8% Less New Houses Built Due to Universal Credit Warns Housing Association Boss

eviction_noticeA director of one of London largest housing associations has warned that house building and provision of new properties has been scaled down due to fears about the upcoming changes to the benefits system.

Speaking before the Public Accounts Committee today, Mike Donaldson, a director of social housing provider L&Q, warned of a double whammy with evictions and arrears set to rise under the new regime.  The impact of this will be that housing associations will be unable to spend cash building new homes meaning a toxic combination of fewer homes and more homeless people.

Such are his organisation’s fears of the oncoming debt tsunami that Donaldson claimed they had already cut the number of new properties provided over the last year from 1000 to 920, a fall of 8%.

Benefits are to be paid monthly under the new system and payments will go direct to tenants, leading to fears that some of those on the lowest income may find managing money difficult and fall into arrears.  On top of this a ‘bedroom tax’ will mean claimants having money docked from benefits, leaving them with either a weekly shortfall or forced to move.

Donaldson’s shocking admission comes on the day that information from pilot schemes to test the new payment system was announced by the DWP.  The figures suggest that rent arrears have doubled in the pilot areas, even though many of the most vulnerable tenants have not been included in the pilots.  No tests of the new system had taken place for tenants in the private sector, where around 30% of claimants have rent payments sent direct to their landlords.

With homelessness already soaring it seems that everyday this Government does something to make the problem worse.  The cardboard cities which emerged in London under the last Tory government may yet become a feature of every major city in the UK.

You can watch the meeting of the Public Affairs Committee, which also includes questions on the Work Programme (haven’t watched it yet so don’t know what was said) at: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/main/Player.aspx?meetingId=12123

Join the Housing for the 99% protests in London tomorrow (Tuesday 18th December)

83 responses to “8% Less New Houses Built Due to Universal Credit Warns Housing Association Boss

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  2. There is already a report out that over 300 people living in the trial areas have had to be put back on the old system because they couldn’t cope. Looks like Lord Fraud is mistaken in his theory, just as we said he would be.
    I do know if this had been me, I would have been a failure if I didn’t have enough money to feed my kids and heat the home through the recent cold spell, the rent would have been of little consideration. I would have convinced myself I could have caught up later but that doesn’t happen when you are stuck on very little money, ever.

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    Interested to read that tenants will either get into”” debt or move a social housing person “says.If smaller homes were available than most people would move But where i live there are not smaller homes to move to.Now debt that’s very true as you won’t have enough money spare to pay for so called spare bedrooms and no extra cash towards it. The funny thing is everyone always seen to build family homes and not smaller houses and this is our fault the tenants?.And no one seems to be trying to help either or tell the government the problems this will cause after all ,most people have paid rent on the house they live in,have done the garden the way they wanted it ,took pride in the area etc. and yet Members of parliament have and do have 2 homes which can be paid for by the taxpayer and yet i am the greedy person who has one bedroom spare in our home according to them and yet they have two houses and godknows how many bedrooms they are not using..

  4. This housing report is a load of bullshit, the social housing federation has been knocking down perfectly good housing or renovating it and putting it up as houses for sale in our area for well over 5 years, thus reducing the social housing rented sector. In other words they stole land that the taxpayer allocated and paid for for the use of council housing , then used it to turn what was council into largely private housing estates. There are people who are perfectly capable of paying their own rent if they were given the whole of their housing benefit, not everyone wants to spend it on drink, drugs, gambling etc like this government propaganda machine would have you believe. Like everything else it is a way for the state to keep control of those on benefits, benefits that people have paid for.

    • i’ve known people who’ve been absolutely skint who are astonishing at managing their money, but in my experience it takes a certain kind of person to be able to do that, that’s why wonga exist

      the reality is a lot of people will struggle with this and the housing associations are panicking because they deal with arrears all the time already and know that – surely if universal credit is so wonderful we should all be able to choose whether to get paid to us, our landlord, and whether it is monthly or fortnightly – this would be the kind of genuine improvement that could come with a new IT system,, instead, like in every other area, they are just making it worse

      • Spot on. Unlike those who have come up with these new ideas your coments are indeed grounded in common sense. I can remember in the late 1990’s being involved with homelessness groups who were at that time trying to influence government such that even the relatively small amount that was paid by way of local council tax’s by the claimant should be paid direct to the landlord because it was resulting in people ending up rough sleeping through lack of financial control.

        Some people have big problems coping with life for a variety of reasons (at the time a lot of people who had previously been in psychiatric units ended up on the streets through Thatchers cost-saving policies). I for one do not condemn anyone who has a big addiction problem because I know how easy it can be (given the right circumstances) to fall into that kind of deep hole and find it soo hard to get out of it.

        I have never seen such blatent wickedness as is happening now with Westiminster setting the lower orders against themselves, young against old, “strivers” against “skivers”. Is it too far fetched to think that they already know all this and have calculated that in the end it will be cheaper through the cull of claiments that will occur through rough-sleeping and death?

  5. It’s not a new IT system we need its the reversal of Tory benefit cuts, nothing else will do.

  6. typical of the staff these cowboy outfits employ… recent graduate (with “psychology” degree or something equally useless), obviously not from a poor/disadvantaged background (who can afford to go travelling for 18 months), comes back and lands a £24 a year job at one of these disgusting companies lecturing to and sanctioning “customers” some of whom have decades of life and work experience behind them – sickening!

    • Probably not old enough or experienced enough in the ‘real world’ to know what she’s got herself into … it’s been sold as a job where you get to use all of your best people skills and ‘help’ people into work – so even has a feelgood factor. Just all a bit sad really.

      • “Recently returned for a year and a half travelling round Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.” Certainly not from a “disadvantaged” background me thinks, this disgusting little piece of filth will be able to “relate” to her “customers” just fine me thinks. I wish her all the ill will in the world. Rot in Hell you disgusting piece of vermin!

        • It’s like blaming the cleaning/or office staff at Westminster for what’s being made law. Whoever recruits for the WP thinks she’s the ‘right kind of person’ & whoever wrote the ‘job description’ has a lot to answer for. Usually when people go on these extended holidays to SE.Asia/Australia they save up first – sometimes for a couple of years working here – some will have money given to them if their family is well-off but it would be a huge amount to fund that kind of trip outright.

          Who’s fault is it if they come from an affluent family – theirs for being born into it?, the family’s for having money, or the capitalist system that allows gross inequality of income/opportunity? Most young people doing this will never get to do anything similar again (assuming they can find a job in the rest of their working-age lifetimes). They land in Oz, living/working for periods of time – then use money earned/saved to travel back through SE.Asia (and the same on the way out maybe using savings/21st birthday present money or bank of mum&dad ). Relatively, SE. Asian countries are dead cheap to live in/travel through (a separate questionable ethical issue) with money earned in either in this country or Australia. They’re full of very poor people who probably gave her a hard time & fleeced her for whatever they could whilst she was there – as she & her friends are one of the ways they can make enough to live on (she would have been known as ‘farang’ (often a derogatory term meaning ‘foreigner’) – in Thailand. She might not have noticed any of this & just lots of fun but it’s not unusual.

          Don’t know this girl. Don’t want to know about her. But (allegedly) “it’s a free country” – sort of. If she hadn’t posted her life & someone hadn’t passed those details on, only people where she works would be able to ‘hate’ her & at least they’ve met her ‘in the flesh’. Now she’s ‘fair game’ & isn’t here to defend herself. The Work Programme/Government who implement inequalities are public figureheads and are culpable – but 24 year-old junior WP staff are not public figureheads like Cameron/Clegg et al. Even though it helps sometimes to have a figure to ‘hate’ (even to burn and/or stick pins in) she’s not (as yet) an official poster girl for WP/Atos/The Tories. Even if she’s one of the most unlikeable/clueless/rich/spoilt people it’s possible to meet – what’s the point in getting into it? There will always be overpaid prawns.

          When Margaret Thatcher was in Downing Street the many who’s lives she wrecked were sure about where to direct their spleen – she was all too easy to ‘hate’ compared to the likes of David Cameron, who just appears ineffectual & pampered – even though he’s probably more dangerous & even a bit more deranged. Maybe because Maggie claimed to be a woman but was the opposite to the kind of person women would have loved to see in her place. So I think there’s a gap in the market. (IDS aside). Hypothetically, ‘yer woman’ (and her family) could get to hear about her 15 minutes of fame plus gory details. She might either wake up & see the error of her ways’ & leave the WP to go & work in a food bank, or equally possible, a less positive outcome could happen – [fill in preferred outcome here]. Result.

          • Like a dog lyin’ in a corner
            They will bite and never warn you, look out
            They’ll tear your insides out
            ‘Cause everybody hates a tourist
            Especially one who thinks It’s all such a laugh

            Yeah, and the chip stain’s grease Will come out in the bath
            You will never understand
            How it feels to live your life
            With no meaning or control
            And with nowhere else to go
            You are amazed that they exist
            And they burn so bright
            While you can only wonder why

            Pulp -Common People

          • Another “Voice of the WP” in the making 🙂

          • “The Voice” is definitely a figure worthy of hate!

        • And for all we know it could be “The Voice”

          • If you search for tenderness
            It isn’t hard to find
            You can have the love you need to live

            But if you look for truthfulness
            You might just as well be blind
            It always seems to be so hard to give

            (Honesty Billy Joel)

  7. I’ve asked everyone that I know who claim varying rates of HB and they’ve all agreed that faced with no heat or food, they would choose these things over rent.

    I’ve made this point before, but the times I’ve got into arrears with rent is when I’ve had to pay the full amount myself. At the time, earning minimum wage, the budget didn’t always balance, not during hard winters. So, paying people direct will only tempt them to dip into it when facing unforeseen circumstances. People may say that they should put some money to one side ‘in case’, but when you’re earning so little it’s not that easy.

    Anyways, cuts to all benefits, in work or out, will ensure that even spending the rent money won’t avoid catastrophe. By then it won’t be a case of ‘heating or eating’. but for many it will be a case of ‘what bill do we pay this week? The electricity, gas, care bill, food etc’: paying one bill will leave nothing for another and so it will become equally distressing.

    No, I’m not surprised that HA’s are reluctant to build. What they are really scared about is that if there is a massive default in rent payments come April 2013 and beyond, such that they may end up having to sell off their stock. This consequence was predicted a few years ago when the government announced housing reform, and perhaps that’s just what they wanted so that the private sector can take over (more assets for the boys and girls).

    Well, for now, though I’m so ill, I have my roof and my food. It didn’t seem enough, but then I wasn’t reasoning from the perspective of a cardboard roof. The sad thing is that it won’t be evictions ‘en mass’, rather a gradual thing; if it was a sudden process the press would have a field day.


  8. When you are cold and homeless, living on the streets, coping with the violence thereon, it is very hard to fight against injustice. When hunger is driving you, it’s impossible to complain. When your health is hammered, protest is not an option.
    I speak from experience.
    At least I know what to expect in the coming years. And I will be prepared.
    Or dead.

  9. The parliamentary debate on housing was rubbish in so much that they did not question the fact that the pilots were only 4, 8, or 12 weeks and on universal credit housing benefit is paid 4 weeks in arrears . No wonder they got the results they did regarding arrears.
    They talked of work providers creaming and parking those difficult to employ, more like Scheming and narking. From those considered employable they got at best a 14% result and at worst 5% and I bet the 14% results had the most people sanctioned,(which was not even mentioned in any of this Margaret Hodge chairman never mentioned it, and Devereux and his friend Parfitt will be sending teams out of his department to kick the low performing work providers – so more sanctions or the sack for them. I wonder if these two jokers are on performance related pay?
    The problem with not refusal, but being unable to pay rent en mass ,is that those affected are dispersed, unlike in olden times where the debtor tenants were more concentrated in one area.
    Of course this has all been planned ,that is why the private sector started building one bedroom shoe boxes in our area and the social housing sector didn’t and Devereux says because these private flats are short term leasehold people could potentially be getting moved every six months when their agreement ends or earlier if they find themselves out of work or sanctioned. Lots of HB money for the private sector. Margaret Thatcher said Britain was a nation of shopkeepers – I think it now should read landlords.

  10. Ho, ho, ho… it seems the fat cat bosses want Christmas Day treated as normal working day and have us out toiling for our usual carrot. Whoa there, Rudolph 🙂

  11. This was in the Indy back in June -http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/owen-jones-are-the-tories-trying-to-make-young-people-hate-them-7879759.html

  12. Getting back onto the subject of rents. The social policy maker Devereux said he advised the government to increase social housing rents from 40/50% of private rentals to 80% of private rents – wow a 40% rise on social housing rents just like that – wish I could print money for myself just like that and for those on benefits it will look like welfare bill needs cutting again because of the increase in rents, pushing up also the percentage those with extra bedrooms will have to find. No wonder social housing providers are going along with all of this – next like all government/pretend private charities they will be asking for a rise for it’s employees like the council workers already are, they make sure they get the first take on extra public money.

  13. John

    Clive Lords not going to be happy with you questioning his ideology. By the way what is the ‘lower orders’ could they be plebs?

    • To use the Andrew Mitchell excuse “I did not use the words attributed to me”. Seriously though you could use a word like underclass that includes the likes of , skivers, shirkers, curtain closers as well those who are working poor that are being so crudently manipulated at present to provoke in-fighting that seeks to take attention away from the wealthy. I don’t know Clive Lord.

  14. “Showbiz kids makin’ movies of themselves
    You know they don’t give a fuck
    ‘Bout anybody else.”
    Sign here, please.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

  15. Don’t know if anyone else is aware of this, but a Bill to pay benefit claimants via a smartcard to prevent them buying alcohol and tobacco was introduced today in the Commons. Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke, MP for Elmet and Rothwell, said:

    “We must change this vision of the benefits system. We must change this perception to support those in society who need the benefit system to help them get on and work hard in life. The Welfare Cash Card does just that; it’s not about dividing to rule but ending Labour’s divisive two-tier benefit system and the damaging perception that accompanied it. It backs the low paid workers and supports all job-seekers to spend responsibly, take control of their finances and get back on their feet. The Welfare State can no longer be seen as getting something for nothing – it must deliver on Beveridge’s vision of a temporary security net by using benefits to create a society of strivers.”

    Of course, i’s the usual weasel words from the Tory party. And neither Labour or LibDems did anything to object or oppose the bill either. So much for Labour’s “line in the sand” as far as benefits are concerned.

    Link to the story on Conservative Home here: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/12/tory-mp-alecshelbrooke-introduces-bill-for-welfare-cash-card-to-stop-claimants-buying-cigarettes-and.html

    And a video on Democracy live of the Tory twit introducing the bill here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/hi/house_of_commons/newsid_9779000/9779292.stm

    Merry Christmas from Tory HQ… 😦

  16. It is the people who are least aware and the least numerate that will just get swamped. As well as all the changes mentioned, many will find they have to pay some council tax, and some will lose disability payments. And if they there is only a 1% increase, while food and energy payments are rapidly increasing, then the combination of all these factors could increase evictions/homelessness by a factor of 10.

  17. And to think this party is 3rd. in various populist polls and is 2nd. preference for many Tory scum. Yet I get slagged on here by people like ‘marc deith’ for saying that these people have nazi-ism in their darkest of souls.

  18. Fuckin’ trolls.

    • of course the party is 3rd in many polls, alas lamentably ruling ideas are the ideas of ruling elites, a management caste that engineers indeed manufactures consent, the vast majority of people follow daily mail thinking. get real dont disparage those who follow, instead the task is to challenge such ideas with good honest debate not the repeated descent to godwins law. get real the tory party are a broader church than nazis, i am not slagging you off, its obvious in the words of jarvis cocker “cunts are still running the world” all i am saying is that ultraleft nonsense muddies the water, we need to challenge them with the truth not nonsense. a truth lucidly cogently argued .people have the cartesian common sense to understand,but they need to make the effort,not follow the distractions of tabloid tv xfactor et al.

  19. In the Tory pipeline…

    22 Mar 2010

    “He highlights Tory plans to increase rents for council tenants to the same level as private rents, ending their right to secure tenancy and giving a massive rent rise. he has launched a petition to the Prime Minister to ensure that these Tory plans don’t see the light of day.”


  20. something survived...

    Either they can’t add up (HB £25/week, rent £65/week, debated by them for JSA being £0/week) – or they can. In other words that it’s deliberate.
    No bus so I had to run all the way (2 miles) to the JCP on Monday to sign on. Made it in time. Enough to check Jobpoint machines for Today’s Jobs. There were none! (Later I saw only 9 jobs in ‘This Week’s Local Jobs’. Most were not local; all were impossible and totally unsuitable.) I told my so-called ‘advisor’. But though I was exactly on time, she had no time apparently for any normal conversation and would not hear me. She blamed ME for the fact the Jobpoint computer has nothing in the Today’s Jobs. All she wanted to talk about was Universal Jobwank, she insisted I had refused to register or failed to register. I said I did it under duress a month ago and she ought to remember as she was there. (I’ve encountered brighter goldfish. Dead ones.) She kept saying I had not. Then asked for my email. I told her I’d already given it when I registered with Jobmatch and if she wanted it all she had to do was ask them for it! So she then said it was proof I’d not registered. I said I was registered as I’d had emails confirming I had registered. She said I was not sent any.
    So, either she is lying one way or lying another way.
    If I was not sent the emails how do I have the codes that let me get into Jobtwat? How do I know their bits of my profile are wrong and the site doesn’t work? How did I enter stuff only I know? If she ‘knows’ I ‘refused to register’ and saw my Jobfuck account, wouldn’t she see my email on it when checking to see if I was/wasn’t emailed?
    If I was sent them, either they are from JobArse, in which case she is ignorant or lying; or they are from some scammer stealing my identity/money, which would prove the system has lousy security and doesn’t work.
    She demanded my email next time, wants me to go to WorkPants on Thursday (last night found out my friend died and his funeral is when Work Programme is!), though WP told me not to turn up till January 3rd! Banned me leaving town so can’t go anywhere this winter. Put Doubt on my claim, threatening to stop JSA and HB. Let me leave instead of spending day with the crap Jobpoint machine, so I could spend 6 hours trying to get computer access. Planning to go to funeral then turn up at Work Programme right after it, if they complain then perhaps complain against them if they say I should not attend funeral of friend known c.19 years. Wankers. They could also complain if I do turn up as they told me not to come.

    • Little Hitlers:- they have set off down the road of ‘permission from those above’ to infringe on the daily life/movements of those ‘below’ & it has well & truly gone to their heads.

    • We aren’t being updated any more; that’s why we have no jobs for “Today”. We are all about to be made redundant. Rumour has it we are going to be melted down for scrap plastic and metal 😦 Maybe, the lucky ones will be re-homed in a museum 🙂 If you can re-home an unwanted Jobpoint please contact your JCP office as soon as possible. Thank you!

  21. Now I’ve read all the posts, I’ve forgotten what the subject is.

  22. I have to wonder what ‘the big picture’ is here?

    Stopping people’s benefit at the drop of a hat.
    The Atos shambles
    Forced unpaid work
    The Housing Benefit policy
    Universal Credit

    Its frightening to think of all that’s happened over the last handful of years and of the things still to come.

    Do they think we’re just going to take all this austerity for ever, and not do anything about it?

    Or are they expecting us to eventually to get up off our arses and riot?

    But why would they want that?

    • All of the above? They might not want it but have they convinced themselves that the working classes (as was) no longer exist in any coherent form so aren’t a threat/will put up & shut up. First they sold the idea that ‘everyone should want to/can be middle class’. Now, ‘they’ seem to feel secure that ‘we’ have been so successfully divided up such that workers/non-workers/able-bodied and less able-bodied are fighting one another for any scraps. (I’ve just recently seen a post similar to lots of the ones here but on a disability rights forum: It talked of disgust at the frightening and seemingly unstoppable loss of rights/mistreatment of the most vulnerable people in society at the hands of so-called Welfare Reforms – then carried on to say that the government should be focussing their ‘efforts’ on … wait for it …. scroungers, the Workshy & benefit fraud. Those who depend on disability benefits to survive should not be the ‘targets’. (From memory ‘workshy’ and/or ‘scrounger’ were actual words used).

      Of course that’s one person’s view – many more won’t see it in these black & white terms but there’s always a tendency to look after self-interest first and if things are (not so bad) find some room to look out for others less well off.

      (We’ve had racism/sexism and these battles have been fought but I don’t see ‘poorism’ being widely seen as ‘something we should stamp out’). ‘They’ have now become gung-ho about the extent of fragmentation within ‘those at the bottom’ – enough to think they can:

      a) Get away with it (almost everyone is fearful of current economic climate- what might happen to them – so it’s the best time to go as far & as fast as possible; and at the same time
      b) Without being able to encounter much, if any (coherent) protest.: They don’t see a clear (big enough) movement – union membership isn’t what it once was/job roles aren’t the same as they were even 20/30 years ago and;
      c) There’s a recognition that they can’t try to get back to full employment as of old even if it was a genuine aim (people either don’t have relevant/needed skills/existing social deprivation is at such high levels etc.)

      So it’s a perfect storm (& not in a proverbial teacup).

  23. well said R33 and my sympathies to little feets comment also, I had the police arrest me from a job centre for sitting down waiting for my benefits to be re-instated. I have no criminal record because I committed no offence as such but was put in a police cell until the jc closed and then told to walk 3 miles home as had had no benefits for 7 months. shocking.

  24. “Defending Council Housing
    22 Mar 2010
    Dave has written to his constituents about his campaign to defend council housing.”

    “He highlights Tory plans to increase rents for council tenants to the same level as private rents, ending their right to secure tenancy and giving a massive rent rise. he has launched a petition to the Prime Minister to ensure that these Tory plans don’t see the light of day.”


  25. Link not working above, try this link…

    http://www.daveanderson.org.uk/news10.htm#Defending Council Housing

  26. My reply to R33 and little feet has been put up the top of this blogg for some reason?????

  27. UKIP suspends Down’s syndrome abortion call candidate/b>

    A UKIP candidate who called for an NHS review to look at compulsory abortion of foetuses with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida has been suspended.

    UKIP suspends Down’s syndrome abortion call candidate

  28. I wonder what happened to Jenny, up pops a housing debate and she’s nowhere to be seen?

  29. Annos

    Dave’s defending council housing didn’t work because under a labour council and government where I live, housing was transferred to a charitable none profit making social housing organisation manned by ex council workers. This social housing organization has it’s own magazine as well as access for extra propaganda to the council’s glossy magazine. They transferred all of it’s tenants in 2004 and have gone downhill ever since, increasing rents to new tenants at present, not sure about existing tenants or their tenancy structure, only that the older tenants could face possible eviction if do not move to smaller dwellings due to their inability to pay extra bedroom tax. They also financially support conservation schemes which school children up to 18 years old are undertaking for free labour.

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  31. Hi ALL.ME AGAIN,,the obssesive poster iwth too much time on his hands..

    ok o saw a very odd advert in my local rag (full page) then looked at the websire..

    “landlords…guaranteed rent 52 weeks a year

    no rent arrears
    no empty periods
    no court costs
    no an insurance policy
    guaranteed annual income
    no setup fees or commisions
    guarantedd contract start date
    guarantedd internal condition


    well aftter ”theres money in them that jobless”
    and thers money in them that patients”
    no its theres money in ther homeless????



    • welcome back Bob, seems to be some form of sub-letting scheme: “We effectively become your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed annual rental income regardless of whether the property is empty or the tenant stops paying. We then sub-let the property, taking great care in selecting the right kind of tenants because if they stop paying, leave suddenly or damage the property we take the financial hit rather than you. “

      • @Johhny Void..hello mate…cant say much but i helped some people this xmas…
        ok that site..well good to know that someone is raking it in from homelessness..not really..
        you think it needs looking into.?.i am sure there will be others on the band wagon

      • @Johnny Void…”taking great care in selecting the right kind of tenants”

        theres a can of worms for you, so how do they go about ‘vetting these ‘right kind of tenants” surely that will mean accessing info on them,
        so how does that go? and where doese the info come from credit rating? DWP….?
        we dont wont your sort in our back yard??

  32. @shirleynott hi how are you?

    just wondering what this northwood property this is all about?
    because the stuff about Universal Credit affecting rent payments and housing benefit stuff…whats going on here’guaranteed income for landlords???

  33. @R33,,,Well one thing is for certain,,its putting people off claiming benefits..even one they are enetitled.to, and maybe thats part of the whole plan..


    Click to access 718i.pdf

  35. Work Programme:
    providers and

    Click to access 718i.pdf

  36. “Funding employment services from future benefit savings
    16. One of the key features of the Work Programme is that it will be funded from the
    money saved from future benefit expenditure as people move into work.”

    OH DEAR…

  37. Extending employment support to people on Incapacity Benefits and paying providers
    from future benefit savings



    “Site off-line

    The site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.”

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  43. tebkziv wnzvzoqp kndlqt iarzmhy

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