Could Universal Jobmatch Mean Government Enforced Sex Work?

Universal-jobmatch-sexworkThe new job matching service for unemployed people, Universal Jobmatch,  could see claimant’s forced into the sex industry or face having benefits stopped.

Already the bug-ridden website has featured on Channel 4 news after job vacancies appeared which were little more than identity fraud scams.  Hundreds of thousands of unemployed claimants are currently being asked to sign up to the new website which aims to make all Jobcentre monitoring of jobseeking activity ‘digital by default’.

Many of the jobs on the website are little more than flaky self-employed sales opportunities, whilst others are clearly spoofs, such as the two ads for ‘gay princesses’ which appeared last weekend.

In a new low for the Government backed website, an advert spotted by an eagle-eyed tweeter over the weekend calls for females presenters for “home internet work for internet babe chat.”

The ad was posted by, a new soft porn and ‘lads’ online television channel recently launched by Loaded magazine.  Whilst the wording of the advert is vague, it seems likely this work is for webcam models – a booming sector of the porn industry.   Lucky jobseekers may even be offered a real presenting job on what will no doubt be TV classics such as Looser Women, My Bare Lady and Drunk Skunk where barely dressed “Loaded girls get drunk as skunks and review the latest music vids”.

Advertising this kind of work through a Government website is a long way from DWP policy which states employers must not place any:   “jobs for sexual services or seeking employees for jobs of a sexual nature. Any jobs placed within the adult entertainment industry must only be for the purposes of a) selling, manufacturing and distributing of adult entertainment products b) Ancillary staff e.g. cleaners and bar staff and c) jobs must display the age requirement of 18 or over. No other adult entertainment jobs will be accepted.”

There is no requirement on the internet babe chat vacancy that applicants are over 18.  Whilst Universal Jobmatch is aimed at those over 18 there is nothing to stop younger people looking at the site, and applying for jobs.  Appallingly children, in all innocence, could find themselves tempted to apply for these roles.  After all, this is a government website, what could go wrong?

There has long been controversy about sex work and jobs in the adult industry being advertised through jobcentres and in 2010 lying bastard Chris Grayling claimed the practice had been banned.

In fact the virtually non-existent vetting procedures for employers wishing to place vacancies on Universal Jobmatch mean anyone old pervert could pretend to be an employer and ask for all women in the local area, say between the ages of 18 and 25, to visit them for an interview.

The most shocking aspect of all is that Jobcentre staff may decide to force those women to attend the interview or stop benefits.  The website allows Jobcentre staff to ‘recommend’ vacancies to claimants and then check whether they have applied.  Claimant’s who refuse to apply for the vacancies selected for them could have benefits stopped.

Jobcentre staff are under increasing pressure to harass unemployed claimants and force them to apply for as many jobs as possible.  It is entirely possible that a vaguely worded advert for ‘internet babe chat’ presenters is not fully understood as being a form of sex work by some Jobcentre advisors.  It is equally possible that a vulnerable young claimant could feel they have no choice but to apply for the vacancy and if successful take up the position.  If they refuse they could face having benefits stopped, potentially for up to three years.  Not every claimant has the confidence to stand up and fight ever more punishing DWP decisions.

So in answer to the lurid headline above, yes, Universal Jobmatch could mean government enforced sex work, without even the government being aware of it.

The DWP have brushed off claims that unemployed people could be forced to send personal information to identity fraudsters by insisting the vetting procedures for vacancies are adequate.  In a statement to Channel 4 they attempt to completely wash their hands of any responsibility for misuse of the website claiming “Sadly, there will always be a small number of cases where people seek to get around these checks.”

Yet the website was built at great cost by the recruitment firm Monster Jobs – a company which has their own similar website for jobseekers which isn’t riddled with sex work and identity scams.

So determined are the DWP to punish people for being unemployed they appear to think claimants now have no rights whatsoever and deserve such a shoddy and exploitative service.  It will not just be unemployed people subject to digital by default snooping, bullying and scamming should they be forced to sign up to Universal Jobmatch.  When Universal Credit is introduced next year, millions of disabled people, single parents, part time workers and self employed workers will also be forced to undertake endless ‘job seeking activity’ or face benefits being stopped.

Monitoring this vast expansion of DWP snooping into claimant’s lives was always likely to be expensive.   It appears that Iain Duncan Smith has found a way to do it on the cheap – and if a few people get scammed, or forced into the sex industry, well it appears to serve them right for claiming any form of benefit.

The latest information from the PCS, the union which represents Jobcentre staff, is that it is not mandatory to sign up to Universal Jobmatch.  Despite this anecdotal evidence suggests that many claimant’s are being threatened with benefit sanctions if they refuse.  Printing out the statement from the PCS and taking it to the Jobcentre may be one way which claimants can make a case that they do not wish to sign up to the website, and that according to the DWP’s own documents, they don’t have to.

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67 responses to “Could Universal Jobmatch Mean Government Enforced Sex Work?

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  2. I don’t know what the obsession is with sofa’s lately, but we have the BBC
    politics show casting aspersions on the unemployed laying on sofa’s all day, we have the government reducing housing benefit to the under 25’s that will see them sofa surfing at night, now we have what could be a casting couch for job seekers being forced into the sex industry. If we’re not careful we could have the likes of DFS claimants advertising sofa’s for DFS and others, anyone want the job?

  3. As always, the Void is brilliant at exposing the logical and practical flaws in forcing people to work. Pity this info is only being used in the hope of putting the clock back.. It could be powerful as an attack on the whole workfare principle by pointing out the positive alternative, a. Citizens’ Income. Please, please read my blog

  4. This is complete and utter madness! Words fail me. Female jobseekers may soon need to take pepper spray, a panic alarm and a concealed weapon with them to their job interviews and put the police on speed dial on their mobile phones, just in case their prospective employer turns out to be a sick maniac.

    • something survived...

      The -jobcentre- are the sex perverts here! Will they send Muslim women in a niqab? Nuns? Lesbians? Married Christian women? Women who are disabled? Women who ‘don’t look the part’? Women with a stoma? Also these jobs for those that do them, require the girl to:
      -Be pretty
      -Have big enough breasts, of ‘the right shape’.
      -Act straight but also act bisexual (even if not), have to have sex with guys and girls. Act like the only important thing in the world is the desires and pleasure of the anonymous men ringing up (mostly pervs). Do anal or double anal, if asked.
      -Be ablebodied and ‘unblemished’. Have a normal vagina! (that is shown on camera) [if you don’t believe me, go and watch, see how many times the adult freeview channels advertise buying anus/vagina shots for your mobile phone]
      -Not be fat etc.
      -Preferably be white. If not white, will instead be marketed as ‘niche’, ‘exotic’, ‘oriental’, ‘interracial’, etc.
      -Rrmove all body hair
      -Be feminine
      -Not have a brain or an opinion
      -Be basically just a sex toy. Not complain. Never get ill.

      Perverts! (the jobcentre, that is)

      {i’m pro-sex but also pro choice, nobody should be forced into it and it is mad to have about 6 channels of naked women with none of men on freeview, either include equal channels or get rid of all of them.} Now more of the women on these shows will be/could be forced (economically/legally/benefits) to do it. Also the job of Life Model, which includes men and the ‘non beautiful’.

      As age discrimination is illegal, send really old women to apply for the job!
      BTW there was a 100+ year old porn star called Rose Agree.

      What is coming up at our job centre is that jobs clearly marked ‘for females only’, not in the sex industry but as: carers, nursing home assistants,bouncers/security, changing-room/toilet assistants/attendants;
      people who are MALE are being ordered to apply for them under threat of losing their benefits.

      If you are male why not turn up to BabeStation (hello! babies wear nappies! you mean WOMEN!) and the other channels, say you are applying for the job! Swamp them with ‘crapplications’, their fault if they are prepared to take people forced to be there. It would help if you had a name like Sam, Chris, brook, Hilary… and they hire you online then you arrive and they go ‘oh you’re a man’.

      If the ‘govern’-ment thinks these are good jobs then all the women in the government should take over being ‘topless babes’. For the sake of equality, hand out push-up bras to all the men in the government and make them do the same. Of course they have to get a ‘back, sack and crack wax’ first, to be screened on YouTube, for the edification of those on welfare.

  5. A pimp finds and manages clients and engages them in prostitution in brothels in most cases and in some cases street prostitution, in order to profit from their earnings.

  6. Fucking sick.

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  8. The Purple Goon

    Now this is bollocks Johhny – and you know it.

  9. I was offered a job of this nature some time back, before the introduction of universal jobwank. After making a formal written complaint, writing to the local rag and contacting all religious leaders in the area I was told it was an error and received a formal written apology.

    • something survived...

      Jobwank: even better name for it! thanx!
      If you ARE a religious leader, perhaps an under-employed priest, can you be forced to apply for sex work?
      German link didn’t work when I went to it. However it sounds mental. What about GAY women? What about celibate, asexual women? Rape victims?
      What about the fact that forced marriage and forced prostitution are both legalised rape? Also if Germany’s constitution says men and women are equal they should be forcing MEN to become rentboys. Probably at least 90% of men would object to this! And so would most gay men. If the prositute you force to have sex is HIV positive then the clients can get and spread HIV. Or a prostitute gets raped (for rape is exactly what it would be) and given the death sentence of HIV.

      The illegal young girls forced to work, have often dozens of men every day. Pimps get more money offering sex without condoms. The (elderly, male) people who came up with this ought to be bent over and forced to go with the same numbers of men all day and night, every day, indefinitely. If they can then still say it is a good job, they MIGHT have an argument to make. At least a volunteering self employed prostitute can choose how many clients she sees and when, and can refuse them. Girls who arrive in shipping containers, can’t. If they object to anything they just get killed and put in bin bags. Most have no idea they will be prostitutes, they think they will be waitresses or nannies or cleaners… They get here and somebody strips them and rapes them!

      Definitely the governments who thought this up are all a bunch of perverts.

      • ER…. I did post just now that sex work jobs were banned from job centre job searches in 2010… Did anyone not notice?????

        So what happened? When did those rules get relaxed…

  10. How is it bs ? Jobseekers are pressured to apply for as many jobs as possible, which could see them feeling they would need to apply for a job that seems dodgy.

  11. There is another advert for Loaded TV by same guy on universal jobmatch for the ‘lucky’ ladies who they dont want for ‘Home internet Chat for Babe chat’ 😀 . Didnt tweet about it as it seems just about within DWP rules I think. That said it is also very vague as to what kind of program they want the ‘MODELS for TV (FEMALE)’ for 🙂 See :

  12. You mean there are no openings in the sex industry for 55 yr old disabled old gits! Maybe I can sue for disability and sexual discrimination!

  13. @purplegoon. It is NOT B*llocks atall .
    Universal Jobmatch generates automated ‘jobmatch’ emails if people opt for getting email from DWP via Its already been shown and tweeted about as been utterly useless automated jobmatching system emailing absurd matches.

    What happens in the scenario of a young lady sent the ‘Home Internet Babe Chat’ Job in one of the ‘jobmatch’ emails rightly going ‘ewwwww sick’ & rightly not having anything to do with it? If she has been mislead into giving her adviser access to activity data on universal jobmatch a very good question.

    Could automatically flag the person for a sanction doubt in Universal Jobmatch as she hasnt applied for one of the ‘super’ automated matches unless JCP countermand it for all we know. Would hope it would be countermanded.

    But having seen the treatment of People I know first hand by the Mentally challenged and trumped up litlle Jobsworths the DWP have inhabiting ‘Adviser’ & ‘Manager’ roles at some Jobcentre Plus offices I wouldnt hold my breath.

    Especially when it is quite obvious IMO they are been set targets and pressured to find any excuse possible to sanction ‘customers’ and have them ‘off benefit’ for the following reasons, to make unemployment figures look lower and to make the utter failure known as the Work Programme look less dire by next summer. Expect to hear ‘Off Benefit’ as a measure of success over and over in coming months not ‘in sustained work’ off the usual suspects.

    They are hoping to use Universal Jobmatch AKA ‘Universal Sanction Machine’ as a new tool to achieve this I have no doubt in my mind on this. Some evidence of it happening already.

    Not Registering is the safest thing for Jobseekers to do . It is NOT mandatory whatever the fibbing jobsworths at a Jobcentre office might say.

    DO NOT REGISTER for Universal Jobmatch!

    • Actually, after watching the debate on unemployment in Parliament, I was quite concerned by how often the Tory ministers would talk about ‘off benefit’ rather than ‘in work’.

      • As i have pointed out here the fraud scams in connection with Monster recruitment were known as i have posted here a lot begging the question why were they chosen to produce. This mess.

  14. “Estimates have suggested it could cost up to £5bn to relocate all the British troops in Germany to home bases.”

  15. Fancy being a drug smuggler for the mafia?

    Looks like DWP’s new processes for checking employers and vacancies are working well.

    If you check out Contracts Finder ( Monster Jobs was given an extra £1.6 MILLION by DWP because of a delay to “provide sufficient time for Assurance to take place in relation to the solution”. Money well spent?????

    • “… or tell us why you don’t wish to apply for this job”.

      • Just been to re-read the Courier job details – which says that they “are expecting high applicants” … at least someone out there hasn’t lost their sense of humour … but will someone(s) ‘click’ on the ‘job’ just out of curiosity and end up ‘banged up abroad’ or ‘sanctioned in the UK’ I wonder? Surely this UJ waste of time can’t stagger on for too much longer. It’s just getting too embarrassing – like a drunk uncle at a wedding.

  16. The whole system is in the process of total unstoppable collapse, and they know it…

    “The last act of any government is to loot the nation.”

  17. Well you could also apply for a job with the mafia using UJM..

  18. ” Will fuck for food ”
    Y’all gots to compreehend that heah in this Yoo-nited Kingdumb of Grayt Britun that ouah choices ah now seveely limited.
    We must trah to embrayce thuh mandset of thuh sackopath an’ be prepayed tuh do what is necessahy tu suhvav., fuh Ah Dee Ess hus spokayn.
    Prayz him, muthafucka, prayz him, fuh he is thuh liberataw uv us awe.

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  20. According to a contact at the dwp, people should be reporting all these jobs to the job centre plus number, I am starting to print off all of these, and recording them, Because once they are removed there is no evidence

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  22. The really worrying thing is that the Work Programme wants my CV so it’s ’employment engagement coordinators’ can apply for jobs on my behalf. Given that UJ can so easily be full of dodgy shit, what’s the prevent them spamming my personal data to these people? I’m meant to trust the WP to guard my data? Fuck you IDS!

  23. It may not be mandatory to register with UJ – but that’s only according to the JC. The WP can still potentially mandate you as part of its own, separate, provision.

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    • I’ve been looking at Crisis at Christmas website and to see the amount of donations rolling in is quite remarkable and kind of heart warming.

      But what does alarm me is seeing website basically bashing this charity and cause as well as the comments posted which i have to say are a bit worrying really.

      Such as ” Don’t give homeless people a penny – buy then a sandwich & coffee.

      These types of charities do nothing except provide work for lazy, left-leaning layabouts.

      Service to society? Nope, just propagating weak thinking and suffocating statism”

      Well thats nice, eh?

      Some other comments suggest we should punch some of the collectors if not the recipients themselves.

      So heres the question. What the fuque is going on?

  25. peter schevtschenko

    there was a lap dancing job advertised in bury jobcentre but only females could apply, it would’nt bother me being a lap dancer for women or even men but i doubt i would get much in tips as i’m 57! though i still have a slim muscular body that some older gays would find attractive lol

    • Yes this sex job thing is a concern. I heard that senior tories were advertsing for young interns .non paid of course but im sure favours were offered in exchange.

    • something survived...

      Kewl. Should have applied.

      Was the venue House of Commons and the client Ian Duncan Smith?
      Yeah Ian we got you a topless dancer called Sam, very sexy, oh it’s a BUILDER… No, you might want to try in the House of Lords next door!
      Questions to government:
      If the cabinet want prostitutes, is it for their own personal use that they want them? And if so is it on expenses? Since the taxpayer pays, should The People send them plenty of prostitutes – all male????

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  30. You’re all free to correct me if I am wrong but enforcing claimants to undertake sex work against their will and beliefs, I hate to use the word but is that not a form of “rape”. xx

  31. I want to have sex

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