Universal Jobmatch: A Scammers Paradise

job-scam3UPDATE 27/2/13:  Registering an account with Universal Jobmatch will  become mandatory from the beginning of March 2013.  There should still be no requirement to tick the box giving DWP access to your account.  For the latest details and what this means for claimants keep an eye on:  http://consent.me.uk/2013/02/26/mandatory/

The Government’s new job vacancies website, Universal Jobmatch, is riddled with outright scams, data harvesting operations, spoof job vacancies and dodgy business opportunities.  The recently launched website is the latest crazy scheme from Iain Duncan Smith to snoop on the ‘job seeking activity’ of benefit claimants.

The bug ridden site, which many claimants say barely works, is now leading to fears unemployed people may be forced to hand over personal information to fraudsters or face benefit sanctions.

An advert appeared last week for the Montcalm Hotel offering a staggering £3-5000 a month for bar work and catering staff.  All candidates had to do is send a full CV, with contact details and a passport sized photograph, to an email address which appeared to emanate from Thailand.

This advert, which was an obvious identity fraud scam, has now been taken down.  But this was only after several people had identified it on twitter and made the real Montcalm Hotel (which does exist) aware of the fake job advert.  It seems to have easily passed through the shabby vetting procedures the DWP requires from employers wishing to advertise jobs on the system

An obvious scam such as this appearing on a Government website is embarrassing enough, but of far more concern is that unemployed claimants can now be forced to apply for any job on the site or face losing benefits.  This is not scare-mongering.  The DWP could force you to hand over your personal details to an obvious fraudster.  In fact this could have already happened.

The lax security procedures were highlighted when the site launched and an advert with the reference number 007 called for an Elimination Specialist at MI6.  This weekend two adverts have appeared asking for a ‘gay princess’ with a company called spamco suggesting hackers have already found their way through the verification system.

Even the jobs which aren’t outright scams or spoofs are dubious at best.  Several adverts ask for ‘distributors’ for a company called Focus Group Distribution.  Like many of the jobs on the Universal Jobmatch site, this position is commission only.  Potential candidates are asked to visit a website to apply where they are presented with a form asking for a name, address and telephone number.  The company claim to be a long established British PLC.  Yet according to Companies House, Focus Group Distribution don’t exist.  The website is registered to a single individual at a home address.

Several more vacancies are available with the optimistically named Freedom Enterprises.  Once again this leads to a website which demands full personal details before before providing any information on the company.  According to who.is, this website is registered to a non-trading individual.

Unlike the Montcalm Hotel scam these commission only jobs advertised on dubious websites may be perfectly genuine.  Or they may be pyramid schemes, spammers or the kind of ‘business opportunity’ that demands huge cash payments up front. The DWP don’t know.  Or even seem to care.  So desperate are they to punish and harass anyone who might find themselves unemployed, that they no longer seem interested if by their actions they further destroy people’s lives.

An increasing number of people forced off sickness benefits and into endless job seeking activity have learning disabilities or mental health conditions.  Most are desperate and living in dire poverty.  These are exactly the people scammers like to target to strip away any last remaining cash they may have.

And the DWP will help them along the way by demanding that huge numbers of unemployed people are  forced to hand out personal information to any passing ID fraudster.

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  2. The no fee no win brigade are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the funds that are going to be deposited into their bank accounts via the tax payer.

    Any website is liable for damaging content. If you have any problems with the Jobmatch website send a cease and desist letter to the admin/hosts of the site. If you suffer personal loss seek out a solicitor. The law applies to all.

    • Use this site by all means to apply for jobs where you can as long as you dont registerwith it. If you register and happen to be offered a job you have applied for on it and decide not to start the job you will have your benefit sanctioned. They will class it as a ‘notified’ job refusal. Dont register.You dont have to. It is a vehicle for snoopers. Also as a means of gathering govt targets. They also dont like currently employed people using it.
      Also used by scam employers. I was sacked by DWP for breaking data protection for searching for clients such as ‘Darth Vader’! This is worse than that.

      • Ok so you worked for dwp so why are they refusing FOI requests , claiming commercial consideration outways public interest , who decides whats public interest?

      • Curtly have you managed to get another job?
        Out of interest is a Jobseeker entitled to take days off say they have been signing on for just under 1 year. Are you entitled to take days off?
        As the Xmas period is coming up and I have searched for information but can’t find anything.

      • When I signed on the other day I was questioned why I never signed up to this ,I advised them on privacy etc and my reply was that its will soon possiblly be mandatory to sign up for this

        • It sounds to me like you are confused. This site went live on 19/11, so it couldnt be a few weeks, Three , at most. Also the jobs do appear in date, from what I see.
          You havent really done anything wrong. My advisor sheepishly asked me today if I had registered, and I said yes.(I did the minimum. no c.v. and no permissions except the cookies to register. Then he said next week(makin me present evidence today, as he wont have time next week) next week we will start applying for jobs thru jobmatch; here comes the ratchet mechanism. I thought EYE SHOULD FUCKING COCO PAL! You will get whatever b/s it takes to get my xmas benefits, then I am gonna slap my hard copies of the dwp and your unions stance down on your desk, and tell you to poke jobmatch up your arse cos demanding somebody give up a basic right (to wit the data protection act for starters ) with a direction is a legal fucking non starter! If he wants me to sue him in the new yr, he is welcome to try it on. I expect a class action anytime soon.
          The prat was a quakeing in his boots when he brought it up.
          Not the demanding pillar of right he was last week..
          They know they are risking legal action.

  3. I believe I’m correct in saying that the DWP spent £15,000,000 on Universal Jobmatch and its a complete and utter pile of crap. In its own privacy statement it says:

    “By registering or by using this site, you accept, how the personal information provided by you will be collected, used and transferred. Please read this policy carefully as it affects your rights and responsibilities under the law. If you disagree with the way we collect and process personal information collected on the Site, please do not use it.”

    This being the case NONE OF US should use it then should we?!

    Seriously though if they can’t even get an adaptation of the old DirectGov Jobsearch right how the hell can Universal Credit, with all of its endless permutations and combinations of circumstances, ever be “digital by default”? The whole project is shaping up to be the biggest disaster since the second world war.

    • From sources it is over £20 Million, A contact at the dwp said the jobs there that have no contact details except for those who sign up is done on purpose to “incentivise” people into signing up. This other contact says Any problems phone the dwp and complain about it. Apparently the Secretary of State is involved now because of the uselessness of it. So it is our duty to let the dwp and everyone know just how bad it is.

      • Well, if this carries on the only people who ever look at the site will be people mandated to do so by “Jobseeler’s Directions” and most of them will hopefully be wise enough not to upload their CVs, create a profile, or let the DWP surveil what they’ve been up to. Come on folks! This HAS to be an infringement of the Data Protection Act 1998 hasn’t it? The only places I send CVs to when I don’t know an employers name and address are bona fide Employment Agencies. Anybody who posts a CV on Universal Jobmatch and makes it searchable… well… God help them is all I’ve got to say! It can only be a matter of time before some innocent young girl ends up going to an interview with a psychopath up a dark alley.

        Universal Jobmatch is dangerous as well as shit!

        • How secure is this site? Ive heard that it isnt.,

        • The whole idea of UJ (apart from SLASHING man hours in job centres, which the staff are only just realising but more of which later) is that any employer will be able to organise an interview with you wether you want it or not. To refuse any interview or job will (eventually) make you homeless. This will mean somebody working part time will have to spend the rest of 35 hrs a week on call to the pc, and when a vegetable picker gang master emails directions to a field 14 miles away, you will have to get up at 5.a.m. the next morning to meet a transit which will take you to pick sprouts covered in frost all day, and be told you only earnt £15 cos you didnt
          ‘follow instructions’.
          Not showing up the next day makes it impossible to get paid even the £15 and will lose your benefits.
          Turning up for work will lose your benefits(you have a job, and there is no benefit for not being paid, its a civil matter and your prob / responsibility -ooh, ah ha! thought! later..)
          Demanding your wages will result in laughter in your face, and the loss of your ”job’. and your benefits..
          This may sound rediculous, but in ’89 my gf went to one of these jobs, following the footsteps of an mp who earned £30 picking veg for the cameras to show there was work to be had, And ‘had’ she was.. she made £9 in 14 hrs with the travel and couldnt use her hands for a week. She never got paid as she didnt work a week. Wouldnt have anyway. Thats what uj is gonna land on your intray.
          You expect a uk government to orchestrate a successful I.T. PROJECT?
          WHY? HOW? IT WOULD BE A FIRST!! Not fit to run a fish and chip shop.
          Arthur .T.. Asked if he was supposed to, but he couldnt have overseen chips and crispy bits either.
          Earlier I mentioned the job centre + work load. This system will reduce man hrs at the job centre. The union has been promised (by a uk guv!) no job losses will occur.
          Oh , Christ, somebody pick me up-& my jaw? its falling off!
          Check out the change in stance on the pcs union website from last month to this. If the uj is implemented successfully, plenty of jc ‘adviser’s’
          will end up sitting paralyzed by reality and doom on the other side of there old desk. I wont put a penny in the union collection hat. 80% of em are bona fide jobsworth cant survive in the private sector box tickin heartless sons of …..

          • Maybe thats the game plan divide and rule ie use the negative aspects of workfare to tgeir advantage, discredit unions, discredit charities, at some point working for free will become the norm with no employee protection.

        • Giving up your rights under the data protection act is a choice you can take.
          Like, say, giving up your right to a maximum 48 hr working week.
          Its not a one off sign away your right forever. At any point, you can withdraw your consent. Which means in the case of a job, If you were to change your mind you could do so, negating your contract and toddling down the job shop to sign on with no problems. Because its your right to not be demanded to work over 48 hrs. If you change your mind re the data protection act, and wish to regain your rights there is nothing they can do about it. Any small print about longevity ceases to be legal at that point. Thats why it is called a ‘right’.
          Cameroon wont police the borders, but wants to infringe the eu human rights of long term hard core working classes. He cant have it both ways. Dole money? working classes I hear you shout? Yes. hundreds of thousands of, who cant live 2 a room and work for peanuts. The displaced. Trades learnt now worthless. Proud strong old grafters sat in the pub twice a week with a fiver.
          Joe the plasterer. Dave the brick; Handshakes like vices, but cant set foot on a site cos the east euro security wont let em in. I’ve seen it. Now cameroon wants to take whats left of these mens dignity away, and have em workin 20
          hrs a week in the public toilets cleaning up beer sick until pensioned of at 68 and a half . The bloke is a no nowt shit bag. Never grafted. Never had to. Waste a good Grub. .

      • Sheila Cunningham

        When I signed on yesterday I was told that if I refuse to sign up to Universal Jobmatch within the next two weeks then my benefits will be sanctioned – it is now a compulsory scheme for benefit claimants.

        • There should be an official statement on this, especially if the site is so flawed

        • Never mind, i feel confident that the govt is commited to cracking down on the feckless and workshy by bunging more tax payers money to crappy scamming companies.


        • This from the express last year. Remember , the owner of the express publishes porn magazines and with regard to levenson simply cant understand why ppl complain about oress and even if they do doesnt give a sh*t,
          The narrative from express is this . The UK is full of lazy arsed ppl.




        • It is NOT compulsory whatever they say. Not one single person has been sanctioned for refusing to use it even when given directions to register by their Jobcentre. The Jobcentres have been tasked with getting 80% or more of their clients signed up to UJM and some are trying lies, bullying and worse to scare people into toeing the line. At the end of the day there is no sanction that can be given to you for refusing to register for, create and account on or use Universal Jobmatch. That is the truth.

          • I have come across so many unhelpful comments to people that are struggling with all of this confusion. Is there any way that a section could be set up ‘Have you received a Sanction?’ This is the law and what you need to do – Have you been forced to register on Universal Jobsearch – This is the law and what you need to do etc, Be aware of your Job Seekers Agreement and this is how you need to fill it in – with examples. Yesterday someone explained it all, but at the moment there is a sea of responses and it could be missed by someone that really needs help.
            Practical help is needed at this moment in time and I feel so sorry for the youngsters and people so confused. They are like lambs to the slaughter. Some sort of help is required when the Universal Credit comes in as there is very little help out there and people come across this site by chance in some cases. .

        • no . it isnt. check out my posts. The DWP stance is that it isnt. If your advisor says it IS, he or she is going against direction from the dwp. and advice from there own union. Just feel happy that payback is coming. The man hrs saved by this computer system fiasco will result eventually in advisors sitting ashen face shocked by reality on the other side of there old desk.

          • Its dead sneaky if you think about it. By involving charities in workfare they must know that some public will hate charities and not donate. Thus the public have a bit more money to spend on crap from business. Then charities go broke so then other back to work outfits can step in and create work camps offering free labour to anyone. G4S work houses . Slave nation .all compliant.

        • Take heart in what I said. The UJ site clearly iterates you agree to sign away your rights under the data protection act.It says if you DONT agree, dont use the site. If an advisor issues an advisors direction, he or she is ordering you to surrender a fundamental right and is open to a law suit for breaching your legal rights. I think starting with some form of harrassment, then possibly miss use of public office, but all the way up to blackmail.. There own union is telling them NOT to stick there necks out on this. My advisor was pantsing it today.
          It should fall apart just after xmas, when the legal eagles get the easter holiday brochures in. Its making channel four news, A start.
          If no one digs deep I will read the bloomin human rights act myself and start a class action on legal aid.

      • Read my posts. you cant be directed to use it without an advisor going against the dwp . If you have signed , cancel your account and plead ignorance.

  4. There is alot more to come about these fake Jobs Johnny.

    That Montcalm Hotel fake job I found during week and tweeted about was only the start.

    There was also the WS Atkins Plc Fake Job they pulled when they spotted my tweet about it.

    Then that Gay Princess Job You and I found about the same time it appears. Was just going to tweet about it and you published this excellent article 😀

    I have several more Fake looking jobs I found on Universal Jobmatch But I cant 100% confirm are fake/scam at moment. I am working on it 😀

    I will also do some more investigation of Freedom Enterprises & Focus Group Distribution and see what comes out of it 😉

    Keep these articles coming great Job !

    David Smith @davesmith40uk on twitter.

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  6. I wonder why jv has pointed out those with mental health problems or learning disabilities as the only ones supposedly living in dire poverty. Anyone who has been sanctioned by the benefits agency who has no personal funds is in dire poverty, and some of those who are described as having learning disabilities are those who in the governments opinion will not do as they are told by the job centre i.e. obey the never increasing diktats and I know myself agorophobia which I suffer from is exactly that a phobia as in fear of spiders, heights etc. and am perfectly capable of fighting for my rights,the mentally ill that cannot have family or carers to take care of these things for them – the problem is from the other end the government agencies are not listening or choosing to ignore.

    • Don’t get it either: the mentally and physically disabled would be on at least £99.15 (JSA over 25 + 28.15) a week. Still not a fortune and nobody is saying it is. It is jobseekers on JSA who have been sanctioned and left with £0, zilch, nada, zero who are in absolute poverty.

      • Disability benefits are being sanctioned from Dec 3rd, which happens to be International Day of People with Disabilities. Up to £28.15/wk can be taken indefinitely if disabled person doesn’t ‘comply’ with adviser’s ‘suggestions’.

        • I think it’s £28.15pw they can be left with – they can be stripped of up to 70% of their benefits. Yes, it’s that savage.

          • I have never come across the dis-allowance before. It appears to be outrageous. How are people to keep the roof over their heads if their Housing Benefit and Council Tax is taken away. That would make them homeless. How would they survive without money for food or a home to live in? Are they going to start up Poor Houses like they did in the past. People need to get together to protest about the way vulnerable people are being treated. What about setting up a petition.

          • @Liz – petitions achieve very little, and this government would just ignore a petition. Reading the article, even mental health charities and groups appear to be ready to accept some kind of sanctions schemes rather than taking the one principled stand, and that is to oppose any and all schemes of forced labour. If you want to get a petition together, I suggest it is one aimed at the mental health charities that seem to be at least partially in accordance with the government.

            Only by pressurising the charities to take a public stance against the government is acceptable in my view, however much government grant money they stand to lose.

            It is becoming more and more obvious to me that most charities seem to be hand in glove with the government, and that the only action we should be considering is boycotting them all until we receive assurances that not only do they condemn the use of forced labour, but that they oppose this stinking government that’s sliding down the slippery slope towards fascism.

            Charities may claim to be ‘non-political’ but because most of them accept government money they are most certainly political, and seemingly our enemy.

    • I’m sorry to read that you suffer from agoraphobia, it’s a hideous condition that can strip away every ounce of confidence a person may have to the bare foundations of an interior existence, under the current climate people with this condition are being made to feel like something you find on the bottom of one’s shoe or at the very least exagerating or even lying, in this governments eye’s Agoraphobia has become the new “Bad Back” it makes it even worse that not even G.P’s have a full understanding of how at times the condition can lead to suicidal tendencies without all these welfare reforms, it’s how they are using a “One-size fits all” mentality and that is the worst approach to weeding out scroungers, who are partly responsible for this happening in the first place and the welfare bill being so high, add to that immigration under EU rules or NOT as the case may be, they are being a little blind to the detail to be politically correct.

      Of course it’s fine for MP’s to abuse expenses and cameron’s friends to put their profits overseas thus avoiding taxes yet still living here, then preaching how immoral it is for other to do so, a government made up of millionaires waging war on the poor and disabeld will eventually blow up in their faces, it’s a pandora’s box they should never have opened in this manner. They had time to get it right yet they seem to have rushed through many of these reforms as opposed to spending more time in the intricate detail relating to how this can potentially affect people, i also speak of the unemployed too for no fault of their own they may want to work but cannot simply because there are no viable positions of employment to sustain a life either individually or as a family unit.

      The government thinks people who are unemployed need to work for the “Feel Good Factor” and “Moral Integrity” it brings.. this is crap, these things don’t pay the rent, the council tax, utility bills, food on the table to fill empty stomachs, that is a “Viable Wage”, if people want to do voluntary work that is a personal choice, if they feel people who are capable of working on benefits then provide some sustainable positions and not leave people vulnerable to third rate companies who want to abuse this rule without paying a wage… seems many charities have dirt on their hands that cannot be washed off and i don’t buy ignorance as an excuse!, the coalition know all too well and that makes it all the more insidious.

      My opinion is they are treating this like some sick experiment with peoples lives, when it all comes to pass they will be out even if it shows an ounce of succcess, they will just shout across the house “Look! it was not all a failure!, we have a less needy population and it was the remainder of that population we fell victim to”. It is important not to forget the foundations to all this was laid by Labour, yet i doubt if it would ever have been executed in such a brutal manner. I remember reading what the difference is between the Tories and Labour and somebody said they are two cages.. “if you put your hand in one you get it bitten off, if you put it in another you get a flesh wound”.

      Why don’t the tories grow a pair and simply come out and say they hate the mentally and physically disabled along with the unemployed and will be happy to treat them in a variable way not unlike how the rise of Nazi’s treated the jewish race on a political level prior to WW2 aided and abbetted by the Lib-Dems.. that little rat on cameron’s back. I have to say it’s a little rat we must be thankful to albeit a weak and feeble one. The Lib-Dems know the moment this coalition falls they will be back in the political wilderness for years to come.. even more than previously and i love the “For the country” claim they make when they leap-frogged labour who would never work with the Tories and got into bed with them without a second thought for protection (chuckle)..that is the only reason the Lib-Dems don’t want this coalition to fail, Tories will dist themselves down and spout their venom in opposition, whilst Lib-Dems may even start smiling at Labour should the next election go the same way… who can they whore up with next?… They may have another on the same corner… in the name of ukip. 🙂

      • You have hit the nail on the head this Government is behaving like the Nazi’s and their henchmen JCP and cronies WP treat the Unemployed, Sick and Vunerable in a despicable underhand way.

        • They will not be happy until they have taken the country back to the stone age, that is except for themselves, they are arrogant and proud and will see us go into a triple dip recession and lose our triple A rating long before they will acept their policies are a complete and utter failure. The coalition has no idea how to motivate and how to encourage, the last thing you do is force people to do things.. that is fascist rules, history tells us those will always fail eventually. A bunch of toffs with silver spoons up their arses will not get far with people for as long as they preach their platitudes that bear no relation to real people and the lives they lead in the real world.

          When the tories speak of “Hard working people”, it’s music to their ears that people are busting their humps for low pay and high taxes they take and then waste on nothing but bad policies and failed schemes they end up shelving and wasting millions of pounds that makes the welfare bill seem like pocket money in comparison. Their propaganda is failing as the working classes are starting to feel as if theyhave been made made complete and utter stooges. What this country needs is a peoples party, a government that answers to the people who voted them in and engage with the people of this country on matters that directly concern them, we can only do that at election time.

          I’m convinced this coalition will fall sometime in the new year and it will be out of the hands of both parties and so triggering a general election, at the moment people tend to believe this coalition are happy to tick along until 2015 but the fact is it’s hanging by a thread, the sleaze will have the last call on this coalition. Then we can at the very least have a democratically elected party in power with a majority and not some PM who is there by default who could not even win that majority. I think Lib-Dems will be in the political wilderness for years after this, for them to get into bed with the Tories they had to sell their voters out in order to taste power in the only way they were likely to do so. Even if we end up with a hung parliament, no matter what party they will be the whore who wants more. 🙂

          • When I was 17, I worked in a chicken factory (processing plant)
            in bury st edmunds. At ‘tea break’ , sometimes a man came out onto the factory floor with a stopwatch. If you was 15 seconds late back from your break you was given a written warning to keep you sackable. You had to work so fast, you would wake up in the nite doing the repetative tasks in your sleep, and you developed head aches and eye problems from the flourescent only lighting. The job was SHIT. The money was fucking diabolical. It was a work camp.
            I wish these guvernment wankers had to work these jobs for a year before they slate others. They have not a clue, and the labour silver spoon tossers are worse.

  7. Focus Group Distribution and One Recruitment are scams.

  8. Universal Jobmatch is Shite

    What about all those “Jobs Warehouse” ads? WTF are those all about?

    • Basically (if I am not mistaken) its jobs that have been automated through, such as by Monster.

      • Yes Its automated scraping ( I assume by permission and for a fee ) from sites like cv-library etc. Everything seems grabbed from many of the sites concerned no matter how out of date etc. Not that DWP gives a damn it would appear. Anything to make out there are loads of jobs & everyone signing on is ‘workshy’ so they can keep finding more excuses to sanction and thereby make unemployment figures look lower than they really are IMO.

  9. Hi all, just a brief insight into my experience so far with UJM.

    I was presented the relevant paperwork on a recent sign date (15/11) and signed as normal on that day.

    Returning two weeks later with my completed jobsearch (29/11) to sign again, I had registered and begun using UJM on 23/11 and had applied for jobs through that service until 29/11, but the week prior to that I just applied to jobs via company websites etc.

    Interestingly, yesterday i received a letter saying; ‘A doubt has arisen on your claim for JSA as it appears that from 16/11 to 22/11 you may not have taken sufficient or appropriate steps to find work.’

    So, it looks like I am due for a sanction as the letter does state that JSA cannot be paid until a decision is reached.

    I find it very much of a coincidence that the week prior to signing up to UJM has been flagged as ‘you didnt do enough’.

    I am going in to the Jobcentre tomorrow and will report my findings back here.

    • Have you allowed the DWP access to your account?

    • appropriate steps to find work – if it’s not down to Universal Jobmatch (with exact dates) it’s some co-incidence!

      • So some FOI requests are met with ‘bugger off’ commercial confidentiality excuses.. Thats nice, public interest ? Naah.,

      • Never, ever let them look over your shoulder or print out your jobsearch from Universal Jobmatch unless you’ve been keeping notes or all that will show up are jobs you’ve applied for from the site, it won’t show up jobs you’ve applied for from other places or stuff you’ve been doing away from the site. Write it all down day by day on paper and show that to the Jobcentre as you jobsearch record. That’s the best way to do it. The less you bring UJM into it the better because the site is definitely designed to trip you up and catch you out. Be very careful.

    • wot happens if u just binned the leaflet u were given at signing-on????

    • Write everything down DON’T log it on Universal Jobmatch and print it out for the Jobcentre. Make sure you’ve got something written down EVERY DAY not just the jobs you apply for. So “Monday: Visited the library and used computer to do comprehensive online search for jobs. Read newspapers and journals”, “Tuesday: Visited Jobcentre and consulted Jobpoints”, “Wednesday: Did online jobsearch and applied for vacancy with sushc and such doing so nd so” … blah, blah, blah… and so on for every working day of the week. If you apply for any job write down its details and make sure you include all jobs applied for from other sites or agencies. Make sure you’ve got something down for every working day of the week and write your record down on paper rather than printing it off Universal Jobmatch.

    • So do you mean that you submitted the paper diary to cover the ‘missing’ 16-22 Nov period on the 29th with your advisor, where the remainder of the period was ‘checked off’ electronically? (And so that it was because you hadn’t applied for any directgov (UJ) jobs that you failed the agreement?)

      Or do you mean that part of the two week period was missed off because of the transition from one system to another? In other words there was a failure to check back to the start of that period? (from the 16th)

      • I mean you need to keep a diary of your jobseeking and other efforts for every working day of the week and show this to the Jobcentre rather than stuff logged automatically by Universal Jobmatch. Make sure you’ve got at least a couple of things written down for Monday to Friday such as applied for job, visited Jobcentre, did online jobsearch, looked at papers, worked on CV, sent speculative email to employer, attended Work Programme, went to Work Club, did some volunteering, did a training course, visited employer and inquired about vacancies… blah, blah, blah… depending on where you live. Where Uboprufen went wrong by the look of it was that he/she had nothing noted down from 16/11 to 22/11 to show he/she was “actively seeking or preparing for work” and so the Jobcentre assumed that on those days he/she was idle.

        You need to show them you had been “active” looking for or preparing for work for 20 hours a week, i.e., 4 hours a day! Do that and you should be OK. Although fuck knows how anybody could “job seek” for the 35 hours a week that they want us all to do next year!

        We’re all now assumed to be guilty until we prove ourselves innocent!

    • I signed on during the week and was asked to sign to the Universal Jobmatch I asked was it compulsory and was told that it was not and I then stated I would rather not and continue with my paper listing of my job applications. However, the Advisor asked me to sign another Agreement and I said I had already done so a few weeks ago he said something about it was going to be a weekly thing. When I go home and looked at it more closely it states ‘ I will register on the Gov Gateway and Universal Jobmatch by 10/12/12’. I missed it as he said nothing had changed and foolishly trusted the guy to be honest. How stupid was I? I cannot believe that he was so dishonest. Is there anything I can do? Can someone advise me. I have had a look at this what if I do not tick the box allowing the DWP access? Is there any way people can get out of this as putting your details on this site seems to take away data protection rights?

      • If you do sign up and don’t tick the box allowing them access they will (try and) trick you into giving them access like they tricked you into signing up in the first place. If you do sign up (and as far as the JC is concerned you have “agreed” to that as part of your JSAG) it would probably be best not to tick the box just yet; you haven’t even “agreed” to that anyway – but make sure you keep a proper and detailed record of your jobsearch. Always cover your back!

      • They will probably try and sneak something onto an “updated” JSAG like: “I will use Universal Jobmatch twice daily for job search and to apply for vacancies. I will give the DWP permission to access my account.”

      • Thing is if you dispute a JSAG or any other job centre diktat it has to go to a “decision maker”, but if you are in the right and the “decision maker” knows you know your rights it *should* go in your favour. But most jobseekers buckle under at this point. This is how they will force this through. Most jobseeker probably still sign away their rights afforded to them by the Data Protection Act 1998 even though it explicitly says on the form that you don’t have to, it don’t used to, but it does now.

      • I have looked over the Agreement I have signed once more and what I have signed ‘I will Register on the Gov Gateway and Universal Jobmatch by 10/12/12’. I have registered and got a number but I have not created an account they have not asked me to create an account. From the opening page of Gov UK – Find a job with Universal Jobmatch – I do not need to go into the account. I have done what was asked of me and can search for jobs without going into an account. Registered got a number and can still do a Universal Jobmatch. Can they force you to create a profile as this goes against the Data Protection Act?

        Read this statement on the Privacy Statement:

        This Privacy Policy sets out how online information will be collected and used on and by this website.

        “By registering or by using this site, you accept, how the personal information provided by you will be the collected, used and transferred. Please read this policy carefully as it affects your rights and responsibilities under the law. If you disagree with the way we collect and process personal information collected on the Site, please do not use it.”

        This policy controls the processing of information that you supply as a user of the Sites, whether you are a jobseeker or an employer.

        The Sites contain links to other web sites over which We have no control. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or methods of other web sites that you link to from this Site. We encourage you to read carefully the privacy policies of those other web sites so you can understand how they collect, use and share your information.

        We do not control how employers or others will use your information if they can access it on this Site. We encourage you to read carefully the privacy policies and opt-out choices of those employers or others. You need to understand how they collect, use and share your information.

        Information we collect and keep
        You do not have to give Us any personal information to be able to carry out job searches or to read the content of the Sites. It will tell you on the Site if any personal information is needed to use the service you have requested or not. We collect the following general types of information about you when you visit the Sites:

        Personal information is information that can be used to identify you, or any other person to whom the information may relate. We do not collect personal information unless you choose to provide it to Us. Some examples of personal information that We collect in some areas of the Sites, depending on the services you use, are:

        • your name

        • address

        • email address

        • telephone number

        • contact information

        • information about third parties, such as references or contacts, that you provide to Us if you have their express consent to do so.

        This list is not complete.

        We also collect information regarding how you use the Sites, the areas of the Sites that you visit, what services you access, and information about your computer hardware and software including your IP address, location, browser and operating system type, domain names, access times and referring Website addresses. This information is necessary for analysing the use of resources, troubleshooting problems, preventing fraud, and improving our services.

        How information is used
        We use the information We collect to help us in providing our services, answering any queries you may have, operating and improving the Sites. It will also help us to support and deliver a good experience of the sites to both jobseekers and employers.

        By registering on the sites, and managing your information or CV, or opting in when given a choice, you have agreed for Us to use your information in the following ways:

        • to allow you to create an account

        • to create a profile for you based on information that you have given to Us

        • to contact you about Site updates, general advice and service-related communications, including important security updates

        • to enable you to provide feedback, to contact Us and for Us to respond to you

        • to carry out surveys and questionnaires

        • to provide information about you and your possible interest in job vacancies to employers

        • to provide services to employer customers to complete the recruitment and hiring process, such as accessing CVs

        • to provide internal reports about the use of the Site.

        When you choose to apply to a vacancy, our services allow employers and others to see your personal information and to contact you. Nameless CV information may be visible to employers who are using the Site and this information will remain nameless and your personal information will not be seen until you choose to apply.

        By giving your personal information on our website, you agree to your information being used as described here. We follow processes to keep your information safe from people without permission to access it. These processes also help to keep your information safe from people who try to use it incorrectly. We do not control these people and We are not responsible for their use of information you provide to Us. So, you should make sure that you do not put sensitive information (as defined in the Data Protection Act) on the Sites.

      • You are allowed to ask that the agreement be changed so it would be best to ask to get an appointment/drop in pre-10/12 to have it changed back (or that line removed!)

        It’s all you can do really. You are free to make a complaint, dropping this guy’s name, though you might be able to think up some other reason for needing it changed quickly, getting this struck out at the same time, if not actually truthing it.

        You are right that a box can be ticked to stop advisor access, but best not to let things get that far.

        • Good advice also Stuart,
          personally I would aim to get the Jsag changed with the registering on Universal Jobmatch Removed. Keep as far away from the ‘Universal Sanction machine’ as you can.

          Wow lots of responses to liz. Im not keeping up . Its all good advice.

      • Good Advice Rebel10 !,
        Liz as Rebel10 says if you do sign up DO NOT tick box allowing Jobcentre and DWP access to your job search activity data on Universal Jobmatch. It is leaving yourself wide open to them trawling through it looking for any excuse they can to Sanction You ( Which I suspect is whole aim of system a ‘Universal Sanction Machine’). There is growing evidence in this thread of this been the case.

        As Rebel10 says always cover your back and have a Detailed Jobsearch Diary for every day ready.

        When you deal with DWP and Jobcentre Plus you are not dealing with an honest organisation IMO far from it in fact.

        Always read everything they give you and know what you are signing for. Never volunteer any information you dont absolutely have to. They will try to use it against you if they can and think they can get away with it.

        Keep us posted what happens if you can. Im davesmith40uk on twitter.

      • Don’t think I can give any advice (I’ve only been reading & sometimes venting spleen on this, or any, online site for around a month, since a very similar thing happened to me).. Just to say that the ideas and information on here have been invaluable – both for moral support and practical advice. If you read back a bit (some of the articles before this one about UJ), you’ll see how much the information given has varied from person to person; jc to jc.

        You aren’t alone (by any means). A friend realised before I did that the new all-singing/all-dancing website would be set up to allow the jc access to each person’s account. (I thought it sounded a far-fetched – as in ‘illegal’ even for them but I could see the logic & why he would suspect it – but that was then – this is now). Friend was looking in from the outside & so was more objective (& has had enough dealings in the past to see how things are going now with conditionality/’sanctions’) & so saw the writing on the wall.

        They 1st mentioned UJ to me in passing (about 2 weeks before it’s launch on 19th Nov) & the conversation about registering on it, went “Is it compulsory to use/register?” “Yes you will have to”. Then “How could it be compulsory to give sight of personal correspondence to employers etc. to the job centre?”. (Even thoughI hadn’t realised the half of it risk-to-loss-of-personal-data/life-wise, it was clear early on that it was going to be a ‘tool’ for surveillance/to set up more hoops to jump through and sanctions to fall into = loss of income). I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. Went to CAB for advice (got more advice on here if I’m honest; then read the Data Protection Act & put my ‘reservations’ in writing – using a letter which was posted for the purpose on the consent.me website… Even being that bit forewarned has still only got me so far. They’ve quickly point out that “I am the only one” on my adviser’s caseload, who has raised any objections – it’s probably true as it’s been brought in by stealth & heavily disguised as something a) helpful and brilliant and b) compulsory. They’ve then said “we will have to see you more often if you choose not to use it/register” (Translation: “you are being difficult; we have ways of making you register”) & then as you say, after a short gap they now say the managers on high have stated ALL persons on my adviser’s caseload have to have weekly checking-up session. I’m not naturally a suspicious person but a) I don’t believe this – they treat everyone differently as they see fit (not the same) in all other ways and b) it’s a HUGE coincidence – they have mentioned “seeing me more often” 3 weeks ago, if I chose not to use UJ. My memory is going a bit but it isn’t that short …. advisers manager has written to confirm it’s okay to not use/register & providing other record of evidence should mean I “have nothing to worry about” – they keep using this phrase on official letters before pulling the rug from under people’s (ill/disabled/parents/without an alternerative souce of income – it doesn’t matter)

        For what it’s worth, I am ‘fighting’ back (!!) – with words/letters & will see how far it gets me …. The argument I’m using is weekly appointments/checks will affect my job seeking (less time to do it as more time travelling to & from Jc) and also that I have still provided documented evidence from other job sites/wherever else & they’ve told me in writing this is could be a ‘good enough’ alternative. They obviously don’t like dissent in any form & want to do whatever they can to make it impossible for everyone – so they do at some point get us all to sign up.

        I’m getting more hopeful by the day that the problems/complaints about UJ will override it’s use to the jc (on the one hand) but on the other hand I see people in there all the time who have very little/no information other than what’s being ‘fed’ to them when they go to sign. So (for now) they know there’s no point asking me to sign a new agreement with the new wording on it – because I’ve already been clear I won’t use it – but it does feel like it’s only a matter of time before I’m given some sort of ‘sign or else’ direction with the threat of a sanction held above it (no, I’m not paranoid. I am paranoid but not ‘Paranoid’ -might be that way soon). The only other thing I would say is that the job I’ve been given to apply for this time was printed off from what looked like the ‘old’ direct.gov site & i’m told it’s running alongside the new one (can still be used by jc advisers to find jobs for ‘people like me’ to apply for). This beggars belief – the jobs are in 2 places & can be accessed without going anywhere near UJ (or are they just keeping some back for ‘stragglers’). Adviser did say something like “the jobs on here are all really far away”. I think they have really used smoke & mirrors & only really built a house of cards based on lies, damn lies & a few dodgy statistics …. but loads of unsuspecting people (I don’t mean you) have just walked right in & signed up. On the bright side they are having all kinds of trouble with signing up.

        Ps. Another friend who used the refer to the DSS (were DHSS) as the ‘SS’ – this was over 10 years ago and I think it was around the start of them using rules around showing evidence of applying for jobs, not just being ‘trusted’ to go & find your own suitable job. It used to be a kind of a joke but what we’re seeing today (now they have the technology) makes back then look like a stroll in the park ….

      • What I would do is not to create and account because if you do they will be able to link your name and postcode to you Gateway ID number and identify you. What I would do is not to create an account and tell them next time that after reading the privacy and terms and conditions statements on the site and reading about Universal Jobmatch on the web you are not willing to submit your own sensitive personal data to its custody and are quite within your rights to deny consent to share you data with such a website because of the Data Protection Act 1998. I would say that you will be using the site for jobsearch but will not be uploading an letters or CVs to it until you are satisfied that it is safe and reliable. And make sure you read everything they put in front of you before you sign it in future! They may bully you but if you stand your ground they cannot make you surrender protections already given to you by law.

        According to the First Principle of the Data Protection Act 1998, viz., Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully: “The data subject (the person whose data is stored) has consented (“given their permission”) to the processing;” Every British citizen therefore has the right to withhold consent to share their personal data with anyone without penalty.

        Don’t be intimidated or fooled into signing away these rights.

        • You could just say that you are happy to continue to use the DWP site to search for jobs (it is only one of many job boards) to search for jobs. But now that they have got an inch they will take a mile. If at all possible, you really want that “agreement” to sign up to this Universal Sanction Machine removed from your JSAG because the next step is they are going to “need” the account details, then “need” permission to access “otherwise we will have no way of checking that you have been applying for jobs which will lead to a sanction”.

          • That’s also my view.
            So, if you are made of stern stuff do not give an inch. It’s not mandatory. A direction? Let ’em. Me? Past caring.
            Those claimants that are assertive and can rally to their scripts and have valid counter to their ‘intimidation’ tactics. should not sign up, but simply keep a record of steps and any applications made on paper.
            The rules Are still ‘steps’ to find work people. Not applications! Despite the crap these people at the JC and providers spew.
            I look for work, if there is something suitable i apply for jobs. I do what i do, it is the truth. They rarely can offer a valid argument in return to my assertions.

            Didn’t stop them sanctioning me for 6 months though!


      • Many thanks to all for the advice. I have composed a letter of complaint and asking that my details are removed and copied the 3 named Managers of the JCP. I have also included the Privacy statement highlighting areas of the statement. I will be overly cautious when signing their documents and if necessary take time to sign away from the Advisor. I do fill in my paper diary in detail and have applied for their jobs from Universal Jobmatch but not on the website have written down the contact email address and sent from my own account or gone directly to the website of that warehouse and applied from there. I shall hand deliver my complaint on Wednesday as working tomorrow and will ask for a signature from someone that the letters have been received by the JCP. Once again thanks to everyone

  10. Johnny i came across this little govt document helping disabled people( apparently)

    Have a look.

    Click to access disability-discussion-easy-read.pdf

  11. I just want to add to my last posting, the agorophobia I am suffering from now is because they locked me up and drugged me illegally, there was nothing wrong with my mental health prior to this.

  12. Took all of 10 minutes to harvest 500 CVs with ludicrous fake job advert that only an imbecile would miss. Poor jobseekers whose CVs were obtained were emailed and told to complain to their local jobcentre about the lack of security. CVs were then deleted.

    • Wow! Is this another ‘flagship’ or a sinking titanic?

      • There is already SIGNIFICANT evidence that claimants are actively being targeted by fraudsters from information acquired through this horrible website.

    • me thinks your full of BS. as a test i uploaded a cv which was faked
      and added a real email address to it. i have not seen any email from “mr scriptkiddy” telling me to do such a thing.

      • If you had played enough with the system enough you would realize that it is area targeted… chances are that you are not in the area targeted. as for scripts, all that is required is a anonymous VOIP, bulk advert uploading enabled and something to parse emails sent to registered address. all far too easy. hardest bit was extracting the matched applicant list because it was faulty and only allowed viewing the first page, but this data is sent daily via email. hardest bit was getting around all the bugs in the site. feel free not to believe me as I’m sure they’ll be plently of other stories saying the same thing.

      • Did anyone see the jw blog about work prog providers??? And dwp curt reply commercial

      • Script kiddie LOL. I was rooting VAXs before you were born.

  13. Might have already posted it but heres a doc telling us how those feckless benefit scroungers who pose as ‘disabled’ might benrfit soceity.. Aw bless them..

    Click to access disability-discussion-easy-read.pdf

  14. Jv must be out on a black un because he’s not answering you bobchewie, perhaps some feckless quasi disabled benefit scrounger might.?

  15. Has this been given to dispatches as I am sure they would love to investigate.

  16. This blog and all the comments are terrific material for my blog
    pointing out how the entire scam ridden IDS edifice needs to be swept away, and it can, using IDS’s own background briefing Dynamic Benefits (2009)
    Not easy to explain. I have already had one critical comment getting the wrong end of the stick on the CI.

  17. No to universal jobmatch

    what happens if i have registered with the site but i choose not to use it? The site is basically crap, no jobs for me to apply for ( out of my skill range ) it shows error messages when i have found a job to apply for….its a load of bollocks

    • If experience of Uboprufen above is anything to go by you might have them issuing a Sanction doubt letter saying they have ‘reason to believe you havent taken sufficient or appropriate steps to find work’ shortly after your next signing on day . I suspect it all depends on if you gave permission when you registered for universal jobmatch for DWP & Jobcentre Plus to view your Jobsearch activity on it ?

      I would take evidence with you next sign on such as screen prints showing how the shambolic universal jobmatch system doesnt work for you etc and a comprehensive written job search diary for EVERY day . Make sure the ‘adviser’ initialises it & that you have their name too. That would be my advice so if they try it on with a sanction doubt you have ammuntion to appeal and fight back.

      They are just looking anyway they can to find reasons to sanction for reasons that should be obvious. Dont give them the opportunity !

      I thought from start Universal Jobmatch was intended as a ‘Universal Sanction Machine’ Everyday seems to vindicate my view a little more.

      Also keep us posted if you can what happens.

      • This morning at IT course (not JC-run, it’s in a community college):-

        “They do need to clamp down a bit more on job seekers though, don’t they? It’s because of that documentary, the one where someone handed over a shopping list/shipping forecast in place of a real job diary and still got their money …”

        (So that’s what current ‘policies’ are based on).

        The same person later on, though (and a 2nd person) when I asked them if they knew about the existence of ‘sanctions’, and how regular and common their use is, & the ever-increasing number of ‘reasons’), both said they were surprised to hear that this happens, didn’t know it did and were pretty shocked it’s happening. One was an “I’ve-never-voted-for-25-years person (due to disillusioned and scepticism that those ‘at the top’ always get ahead at the expense of those ‘lower down’), so was less surprised but still said he’d known nothing about it before today and looked genuinely surprised. People that might ‘give a damn’ just don’t know.

  18. I’m surprised no ones entered a spoof job for First Lord of the Treasury – (apply to One Brewer’s Green, London SW1H 0RH of course).

  19. The new site is like some other major sites in that it doesn’t do any vetting for the kind of “commission only” stuff you mentioend briefly. To anyone using the site. I’d suggest avoiding any of the following like a Black Death – carrying rat (all firms i’ve identified as exploitive door-to-door or street sellers in the last couple of years):
    RTR UK
    Orrick Marketing
    The Highland Organisation
    SRJ Marketing
    RH Client Solutions
    CF Enterprise Group
    Bour Bons
    Advert Anywhere
    Pareto Global Associates
    Carolina Consulting
    Essential Link Solutions
    TC World Ltd
    Fundraising Vision
    TTT Group
    RTR UK
    AJUK Marketing Solutions
    APEX Acquisitions
    AJ Social Care
    ITE / Independent Travel Experts
    Alchemy Logistics
    AKC Distribution
    Simply Recruit
    AAP Fundraising
    Magnum Direct
    Harvey Wayne Communications
    TC World Ltd
    Inspired People
    Range Recruitment

  20. If the DWP make the use of this site conditional they are accountable for the data secrity under the data protection act … data protection responsibilities Are inherited !

  21. It’s one big deceitful crock of shite, IDS should be ashamed of himself, comes straight out of a comic book, it’s doomed to crash and burn in flames sooner rather than later. Rather like the entire reforms that will when all this comes to pass prove how much money this coalition has wasted with little or no savings, it will be the basis of a scandal and that famous quote we hear so much it bores me… “We must learn lessons from this”.. ZZzzz

  22. Don’t you all get it? None of this really matters. IDS, Fraud & their gang are out to FUCK US UP! If UJM helps to do this, then they are perfectly happy for this to occur. They DO NOT CARE.
    Everything they are doing is designed to FUCK US UP! That is their only rationale. It barely matters how they dress it up to flog to the rabid and skint serfs in serfdom in The ConDemNation, they’ll get to them later, so long as they FUCK US UP.
    They are insane. They are psychopaths. Fucking us up for fun and profit.
    What else do you need to know?
    Except…..much worse is to come.

  23. Simple. State that you will do everything you can to discover your local WP office staffers home addresses, and that you will circulate that information to every other client. That should be enough to scare the shit out of issuing any WP08s

  24. I did a trial run of signing up under a spoof name details etc, and when the Jobcentre asked me to sign up for real i asked one of santa’s helpers to run me through it, when i refused to accept the terms and conditions and therefore couldn’t go any further (with a look of confusion from the helper) i was asked to have a chat about it next time i signed on. The sad thing is 3 young’ens were being led by the hand typing all their personal details in.

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  26. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)


    Welfare News Service on Freud:

    He was asked what he knew of a life where having ten pounds less to spend would make a difference? I was impressed by the guts of the interviewer in asking such a question, but the Minister’s response made my blood run cold. He said “We have a lot of information feedback and listen a lot, so I think we can absorb the information about what it takes and what’s required…I think you don’t have to be the corpse to go to a funeral, which is the implied criticism there.”

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  28. What about the separate sheet recording our job-searching activity that we now have to hand in instead of the grey diary booklet. Aren’t the jobcentre supposed to hand you back the last sheet when they give you a new one? If they don’t hand it back does this mean a “doubt” has been raised?

    • Not too keen on that either… never sure if a sanction is going to come out of the blue… with the diary you could relax once it had been signed off and handed back.

  29. Looking at UJM site now, it appears to have changed. There are no details given to allow you to apply. Instead there is an Apply button, and when you press on this it asks you to sign in or register.

    • You could see that one coming, duh 🙂

    • I’ve just had a look and most of the jobs I clicked on still have employer details.
      Thankfully it’s still browsable, which is how it should be and negates the need to make an account.

      If they take that away it will be them placing a barrier to work in my opinion. And employing coercive tactics. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they plan to do this though. They’ll do what they’ll do, regardless. The nasty bastards.

  30. Has anyone seen a copy of the leaflet UJCUST? (It’s about signing uo to UJ). The first paragraph claims that it’s safe!

    However, more importantly, nothing in the leaflet comes anywhere near suggesting that signing up is compulsory. When I signed on last (Friday) my advisor chatted a little about UJ, but said that ‘if’ I signed up, he’d chat more about it next time.

    Again, like the Work Programme, it all hinges on us being persuaded to divulge our personal information, (through signing a waiver) which they will try and trick us into providing. It would take quite a major change in legislation to change the Data Protection Act, and as any change would have to apply equally to everyone, it would be hard to get that one through the House of Commons, let alone the House of Lords.

    Some have commented about the sad sacks who mutely sign up, that’s sad, but it happens, there are always those for whom a backbone is something unheard of. But the fact that we in the know may well be the ‘only ones’ who have raised an issue should not deter us. My own experience suggests that even JCP staff are slowly beginning to see the writing on the wall, as certainly my advisor seems to be trying the soft sell, but that may be a ploy. Whatever he tries with me, the answer will be a firm no.

    • Just been inside my local job centre today for around 5 minutes (at the front of house bit filling in some paperwork) and in that time one person went over to ask for some help saying that he had seen a job to apply for “but there aren’t any details of how/where to apply for it on the job points”.

      When I was there last, adviser’s phone rang & she had a conversation with someone saying “Have you still not been able to register? Just come in anyway & ring the (helpline) number from here to see if you have successfully done it”. Adviser then told me that no-one she sees had so far been able to register because of one or another problem with the site – although they were trying (very ….).

  31. DWP union has voiced concerns over number of UJ infiltrations and policy & requested advisory sessions & possible action.

  32. Right now, InDaShit,LawdFrawd,and HulkHoban are squatting in their publically funded offices chortling with glee at the evil success of UJM, m.w.a. for the sick and disabled, sanctions raining down like confetti,and the upcoming omnishambles of UC and p.i.p.
    Busy little psychopaths.

  33. And still no one actually DOES something……

  34. The best thing in the world right now would be a TV AD stating:

    Been mandated into signing up for Universal Jobmatch by Jobcentre or Work Programme staff?

    Then ring “XXXXXXXXX” Solicitors today – you can now claim compensation of at least £10,000 for illegal mandation.

    So please ring now and remember it’s no win – no fee.

  35. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    “You don’t have to be the corpse to go to the funeral…” indicates that the guests attending the funeral (the State) are happy that it’s the general public being buried. Not them, their kids or their mates.

    They’re relieved.

    Once again I ask you all to stop fighting the computer, the think tanks, the jcp dwp and each other.

    Please think about what you would do if there was no State or benefit system.

    It’s time to evolve. Because when the States system falls we have the head start. We can say I told you so.

    & guess who’s being bent over and given a right rodgering more than disabled, unemployed, teens & poorly paid employess? The pensioners! They’ve already done the work… Where’s their reward?

    In manufacturers pockets, because the kids & grand kids are well brainwashed into buying whatever crap they see advertised on tele/ promoted as the must have.

    This is ONE angle…

    Talk to pensioners. They can help, & could do with the company. How many OAP’s do you know that have pc skills? Spread the word. Most pensioners I interact with claim that they’d do things differently if they had their time again.

  36. Found this on the PCS website….


    One wonders why PCS members are doing the government’s dirty work then?

  37. I was handed the UJM leaflet on the 16/11 with little explanation about what it was. When I went to the site on launch day to register I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.. it was like something out of an Orwell novel so I created a throw away email and “registered” to have a snoop.

    Obviously that was enough for me to know I wanted no part of this and after a Google search I found this site. I had a Working Links appointment on the 22/11 and when they asked me if I had signed up I said no.. unsurprisingly they knew next to fuck all about the site, only that others had told them they “had” to sign up but i soon put that straight with the consent.me printout i had to hand.

    30/11 ~ signing day and with the help of my skepticism, this blog site and a little research I was ready.. they say if you want peace, prepare for war and believe me I was ready! First it should be noted that in the 10 minutes or so I was waiting to be seen, the number of people who were either handing over their log in details or believing the “it’s mandatory” bullshit was staggering, it was akin to lambs to the slaughter.. if I had any faith in humanity i’m sure it would have died that day.

    I get called over and after the usual “any changes” etc i was asked if I had signed up for UJM.. to which i replied “no, and i have no intention of doing so.” At this point my advisor tried to tell me it was manditory so i asked if he had that in writing which was fobbed off with the usual “i don’t have that to hand at the moment” crap which perfectly set up bullet number 1.. aforementioned consent.me printout which i read aloud..

    “10.7 Jobcentre customers (including potential jobseekers) will not me mandated to register and create a profile.” this was met by a stutter and “but it will become mandated soon..” at this point I set fire-rate to fully auto and exclaimed that I would assume for a moment that he was semi-intelligent and had done some research on an issue he would be dealing with 100’s of times a day (I tried not to sound TO sarcastic, honestly) and if he had done so then he would no that under no circumstance I could be forced into signing away my rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 as well as my rights under section 8 of the Human Rights act, “Everyone has the right for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.”

    I then went on to provide 5 A4 printouts of alternative sites I can use to jobsearch along with 2 A4 sheets of things I’ve applied for in the previous 2 weeks as well as my usual jobsearch diary.. I have never seen a man go so white in all my life! I’m telling you it was a thing of beauty 😀 I signed as usual and left feeling triumphant in my victory but i have a feeling this is only the first of many battles and I will have to do the same every other time i sign for the foreseeable future.

    And to the point I finally arrive.. DO NOT back down and sign away your rights to this “Universal Sanction Machine” (whoever it was who came up with that, consider it officially borrowed :P) do you’re research, cover your asses with extensive details of jobsearch activities, be careful of what you are signing, read EVERYTHING and hope like I hope that a) you find employment soon or you win the lottery and immediately emigrate for this nightmare and b) if/when these heartless fucking Tory cunts drive someone to suicide they have the good sense to put a bullet in Ian Duncan Smith’s head first!

    • Always be armed with printouts.. I love it when i get JC staff. Welcome to the army Blenderhead

    • I came up with naming it the “Universal Sanction Machine” on twitter as it accurately encapsulates what Universal Jobmatch is intended to be by DWP & JCP if they are allowed to get away with it IMHO 😉 Borrow away Blenderhead 😀

      Great to hear more and more wiping the floor with them over this Fiasco. As Corporal Jones used to say “They dont like it up ’em” 😀 . The ‘cold hard steel’ in this case Been the FACTS , the LAW and the TRUTH all three of which DWP & JCP try to ignore or distort for their own benefit if people let them do it in my experience. DO NOT let them !

      Welcome to the Battlefield Blenderhead 😉 Always be fully armed with printouts & evidence . Lock & Load before every contact with JCP 😉

  38. If you are disallowed for ASE (Actively Seeking Employment) under the Universal Sanctioning Monster Machine then it is a dis-allowance not a sanction which means all benefits are disallowed including Housing benefit and Council Tax benefit.

  39. Universal Sanctioning Monster Machine


  40. Landless Peasant

    I received an email from the twats who run the website for DWP , informing me of the latest vacancies for me to view. So I now have an email address to which I can regularly forward all my job application confirmation emails that I get from applying for jobs on the cv library website. I urge everyone else to do this. Simply forward your job evidence to:


    They don’t want you to do this, It says on the bottom of the email “do not reply to this address unless you have been told to do so”. I did so anyway, and they didn’t bounce back so I know it is a live email address that can receive emails. If enough of us do this it will cause them problems, will fill an inbox somewhere or perhaps even overload servers! 🙂

    • all the will do is filter that out eventaly so its not worth it.
      just print out any jobs that you apply for else where that are not/never posted on “scroungers direct” and take them in with you when you sign on
      they cant do anything if you have printed proof. they can try and “sanction”
      but it will get over turned which would be a waste of time and money.
      i wonder how much it will cost the tax payer to have all these “sanctions” over turned and have our country dip into another ression becasue of it.

  41. They should not be getting away with sanctioning never mind talk of disallowing all benefits – the country is truly run by criminals. George Osborne is still spouting off about how those claiming benefits are dis- proportionately unfair to those in work. Does he really think anyone forced into low paid, part-time or temporary work fall for this propaganda anymore. Those that are earning dis-proportionately more at the top then those at the bottom does not indicate a fair days pay for a fair days work for those at the bottom. So if he wants to spout about fairness and incomes he should look at wage differentials. Take from the highest wage earners, give to lowest and they all meet somewhere in the middle – that sounds fair to me especially when they are all only doing a days work each.

  42. Well that ukmgs.co.uk email domain confirms what other interested parties have already said and I suspected. At least part of Universal Jobmatch system is sitting outside UK in USA. No suprise as Monster operating system for DWP and nominet whois confirms domain registered Aug 2012 by “Monster.com”. IP of ukmgs.co.uk is GeoIP indicates that IP resides in Maynard, Massachusetts USA. A traceroute to the IP confrims in US and matches nominet whois registered address data.

    This opens up a pandoras box of Privacy & Security concerns I think.
    As a small example Under US Patriot Act any data about Foreign citizens passing through US networks can be legally intercepted in full by NSA & passed to CIA,FBI,Homeland Security etc.No conspiracy theory FACT.

    The possibilty for privacy & security breaches given the nature of the sensitive Data stored on Universal Jobmatch I would hope should be obvious to anyone when it is potentially offshore & outside of UK & EU jurisdictions like this. They will drone on about safe harbor privacy agreement etc if this is raised. It is not worth paper it is written on IMO when you have the Patriot Act & NDAA in US law.

    You also have a wide geographical area where systems & people can access data regardless of where core Universal Jobmatch databases reside, providing an increased attack surface for hackers etc to exploit.

    I urge everyone to keep their personal data as far away from Universal Jobmatch as they possibly can.

  43. I asserted my rights with the work programme provider. I got to a 26 week sanction. I was available for and actively seeking work.

    It doesn’t matter because unemployment has been a crime for quite a few years now.

    I dont care anymore, I will not comply with their bullshit. I want a job, really! A suitable one that I truly am capable of. I’m not too fussy, if reasonably local even min wage is better than putting up with all this crap.
    Is it our fault there aren’t truly suitable jobs out there. Of course not.

    I don’t think it’s always helpful to exclaim to these people ‘There aren’t any jobs’. Because of course, there are jobs out there, not many decent ones granted, but there are some. What i tend to say to these people is that yes of course there are jobs out there, but simply put not every individual is suited to every vacancy advertised, for numerous reasons.
    This often provokes a few clicks and whirrs as they process it. They counter this and then i rally off several reasons as to why it is valid.
    They allude to the fact that we are entitled to such a requirement as suitable employment, suitable for who? But the truth is they just see us as dirty little non income tax payers. That’s the real issue. The demonisation in the right wing press and the various scrounger labels a result of the governments resentment.
    If they could get away with gassing us I reckon they would give it a go.
    A tad extreme perhaps. But the look of some of these ’employees’, the hatred in their eyes and the way in which they talk at you could chill a meeker person to the bone.

    • It’s all smoke and mirrors, once upon a time real jobs may have existed but that is the biggest lie of all and the most unacceptable, it’s a wild goose chase. They think people who are unemployed have all the time in the world to waste. To be honest the government don’t really care about the working middle classes either, they are just using them as a tool, it’s a means to an end for them. There are people who are genuinely thinking about leaving the country if this madness continues right up to 2015. Many have been saying they would sooner be poor in a country with some respect than one where the government is walking back into the darkest days of tory power and have no respect for people except their own…how long before we see the rise of the Super Yuppie. It’s hard to think that cameron once had a disabled son, how disrespectul to his memory are the PM’s actions without a second thought to the fall out.

      I also want to drill deeper into the psychological aspect of some working middle class people who subscribe to all this tory tosh, just because they have a job and pay tax that does not make them holier than thou. Some of those people need to get off their high horses, and get with the program and not the tories, pride comes before a fall. This government have done nothing but agitate, they have not set positive ambiences that people can embrace and feel capable of working hard in a job, paying their taxes in the knowledge this government is doing a good job at the highest level and they are supported in the correct manner for doing so. they want to “Make Work Pay”.. i’m sorry but it does not pay and in many cases is does not pay at all for people in a position to work if they are not mentally or physically disabled…. the government cannot spread a climate of fear amongst the unemployed or force their hand… it’s folly to do so, it’s doomed to fail in the long term regardless to how genuine most people are to seek a meaningful position of employment that pays a viable wage, the Autumn Statement just goes to underline the wrong approach at the wrong time.. it looks bad and it is bad, and it’s wasting obscene sums of money, the truth is this coalition has really lost control of the country.

      • I read an article about the dignity of work. Tiry christian mantra. A reporter held a job in restaurant where she was insteucted to scalled her finger tips so she would not feel pain when carrying hot plates.
        I wonder if millionaires row in this govt wouldn’t mnd stacking shelves for £00.00

        • There can be dignity in work, but not when you’re badly exploited and not paid decently. There is a correlation between what people are paid for a job, and the respect/dignity it bestows. If a street sweeper is paid, say £150 a week, then it’s likely that they’d be regarded as very menial indeed, but if the pay rate rises to something like £500 a week, then the job suddenly accrues a different, and much more desirable status. BTW, I don’t think street sweepers are paid anything like £500 a week, though they are worth that, it’s only around £24, 000 a year. If you think that’s a lot, have a look at what the various managers and CEOs of local authorities are paid, remembering, of course, that CEOs are actually about as useful as the fairy on a Christmas tree.

      • Perhaps i am naive but didnt our esteemed chancellor recently state that he would go after corps tax avoiders? Then to see in autumn statement that in couple of years he is reducing corps tax.. Which head was he wearing?

        • I’m sure he has many heads, trouble is we have many caps here and they all fit no matter what head he chooses to put on. There is one solid reality we all know, if someone is to be a liar they must have a very good memory and in all my years i have yet to come across a liar who does not end up tripping over their own deceipt through lack of a good memory.

  44. @Johnnyvoid
    Hi johnny,
    Seems one of my posts here may have got blocked by spam filters or got held for moderation etc. It was about that ukmgs.co.uk email address & what id found out about it etc. Can you unblock it or is there a tech problem ?

    • can’t seem to find that, did just approve one about jobmatch tech you posted. feel free to repost and apologies to everyone, was out all day yesterday and got a bit behind on keeping up with comments

      • Thanks Johnny ! That was the post about ukmgs.co.uk tech details, what it confirms and concerns I think it raises as a result .

        No appologies needed and keep these great articles coming !

  45. Hi, like all of you here, Im furious that I am being bullied into signing for this crap. I have a meeting with my advisor this week who expecting me to have signed up for this after I was mandated. I just want some advice on what I could say and what I should take with me to challenge her. Im not comfortable at all with my details on that site especially since they are very crafty saying they arent responsible for what happens with our data. I am also prepared for a sanction, Im just furious that they make it seem like its mandatory, pressing me to sign up, when it infact isnt.

    • @Adam
      Have a look at Liz’s post (above – Dec 3@12.26 am) and the answers following on from it – would any of this advice help when you go in? All I did was referred to concerns (in writing) re. data security and said I prefer not to use this site. THEY DON’T LIKE IT when you say this … But, it’s the “… after I was mandated” bit that’s the issue & as many people on here are saying (& in reply to other UJ-related articles):- it’s not part of the ‘agreement’ to dictate/specify exact avenues to take “steps” to finding work, so as long as you have alternatives to use – you ‘should’ be able to carry on & never go near UJ if you don’t prefer to. It was my adviser (not me) who said that she was aware that people had concerns about the site in regard to cookies – my concerns were a whole set of others apart from cookies but since reading more about them they are of huge concern from an infringement of privacy etc. viewpoint. So I just agreed with adviser & said I would like to choose not to use it but also confirming this (asking “Is it ok?”) to their manager.

      It ‘worked’ – sort of – but like in Lisa’s post (at 5.02am – they’re just ramping up the pressure in any other ways they can find) – so it’s one step at a time (deep breath) – try to stay focus on finding work (deep beath) ….

  46. I’m due to meet my G4S ‘advisor’ tomorrow. She does nothing but, belittle, humiliate and demoralise me. Oh, and don’t forget a big bit of patronisation. And recently the meetings have been getting worse, for example, she has doubled the amount of jobs I must be applying for (now 12 jobs a week, evidence of 32 hours per week job searching)…She is upping the ante. The Work programme is worthless. It is worse than useless. It’s bollocks (ideology)…I’ve been on it for over a year. And yet, if I tell my advisor what I think, I will lose everything. I could become homeless, and so will my children, if ‘they’ decide to sanction me just because I refuse(d) to be a victim of domestic abuse and (now) am a victim of politics.

    • How the fuck can anyone supply “evidence” of 32 hours of jobsearch a week? These “advisors” are nothing but scum – they should be SHOT!!

      • I know very little about the WP. Do you have to sign an Agreement with them? I need to do a bit of research as they are making me join in Jan. It is so disgusting that the Unemployed have to tolerate such abusive behaviour. We are Customers of the Services but they have turned it around to abuse the Customer. They are asserting power over vulnerable people by intimidation and underhand tactics and the sad thing is they are getting off with it .

    • Landless Peasant

      If your JSA gets sanctioned you can apply for Hardship Allowance instead, which is less of course, but you can still claim Housing Benefit, and if you have children you can claim Hardship Allowance right away following a sanction, whereas those without children have to wait until the third week of sanction before they can apply for Hardship. Don’t let the bastards bully you. They tried it with me too but I walked out and haven’t been back since, and still haven’t been sanctioned (yet!).

    • Lisa – tell the G4S adviser that you will do what you can do – tell them if they want to set a target for jobs you have to apply for – say, well there your words not mine. Don’t let these little Hitler’s bully you, tell them you feel like your being cohersed and put under undue stress by their orders and will be seeking legal advice on this from a solicitor.

    • Let them shove their “target” up their fucking arse. Even the jobcentre don’t have a “target” on how many jobs you have to apply for. If is JobSEEKERS Allowance NOT JobAPPLIERS Allowance. If they jobs are there to apply for fair enough, but if they aren’t its not your problem. Continue to seach and seek and let these cunts take a flying fuck!

      • Targets don’t work, if they did every Work Programme provider would have got 5.5% or more of their clients into jobs. None did! Impossible targets don’t enable people to do the impossible.

        • Most of them are jobsworths, reality is without the unemployed they too would probably be on the other side of the desk. It’s a perfect example of too much power being portioned to the wrong people, remember every single thing this coalition touches turns to shite. I find it offensive that some little twerp behind a desk talking down to people.. sometimes even twice or more their age laughable if it wasn’t so damn serious. One earn’s respect and should never expect it on demand because they have been given some tinpot powers.. bit like some bus inspectors, again the government must learn they cannot treat the citizens of this country like cattle.

    • Ask her to supply you with an itinerary or schedule of how you’re supposed to spend 32 hours a week job seeking. Tell her you have no idea how to meet the targets she has set for you and ask her to advise you. Say that without help and guidance you have no idea how to satisfy her target and point out that not one Work Programme provider anywhere in the country managed to hit their MINIMUM 5.5% target as far as getting their clients into sustainable 6 month jobs. Flip it around and put the pressure on the Jobcentre to help you to satisfy these impossible targets. She might as well be telling you to fly.

  47. Those who have been given a sanction, have they applied for hardship allowance and put in an appeal?

  48. Russia today said the average uk tax payer is paying 73% of their income in tax, paye, national insurance (which is not a tax clive)taking in the increases in fuel, utilities etc, they were out on the streets in london and showed passers by how their taxes compares with usa germany etc, who have a personal insurance system for the NHS. A couple of people said they did not mind paying taxes if they saw something for it.
    It’s not surprising they are not seeing’ something for it’ fewer public services, a fortune spent on NHS( in comparison to welfare to the unemployed) yet front line services appear to be getting worse according to the news. Drug companies and medical suppliers take the bulk of nhs funding along with consultant fees, managers and a plethora of other things such as legal advice and insurances and they are telling physically ill people to stay at home if they can.
    The government think these people want to see something for it in the form of the unemployed running around for minimal or non-existent jobs, wasting what precious income they get on travel costs which they have to find before they can be considered for a refund. It’s ridiculous with the price of fuel and fares, not to mention the congestion on motorways to send people for jobs out of their own town especially when most towns and cities have their fair share of unemployment themselves.
    Although both tories and labour are now making large US corporations based here pay taxes, they omitted the tax avoidance and evasion from those in the UK.

    • I doubt that the RT figure for tax burden is correct. In the UK it’s about 40%, as it is in most developed nations, it fluctuates from around 40% to perhaps just under 50%. However, not all tax rates are equal, and in some countries you get more back for your taxes than you do in other countries. You pay tax in the UK and rich people and big businesses get subsidised, pay taxes in the Scandinavian countries and there’s a fair chance you get treated like you’re a human being!

      • Saw this item from a while back, i note that apart from printing this twats outlandish ideas , the mail sneakily tells us these unemoyed ppl are ‘raking in’ thousands in benefits. I wonder how many ‘rakers’ there are in this country?


      • Dare I ask exactly HOW old you are? The mean uk tax burden as you put it may be 40%.
        DIRECT taxes.
        I assume the RT figure to be TOTAL taxation, and the figure given is close.
        40% is taken from the mean wage packet.
        after petrol duty, vehicle duty, alcohol duty, tabacco duty, council tax, v.a.t., V.A.T. on the first 4 (yes, its compounded upwards;you pay vat on the duty as well as the goods. for eg a gallon of petrol costs 85p but motorists pay £6,40- bensons cost 75p but smokers pay 7.50 pence)
        A mean uk tax payer has to actually live on a 1/4 of what they earn as a maximum. The rest is passed to the government.
        . When you get ancient, they stuff you in a home at 700 pounds a week(100 per day and you only get toast for brecky; they put you to bed drugged after the queens speech at xmas) and sell your house. You get force fed cairns and brown digestives by a trainee fat immigrant on no pay; and brainwashed with the same episode of sesame st until you submit to death, then the irish wanker who owns the rest home pawns your jewelery. . and they call an undertaker you didnt ask for who charges treble and splits the difference with them.
        Every way you turn, your lied to and shafted. And its all because of one thing. One OVERIDING INESCAPABLE TRUTH. .
        The politicians are Liars..
        People go to shit work, wear emselves out, go home and get brainwashed with eastenders. wage comes. wage goes. work. eastenders. add. Inn.
        20k a year gross. You dread retirement. Hope you wont get there. Nomatterwhat,you cant get ahead,Pay your way. Your folks wer in the war!
        Stand UP man! The politicians are Liars. They’ve sold us out. Spunked our money. Given it to europe for a gold euro chair. Sold our soles to rest homes for some rent. wagered our heirlooms so our kids will remain ignorant.
        The actual tax in this country is much higher than the rt says.
        Its barely worth living here now at all.

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  50. I was told i had to register with jobsearch six
    times a week or lose benefits i have tried every day for two weeks and got on to twice

  51. Ken Brown -You should have printed this off and taken it with you to the Jobcentre to show your advisor when you were told to register.

    Requiring Jobcentre Plus customers to use the services

    10.7 When the Services are implemented, Jobcentre Plus customers (including potential jobseekers) will not be mandated to register and create a profile.
    Discussions are ongoing with the Authority and Ministers, and requiring customers to use the services may be introduced at a later date. The Contractor shall ensure the design of the Services is such that they are scalable in the event of such a change in policy.

    10.8 At implementation of the Services, Jobcentre Plus customers will be encouraged to use the Services, via their ongoing interactions with Jobcentre Plus staff.

    10.9 For the avoidance of a doubt, there is no requirement to migrate any Jobcentre Plus customers information to the Services to create a profile/record.

    From: DWP TLMS Schedule 2.1, Authority (Universal Jobmatch) Requirements

  52. I believe I have read somwhere, in one of the Communication Acts 2003 that is is ILLEGAL for information generated in the UK to be stored outside of the European Union boarders – if this is correct then all the information from Jobseekers being stored through UJM and Monster is being illegally stored, as the server for this is located in Utah, United States of America.

    • According to FlagFox a Firefox extension Universal Jobmatch login and the advertised jobs are hosted on British servers.

      • But the details you enter to create your account on UJM are stored on a server in Utah.

          • Who in utah would want access to UK citizens information? Surely not some business/ police like agency thing in USA?

            Ok breifly this term ‘ voluntary work’ makes a job look ‘light work’ er anyone who has done voluntary work will tell you its not all ‘light work’ at all, and lets be honest its dead easy to describe a job as voluntary to cover the real nature of the work. In fact i wouldnt mind betting its going to throw up some very strange types of work indeed some of which could be collecting info on ppl. Ive already seen jobs advertises for positions to do with ‘problem families’ ie part of the govt benefit scrounger rhetoric stuff.

        • Can a foi request confirm or elaborate where or how this info collecting is going?

          • The data is held on servers in a data centre in the USA. It’s quite usual pracrtice, and anyone who has a hotmail account, even if their e-mail address ends in ‘.co.uk’ will find that the server is most likely in the USA,. and thus subject to US law. That’s worrying, because the UK government loves to cosy up to the US government.and could use that connection to snoop on us beyond the remit of UK or EU law.

    • That could well be true, and I for one would be extremely wary about my data being stored, without my permission, on a server located in a foreign, (i.e. non EU) datacentre, as the legal protection afforded by UK and EU is unlikely to apply, and anyway, possession of the information is key. Thus freed of UK or EU protections, it would make it very easy indeed for the UK government to spy on us.

      Many years ago before the UK had any kind of Freedom of Information Act it was often the case for UK academics to access information about the UK that was either restricted, or unavailable in the UK by searching in the USA using the US Freedom of Information Act, though of course that information couldn’t be revealed/used in the UK without risking prosecution. But that was for individual researchers, I’m sure the rules are different if you’re the government…

      And anyway, what do you expect from scummy UK governments, they are quite proud of the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the USA, so of course they are going to flaunt the law. It’s likely the UK government connived with the extraordinary rendition to Guantanamo Bay, so snooping on UK citizens by storing our information offshore would be a breeze. What do you expect? That they obey their own laws? They are above the law!

      • I read recently that bribes were being offered to claimant who independantly found work. These bribes were offerd by the poverty pimp industry companies. As they make about £4000 per claimant they get back to work, some claimants sick of the lack of quality of the so called service found jobs on their own and aftee tellling the company were offerd monies and to sign documents that would maje it look like the companies had assisted when they hadnt. Scam seems to sum up the whole rotten deal. Alsi dwp refusing to pass on details of providers even after foi requests citing commercial confidentiality against public interests. That tells you a lor.

      • The USA now have a thing called the “Patriot Act” which enables pretty much anyone in the security forces to do almost anything (short of killing somebody without permission) to anyone or to any kind of data. Nice.

  53. At the moment, they’ve removed the job identification numbers (eg CDN/24869 for a job in cardigan) and replaced it with an apply/don’t apply button, but the apply button is often missing. Fortunately there is usually contact details there. I saw a hilarious job the other day, you had to move to England (manchester, i think) and pay upfront for your hotel costs, and there for four weeks you would work knocking door to door collecting for a charity, you were allowed to keep some commission from this, it was a self-employed vacancy, and you could ‘easily earn £1,000 a week’. Ignoring the flaws, that remains strange even by dodgy-job standards, doesn’t it?

    • something survived...

      Yes they told me to apply for this one. .It is hundreds of miles away and they don’t pay the rent for your current home so you’d be evicted. The employer is ST JOHN AMBULANCE BRIGADE. A similar ad for Salvation Army somewhere else.
      Has anyone tried posting an ad:
      Prostitute wanted, must be 12-30. Will spend all hours of day and night shagging ugly smelly old men. All wages payable to pimp who may also rape you and/or beat you up. Food is whatever pimp gives you. must be prepared to acquire drugs habit. clients may beat you or kill you. When judged too old will be wrapped in binbags and dumped in canal.

      • I think after the channel 4 story broke they will be more careful. Ive posted this elsewhere . But this caught my eye. Given the negative publicity about workfare this made me wonder what this was about? Trainin?
        Pretend jobs? Mock shops? Replicated workspaces?

        But the phrase ‘your work will be done’ made me wonder wtf was going on here,
        Why dont companies offer on the spot training? Even the work program deliverers are not offering training but sending candidates to free training agencies, with those agencies turning them away.
        So tight fisted are the deliverers grabbing as much profit as possible with minimum expenditure it makes you wonder.
        Anyway here it is again for anyone to digest And decode.

        “Under the Work Programme, we provide access for Host Employers to set up their own workplace areas in our Employment Centres to replicate real business activities providing in-situ work experience for our customers.

        The size and nature of our Employment Centres means that internal layouts can be readily restructured and reconfigured, removing or adding partitions and introducing new workplace units to adapt to the specific needs of our Host Employers.

        This enables you to observe and assess the candidates who want to work for you.

        We will provide on-the-job training, guidance and support for our customers, providing equipment, facilities and floorspace at no cost. This gives you the confidence and security of knowing that your work is being done in an environment that meets your standards and deadlines.”

      • 90 minute rule .. 90 mins from your area. Normal commuting time. Does it include helicopters?

      • Anyone care to tell me why i have come across this after getting an alert informing me about update to carrier settings then googling stuff on pretend jobs , then seeing message about removing item from search , then checking and finding its related to a C&D cease and desist order.


  54. Here’s a great job: It could make someone very happy: (Found not on UJ) Salary:£24585 per annum + excellent benefits Employment Advisor:

    When you join Ingeus as an Employment Advisor, every client will be different. They’ll have different backgrounds, different needs and different goals. It’s why we look for people with so many qualities – people who can adapt their approach to any and every situation. It could be that you need to instil (sic) a sense of confidence in someone who’s been out of work for a long time, for example. Or that you need to persuade a big local employer to consider one of your clients for a role when they’ve already got a strong shortlist. Whatever the situation, it’s your empathy, resilience and communication skills that will make the difference – and help people on that all-important path back to a better long-term future.

    … one of the UK’s leading welfare-to-work providers. Since 2002, we’ve ‘helped’ over 100,000 clients into ‘suitable’, ‘lasting’ work. What’s more, we’ve been placed in the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work for list for the last four years. For you, it means the opportunity to help change people’s lives for the better as part of a company that goes out of its way to support its teams in achieving their own goals. As an Employment Advisor your main responsibilities will involve:
    Finding ways to help people from all walks of life back into work; Providing guidance on everything from CV writing to interviews; Getting to know local employers, and encouraging them to meet with and interview your clients; Quickly getting to grips with your clients’ backgrounds and career goals, and keeping them motivated and focused. Skills and qualifications will ideally include:
    The empathy it takes to engage with all sorts of people, and the confidence to challenge them if you need to. The ability to handle different cases at the same time in an environment where everyone has targets to achieve. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to motivate and inspire others. A tenacious approach, especially when it comes to bringing other people around to your way of thinking…

  55. Look at this folks:


    Just as some of us always maintained Universal Jobmatch is NOT compulsory and Jobcentre staff who do try to fool people into thinking otherwise are guilty of “official misdirection”.

    Just say no people!

  56. Just noticed this following my post above about ukmgs.co.uk, the Domain that Universal Jobmatch uses to email you ‘job matches’. It has identical primary IP address to monster.co.uk, namely Secondary IP address also same.

    So even stronger evidence that majority of Universal Jobmatch system is based in USA. It appears not Utah but Maynard, Massachusetts according to GeoIP data. I now suspect only front end of jobsearch.direct.gov.uk running F5 BIG-IP is in UK and Everything else including Core Databases holding users personal data are sitting in Maynard Massachusetts USA.

    It Further reinforces the Privacy & Security concerns I expressed in previous post here re ukmgs.co.uk and Universal Jobmatch.

    Monster UK (monster.co.uk) had a serious Data Breach in 2009 when hackers broke in, compromising millions of Users data :


    I again urge People to NOT Register for Universal Jobmatch. Keep your personal data as far away as possible from it !

  57. I think we should have a site with all these scam jobs on the site.as a record online

  58. I googled an email address that was weird ending and it appeared a couple of times not a usual email but alot of numbers…. JC disgraceful they call jobseekers customers what happened to the customer is always right….

  59. https://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk/Account/InfoTermsConditions.aspx

    Could some one have a look at the Terms and conditions Clause 8…8.1 and 8.2
    “8. General

    8.1 This service and the use of it are governed by ENGLISH Law. The ENGLISH Court system shall have exclusive authority over any disputes connected to or arising out of the use of this service.

    8.2 If you use information or services provided on the site from outside the UK, you do so at your own risk and you are responsible for checking local laws and not doing anything to break them.

    Now, I Live in Scotland and i’m under Scottish Law, so were do i stand????

    Also, does Anyone have a list of The Cookies in the UJ site and maybe a bit of detail as to what they do…
    I’m thinking of asking my local authority if it would be ok for me to use one of their computers in the library and would it be ok if i install these cookies.

    obviously i wont let on what the site is, i’m kinda looking for a YES/NO answer from them

  60. Uuniversal Jobmatch is Shite

    “Application error

    An error has occured handling your request.

    Please try again later. If you continue to have access problems, please contact the help desk for one of the services you have enrolled for.
    You can either close the browser, or return to the home page by clicking Continue.”

    WTF is it with this fucking Universal Jobshite??!!!!

    This is happening like every fucking time I try and access this fucking site!!

  61. Latest on UJM – More proof that signing up to this is not mandatory – print off, put with your other forms and take to the Jobcentre the next time you sign on. – webpage link at the bottom.

    PCS Public and Commercial Services Union

    Department for Work and Pensions group
    Universal Jobmatch – Update for Members
    3 December 2012

    Since it went live on 19th November, Universal Jobmatch has encountered various problems, such as the advertising of bogus vacancies, and is attracting wider public interest.

    Following our initial discussions with DWP, the background to the new service was given in DWP/BB/153/12. In response to critical press coverage and enquiries from campaign organisations members and branches PCS pressured DWP for clearer information about the current difficulties with Universal Jobmatch. Additionally, PCS is receiving reports and queries from members concerned that some local managers appear to be putting pressure on advisors to misrepresent the mandatory nature of signing up to the new service.

    Non Mandatory

    At the recent meeting, DWP management confirmed that the use of Universal Jobmatch is non-mandatory. On the security issues, management acknowledged that there had been ‘teething issues’ but that these were being resolved. PCS has put pressure on management to ensure a human rather than an automated IT check for the placing of vacancies by employers, to avoid the embarrassment of the bogus MI6 vacancy being repeated.
    PCS believes that it is essential for the future of the new service that jobseekers can have full confidence in the security of the system and trust and respect their employment adviser. It is therefore extremely damaging that some managers are putting pressure on jobcentre staff to tell jobseekers that they must register or
    grant their adviser access to their Universal Jobmatch account. This is clearly not currently the position and to suggest that it is would amount to official misdirection. PCS is now seeking to establish exactly what the legal position is and in the meantime strongly advises members not to put themselves in the position of misinforming the public about Universal Jobmatch.

    Performance Management

    There is likely to be management pressure to hit the target of 80% of jobseekers using the system by August 2013. However, it is clearly inappropriate for individual targets to be applied to Universal Jobmatch account registration, and any reports of excessive pressure on advisors to hit this target should be raised locally with PCS in the first instance. PCS has also had some reports that in some areas it has been suggested that the rate of jobseeker registrations or even the possible number of jobseeker directions associated with Universal Jobmatch account registration may be used to assess performance or lead to some form of monitoring or even to a PIP. PCS advice is that it is impossible to see how this would be appropriate and that in all cases where it may arise members should talk to their workplace rep.



    • The PCS have made it clear that its not mandatory to sign up to this scam !! If they pressured you then its illegal !!!!

      This is why i posted the link about test trials that were carried out !! Job search monitoring and benefit sanctions / pressures..

      Its becoming obvious wtf this is all about, why inflict this failed piece of crap on us when its full of holes . As i say anyone reading this blog check out the stuff about test trials on job search monitoring. With regard to benefits.
      All these cases should be brought to light.
      Citizens advice lawyers and other bodies mat assist here, to prove what a scam this shit it…

  63. ok, does anyone know how to friggin APPLY for a job on this site? after all the trouble of getting logged on to it (i had to create a second email account in the end) there are literally the same few jobs that have been posted the past few days, nothing new, and, oh yes, there are either no contact information available, or no “apply” button….this is by far the worst job search site i’ve ever used. there are sooo many others that i have been using and most seem to at least let me apply for jobs and have a response from employers. the UJM has no excuse for how complete and utter shite it is… i hope to god this is abolished as its just TOO SOON for the entire country to go digital without a proper announcement. i only found out last week and even then that was in passing conversation with my advisor.

  64. Damn it, of course I looked this up AFTER I’ve registered!

    Anyone here got anything on Glasgow? I’ve signed on Friday and my advisor also told me it’s compulsory and I have to do 20 hours of searching a week. The thing is that I’m physically disabled, so nothing but office jobs for me thus I managed to negotiate 15 hours. Hell, just today it only took me only 1,5h to look through ALL ads (not only office ones) from the last two days. Genius me thought to click the feedback button under each ad in order to seem as I’m active. Here’s to hope they don’t actually use it to sanction people autimatically. As far as I’ve been told, you give your advisor your ID number and they check your activity there. I hope this fails, because I’ll just proceed to kick myself for being bloody stupid (and I’m an IT tech, oh the irony!).

    • What will the dwp stoop to next? Oh look.

      Monitoring claimant/ jobseekers


      • Thanks for the links and I can confirm the 90 minutes rule – we talked about it with my advisor and that would mean Edinburgh for me. Scaled it down to 60 mins, but hell, really?

        • Ok hoped it helped. Without being boring banging my head against wall, this is what myself and others are on about.. That UJM is a monitoring tool. Nothing more. After all if they are ignoring or not complying with FOI requests on the matter of whether it mandatory or not suggests to me that there is something deeply suspicious going on. And as i have previously posted after reading about test trials using IT re sanctions plus the hansard quote about punishing monitiring its starting to look bloody troubling indeed. Whats next? Being followed and photo graphed and video surveillance to bot only see if u looking for work but see what you are doing who you meet etc abd up to no good eg protesting against hospital closures etc

    • Sig..
      The Sanctions have already started….it appears it’s all automated now….you can uncheck certain boxes, you can also withdraw your consent on who you want to share you third party info with…..there is a letter here somewhere that you can use for this.

      In the drop down box withing the UJ site….you’ll notice the options with regards to why you’re not applying for a particular job…..tick one of those boxes and you probably are in for a sanction….this is this systems sole purpose

      • @stevie777 this is what i thought too, after coming across stuff i was found about ‘test trials’ monitoring job search activity and quotes from lordy frawdy and others referring to monitoring and sanctioning using ‘IT systems’ … And to see that report about the UK being in the top league on pressuring claimants/ jobseekers. That and the bloody collusion between dwp and big business makes you wonder wtf is going on.

      • At least I haven’t checked these boxes at all, but somehow my CV managed to reset itselft to visible :/ . Deleted it of course. Thanks for letting me know, calmed me a bit down.

    • From ‘active labour market policies from international perspective’ report.

      “The UK in international perspective

      The United Kingdom (UK) is clearly in the top league of countries to place increased pressure on benefit claimants. In recent years the UK Government has intensified its efforts to activate all people of working age, including people on inactive benefits such as incapacity benefits customers and lone parents. However, historically, lack of affordable childcare has remained one of the main barriers to female participation in the labour market, especially in contrast to countries such as France, Sweden and Denmark. Furthermore, the UK is also among the lowest spenders on ALMPs as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”

    • Delete your account. Tell your advisor about the security and other issues you’ve read about online and that you don’t intend to use the site until you’re convinced that it is 100% confidential and safe. If they say that UJM is mandatory tell them that you believe that they are incorrect and ask for a written letter telling you that registration and use of the site is mandatory – you won’t ever be issued with such a letter. Go back to keeping a written record of your jobseeking. It is mandatory to do 20 hours a week looking for work – don’t ask me how, but it is – but it isn’t compulsory to use Universal Jobmatch whatever they say.

      • This is what I shall do, and hand them a nice print-out on data leaks. I’ve been a victim of one before – the culprit was gumtree and I got contacted by one of those fake marketing companies (cobra pyramid scam, this shite is scary). Thanks for the reply, mighty helpful.

    • Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions

      It says “give the DWP access to your account”, which mean the automated sanctioning generating system. Clicking that box 3 times will generate a three (3) year sanction: “a doubt has arisen on your claim because you did not apply for a notified vacancy: we have now decided that you did not have sufficient reason for not applying”.

    • Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions

      It says “give the DWP access to my account”, which includes the automatic sanctioning generating system; clicking that box three times generates a three (3) year sanction: “… a doubt has arisen on your claim because you did not apply for a notified vacant. We have now decided that you did not have sufficient reason for not applying.” Universal Jobmatch is a Sanction Trap!

      • Awesomeness! Didn’t click those at least, so I’m on the safe side for now (hopefully!). Double checked if I had and it seems they’re still unticked.

    • Sorry to hear that. I think we all got into the lazy way of things and used not to do our homework, or read the T&Cs before signing up to anything. Nowadays we can’t afford to do this.

      If you have ticked the box where you allow the JCP advisors to snoop on you, then just untick it. Also, raise a complaint, if you’re feeling confident enough, about the lies you were told, i.e. that it is ‘compulsory’ to sign up. That’s a blatant lie. Even the JCP’s UJCUST leaflet makes no mention of it being compulsory, merely tries to point out the ‘advantages’ of signing up.

      • Yeah, I turned a blind eye on this, never had problems with this JCP before. I had been literally told “they’re changing job activity systems” and to log on and give them my user ID. Dunno, if any other JCPs have those, but we get forms/diaries to fill in each week – they are still present and that would have rung a bell for me. Anyways, cheers!

    • I’m just staring at it and not comprehending. They were trying to stop you from declining a benefit. What. On. Earth!? It really does seem as if they want to record everything you do.

  65. This thing is taking the piss. I’ve registered, confirmed my email and every time I go on the fuckingsite it’s telling me there’s an error and that I need to confirm my email. And yet I got an email saying “welcome to Universal Job Match” just before it, and it’s not letting me re-register or send another confirmation email. What a crock of fucking shite!

    Jeeez. And they’ve removed the original Direct Gov job search so they’ve actually made things 10 times bloody harder to find work. Good one you fucking jobcentre cunts

    • … but the job centre advisor’s are still able to go on to it to hand out ‘recommended’ jobs to their ‘customers’ (who haven’t registered to use UJ) to apply for. The Direct.Gov site is still in existence & has some jobs on it – but it’s a selection I think not as many as it would have had. It just doesn’t fit in with the grand plan to try to get everyone using the UJ version to let everyone have the choice of whichever one & it is/was “supposed to be” replaced by the new nightmare version . If you couldn’t register/use UJ you’ve probably had a lucky escape from everything that’s coming out about it (as in the info. above).

  66. Don’t register on the UJM system, Jobcentre advisers are committing an ‘Official Misdirection’ if they tell you to do so, their own union (PCS) are now telling JCP advisers not to lie to JCP customers when they sign on regarding UJM. (As of 3rd December)

  67. i havent sign up to uj but i do browse jobs on uj and apply for any that are ok for me to apply to, but are they scam jobs if there is no reference no.i have applyed to some with ref no but some dont even have a ref no.

  68. Jane:

    Never use your home computer to browse or even visit the UJM website as just going to this site will put around 15 tracking cookies on your home computer, use other job websites as there are plenty, always delete your cookies and history in internet options.

  69. Has anyone presented their justified reasons for not registering on the UJM to their advisor, only to be basically told: ‘I don’t give shit-do what I tell you or you will face sanctions’? I’m concerned that irrespective of the illegality of their position, the advisor will use the ‘reasonable request’ tactic to override any objections you make.

    • It can be challenged legally surely?

    • @Azimov
      Yes on 16th November (in writing including questions like “If I decide not to use UJ but continue to use other websites & show evidence of looking as usual, what is likely to be the follow-on (if any) from this?” and “If my adviser shows me a job from this site but refuses to pass across the details so I can contact employer direct – will that count as a ‘fail’?”.

      The answer was an unexpected phone call from adviser’s manager to try to talk it over (I asked for a written answer to be sent as in the letter). Written reply was suitably vague but in no way said “you have to register/use the site”. It did say that (they) have to continue to believe that (we) are doing everything reasonable to search, and if this isn’t the case at any time & in each individual case… it’s possible a direction to start to use it could follow. (So, a bit open-ended but no sign of trying to dispute the arguments about cookies/safety of personal data concerns/right to privacy concerns) & they haven’t tried since to discuss it with me – but have tried to make life a bit more difficult in other ways (coincidence? I don’t really think so).

      • Whats this renoval of apply button leaving you with not interested but which leads to sanctions. , bloody hell they could just cut yr money without any reason at all.. Dont need feeble excuse

  70. How to block cookies:

    Internet Explorer

    If you are an Internet Explorer user, I suggest changing and using Firefox instead. It is far more secure and has lots of plugins that allow different functions.

    If you aren’t too lacking in confidence IT wise I’d also suggest considering changing your operating system to one of the Linux distributions. But making the change to using Firefox is a good move, especially if you use the ixquick search engine instead of Google. Unfortunately Google is still be most comprehensive search engine, but that is at the cost of Google collecting information about you.

    • Great quote:

      “Pretty soon, many hard-working Jobseekers (no, it’s not a contradiction in terms) are going to be unfairly sanctioned and the knock-on effects of poverty and despair will follow.”

      • The nightmare scenario would be that you are mandated to use the damn thing and as result are put on a workfare non paid job at the daily express where you are forced to write bogus articles on zillions of benefit scroungers.

  71. there is a website about data protection.it is http://www.gov.uk/data-protection. it says thatEveryone who collects data has to follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’. They must make sure the information is:
    used fairly and lawfully
    used for limited, specifically stated purposes
    used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
    kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
    kept safe and secure
    not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection
    it is not kept secure.they cant even garantee to keep the information safe and secure.

  72. there is a website for the data protection act http://www.gov.uk/data-protection it states that Everyone who collects data has to follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’. They must make sure the information is:
    used fairly and lawfully
    used for limited, specifically stated purposes
    used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
    kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
    kept safe and secure
    not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection

  73. @Azimov

    I am going to be justifying my reasons this week, screw them if they dont like it. I will bring my jobsearch sheet with 3 jobs per week, I will show them every single document where it says it is not mandatory and also ask them to write it in letter for me, if they cant provide that, then how will it make them look? Surely they cant sanction us if we provide the proof and if they cant provide it in written? I honestly dont care what they do but Im not gonna back down from anything. Many people are signing up to service with no knowledge of the data protection act or knowledge of the documents stating it isnt mandatory. Plus some advisors arent pressing their seekers to sign, while others are, there’s so much confusion, it just goes to show nothing is set in stone regarding whether or not UJM is a must for every seeker. As far as Im concerned, if I can use other sites that I deem to be better and safe to search for jobs then I dont need to use their UJM site.

  74. I think that the government is relying on the fact that there is so much confusion – it’s classic divide and rule. Sad thing is that so many seem to just sign up without question.

    I’ve seen the same when I was working in a situation that required people to give their consent, and even though it was two very simple and brief statements about data sharing that people had to sign, no one, as far as I can remember actually asked what it was they were signing up to. I always made it a point to stress what people were signing up to, but often the people signing did not seem at all interested.

    At the moment it’s very much a case of ‘lambs to the slaughter’ and all we can do is try and persuade them to not to comply, and that they don’t have to comply. It’s not a lot, and certainly it’s something that almost makes me despair. I say almost, because I’m determined not to despair, but to be there to try and help when the inevitable fallout from this evil system happens.

    It’ll be no good next year when the sanctions and the ever tightening noose around the neck of welfare tightens even further, it’ll be too late. We need to plan our responses now, and no simplistic calls to take to the streets will be adequate, important though that will be.

    We need to take to the streets now, as well as planning what we will do to help those who will really need help in the very near future. I am frustrated with the ‘sheepishness’ of people signing up, like turkeys singing up for Christmas, but what I shall not do is ever say to someone, ‘I told you so, so tough’

    • Data sharing with who? Govt departments or big business? You’ ll be gettibg more junk mail and funny phone calls of special offers no doubt by signing this crap. This sanctions has wider measures .. And monitoring. Your soul existence is to work and shop nothing else.. Dont complain about hospital closures or tax avoidance . Just work and shop. Money in money out.

  75. Bobchewie

    looking back on one of your posts regarding women not being able to work because of lack of childcare, the new labour govt started up sure start places for single parents who were encouraged to go back to work, some found that they had a resident psychiatrist that was delving into parents’ affairs, so apparently a lot of mothers took their children out of them.

    • Ok well here we go into funny territory because all that might have led into care home and care home abuse and family courts.
      I was quoting from an official report which stated that the UK was in the top league in pressurising claimants into situations that were not good for them,
      By the way are you they guy with that website thats pretty to the right of attila the hun?
      Order order..

  76. Been following this website avidly. Thought I would post about my experience.

    Signed on today and was pleasantly surprised not to be forced into logging on to the system. I mentioned all of the concerns raised here regarding security etc. I also mentioned that with everything being done by computer it could result in redundancies in the DWP. She nodded in agreement and said all of these issues had been discussed by staff.

    The smarter/caring advisers appear to realise it is a shambles and could also affect their employment if successful. The adviser also said that they’re going to get rid of the log books so eventually we’ll have no choice but to sign up for it.

    Interested to know about people’s experiences when dealing with this tactic. Can’t believe there has been nothing in the media this week. Hopefully Owen Jones will come up with something soon.

    • Tyler Durden:

      Just make a template for your job log book in Microsoft Word, (it doesn’t have to say Jobcentre Plus on it) print it out, cut to size and staple the sheets together, then fold, hey presto, your own paper job log booklet – simples! and they have to accept the jobs listed on it, like they do now, because proof is proof no matter how it’s presented.

      • Next comes tagging.,anyone not or seeming not to actively seek work will be tagged , monitored and followed. You will have accounts with stores and any failure to hit target consumption of products will be sanctioned to stack shelves and write press articles about how bad the NHS is and drug crazed domestic terrorist benefit scroungers.

      • What if the jobcentre just say they are not accepting your diy job-log as “evidence”: “Sorry mate, can’t accept those any more”.

      • Correct Obi Wan! everyone keeps saying ”oh but they’re going to get rid of the booklets so we’ll av no choice but to sign up” Claptrap! You never did HAVE TO write your job search in those little booklets anyway! You can write your job search down on any piece of paper or on the back of a fag packet and they would still have to accept it.
        In fact there has been a couple of occasions when i’ve actually lost my booklet, so i just wrote what i’d done the previous fortnight on a A4 sheet of paper and they had to accept it.
        All you have to do is three steps a week (or whatever you have agreed to in the JSA agreement contract. – that is what is written in the Jobseekers Act itself.

    • I’m also surprised by the lack of attention that UJM is getting from the opposition & left-of-centre commentators. Maybe Ed MIlliband is waiting to see what happens after 3 months (which is the usual length of time used when dealing with unemployment figures), lest he be accused of not giving it a chance. If that’s the case, I feel like a lab-rat.

      • Divide and rule has always been the way. The poor vs the “why should i pay for someone elses health/education whatnot , whilst that is going on the upper eschelons are taking the piss buying up and owning almost everything on the planet. Lobby companies in cahoots with ministers forming policy for their own ends, i wonder why we vote, oh wait its been suggested that unemployed shouldnt vote meaning spare votes can be given to thise who contribute ( profit) the most.

      • Any mention is missing without trace (why would there be mention in the media about something that’s just a new ‘system’ to find jobs though?). The words “parallel” and “universe” keep coming to mind. In ‘1984’ were the people ‘higher up’ in the system, who had the ‘job’ of keeping the plebs below under control, themselves given lots of misinformation and if they believed it, it would be easier for them to pass it down? It’s ages since I read it – don’t even know where my copy went – right now, I’m glad it’s gone BUT:

        A friend of a friend of a friend (really) – with no history of conflict/mild disagreement between us & contact was as acquaintances every few years (less than that nowadays). In the years since they’ve been working their way up through the ranks at JCP from adviser level to whatever job title comes after many years of steady progress without going mad – how they have managed it I have no idea. And I’ve been mostly in, sometimes out of work and more recently in/out/in/out. This person is now, (I am told) some way above ‘the coal face’ in the part of the JCP that’s just ‘rooms on top of other rooms’ probably. Since we live counties apart our paths don’t cross & we just hear an occasional reported bit of ‘news’ about each other. I’ve heard nothing bad about this person & I think it would be the same for them – unless I’ve missed something. Suddenly, they said in reported speech (about 3 weeks ago) as part of a supposedly genuine attempt to provide some ‘neutral’ advice/insight & on hearing that I was being freaked out by the scope & slant of recent developments:

        (paraphrasing):- “There’s really no need for SN to worry about UJ. It really is only a place to look for jobs & nothing more than that.” And “It should be the least of (SN’s) worries – with everything else that’s coming along next”. That bit makes sense; it sounds all-too-true but the first bit: “It really is just a place to find jobs”. Do/can they really believe this and/or not know? Have they been brainwashed? It’s niggled me since there was no need to make any statement to pass to me – a “no comment for professional reasons” would have been perfectly fine but this is why I THINK it’s been a genuine stab at ‘helping’ me in the dictionary definition not JCP doublemeaning.

        But … ? Does Big Brother really work at the JCP and talk to employees from a screen above their desks each morning before the ‘customers’ arrive & tell them “The Truth For Today”? (At Millbank @1997 there was something that went round each morning to all staff entitled “The Line to Take”). There is reference in the JCP’s internal guidance to: “Messages to give to customers” & exactly-worded phrases – which are for use verbatim “in real life”. It’s just too surreal (for me) that this person decided to try to offer some information from their privileged viewing point (admittedly it came from a safe distance) & in their capacity as ‘friend of a friend of a friend)’ that turned out to be less help than if they had said “Stress away; it’s as bad as you think and a lot worse”. It’s had the effect of making me spin around even more for a while. I’m still occasionally wondering what/how do they think? What does their interior monologue sound like? What do they tell their family when they’re asked “how was your day?”.. and will I eventually forget that I used to know that red was red & not skybluepinkwithyellowdotson.

  77. Most of my Jobcentre advisors are decent people with whom you could probably discuss all the things mentioned on this thread. Unfortunately, one of them (a recent addition to the advisor ‘pool’) is a Jobsworthbitchfromhell who possesses all the warmth and empathy of a frozen dog turd. I’ll probably end up with her at my next signing session and I’m dreading it. It’s all I can do to stop myself leaning over her desk and ramming a pen into one of her eye sockets.

  78. I signed on at Stockport JC the day after UJ launched and again yesterday & had no mention of UJ even though leaflets were everywhere?! Has anyone else had this?

    • The DWP have a very strange view on public interest .. They decide it isnt so it isnt. Thats it. I wonder how they arrive on that. There are sections and subsections i guess.
      I wonder if i could submit an FOI request on their decision making.

      It should be called Fuck Off Idiot not freedom of info.


    • So thats clear then. DWP says its not compulsory whilst saying it is.


      • Thanks Bobchewie. All very strange why tell some its mandatory & not even mention it to others 😐

        • The Jobcentres have been given a target of signing up 80% of people on Jobseeker’s Allowance to Universal Jobsearch by next August (I think). Some managers out to score points have therefore falsely instructed their staff to tell claimants, when signing, that Universal Jobmatch is mandatory (when it isn’t); other managers who are more honest have told their staff to try to persuade and encourage claimants to register for and use UJM but to admit that this isn’t compulsory when challenged. It depends on the manager and staff in each Jobcentre as to what happens to claimants – good cop or bad cop. The only important thing to remember is that Universal Jobmatch isn’t compulsory or mandatory and indeed couldn’t be without amending the Data Protection Act 1998. Jobcentres can give you a direction to register and raise a doubt about your claim if you refuse but you don’t have to obey such a direction, just state your reasons why you do not consent to submit your personal data to UJM/Monster verbally or in a letter.

          While I am perfectly happy to use this site for job-search and to view its data and apply for positions, just as I did with Directgov Jobsearch, I am not willing to share or store personal data by means of this site for several reasons, some of which I outline below for purposes of reference and clarity.
          Here’s what I wrote:

          Dear Sir/Madam

          When I spoke to about Universal Jobmatch and was directed to register I had then insufficient time to scrutinise the site and service properly. Having now had the opportunity to look into the matter more thoroughly I have many reservations as far as both the operation and security of the website are concerned. Having received no detailed information pertaining to the service, e.g., a leaflet describing definitively a claimant’s rights and responsibilities, I have been forced to do my own research and draw my own conclusions, some of which are written below.

          For starters: If you read the site’s terms and conditions you discover that Universal Jobmatch is a commercial job-brokering site created and maintained by an American company called Monster Inc., on behalf of the British government. Much of the user data associated with the site is rumoured to be hosted outside the EU (possibly on Monster’s own servers in Utah, North America) a very undesirable state of affairs if true. Under American law if Monster Inc., was ever sold to another owner the company would be within its rights to sell on all of the data warehoused without having to seek consent from the individual owners concerned!

          I foresee clear and present dangers as far as privacy and security of personal data are concerned coupled with infringement of rights afforded to British Citizens by the Data Protection Act 1998 which I wouldn’t be willing to waive under any circumstances. Based on my knowledge of British law it seems to me that signing up to this service and/or submitting data to its custody could only ever be a voluntary undertaking. Little official information is extant which is very peculiar. The only document which I discovered, which was given out by some Jobcentres to claimants for a short while, was a leaflet called “Universal Jobmatch” (Doc., no.,UJCUST), a copy of which I have attached to this email for your perusal, which gives sparse details concerning registration without stating anywhere that such registration for the service is mandatory.

          Everybody who has worked professionally in IT knows that Monster has a notorious record as far as data security is concerned. Five years ago, in less than two weeks, the company lost millions of customer data due to numerous unplugged data leaks. Subsequently, three years ago, Monster’s UK site was hacked and four and a half million people’s data was stolen, which led to tens of thousands of cases of ID theft accompanied by hordes of phishing attacks and similar designed to fraudulently obtain bank details to steal people’s money. Why on earth the government chose Monster to build Universal Jobmatch is anybody’s guess. The site is ghastly to use and already plagued with much nonsense because Monster fails to vet potential employers adequately; this has led to much “practical joking” and false adverts for jobs being posted, including one comically advertisement (shown below) which seeks to recruit an “elimination specialist” on behalf of the “Special Intelligence Service”:

          “From time to time the UK government has a need to remove people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order. So we require particularly skilled professionals who are prepared to work on a non-attributable basis to deal with these problems.

          The role will involve international travel to a number of countries where individuals need to be removed.

          The ideal candidate will need to have no particular distinguishing features so as to blend in and be able to take on new identities as required. They will need to be resourceful in finding ways to accomplish their missions and, in some cases, to leave foreign countries by non-conventional means. The role would suit candidates with prior military experience, particularly in the use of sniper rifles.

          The job holder will receive all necessary equipment, including passports, special watches, jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK.

          This role is particularly appropriate for those who like their martinis shaken and not stirred.

          To apply for this role, please express your interest somewhere in the vicinity of the large and rather fake-looking rock in Regent’s Park.”

          Daft as a brush but infinitely preferable to some phoney advert posted by a psychopath trying to lure young women to bogus job interviews up dark alleys I should say.

          On the technical side when I experimented with Universal Jobmatch the site sent something like 15 anonymous cookies to my PC, before I had even consented to accept them in direct contravention of EU legislation. One persistent tracking cookie was set to have a ten year lifespan! There is no logical reason for this. The extensive use of cookies is likely to render Universal Jobmatch unusable to people trying to log on with shared computers in public places, like libraries or cyber cafes, which are often set to refuse cookies due to the security dangers they pose. Universal Jobmatch also apparently surveils and logs the minutiae of user behaviour by means web beacons and a .NET technology called VIEWSTATE. Comprehensive logging of user activity is done without consent in an highly intrusive fashion not normally seen outside totalitarian states (like China) or institutions such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals where they are used to monitor internet activity by their inmates. Such scrutiny on a public website available to any interested party in Great Britain is unusual to say the least and entirely inappropriate in my view.

          Leaving aside the nuts and bolts of the programming for a moment even the most naïve person, with only a rudimentary knowledge of IT, would probably baulk at sharing intimate data with a website which stated in its own terms and conditions:

          “6.2 We will comply with our legal obligations to keep your information safe and secure, but we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of any information that you send to us. This means that you send Us information at your own risk.”


          “9.4 … We cannot protect you from unwanted emails that you may receive that may advertise products or services for sale, although We can choose to restrict the number of emails which an employer may send to you.”

          And here’s some snippets taken from the privacy statement:

          “We do not control how employers or others will use your information if they can access it on this Site.”

          “We cannot control their (employers) use of or how they keep your CV information and all employers are expected to follow the Data Protection Act as part of the Terms and Conditions of using this Site.”

          “We try to limit access to our searchable CV database only to those employers who have been given permission, but cannot guarantee that people or organisations without permission will not gain access to this database.”

          A series of ridiculous and unsatisfactory faux guarantees like these should be completely unacceptable to any person of sound mind.

          In Universal Jobmatch’s privacy declaration, near the top, it also says:

          “By registering or by using this site, you accept, how the personal information provided by you will be collected, used and transferred. Please read this policy carefully as it affects your rights and responsibilities under the law. If you disagree with the way we collect and process personal information collected on the Site, please do not use it.”

          As I obviously disagree with many aspects of the site I have taken this warning on board.

          Research demonstrates that Universal Jobmatch is, by definition, a job posting and matching service open to everyone, not just benefit claimants, and is unconnected directly with benefit claims. As such registration on and posting data to the site cannot possibly be compulsory or it would be, by definition, a tacit violation of the Data Protection Act 1998. Here’s a link I discovered to a copy of a relevant inquiry some citizen made to the DWP and the response received.


          And a further link to some DWP documents which clearly show that signing up to Universal Jobmatch is voluntary:

          Click to access viewer

          Online security and personal privacy are extremely important issues as far as I am concerned and therefore I have not consented to sign up to Universal Jobmatch, or to create a profile, or to upload or share my personal data via that site unless it becomes a legally binding requirement for me and everybody like me and I am informed officially of these circumstances by means of a signed and dated letter similar to the one stating Jobseeker’s Allowance requirements and sanctions. Obviously I need documentary evidence if illegally mandated to undertake an action which infringes or attempts to coerce me into surrendering pre-existing rights and privileges I enjoy under British law should the matter end be referred to a tribunal or similar.

          According to the First Principle.of the Data Protection Act 1998, viz., “Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully”: “The data subject (the person whose data is stored) has consented (“given their permission”) to the processing;” As far as I am aware every British citizen has the right to withhold consent to share personal data with anyone, without penalty, unless the law has been changed surreptitiously and the British Computer Society forgot to make mention of it. With a background in ICT I am extremely resistant to entrusting any of my personal data with organisations and businesses in which I have little confidence. I have zero confidence in Monster Inc.

          To be candid I wouldn’t recommend that anybody sign up to Universal Jobmatch at present let alone submit intimate details about themselves to the service or use the site at home without blocking its cookies. It is perfectly possible to use the website on an ad hoc basis without having to log on via a twelve digit barcode-like Government Gateway number, one of the stupidest and least humanly memorable methods imaginable to enable men and women to identify themselves to a computer system.

          I will use Universal Jobmatch several times a week to undertake job searches and to apply for jobs without logging on to the system coupled with similar activities using superior and much better designed websites like totaljobs.com which I am already registered with as a client. I will continue to keep scrupulous written records in respect to every vacancy I apply for and make such records available for inspection whenever requested; my job seeking activities will not be compromised or any less active.

          Thank you for your time.


          This did the trick for me.

          • That’s a fantastic response! Gonna copy and paste it for my own use if you don’t mind in case i’m ever given a direction to sign up 🙂

        • A: theory that its deliberate to confuse and conceal facts ( foi refusals)

          B: no co ordinatiob across service , management acting autonomously.

          C: make it up as you go along , policy written on back of envelope theory

  79. well if i ever get to the stage where in need the services of angela and her coven i will tell em to fuck right off as i wont be entitled to sweet fa ,not even jsa, as my wife works and earns more than the limit ,my Ni contributions are full for pension entitlement so what the fuck would i get…nothing so fuck em.

    • When it comes to questions about ” give us details sbout your day to day activity and interests and associates..

    • Freedom of Information request refusals.

      A reply should be sent to you within 20 working days of the Department receiving your request. If your request is complicated we may need longer that 20 working days but if this is the case we will let you know within the original 20 day period and will keep you informed of the progress of your request.

      top of page
      Can you refuse to give me the information I ask for?

      Yes, in certain circumstances. The following information explains these circumstances.

      The Act contains a number of exemptions to the right of access to information. The exemptions allow some information to be withheld, to protect various interests.

      Most exemptions have to be considered in two stages:

      does the exemption apply to all or part of the information requested?
      is the public interest in withholding the information greater than in releasing it?
      However, some information is covered by what is known as an “absolute” exemption. In these cases it is not necessary to consider whether there is a public interest in disclosure.

      For further information on the exemptions visit the Information Commissioner’s website.
      DWP provides information in response to a request free of charge. However, if it will cost us more than £600 or take longer than three and a half working days to find the information and prepare it for release, we can turn down your request, or ask you to narrow it down so that it does not exceed the £600 limit. We can include the following when assessing costs:

      determining whether the information is held
      locating the information or documents containing it
      retrieving such information or documents
      extracting the information from the document containing it (including editing or redacting information).
      In the rare event that we decide to consider charging you, we will advise you fully before we continue with your request. We will calculate any charges in line with the Freedom of Information Fees Regulations.

      For full details on charging for information under the FoI Act, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

  80. Latest in from london , adviser went nuts today when I informed him official dwp policy has been confirmed as any registry on uj not mandatory.He said he been told to advise failiure to comply MAY result in loss of benefits. Look up the PCS union
    site and read the advice to advisers about it. it clearly states the dwp position and warns members(advisers) not to buckle to management pressure as intimating loss of bens is a likely client misdirection (very naughty!)
    http://www.pcs.org.uk is the homepage.
    Its there in black and white, folks.
    So; If they give an advisers direction to register, they are going against the official
    gov. policy,& the advice of there own union and you must have the right to take it upstairs and at the very least
    claim victimisation.
    I am printing off the page at the library tomorrow to take it in and show him. If he gets shirty about it I can afford a few doen more pages to hand out outside the
    building. off to the pub now for my meagre weekly quart.
    (Tim Martin; our only friend in these times-he cant stand gov. either!;#} )

  81. guys, i forgot to mention, i made an account with government gateway. Is this safe or is it just like ujm? I havent registered on ujm yet.

    • The gateway is separate from UJM. It’s used, or is supposed to be used later, to manage Universal Credit and for the self-employed to declare their earnings and so on. If you haven’t created an account on UJM you haven’t signed up to UJM. Don’t. To create an account you have to give your name and your postcode which pretty much identifies you as far as the DWP are concerned.

  82. Dunno.Dont do anything until we know whats what. Look at what i said. print the page. show it if you have to. Dont join UJ unless you want to spend hrs in front of your pc waiting for work directions to come from vegetable picker gang masters !
    off to the bar.

  83. WITHOUT PREJUDICE – Jobseekers fight back at Tory Jobseeker Dictatorship Methods.

    Yes here we ago again!! Iain Duncan Smiths, Universal COCK SCRATCH, how much more can we downgrade job seekers and make them feel like shit? If the new humiliating diary monotoring your every daily movements just to get a mere existence payment, is not degrading enough for you and your out of work, then yes!!! – Sign up for an Identity theft government gateway account and in turn: (Come and have your personal details stolen on the Web with (NEW) – Universal Cock and Snatch Scratch). Guaranteed to make a Cock of you and certainly Snatch your personal details, (Expertly engineered by stuck up Tory Boys with no idea of poverty or what BEING unlucky and at the bottom end of life is about. As they were all born with silver spoons up thier arses!!!)

    We really want a job, We really want to work,but what we don’t want is the filthy injustice degrading treatment and ‘You claiming scum looks’ from G4S and Job Centre Staff. So yes!!!………
    Let the Tories and the Employment Service make you feel like ‘ common flushable toilet waste’ with a further abundance of ‘dictatorship, ideas… the latest insult to Job Seekers… UNIVERSAL COCK SCRATCH!! What is next??? Ah yes!!! have a usb slot surgically and permaenently embedded and available in the side of your head so you can relay every movement to the DWP!!! The governments austerity plans!! Make it even more of a headache for claimaints. Make it so shit, that possibly they just won’t bother at all. 🙂 God I feel better now!!! Thanks :)) lol

      UPSET THEM. Print off the page on the PCS union website I mentioned earlier, and hand it to your adviser. Guarenteed you wont be pushed into registering for that shit after.

  84. and no I did not do a spell check… was too ignorant and busy having a go at crap shite bollocks universal job match!!:)

  85. Bad Grandma away old beene

    • Never could understand why lords and ladies had servants to dress them shine there shoes wipe there sorry arses they owned land and had titles they were our ‘betters’ so after serving them cos they couldnt be bothered to do there own stuff , the servant class were depicted as feckless and lazy.

  86. That Jonny Thomas Willy fellow is really quite amusing, what wat?
    Perhaps a job in writing, Maam, ummh?

  87. Hey guys, Had an interesting Advisers appointment few days ago, we were supposed to be arranging a WP for myself. However when he asked, had i signed up with UJM or not, when I told I hadn’t, he looked incredibly confused. He then asked me to explain myself, at which point I started to mention my concerns regarding security, human rights act article 8, and DPA1998. And in each case with his rebuttal, he would contradict himself and infact reinforce what i was saying, An example of this was when I was talking about data-mining / phishing, he responded with a comparison to facebook, stating that (paraphrasing) “All your photos and posts on facebook will be there forever, for anyone to see, does that stop you from posting?”. He really got himself worked up over this, and when i stated that the UJ may well be illegal, due to DPA-1998 and where the data is transmitted/stored, he started to write it down on his computer, he wrote to the effect of “Customer refusal to use UJM because ‘May be carrying out illegal activities’…..”
    Obviously i didn’t want anyone to misconstrue his poor wording to mean that i am refusing to sign up for UJM due to illegal activities, and i quickly forced him to change his wording, however he wouldn’t leave it that, and i spent perhaps 30 minutes trying to convince him that UJM would not be beneficial to me, and even then the best i could do was to get him to put down that “customer will consider the advantages of UJM”, he pretty much flat out refused to take no for an answer, I expect much of the same next week and for the foreseeable future…

    On an interesting side note, he hinted that my Work Program would require me to use UJM or the threat of sanctions would follow, and he also stated that some time next year they are going to make UJ mandatory (or try to).

    • Thats what they want – compliance. From dumbed down public who know fuck all. They cant cope with intelligent informed public. Either hes a nasty little jumped up hitler or toadying jobsworth. Utter creep. Oh well no doubt he will other side of counter next.

    • I would report the fecker..

    • follow the link i have put on here to the pcs (advisors) union website regarding uj.. print it, and give it to your advisor. Thats him reamed for the foreseable.
      At this rate the site will fall on its face. The advisors will crumble when they realise this monster powered behemoth may be taking there jobs?
      The only union in the uk we would ALL would watch burn .

  88. Aahaha, did the advisor actually use facebook as an example, wow! Absolutely hilarious. Do you know what facebook gives us? Guess? A bloody choice to sign up or not and a bloody choice to upload photos, wheres the choice in this UJM? Theres no choice. Facebook doesnt force us to do nothing. We can make a facebook profile and leave it all blank if we like.

    • UJ NOT MANDATORY. Advisor lying. cancel profile or alter it to be useless.

    • Wait, they are saying that UJM can be used by anyone and not just claimants, ok then if UJM is used for spying then its spying on everyone.

    • There was a situation whereby facebook photos were being accessed and used by companies. What a neat idea, get idiot public to provide stuff about themselves so that police and spies and companies can keep records on you, but sell it as social network


  90. Can I just give the site to my advisor? I dont have a printer :p

  91. Its amazing, on the pcs site how they bleat and baaaah about job protection, pension rites, retirement age, ..;
    vote yes to action! We need more manpower not less ! !
    See for yourself.
    Double standard inept arsewipes. They couldnt exist in the private sector.
    I did more work by 30 than most of these planks in a lifetime. But they expect YOU to shovel concrete till you die, and pay there pensions.
    Some are more equal than others I guess,
    Time for the SCAFFOLD, Methinks.

  92. 300 comments and counting… 🙂

  93. local jc has been picking on the “soft targets” to get them signed up to this universal sanction monster machine and sanctioned. the “problem” i.e. informed “customers” are being left alone so far…

  94. Reblogged this on The Pua Melia Clinic and commented:
    This site is atrocious. People need to know what the flip is happening to so many people.

  95. Guys I got sent to a decision maker. It was in my direction to make a UJM account. I argued my points, said im not gonna join, plain and simple. My main point was im not comfortable with using it and other sites do the same thing. He then said he isnt arguing that but said I must join like everyone else. He said I have to join but I dont have to use it to which I replied, its a waste of time then, whats the point of me storing my details on there if Im not gonna use it? I asked him to show me where it says that UJ mandatory for me to receive my benefits, he said, it says it right here, poining to a sheet but then quickly looked at me, didnt even show me the sheet and said whats the problem here? Is there something youre hiding? I said no and he even mentioned that its not in the legislation! If it isnt then why do I need to register, I told him but he said everybody has to do it. Again I asked where does it say its mandatory, he said “in the job centre, we’re telling you that you need to do it”. Oh so your telling its mandatory yet providing no evidence at all? If you tell me I need to go and kill someone to get my benefits, I should it? Oh wait. Anyway, I refused at the end and got sent to a decision maker, reason being that other sites do the same thing and Id rather use them. What a joke, im not backing down. If you want to protect your rights, dont sign and get referred, if you need the money sign up but in the end I think protecting your rights has more of a value.

    • He is lying. Look at the links on this site to the pcs (job advisors union website) and you will see he is lying through his teeth. Print off a copy. Take it back to him and tell him he is a liar then tell him to poke his site. The guvernments position is that it is non mandatory, and not linked to benefits. DONT SIGN UP.

    • Its the duplicity that is a concern especially ss its confirmed in the refusal to confirm or deny what the official line is in that FOI request on this matter. Now who instructed them to tell someone that?

    • have you heard anything back from the decision maker?

  96. Also, once you sign up they got you by the bollox. They will then order you to use the site. And you wont be able to say no.

  97. I will take it next time when I get a printer. I am not even mad to be honest, I just hope the decision maker knows my rights and that it is not mandatory. I feel that the advisors should know it is not mandatory, we are being forced. I will appeal a sanction if I get it, providing evidence that it is not mandatory at the time. The advisor also told me the system isnt there to catch you out, say what? Lol, save it for somebody else cause I know whats going on.

    • I sent an emal off to my JCP area manager and also her boss. I got the addresses from someone on this site, You can ask at the JCP who the manager is. Complain how you were misinformed and intimidated by the advisor. I left messages on this site on 3 Dec around 5am I had been up all night as my advisor had been underhand. Have a look you may find them of interest. Now that I have an email address for them I will be contacting them on a regular basis if there are any further dirty tricks.

      • Yes Liz all very good, but much more worrying is the FOI request on this matter refused from the DWP? This is a govt dept for crying out loud? Have they goofed? And covering their tracks? Or something more conniving? If it says you dont have to sign abd join and confirmed by pcs and in their own text and stated in policy why oh why is DWP saying none of your business in FOI requests?

        • What is FOI?

          • Ok Liz its freedom of information request. You can contact any govt dept and ask for any info on govt policy. At least thats the theory. Already the DWP have refused requests on matters including this issue about whether it was / was not compulsory. Because of this confusion or negligence lots of ppl have had their info stolen.

            Its time DWP and other depts stop trashing public interest against commercial confidentiality.

            Sorry but this looks corrupt as shit.

            This poverty pimp / destitution market racket was fecking stopped.

            Last month the govt launched yet another racket for opportunists to cash in on rough sleepers.

          • Sorry a few words fell of my keypad. I was saying its time the poverty pimp and destitution ‘market’ racket was stopped.

            What with fat cat housing assoc bosses
            Cashing in on rough sleepers..

          • As my old gran (RIP) was fond of saying: “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good”

  98. print it off at the library for 20p..
    Also I would mention going above there mandate and position could lead to legal action as they are infringing your civil rights, let alone anything to do with human rights.
    There will be a long que of legal eagles waiting to take a class action on legal aid, as the decision will fall under public interest. / good (pro bono). etc

  99. Came across this blog: http://dalehay.me/comment/759/

    Slightly off topic, but all part of the changes occuring.

    Atherstone jobcentre is trialling a new method that has done away with advisers and fixed signing on times. People come in and hand over a sheet of the jobs they have applied for, get a new one and then leave. Along with Universal Jobmatch, it’s further evidence the DWP is looking to make staff cutbacks.

    I can’t believe jobcentre staff can’t see the writing on the wall. Would be interested to know if similar schemes are being trialled elsewhere.

    • our is similar – go in between a certain time (usually 10am to 11.30am), hand your sheet of jobsearch over and get given a new sheet for 2 weeks time

  100. Thanks Captain Kirk for the bit of publicity to my site. 😉 Yeah, it is fairly off-topic, but I do have a habit of going off track. My first “new way of signing on” will be 18th Dec. It’s going to be very weird not having to see anyone besides the lady on the reception desk.

    • I meant it was slightly off topic for this Johnny Void post. Not a criticism of your site(which is really intersting). Looking forward to updates.

      • Think it is relevant. If the trial is found to ‘work’ it’ll surely be used in other JCs – and sounds like an integral bit of the ‘digital by default’ plan. So at a glance, it might feel like a real improvement (with no belittling adviser chats, just dropping off list of evidence, and having a one-hour time to attend will cut down the risk of losing money if 5 minutes late). I think I’d love it (for about the first week) and most people will probably breathe a sigh of relief – … But why has it been thought up – to make it easier/less stressful for claimants? Quite possibly not.

        Maybe it’s to find more and more-automated ways to disallow entitlement/raise a concern (?). Once the evidence is delivered and the claimant has left, if there is anything judged to be incomplete/not good enough there wouldn’t even be an early indication of a ‘problem’ – perhaps a receipt would be a good idea in case evidence goes astray between the ‘welcome desk’ and wherever it’s got to get to to be ‘checked’. It could be scanned/checked by a computer which could misread what it’s reading due to human error (?). At least as things stand we know who the person responsible for processing our paperwork is, as in their name & they know ours (for what it’s worth). This could make it far easier for whoever looks at the record to choose one of the many ‘reasons’ (there might be some that start to be ‘popular’ under this system) & just tick a box/mark the record as not ‘signed off’. No need for them to put a face to a name, so any ‘sway’ due to knowing you/what you’re like & any leeway this might ever bring with it (?) will not exist. No for an adviser to sit opposite the faceless person & tell them they there’s going to be a concern raised – which must make it easier for them to do it – as in not like they’re sanctioning a real person?

        I didn’t think I’d rather see an adviser than not have to but every new change is looking more unlikely to work (in our favour) than the last & all seem to be leading in one direction (not One Direction – in one very dodgy direction).

  101. I signed on today and although i was on time for my appointment, i had to wait 45 minutes to see my adviser. During that 45 minutes i witnessed an adviser (not mine) repeatedly tell claimant after claimant that it was mandatory to register with UJ (which is complete bullshit.) To be fair to her, she did tell each claimant that they didn’t have to let the dwp see their account once it was set up, but there was no choice about registering – it had to be done!.
    Apparently – according to her, there ”is an email that has been sent to the managers that says registering is now a condition of claiming JSA” (yeah right.) I was absolutely fuming, and was desperate for her to be the one to see me so i could have words with her. Anyway, when it was my turn i ended up being seen not by her but by my regular adviser who said to me ”have you registered with UJ?” I said ”no, and i won’t be doing either”. Her response?? ”Oh. ok that’s fine” (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    So here was my adviser just shrugging her shoulders completely not bothered when i said i wouln’t be registering, and SAT RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO HER was this other woman demanding all and saundry registered no questions asked and that it was now a condition of claiming JSA that you would register.
    It’s an utter disgrace the way claimants are being given differing, conflicting, uninformed and often untrue advice from every adviser in the Jobcentre. It needs sorting out big time.

    • some are towing the line. while others are listening to the union advice. TAKE HEART FRIEND! YOUR POST WILL HELP OTHERS STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES! !

  102. CupidStunt, youre right. Its happening across the country and its a joke when you get one saying its mandatory and then another in the same job centre! saying its not mandatory, it just shows its all a load of bull and the rules arent crystal clear. As long as you have a bunch of advisors saying its not mandatory to sign up, then to me, that means you dont need to sign up to it. When they get every single advisor saying its mandatory and it becauses mandatory according to the dwp, then ill register.

    • Well then johnny well done you and your alert to this nightmare. Lets not forget that DWP FOI request that was refused.

      What with the fear of homelessness and possibility of families children being taken into care, ie care homes where we’ve heard the horrors of abuse.. Oh and the poverty pimps and the fat cat directors of housing associations and housing associations taking over hostels and refuges for rough sleepers.

      Well thats the destitution market for you.

      • I very much doubt that there will be anything like enough homeless provision – the system has been straining at the seams for many years, especially when winter comes.

        With the cutbacks the Tories may well plump for schemes run by all kinds of nutjobs who have no experience, or training, let alone access to adequate accommodation to properly cater for the needs of the homeless, especially that of families. It stands to reason that you cannot put vulnerable families in amongst those equally vulnerable who are drug/alcohol users or with those potentially violent.

        I know of some ‘well meaning’ religious group who proposed to be taking in street homeless with no training on how to deal with potentially threatening behaviour, and who stated that they would be fine, as they had their faith to protect them.

        The ‘third sector’ can be a good provider of places for the homeless, but they tend to try and do this on the cheap, often leaving staff in very vulnerable situations, such as solo working, when all such places should at least two workers on each shift – workers who are adequately trained and paid properly. Some other providers in the third sector can be quite awful, both in terms of the staff pay and conditions, and in the service/treatment of service users. The best providers tend to be local authorities, but homelessness has never been a vote winner, and as such local authority provision, where it exists at all is overstretched.

        • Bed and breakfast places have been used a lot thats increasing. Also places such as hostels are being taken over by housing associations , where i am is a hostel for mental people which apart from housing offer care for residents, but now have been taken over by housing association with no experience in care. There have also been staff cutbacks too which have had an impact on care here.

  103. Have organised crime bosses been making secret party donations to the Tories why they seem hell bent on conning jobseekers into delivering their identities and personal information to criminals on a silver platter ? What this government is doing really is beyond the fucking joke.

    • Of course, we alteady have organised crime giving donations to the tories. They go by the name of Atos, Serco, G4S , virgin to name but a few..

        • Barclays RBS RSA, freemasons judges cps police murdoch vodaphone military on and on, the whole rotten corrupt construction the whole rotten corrupt system

        • Anyone want to decode this?

          “Under the Work Programme, we provide access for Host Employers to set up their own workplace areas in our Employment Centres to replicate real business activities providing in-situ work experience for our customers.

          The size and nature of our Employment Centres means that internal layouts can be readily restructured and reconfigured, removing or adding partitions and introducing new workplace units to adapt to the specific needs of our Host Employers.

          This enables you to observe and assess the candidates who want to work for you.

          We will provide on-the-job training, guidance and support for our customers, providing equipment, facilities and floorspace at no cost. This gives you the confidence and security of knowing that your work is being done in an environment that meets your standards and deadlines.”

          • Note the phrase ” your work is being done”

            So its not phoney work then?
            Pretend work?

            Of course its at no cost to employer is it? Hey why waste money on all that training ?

  104. Up with Chris The Fish, stand and be counted…. do not conform and say NO to UJM……… and by the way http://www.yourbenefitsarechanging.com may be worth a look, the government is making huge cuts so it can spend more on war and dictatorship!!!

    Hold on to your flaps and balls the new world order is coming guys.
    One government to rule us all is coming and they are killing us all softly and making out the world is skint, just to pay for it!!!

    Universal Credit will kick us all in the nether reigions. Money will become a figure online via a monthly payment. …. See the above site for details….mmmm yes I’m not lying!!!

    Its getting harder to survive with each year that passes…!!! Things are getting more expensive but the wages don’t or little increase. We just have to keep bending over and take the increases up the tail pipe while these house of universal cock scratch wankers make decisions and just do what they want!!!

    I gave up smoking but, for a typical example: (A packet of cigs is nearly £8.00 and the min wage is only £6.25) What is the next excuse going to be??? …..Sorry Mr Wills…Petrol is now £5.00 per litre as we need the money to cyphon off yesterdays catastrophic bullshit into further bullshit progression!! Its all too damn corrupt and too damn convenient…. but as always in the governments favour!!! Notice the friendly hello’s you were one succeptable too from the nice old folk on the street or the chap walking his dog have now turned into grey miserable faces….. noone is cheery nor happy any more…. We are turned from living people with time for each other… to a hoodlum state of….. “Fuck you…. asshole!!!!, that there is the last tin of Aldi beans on that shelf, and I’m having it you twat!!! Stick your good day up your arse!!!! For I just signed on by the skin of my teeth, and they are making it so hard, I may not be so lucky next time I sign. That 15p tin of beans I saved may be my salvation in the event of a purely uncalled for and unjustified 52 week JSA Sanction. .Times are changing… the weather is fucked and things are getting crazy….. WISE UP ALL!!! Fasten your seatbelts….2013 will drop some serious jaw clangers. There is no escape, everyone is invited, everyone has no choice, but at the same time, noone is after the front row seats to it all!……. Hope I find some work soon, this I MUST CONFORM to DWP… and ah!!! zyour ze papzers do ze not zeem to be in order is becoming a boring eye wiper!!

  105. Whilst trawling the music up on YouTube i came across an old album i had many years ago back around 1982, it was a concept album by Fad Gadget called “Under the Flag” the two parts of the title track means as much today as they did then, possibly more so, we know who was in power then!.

    Under the Flag pt.01

    Under the Flag pt.02

  106. Ladies and Gentleman!!! I hereby declare that a new craze has entered our atmosphere like a wild pack of hungry dogs!!! Its when everyone else gets to scratch and nosey into everyone elses nether reigions, a complete phishing scam and your key to personal detail theft and intolerable nether reigion soreness!!! Yes its….itchy and extremely irritating…. ITS – UNIVERSAL COCK AND SNATCH SCRATCH!!!! Sign up for your account today!!! 100% FREE INCREASE on advisor hassle for every subscription. ……………………lol…………..lol………….lmao………….lol :):):):):)

  107. Honourable mention for the Rt Hon JV on this ch4 news article


    “Fears about the new website first surfaced on claimant activist Johnny Void’s blog, where he claimed the new site could be a “scammer’s paradise”.

    OK – so they’ve called you a ‘CLAIMANT activist’ – somethin’ which the right-wing bollockites would interpret & label as ‘dole-scrounger’. But I’d say the ‘claims’ you’ve made on here are absoultely spot-on and totally justified (Well, most of them :p)

    Keep up the sterling work JV!! A few more people made aware is a few more people armed against this disingenuous, connivin’ shithouse of a so-called government.

    • To give you an idea just how unbalanced it is, in feb or so there was an anti workfare protest in london , much was made of the fact that the protestor was a socialist and trouble maker. At the time of this protest a tory mp called for the police to stop it ( dont you just love that – the police are there to do theyr bidding)
      What the newspaper omitted was that this tory mp and others had produced a book proclaiming that all british workers were lazy and bone idle.
      Another tory mp was furious that the shop in question was caving in to pressure about using free labour. The should have stood their ground. He said. So lets check that out. Its a companies right to use free labour and not pay tax and any one complaining is a trouble make and should be locked up.

  108. Ladies an gentlemen……I applaud your efforts, and blogs above, but please let’s keep to the facts. Political rhetoric aside please, you are preaching to the converted! (mostly). In my opinion it is best to fight the fight with their rules. I reference the blenderhead blog 3/12 and the Argurious letter which everyone should print (if you can!!!…oink! (zero ink!). Until such time that there is a mandatory requirement to access the Gateway (to sanction), then do not do so! However, you must continue to supply them with your hard copy written evidence, as above, this cannot be refused. The caveat is that there are now jobs being posted that can only be applied for through the ‘apply’ button which forces you to sign in, this is clearly wrong! But do not be bullied by this! We have freedom of information? And if they want us to apply for a job then the details can not be withheld! Monster, yes it is! and renowned for security breaches. I Scanned my system after accessing UJ and had 90 yes 90 cookie hits……some of which are very nasty, and yes scammers can easily access your details enough to set up a credit card in you name…..enough said! I, like most people on this site are not work shy, we are not scroungers, and I have an IQ you would not believe. When they changed the WTC threshold (single person) to 30 hours they put me out of of work! I know what my bottom line is to the penny……and for one of our friends above there are several good tax/NI calculators online, sorry just google it!,,,,we need a collective stance if anything is to change, which is why I say lets stick to the facts…..is their a lawyer on this site who can give us the legal momentum…..I hope so. Scorpio.

    • I am under enormous pressure to join. I dont wish to, however. I DO believe it is a ratchet mechanism. Join now, be forced to log in later. I also believe the guv will deny responsibility, and claim it was in black and white you didnt have to sign up.
      Should I create an account?
      Replies from sensible legal minded plse.
      Christmas is coming (no coincidence there) and I need to know our position Smartish!

      • You are under no obligation to sign up. Please read through the blogs above, might take a while and this site needs someone to finalise the appropriate links, Argurious letter is pretty much on the spot…print and present…..the JCP people are more perplexed…..and have less idea than you……don’t agree to anything in your JSAG re UJ. (Other than searching) If you have the argurious letter you should be safe…..but you will have to have the guts to tell them why……if you have your own PC you do not want to compromise it’s integrity by accessing a site that has no credibility! Until they can PROVE otherwise??? Keep handing in the ‘what have I done’ sheet they can not refuse this and can not sanction you! Good luck and let us know how you get please. Regards.

      • The channel 4 news item exposing it as flawed and being abused by scammers is best evidence to prove that its not fit for purpose. . There you go . Dont use it. Channel 4 news is proof . Dont sign.

      • Too right, he will just turn round and laugh in your face: “But you CHOSE to sign up to Universal Jobmatch and you CHOSE to give us permission to access your account.”

    • I agree with you and copied the letters. I looked at the Jobmatch site this morning made a note of the jobs found them on CV Library, Jobsite, Monster (was not that good), Jobs24, Bestadminjobs etc plus applied for others that are not on their website (always the case). It appears that if you look at the title of the job and do various/general searches and fill in the paper diary – done better without using the site. If they say you cannot access our jobs just point them out on your diary also point out the jobs not on their website. Jobs contained to their website would in fact hinder your jobsearch as so many people would be applying for the same jobs and would miss the other job opportunities from the other sites.

    • Sorry but the channel 4 news revelations has said it all. D0 not use it. Ever. Mainstream news program issued the warning !!!!!!

      DO NOT USE..

  109. Want to hear how ubroprofen got on??? I am not legal,l but close to. Work that out! Regards A.

  110. Liz there is a box where you can update what you have done outside of the system…..this…..will replace the job sheet/book you currently have, which is where they are heading….but repeat this is not MANDATORY….at the moment……keep the hard copy (diary) going! Monster is a crap site….try Indeed, much more pleasing to the eye and more user friendly. Monster is taking the UK government for a ride with crap and untested software, they have been paid millions for a load of testicles! A.

  111. Tried to apply for 2 jobs and nothing happened is that cause I need to be signed in for it to work ? Talk about barriers to work. Wouldnt surprise me if the future they had a record of your hours spent logged in and demand you must be logged in so many hours a week.

    • That IS the plan.

    • yes, they want you sat waiting at your pc for vegetable picker gang masters or dodgy agencies to send you for odd days here their and everywhere..
      You will have to be logged in thirty five hours a week..

      • Or you could go on pretend or is it real job. At an employment centre. If you see my posts

      • You will be expected to be “on-call” waiting for a “pop-up” message alert from a gangmaster/agency.

        • Yeah, well thats fine. If they want to put my benefit up to thirty five hours times 6 quid odd minus tax that is! at the moment my rent and dole = 150 so i think i would be twenty quid better off, and i am sure someone would write a robot app to keep flicking around job pages. Its also possible we could utilise the night time to count towards our time. Like midnite till 7 am. ;
          ; ‘Sorry, cant work today, Todays 7 hrs shift in front of the pc ended ten minutes ago and I am putting my feet up until bedtime. feel free to email again at midnite!

  112. Once again, no mention of it when I handed over my signing ‘coupon’.

    Not that I am getting any JSA at the moment anyway! So…. Fuck ’em!

  113. Hi rebel…..if the only option is to apply online through the Gateway (to hell) then yes you will have to register before you can apply! This is the back door that they can now use to get you to sign up! AS previously stated you can point out to JC+ that you will not compromise the integrity of your PC because of the potential viruses on their system, and they must provide you with the contact details, so you can apply by snail mail etc….it seems they are co-ercing the employers to not to give normal details, and make it that you have to use the gateway…..this is a scandal….and stops those of us who are genuinely trying and applying for jobs for which we may be suited! They are essentially shooting themselves in the foot! YOU MUST REITERATE THIS TO THEM!!! I repeat if you can print the letter that Argurious has laid out, this is good reason not to use the Gateway! hope this helps. A. (I have a mortgage and six fish…yes fish, to feed, I have about 6 months before the lender will come after me, the joke of it is that if I live in rented accommodation they will have to fork out more in benefit (housing) than me and my mortgage!!!!!….and 6 fish may be floundering as a result!!! It’s a very cruel life!). Idiocy! Aitch.

  114. something survived...

    Hi to Aitch’s fish!
    I was logged in but it doesn’t let me apply for jobs. It’s rubbish.

    Opportunity for work; Unemployed are encouraged to work as Minefield Testers. walk across minefields till you are blown up! A job that’s really going places – in every direction at once!

    I had 2 men at WP shout at me till I joined UJ rather than have them sanction me as they made it a Direction. I didn’t sign the nonmandatory bits.
    What they don’t know – my Password refers to UJ in the most unflattering terms.

    • Sorry but is everyone asleep? The channel 4 news item put the lid on it for me. Anyone putting pressure on anyone after that news item needs to be put in the picture and the whole mess removed. !!

    • A job direction doesnt make it mandatory though, the dwp has even stated its not mandatory. You should’ve told them WP men that no means no, what’s the worst they could’ve done to you? This is the sort of measures they are using to see how far they can push you. If I was you, I’d retaliate and remove everything and delete the account if possible.

  115. People keep talking about an argurious letter to print pff but I cant find it. Can someone post a link?

    • Just get the channel 4 link and print that off . That should also help

    • CTF:
      Letter is above here – it’s very long & eloquently written – (long tho’)
      See Dec 8th@9.37pm. There’s also the consent.me website where there’s a similar but different letter (is more in the form of questions) & has ‘worked'(?) for me. Insofar as no further attempts have been made to get me to join up. There’s so much ratcheting-up of conditions in each & every other way though, that one way or another, they’re gonna getcha, they’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, one way, or another ….

      (Repeat to fade)

      • And no one comments about the ‘pretend’ jobs or whatever they are or supposed to be.

        Amazing .. Like it never happened.

        • Sorry did you say something?

          Only kidding. It’s very concerning. It’s a very bizarre concept. it’s like something out of the 60s tv show The Prisoner with Patrick Mcgoohan. It must be another IDS brainwave. It would be sheer madness to force people to do pretend work in a pretend workplace for their dole money, while being observed by real employers who will select the most eager and promising candidates to give a real job…. which means it is very likely it will be implemented.

          • Yeah aint it just and dont worry as it wont cost the employer a penny.
            My question is this, is the actual work for real .,despite the unusual ‘environment’ because if so then we have workfare behind closed doors.. And if not real work then we may have something that looks like..,the workhouse..

          • Watch yourself Number Six. I’ve got my eye on you.

          • I shouldnt worry TOO much about bosses setting up workshops in job centres. They can trial you in the actual work place and send you away if you are a hopeless case at lunch time. In the bar trade, ‘TRIALS’ (Where you work a shift for nothing) are the norm. They dont even give you a pint when you finish . Kitchens, also. The problem is the 4 million people who moved here in the last ten years living two to a room and working for SFA. You can only compete if you do the same. Now there here and the jobs are gone, we are all expected to miracle decent employ out of thin air! If you work on an agency in a warehouse, the employer might consider giving you an on the books position after about 20 months, but only if you live next door, are married to the boss’s daughter and can play duelling banjo’s. Labour brought in the minimum wage and did nothing about agencies. A no brainer for bosses. Agency work used to pay better cos it was temp. Now we are expected to be temp for min wage. Tesco have set up there own agency! ( Why give the profit away?) Think about that when you choose your super market. We have imported a third world economy from the whole planet.
            It doesnt matter what your politics.
            Wealth = Resources / people.
            If there aint many coconuts, you cant invite people to live on your paradise island
            or you will go hungry.
            Why do you think housing is going ballistic?
            There are 4 east europeans living in my block, 2 to a room.
            One has a proper job, the other three work cash in hand for thirty five a day.
            I dont want to share my room.
            sorry its off topic but its the cause of this folly.
            You dont see the french putting up with it. .

            • Ok chris this isnt off topic at all. In fsct this may well be workfare but hidden. These pretend jobs are not on jobcentre premises . It seems they are specially built in some unit like industrial estate. Point is this they are either 1 a scam 2 hidden workfare 3 a workhouse

              Ive been trying to get this info to BW

              • Yeah, I’m with yer. Stuffin envelopes all day for nuthin. I remember when tmobile evening and week end contracts were being bought for 2 grand, Then people wer paid by the lead to cold call in the evenings from a cold office somewhere.
                They never got paid of course. The boss just scarpered after a month.
                I rang a ‘job’ from jc+ last month, and straight away a girl said she had a start in hayes( i live 20 miles from there) at 8.00 am . It was an agency. I was expected to
                ring up every night to see what they had. a day at a time. I asked about payment details (when,how,) she said she didnt know as she only started yesterday.
                I told her to go home to her mum. I didnt bother answering them after that. I got a call from an agency near bristol asking me what I thought of there service and I pointed out I moved to the capitol ten years ago. IDS wants jobmatch to do the same. Its pants. Cameroon wants the population to sort out this mess by eating shit and being whipped. The only job he ever had before pm was PR man for novus leisure. They gave him 28k for 4 hrs a month. Thats why he’s cut like a toddler. Never shovelled concrete or carried a hod. Waste a good food, the lot of em . Why the hell should WE sort it out? Its shit policies , double dealing and downright selling out the U.K. Thats done it. Even now they wont admit the problem . Too busy keeping that 12k A MONTH euro mep door open.

                • Then you get this in your email

                  How to skip the NHS waiting queues


                • chris the fish

                  Oh yes. The market for private medical care is booming. I remember my dear Nan dying in ’07. Killed by the NHS. They started her off with hospital acquired pnuemonia,. She fought that off, so they tried MRSA. She beat that, but they had another trick left. The antibioticks allowed clostridium dificile to take hold and it destroyed her stomach and bowel lining. I watched her starve to death. It took THREE MONTHS. I bet the cameroon doesnt use the national elf often.

                • Doncha just love this shit? We are not bashing the NHS ( we are) but..

                  Now when its been revealed that the listening exercise was a sham as during that time the govt was meeting up with pvt care lobbyists to make sure competition was in the bill fir them to use and profit from.

                  “A private medical insurance (PMI) policy enables you to pay for medical expenses for you and your family, should treatment be needed. While it’s comforting to know the NHS is there to provide us with help regardless of our ability to pay, that much loved organisation cannot always treat you or your loved ones as quickly as you would like, in the hospital you want or with the latest expensive procedures or drugs.

                  Private health insurance gives you and your family choice and flexibility – you decide when and where you’re treated and who by. Plus, such cover means you can look forward to greater levels of privacy and comfort.”

                • chris the fish

                  I dont need to spell anything out , anymore.
                  This country has been dumbed down and betrayed by the political classes.
                  V had the only idea that is ‘V’iable, if you dont mind doing the time.
                  My bruv inlaw from S.A. realised 10 yrs ago the brits wer being stuffed by there leaders, and moved to frog land, where he works thirty five hrs a week and lives like a king. . He said and I quote;’ a u.k citizen has no friend in there own guvernment.’
                  Guess it took an outsider to see it.
                  The last election APPALLED me, cos it doesnt matter what you say, people go with the party model. They wont vote independant.
                  They stick with the same crooked pile of shit, and expect the left hand of the rapist murderer to be better than the right or vice versa.
                  This country is doomed cos people are too busy watching xfactor to care.

                • A couple of things. First as i have already posted here. The monster recruitment site was well known to have scams and frauds
                  On it. It appeared on a fraud spotting site.
                  So why use that company?

                  Next as you pointed out that dumbing down i am not interested thing. Well after reading about the classroom workfare for kids ie corporate studio schools. Where kids will be expected to work for companies for free. I texted about half a dozen friends about it.
                  Not one had the decency to respond. Not only that but on another blog i was trying to draw ppls attention to it. It was met with a polite fuck off as we are too busy writing rude things about MPs to see who can be the funniest. I dont know about you but anything to do with exploitation / abuse of kids seens inportant to me.

                • Oh lets not forget the threatened closure of hospitals A&E wards..

          • It was part of New Labour’s 1995 Election Manifesto to abolish Employment Agencies.

          • Scammed Jobseeker

            When you ask these scam jobmasters “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FUCKING MONEY??” they all say the same thing: “Your money will be in the bank at the end of the week/month”, “Christmas” Like Christmas 3012!! There are sooo many “jobs” out there which have absolutely NO intention of paying you, none whatsoever. Anyone who has been jobseeking and been burned and left out of pocket so many times will tell you this. It is high time it was FUCKING CRACKED DOWN ON!!

            • A mate got the bullet from a part time job in a kitchen washing up yesterday, after three weeks. He was told the last bloke who left was coming back and they would put my friend on ‘bank’ to cover absence. So now he has to sign on all over again, and he hasnt been paid yet. I would be surprised if he doesnt end up poorer for the experience. THIRD WORLD JOBS FOR THIRD WORLD WORKERS! THANK YOU TO OUR ELECTED LEADERS OF THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

            • Well thats what some of us are looking into., who is being scammed? Obviously the jobseeker but also the govt, ( not for the first time, unless the govt is complicit in the whole thing..) oh wait A4e..

          • It does fuck people right up – you are trying to “do the right thing”, you take what you believe is an offer of a job, all your benefits stop, your wages are always just about to go into the bank, so you work like past a month thinking you are due to be paid and as the second month approaches and you realise the “employer” has no intention of paying you either leave or you are sacked, and then you have to go through all the hassle of signing back on, “sanctions” for leaving a job voluntarily/being sacked, threats of eviction, having to borrow money (from loan sharks like wonga) to pay the rent. You couldn’t really blame someone for not “doing the right thing”.

        • Having read through it again a couple more times it seems to me that they are saying the actual work will be real. So workfare behind closed doors then.

          • Yeah thats what i thought too, ive been trying to alert boycott workfare all morning .. Can you or anyone get this message to them and other parties i will dig further on all this.

  116. hi all. i dont want to look on uj so i am looking at different job sites. i have been on indded and reed but when i see a job and it says to apply there is a apply button and when i click on it it says to sign in or register.plus other sites it says to apply for job to login or register. what is the differnce between signing in and registering or logining or registering. do you have to give a load of personal information like uj

    • anne marie:
      You could register with either or both of them – it does mean giving out some details (name/email address) but I don’t think you have to give anything that should cause problems for you. (I hope I’m right) – I’ve not had any problems that I’m aware of – except that they send ‘general’ mails our sometimes. You don’t have to post a CV on any of the sites unless you decide to. You don’t have to register with them to look at the jobs (as you’ve already found). To apply for jobs, though, I’m not sure if you could tell from looking at the job details where/which company it’s with and contact them direct – (probably not as they’ve put the job with an agency?) but you could ring Reed/Indeed and ask for details to apply – this might be more trouble than it’s worth though) – if you didn’t want to register on there. The way they are set up to work really, is so people do apply via the site & so probably they expect that people will register to make full use of it.

      The main thing about them though, is that they’re not connected to the DWP/JCP – they’re completely separate. No one on there could or will try to track the jobs you’ve applied for or ask you to explain why you maybe looked at one but then decided not to apply for it (etc.). The job sites you/ve mentioned have been around way longer than UJ & (as far as I know) aren’t thought to have the same kinds of problems that UJ has already had – from day one. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  117. Hi Anne…..unfortunately with a lot of ‘agencies’ you have to register before you can signin, to be able to apply for the job, in some respects its no different to walking in to a recruitment agency on the high street, you would have to register with them to apply for any job….otherwise they do not get their fee should they be successful with a job application! Remember Indeed is really just a conduit. Also, even applying to companies direct you will have to register with them to be able to apply for a specific job. Way of the world! Again as I posted earlier, the UJM website can also force you to have to register with it, in order to apply for those jobs that do not give alternative methods to apply, this is the JCP back door to getting you to register! Which as discussed above is a bit dodgy regarding the use of cookies….etc..as above, however I believe you can still ask for the contact details to be revealed by ringing the number (0845… something or other) as we used to have to for certain jobs before the advent of UJM. Hope that helps Anne. Best regards from Aitch and the fish!

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  119. 400 comments and counting …. 🙂

  120. Not surprising there’s still a lot of activity in this comment section.

    Please take a read of the linked info under this video, it is kept up-to-date with key developments, and advice given:

    Channel 4 today released a reliable guide on UJ:

    Of last week’s Channel 4 revelations on hacking, it would be interesting to know whether or not Jemma Beggs was sanctioned for closing down her a/c – see this vid.

    How are things going for you Liz with your user agreement?

  121. ToffeeSundayApple

    I have applied to the site a few weeks ago due to the fact I couldn’t apply to any of the jobs there and I could find allot that had a contact address. So now that I have done so what have I done wrong? Not only that why isn’t there a SORT by date/location button. Also why are all the job there from other sites?

    • This is how crap the system is. Best thing to do is take screen grabs or if you can afford it print outs of every job you have looked at that comes up like this and put it as your jobsearch proof.

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  123. In response to ‘out of pocket’
    Has anybody ever wondered at what point monthly pay in the bank became the norm for min wage workers or WHY?
    It WAS always the case that manual labour was entitled to be settled bill wise with ‘coinage of the realm’ .on a reasonably frequent basis, to avoid the traps and pitfalls of contracted professional labour. Who demolished that rite? At what point did it become legal for a low paid worker to have to loan his employer a large chunk of his wages for years at a time? Is not a week in hand enough? I think somebody is pulling the wool. If you are due a wage after 14 days, crooks and knockers will be exposed earlier and less damage is done to the employee.
    I dont think you will find backing from any M.P. over that tho. Too many employers and banks will shudder at the losses.

  124. Does anyone know how to delete your UJM account?

    • Yes, you contact: universaljobmatchtandcs@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

      This under the Policy Privacy, I am told:

      “If you are a jobseeker or an employer and wish to remove or close your account or account profile information altogether, please contact Us at _______________. An email will be sent to you to tell you that your personal information has been removed (except for archived copies which are not accessible by you or third parties on the Internet). The archival copy is kept only for as long as We reasonably consider necessary for audit and record purposes. We will also keep logs, demographic, indirect, and statistical information that may relate to you but do not identify you personally. If your personal information was previously accessed by others using the Sites, We are not able to remove the information or copies thereof from their systems.

      If you are a jobseeker with a searchable CV and have not logged onto the web site for 12 months, We may make your CV unsearchable. If you do not want your information to be processed as described by this policy, you make revoke your consent to our Privacy Policy. If you wish to do so, please contact Us at ____________________. However, please note that if you do withdraw your consent, you may not be able to use the relevant services and your account and profile information will be removed.”

      If you’re able to, you might consider making a companion video to this:

      I say this because it would be good for people to consider leaving as important as not registering in the first place!

    • You will never be able to delete it outright. Delete everything you can, update your profile to nothing stored and put in a junk email address. Re instate your rights under the data protection act. That should be a start. If anyone uses anything you put in before that against you, they are proving your rights have not been respected.
      I hope this helps.

      • ToffeeSundayApple

        Sooo I should update my profile with false information? and then click the delete account button. Which I highly doubt would erase the account completely as the data would probably still be store on their servers and would just not allow me to log in. But would they not see that the data has been changed?

        • The servers belong to monster. Its possible once the data has been changed it would be difficult for the jc people to see previous versions, but I wouldnt count on it.Monster will keep basics to try and utilise later. The best tactic is to make multiple entries of sensible material over a fortnite or so, then put on spam, delete the account a week after the spam has been added.
          That way they wont know what the truth is apart from its not the spam. A
          messy record is a useless record. Nothing can be taken seriously if there is bullshit in it anywhere. If you cant erase the truthful render it untrustworthy.If monster run short of disk space they mite auto wipe non current entries.

  125. #universaljobmatch to delete your account universal job match Thank you for contacting Universal Jobmatch.
    To delete your account please go to your profile, from here there is a link for “Government Gateway.” On the right hand side you have the option to delete your account. You will have to follow the steps.
    I hope this has answered your query if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind Regards,
    Universal Jobmatch helpdesk

    • And that info is totally wiped is it?

      A site creates for a govt dept by a company whos own site was exposed by a site exposing fraud and had lists of fraudulent activity. A site that its internationall had been hacked and thousands of identities stolen. Abd brought down by another hack group. And DWP site own site was shown to ve exposed to id theft.

      Question: are the DWP / govt incompetent or corrupt .. Oh wait..

  126. The job centre already had an adequate system. Any fool with a modicum of sense would have asked job seekers to prove they had registered on the 3 main jobsites for their profession field, and provide evidence they were actively applying for vacancies on them. That isnt Universal Jobmatch’s purpose. Which is to trip up jobseekers into sanction territory first, and secondly become a day by day agency provider of labour for every shitpot mother exploiter of cheap labour in the country.
    You want an e.g., here’s one. ;
    I look at a warehouse, needs emptying and painting. a weeks work for 4 guys.
    So I quote 4k.
    I search jobmatch and find 4 guys.who can paint, do some carpentry and plumbing/electrics isolation. I tell em to be on the job monday 7..am. with tools and ppe for MINIMUM WAGE.. I tell the jobcentre they are hired by c.v. My outlay will be 2k for labour and skips and twenty gallons of emulsion.
    I make 2 grand profit. I dont pay there paye or n.i. cos i said self employed (min wage still applies)
    If they dont turn up they lose there benefits. I dont have to pay them for a month,into there bank. after I am paid. .(most building works pay 25% upfront cleared funds stage payments) If I dont pay them at all, nobody cares.
    If they sign off they wont get ANY benefits for three days when they sign on.
    If they dont like me screaming at them to run to the skip,they can jack but they wont get any benefits for months. If they run out of bus fares before i pay em weeks on,, tuff. They will lose benefits for not attending. I can order another guy and not pay the first one .
    Getting the picture? THIS is how UJ is supposed to save the country. Devised by
    people who have never actually had to graft.
    Its a licence to abuse people.

    • Abuse seems to be the whole point.
      Abuse of children, abuse of those in dire poverty , abuse of disabled and sick, abuse of our intelligence by talking down to us like we are idiots telling us what to think by a complicit media intent on mainting the heirarchy, abuse of tax system by corporate theives and banking industry..

      On and on it goes.

      • I concur. The party political system; Ultimate abuse. Ten years for one, ten years for the other. The one voted in will be the one whos lies have been forgotten most. Ten yrs WILL silver plate a trough quite nicely.
        If more is needed, there is always 12000 eoros a month to be had in brussels, plus triple that in expenses, or 3three hundred quid a day expenses in the lords for the most useless. Note how Pressjowls said he wouldnt, then after he did(to please his mrs) said he needed a proper job with a wage, cos he had to;’turn up’ for his expenses’ _Party politics is a con.
        Gravy train sell out merchants living on the fat of everything, Useless Inept tosspot waste of good grub gobshite fat lazy clueless wankers.
        And thats the top tier. Most of em have never laced a boot.

        • Well i have spent hours trying to post the same link and everytime it keeps disappearing or it reports that ive already posted it but oddly enough i cant find it.

          Its either a wordpress bug..??

          Or.,,,its being blocked which is odd as its linked to the lord wotsisname child abuse telly thing etc.,

          Funny that.,

      • Can we get BW to march on the city of london with the battle cry IF YOU EXPLOIT US WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN..
        actually that could apply to anyone..
        Buck house brigade, the media, govt,
        The telly bods, fucking lazy shit arsed ‘music industry’ churning out shit boy band garbage using little girl fantasies..

        Which is very disturbing if you think about especially this child abuse stuff..

        Is it a form of grooming using music ( not that it is music in any form i recognise)

        • I dont know. Actually, I am not sure you understand ‘being exploited’.
          Imagine shovelling the snow off a 60 foot lorry trailer at 7.55 A.M. ,
          dressed in an overnite fishing suit,boots, long johns etc then stacking 100lb gas bottles three high on it.
          Two of you fill the trailer in 40 mins (660 bottles-26’5 tones)
          and so it goes on. By 8.45 you are down to T-shirts. Steam rolls off your body.
          You are on MINIMUM WAGE. Trailer after trailer. its snowing. your gloves are soaked thru but matters not cos ya palms are like leather. So you work a 12 shift with no otime rate. mid day arrives. Congrats!. 80 tons of gas bottles/man stacked 3 high in the snow. .
          Well, thats the CHANCELLORS share taken care of; I can earn a bit for myself between now and 8pm. With luck I might get to watch an hrs tv before I pass out .at ten and start the day again tomorrow.
          THIS is ABUSE THIS is Party politics.
          This is a world unknown to westminster wankers..

  127. Imagine leaving the house at 5.45. Climbing into a van & travelling 90 mins. Getting out the van and having a cuppa. At 7.30 a.m. the readymix lorries start to arrive. at 5.15.pm, the last of 25 lorries carrying 6 cubic metres of concrete pulls away, .and after you finish levelling it with a shovel and clean up yr gear, pack up the tools and fuel the traffic light generator, you can start the journey home. If you work till 1 on saterday, you get paid the shift. flat rate. The chancellor will dance on your bones of course, but whats a man to do? SOMEBODY has to pay for his house flip expense fraud, so you mite as well just drop dead of exhaustion now in the party political interest. His daughter needs ballet lessons.
    Why should HE pay for em?
    Keep on voting party politicians guys.
    I am a vampire. I can take it.
    Dont vote independant.
    Sooner or later guido will come back.

  128. Here comes the feeling of sickness & dread! Of too Jc soon! Wonder if Uj will be mentioned or if their still not playing ball.

    • feeling of sickness and dread. sums up how the tax eaters make you feel entirely.
      They couldnt survive in the real world. Do you know there is one woman at my jc plus who gigles to herself and has a beard?
      I keep worrying she is going to go orf “BANG!”
      but I expect its an irrational phobia.

  129. It’s their game, but you can make up your own rules.
    Create an anonymous gmail account, then upload a document in their CV section stating that you refuse to become a victim of UJ scamming,so genuine employers may make contact using the address below…

    After all, you are only required to show that you are actively seeking work. Play the game and collect your JSA.

    • have the PCS document on you at all times when you sign on (make sure it has not been updated from time to time though).
      Also say you accept to use UJ anonymously and will print out/screen & apply for any suitable job found on it and also show evidence of your normal jobsearching.
      Also do not go in with a mindset of an argument about it either, just go in as you normally do without confrontation is mind etc.
      Hopefully everything will be fine for you.

    • I. Wouldnt
      Go near it.,

      • well registered on it 😦
        makes me feel awful & dirty
        the site is awful
        recommended jobs are about 300 miles away from me (or do not show up on the job agency board at all).
        also I do not speak russian
        way I see it i have registered on it, will do anonymous search on it from now on though

        • Isnt there a 90 minute rule
          To do with travelling?

          Well considering that the creator ( monster)
          Own site was exposed on a FRAUD exposure site and all the mentioned problems inherited with them.. Plus the pcs info plus the c4 news item.. Er i would NOT go near it at all.

          • there is a 90 minute rule so he deleted the emails 🙂
            thing is I think each JCP is running on there own rules.
            I could have let it goto decision maker today and end up not having any money over the xmas period (not fun at all) – so i told em not to go decision maker and would try and get it working

          • these were the jobmatch recommended jobs which only seems to take the basic skillset (e.g helpdesk or call centre) and ignores distance and other skills needed to do the job (e.g russian speaking only).
            The whole system does not work correctly at all.
            The sooner it self combusts (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later) the better.
            I expect it will be the workshy scrounger claimant anarchists that will be blamed when it does go wrong.

  130. Had all printouts with me ready but again my advisor said nothing about Uj yet the ogre on the next desk was telling everyone its mandatory & that sanctions will be used! Atleast i dont have to see them again until 15th jan.

    • I have a meeting on the 27th to discuss things………….
      might ring them up before then and say all is now sorted this end.

    • @gc92

      But its not true.. Its NOT mandatory to log in on a site that has been exposed to ve buggrd riddled with problems and fraudulent.

      • I know couldnt believe what i was hearing.

      • it will be in the new year IDS had a huge rant about it and said sanctions will be imposed if you do not use the site (you can use other sites as well he was generous to add).
        They cannot force you to let dwp access your details (which defeats the object of being forced to use it).
        Makes no sense

      • You are mistaken sir. Its not mandatory to let this site put cookies onto your computer. Its not mandatory to allow advisers access to your activities.But They can force you to prove you searched it for work.It has nothing to do with the sites lack of security as it is no worse than most others.
        Thankfully. this has turned out to be such a can of turds it has tied them up in knots for weeks, and my adviser is so busy shouting at people I could hand him an evidence sheet that said I was surfing off Quay west for 2 weeks and he wouldnt even notice. Again. guv. foulups keep the underclass lounging in front of the (very small) flat screen. . . ;#} I wonder what the next initiative will be? I need a coupla weeks off jobsearch to earn the money for a big tv. .
        as my quedos is a tad low here in the scrounger belt..

  131. Dear Tone.
    When can you take time off making 20 000 000 a year and come back to run the UK, as the immigants are not paying enough taxes to keep our kind doin sfa, so we need you to import some more.

    • Oh, well, you see Maybe;I’m a strait sorta fella you know? And well, running the u.k. isnt what it was cracked up to be; the Mszz had to make do on ebay, and there are still big sweaty lethal looking guys in the coal cellar-Its giving cherie funny dreams? just let everybody in and give them an N.I. number.If the books dont balance in 18 months , well, I will come and take the job off you anyway and pay myself 40 000000. Its a straitishsorta deal.! (Pardon, msser president? Election for leader of europe? of course the u.k. will fall in line..I’l call you back..)

      • But Tone, that would mean you taking time off as the peace envoy to the middle east, and besides, you promised to help my Nephew do his physics homework with your thesis on particle physics, the search for the Higgs Boson, and why mans inability to find it despite a roadmap from the behaviour of electrons in magnetic fields proves there is a catholic god?
        His teacher is expecting a flux capacitor by noon ; He has already bought the delorean, and I had to pack tuna sandwidges. Were not MADE of euro’s. you know. Pull your finger out, the oj is getting warm.
        The face of Bo.

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  145. Universal job match is simply a useless search engine that scans uploaded cvs. Its whole point is to trap the unemployed into sanctions. The site is unnavigable and not user friendly.

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