10 responses to “tory-ad-campaign

  1. This ad is completely misleading as it isnt those ‘who wont work’ that are focused on now is it??The Disabled and sick are being hammered into non-existence.There are folk that just dont want to work I agree but they are a minority and some of them are foreignors that dont belong here.Id like to know where all the jobs people are supposed to be applying for are???Its persecution of the weakest as far as i can see-what exactly are the fatcats going without?? How hard is it for them to pay their bills how much do they cut back on food because it gets more expensive every day?The Conservatives have never fooled me and this is the worsed bunch we never voted into power, Last friday I lost £200 p.m. DLA.I am devastated.I am almost 61yrs old,I have chronic osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and my mobility is limited a lot.I need the extra money for taxis to supermarkets Dentist GPs Hospital etc etc.I cant carry shopping.The bus stop is too far.I dont drive nor does my family.I have to buy wheat free food which I dont get an allowance for as my gut is intolerant to it and its very expensive.Shopping online is no use as I cant get to rummage through the reduced section and you have to pay delivery.Mr Cameron (zieg heil) has absolutely no idea nor does he want to have nor does he care at all.His downfall is coming but another 2 years min of this-how many will die??

  2. how and what the hell do “the tories” (rich overprivillaged lying cheating fraudsters) know about people who dont work. they are vastly diverse. some have lost their jobs through no fault of their own like being laid off. some are disabled some have to care for disabled people. just what is a crime about not having a job since when did it become acceptable to hate and demonise people not working. i think the time has come for people to fight back against these damn nazis. they dont play fair why should we.

  3. typical tory divide and rule, so set the working poor against the unemployed, sick and disabled by labelling them as workshy scroungers. instead of looking at cutting benefits, they should be insisting that there is an increase in wages. as we pay for everything for them, they may be unaware that people actually have to pay for their own food, rent/mortgage, fuel etc……everything has gone up in price. i work in the public sector, have had a pay freeze for 2 years, increase in how much i pay into my pension (yes they are not free we pay into them, contrary to what the government tell everyone!) everything has gone up in price. they have stopped my tax credits, but obviously im better off under them!! i just dont know whether or not they are incompetent or whether they are a bunch of evil nazis, i actually think the latter. i said when they were elected it was bad and that they would probably want to take the working people back to the days of dickens…….im just waiting on them talking about workhouses (although under a posh name) for those who dont have anywhere to live, which will increase come April with their housing benefit changes. 😦

  4. There needs to be far more support for working families and the disabled. To punish the poor for the government’s mistakes in giving bankers more and more power while the same bankers and fat cats get more financial bonuses and more tax breaks etc is nothing short of criminal, all in this together ha ha ha who wrote that rubbish. I also see an influx of foreign nationals getting massive amounts of benefits while the poor of this nation still suffer, I have no objection to those who have a legitimate reason for being here, but the same rules on benefits must apply to them as the rest of us. This TORY government is guilty of treating the poor with the same contempt as previous Tory governments before it, while all the time it demonises the most vulnerable in society blaming them for all the United Kingdoms ill’s when its them themselves and the fatcats that make the massive Donations (bribes) that are in fact the problem.

  5. Let’s face it the Tories & the Libs Hate the poor, sick and unemployed.
    The next step is the re-introduction of the workhouse

  6. how many do they want to kill ? .. what is the hidden agenda ?.. if they put back some of what they have taken out
    there wouldn’t be a financial crisis anyway

  7. ‘if they put back some of what they have taken out
    there wouldn’t be a financial crisis anyway’
    The crisis has been caused by the Bankers gambling with our future

  8. This is calculated misleading propaganda that is toxic. The Tories are noTORYous for looking after their own and putting the jackboot in the faces of citizens who have fallen on hard times. they are nauseating greedsters who deserve a taste of their own medicine.

  9. It is very easy. This fuck’n’ govt should not allow any more of these foreign leeches into our country as.they keep on saying that there are 2 million jobs which equate to the number of jobless. Just let these people know where the jobs are (job centreplus is a joke – let’s have some serious recruitment creation and give them some aid to live near the work.) Hey guys I have ALWAYS moved to where the work is!!! Then the jobless figure will reduce and the cunts will then have to fuck the rich as the poor will be working.The next step is to not vote in the 2015 election. The UK has well paid civil servanrts who are in situ whichever govt gets in. Let them do the admin, use westminster as a tourist attraction and put the 600+ MPs on the jobless list – let’s see how they cope! God bless us ( the prols) one and all.

  10. It was edifying to read these comments entering a new year of austerity, though clearly some educating is required regarding global capital’s need to screw the indigenous working class and the blaming of migrant workers for the same ie mass unemployment and driving down wages,working conditions and welfare;after all they’re only trying to earn a crust like workers all over the world,trouble is there aint enough bread to go round and the falling rate of profit means screw more surplus value out of labour-that’s why this lot should be consigned to the dustbin of history along with the rotten system they represent- because it/capital can’t meet the basic human requirements of a civilised society and they are it’s political personifications which is why they are so lacking in humanity and so fucking mendacious.Easier said than done, though they’ll probably implode through the force of their own internal contradictions and the depth of the crisis-
    I mean the condems aint exactly a united front are they- maybe next time ukip will do a deal to bail these bastards out -in the mean time happy new year and remember-tomorrow belongs to me……

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