Award for services to volunteering.

This is despite the fact that many of the people working for free in PDSA charity shops are anything but volunteers.  PDSA has confirmed they use workfare and are believed to be involved with the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, four weeks forced labour which unemployed people are sentenced to if Jobcentre advisors decide they aren’t trying hard enough to find a job.  As the name suggests Mandatory Work Activity cannot be volunteered for.

This hasn’t stopped the Queen, the UK’s biggest benefit recipient, dishing out her scabby award which means the PDSA can now use the Diamond Jubilee logo on all their merchandising tat.

In yet another sign that they really are all in it together, PDSA’s patron is HRH Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin!  They even rig their own charity awards the thieving fucking criminals.

Contact @pdsa_hq on twitter and demand they hand back their dishonestly accepted prize.

39 responses to “Workfare Exploiters PDSA Win Queen’s Volunteering Award!

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  2. Not a laughing matter I know, but this posting made me laugh out loud.

  3. @Johnny Void. This is horrible. I have used. PDSA in the past when our dog was poorly.

    I think what is bothering me with regard to charities and with no disrespect to animal ones, the human ones, even the psycho pathic neo con privatise the planet mob advocate that as fall back safety net charities can help ‘the poor’, but What with this fucking free labour workfare the result is that ppl will stop donating and bang there goes that safety net. Worse still is that ive been reading some strange blogs claiming that charities like crisis at christmas are some hard leftist plot and out of control management pissing money away.. Some of the commrnts are pretty vile.. The blog was quoting allegedly from crisis own internal docs sdmitting failing and about having to pay monies back. Now i have no idea wtf is going on here ..
    The consequences dont look good.
    On top of that as you will see i have posted on your blog about some thought as mad as it may seem and again i dont know if its some kind of planted story. But i post it.
    In US talk of unpaid jobs becoming the new normal ( yes there are laws against it, but you know about laws)
    Ok did you see my posts about pretend jobs ( eosworks) only grayling and express think thats ok as he went to see them.
    Then my post on the payment by results in the work program warnngs that were ignored where it said tories favoured private over voluntary sector for contracts 80% or something..
    Then i see on express front page that fat cbut fartcards idea..

    Then in answer to your tories propagabda war on unemployed , the workers v shirkers.
    Well i blew that apart with stuff about the tight to work acrivist guy campaigning against workfare shops, and that pot noodle for brains neo con tory mp priti patel daying the police should arrest and stop the right to work activist, at the same time her and other tory twonks publishing a book in which they were claiming that all british workers were lazy abd bone idle !!!

    Making it look their campaign back to front. Well i hope you find something in all this stuff Johnny if it helps others, hey wordpress is a shit app on phones, but im struggling with it all the same..

    • Oh by the way is this normal?
      Charity donations taken out of your wages at source? I dont know..
      I came across an outfit that with co operation with employer ( have to check employee) they grab a wedge of your hard earned and bung it at some reg charity..

      Er am i missing something? Cant the employee just decide or not to donate from his own wage packet on his own??
      What the fuck is this? Who needs these organisations? Theres some tax stuff mentioned in the blurb on the site.
      Is this standard as i have not come across it before…

      What do you think??

  4. My cat will be well pissed off.
    : > )

  5. Just tweeted-

    “@pdsa_hq why are you keeping the queens volunteering award when you use forced workfar[c]e labour? I won’t donate while you abuse jobseekers”

  6. Many wealthy people will continue to donate to PDSA, as I suspect many of them think nothing of stepping over homeless people en route to making their donation to their local animal charity or shelter.

    Shockingly, many people in the UK care more for animals than for poor, disabled or homeless people…

    • Sun reader mode enabled:

      Thats cos pets dont sit on their arse drinking stella and smoking weed and stuck in bed living on sink baby factory estates in order. To get free houses they can rent out to communist benefit scroungers..its obvious you mugs.

  7. I’m sorry I laughed, it’s just the absurdity of the queen giving out awards to charities that are clothing a third of the countries adults and children in second hand clothes, instead of demanding that her government provide enough enough income for her subjects to buy new ones.

  8. Our cat is a rescue cat. We rescued her. And she rescued us. I don’t expect anyone to understand that.
    It’s a fuckin’ shame about the pdsa coz they actually do a lot of very good work.
    However, before our cat was rescued I had to rescue myself.
    There is no pdsa for humans.
    Only a cold impersonal world run by the likes of InDaShit.
    And its getting worse.
    One day….
    ….cat curry…
    ..may be on….

  9. And one day, InDaShit will be getting roasted…

  10. something survived...

    Royal family are animal abusers anyway. They are into hunting, shooting and fishing (in other words bloodsports). It’s hypocritical for blood junkies to say they support animal charities. On forms that ask your interests there is a box for animal welfare; I cross it out and put animal rights. Welfare is misused as a word and can include killing or harming.

    When it comes to people, the word Welfare is seen as a dirty word. The payments involved may keep us technically alive, but only really existing, not really living. They are not concerned about our wellbeing at all. Likewise ‘benefits’ is seen as a dirty word. With jobs of rich people the word means things thrown in free with the job, like a car and private healthcare and so on. With poor people: it is the crappy sums of money we are thrown;
    that we are supposed to be grateful for, and prove our loyalty by re-electing the spiteful, mean-spirited cunts that dare to call themselves a government. ‘Benefits’ is said to mean something good.
    If we had £140 instead of £71 a week we would still be poor, but less so than we were. Might even make fresh fruit realistically affordable.
    (I ate fruit today! But guess where from? A bin.)

    ‘Welfare’ is also used when they are taking away the kids of innocent parents on false claims they harmed the child. It was in the mind of that UKIP bastard (basically UKIP are already fascist racist bastards and bitches, but this is a new low) who wants all Downs Syndrome and Spina bifida kids aborted out of existence. His plans would also force Catholics to have abortions! Is he one of those creeps who would sew up vaginas to stop people breeding? Sterilise all ‘cripples’? There was a recent episode of either Casualty or Holby City about a young mother with Downs Syndrome. Women with Downs Syndrome CAN be mothers. In the story the child was ‘normal’; of course a person with the condition can have a baby with it too, but most people with it are born to people without it. In the 1990s a disabled man in England in a documentary, a Christian and wheelchair user, fell in love and then wanted to marry his girlfriend. He was told by the council that wasn’t allowed, his adapted home was intended for him alone to live in. They backed down, so he went to book the wedding.
    BUT. His priest asked him lots of demeaning, personal questions on his body, genitalia, ability to have sex. I think also as a Christian he said he wanted sex within marriage only so they were waiting before letting themselves do ‘everything’. It was assumed disabled people can’t have, should not have, should not want to have, are not interested in, are mad/bad if they are interested in, sex. In the end the priest refused to marry them saying in his (nonmedical!) opinion they could not legally be married:
    -As a disabled person he could not consent (yeah cause disabled people have no mind!). {Though his condition was physical}
    -The priest believed he was unable to consummate the marriage.
    So theologically it’d be no marriage.
    The priest probably would consent to marry a previously fit military guy who got paralysed! People who ‘start out being disabled’ are treated like a different category, not really human. And very old people get married., so do infertile people, couples who don’t want kids, etc.
    I think in the end they went to a registry office; but that priest sounds a div. (If Jesus was 33 and unmarried and a virgin, probably he’d be seen in his society as a weirdo and not a real man. If he was married, a nonvirgin, a father… then that would make him ‘impure’….And God had to, if there are ‘no other gods’, have sex with himself in order to produce Adam and Eve and Jesus in the first place.)

    More gets spent on ‘saving dogs and cats’ than on helping people. The anti abortion people won’t deal with the consequences of all the extra people created. A professional middle class woman with a child is not vilified as a ‘single mother’, nor is an upper class woman. It is only a working class or underclass woman with a child, who is given the label of ‘single mother’. They may as well hang a sign on her reading ‘whore’, or make her wear a dress with ‘A’ on it for ‘Adulteress’.

    Plenty of ‘stable’ families have one father and are anything but normal, healthy or stable. Plenty have one father too many, and the family would be better off if he left. If ‘stable’ means staying together, then you can stay together in a couple where the man beats up the woman when they get home. Or before. Today 3 or 4 cops were questioning a group of young people. I have no idea what about, or if it was anything serious or not. But right in front of them, a young woman was walking past and was chased by a man, possibly her boyfriend, yelling at her. He grabbed her by the hair, shook her, swore at her. Roughly dragged her away, though she was protesting and struggling. (He took her back towards the group of young people she’d been with. 2 minutes before this, she had collapsed drunk in the street.) It was right in front of the cops and their big van. They did nothing at all. Not even to go and ask: are you alright?
    who are you going home with? is that really your boyfriend? do you want him to leave you alone? People including cops often assume if a man leaves with a woman, from a club etc, it must be her partner. If she was spiked then she probably doesn’t know what’s happening. If someone wants to ‘help her to a taxi’, chances are he’s no friend at all.

    UJM: The Rohypnol of the masses…

    • What drives these cocksuckers is fear…..they fear illness, they fear disability, they fear the stranger, the immigrant, the homosexual, the other, anything that strays from their narrow, white, tied-up tied-down view of themselves and how all around them should be. Should anyone veer from the proscribed path they will be put to the test, be it the dunking chair in the local pond, or Atos. Tested in such a rigorous way that the despised has no way to pass the impossible test. In the 17th. Century it would mean death.
      In the 21st. Century it means sanctions, removal of benefits, and eventual death (they hope). Either way, it is the identical mind-set which drives the prevailing culture of the times when the fearful rule by fear in order to be perceived as the feared. And they will put their fear upon us, even unto death.
      That is their nature.
      IDS is the modern equivalent of The WitchFinder General.

    • yes it is oronic that the royals support PDSA yet just love that hunting

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  12. As a campaigner both for animal rights and against workfare and the whole vile Tory agenda, I’m particularly sad to see the PDSA involved in workfare (which I knew) and getting an honour for it (which is news). It is, as another commenter pointed out, extremely hypocritical of the animal-abusing royal family to pretend to be friends of animals.

    I’m also sad about the inevitable response from some commenters to the effect that ‘people in this country care more for animals than for human beings’. I’ve not yet heard that humans are being bred in their millions to be slaughtered for meat, or legally used in experiments — though I realize the latter practice does take place illegally, especially with poor people as victims; and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Tories brought in the former as well at some point (Jonathan Swift, where are you when we need you?)

    So, it’s with great sadness that I’ve been boycotting the PDSA shop as well as all other workfare providers. I only ask that people not blame the poor innocent animals, or the decent people who love them, for what the most loathsome specimens of the human race, Tories, are doing to their own fellow creatures.

      At present the Government are debating whether there should be more stringent control over banks ,in a Parliamentary committee today Osborne stated they would look at it next year ,basically dismissing the issue .Why has his attitude to Welfare Reform not had the same response .This Government are at loggerheads with Doctors ,nurses,teachers and anyone working in the public sector especially the police .Our efforts against the draconian cuts are falling on deaf ears ,the police have an Epetition giving them the right to strike ,at present it has 16,778 signatures ,if we give this petition our backing it will make the Government take notice ,they are the only protection between them and us .The Police issue will have a bigger voice then we do on the reforms that are going through no matter what .This Government are using illegal underhand methods to push Welfare Reforms through ,by signing this petition we are backing the next biggest voice to the Government in this country legally.

  13. Unemployment is absolutely vital. The Tories would be horrified if someone could wave a wand and give us 100% employment, as usual they are simply using the weakest in society to score political points.

    If we have 100% employment, how do bosses get the best from their workers?

    For an idea of how it would be bad, look at the problems French companies have with efficiency and staff lazyness and so on. Short of serious gross misconduct, like being caught stealing, it is pretty much impossible to sack an employee in France, certainly not possible for lazyness, missing targets and so on, there is no real incentive to even make an effort as an employee. The only way to get rid of such people is to pay them off, and we are talking payouts on the scale of 3-4 years wages and so on – it HAS to be lucrative, its the only way to get the employee to accept.

    With 100% employment the costs of living would rocket through the roof.

    Capitalism NEEDS unemployed people, it needs the stick of losing your job to go with the carrot of your wages.

  14. Benefit cards, Universal Jobmatch, social control, shame, and humiliation

    * contains strong language 🙂

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  16. Ingeus does not work according to Mark A the voluntary worker for the TVC.

  17. Where the USA goes we follow…

    “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Going to Crash Big Time .”

    • “We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried. ”

      Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

  18. Johnny- You about this?
    ‘Duncan Smith wants to bring in a THREE YEAR suspension of JSA for claimants deemed to be not looking for work. Even his advisors have said it will lead to people going into prostitution and crime.
    A DWA spokesman defended the policy though “We expect most claimants to meet that commitment, and only those who fail to engage with us or play by the rules will be sanctioned.” ‘

    • ”PLAY BY THE RULES”….that would be the tax avoiders, oh and ‘PAYMENT BY RESULTS’ LOT, undercutting other,s grabbing tax payers money and delivering fuck all


      If I was handed that by the the wankers at the ‘job’ centre (I was once sanctioned for two weeks for an EMPLOYER’S mistake) I would take-up crime even though I am not criminaly-inclined. Seeing as this vile shower of shite that calls itself a government considers ALL unemployed people to be criminals anyway you may as well ACT like one.

      • There’ll be an army of ‘criminals’ then- and instead of stealing one or two cakes perhaps we should nick the whole fucking bakery?! It’s about time WE turned round to them and said- ‘THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE’. Never forget that it was the bankers and their poodles in Parliament, both Tory and Labore (Blatcherites, I call em) that has dunked us all in the proverbial shit by cranking up their own greed in an already rotten greedy system. They want to criminalise the unwaged and make life on the dole as shite as possible to terrify those in work and drive down ALL of our wages, so we can ‘compete’ with the low-wage nations they exported all the industry to in the first place, and to maintain their own wealth, the bastard thieving paedo-aristo-banker-‘elite’ scum.

  19. Inclubusblog

    All of the exponents of these policies think it is one big bloody game – playing by the rules, whose rules?

  20. The Most Evil Despicable Vile Person of the year award 2012

    * contains strong language 🙂

  21. Is this you sat in your car jv?

  22. I receive notifications from the void in my yahoo email. They all start with ‘howdy’ for some reason. Anyone know why?

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