The DWP Meets the Internet: New Government Website Advertises Drug Smuggling Job!

cosa-nostra-jobThe DWP don’t have a good record when it comes to the internet.  In fact it’s been one shambles after another.  This isn’t stopping Iain Duncan Smith steaming ahead into a digital by default world he knows nothing about.

Universal Credit, the upcoming multi-billion pound change to the benefits system, is set to be the largest and most complex online  database ever created by any Government.  Millions could be plunged into desperate poverty, homelessness and hunger if the new system goes wrong.  Billions of pounds could be squandered.

The first IT project commissioned by the DWP is Universal Jobmatch, a job vacancy listing site.  It has proved an unmitigated disaster with adverts for sex work, scams and an increasing number of spoof jobs posted on a daily basis.

The latest, which has now sadly been removed, deserves to be printed in its entirety:

Cosa Nostra Holdings International Couriers

Cosa Nostra is a family run business which has a number of successful divisions, and following increasing demand we are recruiting into our import/export and logistics division.

We are looking to take on three international couriers, ideally with their own transport, who can travel to our production hub in Amsterdam to collect high value packages and bring them into the UK to pass on to our national distribution network. Speed is of the essence in this role and we also expect all staff to adhere to our strict code of conduct.

There may also be opportunities for particularly talented individuals to work on some of our transatlantic routes between the central America and the UK.

We are expecting high applicants for these roles, so do apply soon.

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63 responses to “The DWP Meets the Internet: New Government Website Advertises Drug Smuggling Job!

  1. will this qualify for the “work programme” ? i hear they can be a bit slack with the travel payments, but you could get the 30 hours done in a couple of days i suppose?

  2. Unbelievable that these are STILL getting through. You would have thought after the MI6 hitman, the gay princesses, the Internet babes and the exposure from the Channel 4 story that they would have done something to protect their integrity.

    Having said that, pmsl at the wording. Cosa Nostra is a “family run business”. “Speed” is of the essence. Staff have to adhere to our strict code of conduct – presumably the omerta. And “we are expecting high applicants”.

  3. Ha beat you to it johnnyi found it on another blog and posted it on yours.
    Now i am trying to find out who is behind the ‘pretend jobs’ stuff. Ive posted links already,
    Do you want to help me find out ?

  4. Reblogged this on Andy Carrington and commented:
    And I used to work for these idiots as a naive teenager. Tsk.

  5. I suggest he gets some 16yr old spotty oiks and let them run his I.T probably be better than the suits who balls it up at the moment

  6. There is more to come. Have two very fake looking jobs I found on Universal Jobmatch. Trying to definitively confirm scams at moments. Not spoofs but real attempts I suspect to scam free work out of people then dissappear and maybe advance fee and ID theft too. Watch this space ;D

  7. I actually applied for a fake job from DWP once….aftrwards the DWP rang me and told me not to as they were a scam company…but it was too late. Why aren’t they checked out BEFORE they are allowed to post jobs?

    • Why? Because theres no proper vetting procedure thats why. The whole work program is a scam why is anyone surprised?

      What with pretend jobs in funny premises too now.,, what else?

  8. I have often offered my services to the Illuminati. Since they have yet to contact me could they please do via Universal Jobmatch.

  9. Any chance of seeing the application form?

  10. If your application with Cosa Nostra is successfull you’ll be pulling as much stuff out of your ass every day as Demento Smith.

  11. “I got stoned and I missed it.”

  12. yesterday they had one pimping women for the babes channel salary depends on how well you do?! Its been removed today! clearly been hacked again but hopefully the DWP will start addressing security issues very soon! Idiots!

  13. OK. We’re all having a laugh here but how many more jobs posted by scammers that look plausible and that don’t catch our eye are attracting applications from guileless people putting themselves at risk? The ones mentioned on the Void are obvious Robin Hood types of hacker activity where public spirited individuals poke fun to draw attention the dangers of shitty Universal Jobmatch. In reality UJM ought to be taken down ASAP in order to protect unsuspecting members of the public from setting themselves up for a fall; if this goes on it can only be a matter of time before some innocent party looking for a job gets robbed, raped, or even murdered.

  14. I could do with a few virgins to sacrifice on the altar during black masses and at special occasional. Should I advertise these temporary positions on Universal Jobmatch do you think?

    • Sorry SS, but I think you chances of finding any virgins in the United Kingdom are probably slight. If I were you I’d advertise overseas. Or better still move overseas. Or better still fuck off!

    • something survived...

      Do you have the phone number of Ann Widdecombe?

  15. During the Work and Pensions debate this afternoon IDS was questioned about these ads; he replied that he “has bogus ads taken down” but when pressed on the “babes” one in particular he stated that it was New Labour who changed the jobcentre policy to allow these type of ads.

    • IDS “has bogus ads taken down” – so it is all right then 🙂

    • … In the debate, they didn’t raise the issue of strong arm/underhand tactics used to ‘persuade’ Joe & Jenny Bloggs to consent to signing away their data protection rights? The ‘babes’ ad must have been a fun excuse to scoff at the government’s dodgy IT skills but isn’t anyone (MP-wise) even a tiny bit concerned that some kind of a rubicon has been crossed – do they know and are they really all ‘ok’ with it?

      Answers on a postcard please (include name/address/email/telephone/
      anyotherpersonaldetailsyouwishtobepublic) …

    • Oh the old clearing up labours mess routine.. That wont wash as i have mentioned here akready.. Its widely known that monster site was riddled with fraud , christ an anti fraud site listed them all ffs..
      Again IDS is a c…t

  16. I’ve been banned from the Universal Jobmatch site.

    Before I knew it wasn’t mandatory to use UJM, my adviser misdirected to sign up to it, but while I was using it, I thought I’d use the Gov.UK feedback form ( to inform Gov.UK about all the fake jobs on there.

    But it seems someone didn’t like being reminded that UJM is a scammers paradise and unfit for purpose, so they banned my email address, and now I can’t log into my UJM account.

    I informed my JC+ adviser, and they said as long as I was just informing Gov.UK about things they should want to know about, then the JC+ can’t sanction me for being unable to log in.

  17. On Friday had to go to provider for induction at the induction i was told to use there computers and to put my C.V on it. I wasn’t told anything about Data protection etc,Do i have to do it, on the welcome booklet it said that it was Manditory to do this and everything else they wanted. What can i do.

    • @Rosemarie Harris
      Did you sign the data protection waiver when you had your induction at the work programme? If you did i’m afraid you consented to your provider doing as they wish with your CV. The best advice i can give you is to go to the website and copy the template letter that is on there to revoke your consent to sharing your data.
      Don’t accept any bullshit from them if they say you can’t do that – you can! And you cannot be sanctioned for doing so. They then won’t be able to force you to put your CV on there.

  18. Cupidstunt.
    Thanks for that i wasn’t sure as they hold all the power and didn’t want to challenge them until 100% sure as they were saying that they don’t want to report you to job centre etc but they will if they have to. as everything is manditory.

  19. I used the template letter at JCP when I went for the initial pre WP interview. I presented it about five minutes into the interview, and that kind of brought things to a halt, as I think it was unprecedented at that JCP. The advisor went off to confer with his supervisor, (who looked at me daggers) and then went off to seek advice from higher management. Upon returning he informed me that they’d not be continuing with the interview that day, and that I was to sign on as normal, and that they’d refer my letter for further consideration, and that I’d hear backs from them within 28 days… that was in late July, and now it’s December, and I’ve heard nothing back yet… mind you, it was in Welsh, so maybe I’ve thrown a bit of a spanner in the works.

    They’re now trying to ever so gently persuade me to sign up to UJ, but I have absolutely no intention to doing any such thing, as the site is clearly unsafe. I am still doing lots of jobsearch, and applying for jobs, and hopefully I’ll get something soon, anything to be away from this evil system.

    If there were plenty of jobs, then a little pressure on those a little reluctant to take work may be justifiable, but nothing that threatens to make people become homeless and hungry, as that’s just inhumane, but that sums this government up.

    I am old enough to remember when there was virtually full employment in the 1970s. Sure there were plenty of pretty awful jobs about, but they were plentiful , and it was rare to have even to fill in an application form. It was a case of phone up and arrange an interview, and then, like as not, you were told yes or no there and then. It was part of the culture to sometimes delay getting a job for a week or two, but certainly no more. There was a ‘sanction’ if you left a job with no good reason; you had to wait a fortnight before you could claim.

  20. I lived and worked through the seventies and never heard of a sanction for leaving a job at this time.

  21. They are just asking for this. I keep thinking of getting in touch with Anonymous, the hacker group. From my understanding they took down the American version of UJM. As it’s made by the same company the aptly named Monster it should be easy for them. Trouble is, I’m scared!
    My computer’s only got Norton, and I don’t want to incur their wrath..
    Anyone who knows them please pass the message on. If not I’ll bite the bullet in a couple of days.

  22. Mustrum Ridcully

    CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME PLEASE? I’ve recently attended a work programme induction day with Prospect Training/Jobfit Services.
    Having raced through fire drill, health & safety etc, the ‘ adviser’ then got onto something they called Portal Training. When asked what that was we inductees were told it was to see if we could log on and off the computers. When I hesitated, the adviser said it was to show us how us to get into and out of Prospect’s bespoke system, so we would know how to do it next time.
    When I did log in as demonstrated, I found that my personal details were already on Prospect’s computer system; name, address, DOB, phone number – which is intriguing as mine is ex-directory and I don’t give it out freely – I surmise this information could only have come from the Jobcentre.
    We were all then instructed to upload our CV’s onto Prospect’s system, if not immediately then as soon as possible, so job matching could then begin (I haven’t done so yet). Prospect’s system had a plethora of lists of jobs under categories and subcategories depending on type of work being sought. each page having a screen ‘button’ marked apply, and one marked jobs applied for. We were all told to utilise Prospect’s job match facilities as often as possible.
    I smell a rat here; this is far too similar to the DWP’s Universal Jobmatch (UJ) facility for comfort. Now as far as I can tell, nobody is compelled to use the DWP/UJ, and can’t be mandated to do so. Can you confirm that is still the case, and can I decline to use Prospect’s own system and continue to do my job-search by the methods I already use and which are happily accepted by the Jobcentre-plus advisers? And if so, how does a person politely decline using Prospect’s own system and still conform to there diktat?


    • The DWP system is a snooping system.
      Demand to have your details removed as you do not trust it.
      If indeed it is UJ and check that it mentions monster ie the company that created it then;
      Refer them to pcs/dwp statement and channel 4 news info and the fraud site exposing monster own site.

      With all that how could they argue that theres nothing wrong?

    • Mustrum, Check out If you have not done so already. Your personal data belongs to you.

  23. New bogus job on Universal Jobtrash. Seems that Transport Research Labs are recruiting human crash test dummies! At least I hope it is bogus!

    So DWP new processes to address problems with bogus employers and vacancies are non existent or just don’t work.

    • High turnover it says..
      Reasons for not applying
      Where do you start?

      Will one be sanctioned?
      Can you be sanctioned for not grinning like an idiot whilst not really being employed for a company cos you were sent there by DWP and not really employed or paid by company.

    • Non existent is my guess because they could claim the excuse that there are ‘lots’ of jobs out there. Overlooking the bleedin obvious that a percentage of them are : of dubious quality b: fraudulent

      But hey its all statistics eh?

  24. something survived...

    Thinking-Brain Dog for Ian Duncan Smith

    Assistant to help Government
    -Your roles will include helping the government
    a)Locate its arse with both hands
    b)Distinguish its arse from its elbow
    c)Fight its way out of a paper bag
    d)Organise a pissup in a brewery

    ‘H.M.Government’ is sickly, ailing, unable to work, and not fit for purpose.
    It requires a carer to help it with assisted suicide, possibly a trip to Switzerland if funds allow, if not then a controlled application of gunpowder as so nearly worked last time. Skillsets: Travel, Tourism, Languages, Diplomacy, Politics, ‘Blowing Shit Up’…

  25. Good lord, this is what I’m being forced to sign up to? Was at an interview with Personal Advisor yesterday where I was informed under no uncertain terms that I must sign up to UJM immediately or face the consequences. Well, actually, I did sign up the day it was updated from the old Direct Gov job listings, but it was so horribly glitchy I haven’t been back since, and there was no way in hell I was going to give them the access to snoop on me.When I told her about how glitchy it was she said I could attend a two day seminar/workshop to learn how to sign up. I don’t need to be taught, I’m not a fucking idiot, I sign up to websites all the time. What I’m trying to tell you is, your website is shit.
    So, anyway, I think signing up is mandatory come next year. Whether or not they can make me use it remains to be seen.

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