Sky TV is Damaging Claims Food Stamps MP

food_stampsAlec Shelbrooke, the non-entity behind the private members bill to launch a food stamps style scheme in the UK has made the astonishing claim that Sky Television is a ‘luxury item’ which is often ‘damaging’

In a move which could close every laundrette, market stall or cheap take away food outlet in working class areas, Shelbrooke wants smart cards for claimants, designed to control how money is spent.  Speaking in Parliament Shelbrooke claimed:

“The introduction of a welfare cash card on which benefits would be paid would enable claimants to make only priority purchases such as food, clothing, energy, travel and housing. The purchase of luxury goods such as cigarettes, alcohol, Sky television and gambling would be prohibited. When hard-working families up and down the country are forced to cut back on such non-essential, desirable and often damaging items—NEDD items, as I call them—it is right that taxpayer-funded benefits should be used to fund only essential purchases.”

This flies in the face of changes proposed under Universal Credit.  Iain Duncan Smith has insisted on Direct Payments under the new benefit regime meaning even claimants who may have drug or alcohol dependencies will no longer be able to have rent paid direct to landlords.  With no plans to allow money for broadband or internet cafes in Shelbrooke’s plans, this will also mean the new ‘digital by default’ welfare state would be impossible to access.

So whilst this bill is unlikely to become law it does reveal the direction of travel amongst some in the Tory party.  There have long been calls from the swivel-eyed Tory right to implement some form of food stamps scheme for claimants.

Earlier in the year Iain Duncan Smith said he was concerned that claimants who have faced benefit sanctions, and are living on hardship payment of around £40 a week, are frittering the money away on holidays and nights out – a statement so breathtakingly out of touch it’s difficult to know how to respond.

The DWP increasingly talk of benefit cuts as ‘incentives’, in the belief that driving claimants into ever deeper poverty will ‘encourage’ them to miraculously find a job.  Speaking in front of the Public Accounts Committee this week, the chief DWP Civil Servant, Robert Devereux, said he couldn’t predict whether the upcoming changes to Housing Benefits would lead to increased child poverty.  His bizarre claim was that single parents whose benefits no longer meet their rent may simply go out and pick  up a couple of hours work to compensate.

The fucking clown thinks being poor is like Eastenders.  All a struggling single mum needs to do is chat up Phil Mitchell a bit and she’ll get a couple of shifts down the Queen Vic to tide ‘er over.

That these clueless wankers think they know anything about how those with the very least live is a chilling thought as they run rampant with the welfare state.  Forcing people already poor into even direr poverty is enforced unemployment, not an incentive to find work.

Stamps, haircuts, laundry, toiletries,  smart clothes, broadband, stationary, fares, newspapers, telephones, and most importantly heating, lighting and a home, are all pretty big fucking requirements for those looking for work.  They all cost money.  When parents are dragging kids across town to stand in line at the nearest foodbank they aren’t out looking for jobs.  When people slip into depression, ill health, malnutrition, homelessness, and yes even addiction, this does not help motivate them to find work.

Far from incentivising people to look for non-existent jobs, this Government is punishing them with DWP enforced poverty for life.  They can’t see that because they have no concept of what it means to be poor.  They don’t know what it means to shop around in markets and pound shops in an effort to make a few pounds last till the end of the week – something that would be impossible under the smart card scheme.  They don’t understand that if you’re skint, hungry and the leccy meter is about to run out then a bag of chips is probably the best chance available of getting a hot dinner

Cutting off cash to claimants is cutting off dignity, hope and a chance to participate in life itself.  Every hour of everyday instead becomes about finding the next quid, not trying to find a way out of the situation. This is the real poverty trap, and it is a desperate place to be.

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  1. I agree that sky is damaging. All people on benefits should boycott SKY TV because Murdoch sponsors and supports the Tories who are destroying our Welfare State and NHS as well as our future!

    • I don’t touch sky but most of us have a dish, it often replaces the aerial and this is again another crazy presumption that everyone who may be on benefits has sky simply because they may have a dish, another example of foolhardy words from another tory half-wit, again only confirming more how out of touch the tories are. One of my previous posts actually mentioned this idea out of facetiousness and probably being another potentially crazy idea.. and here we are another non-entity fat cat tory mp living off the cream of the tax payers just to spout stupid stuff like this.

      I think enough is enough… we look at IDS and his welfare reforms and how crazy so much of it is and yet he holds on to his post as “Doing a good job”, that is only the tories, their supporters with the propaganda. Taking a deeper look into the mind of IDS it’s very clear he enjoys his job too much, it has become his sick vanity project because his failure is legendary and his successes miniscule.. like zilch. He should be removed from his post and maybe put in immigration, with epic numbers of illegal immigrants roaming the UK that will keep him engaged for years.. out of sight out of mind.

      The reality is of course that would give him no pleasure because he is not creating domestic pain on the lower classes, he would not get any job satisfaction from that. But enough is enough…. remember the iraqi deck of cards with Saddam as the Ace of Spades?.. well i reckon there should be a deck for this insane coalition with Cameron as the Ace of Spades. In an insane way it is a kind of quasi class genocide being played out under the supposedly legal banner of party politics…. divide and rule in the only way they can… as fascists. In the 21st century people should not be facing the kind of hardships they do… it should be consigned to the history books of tory rule but then they have been a sleeping beast waiting to pounce and creep through the backdoor… they did that and that is that… only proving in many areas democracy in the uk is dead.

      • Here Here! Put the cunt in charge of immigration ! CLOSE THE FUCKING GATES! Democracy has been dead here for Decades. Party Politics. Every time
        one party fucks up the other gets voted for to chuck em out. So the reward for abject failiur is to get the job again a bit later on.

  2. Absolutely agree, ioftheworld.

  3. P.S The laws preventing this Nazi Tory MP being put in Jail is because most of London is a Tory stronghold

    I shit you not.

  4. First chance we get we’re going to chew a Tory’s eyes out.
    Hannibal’s Lecters.👽👿😠😡😱💀

  5. What is it about these incompetents that doing some real basic research is such a difficult thing to do. There is absolutely no way a system like this could work under any imaginable way. Everyone on welfare has a different story and different needs which they try and obtain on below poverty payments that any attempt could easily be challenged in court and I would definately be up for that if they tried. For example, last year I was so ill and in so much pain I could barely walk, a basic wheelchair on e-bay was on a half price offer and I was able (through not being able to eat much and so had the cash) purchase it. This was done with the agreement of my friend and carer, and I have been able to go out more often because of it. What these plonkers are telling us, is that we do not deserve the basic freedom and respect that we deserve, just for coping with what we have to put up with from the high and mighty. When MP’s agree to trial a similar scheme for their expenses, so that they can only absolutely buy something that directly helps them in performing their duties as parliamentarians would I even consider discussing this proposal. When the likes of Miller claims for crockery at taxpayers expense and Grayling decorates his many properties it is too rich that they consider that the pearls of poison that drip from their mouths is of any value to humanity at all. UKIP have it all wrong, genetic testing of pregnancy should be compulsory and any foetus that shows a positive result of being a Tory should be aborted forthwith for future crimes against humanity.

    • ✨I truly wish 💝you well🌟 and I hope 🍸you have 🎉a decent Xmas🎄

    • The pervs will be trying to tell us what knickers we can buy and how many before you know it!

      How do they imagine this is going to work for those of us who are disabled? Is a rise and recline chair or an electric bed or a mobility scooter (cos I can’t push myself in one of those NHS monstrosities) considered a necessity or a luxury and what about running and maintaining the car I need to get around? Will paying for RAC recovery be a necessity or a luxury? How will I save to pay for repairs and maintainance? Who will pay my car insurance?

      I barely spend anything on food each week because of the other things I need to make life bearable and they want to take away what I can save to buy what I need… Bastards!!!

      • @crlia and all

        As i keep on pointing out but no one notices.

        The referrnce to the rw media and govt complicity which was even mentioned in the levenson enquiry. Of which i have posted links to that part and direct quotez from the enquiry and even in connrction the strathclyde university report on portrayel of disability in media and the concerns, plus the concerns raised over ‘payment by results’ in tge biddibg process of work program contracts.

        I keep posting guys, all you got to do is notice..

  6. Well said! Alec Shelbrooke no doubt lives in a bubble amongst others who share his views. Bolstered by so called ‘public opinion’.

    What he has not been able to do of course is tell us how much such a scheme will cost to administer. It is not just producing and distributing smart cards, even though this alone will cost a tidy sum. I’d wager the main cost will come with the back end IT database driving the whole system.

    The whole scheme wiil of course be run by the likes of Capita or Serco. It’ll cost £Billions to set up and run. And even more when the inevitable cock-up and errors are made.

    And not only will smart cards put local high street enterprise out of business, as highlighted above, it will be an added cost to those participating businesses. Checkouts may need to be modified for starters. Who pays for this? The retailers or (more likely) the taxpayer?

  7. 🎅🔫

  8. what can be said except a brilliant post jv.

    • I would like to second this. An absolutely brilliant post, particular the section on the motivational aspects of cuts and sanctions, which is something I have wanted to say myself for some time.

  9. Let’s be clear about this idea and where it came from; the quote below is from the Cameronite think tank Policy Exchange’s document on introducing Universal Credit “No Rights Without Responsibilities” (2011, p.30). One of the two authors, Matthew Oakley, has been heavily involved in both the Green and White papers on UC.

    “(3) Effective sanctions: Sanctions need to become a stronger tool for influencing the behaviour of those who fail to fulfil activity conditions. Instead of impacting on only one part of one benefit, they should be more closely related to total benefit eligibility. They should not necessarily be topped up by other government payments. To ensure that dependents are not negatively affected, innovative solutions need to be developed. For instance claimants who are sanctioned might have their benefits paid through smart cards that limit the sorts of goods that can be bought. Managed payments for rent and bills and the use of non-financial sanctions might also be considered.”

    Bluntly, Shelbrooke’s ten-minute bill is a way of putting the notion of sanctioning the social interaction of the unemployed, solely for the moral crime of being unemployed, back on the parliamentary agenda again. Despite the outcry that followed the Demos Poll last October – partially funded by Mastercard – from anti-poverty campaigners (, there are those who are determined to push this through: Shelbrooke, a relative unknown, is the suicidal assault squad in this battle: he’ll be shot down, but his discrediting will leave the debate open to a “negotiated solution” as indicated above.

    • Thats right MASTERCARD .. Theres money on them thar jobless..

      Its sickening as companies have been buying up other companies keep to get in on the profiteering from unemployment.

      Perhaps I wonder if this what the the govt is doing to ‘stimulate growth’
      Ie companies profiteering from joblessness.

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  11. Then after they implement their food stamp regime, the drumbeat will soon start again saying “we cant afford to feed the workshy anymore” it’s not fair that working families have to pay for their own food, while those who won’t work get their food for free” Food stamps are making the poor too dependent”.

    These depraved sadistic psychopaths are never satisfied. Their appetite for human misery and humiliation is insatiable. Food stamps won’t satisfy their bloodlust for long.

  12. It’s incredibly alarming when someone within the DWP, whose staff deal with people in poverty and distress every day states that he can’t say whether benefit cuts will increase poverty. It’s bewildering and I am left at a loss for words…

    Another great post JV

  13. Its been suggested before. Old news. A non starter. Yuman rites and all that.
    Cameroon is tethered by his love affair with europe, Thankfully.
    But I wouldnt be surprised at any new move to remove any paper cash from the hi streets. Plastic is control. Plastic is monitoring. Paper cash is Del Boy.

  14. Some of my income has gone on creating products to help others, this has created work for over a dozen UK businesses. Some of them want to employ me & I’d love to work for them but my condition won’t co-operate & I suffer from chronic pain all day. Three hours work two days a week triggers my condition and the DWP know because I’ve tried it under the permitted work trial, the Nazty Party are out of touch & will be out of power at the next election.

    • Always assuming there is a next election if they haven’t abolished them by then!


        Clients, members interests, adviser to, director ships???

        Go and find out..

        • or you could go and find out?

          • Ok Jonng

            Well mastecard are involved.
            Also its a profit making industry , the poverty pimp business, the payment by results document i posted about the work program and ratio between voluntary vs private who was awarded contracts, then interserve who had bpught up another company to get in on the action of profiteering from unemoyment, the eos works insane scheme of pretend jobs apllauded by grayling and the express.
            Then concerns raised and mentioned in levenson enquiry about govt complicity with media on negative portrayals of disability in media, then the monitoring by private security companies of organisations like uncut and dpac. Of which those security companies are connected to MI5 who sectetly sell this info onto to business clients..

          • @Jonny Void, am operating from handset, getting ‘gateway timeouts ‘ a lot, when i post on your blog. But i do endeavour.. So far.
            ‘Payment by results’ warnings ignored.
            Levenson enquiry about govt collusion with hate crime incitement in media, eos works farcical pretend jobs with grayling cheering it on with help from express, interserve buyout in rush to hoover up money ( outcomes for unemployed pitiful) in the poverty pimp trade.
            Oh and more to come re abuse scandals..
            I’m doing what i can JV..

  15. How much food allowance do these sponging MPs get every week from the taxpayer. Talk about total and utter hypocrisy..

    That clown Shelbrooke should try and live on £71 a week like I have to at the moment through no fault of my own. Perhaps then the fat evil tory bastard will lose some weight.

    • Yes, interesting to note the (gin) Palace of westminster is exempt from certain taxes, or was, until recent times. Google offers no comment. Food and drink are heavily subsidised, and even though its eat now pay later, some ‘members’ are tardy settling accounts. It seems some are more equal than others will never go out of date. Publicans oft receive medical expense help with alcohol contract smallprint.
      I wonder if ‘Members’ can claim that, too?

    • Check out who he is connected to..

  16. My guess is this Shelbrooke creep is bait, sent out to gauge the reaction to this proposal. IDS’s hand is probably up this pompous fool’s arse manipulating what comes out of his ignorant, over-privileged gob.

  17. From my last comment, I have just checked how much these parasites get in food allowance, they get £400 A MONTH which is over a hundred pounds more just in food than I get to live on and struggle to keep a home. Along with their £65000 a year salary and the other freebies they get.

    Do these arseholes live in the real world. As for Shelbrooke, IDS and David Fraud, I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire.

    Downright evil trio who deserve each other.

  18. My god it reminds me of when we were in the war. We were rationed at every available opportunity and butter was even a luxury. I have worked until recently when I got the sack for being ill. I worked all of my life and paid my dues through the National Insurance Stamp and Taxes and therefore I ask for no more than my dignity and respect and to spend my meagre money that I get which is £71.00 a week ESA payment as I feel fit. I manage because I cut back on everything including heating, food, etc etc. I am not a smoker or a drinker but then again if anyone chooses to be then it is up to them.

    I would work if I could find a job that would accommodate my disability but not even Sainsburys wants me! why? because I cannot stack shelves with a walking stick. I am a very very clever person who went to college and earned a good medical qualification and even that has gotten me no where as the various hospitals have also cut back on their staff.

    How disgraceful is that? I am not a sponger or a scrounger but if I had to buy all of my items with a card then I would for one be very very depressed and think to myself why am I alive and what is there to live for? If anyone knew me they would see a very happy person who has just gone from everything to nothing.

    This government are not going to be happy until we are all working down the pits and scratching for food or searching through the rubbish tips like the Inidans do in certain areas of India. I think it is time the government got a grip and stop this painful harassment of those of us who cannot work or cannot find a job for instance through no fault of their own.

  19. It’s amazing just how quickly you can go from flying high, living the life, to homeless, scratching a living on handouts, questioning the worth of your own existence every day, while having to justify that existence to the DWP…

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  21. They will take the right to vote away next.
    And on a points system based on the amount of effort you make in acheving employment you will allowed back some rights.
    Sky tv is damaging , anything by murdoch is.
    The smartcard will generate more business for banks, which is the whole point of the exercise.
    The smart card or the DUMBcard
    Is in complete contrast to MP expenses
    Whereby anything goes free holidays , crates of champagne , moat cleaned you name it, its all paid for by tax payers..

    Yet a crust of bread and a sip of water is the only accepted bare minimum you are allowed.
    I am surprised they will allow food, give them free food and they will demand shoes next.

  22. This shit is all about control: trying to control what you eat, drink, see, read and ultimately think. These are the kind of people who think that the lower orders shouldn’t read books like “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” because it might inflame their passions. These bastards would even control the sexual behaviour of people if they could and breed them like slaves or like animals. These people are bad buggers to the core. The sooner they are gone and forgotten the better.

  23. Nic

    It might not be a case of don’t shoot the messenger regarding both your bbc links and the self promoted Dawn willis on Johnny voids google blogg.
    Both links are a travesty in the fight against the sanctioning of benefits as all they seem to want to do is add further insults to the unemployed – no wonder given the right wing bias the BBC have and as for Dawn Willis, well words fail me.


  24. Jonny, this link is German, but Google Translate might work well enough. It is the report on poverty in Germany. And claims it is deliberate and for ever. Armut für die Ewigkeit! (Poverty for Eternity)

  25. 400 a month on dining out at the taxpayers expense eh? So We have to have a card to buy bread and they can spend a ton a week in posh eateries! I think its the expenses should be put on cards for spasda’s reduced slot twixt 9 and ten p.m. only,and see how they feel about living on the bones of the land.
    They only get away with it cos people dont know.

  26. Another harbinger of right wing claptrap – no wonder the east Germans who have never really integrated since the fall of the Berlin wall wanted to be back in the safe hands of communism, finding how cruel capitalism is.

    • I keep screaming at people to look at what’s happened in Germany in the last 10 years, but they are convinced that Britain’s woes are all a UNUM/Yankee/Bliederbollocks conspiracy.

      Peter Hertz is a name that you all should know.
      Thilo Sarrazin is also a name you should know.

      I have to say the intellectualism that hamstrung campaigning in the 70’s is noticeably absent from today’s debate : )

  27. That last comment was aimed at Harry.

  28. Discussing this Shelbrooke pillock on BBC R5L right now….

  29. He’s a dick head, that needs putting back in the closet.

  30. It’s not just people who are truly desperate who will be harmed by these proposals. People like me, who live like church mice in order to put as much by as possible for the day the DWP kick us off benefits, will no longer be able to do that either… even food stamps can be put by or bartered, but a welfare card whose balance is restored to £71 every week, no matter how much of that £71 you use, and which can’t be used to withdraw cash? No savings for you! And therefore no defence, however tiny, against the prospect of sanction. (Likewise, I doubt that legal fees will be a permissible use of your welfare card.)

    But we shouldn’t be misled by the “poor people keep spending money on stuff that’s bad for them” rhetoric. That’s how they think they can sell it to a gullible public. It’s not why they want to do it. It’s a claim of ownership – the state asserting, in no uncertain terms, that we are not its citizens, but its property.

  31. That won’t stop people determined to get money to buy drink, drugs or cigarettes they’ll just sell use of the card to someone else for cash.

  32. Time to fight fire with fire and put MP’s and their expenses on the spot, let the public know who the real spongers are and that includes those that have safe secure jobs with the BBC.

  33. Shelbrooke will have to go up against IDS to get this through, it will be like a shih-tzu going up against a rottweiler – no chance!

  34. A 100 a WEEK! I WOULDNT NEED GROCERIES IF I COULD EAT OUT WITH A FREE HUNDRED A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would barely even need tea bags!!!!!!!!!! I wouldnt need asda’s own washing up liquid,I wouldnt need to heat the water for washing up, I wouldnt need to sort my rubbish into the recycling bin and worry about space in the other TINY one cos I WOULDNT HAVE MUCH RUBBISH!

  35. Even without this new vicious attack on the poor, it seems to me that the state, in the form of the current govt, has in effect torn up the unwritten contract that exists between it and us, its citizens. Since 1945, we have been expected to obey the law, work (or look for work if we are able to do so), pay taxes and buy and consume products and services to keep the economy afloat. In return, the state promised to provide a safety net income for all citizens – enough to keep them well and fit enough to enjoy a basic standard of living. Well, this govt has unilaterally reneged on that agreeement – you can now find yourself going up to three years with no state financial support at all (via obscene, inhuman benefits sanctions). Not to mention state-sanctioned poverty wages and uncontolled, exorbitant private sector rents. In such a situation why should we be expected to honour our side of the bargain ? Why shouldn’t we break the law, especially if it become economically necessary to do so, e.g shoplifiting for essential products? Increasingly people are having to do exactly that – there are depressingly predictable reports now from all over the UK that people are stealing food, nappies, toiletries just to keep themselves going because they’ve got literally nothing. OK, fat chance I know of that working as a defence if you get nicked for shoplifiting but really, what else can people do? Beg for food like a dog at a nauseating food bank stuffed full of nutrionless crap and doled out with a dollop of Victorian paternalism from sanctimonious bourgeois do-gooders? Nah, I’d rather starve.

    • We could acknowledge that stealing is always wrong, but it is at times justifiable. Anyone on the brink of starvation, or indeed in any genuine need at all is morally justified in stealing; their first duty is to keep themselves and those dependent on them alive and well.

      The moral is, don’t starve, go out and steal. It won’t work as a defence maybe, but could be a way of getting a roof over one’s head and three meals a day. Unemployed vagrants often used petty crime in winter to avail themselves of food and shelter at one of Her Majesty’s hotels in the 19th Century as most Workhouses had rather craftily managed to avoif having to take responsibility for those deemed as ‘vagrant’, which is was, and still is, a criminal offence. But we already knew being poor is an offence didn’t we?

      • Asda’s own baked beans cost 28 pence per tin, and a loaf of bread after 8 p.m. costs about 25 pence. A half loaf of bread is 50p even in the morning. 15 eggs costs £1.50.
        4 fish slices cost 75p. a kilo and a half of oven chips is 90 odd pence.
        8 cheap sausages can be had for a quid..
        There is never a need to steal food unless you are feeding children.
        Even then, its arguable .
        One adult can eat o.k. for 17 quid a week inc sundries_ketchup(18p),washin up liquid(40p) etc. etc.
        See? What I said to you about immigrants not being educated enough or adapted to our society enough to cope? You’ve only been here ten minutes, and already have to shoplift to survive, and encourage others to breach society’s taboos?
        If you cant manage, be ‘A person too’ somewhere else.

  36. I thought this was IDS’s ideas obi wan kenobi.

  37. Fight fire with fire… We need to start letting the wider public more aware what MPs spend ther expenses on and start making a big fuss about it and force them to tighten the rules… anyone for a demo?

  38. I can only do it from a computer at the moment but there will come a time when I can get on a demo, that is if you can overcome the apathy in my area people are so depressed by it all.

  39. Mr Banks is essentially correct about the deliberate shirking, avoiding and altering of the states side regarding the unspoken agreement. Work hard. Pay 60 odd percent total taxation. Live like a monk and buy a house. Never live. Work till 70. Have your house sold from under you if you survive to be frail or la la and be force fed cairns and brown digestives by a fat immigrant who is working for free and cant speak english. (witnessed many times)
    My Grandfather would be so proud he fought in africa. . .

    • i.e. being a fucking mug

    • Please stop the negative stereotyping of immigrants. Immigrants are people too, and used to further undermine us. We need to bring immigrant workers into our movement, not fall for the Tory ploy that you seem to have fallen for, the old ‘divide and rule’, through claiming that immigrants are taking all the jobs… or was that the BNP? Maybe a newly arrived immigrant will struggle initially with speaking English, but what’s your excuse? You seem unable to write English both coherently and grammatically.

      • I will start with your last point first.
        I passed my English language O level exam in the 1980’s with a mark of 82%.
        A high grade ‘B’; only a mark or two off of an ‘A’.
        Not bad for a student who paid three quid to take the exam as the school would only enter him/her for the C.S.E. because they did not believe I was capable of passing the ‘O’ level.
        Five years ago, I did an entry level exam at a college and it was confirmed my
        English language skills were at ‘entry level three’ which is around ‘A’ level, so my skills have improved despite my non academic work history.
        If you want to get down to English language I should point out you stated
        ;”…you seem unable to write English both coherently and grammatically”
        Which should have obviously been expressed
        “;… you seem unable to write English EITHER coherently OR grammatically”
        with the word ‘either’ being used optionally to stress you have two points.
        If I wish to express myself as if I am writing an article for a newspaper, I can cope.
        Your penultimate point about tory policy of ‘divide and rule’
        is laughable! NO ONE is more silent on immigration than the conservatives except to say in small print they ‘wish’ to get it down to tens of thousands per year whilst taking no action whatsoever.
        They are pointing and shouting at everybody else under the sun and calling them jobshy scroungers to DEFLECT attention away from immigrants.
        Your second point was “the need to bring immigrant workers into our movement”
        : Well, forgive me for pointing out thats a given. No worries there,they will. Its why Labour secretly set out to “change the political landscape”.
        Your first point is a jumbled mix of two and a bit points because of bad English
        Yes , immigrants are people too. However. 80% of all the existing population I know in this country bear no animosity to recent immigrants,they just wish they would be ‘people too’ somewhere else. Anywhere in the world but the U.K.
        The Inn is full. Even the stables.
        Negative stereotyping; not from what I have seen. Immigrants with no English or understanding of our culture or what is deemed acceptable by our society force feeding Alzheimers victims food only fit for prisoners, or leaving them in a room with a difficult handle so they walk in circles all day until bedtime. .All while not being paid because they are doing a weeks trial to get a signature so the councils will approve them for similar work.
        Many of these people do not have even the basest of educational standards or experience of our society,so cannot function in these jobs without risk to others.
        We wish they would be people back home.

  40. I can think of a few uses for hertz presently.About 50.

  41. So stupid, can they really beleive that the credit scheme would be viable, so pathetic, how could you possibly get a part time job anywhere, when you would already be told to work part time for nothing ….

    • It all sits hand in hand with the changing of the deal. Part time temporary work being classed the same as employment. Agencies paying min wage so employers (like Tesco,who have there own agency) can shirk responsibilities. The loss of weekly pay. The loss of being paid in coinage of the realm. All these lost rights are the result of one ‘MEMBER’. or another taking canvassing wedge or back handers(sometimes referred to as lobbying or P.R. jobs) from big biz.
      They will grind your bones for soap if no one sees it.

  42. Sorry , glue.

    • I don’t mind if they do grind my bones up for glue, but I’d much prefer it if I was dead first though!

      • You WILL be dead; just like our great great grandfathers.
        Worked to skin and bone. They will probs recycle the skin to re upholster the benches in Westminster, and use the glue to fix the wooden frameworks.
        There will always be a bit of british craftsman in those benches, just a shame it will be assembled by east europeans on minimum wage.

  43. Obi do you know anyone that has had a case taken up by a no win no fee solicitor – they get you to apply write you a letter refusing you and probably claim from the state for every idiot that phones them and that includes me.

  44. Rosemarie Harris

    Christ, if i could afford everything they say we had on Jobseekers Allowance He should put us in charge of the Bank of England!.
    And refering to people unemployed and having their curtains pulled closed it’s because we don’t get enough to live on and can’t afford to put heating on so the curtains stay shut to keep the cold out!

    Successive Government overall policies are carried on from one Parliament to the next whomever is in Power .What have Governments been striving to curtail in the last 30 or more years with all party agreement ,the NHS ,population increase ,alcohol abuse ,smoking and workers wages . They have steadily tried to alter the UK’s culture by the introduction of different forms of control .Budgeting Hospitals and Doctors so rather than caring for the patients they are more caring about costs .They introduced the Poll Tax (later Council Tax) new Licensing Laws ,the Smoking Ban ,the Minimum Wage ,the Liverpool Care Pathway ,Benefit sanctions .But what method used would sort all those areas at once – the Welfare Reform Bill .You may think things are bad in 2012 but wait until 2013 when everything is in place .It started with ATOS a total blanket assessment for all to start everyone at base level .The Benefit Sanctions stripping more rights away from the public .The curb on child credit should curb the increase in the population coupled with the Liverpool Care Pathway .Payment by Benefit Card which will block purchases on non essential items ,cigarettes and alcohol .The Bedroom Tax forcing people on low incomes to move home .Working people being forced to take overtime or another part time job or be sanctioned as well as losing out on Working Tax Credits .This is an agenda as a whole and pieces of the package will not be defeated the whole agenda needs to be addressed ,this whole process has spelt it out exactly how it is ,they have used and abused us to get where they are now we are of little use as workers because they know there is no work through their own making .Remember at the next Election their all as bad ,the country can run without any Majority we are better off letting it become an all party coalition – let them argue amongst themselves .

    We have to choose between taking the bus 2 miles back from the job shop or having a chop for tea instead of egg and chips! ( Dont mention the chop they will print it in the mail ;’JOBSEEKER EATS PORK CHOP FOR TEA but being fair it was in the nearly out of date slot and only dark at the edges… ‘Jobseeker also has flat tv in every room. 1 room. 17” pc monitor from bootsale 2quid.. cant afford tv or licence.
    7 yr old pc repaired from the skip….. ). . .

  47. Another inbreeding/fascist Tory Neanderthal on twitter:

    Ricky T. Bridge

    Fucking Animals.

  48. Jobseeker affords library book! A jobseeker today ‘loaned’ a brand new copy of clive cusslers latest hit this morning.Alec Shelbrooke allegedly claimed this was damaging as jobseekers should not have the time or cash in hand to go wasting on luxuries like fictional entertainment! From his home in front of his 42″ Three D sony with surround sound, He also allegedly claimed jobseekers should spend wet dark evenings standing on roundabouts wearing placards with their C.V.on, , on top off a hi vis vest, but not beyond any blue motorway signs as this is an offence even tho getting run over would obviously help the deficit.

    • Chris and alk

      Apart from being a psychopath, the whoke exercise is (again) part of the profiteeribg from the unemployment market, the poverty pimp trade, thats all this is about..
      Theres money in them thar jobless..

  49. f and when this vile scheme is ever inflicting on the unemployed it will be extended to absolutely EVERYONE. EVERYONE will be paid through this, EVERYONE’S expenditure will be CONTROLLED down to the finest detail. You will be RATIONED! It brings all the agenda together – absolute total and utter control of the population. Anyone baying for these sort of schemes really should ask themselves what they are REALLY all about and where they are heading

    • I agree, I also believe that is what they have got planned for everyone long term. Those with jobs will probably be fine with it, just as long as they get allocated more food rations and other provisions on their food stamp card than the unemployed do, so they have someone beneath them in the pecking order to look down on and feel superior to.

    • Its more business, as Ed said it profits those on tory parties christmas card list.

  50. If Andrew Mitchell can take out a private prosecution against the state apparatus namely the police, it is time that every individual that is affected by the hate campaigns and the sanctions this government is passing out should start a private prosecution under section6(1) of the prosecution of offences act 1985 and see if the cps try to intervene or stop it.

  51. My cooker needed fixing recently, leaving me with only a microwave to prepare hot food with. “Oh damn, what do I do” I thought to myself. Then I realised – there is this thing called money that can be exchanged for goods and services, why not give a man some of this money stuff in exchange for him mending my cooker? “Brilliant idea!” I thought to myself, as I picked up the ‘phone and got someone to come round. Then I thought “it’s a good job they don’t dole out those awful ‘smartcards’ to claimants, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get my cooker repaired so I can eat properly…”

    Please someone, tell me what planet the Conservative and Unionist Party inhabit…

    • Scarecrow , its called ‘supporting business’ no matter how unscrupulous, moralists need not to apply..

      As i have posted here and other places, it is vecoming obvious that that is what this about.

      The payment by results with regard to the work program favoured the private sector over the voluntrary sector.. Tell you anything?

    • Their solution will likely be to issue only non-perishable food and food that can be prepared with just hot water like Pot Noodles, instant soup and porridge on the food stamp cards, so a fridge and cooker will no longer be necessary. Washing machine breaks down? they will probably expect you to wash your clothes by hand in the bath.

      • I actually had a debate with an ifiot that daid poverty didnt exist and that a fridge was a luxury and that ‘years ago ppl used blocks of salt’ by the way keeping food cold in plastic bags immersed in buckets of cold water doesnt work.

      • Washing clothes in bath ppl do that already..
        In care homes washing machines break down a lot.
        Water leaks damage floor boards.
        Thats happened at places i know of.

      • something survived...

        That stuff is only about 100 or 200 calories per packet. And leaves you still starving. It’s the sort of crap that passed for a ‘day’s ration’ from the organisers the time I walked across Scotland. An average sized male adult is meant to have 2500 calories per day and extra if in very strenuous work. In a power cut you could be without the means to boil water possibly for days. Assuming your kettle even works. Mine is ancient but guess what I can’t afford a new one, or an iron. Need to wash clothes in bath/sink anyway but not supposed to! Outbuilding now has a washing machine but apart from not affording it I can’t reach the coin slot!
        For my room I need a ladder, and a decent one of the height I need could be £100. It wouId be too heavy to take it down 5 floors to the outbuilding and back. I need a computer but even if I got one it would be offline, as tenants with internet pay £20 extra (soon to be £30) per month for it on top of the rent. I can hardly afford it on a good month, now my HB is cut to £25 a week I am meant to pay the £40/week shortfall from my dole, which may be being stopped as an Xmas present from Department of Warts and Pustules. None of these items could be bought on food stamps or smartcards. I can’t afford heating, the so-called ‘fuel poverty’ refers to people spending more than a certain amount of their money on fuel. They don’t seem to have looked at the people who are too poor to pay for any heating at all because they have no heating and no money and no food.

        • I agree totally, but just because it isn’t practical and will cause mass hardship and suffering, doesn’t mean they won’t do it anyway as can be seen with Universal Debit.

          They will probably administer the food stamp provisions by setting up special centres for the workshy, run by select private companies (Tory Donors of course) that will put together boxes filled with what they consider to be the bare necessities – soap (odourless of course, hard tissue paper, washing powder, toothpaste etc and if you run out of anything or need extra due to an emergency, then tough, you will just have to do without because “there’s no money left” and “we have to compete with India and China”.

          If your kettle breaks down, or you need a new mattress, or some new clothes, a welfare officer will probably sent to your home to check that you need the item and then you will be sent to the welfare centre to pick up a cheap second-hand replacement.

          Their response to the unemployed being unable to afford to put the heating on will probably be something like – “you will be out all day doing voluntary work (workfare) anyway, so when you get home you should just go straight to bed after dinner with a hot water bottle, so you can be well rested for the next day’s jobseeking and voluntary work.

  52. It is going to have to be a diy prosecution unless the citizens advice bureau are willing to do the drafts, the justice system in the form of solicitors taking these cases up is nil. I will have to see what I can find with your help chewie.

    • Guy . Interesting to note.
      Legal aid been cut, citizens advice not helping themselves by recruiting using workfare, mayve this is intentional to scupper them.
      I am reminded of a time where i sought advice from CAB on a matter where using small claims court where i sought redress over non payment of work i produced for a profit making software company.
      It took me years to resolve, unsatisfactorally,
      Documents got lost, letters were never sent, coury bailiffs went on holiday and visited company long after they moved, even after i had warned them they were about to re locate.
      The company previous businesses were somewhat shady to say the least leaving a trail of debts.

  53. My brother took and won a claim in the small claims court against a company, but the company paid him the absolute minimum amount at any given time interspersed with periods when nothing was forthcoming.

    • Yes guy, this is commonplace sadly. Same thing happenrd to me.
      The legal aid breif even lost the enforcement of judgement document. So despite me winning, all the company had to do was ignore it…

  54. Damned if ya sue, dammed if y’dont. Interlectual rites are a bitch.

  55. I would ‘rite’ off the money at the start then cost them one way or another what I lost plus interest. Its the only way to sleep , after. But its a long game to be played well.

  56. mass private prosecutions would give this shitty government something to think about.

    • Guy, should we use McScalpines lawyer ? Or carter-fuck?
      Does this drip fed tory propaganda against disabled/ jobless consitute defamation?

      • The defamation dog wont hunt.
        Same reason as this discussion is too early about idiot talk from a nobody.
        It wont happen. Discriminatory behaviour against people based on creed, class or anything else is just not acceptable in europe. It shows its all going south, and thats a good thing. Pathetic greedy lazy opinionated to point the finger away from the problem. Ration cards my HAIRY SPOTTY ANUS!

        • @chris

          Well its becoming obvious thats behind some of this,
          This useless gobshite, lord wotsizface, the mitchell biker all add up to, how dare the plebby prole upstarts take the mickey out of us, they need to be slapped down.

          Oh and the disabled bashing cnuts..

  57. I mentioned in the last thread, a class action would be the way to go. Lots of fees for the same work and it would be in public interest domain.. Advisors are shiting it re
    directions. Ordering someone to give up a right surely amounts to a breach of public position, hence the guv. stance its voluntary. Very iffy for the advisor. Times that by half a million claiments plenny a briefs would chance there time.

  58. More madness!

  59. We are at a watershed moment , where the guv. has tried to breach the rights of the public openly. As they grow more desperate its possible they may make similar mistakes. if so, Once the quagmire is watered, it may go pear the way hasty policies do and end with a fresh election.
    btw i wonder what would happen if EVERYBODY stayed home on election day?
    Gotta be a new tactic.

    • @chris

      No doubt her maj will decide.
      What did strike me as being odd, was at the last election some voters were being turned away. Something that had not happened brfore, reporters on the day were surprised at the time.

      Very odd indeed.

    • People think that by not voting the Country would end up in disaster not so the Civil Service run the day to day business of the Country ,successive Governments force their ideology upon us costing billions ,don’t you think that such a scenario has been envisaged .We would be better off .Thats the message we should be sending all parties no votes ,voting openly legitimises their broken promises its the only legal way of fighting back

  60. hate crimes are human rights issues. Don’t be so quick to judge Lizz.

  61. sorry chewie have to admit I did not read it put up new link and I will have a look.

  62. The fat get must have put on at least 4 stone since the election in 2010 if you look at his election photo and his mugshot today.

    Talk about living off the fat of the land at the taxpayers expense.

    I am going to email him to find out whether his cards are acceptable at the subsidized canteen in the house of commons a.k.a pigs trough to make a saving.

    • Thats a way to go, but i very much doubt you will receive an honest reply, maybe he is sunning himself abroad or has been.

      • I can just imagine a large queue of us jobseekers with card in hand ready to purchase our heavily subsidized fois gras or caviar washed down with a nice bottle of cut price duty free cristal.

        • @jonng
          Thats if fortnums will let you in,
          Last time that happened dear old auntie beeb let us oiks know that unruly types were smashing up the place even though it wasnt true. Oh and sgt plebs nicked all of them

    • Er, thats PLATINUM GUILDED pigs trough to you, Oik!
      You need a fully paid up Totally Equal membership to dine here.

    • something survived...

      pound of flesh anyone?
      -well, they DID tell us to be proactive in obtaining food…

    • Job Seeker £284 per month to live on.
      Fat bastard MPs £400 per month food allowance.

  63. I do wonder how far this idea is from actually branding people who are unemployed with the word scrounger on their forehead.

    • It comes from think tabjs
      And ‘policy advisers’ and marketing tossers,
      The idea is to create phrases that can be repeated..

    • Saw this, i do believe that PR, marketing and think tanks dream up these phrases.

      “Definitely. One minute you’re part of the “hardworking people of this country” the next, and through no fault of your own (and maybe even because of Tory ‘austerity’ policies), you’ve lost your job and you’re a ‘scrounger’ or a ‘skiver’ rather than a ‘striver’ (Tories love moronic rhyming tabloid slogans than can hang their tabloid hate mongering around like ‘job snob’). Once you’re one of them, all manner of crap can be heaped upon you, no one cares, you don’t count.”

      • next two posts wrong way round.

        • @chris and all

          This is too weird or not.

          Recently there was stuff about kids going to school hungry.
          So I looked to see how the telegraph would report this news.. After all it doesnt make their favourite party look good.
          Upon closer inspection on the article were subtle hints that the reason were going hungry was down to ‘parent apathy’ ie scrpungers spending money on booze n fags ie neglectful.
          Fact is, parents in dire straights even go without just to feed their kids. Again a no nothing ignorant cunt.

          Anyway i saw what he was on about.

          ““Even if this Bill creates the slightest chance of raising these children out of poverty, reducing the chances of them going to school hungry or simply being subjected to secondary inhalation of smoke, then I would argue it is worth it,” he said.

          So thats a bit weird because it fits how i decoded the torygraph twisting the stuff about kids going starving.

          • Its BULL SHIT. If he is implying the present guv’s child protection agencies are failing in there duties then he should say so clearly, not use the info in some plot to impose draconian measures on people whilst shifting attention from what he wants hidden. Cheeses, I am but an amature (who cant spell) and I can see thru that utter tosh. If he can back up what he claims he is probably committing an offence under the child protection act by not pointing the finger.
            I dont believe a syllable from this pirate class liar.Single mums everywhere should take heed he is prepared to use children to get his way.

            • @chris and that seems to be a common theme. Children.

              Homeless families on streets. What happens to kids? Put in care homes. ( private of course)
              Next feckless parents neglectful of their children, what happens to their kids?
              Care homes perhaps?

              Corporate studio schools , kids forced to do inpaid work ( and risk abusr by staff/bosses)

              Neglectful parents- give them ration cards
              More business to mastercard

              Student tuition fee a problem?
              Nevermind school leavers go and work for deloitte those nice advisers to vodaphone the tax avoidance advisers.

              Abuse ? In any form you want to call it.

        • This is what i wrote the other day in decoding the telegrpaph item on kids going hungry . The caps are what us really trying to be said.

          “Rising numbers of children are going to school hungry due to a lack of money and interest from parents in providing a decent breakfast, research suggests.

          Rising numbers of children are going to school hungry due to a lack of money and interest from parents in providing a decent breakfast, research suggests.

          Four in five teachers (79 per cent) claim that their pupils are turning up for lessons hungry, with more than half (55 per cent) saying the numbers have increased in the past year, according to a report.

          Two thirds of 500 teachers surveyed said the main reason that children are arriving unfed is because of apathy by parents, ( LAZY BENEFIT SCROUNGING PARENTS SPENDING THEIR BENEFITS ON FAGS AND BOOZE PAID FOR BY HARD WORKING PEOPLES TAXES ) while a similar proportion cited a lack of time at home. (DOWN THE PUB)

    • Also, the idea of a card will be to brand you. To Apu in his corner shop who uses his kids labour to get out of income tax, and who rarely rings anything into his till, you will be a scrounger. Untouchable..While he visits his relations in pakistan twice a yr and marries into england two of his nieces for a plentiful dowry.
      Ask for a receipt for your 55p daily mail. I have been spat at for doing so, i shit not.

      • “Ask for a receipt for your 55p daily mail”

        Ahhhhh so you’re a Daily mail reader? That explains your immigrant scapegoating rhetoric. You know the Daily Mail supported Hitler don’t you?

        Did you ever stop to consider that the same right-wing newspapers that insist that immigrants are one of the main causes of all the country’s recent problems, are also the same right-wing newspapers that lie, exaggerate, misrepresent and present exceptional unrepresentative cases as the norm, when it comes to the unemployed and portray the unemployed are lazy, feckless, workshy, benefit scrounging scum, who spend all day with their curtains drawn watching Jeremy Kyle and playing video games on their widescreen 3D flatscreen televisions, while smoking cannabis, sipping champagne and planning their luxury foreign holidays, while laughing contemptuously at the suckers who go out to work everyday to fund their extravagant lives of leisure, luxury and ease?

        I presume you know that this is propaganda concocted by the right-wing media to demonise and dehumanise the unemployed, to enable the abolition of social security and to scapegoat the unemployed for the economic crisis caused by the wealthy. So you know that they routinely demonise, dehumanise and scapegoat groups to further their agenda. So why on earth would you believe a word they say about immigrants, since they are proven liars?

        • I buy the mail because It has a bit more lies and propoganda in it than the other newspapers so it lasts longer on the tube. Also I like garfield. Sometimes I buy the express, but its a bit thin,lies wise and I run out of headlines to read and passages of lies to skip past half way to town. The mail is thicker so if its pissing down you can put it over your head and it will be stiff longer. I dont actually read newspapers at home, nor do I take anything that is written in a newspaper seriously, they are just comics for grown ups. Some of them obviously are for not so bright grown ups who watch a lot of soaps or football,
          but each to his own. I also like all those made up reports about surveys they put in the mail like its actually news. I think they do that to make people believe some of the lying bits. There was an interesting patch of lies in it the other day that said the population of this country had gone up by 4,000,000 people. ,but despite the fact east europeans are living two to a single room in our block, and the fucking great gazebbo that has appeared in our back garden to serve as a dining and relaxation area, and in the summer a bedroom for bulgarian arrivals to live in till they find a job, I expect that the bit about population rising uncontrolled was lies and bullshit too. I wonder if the mail would want to take a photo. They could take a picture of all the different piles of scrap metal that have appeared in the garden and on the drive, too. Some are 5 feet hi! There is ally window frames, pots of brass terminals, car batteries, steel bike frames, tv’s and monitors, white goods, oh, hrs of endless fun to be had.Think of the lies they could write about it.

  64. The answer to that is so obvious my sisters kids could answer. They love the Simpsons. In series 7 ep twenty three(much Apu about nothing) Mayor Quimby needs to raise taxes for a new bear patrol. Quimby blames illegal immigrants, and creates ‘proposition 24’ to deport them(it has nothing to do with the problem) The simpsons help Apu with his naturalisation, and he stays. The motion passes by 95%. Willie the scottish groundsman is expunged instead. .What we have here Ladies and Gents, is the opposite of sorts. Our exalted long snouts are so frightened of admitting immigration is out of control they are pointing the finger at the victims instead. The newcommers can stay and the old hands must pay. Take the heat for the cock up. Headlines. Blame..
    SHITTY, CHILDISH, OBVIOUS. 70’s skin head NF .activist.tactics.
    Whoa betide us another war with these kiddies in charge.

  65. something survived...

    Conservative and Unionist. If you take out ‘onservative’ and ‘ionis’
    it says CUNT.
    The problem is NOT immigrants!
    That UKIP guy wants all Downs Syndrome people aborted. Is it too late to abort HIM?
    As to reproduction, one minute they say we are having too many kids then they say we are not having enough. Selfcontradictory crap like ‘Protect and Survive’. Remember that? Open doors; close doors; remove doors? Paint doors and windows white, or black? Leave doors ajar as a compromise, painted grey: die anyway. They say if you survived the blast you are meant to store big jars of water, 2 litres per person per day for 14 days, in another room. Is the other room still going to be there anymore? Wouldn’t the jars be knocked over or smashed or the water evaporated? Wouldn’t the water be full of rubble, rat piss, cockroaches, and of course be radioactive? Not to mention that you are meant to spend the 14 days hiding under a door against an inner wall, with your whole family, and a bucket as a toilet? Apart from having to go out to empty the bucket, you’d have to go out to get the water, and you are not meant to come out from the door for 14 days! And what about food? Or that radiation can give you diarrhoea at a time you most need water and a toilet. The toilets wouldn’t be working so you would have to use the bucket but it’d fill up quickly and the stench would have everyone puking (if not already puking from the radiation). But if you got to the water you’d be consuming more radiation and getting sicker till you die of the radiation, dehydration and shitting yourself to death. (Like cholera when you need water but the only water is contaminated, making you worse.) You are also told to listen on a radio. These days people have digital so probably nothing would be working. If you have an analogue radio and if it survived, is there anyone to broadcast to you, and if so is that info going to be totally useless?

    I think whoever wrote ‘Protect and Survive’ got a new job writing the benefits ‘reforms’. (honestly, please don’t call them reforms. Reforms means getting better.)
    Now the smartcards will cause endless problems. Because of the stigma most shops will refuse to accept them. So you could live somewhere no shop is prepared to sell you any food! Things don’t cost round amounts so how would it work? People will mug you and steal them, either to buy food for themselves (cause they are desperate/cause they aren’t but want extra), or as a way of punishing you by starving you. If you are disabled you could be getting repeatedly mugged for your card so they can throw it away, probably not easy going to DWP to ask for a new one.
    If there is palm/finger/eye scanning then muggers wanting food could start cutting off hands/gouging out eyes. Or not wanting food but mutilate you anyway to stop you being scannable (=starvation).
    They also don’t know what is essential or not. If it is cold you may well NEED stodgy ‘fattening’ food. Everyone’s metabolism and nutritional/medical/dietary requirements are different. If the only food you are allowed is one sort of food, what if you can’t eat it? My friend can’t eat dairy or gluten or most other things as it will make her ill. I also know a number of vegans, and I’m vegetarian. So I need special toothpaste from healthfood shops, and if I want deodorant or anything like that I have to save up for months then go to Body Shop where the city’s only animal-friendly ones are sold. I need veggie cheese so the cheapest cheese isn’t an option, a week of minimal rations of cheese is £6. A week of economy pasta is £1.20. Oh if people want us to eat those packet mixes: A lot need fresh milk to make them (hence the need for fridge), and almost all have additives like preservatives that a lot of people are allergic to. Actually as far as value for money goes, as well as starving you, these packet mixes work out at more expensive than pasta and cheese. I know because once there was no cooker and I had to live on packet soup/noodle mixes. Quite often per day everyone has to go to the toilet. So toilet paper is essential but it is not food. And kitchen roll for multiple uses, clingfilm, tinfoil, room spray, binbags… all the NON-edible items you don’t particularly notice till they run out. And salt. Before anyone suggests doing a Gandhi. (making free salt from the sea) Our shore apart from having sucking quicksand and mud, is right next to the city’s main sewage outfall pipe. And the sea is polluted with oil and garbage and other things as well as radiation from the nuclear plant. Any effort you make in doing anything costs calories so you need extra food.
    Smartcards would not let you get things like these. And what about books? To say your socioeconomic status should ban you from reading books, would be cruel in the extreme. (If you can get to a library and it’s not been closed down, what if you want a book not there? Or to own a book?) How would buying things online (as we are all meant to do nowadays), be possible with smartcards?
    Presents for people? Donations to charity? Fundraising? Money that needs to be put in banks for bills and taken out as cheques and direct debits? Actually they expect everyone to have a phone, how is that going to work when the cost of running one is factored in? Or petrol to get to these job interviews? Road tax and so on? Clothes? (and this is more expensive if you have special needs) Travel? Most places can’t deal with smartcards or would not. People need paying in cash. In fact the unemployment figures would go up: all the businesses people can’t access, or can’t afford to go to, would be closing and the staff would be unemployed. What if you want fruit or fruit juice? fresh vegetables? cold things? stuff that needs a fridge or freezer?

    Thie proposal is totally against international human rights law, and one reason is because it has the effect of creating a CASTE of disenfranchised, stigmatised, discriminated-against people. ‘Class’ or ‘poverty’ are issues of hate crime when people with different status or wealth are treated differently.

    The only way ‘We’re all in this together’ applies, is, from our point of view, to refer to us (ordinary people) but NOT including Cameron or the Tories/Government. We can all be poor – it does not matter if we are from Nigeria, Poland or Pakistan. What the right wing want is for the working class and underclass to fight eachother based on colour and ethnic or national origin. That is what the ‘Nazi tactics’ are.

    • @somethong survived

      Makes me wonder, first its “lets get rid of this evil empire communism’ ok it collapses due its structure, wall comes down, state industry managers become owners and millionsire bisses, so forget state industries welcome to free market choice and jobs for all,
      Next its moaning about them polish and russian immigrants coming over here taking ‘our’ jobs..

    • But the recent problems of this country ARE immigrants Pal.
      This is a TINY island.
      Do you really expect people who have lived here and fought for it a thousand years to work there asses off to accommodate every other human being on the planet? Where draw the line? Why cant these newcomers sort out there own countries if they are so appealing skills wise?
      Its Pants. Baloney. They dont want to sort out there own turf, they want our long
      toiled land. Only the u.k. is so backward in this. Send em to canada, or oz, or NZ.
      Or the U.S. They would send em home to toil there own fields and build there own countries.They have no excuse. The U.K. should not have to set up home for another 10% population. Esp in these times. Why give up our kids inheritance fought for over centuries? Hawlix to that

      • Wr’te

        All mongrels one way or another.
        Did anyone say to the romans “bugger off back to your own country”

        Or say to the normans “hop off you frogs”

        • They wer honest to god invaders who came armed for conquest, not one legged roofers or fingerless electricians aiming to set up in the land of social housing. Like I said. And I repeat .. if these people are so skilled, eager and creative, why dont they sort there own lands? They should fuck off home. Like the romans did.

          • You dont know anyone called glenda fo you? Just wonderd.,

          • But we don’t he he… after a few years we become British Citizens 🙂

            • Nice one Pawel! 🙂 🙂 🙂

              • Retire at 70,
                67% minimum total taxation , and you think its
                YOUR PLAN?
                Ha Ha Ha Ha get ready to be fucked up your arse with a pineapple harder
                than the Soviets ever did.
                WELCOME TO THE U.K.,Donkey_
                Do you see that graveyard overgrown with CARROTS?
                Its all yours. Help yourself. All you can eat.
                All you have to do is pull this cart labelled politicians gravy train until you die.
                Then you can lie under ALL THOSE CARROTS!
                Welcome. England needs donkeys.

        • Glenda. . Glenda.,. is that a foriegn name? if so, no. I told em to fuck orf back to Glendaland. And take all that fucking scrap metal in the garden with you , you foriegn Glendaland shitbag!

          • Its a friend of mine called glenda, she has a bf called chris, shes into birth control, she misses the birth place rhodesia,
            But not as fixrd as ppl think, its funny , if every country wanted to send back every foregner or immigrant and we all stayed where we were born. Then banned everyone who didnt live in the same road, then banned everyone who didnt think or look like you from entering your house then banned anyone who didnt think act look or talk like you from entering your bedroom , then banned your outer srlf from your inner self..,

        • Glendaland is wales.. I told her to fuck off back to wales and take that bloody scrap metal with you you welsh glenda.!

        • Well, its strange, isnt it. Cos I can visit almost every country in the world, but if I wanna live there, and then move my family there, then move my mates there, and start eating the wildlife and create gheto’s on riverbanks,that country will say ‘NO’. its too many. You ask too much. Denied. Sort your own problems out.

          • And rightly so… you come to our beautiful country we tell you to Fuck Off!!

            • I wouldnt want to live in Poland anyway. , There are no carp left in the rivers . The infrastructure is neandertholic . . And every time there is a war it gets invaded by somebody. No wonder Polish people build polski sklepps everywhere else they are always running refugees, but I LIKE POLISH WOMEN, THEY ARE SO GRATEFUL. ;#}

    • Please could you sneak into No. 10 & leave some of this in large letters on DC’s desk? If only someone who was a real person was ‘in charge’ – if they had a tenth of this much common sense …. oh, think I’ve just gone into a daydream there for a minute ….

    • ffs something survived, these smart cards, welfare cards or whatever they are being called are a crock of shit… NOBODY, repeat NOBODY can survive in a modern cash economy like ours without CASH!

      • Not about cash its about another lump of plastic to carry about. Of which at some point it will be suggested we will have a one size fits all card or our cell phones will become that ID/ bank/ whatever card all traceable all monitored whatever ee buy say do think travel meet up with will all be documented

        At present the Government are debating whether there should be more stringent control over banks ,in a Parliamentary committee today Osborne stated they would look at it next year ,basically dismissing the issue .Why has his attitude to Welfare Reform not had the same response .This Government are at loggerheads with Doctors ,nurses,teachers and anyone working in the public sector especially the police .Our efforts against the draconian cuts are falling on deaf ears ,the police have an Epetition giving them the right to strike ,at present it has 16,778 signatures ,if we give this petition our backing it will make the Government take notice ,they are the only protection between them and us .The Police issue will have a bigger voice then we do on the reforms that are going through no matter what .This Government are using illegal underhand methods to push Welfare Reforms through ,by signing this petition we are backing the next biggest voice to the Government in this country legally.

  66. I like egg and chips, with bread and butter, and a nice big mug o’ tea with sugar.
    Simple pleasure.
    And this ConDemNation poor excuse for a government would deprive me of even that, as they trouser every freebie they can get their oily mitts on.
    I feel like crying.

  67. It’s Rule by Fear. Keep the masses grovelling and they’ll become so hungry and depressed they won’t be capable of fighting back.

  68. Carrying on from the early morning debate, Europeans are encouraged to work and live over here while programmes like holiday abroad and all the buy abroad programmes are living off this exchange. The capitalists have exhausted land here unless they build on green areas so they look for pastures new and whole new industries to exploit. If they are not working here, then the rich here will be investing abroad, which they are doing where labour is even cheaper than in eastern Europe.

  69. don’t you ever sleep chewie – your like Thatcher 4 hours a night.

  70. The whole point of all of these benefit cuts and controls is to drive down our wages across the board, to divide us between waged and unwaged (see the tories ‘scrounger’ campaign), indigenous and immigrant, and then turn us into perpetual consumption driven-debt-slaves- all under the pretext that austerity will produce some sort of miraculous growth, all the while blaming the crisis on uncontrolled state spending and not the banksters Great Financial Crash. Why? So the aristo-paedo-banker elite can fulfill their fantasy that we can compete with China, Brazil and India and they can maintain their privileged class position. It’s only gonna get worse next year with the local gov cuts- fuck all jobs, no services and rising prices across the board. The system’s bankrupt and corrupt from top to bottom and they know it, they think we can be fooled by voting Labour next time around or having faith in the lickspittle TUC, but Capitalism is dying and we know the rich are our misfortune.

  71. How do we know that this great financial crash was not caused by a run on the banks by the rich investing abroad without any visible paper trace? The banks can tell you anything if they are trying to replenish funds.

    • Dont be silly everyone know it was caused by hard leftists in wheelchairs pretending to be ill on order to swan about in mink coats snd wear diamond jewelry whilst sticking two fingers up at hard working conservative families that resemble the ones in youghurt adverts.,
      Its obvious ennit?

  72. I’m still not convinced by their superficial, blatantly obvious reason.

  73. I’ve just been reading about the private prosecution the tax alliance org. brought against mp’s who had broken the law on expenses claims but its from 2009 so do not know the outcome. will have to try and find out. They were supposed to have been working in conjunction with the daily fail so …………………

  74. The facebook comments are typical of the ignorant right wingers, and probably got approval ratings from tories and ukip.

    • I like the way he tries to rxcuse homsrlf
      By excluding the disabled in his rants as they are the deserving poor, in truth he would dpit in their faces and make jokes about ‘spastics and rasberry ripples’ and how they should all be gassed.

  75. Chewie the hard leftist would not get into bed with the daily fail. now whose trying to be a wind up merchant. good job I don’t bite.

    • I was being sarcastic or ironic..
      The faily heil would only expose any labour mp expense fiddle , tory ones are ok cod they deserve all those perks bless them,,

      • Pk since you asked me

        I give you an example of hypocracy or negligence of the faily heil.

        Early this year a right to work activist campaigned against workfare. At the time an outraged tory mp suggested that the police should step in and stop this activist. Heres the bit the faily heil left out, this outraged tory mp produced a book in which they said ‘all british workers were lazy and bone idle’ funny that.

  76. Got to go chewie things to do, will catch you later.

  77. I’ve an idea. Why not restrict the poor’s choice of shops as well. So instead of buying something slightly more expensive from a corner shop near to their home, let’s make them travel a few miles to a Tesco (remember Dame Shirly Porter?) or Asda (Archie Norman anyone?) so that they could buy a little bit more with their benefits and help out the shareholders of predominately Tory owned and run companies, who pay their staff a pittance. The six mile walk with shopping would make them slimmer and fitter and they’d save a bit of money into the bargain! It a win-win!

    • It’s already happening in a round-about way- The Trussell Trust, the Christian charity set up by a Tory Mayor, that (I think) runs the majority of foodbanks in the UK regularly touts for donations in supermarkets. A ‘wonderful’ closed system- a bit like JP Morgan running the Foodstamps system in the US…

      • There are 2 being set up in one of the bigger cities in the north of England right now (run by Trussell Trust). The agenda is to ‘have a chat’ with people when they turn up with a ‘pink slip’ to ask for a food package – partly to see if they can ‘refer on’ to any help/support person may need ((!)drug/alcohol problems?) but seems as though it’s also going to include mentioning that ‘God loves them’ as well, & seeing if they might want to come to the odd prayer meeting or two in their spare time …

        Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it.

        (They expect to have regular & plentiful food supplies from well-known local supermarket chain).

        • Yep, a friend of mine who worked with a young homeless charity had all their food donations monopolised / pinched by one of these tory-christian groups (inc.donations from local schools), with the upshot being that there was a massive fall in people using the foodbank which was based in a church- (one where they had to prove their need in the first place)- and left those charities that were efficiently distributing food without any for those in dire need…Makes me puke tbh.

        • Foodbank missionary : “do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour”?

          Me: “hmm not really, if he loved me he would eradicate the Tories”

          Foodbank missionary: “Well no food for you then, we don’t give food to heathens, heathens don’t deserve food”

          Foodbank missionary: “If you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, I should warn you, you will be sent to hell”

          Me: “I’m already there love”.

  78. When this lot got in they said they were going to ‘end the nanny state’, now they’re going to stop people buying things they consider damaging. Evidently ‘ending the nanny state’ was code for changing laws so that it’s legal for an employer to forgo a safety measure that would protect employees if the risk is considered disproportionate to the cost of the safety measures. Meaning if you get killed at work due to an expensive safety measure not being in place your family can’t sue your employer because it’s legal for them not to install it if it will make too big a hole in their profits.

  79. Food stamps lead to more poverty, just like electric and gas meters. A millionaire pays less per unit then a person living in abstract poverty. This is why food stamps are discriminatory and will never come to light.

    • ‘Economies of scale’: When you have more to spend you can buy (if you want to) bigger packs of supplies – which work out cheaper. If you have a small amount to spend & shop ‘little & often’ you’re pushed into having to buy the smaller packs (eg. loo rolls) which work costs more (per roll) over a period of time. No-one who hasn’t had to do this can easily understand what it means/wouldn’t want to have to try. (A few less loo rolls (per crapita) as a proportion of income). Hope they will never come to light – but just because its discriminatory will that follow? What we already have is discriminatory ….

      • Poverty Stricken

        The poor always get the rawest deals and pay through the nose for everything: For example there is that well-known wholesaler (Costco) that sells things a lot cheaper than your local corner shop/supermarket. But if anyone on benefits is thinking “wow” I’ll pop on down; things is you have to have an account and to open an account you have to have an “approved” occupation such as barrister, airline pilot, doctor. So the rich can purchase their goods cheaper than the poor can.

      • Something that occurred to me, what about pet food? A much-loved pet is part of a family too, are countless pets going be abandoned or put to sleep simply because their human can no longer afford to feed them? The likes of Cats Protection & the Dogs Trust are going to be overrun with unwanted pets should this be the case. As there’s no mention of provision for pets under these proposals it can only be assumed that these sick tory bastards even want to deprive the poorest of the simple pleasure of having the companionship of a pet such is the empty soulless world these psychos inhabit.

        • Pets

          Are not considerd as family members as they do not share dna with humans and not same species, but you could condider yourselves as consumers of domestic animal products.

          • I would expect all family pets in a pecking order starting with goldfish in the garden pond and working up to the dog or domesticated parrot to be considered assets, and consumed or sold . Any pets bigger, like farm animals, ponies or horses should be realised and the funds used towards rent etc. Cats wouldnt count as they are technically a wild animal capable of self reliance and cant legally be owned..Feed it from your own rations if you wish, as with tortoises and non exotic snakes/lizards etc. Food packs will be withheld until the snoopers are satisfied you have utilised all live assets.

        • Incidentally the, homeless used to get 4 quid a week to feed a dog..

          • Does a homeless dog get paid?

            • Of sorts. He gets three months bed and board at battersea, then the needle.
              Unless he is owned by any human.

            • I am not sure at what age you can legally own a dog. Needless to say diff rules and regs for diff situations. In general, an owned dog can be saved. But if it ends up in battersea or sim for any length of time, its there call. They have rspca regs and can require diff types of accomodation and environment than the dog already has. Say its suffering pain from old age disease,, a homeless person might be refused its return & it be spared any suffering. Same f it needs meds a homeless guy cant afford. Some are kept for life remainder if they are happy to be, for a short term. . Its a dogs life; pound = aushwitz..

          • I wonder if all unemployed follow the tories spirit and declared ourselves as entrepreneurs and registerd as self employed autonomous businesses, the unemployment figures would fall but then there would be no one left to employ..

            • All you have to do to be self employed, is generate your own income . Officially, you should register as a sole trader first, but there is little to stop you. As long as any biz pays into your account, its your party. If you work for cash(window cleaner, minicab,et al) you just write down your earnings and pay the taxman.
              If you want to be self employed and work for a company that normally is required to pay paye, then you start your own company , invoice them, and pay yourself in various different ways. An old trick is to start your own agency, then do the work yourself. You get all the wage. Employers keep people down by making them believe a J.O.B. is the only path.

              • I am
                Sure you could have fun with business description.,

              • Public thoroughfare testing (walking about)
                Public transport data analysis ( train spotter)

                Publishing studies consultant ( book reading)

                • chris the fish

                  THOUROUGHFAIR TESTER is a civil engineering Q.S.
                  Public transport tester is time & motion.
                  Book reading is proof reading. All available jobs.
                  Incidentally I considered proof reader for the daily mail.
                  It was poorly sintaxed. Better now, Garfield is perfect.
                  Its just a comic. 2000A.D. is a MANS read.

              • Can you imagine being a door to door salesman. “Good day madam, have you got a daughter who is thinking of getting into the sex game business? We at rentaperv can offer first class training.,

  80. Its all pants. The whole idea of this attack on claiments is to take your eye off the people getting off the buses at victoria . Gotta keep shtum. Say nothing. Keep europe happy we are taking another one (more million) for team europe.

    • Fixed it for you Mr.UKIP-
      ‘Its all pants. The whole idea of this is to take your eye off the attack on claiments and focus the people getting off the buses at victoria . Gotta keep shtum.’

      • I would rather we kept an eye on both, but some rant from a prick about sky tv is not gonna worry the guv 1 little bit. Cameroon is pro europe . he couldnt give a fuck what the unemployed watch especialy if its not informative.

  81. Guy,
    ROLFMAO. I make a post on the blog of a guy who I often chat to on (anti-) workfare demos organised by Boycott Workfare and SolFed, indicating that the notion of smartcards is a core part of current anti-claimant ideology, and that it has been linked with the idea of sanctions from early on. I back this up with a quote and a link, and provide evidence that this is in part being assisted by self-interested business. I also point out it stigmatises the claimant.

    I then suggest that Shelbrooke’s bill is part of a larger strategy to put smartcards on the agenda. He will fail, but the idea is out there and it will be amended to something “more palatable” – quite how I don’t know, probably as a sanction technique as in the PE quote – prior to being rolled out.

    How that interpretation of the underhand manner in which this, as with most of the current draconian changes to the benefit system, is being introduced and enforced means I’m peddling shit is beyond me. “Rights” are things that are fought for and need defending, and the better informed find it easier to defend themselves.

    I would have responded earlier but as a long-term claimant I’m reliant on my local library opening hours for internet access. Oh, and I have been sanctioned too, and I went through the tribunal route representing myself and one. Probably because I generally use the internet to research and disseminate info to help my comrades and myself rather than treating it as a trolling playground to express my ignorance.

    Feel free to respond, but I probably won’t reply as there’s just been a press release indicating that Universal Jobmatch is mandatory in the new year, so I’ll be busy actually doing something constructive…

  82. So you think universal jobmatch is constructive – I suggest it is you that is the troll NIC.

    • Actually, I think Nic may have been having a pop at Me, He is very eloquent, but was a tad annoyed as he doesnt have much time in a library.
      Upon saying jobmatch may be compulsory in the new yr and he may be doing ‘constructive’ i feel its obvious from what he said he may actually be spending his ‘online time’ trying to do something about that, not looking up mcjobs.
      Tho with that command of language whilst stressed with frustration and time limits, he should apply for journalism having proved his research skills.
      It took me a good half minute to google roll on my fat arse out loud opinion sense of humour sad face. .

  83. Which job centre do you work in?

  84. Arthur Daley Special Deals

    £60 cash offered for the £142 face value of your food stamps.

  85. 200 comments and counting… 🙂

  86. It seems to me that this government won’t be happy ’till the unemployed are all in prison, gotta feed those private prisons somehow haven’t they? The US have cornered the market in prison industrial complexes and we are heading the same way. The Tories can’t use black and hispanics to build the prison population ‘cos their numbers in the UK aren’t high enough and they can’t use drug prohibition either without arresting a huge number of white people for possession (that would create too much of a backlash), but there sure are plenty of unemployed to criminalise and the disgusting rhetoric is already being used to soften up the public so acceptance will be seen as the right thing to do.

    Faced with the option of destitution or crime many will turn to crime and seeing as the government is already lining up companies to exploit prisoners (Marks & Spencers are rumoured to be interested in prison labour) it doesn’t take a genius to work out where all this is heading.

    Can’t wait for the day when to be unemployed will be deemed illegal. </sarcasm

    We seem to copy the US on so many of their stupid ideas but I really didn't think the Tories would follow them on this, the stupidest one of all.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, witness the birth of our very own prison industrial complex!

    • People are already turning to crime- the poxy BBCNews ran a morning feature on shoplifting earlier this week- mums nicking formula and babyfood, and they presented the issue as being one of either ‘desperation’ or ‘greed’- no shades of grey in between. their solution? Food banks.

      • So the self-righteous judgmental “hardworking taxpayer” will end up paying even more on food banks, shoplifting losses pased onto consumers, privatised prisons, increased burglaries, muggings and carjackings than they ever did on “welfare”.

        • It’s a myth about shoplifting losses being passed on to the consumer- that’s already built into the price and considered ‘natural wastage’ by insurers- meanwhile unsold stock, such as clothing, is regularly destroyed by staff in the stockrooms (with scissors), just as supermarkets chuck perfectly good grub away. .. Meanwhile, staff pilfering to make up for low wages is more of a problem than shoplifting is…

          • I have seen whole skips full of shoes with one of each pair destroyed outside the back door of shoe shops ( but I I have two feet ! ) and I have noticed baskets with reduced items carefully secreted in stores by staff near the end of there shift.
            Shop lifting costs a company the amount it paid for an item, not the retail price.
            This is used by accountants esp. in bars. It is assumed anything missing was stolen, ergo the retail price is forfeit from somebody’s pay packet..
            Retail clothing sales is a gamble on stock and thus if ten percent of an order doesnt move before its season ends, it has been factored in as risk, therefore stealing one MAY not influence profits, but it certainly wont add to them. The biggest problem for shoppers is inflation obviously, with every grasping retailer hiking prices as much as they dare.The cheaper options are often targeted, way above inflation .
            This is the unnacceptable face of bisses racketeering like wartime spivs while
            everybody else goes short.

          • actually, i meant the accountants assume the item was sold and the money wasnt put in the till.

        • Language will be privatised next. So i am inventing my own and licensing it out for a fee.
          Qtelephtn wrolq vtrp smnuiop. Plelk vrelm bit flergz !!!!

          • Already been done- Esperanto.
            Newer, Klingon. Basic dictionary available (its HOW you say it. )

            • Offer

              Training to be tory mp.
              Lesson 1 acting like a c,,nt

              • No point. Basic Cameroooonian is 750 euros an hr, plus dentistry to get the spitting vehemence right

                • Read the link the eosworks/employers

                  Then read the part just after the heading
                  Host Employers

                • I

                  I didnt fully understand how this health care NHS ‘reform’ was rigged.
                  It seems if you needed care you HAD to have a choice, if you plumped for NHS that wasnt regarded as choice
                  Its the henry ford approach.
                  No wonder those lobbyists fought hard to make sure competition was in the bill.


                  Cameron’s new target – how quickly he can privatise NHS care

                  Campaigning for the 2010 election, David Cameron said “in place of Labour’s self-defeating top-down targets, we will harness the power of information and publish the details of healthcare outcomes.”

                  He said that he would get rid of the Labour government’s “process drive, top-down targets”.

                  After not winning the election, but still becoming Prime Minister, Cameron was true to his word and abolished the NHS targets.

                  However, as Lansley’s ill thought out reorganisation started to divert resources from frontline care, waiting times started to rise.

                  Worried about the public backlash, Cameron reimposed the waiting time targets. Cameron made dropping targets a big issue of his election campaign and yet within a year he had re-imposed them.

                  Now we see that he is about to impose another target. Cameron’s new target is how quickly he can privatise NHS care.

                  The Operating Framework 2012-13 is the rule book for the NHS. The technical guide gives a list of “indicators” that the Department of Health uses to determine if PCTs are implementing the requirements of Operating Framework.

                  One of these indicators goes by the snappy name of:

                  PHF09: Trend in Value/Volume of Patients Being Treated at non-NHS Hospitals

                  This says that PCTs should collate the number of patients the NHS have paid to have treatment in private hospitals.

                  Since there are private providers who are paid to do NHS work, there is no problem with monitoring how many patients use them. However, the reason for this indicator is not merely to “monitor” this patient choice. The explanation is:

                  “Patients should have the opportunity to choose a range of providers for their first outpatient appointment, including those in the Independent sector. This indicator shows a percentage of patients who have exercised choice, since it is likely that an alternative NHS provider was also offered to them. An increasing percentage of CAB bookings being made to the IS may be indicative of more choice being offered to patients.”

                  CAB is “choose and book” which is the system where patients choose from a list of providers – NHS and private (IS, or independent sector).

                  The last sentence is shocking. The government says that patients must have choice and the only way that they can be reassured that patients have had a choice is if the percentage of patients who have chosen a private provider increases.

                  A PCT has to show that patients were given choice, so a PCT must make sure that more patients choose a private provider. This indicator does not take into account that when a patient is given a choice, they may choose to use an NHS hospital: the government does not treat this as the patient choosing. Their only measure of a patient choosing is if patients choose someone other than the NHS.

                  All political parties say that NHS patients should have choice, but the current coalition government take a Henry Ford attitude to this choice. Rather than “any colour you like as long as it is black” the government is saying “any choice you like as long as it is not the NHS”, and they have set a target to increase the number of patients choosing a private hospital.”

                  Posted by: Richard Blogger at 10:30am on 25 February

                • What is workplace giving?? Good question.
                  Its where your boss can decide to give some of your wages to charity.
                  Oh right, so why cant the fucking employee decide if he wants to donate after he gets payed and do it himself?

                  Wtf is this shit? Any ideas??


            • @chris and and johnny void and all,
              I am not making this up.
              Read the bit under ‘host employers’

              Its fucking surreeal..


    • “Faced with the option of destitution or crime many will turn to crime ”

      Already happening, its called the poverty pimp business, the destitution market.

      And if that aint a crime i dont know what is

      • it costs 400 / week to keep someone in a standard u.k. nick.
        cheaper to let em freeze to death on the streets.even with the crime.

      • Just read eosworks website,.Will these “pretend” jobs be making “pretend” products, to sell to “pretend” customers & will the pretend workforce be picking up “pretend” wage packets at the end of the week? And pay all the bills with “pretend” money!

        • If they did it would be under false pretenses

          • i will pretend to work.

            • I saw this happening in past few months in USA

              Ppl working for free.,.

              “People who work for free are far hungrier than anybody who has a salary, so they’re going to outperform, they’re going to try to please, they’re going to be creative,” says Kelly Fallis, chief executive of Remote Stylist, a Toronto and New York-based startup that provides Web-based interior design services. “From a cost savings perspective, to get something off the ground, it’s huge. Especially if you’re a small business.”

              In the last three years, Fallis has used about 50 unpaid interns for duties in marketing, editorial, advertising, sales, account management and public relations. She’s convinced it’s the wave of the future in human resources. “Ten years from now, this is going to be the norm,” she says.

        • @Kittycat did I fall asleep and wake up in some weird dystopian nightmare??
          In this item to do with USA they are talking about working for free being the new normal

        • Quotes from that item about working for free becoming the new normal

          ” Crystal Green, owner of Tallahassee-based event planning firm Your Social Butterfly, has had mixed results with unpaid staffers who didn’t take their responsibilities seriously. She’s even had to retrace the missteps of unpaid staffers and apologize to alienated business partners.”

          Aww i almost feel sorry for her.. No i dont..

          • In america, when your welfare payments run out you starve. There would be no gain in working for nothing, you would just have to take a paid mcjob or become homeless. Its not relevant here.

          • Chris we slavishly follow america ok?
            Re unum a US insurance company paid for by our govt, who advise on how to deny certain medical conditions dont exist a la america., hence atos finding lots of fit for work ppl (who in truth. Are not) so ..
            The american model could easily be possible.,

            • we dont slavishly follow the u.s.
              the citizens have guns. We dont.
              They have thanksgiving. we dont.
              They have 5 litre four wheel drive pick ups to go shopping.
              we dont. A normal pizza there is 2 feet accross.
              here its 12 inches.
              They think 5% proof beer is for alcoholics. We dont.
              Most importantly,they have the american dream;
              they believe everybody , with hard work and dedication,
              can get stinkin rich.
              We dont have it or believe it.
              They have always used interns to some degree, and so have we
              but called something else.
              America has bears in the woods that will eat you alive.
              Did you know brown bears eat people live? They dont bother to kill,
              they just start on your arse meat and continue with the rest until they are full.
              We dont and wont.
              I am tireing of alarmist posts.

              • I know ppl who have worked for nothing foolishly beleiving they will be recognised one day and.. They do that then pack it in then repeat the pattern over again, they get into debt cos they get loans they cant pay off, they arent on benefit because 1 they dont want to be labelled 2 thats the cowards way ( their words)

                • chris the fish

                  There have always been dreamers. Take minicab drivers for instance. If you ring addison Lee’s recruiter you will be told you can earn a grand a week! but if you only work 40 hours, you will be writing THEM a check on payday.You have to hire the car, insure it, pay for the diesel, thats about 400 a week. If you work 75 hours, you might get 500 for yourself, which is about minimum wage. I know a bloke who went bankrupt working for them. If you buy your own car and set up with some mates you get to keep the wonga, see? Addy lees fees are about 25quid for a mimum account fare, but the driver gets 6 quid . He has to find his holidays out of his earnings. People work for them cos they cant afford a car and see it as a step in to the game.
                  The owners pay themselves 1000000 a yr, and cream off 5k a week in cash tax free from the drivers who take all the cash fares..
                  There will always be another sucker along who believes the hype.
                  Its the same with bike couriers. I used to get three hundred a week 20 yrs ago, now they all get three fifty and pay for there own bikes, juice etc. Its dangerous slave labour. It used to be a danger money type job now its shit. Every cunt off the boat with a bike licence is out there on a 250 honda sitting cold and bored on the roadside from 8 till 6.
                  There have always been gullible dreamers. .

                • Its this ‘sharing the companies vision’ thing that get used.

        • More from that item about wirking for free becoming the new normal.

          “Like others who have used unpaid labor, Remote Stylist’s Kelly Fallis recommends beginning with a very specific job description and conducting a thorough hiring process to screen out people who aren’t going to give their all for nothing.

          Candidates who respond to Fallis’ postings on Craigslist and Facebook must fill out a detailed email questionnaire and undergo two rounds of phone interviews and three in-person interviews.

          Those who join Remote Stylist, whether they are students or out-of-work 20- or 30-somethings, must agree to a four-month run and sign a hiring contract. She asks interns to commit 30 hours a week; she has been burned in the past by people who were trying to juggle a paid job with their commitment to Remote Stylist.

          Believe it or not, the competition for some unpaid gigs can grow intense. John Lovejoy, managing director of multimedia fundraising company Nomadic Nation, received 300 responses for an editor position and 700 cameraman applications after only one week of advertising a project to drive from Germany to Cambodia in plastic cars. Not only were the positions unpaid, but successful candidates had to pay their own expenses. “

  87. IDS's Blazer Cost £5m Pounds

    More Idiotic Tory Nazis//Neanderthal Nazis that back this on twitter:

    Darren the Situation

    Ed Oldfield

  88. Make this fascist shelbrooke, live off foodstamps for a month and see if he wants it then. Wouldnt survive a week these toff bstards

  89. This whole idea is stupid. If people were issued with smart cards but wanted booze, cigarettes or to gamble, all they’d do is to by what they are allowed to purchase with their card and swap the produce for what they want or sell it and use the money to buy what they want. Absolutely amazingly stupid idea which will cost millions and deter people from doing nothing.

  90. I know ppl who work for zilch, they believe someone will discover them one day, it dont happen so they pack it in and repeat it all over again they up to their neck in debt cos of loans . Borrow , payback, borrow payback thats them borrow to payback on and on, they wont go on benefits due to stigma and because according to them thats the ‘easy’ way..

  91. Time to cash in the Azure card

    While the government begins to put measures in place to force people off benefits and into work, it seems they have forgotten about a group of people whom they are forcing to rely on a particular benefits system, because they are not allowed to have jobs. And rather than giving these people an “easy ride” – as many would claim – this system is in fact causing poverty and hardship because it simply doesn’t work.

    Earlier this year, the government rolled out a payment card for all asylum seekers who have had their asylum claims refused and are waiting to return to their own countries, but have no other way of supporting themselves. Previously these benefits came in the form of vouchers; before that, in cash handouts. The “Azure” card is intended to pay for “food and essential toiletries only”, and can only be used in stores selected by the Home Office – these include Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Peacocks and Morrisons. The card only allows users to roll over £5 each week.

    A research report we published on Friday confirms the worries we at the Refugee Council had about the Azure card when it was first introduced. As well as limitations with where the card can be used and what can be bought with it, the card often just does not work at the checkout, which not only causes humiliation, but means people, often women with young children, have to go without food for days on end.

    We have heard countless horror stories from our clients trying to use the card. Take Violet, for example. She lives in asylum accommodation in south-east London and has no choice but to leave her children at home while she walks three miles to the nearest eligible supermarket for her weekly shop – without cash, she can’t buy a bus pass, and the card does not work at the local store at the end of her road, which, incidentally, is also the cheaper option.

    On top of this, her oldest child has had to start school without a uniform, since the card won’t allow her to purchase clothing. The bus-pass problem also meant she had to miss her latest appointment at the Home Office, and now she is terrified she and her children will be detained for absconding.

    Violet’s story is typical of the people who responded to our research. Sixty per cent had experienced the card not working, including 13 people with children, while 79% reported that shop staff had refused the card, despite being in the specified supermarkets. Almost half had been unable to buy food that met their dietary, religious, or cultural requirements in the specified supermarkets.

    But above all these technical difficulties, one of the most distressing things our clients recounted is the feeling of shame and stigma using the card has caused them. Hostile attitudes from shop staff, and being labelled as an “asylum seeker” by being the only one with such a card, contributed to feelings of isolation and anxiety among 56% of our respondents.

    The payment card system has to stop. We understand these are hard economic times for everyone, and we are not asking for a rise in levels of support (though at around £5 a day it is a wonder how they manage). So the taxpayer won’t have to fork out any more for this group. We are simply asking for a change to the way it is being distributed – for these asylum seekers to be given their support in cash, like any other benefit. That way they could spend the money as they wish, allowing them to live in dignity while they wait to return home.

    The Refugee Council, together with the Scottish Refugee Council, the Welsh Refugee Council and the North of England Refugee Service, is asking the government to ensure that, while it looks to improve the asylum process to ensure that people such as Violet get a quick and fair decision on their case, they must also use this opportunity to end this inhumane system of the payment card now.

    Time to cash in the Azure card

  92. I remember the hardships faced by two refugees from afghanistan , I used to share a house with them on bramley road in oakwood. They got there rent paid, and thirty quid a week to buy food. They didnt have to sign on, and they werent allowed to look for a job. One of them drove a moped for gogo pizza, and I believe the other one managed the shop for a relative. They probably still both work there. Anyway, they both had cars, several bank accounts with the names all spelt differently,, credit cards, nice clothes, nice life. And those lads always refused to pay the little slice of council tax that was there share. So, yes, I really feel for refugees who it has been found are not permitted to stay because they are actually financial migrants. They should put em on a boat pronto.

  93. And listen to this hand wringing Pap; Almost half had been unable to buy food that met there cultural, dietary or religious requirements; so most of them COULD, then. I am an asylum seeker and I am running away for my life, from bullets, airstrikes, mortar fire, bayonets and possibly rape murder and mutilation. On arriving at a safe countries shores where I will be fed and watered, I will immediately expect to be given the food I am used to, and not gratefully accept anything reasonable that will fill my tum. Horlicks! If in that possition, baked beans on toast would be gratefully accepted by anyone GENUINE. If they expect to get what they are used to, they aint fleein a war zone.

  94. misterbigglesworth

    for these people to assume it would be spent on booze and drugs just goes to show how disallusioned this Coalition Government is from the everyday person. Not only is this bloody well insulting, it’s a slap in the face for the poor sods who have paid into the System for years, to have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and to be told because you might turn to the booze and the drugs, (because allegedly that’s what all the Unemployed do nowadays…..well that’s what the Daily Mail and the Express says so it must be true.) you will be subjected to being nannied on what you spend your money on. Forget the Debt you would most probably be in following you losing your Job. You never know, they might accept Foodstamps!!! Bloody joke

    • @misterbigglesworth “and now a message sponsored by MASTERCARD.
      “Mr Duncan Smith also confirmed his department is looking at introducing a ‘welfare card’, instead of some benefits, for drug addicts. This could only be used to purchase certain items, such as food and other essentials, stopping them from spending their benefits on drugs.
      “I’ve been looking at this process to figure out whether it’s feasible, how would it work, how does it match with legal obligations, so we’ve already been examining this,” he told the BBC’s World at One. “There’s nothing at the moment on plans, but I genuinely think there are some areas where we might want to think about.
      “You know, somebody who has a history of real drug addiction, giving people cash sometimes can actually lead to further problems.”



    “Daybreak on ITV an hour ago: “Shocking discovery that a large percentage of young adults have the Maths brains of a 7-9yr old child”….they interviewed a 21yr old girl who has trouble adding numbers and has problems counting up items and money to spend when in supermarkets. Funny that she didn’t have any problems producing 2 kids after leaving school though eh, probably put the claim in for 3 kids at the benefit office with being unable to count them.”

    “Its a shame that they’re just like a virus, spread everywhere and multiplies rapidly and you can’t get rid of them.”

    “Morning my little Pirahna fishes. Topic Of The Day: If the world were to miraculously come to an end today at 11:13am which all these tree hugging hippies who have smoked too much weed seem to think, would only the dole scroungers survive? Cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast so im assuming the scroungers after having their fill of Skol this morning would survive also….”

    ah nice to know we are all in this together, eh?

    Ian Birrell: It’s not just the bad apples – it’s our rotten society’s attitudes


  96. “Consider why the disabled in Britain must endure a gauntlet of hate. Research shows that unlike other hate crime offenders, abusers of disabled people are more likely to act in groups, demonstrating the acceptability of such assaults. They are also more likely to be women, or even children, they often know their victims, and the levels of violence are higher. As Katharine Quarmby showed in her brilliant book Scapegoat, the prejudices shown by perpetrators reflect prejudices in society. Historically, people with disabilities have been feared, scapegoated and dehumanised. “I’m not going down for a muppet,” said one of the killers of a disabled man beaten to death for “fun” in Sunderland, a telling turn of phrase. Old bigotries have fused with new prejudices to form a particularly toxic stew.

    This is why the demonisation of the disabled by some politicians and journalists is so dangerous, especially amid economic downturn. The public now believes that up to 70 per cent of disabled people on benefits are faking it. They are seen as workshy, called scroungers, screamed at in the street – and the consequence is people living as prisoners in their homes and abused in institutions. And this is why it is so corrosive to give so-called comics a platform to solidify the stereotypes. This is why it matters when teachers do nothing about playground name-calling, when celebrities popularise words such as “retard” or when employers cold-shoulder disabled job-seekers”

  97. “Low pay, no pay churning: the missing
    link in popular accounts of worklessness
    Long-term worklessness is a relatively unusual
    experience, much more so than the commentary
    above seems to imply. Stringent welfare
    rules have been in place for some time, which
    mean that, even if an individual were resolutely
    work-shy (and there is absolutely no evidence
    that many people are), avoiding work in the long
    term, or even permanently, would be no easy feat.
    Colleagues and I have been researching issues
    around poverty and worklessness in some of
    the most deprived neighbourhoods in Britain for
    over 12 years. Over this period, we have undertaken
    in-depth life history interviews with over
    230 individuals and have spoken to many more
    in our efforts to recruit research participants.
    Many of our interviewees have been interviewed
    several times over a period of years.
    What we encountered, time and time again, has
    not been a preponderance of the long-term
    unemployed, but rather a far more common
    experience of labour market ‘churning’. Our
    interviewees certainly experienced unemployment,
    but importantly and with few exceptions,
    they had also almost always experienced periods
    of being in work. Across a diverse sample
    of men and women and of older and younger
    people, the predominant experience which we
    have found has been one of moving in and out of
    low-paid, short-term jobs, and on and off benefits.”

    Click to access CPAG-Poverty142-low-pay-no-pay.pdf

  98. IDS & shelbrooke, what a pair of fucking dicks!

  99. Pingback: 2012: A Year of Lies and Blunders at the DWP Part 2 | the void

  100. People will become so desperate they will not be able to see a way forward .
    When you remove money then pride the only thing people have left is life and if its a terrible one there will be a body count .

  101. ids’s blazer costs 5m pounds

    Your link to the telegraph regarding ukip and Alexandra Swann has mysteriously disappeared when I linked in.

  102. Philip Arlington

    People who can’t see the Sky TV is a luxury really have lost touch with reality. Of course it is a luxury. It is a form of entertainment and the Queen didn’t have it twenty years ago (actually she may not have it now). I don’t buy it because I it’s full of porn, reality shows, and ads for gambling, and lefties of principal have plenty of reasons of their own not to buy it.

  103. Philip Arlington

    Despite my previous comment, I think this is a terrible (and un-Conservative) idea. We need to make people take more responsibility for their own lives, not take away even more responsibility.

    • @philip i rather think its about control

      • Have you ever considered a PAID post at a keyboard Bob?
        By my reckon you spend 6 hrs a day on a pc. and excel at it.
        language, punctuation , grammar skills, .
        Your WASTED here! Hell you should stand for Parliament. .
        It might stop you whingeing at your desk for a while.

        • @lure u this is. done on a handset and it most annoying as it plays up quote a. lot especially when the spellcheckers takes over

          • Oh. Fair enuff. If you want me to supply a cheap old pc that will surf o.k. give me a shout. If i dont have one at the time I can point you to a £25 box you could plug in any flat screen t.v.
            Mind you, it seems your sintax shakes have arrivethed sudden like you old dole fox.

            • @lure the smell checker picks words it prefers for some reason. My laptop is away being looked at. The reason i am on here a lot johnny and others know about which is pretty horrible .so I contribute as best as i can.

              • I understand. I am a pc gamer hobbyist who builds pc’s out of old spares and soups em up. Let me know if you get stuck.

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