Charities Abandon Workfare Schemes – Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation Both Out!

Boycott-workfare-holiday-innThere’s little good news in this week’s diktat from the DWP that sick and disabled people can now be sent on unlimited workfare or face being forced into near starvation and possible homelessness.

However yesterday’s Guardian report contains one chink of hope which may yet prove the unraveling of this vicious and inept welfare regime.  Earlier reports that British Heart Foundation are pulling out of workfare appear to now be confirmed.  This is despite the floundering welfare-to-work companies who run the scheme offering them bribes to continue using forced unpaid labour.

Cancer Research UK are also set to abandon exploiting people on the  Mandatory Work Activity scheme in their charity shops.  Whether this also applies to Work Programme participants forced into unpaid work is unclear.  Let’s hope so.  If not those on sickness benefits diagnosed with cancer could soon find themselves working unpaid for the UK’s largest cancer charity.

Disability charity Scope – who from Monday will have powers to send sick and disabled people on endless workfare themselves as Work Programme providers – are also reviewing their involvement in workfare and may pull out.

Many in the so called third sector have been shamefully slow to wake up to the realities of workfare, no doubt because so many of them have lucrative Work Programme sub-contracts themselves.

These announcements, by three major UK charities, are important however.  British Heart Foundation are believed to have been one of the biggest workfare placement providers.  Cancer Research were probably not far behind.  This leaves a big hole in the number of organisations who are prepared to abandon decency and their charitable credentials and force unemployed, unwell or disabled people into forced labour.

The ‘voluntary work’ option of Tony Blair’s New Deal, the first mass workfare scheme, largely collapsed due to providers not being able to find enough work placements.

Some charities are unrepentant.  The Conservation Volunteers boast of how they have quietly and ruthlessly exploited 20,000 workfare workers since the 1980s.  It is these types of charities, which need a lot of physical work doing and are not in the public eye, who are likely to make use of the Government’s plans to force disabled and in some cases terminally ill people onto workfare.

It has been public pressure, from demonstrations outside their premises to an onslaught of anger online, which has forced these charities out of workfare.  With a huge escalation of workfare underway, it is down to all of us to make workfare unworkable.

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare Charities beginning on December 8th for starters.

97 responses to “Charities Abandon Workfare Schemes – Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation Both Out!

  1. Who IS actually going to give people the very real help they are going to need when the inevitable sanctions destroy any semblance of security for thousands?
    Will they simply pass by the invisible as they suffer on the street.?
    Exit from the shopping spree and trip over the dying?
    The excuciating suffering and deaths of many are on the cards.
    How long before somebody who can actually DO something stops all this evil criminality from being enacted by the psychopaths in power?
    How long? How many dead and dying is it going to take?

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  3. Hardly any wonder that Charity has become the new “C” word…what a bunch of charities

  4. We are not quite here yet. But the mindset is there. One step away. And people like IDS, Fraud, Miller, Hoban, Gove, Hague, Byrne, the psychopaths, would have no problem at all with this:

  5. “As cold as Charity”
    Dear Santa,
    Please give IDS syphilis for Xmas.
    the sanctioned. x

  6. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

  7. When it comes to hard cash, cunts like this always have the most up-to-date info.

  8. Bit late now… will never, ever set foot in a Cancer Research or BHF shop again – they can go to HELL!

  9. Tony Blairs new deal working for charities was not voluntary, I had my benefits stopped because I refused to work for charities anymore, but that was all I was offered, so when I refused they stopped my benefits saying I was not doing enough to find work. We have cheeky housing associations with charitable, supposedly non profit making status, writing in huge headlines the bedroom tax is coming and on another page how if it affects you, you can always find some paid work to increase your income to pay for it, knowing we live in an employment blackspot and anything earned is taken from your benefits £ for £ – then underneath an article showing the same housing association who have purchased new electric vans, probably provided by the government for executing their policies to rob those on benefits.

  10. Glad you mentioned Byrne,exRotscum banker.

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  13. Don’t think they have shops, but you can find out where TCV have offices here:

  14. And people still wonder how Hitler came to power?

    Rolls eyes.

  15. I’ve been having a little fun with an image manipulation package. Please feel free to download and pass around 🙂

  16. There is still so much speculation surrounding Universal Credit, it does not even start rolling out until April 2013, and for new claiments not until october and for existing claiments of IS/JSA it will be later than that. If there is no vocal or any protest against such decisions the government will walk all over people without as much as a passing glance. They are there because more people voted Tory than Labour, sometimes it is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t but fascists exist in most parties and also in public opinion, we have seen this clearly over the welfare reforms. Remember what happened when Maggie introduced the Poll Tax?.. there is always thta “I’m alright jack…” mentality in this nation but the moment that is not the case you get a massive public protest and the government have to change tact, this government have been Rude, Arrogant, Bolshya nd quite frankly very naive with much of their policies.

    There are many who are quite happy to see the mentally and physically disabled and the unemployed suffer for their worth and are not unfamiliar in turning the knife a little once it’s been plunged into the back of these people just because they get-off on it or they are sadists and fascists, there is no place for that kind of person in a civilized society where the belief is we live in a democratic country, these people need help to get on their feet, not ridicule and persecution, those who cheat the system… you can have them and it should be those and those alone you should pour your fascist ways towards.. but this isn’t some banana republic we live in. The Levison report has really damaged the P.M although it may not seem so, there is a split in the coalition, he has wasted loads of money on this report and now after getting the report he does not like it… isn’t that typical of Cameron and these tories… this is a criucial time for this coalition.

  17. I’m sick and tired of hearing about this Levenson Report, here it is in a nutshell:

    David Cameron said he would go with it as long as it made sense (in effect)

    Cameron has gone back on his word – end of. – you lot sort this one out, as I’m far too busy trying to sort the bloody work programme out – ok!

  18. Charities like Scope should not be taking part in these Govt schemes. Scope is suppose to be there to support people with Cerebral Palsy the very people the Govt are attacking. Scope should be ashamed of itself, and people should stop supporting them until they stop supporting the Govt.

  19. Death, emanating from the minds of the parasitic psychopaths in Westminster, coldly stalks The ConDemNation, casting fear as it passes by, throwing its terrible gaze upon its present and future prey.

  20. Its obvious the Politicians don,t want to talk about important issues .They avoid helping the redundant worker….the sick ….the disabled…..or the unemployed. Theres no emphasis on the frequent closure of industries and theres little said about the tax avoidance by the rich and powerful. The MP,s got caught cheating whilst the Bankers were raking in personal fortunes and its all hush hush as we watch utilty companies constantly cheating the consumer. How the hell is the UK supposed to survive when everyone is on the bloody fiddle. The politicians would much rather be seen on BBC Question Time talking about Syria…Libya….the Gaza strip……Jimmy Saville…..or female bishops. Whilst the country is going down the pan you might see your local MP trundling around the villages opening a flower show or making a guest appearance at a farmers market. Its one big fraud !! Fake politicians pretending to care. Just waffle and spin from one year to the next.

    • “Question Time is a load of shit! It is just there to give you some place to vent your frustrations. A punch and Judy show. As if that fat over-paid hard-working taxpayer funded cunt Dumblebee and those rich politician cunts sat round the table give a fuck.

  21. This talk of sanctions has got me thinking..

    So if I am sanctioned on the work programme for say being late, and lets say that the sanction is for one month.

    Ok do i have to comply for the rest of that month without benefit at all or can I have the rest that month off.?

    Do you really have to work out the sanction without any pay (benefit) at all. This would be absolutely disgusting. In theory you could accrue sanctions within sanctions.

    • You can apply for a ‘hardship’ payment of £40 per week, repayable from your benefit, should it ever be reinstated. £40 per week, repayable, is going to end up being the new benefit rate for those who dare to object to the psychopaths’ ideology of death and suffering for all. (In fact, it’ll probably end it being the new benefit for the unemployed across the board.)
      And the social fund is going the way of the dodo, too.
      Or has it gone already?
      Hard to keep up these days with all the unmandated directives coming from Psychopath Central.

      • Spot on. They can’t come right out and cut JSA by 30%, so they’re doing it by stealth with sanctions.
        They have rigged the new rules so that it would be a miracle if you were never sanctioned.

    • Yes you still have to attend the Work Programme or MWA (which ever one you are on) and you still have to sign on, refusal to do this will get you another sanction.

  22. Mike Evans

    Never a truer word was spoken than the ones you have just put in your comments about the dumbing down of politics and what is being discussed, they are either none issues or flaunting issues that are going to benefit the rich.
    George Osborne has been today speaking to Andrew Marr of taxing the rich to correspond with cuts in benefits, he stated there would be 18billion of cuts to welfare, but did not state what would be raised from taxes from the rich or where these taxes are going, that is if they ever materialize in the first place , usually with them a tax cut out with one hand is a business grant or equivalent in with the other, or giving them more from the welfare budget for wp or personal allowances which was not designed with them in mind either.
    They have altered the planning laws and are considering building what they call esthetic, desirable dwellings or words to that effect on greenbelt land, what they mean is more mansions for the 10% wealthy and even less shoe boxes on brownfield sites for other social groups these would probably be undertaken by low paid unemployed if Ed Balls ever got his hands on the economy, but it seems Mr Osborne is telling everyone his swingeing benefit cuts are to carry on until 2018 three years over the next election date of 2015, so no joy if you vote labour who will paraphrase the need for these cutsj, telling you they have to keep on track with the economy.
    All of this at a time when they can get cheap labour for social projects but pay specialized people to build the dream homes of the rich.
    Of all of the charities, there has never been a specific charity for the unemployed, you had advice on welfare benefits completing with a range of other problems anyone could have such as debt on the time of the citizens advice bureaus,but no-one to address the issues or challenge cuts to the benefits like help the aged or mind, scope etc.have, but even these charities have been taken over andsalaried by businessmen who are legislating for the government against the disabled not for them.

    • “Question Time” is a load of shit. It just there to give you somewhere to vent your frustrations. Just utter shite!

  23. One last point the reason the tories are not discussing how much they are robbing in tax evasion or avoidance is because they are too busy still robbing the welfare state because that is what it is theft. What we need is action not words, maybe’s the conservationists will join in now they see greenbelt land threatened.

    • Simple fact is we just want this damn coalition to collapse like a 1970s deckchair and induce a general election and bring this god damned lunacy to an end. It’s as if they make up the policies on the fly, the fact they have so much time to think them up only makes it even worse!.

      The arrogance of IDS was clear to see during the cabinet reshuffle when cameron wanted to move him and he declined saying he wanted to complete what he started, that just shows you he is the sickest of all, the prince of perversion. There are many fascists in the tory party, let us not forget ozzy too, that pasty-faced bank clerk parading as a chancellor.

      In IDS we are talking about a failed leader of the party once upon a time, he should never have been given this post in the cabinet and that just shows how good Cameron’s judgement is. The saddest part of all will be so much misery and suffering and no savings to the levels expected, makes me wonder how long before they impose a “No Appeal” rule upon benefits… they are making it up as they go along to suit their crooked hidden agenda.

      We have the chancellors shit to come on Wednesday, chekc this out if you get a chance..

  24. They, the rich and their psychopathic hatchet-men, simply want us dead, dying, starving, desperate, open to abuse of every kind, pandering to their twisted whims while they hypocritically pontificate about all sorts of bullshit, meanwhile murdering at will in illegal wars, pumping our heads full of shit via the visual valium, swilling at the trough of Capital as the peasantry beg for scraps.
    That’s how these cunts like it.

  25. If you think question time or daily politics or any of the BBC programmes are too bias towards the right (which they are) then write and complain,they are publicly funded by you the public through licensing so have your say and demand change and opposition- if there is any.
    If sanctioned, the £40 hardship allowance you can apply for, but you may not get – the times I have been sectioned, applied for hardship allowance and was denied it, mind that was when it was an allowance not a loan to be paid back. All designed to have the unemployed in as much debt as the students how is that reducing national debt?

    • Wonder how much the “hardship” loan is re-payed at?

      • 156 (3 years) weeks “hardship” payment at 60% of JSA (£42.60) works out at a whooping £6645.60! (£33.75 / £5265 if you are under 25). How the hell would anyone ever pay that back?

        • “How the hell would anyone ever pay that back?” A Wonga loan 🙂

        • And since nobody can survive on £42.60 (33.75) a week sanctionees (i.e. EVERYONE on JSA) are going to end up in even more debt – only rich toff cunts could have come up with this fuckwit idea!

        • And since nobody can survive on £42.60 (33.75) a week sanctionees (i.e. EVERYONE on JSA) are going to end up in even more debt – only rich toff cunts could have come up with this fuckwit idea!!

      • And if you add in the preceding 13 week and 26 week sanctions (making 195 weeks in total) the figures are £8307! (6851.25! if you are under 25). This is going to trap people in debt for life!

  26. error – sectioned should read sanctioned, but I was sectioned also for nothing and was denied the right to apply for benefits of any kind.

  27. frank begbie

    No. I said the public services had me SECTIONED as well as sanctioned for being in arrears with my rent, said I was vulnerable, they are all liars.

  28. Gorgin’ Snob-borin’ at ye olde benefite bashinge this morning on the visual valium.
    Ye olde benefite systeme unphaire sez he, and ye Tories planne to mayke it muchly unphairer.
    Oh, Joy!
    And a humble and merrye Christmas to all of us serfs.

  29. hardship

    that is why they will probably not give out hardship loans to anyone.

  30. Some bright spark tory suggested that JSA is only paid as a loan in any case, and a person would have to pay it back once they started working.

    We already know that work at minimum wage does not keep a single person in rent, council tax and utility payments, so repaying benefits on top of that means work definitely would not pay at all.

    • Tory Bright Spark

      And what about Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, free prescriptions, dental care, opticians, subsidised gym memberships, reduced admission charges… shouldn’t that all be re-paid once someone starts working? 🙂

    • Tory Bright Spark

      And what about Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, free prescriptions, dental care, opticians, subsidised gym memberships, reduced admission charges… shouldn’t that all be re-paid once someone starts working? 🙂

      • You forgot free school meals.

        • Smug "middle-class" "home-owner"

          And Mortgage Interest Relief 🙂

          • On interest on £100k only…which works out much less than housing benefit which lines a private landlord’s pocket…

          • What you’ll get

            If you qualify for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI), you’ll get help paying the interest on up to £200,000 of your loan or mortgage. If you’re getting Pension Credit, this figure is £100,000.

            The standard interest rate used to calculate SMI is currently 3.63%.

            … which is way above the average standard variable rate, and way, way above a Bank of England rate. A lot of “home-owners” do quite nicely out of the this, thank you very much; for instance one of my smug work-shy home-owning neighbours is always crowing about how she “pockets” over £500 a month from this scheme. This is money that goes in her pocket not to pay the mortgage on someone’s buy-to-let-“portfolio” which is where Housing Benefit goes – tenants pocket not one of their Housing Benefit it all goes to landlords. Another thing Lisa, don’t you think property should be counted as “capital” when assessing means-tested benefit? How can it be that a tenant with £16,000 in the bank can be excluded from means tested benefit whilst someone sat in a £16 million pound property can claim the dole – is that fair. And what about the iniquitous Council Tax whereby someone in a multi-million pound property pays only twice that of a council tenant stuck in a rabbit hutch – is that fair? Shouldn’t domestic property be taxed in the same way as commercial property i.e. bu “rateable value” – a system still in use in Northern Ireland and which the UK had before the Trojan Horse “Poll Tax” was used to sneak in the Council Tax. Let’s be honest, Lisa, being a “smug middle-class home-owner” (sorry, Johnny 🙂 ) and living amongst them and going to each others “dinner parties”, the crux of the matter is that we really do believe that if the “work-shy” were put to work their would be more middle-class “handouts” for us to enjoy – ski-ing holiday anyone 🙂 Let’s face it, it is the poorest of society who always have, are, and always will get shafted.

          • and way, way above a Bank of England “tracker” (0.5%) 🙂 rate 🙂

  31. Tory bright spark

    And what about the tax avoidance and evasion by the rich not to mention the low tax rate of 40% for the richest in society. In the USA the rich only pay 35% high rate taxation which used to be 91% over a certain level in the 1950’s and 60’s. Universities and religious buildings are exempt from any form of property tax, yet these massive, rich mosques and universities like yale are subsidized by the lowly tax payer to cover all services such as police, fire, etc.etc. The ordinary tax payer is just starting to wake up to how unfair the capitalist system is – about time too.

  32. How does this work in terms of insurance. The sick certs have been replaced with Certs which the GP will state which work you are capable or not as the case may be. If GP doesnt think you are fit for any sort of work then what happens if you are forced onto a workfare scheme and have an accident, , Will the employers insurance pay out if you are deemed not fit for work? I’m assuming that the company would have to have some
    sort of liability insurance for its employees other than public liability insurance.

  33. Reblogged this on kickingthecat and commented:
    Some light at the end of the Workfare tunnel!

  34. God you guys are unfuckingbeleivable! Just cos you have to look at new ways to find work! you scrounging cunts! Not sure who’d employ any of yoyu anyways???

  35. Ooooh, is that the best you can do? Fuck off yourself! YOUR A CUNTING CUNTY CUNT! There, I said it! Judging by the time you’ve posted, you’re probably just waking up having drunk the dregs of last nites special brew. Or is it White Lightning these days?

    Then Jeremy Kyle and back to your filthy pit for another 2 hours. Am I right?

  36. P.S. I have benefitted from the WP. It is money well spent in my view! My last advisor got me a job. 3 promotions later, I am now earning 90,000 quid a year! Not bad for a lad from Rotherham with no qualifications. If I can do this, so can anyone else.

    Of course, some like void and others here wallow in self pity and blame the govornment all the time for there problems. Well not me. If i had my way i’d cut ALL your benefits to a quid a week! Bet you’ll all find jobs then, ehh?

    You workshy wankers!

    • Fibbert:

      If and I do stress if you are earning £90,000 a year – I really hope you also enjoy paying an income tax rate of 40%, which equates to £36,000 a year – so enjoy.

    • Hey flibbert, buddy! If you wanna come around this manor you betta learn some manners and show some respect!

  37. P.P.S I have contacted my former WP advisor about this site. She is contacting the police!

  38. I have no problems paying tax you cunt! I have a problem with this witch hunting excuse of a site! I have gotten nothing but good from the New Deal and the WP!

    A bad workman blames his tools! Therefore YOU blame the excellent free tools such as the WP given to you FREE AND ON A FUCKING PLATE!

    • If your at work right now making your uninformed comments, then your not doing your job are you? – your using company time for your own amusement and as such not being a team player. – Tell me please, who is going to pick up your slack? – which employee is going to have to work that little bit harder because your wasting company resourses by using this website?

  39. So no reply’s then. Good. You fuckers KNOW I’M FUCKING RIGTE!

  40. Fibbert:

    I don’t know who let you loose with a computer, but if spelt as bad as you I’d go back to school.

  41. No it’s “If I spelled as bad as you”. NOW FUCK OFF!

  42. Fell right into that one didn’t you.

  43. You guys really need to engage with the WP! You think your so smart. And yet cannot get a bloody job even shovelling pig, horse, donkey or human shitt! Go one, prove me wrong. Whilst I drive past you in my Porsche. Or shall i use my Mercedes!

  44. Flibbert,

    What a lyin’ insecure little gobshite you are. You claim you’ve got a £90k a year job, but it took a WP advisor to get you the fucking thing in the first place? . If you were earnin’ remotely anywhere near £40k you’d be plastered all over the media as some sort of WP success story, and if you were so grateful for the WP – you’d let them!

    Nevermind these self-claimed promotions you’ve dreamt up. With your attitude, you’d never have been taken on in the first place when you were the three grades lower than where you profess to be now.

    I’m not havin’ it. Someone who claims to ‘earn’ £90k wouldn’t be unemployed for long enough to be referred to the WP. They’d be in a job that paid a quarter of that. If only to tide them over. If you wern’t qualified to do a £20k p.a. job in the first place, there’s NO FUCKING WAY you got three promotions in such a short space of time.

    I might be on the dole, but that doesn’t mean I fell to earth with the last rain-shower.

    I’m in no doubt that you’re a vacuous currant-bun, or wannabe right-wing mail or express reader in a low-paid job, takin’ out your frustrations on those who are the victims of the opprobious rhetoric of said press, and the govt. stance that those out of work are takin’ directly from those in low-paid jobs.

    Think it’s best you go back to your 17th wank of the day, while watchin’ your ma bein’ the human ‘turn’ in ‘’ rather than trollin’ this blog for your kicks.

    Why don’t you call the ‘rozzers’ if you feel offended? It seems you have a propensity to be a weasel. I’m sure they’d be round to my door in a flash, knowing they’re fulfilling their public duty to someone who ‘earns’ (And I use that term with the greatest of skepticism) £90k per week..

    Go on, off you pop (No pun intended 🙂 )

  45. I give the taxpayer permission to close down the free wp I am receiving to save them some money.

  46. Flibbert = shelf stacker in Tescos… maybe.

  47. Collins Dictionary:

    Meaning of Flibbert:

  48. Very Apt!

  49. Flibbert is funny. He needs his own comedy show!

  50. There’s always one troll isn’t there. Full of compassion and understanding of the intricacies of life that bring people to be on the Work Program in the first place. Why so many people are convinced that everyone on benefits is a work shy, lazy alcoholic is beyond me.

  51. It’s beyond most of us too Sally. However, there are always those who are stupid enough to believe what they read in the Daily Mail and the utterances of politicians. Surely they have heard of that puzzle, ‘How do you know when a politician is lying…. their lips move’.

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  53. BHF have NOT withdrawn, perhaps they plan to eventually but they haven’t yet. I got a letter today stating that I have to “work” for them between
    18/12/12 and 14/01/13. 120 unpaid hours total, nearly 8 miles away (I assume they cover travel costs) and being a charity I don’t suppose there is a job/pay at the end of it. Perhaps this doesn’t count as ‘workfare’ because technically it is the mandatory work placement which starts four weeks prior to this?

    I VOLUNTARILY partook in work experience at an office when the job centre recommended it. I was the only person submitted for the placement who the company wanted and got great feedback yet because that has officially ended (although I still go back and work sometimes) I have to do this BHF job where I probably will not gain any skills I do not already have? And which means I’ll have less of a chance to look for work/do valuable work experience/internships (or continue at the previous place despite them wanting me to continue volunteering there and there being some value in it)!

    Yes I know it is a failure that I have not gotten a job since April, I have applied to jobs, it is so hard to find non-dodgy office jobs (not that I’ve only applied to office/admin places, though I did focus there, perhaps that was my problem, but was not told not to by advisor) which I have not already applied to. I’ve even applied and got interviews for call centres even though I hate their ethics and am somewhat scared of making ‘proper’ phonecalls (getting better at it because obviously this is in important in many office jobs and other jobs). I do not expect a degree level job just because I have a degree, I have not been aiming as high as that, but this “job” really seems ridiculous. 😦

  54. Flibbert is a sad troll who should be ignored. He’s at best just a minimum wage earning loser but more likely just a school child living at home with his parents. Life is dull so he seeks attention don’t even oblige the prick.

  55. This current and absurd witch hunt of those DJ’s that everyone has somehow manage to link in a very convoluted way what was an innocent prank with the well known tragic outcome yet will they accept the blame for the very definite suicides that have and will occur in the hundreds if not thousands as a consequence of their cuts and constant victimization of the unemployed and sick? Of course not, double standards you see.

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  61. I found that I am on a MWA (Mandatory Work Activity) and also have been sanctioned (receiving harship payments), therefore I am working 30 hours per week for the amount of £42.60, how is this fair?

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