UK Uncut: Refuge From the Cuts

Starbucks TUC protest Oxford StreetThis Saturday 8th December UK Uncut will be targeting tax dodging Starbucks in a UK wide day of action at 28 (and counting) locations around the UK.

Starbucks have recently announced that perhaps they will pay a bit of tax towards the services they use.  In the last three years the over-priced coffee chain has not paid a penny of Corporation Tax in the UK.  As the picture above shows, they are still quite happy to make use of public services when it suits them.  Join in on Saturday and confront the real scroungers.

UK Uncut will be highlighting the cuts facing Women’s Refuges and homelessness shelters, both of which are under threat when Universal Credit is introduced.

For details of an action near you visit:

For the Central London actions head to Regent’s Street area – more info at:

Islington Disabled People Against Cuts will also be taking action,  meet at
Starbucks, 7 Islington High Street @ 12 noon, Action details are here.

Then onto Starbucks, 30 Upper St @ 2pm, Action details are here.

38 responses to “UK Uncut: Refuge From the Cuts

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  2. No comment on Osborne? See my blog tomorrow for a Citizens’ Income instead of tax breaks

    • So starbucks suddenly decide to volunteer to pay tax!, imagine if every member of the working class could make such a decision, especially how much their profit margins are per year, they claim they will pay it even if they do not make a profit.. isn’t it curious how the government are far less animated in these cases as opposed to the average employee dodging his taxes, but of course there are many millioniares in the UK who live here but don’t pay much if any taxes as the money is overseas.. these people are the true parasites feeding off this countries wealth that we seldom hear much about, it’s usually the big corporations. If we had a tax dodging working class person who does shift work.. god help them if there curtains are still closed after 9am. Ozzy is the most hated individual in the country followed by IDS and Cameron, we have the bullingdon club attempting to run the country under a fascist grip, mosely would be so proud if he was alive today, amazing how time and advancements have not progressed us beyond the base instincts of inhumanity on the basis of insane individuals ideals of how they think this country should be.. one mind or a few minds should never be allowed to enforce such things and still call this country democratic.

  3. When targeting Starbucks make sure you target the head offices or the large outlets they directly own. Many Starbucks outlets are franchises and the owners of the said franchisers are actually tax payers.

    • Isn’t a Starbucks,a Starbucks a Starbucks? Franchise or not, the brand still isn’t paying UK taxes, and more importantly from my perspective, the staff pay and conditions (both in the UK and the USA, and for all I know, worldwide) are disgustingly bad. To avoid being a target for picketing is actually quite simple. Disenfranchise.

    • Bullshit. Starbucks (what an ugly name) DO NOT OPERATE FRANCHISES.

    • so what, they’ve been quite happy to benefit when Starbucks have tried to bully workers out of joining/forming unions, forced down coffee prices and paid producers fuck all or used their tax dodging to maintain profits and close down their independent rivals.

      don’t recall any pressure from the franchisees for Starbucks to stop stealing and pay for the public services they use

    • Well, all the franchise fees and purchasing of the coffee would be sent outside the UK, just like if Starbucks themselves did it. (If they go through the UK company then it would be passed directly on overseas.)

  4. The manufactured austerity cuts, when they start being implemented in full next April, are going to have frightening consequences of which The Tories and their poodles are fully aware.
    These cuts, coupled with the introduction of the completely disastrous UC, are going to result in dire suffering for thousands.
    None of this need have happened. So, why has it?
    This is the result of allowing a gang of international psychopaths to take power.
    Look at what is happening. Look at what is coming. Will you cope?
    I doubt if I will.
    Something needs to be done. Right now.

  5. Starbucks DO NOT operate franchises. The info that they do is complete bullshit. Their shitty overpriced coffee-shops are wholly owned by the parent company,managed and staffed by the low paid.

    • Well one of my friends says he works for a franchise owner. If you are going to fight the Eton boys get your facts right.

    • Well, that should get the message out. But I suspect that IDS will persist with UJ.. even if it means that every job advert has to be manually vetted, which means jobs being created, which kind of defeats the object somehow.

      Good one Channel 4 News!

  6. The unemployed on or sanctioned from JSA should be benefitting from the tax raised from star bucks etc instead of shoring up other cheapskate employers by increasing working tax credits.

  7. Yes, but a paltry £10 million isn’t going to go anywhere, and is still an insult considering their profits, despite trading at a ‘loss’.

  8. Does anyone know how much has been stolen in sanctioned benefits, which have not been reimbursed?

  9. Just watched Nigel Farrage of ukip complaining about the ukip foster family who had the foster children taken away – his answer to do away with quango’s and independent regulators. I agree but he does not want to replace them with statutory regulation that will keep councils in check, he wants to do away with all regulation and that includes the regulation of employers which he says is preventing employment being created. Such none regulation would enable employers to force workers into cheap labour and sack them when they want to.

  10. THE BIG LIE ON CORPORATION TAX Corporations dictate to Governments ,Starbucks is a prime example hence the G 20 summits attended by politicians and Government Leaders ,Finance Ministers ,Central Bank Governor’s, Employment and Labour Minister’s ,large Company Directors and Corporation heads .We live in a Global economy so each individual country has to adhere to a general policy arrived at by these secret meetings .The minimum wage in this country increases approx 80p per year ,whereas inflation over the last 30 years has risen by approx 360%.The working man pays every time .Under EU rules Corporations can pay their Taxes to any Member State ,therefore they don’t pay here in the UK but cheaper tax rated countries .

    • 80p per year?!

      “The national minimum wage adult rate increases to £6.08 per hour for 2011/2012 with effect from 1 October 2011. This represents an increase of 2.5% on the 2010/2011 national minimum wage adult rate, which previously stood at £5.93 per hour (from 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011).”

      £6.08-5.93 = 15p – enough for a can of “value” beans 🙂

    • From October 2012 – £6.19 an hour

      £6.19 – 6.08 = 11p = 1.80%, enough for 1/2 a can of “value” beans 🙂

  11. Who pays the wages of that wall of cops guarding Starbucks?

  12. Has anyone ever wondered how much interest is being made from the unclaimed money from lost tickets and non-winners of lotteries causing a roll over into the following week and who gets this money?

  13. TOTALLY APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCORRECT FIGURE QUOTED – having posted it on 32 other sites as well as my own looks like I,m in for some flak ,probably thought I was an MP for a brief moment .

  14. lol no sorry got my wires crossed should have read 10p approximately per year

  15. something survived...

    A thought on Jobmatch: if you’re on it and are meant to put a CV up with your address:
    -What about women whose address is a refuge? (Some refuges don’t let you say the address)
    -People in hiding, witness protection etc?
    -People being stalked/victimised?

  16. UK Uncut: Another middle-class pile of shite, not quite as bad as Occupy but getting there, only defending their own interests, couldn’t give a fuck about the poor or those struggling on ever dwindling welfare. They want Vodafone, Starbucks, Google, Amazon, “the rich” et al to cough up all right but only so that the money recovered can be redeployed to pay of their middle-class student loans, tuition fees and mortgages.

  17. Your right kilo, they want to link with impoverished social groups to campaign, but are the first to defect and be employed in anything that even resembles a recovery.

    • Historically the middle-classes (Occupy, UK Uncut… ) always have defected just as soon as they have won their compromise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Occupy/UK Uncut fuckers would go one step further than abandoning the poor once they had served their purpose, e.g. taking up positions oppressing the poor…

      • … only one small step from being a occupy/uk uncut “protester” to being a welfare-to-work/fare/house “advisor” 🙂

  18. You mean like yosser hughes did? If the young ones wait until governments decide to start spending money to provide work, women’s body clock would be well ticked out before they have any kids. They may decide to provide work once they can get rid of welfare or at least reduce it to a bare minimum, but you can guarantee they will be providing the lowest paid jobs., after all we have to compete with the rest of the world.

    • and “if they can survive on one dollar a day in Bangladesh why can’t we?” Haven’t these toff clowns ever heard of “currency arbitrage”?, I am sure a dollar a day goes a lot further in Bangladesh than £100 in my local Tesda/ Asco!

  19. I know what you mean Betty even if a tad exaggerated. Their 1 dollar a day over 5 days by your estimation would put them on £25,000 per year, and they’re still living in shacks.

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