National Week of Action Against Workfare Begins

boycottworkfare_bannerThe Week of Action Against Workfare begins tomorrow (Saturday December 8th).  Here’s the latest list of what’s taking place from Boycott Workfare.  Keep an eye on their website for updates and reports.

Please tweet, share and spread the word about all events.

Saturday 8th December actions:

Workfare’s Christmas Bonus For The Bosses

Superdrug Steals Christmas

Name and shame: The Dundee Workfare providers tour

Say No! To Unpaid Labour

Anti-Workfare Picket Against Superdrug

The Leeds Tour of Workfare

Combat Workfare

North London Solidarity Federation
Combat Workfare National Day of Action

South London Solidarity Federation

Wednesday 12th action:
Anti-Workfare surprise party

Friday 14th:
London end of year social at LARC

58 responses to “National Week of Action Against Workfare Begins

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  2. Johnny Brighton sounds interesting. It might fit something i found.

  3. More people delivering the work program:

  4. ” Under the Work Programme, we provide access for Host Employers to set up their own workplace areas in our Employment Centres to replicate real business activities providing in-situ work experience for our customers.

    The size and nature of our Employment Centres means that internal layouts can be readily restructured and reconfigured, removing or adding partitions and introducing new workplace units to adapt to the specific needs of our Host Employers.

    This enables you to observe and assess the candidates who want to work for you.

    We will provide on-the-job training, guidance and support for our customers, providing equipment, facilities and floorspace at no cost. This gives you the confidence and security of knowing that your work is being done in an environment that meets your standards and deadlines.”

    Does this seem reasonable or make any sense? Thoughts please..

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  6. I’ve been reading up onthe uk uncut site (legal) who are fighting cuts to public services I’m not sure if it’s welfare cuts too, but they are mainly exposing tax avoidance by the rich.

    The fabric of modern Politics is woven with deceit and lies culminating in a well presented product but with basic material flaws that will not be sustainable for any length of time .You could assume that the hierarchy of the Tory Party act more like criminals than they do well read individuals .If they are an example of educated wealthy morally sound individuals then the majority of the British Public do not want to follow in their footsteps .For the Welfare Reform Bill to become Law skulduggery took an integral part .The process of any bill to become Law has to go through a process of it being proposed and then through different reading stages ( .To hijack the process Cameron applied for the Bill to be considered for financial privilege ,placing a stooge within the Lords Grand Committee who sided with the Commons proposal and therefore overrode the Lords .He estimated that £5.5 billion would be saved over four years ,£54 billion could be raised if the tax rate for anyone earning over £1000,000 per year was increased to 50% .Cameron and his smug cohort Osborne the public purse thief ( are overgrown infants playing in a sweet shop to the detriment of the public through poverty ,premature death and social cleansing .The situation has gone beyond reasonable logic being applied and the Tories should be thrown out ,replaced by a coalition of Independents ,Ukip ,Liberals ,Labour and Tories but on an even footing .

  8. Some may like to read this link ?, there is a lot to learn from it…

  9. What do the voters say, same as they said back in 1915, then the powers that be said it was the war, now they say its the financial crisis, the same outcome, the powers that be end up richer and richer, the people end up in poverty and destitution, and the people keep on voting for it!!!!!!!!!!.

  10. bobchewie

    Great point about the pretend work being offered by the workfare operator. They could have a room covered in soil where jobseekers can practise picking spuds. Potential employers could view them through a two-way mirror and then pack the “lucky” ones into a waiting pick-up truck!

  11. J.V:

    Hows today’s action going ? is it getting any public support or media coverage? – hope it really is – the survival of the welfare reforms is of paramount importance right now and those parasite firms that use the uninformed unemployed people for replacements for staff willing to do overtime this Xmas should be (by law) outlawed and a prision sentence imposed on the owners and CEO’S and works managers.

  12. couldn’t agree more obi wan kenobi!

  13. IDS, play by the rules you and your toady legal team should go do one, leave the unemployed to stand by NOTHING REGARDING THE Work Progtramme!

    Ohh, wait a second, you at the DWP keep trying to hide what the official rules and regs say, try again and you lot will be in the position of :

    1: Illegal Misformation
    2: Illegal Misdirection
    3: Illegal sanctions via Jobcentre Plus or any Work Programme Provider adviser.


  14. Corecttion: 1: Misinformation

  15. Fucking tesco’s – trying to justify other jobs to those who have been layd off, fuck’em and fuck that Bastard IDS.

  16. My internet connection was terminated illegaly – I’m Back Baby!

  17. Interesting how one part of the country is rioting because their local government decided to take down the flag from City Hall… while the remainder seems very content on cuts, workfare and human right violations…

    Don’t forget to make your mark. Get involved!

    • Try putting up a mobile phone mast or driving through a middle-class/toff area in a Google car… and see what happens… 🙂

  18. “A 2005 British study compared the psychological profiles of 39 senior business executives at leading British companies with those of mental patients in the UK’s Broadmoor Special Hospital. The business leaders scored a clear “victory” in the three traits normally used to identify the emotional dysfunction of psychopaths: histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and compulsive personality disorder.”

    This apples equally well to the insane politicians misgoverning The ConDemNation.

  19. ‘apples’ = ‘applies’, but hey, who’s counting?

  20. How long before we get a new reality TV show called “The Scrounger Games” hosted by Jeremy Kyle, which jobseekers are mandated under the threat of sanction to appear on, where the lazy feckless benefit scrounging scum are put in different artificial workplaces and forced to do pretend work all week, while viewers watch their every move and get to vote at the end of the week for those contestants they deem to be lazy, uneducated, incompetent slackers, who will then be stripped of all their benefits once voted off and left to become destitute and homeless, with the eventual winner being given a real job and an “opportunity to turn their life around and become a decent, responsible, hardworking, taxpaying, productive citizen”?

    • Sounds like a mixture of X-Factor/Big Brother/That one where a rich & a struggling family visit each another and then money changes hands (whatever name they dreamed up for that one). It could work ….

    • We already have that on tv, its called saints and scroungers its about the deserving poor and the undeserving. Its hosted by that bald headed twat who hosts another tv program about cowboy builders its co hosted by an ex porn star who would know a lot about building.

  21. R33
    nobody will become a decent, responsible etc, etc. on the minimum wage nor part time or temporary wages. Most unemployed do work anyway while not in paid employment – it’s called housework.

  22. Boycott Starfucks

    If that cunt Osborne can get his fucking “Benefit Uprating” Bill on the Statute Books by Christmas when the fuck are we going to see a Tax Avoidance/ Evasion Bill?

    • Somewhere in your dreams or as he would have us believe ‘in the distabt future’ that would probably be affer he cuts corporation tax , something he has already told us he will do..

  23. The tax avoidance/evasion bill will see a handful of taxmen on a paperchase after the rich and getting nowhere.

  24. Can anyone report back from any of the demonstrations to let us know what is going on? I can’t believe there is no-one demonstrating in the north east, the home of the Jarrow march and long suffering victims of unemployment.

    • Did you know that private security firns monitor the activity of protest/ activist groups inc uk uncut and oddly enough dpac the didabled rights organisation. On the list of possible threats to security one of these firms lists ‘insurrection’ which is very odd as, to me thats a military term. Tell you anything?

  25. Tax avoidance schemes are at this moment being discussed on the parliamentary channel on freeview.

  26. “The social tragedy of evictions”

  27. “The Bulgarian government decided to invest Structural Funds in the construction of 149 congregate settings for 14 children each. In Hungary, the current call for Structural Funds proposals allows for the option to build institutions for up to 50 people, and there is a chance that such new institutions will be built beginning in 2013.”

  28. In July, 1887, a credit application was heard inside Clermont Warden’s Court for the reef claim 200 yards west of Hurley’s Dam, along with the ‘Telegram’ states:
    . Nash, who had received a gigantic claim in reward for his discovery, could possibly be seen just about any day
    busily at work. On the Early days in the Peak Downs
    Field from “The Peak Downs Telegraph”.

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