Anti-Workfare Surprise Party – Tomorrow!

Boycott-workfare-holiday-innLatest from Boycott Workfare

Wednesday December 12th – 2pm
Meet in Windrush Square, Brixton (outside the library)

Charities and companies using workfare are ruining people’s Christmases. Forcing people to work without pay, and replacing Christmas jobs with workfare.

But we’re not going to let them get away with it. Help bring business to a halt with a Christmas party to end workfare. If you were on workfare, imagine how much better your day would be if your workplace was turned into a party venue and if the party was a way of stepping up the pressure to stop exploiting people!

Let’s make it happen: Come to an anti-workfare party as part of Boycott Workfare’s week of action. Bring tinsel, workfare-themed decorations, instruments and music, snacks or ideas for party games!

Spread the word!


67 responses to “Anti-Workfare Surprise Party – Tomorrow!

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  2. well done to all of those that participated in the campaigns and for those who were unable to, but kept up the fight on line. I hope you have a wonderful party.

  3. its hard to get a temp christmas job becasue the likes of ASDA and argos are filling those would be paied for jobs that would have extra hours etc. with free labour that they are getting money for. so yeah FUCK workfair FUCK IDS and David Ca moron and the rest of the scum bags who think that taking paied jobs/hours away from hardworking people is a good idea.
    so Thank you tories and your spinless buddies for destroying the workforce

    soon enough this country will be over run with romaiian migrants, and we will be back to square 1 where labour started it off with the polss

    we should have system like they do in Australia, keep the jobless imigrants out at least they have things right.
    and one more thing, try not to chock on your Christmas puddings

  4. Well done those who took part. Enjoy your party and make it a one to remember:)

  5. Brilliant have a good time, i wish i could come xxx

  6. But what about the hidden workfare johnny ? The pretend jobs being done in ’employment centres’ do boycott workfare know about this??

  7. I am off-topic here, but, its an important post, it goes to show how we are all to be kept prisoners off/to the system…

    I remember reading many years ago about a group of people back about the early/middle part of the 20th century who had, had enough of the system and decided to start up a self sufficient commune, if memory serves it was based in the UK Midlands. This commune did not operate on money, people who joined gave their skills and worked for the commune, in return everyone looked out for everyone else, it was a stunning success!, so much so that it grew and grew, it had its own housing, school, hospital, shoe, clothing making shops, and of course at its heart was farming. It operated outside of the system, never needed anything from the outside, it became truly independent, once again if memory serves it had two to three thousand people when it was destroyed!!!. That happened when the powers that be started to get VERY worried, stories started to appear in the newspapers that sinister goings on were happening inside the commune (all proved to be false in the end), but, the damaged was done, a large police operation was put into place and then one morning they moved in and destroyed the commune. You don’t hear about it today, I wonder why, might give people ideas!!!. Such was not to be allowed.

    • I had an alternative dystopian take on matters.
      At some point manufacturers were not happy with levels of consumption of their stuff , it was already more than enough but not in their world. The word ‘enough’ did not exist.
      After looking at the cost of advertising they decided it wasnt paying off as much as they hoped.
      And so using their power and influence over the govt they had laws enacted which would make it compulsory for every man woman and child to purchase consumer items based on a certain level they decided was appropiate.
      Everyone had not only a contract with the companies they also had a sworn duty to consume higher levels of products to show due faith to the companies who made them.
      Any dereliction of duty was severely dealt with by sending the companies police force to your house and march you off to a place of purchase where you had to fullfil your monthly quota of product purchasing
      Compulsory Consumerism

    • Leslie Grantham aka dirty den. Nicked as part of operation yewtree.

      • Jimmy Savile (Deceased)

        Howz about that then? 🙂

        • There are some delightful photos of mr grantham in the item i read one of which has him with his finger in his mouth. It says in that post how he rambled on to a webcam lady fantasising about having sex with animals and so aroused he was he had some problems going on set to do some acting work

  8. Hey heres a neat idea from free marketeers
    Young People should work for free !!!!

  9. “Wall Street Journal”

    Truth be known the figures as a whole and not just from these programs is many, many, many times the $86.8 trillion stated. What a mess….

  10. 🎈🎉✨🎵🎶🌟🎈🎉💝🎉🎈🌟🎶🎵✨🎉🎈
    Have a great party!💚

  11. Tim Yeo chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee has decided he is backing fracking…

    From his register of interests


  12. Annos

    Looked at your wall street journal link regarding US debt and how the rich tax payer justifies the need for spending commitments but not tax increases on them, the double talk, double dealers.

  13. sorry that should read the need for a cut in spending commitments but not tax increases.

  14. while councils are withdrawing housing benefits – housing associations who are being run as charities get relief on both rents and rates.

    • Housing Associations may well have ‘charitable’ status (like public schools!) but trust me,they certainly make a profit. Meanwhile 20% of all charities are due to go down the toilet next year due to cuts in gov and public contributions- which means job losses and less work in the community to help the vulnerable. So much for the ‘Big Society’, more like a ‘PIG Society’.

      • Yes directors of housing associations have been awarding themselves huge salary increases , its based on more contracts they get, that includes homeless hostels where care is administered, however once they have got the contract then care is left out of the deal and staff who are there to offer care are reduced . In the case of mentally ill ppl it could result in confused mentally ill people wandering the streets as the hostel where they stay there is no or little staff to deal with the clients.

      • Well this will get odd running into a roundabout where without housing associations if they go broke will end up with more homeless persons units opening up which will be taken over by housing associations to get extra business ..oh the cycle of destitution market forces…spin and spin..

      • The safety net wont be there because there is no net.,,
        Thats when someone comes up with the idea of workhouses.. Oh wait..

      • What with the concerns about homelessness and hostels being taken over by housing associations..I have been wondering why I keep seeing luxury apartments appearing everywhere and yet only a few or hardly anyone living in them.
        Well from what I understand , a lot of these developments are part of money laundering scams and have nothing much to do with hpusing at all.
        So its about property and investments and nothing to do with finding homes or rehousing people so it seems.

  15. Perhaps individuals should declare themselves a charity to get favourable rents and rates, after all you can declare yourself bankrupt.

  16. “The entire financial sector has become an organised criminal entity.”

  17. Did anyone see the daily politics prime ministers question time? Ed Milliband’s emphasis on those unemployed with their curtains drawn etc which he repeated more than once, only serves to highlight this injustice perpetrated against the sick and unemployed. If those in work are worse off it is because employers are not paying them enough to live on not that welfare benefits are too high or that they need to be shored up with tax credits which were gleaned from welfare reduction, setting the poor in work against the poor out of work. Employers should not be in business if they cannot give an employee enough hours to make a living wage.

  18. “Remploy factory”

    “He claimed ministers resisted takeover because they wanted to sell the site to get a “big fat cheque”.”

  19. chewie

    I’m impressed with that site A World to win, been looking at a lot of their stuff, wonder who runs it -have to find out.

  20. Just lol at info regarding the area where I live regarding business properties to let, housing for sale etc. and underneath all of this there was an AREA DATA PROFILE BY CAMEO whoever they are saying and I quote.
    ‘Area type council tenants including many single parents. The residents educational attainment is very low with unemployment the highest in the UK,
    Typically credit hungry, often unable to make ends meet and unable to make repayments. These individuals more often than not read the tabloid press’ YES I’M SURE THAT WILL SELL THE AREA CAMEO.

    • Yeah that sounds like my downrated comment the other day. Where i stated that there was a need for affordable social housing , sadly to the downraters that meant chavs immigrants and benefit scroungers

  21. Sorry chewie,, but I have lived here for 30years, I had never been in debt in my life until my benefits were sanctioned in 2008, I have A levels and was doing a degree in politics and economics until blairs new deal and tuition fees kicked in and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, although they are trying to move me because of extra bedrooms I can’t pay for out of benefits ,but could they move me to anywhere worse in Cameo’s estimation?

  22. and I never buy or read newspapers from the tabloid press other than passing references.

    • I used to get the graun then it went online so i stopped but time to time i would get the eye and not just for the funny stuff the back page serious stuff was brilliant.

  23. Pulps common people thats me.

  24. I thought the eye would suit your dry wit chewie. I like to read the spectator because my cousin subscribed to it and I got his cast offs, nice to know how the other half think even if it’s just to see the opposing view and I used to read the new statesman in the libraries but they stopped getting it.

  25. Fake ’employment’ figures today….do they really think we cannot see through it. Even the propagandist types on the msm are amazed at all this amazing bullshit.
    Slave labour assessed as employment.
    ‘To employ’ : to use.
    Aye, we’re being used alright. Abused, even.

  26. Why the fuck can the RMT union announce strikes because a worker has been sacked for allegedly “harassing a passenger”? If a work programme victim doesn’t smile at a customer they are given a 3 year sanction for “not engaging”! What the fuck is going on here? Why the fuck do victims of the jobcentre and have no rights whatsoever. The RMT union needs to call a fucking strike every time a jobcentre/provider victim is fucking abused. WP victims should join the RMT!

    • A union for unemployed ? Now thats a thought. And with a legal team as well.
      Sounds interesting.

      What puzzles me is this ‘forced to smile’ bit.
      How can you comply with company policy if you dont actually work for the company?

      Being forced to wear a stupid costume/ uniform is bad enough even for regular employees..
      Which gives me an idea for a competition for the most stupid ridiculous company costune cum uniform . Anyone like to contribute?

  27. Apparently there is or was a union for the unemployed, probably folded through lack of subscriptions being paid. Seriously unions have to have bargaining power and the unemployed have very little at the moment. Unless they all stick together and refuse to work for low wages now and when the government decide they want their services for the public works that are in the pipeline, they stand no chance, that is if tories have not succeeded in their final solution of starving the unemployed into submission first like they did to the miners to break their strike and divide the workforce creating a breakaway union. Colonel Gadaffi kindly donated to Arthur Scargill to help striking miners shows some people are not all bad.

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